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NO. 37
It Is Now Thought the Total May 13e
Over 7000.
Galvsstox, Tel., Sept. IS. "The
situation continues to improve" is what
one is told now when he applies at any
of the various headquarters for in'orina-
tion. in 13 statement is ueing maue
with gratifying monotony all over the
city. The work has been biought down
to a business basis as far as possible and
the system and order displayed in the
various department would surprise any
one who migh.t return toGalveston after
an absence of three or four days.
One feature that has caused a better
feeling and a more pronounced willing
ness to woik Is afforded by the fact that
the time of all the laborers employed is
being kept at headquarters. The men,
being assured of compensation for their
labor, naturally go about their unpleas
ant tasks with a much better grace than
heretofore. A thorough inpsection re
veals the fact that every detachment is
as well organized as is possible under
the circumstances and that all are work
ing harmoniously.
Supplies and money ere now pouring
in from all over the country. It is
stated that at least seven figures are
needed to express the amount of cash
thus far received. This is being usod
judiciously and the effects of the presence
of such a large relief are already ap
The death list will reach the total of
4137, with the additions sent out todav.
Only a comparatively small number of
the negroes who perished have been re-
,rted. After considering all the facts,
one can hardly do anything else but
conclude that the total lo be finally
reached will be above C000. Judge Mann
dated today that in his opinion the list
wou'd go as high as 7000. The exact
number of courao will never be definitely
There are no developments which
would lead to the belief that the estimate
of a property loss of $22,500,000 is too
high. While one occasionally finds a
business man whose property has not
suffered greatly, it must be stated that
the class is hopelessly in the minority
and that large losses are the rule.
The people are becoming more cheer
ful every day, and it is more than re
markable to observe the composure ex
hibited by some of them under the terri
ble circumstances among the individuals
who have been lost in the community's
grief, and on every, hand may be seen
people w ho have lost their all doing
everything in their power to comfort a
neighbor who perhaps has not been so
unfortunate. Everybody seems to be
doinar all there is to do towards u'tima'e
rehabilitation, and the determination to
build a city which will be bigger and
broader in every way than the one which
has been destroyed appears to be genera'.
The people are still leaving the city
In considerable numbers, but the relief
work locally has now been gotten down
to such a fine point that is Is likely that
there will be marked diminution of the
exodus during the next two or three
days. The fears of an epidemic have
been allayed by the presenco and the
distribution of medicines and disinfect'
nts, and therefore a feature which
would undoubtedly have had the effect
of causing many to seek success else
where has been eliminated from the
Colored Cubans on Top.
Santiago D Cuba, Sept. 18. The
elections for delegates to the constitu
tional convention have resulted in favor
of the black party throughout this en
tire province, and the whites now open
ly declare themolvrs fo ho annexation
ists. Ten thousand colored men, who
hud worked themB.'Ives up almost to a
frenzy an 1 are wearing badges con'ain
'g a skull and erofs-bones, signifying
death to the republican pariy, paraded
through the prim ipsl streets of the city
last night carrying t ill jw candles and
torches. A mock funeral of the repub
lican party was held today ami was at
tended by about 1000 colored persons.
The white people are cautious and are
voiding conflicts.
Miner Ala Win yulrkly.
Philadelphia, Sept. 18. If, as Presi
dent Mitchell, of the United Nine Work
fs, claimed last night, 112,000 of the
Hi, 000 mineworkors on the Pennsyl
vania anthracite coal fields were idle
yeiterday, it is curtain that this number
lis been considerably augimnted today.
Sports from the four big districts cm
bracing the hard coal region are to the
;lect that fewer men aie at work today
"'an were working yesterday and that
the colliers that worked full handed or
The weather has grown much colder
than yesterday and this change is greeted
with enthusiasm by the workers, who ar
gus that the increased demand for coal
will hasten the adjustment of the dilfi
cuities between them and their employes
Trouble I brewing.
xIakrisbi'bg, Pa , Sept. IS Trouble
ii brewi.-g tonight in the Lykens valley
region between the union and nonunion
anthracite miners over the refusal ot the
men at Williamstown to join the strike
The strikers in the neighboring towns of
Lj kens and Wuconisco threaten to com
pel the Wiliiauietown men to quit work
A meeting of the Williaruetown men was
held tonight, at which it was decided to
stand firm against any attempt on the
purt of the strikers to force them to join
the strike.
Sheriff Reiff today ewcre in 150 depn
ties, w ho will act in conjunction with
oouoie itrce ot watchmen on duty at
Williamstcwu colliery. The Williams
town coldery was in operation today
with a full complement of 1100 men and
boys. Rev. Father Lcgue, rector of th
Catholic church at Williamstown, i
working among the mine employes there
to induce them to etay at work. Some
of the strikers at Lykens and Wuconisco
threaten to drive out the men at Wil
lhitnstown before Saturday, and serious
trouble may L j expected ut any time
1 hero has been bad blood between the
Lykens and Wuconisco miners and the
men at Williamstown ever since tho re
fusal of the former, in 1884, to join the
latter in their etiike against a reduction
of wages.
