The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, June 27, 1900, PART 1, Image 4

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(Saturday's Daily.
Frank Bulger, of Portland, is in the
Ex-Governor Moody left on thia morn
ing' train for Silera.
O. F. Angell wu a passensrer on tbe
boat this morning for the Lucks.
Miss Maybel Mack was a imen,:er on
the Dalies City this morning for Port
land. F.W.Wilson and J. T. Peters were
pAseengers on the morning train for
Jim Nolan and wife, of Dnfur, were
paseengera on the Dalles City tbis morn
iuir for Hood Kiver.
J. R. Warner, of Wbite Salmon, was
in town today on his way home from the
G. A. R. state encampment at La Grande.
Mrs. Balfe Johnson, of Astoria, ar
rived here yesterday to atteutl the
funeral of her cousin, George Rucb, Jr.
Rev. J. II. Woods, of North Yakima,
arrived here yeeterday and attended tiie
funeral of George Rcvh, Jr., this after
noon. Miss Lena Merriman, who lias just
closed a term of school at Upper Eight
Mile, left this morning on the Italics
City for her home in Linn county.
Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Micliell. of Steven
son, and their daughters, Ursula and
nd Nellie, and son, Ed, arrived here
yesterday to atUud tle funeral of
George Ruch, Jr.
T. J. Seufert and C. A. Borders ex
pect to leave tomorrow morning on
trip to the Meadows to inspect the ditch
recently dug there for tbe improvement
of our water supply.
Miss Boston, who was severely scalded
in this city some three month ago by
tbe upsetting of a large coffee pot full of
boiling coffee, is so far recovered as to
be able to return to her home at Lyle
tbis morning. She was accompanied on
tbe boat by Mrs. II. Wilier ton and
daughter, Miss Bertha.
Monday Patty.
A, J. Dufnr passed through town to
day cn his way to Portland.
F. II. Wakefield left at noon today on
, a business trip to Portland.
Sam Broyles and wife, ofTrgh, passed
through town yeeterdav on their way to
Mrs. Lee Wigle, of Bear Creek, Crook
connty, arrived here today on her way
to Portland to visit friends.
J. X. Gallifordand wife, of Prineville,
re in the city on their way to visit
friends in the Willamette valley.
II. II. Learned and wife were passen
gers on the Regulator this morning for
Stevenson, where they go to visit tneir
Mrs. Sheldon and Miss Georgia Samp
son were passengers on the Regulator
this morning on a visit to friends in
Tom Hudson was a passenger on No.
2 yesterday on a business trip to Pen
dleton. He expects to return abdnt the
end of the week.
J. B. Cartwright, of Hay Creek, and
John Little, of