A Minister' Good Hark
"I had a severe attack of bilious colic,
got a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic,
Choler and Diarrhre Remedy, took two
doses and was entirely cured," says Rev
A. A. Power, of Emporia, Kan. "My
neighbor across the street was sick for
over a week, had two or thrfe bottles of
medicine from the doctor. lie used
them three or four days without relief,
then called in another doctor who treat
ed him for some davs and gave him no
relief, so discharged him. I went over
to see him the next morning. He eaid
his bowels were in a terrible fix, that
they had been running off so long that
it wes almost bloody fins. I asked him
if he had tried Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrbw. Remedy and hd
said, 'No.' I went home and brought
him my bottle and gave him one doee;
told him to take another dose in fifteen
or twenty minutes if he did not find
relief, tint he took no more and was en
tirelv cured. for sale at Blakeliy s
drug store.
Not Ready to Open Negotiation!
Beiilin, Sept. 18-. The foreign office
has sent a circular note to all the powers
announcing that the German government
considers that an indiepeneible pre
Iiminary to the beginning ol leace
negotiations with China is the delivering
up of tl,0S3 who were responsible for the
Hosa Koxo, Sept. 18. It is reported
in the West River district that Chinese
fop pa are visible in every town and
they are actively drilling. A Chineso
gunboat is again patrolling the river and
it is expected that some action is con
templated. The Sandpiper, which lias
been patrolling the delta, has prcceeded
to Canton.
Million Otven Away.
It is certainly gratifying to the public
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needy and suffering, The proprietors
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sumption, coughs and colds, have given
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Ilattle of Koniatlpoorl.
Loimilnco Makqcks, Sept. 13 Fight
in is proceeding at K-.nialipoort. AI
the available men have been sent to the
frontier. It Is expected that tho Ko
mallpoort bridge will lie destroyed.
There is great uneasiness here.
Komutipourt is a town on tho frontier
of the Transvaal, and tho railroad lead
ing from Pretoria to Portuguese territory.
It is Biiuated about fifty miles from Lou
refieu Marque. With the occupation of
Komalipoort, the British would be able
to cut off nil supplies reaching the Boers
Ik railroad from Portiiw'ii'se territory.
Hustling young man can make (00 per
month nn I expenses. Permanent posi-
tion. KirenenrG nnntc?sa.ry. rua
nuli'k far particular?. Clark A Co.,
- - . ,.. , . til !t . .1.. I
Fourth and Locust Streets, rimauei-
nearly so yesterday are either
crippled or shut uowa toilav.
phla, Pa. 8 "
German Note Brings the Chinese Situa
tion to ail Acute Crisis Caused
Activity at Washington.
Wvbhisgtox, Sept. 19. The general
impression here is that the German note
of ytsterday, demanding the punish
ment of Chinese responsible for the out
rages upon the foreigaers as a condition
precedent to peace negotiations, has
brought the Chinese trouble to an acute
crisis as lar as the LUteU Mates is con
cerned. Ibis conclusion is based upon
the belief in official circles that the Chi
nese government cannot accept the Ger
man proposition, so that it is now for
the United States government either to
withdraw its forces from China imme
diately or to join Germany and England,
and perhaps some other of the allied
powers in n prolonged war with China.
Baron von Sternberg, the Gorman
charge d'affttirs, just returned to Wash
ington, called at the state department
today to talk with Mr. Adee, the tecond
ustislant secretary of state, ia explana
tion i f the points of the German note.
Mr. Wu, the Chinese minister, iiad
preceded him, showing visible signs of
nervousness and disquiet over this last
move. Mr. Adee made an appointment
for him with Dr. fliil, who, having re-
cjvered from his indisposition, is again
acting secretary ol state. Then Mr Adeo
repaired to the White House to com
municate to the president the substance
of the conversations lie had had with
the two diplomat and to assist in the
consideration of the German note. He
refused to disecuss the latter publicly in
any phase.
Attention was directed in some quar
ters to the fact that in the very begin
ning, in the note July 3, Secretary Hay
had notified the Chinese government
that he expected the guilty parties in
connection with tho outrages would be
punished. However, this demand was
not made a condition precedent to ne
gotiations. Now the belief is growing
that if the United Slates government is
forced to a speedy decision as to the Ger
man proposition, it may resort to direct
negotiations witi the Chinese govern
ment .and. having settled its scores with
that government, withdraw from China,
giving notice to the allied powers there
of the arrangement in order that the ar
rangement should bo in full force on-
affected by any settlement that the al
lies may make thereafter as to China.
A Terrible Tragedy.
Sumpter, Sept. 19. A terrible tragedy
took place near here today, the particu
lars of which are blood-curdling. Fred
Kane, who resided with bis wife and
stepdaughter, a child about 7 or 8 years
age, about six miles northwest of this
p ace, at wtial is Known as fticniiiocu i
Fork, in a fit of temporary insanity shot
his wife and daughter and burned the
body of the latter by setting fire to their
cabin home. Ha then attempted to
commit suicide by shooting himself.
Persons passing on the road between
this place and Granite found Kane and
his wife in a dying condition a short dis
tance from their home, and brought
them to Sumpter. Both are thought to
be mortally wounded.
Kane shot himself through one lung,
and his wife was struch by a bullet, the
ball entering the chest just below the
heart. Both are in the hospital at Ba
ker City. The tragedy took place some
time about 7 o clock this morning. It
Is thought that Kane became of unsound
mind, and his crimo w as I hat of a de
mented man. The murderer is a son of
Mrs. Dan Kane, a respected widow lady
residing with other members of the fam
ily near Auburn. He was married only
a few months ngo. Ilia wim was form
erly a Mrs. Toney, and is a daughter of
Charles Nie'ioltor., a pioneer of Baker
county, en.igcd m farming on Muddy
creek, in Powder river vuiley.
Kane- had always been je.alom of his
wife Bince their m.irriMjre, and this is
siippnteil to have unbalanced his mind.
Ho wns her third husband, and she
married him within six months after
the death tf her previous husband,
they aro both well known In Sumpter,
and the tragedy took p'aee in the Cibln
that was built on the mining roper: y
owned by Kane.
Appropriation by Mexico.
City of Mexico, Sept. 18 A bill lina
been introduced in tho Mexican congress
providing for an appropriation of $10,000
for the (ialve-ton sufferers.
Clara Hartnn Srlouljr III!
CuicAdO, Sept. 19 A social to the
Tribune from Gulvetton says: Clara
Barton, president of the Red Cross So'
ciety, who came here to distribute re
lief supplies, has been stricken doTO a!
v. . u 1 i. : i :i, t
f F by three nurses she will leave for
her home in Washington today. She
retires from the field only npon the im
perative orders of her physicians.
She was stricken yesterday at a con
ference in her rooms at the Tremont ho
tel with her staff of nine gathered about
her. She had just fiaished an outline of
her work, assigning each member of her
staff to the particular part of the work
that one was to df.
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Will Demand Absolute Independence.
Havana, Sept. 19. Matters connected
with the coming constitutional conven
tion are being freely discussed by the
Havana delegates and other prominent
Cubans. The conclusion reached is that
the convention will be controlled by the
revolutionary element.
In the main the delegates are capable
men. Moat of them it is said are in
favor of immediate and absolute inde
pendence without tho intervention of a
The defeated republicans and fusion-
iets here have raised a cry of fraud and
have already held a mass meeting to
proteet' againBt illegal practices.
lira re Men Fall
Victims to stomach, liver and kidney
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ache and tired, listless, run-down feel
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Want Chriatinn to I'rrxrnt Claim.
"New York, Sept. 19 A dispatch to
the Herald from Hong Kong says: The
mandrains of the Karoon district have
requested the native Christians to send
in account of their losses for compensa
tion, and the names of the "rowdies"
who committed the outrages. Two ring
leaders have been decapitated and their
heads exhibited in a miesion church.
Ever-increasing bodies of rowdies on
the North river are plundering villages.
A bogus proclamation circulated in
Canton describes the allies as defeated
and appealing to the Empress Djwager
for peace.
Mow Chins Will lie Divided.
Vancouver, B. C, Sept. 19. In the
North China Daily News Li Hung
Chang is reported ss having said that as
China could not possibly pay indmenity
which would be demanded from her,
there wil be no alternative but to give
territory instead of money, in which
case Japan would gut Shin King, Russia
would be. gived Shin Kiang, and Thibet
would go to EiiiiUnd.
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Svrr York' Hulmrrlptluli.
Nmv York, Sept. 18. Subicriptions
received to dale in this city for the suf
ferers in Gilveston amount to $210,010.
The police fore? gave $77:!3.
"My baby was terribly sick with the
diarrl lm," eays J. H. Doak, Williams,
Oicgon. "We were unable to euro 1 im
with the doctor's air-t itice, end a
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Their Only Hope Is in
of Brjarj.
the Success
Wasiiixuton, Sept. 19. August 17,
Secretary root cabled the Philippine
commission f r a report of its operations
to date. Following is the reply iu part :
Manila, August 21, 1W0. Secretary u"
War, Washington: Replying to your
dispatch, tho commission reports: It
has for two months and a half made dil
igent inquiries into the conditions pre
valing. The mass o' people has apti
tude for education, but is ignorant,
superstitious and credulous in a remark
able degree. Hostility against Ameri
cans was originally aroused by absurd
falsehoods of unscrupulous leaders.
The distribution of troops in 300 posts
has by contact largely dispelled the hos
tility and steadily improved the temper
of the people. This improvmcut, fur
thered by the abuses of the insurgents,
affirms that a large number of the people
long for pence, and are willing to arcept
government under the United States
Insurgents not surrendering after defeat
have divided into small bands under
general officers or become lad r ones
Nearly all the prominent generals and
politicians of the insurrection, except
Agninaldo have since been captured or
surrendered and have taken the oath of
The policy of leniency culminating in
amnesty has had a marked effect to
induce surrenders until the defining of
political Issues In the United States, re
ported heie in full, gave hope to insur
gent officers in arms of a changed policy
and stayed surrenders to await the re
suit of the elections. Disturbances in
parts of island, kept up and avowed by
the insngent proclamation and orders to
influence the election, do not show an
unfriendly attitude of a majority of the
people of the provinces where they
It is conceded by all but men in arms,
and is implied in their proclamation,
that if the election confirms tho present
policy, tho remnant of the insurrection
will disappear within sixty days by sur
render of the leaders and fudiag out of
the rank ond file.
A change of policy by turning the
islands over to a coterie of Tagal pol
ticians will blight their fair prospects of
enormous improvement, drive out capi
tal, make life and property secular and
religions most insecure, banish, by
fear of cruel prosecution, a considerable
body of conservative Filipinos who have
aided Americans in the well founded be
lief that their people are not now fit
for ge'f-government and reintroduce
the same oppression and corruption
which existed in all the provinces under
tho Malolos insurgent government dur
ing the eight months of its control.
The result will be factional strife be
tween jealous leaders, chaos and an
archy, and will require and justify the
active intervention of our government
or some other.
The creation. of a central government
within eighteen months, like that ot
Porto Rico, under w hich substantially
all rights described in the bill of rights
in the federal constitution are to be
secured to the people of the Philippines,
will bring to them contentment, pros
perity, education and political enlight
enment. William II. Taft.
Dkas C. Worcester.
I.I'kk K. Wright.
Henry C. Idle.
Contend that His Proclamation
Misrepresentation Keuger's
tion Defended.
is a
Nun- Yohk, Sept. 1!). Charles D. '
Tierce, consul general of the Orange.
Free State ami trustee and treasurer of
the B ier rel:ef fund, bus retelvel the j
fo'.lo.ving cable from the Boer envoys,
who aro now at Dordrecht, Holland :
"We have been informed that proc-1
lrtinaliou issued by L i d Ro'oirt', com-.
m tnder-in-chief of the l'.rit'sh trooos in
South Afiica,cmtains a statement to the
eir.'ct that President Kru,er has (rested
tho borders ot the republic and conse-
qu'nt'y ehould havo forira'iy resigned
as president, and tliBt l is foriaking the
cause of the Boers ought to convince the J
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The Dalles, Oregon.
blithers how useless it will be to con
tinue fighting.
"I feel obliged to protest agalnet this
new insinuation, desiring to say that if
the state president of the South African
Republic should have crossed the
borders of his country, be must have
done so by order of the 'Uitvorende
Raad' (exevntivo council ), which body,
by virtue of a special warrant of the
'Volksraad,' in its sesion of 1899, is
fully entitled to to authoiizi the presi
dent to go abroad for soma purpose or
other; according to the constitution, the
vice-president in such a ca'ee immedi
ately enters upon the duties of the state
president and the government is curried
on aB before.
"f-'o, as there is no question about ab
dicating as president, or of forsaking the
cause ot the Boers, the proclamation
thus can have no other purpose than by
a false representation of facts harming
the enemy, who cannot bo brought into
submission even by the application of
measures contrary to low and justice."
Turner Ielrr Campaign Fnuda.
Washington, Sept. 18. Senator Tur
ner, of Washington, has been chasing
Chairman Jones, of the national demo
cratic committee, all over the country.
He wants to induce Jones to put a large
part ot the campaign fund into Washing
ton state, in order to carry it. Turner
said to some of his friends that he be
lieved there was a chance of winning
Washington state, and he hopes to pull
Rogeis through, whoso nomination he
forced at the recent fusion gathering.
Through the moutiiB of June and July
our baby was teething and took a run
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Kruger Did Hot Sail.
Lourenco Makutes, Sept. 18. Presi
dent Kruger has not sailed on the steam
er Ilerzog, as he intended.
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Rerugee at Delagoa Hay.
Lourk.nco MARtu'es, Sept. 18. Five
buudred Boer refugees arrived here this
evening. Twenty are wounded.
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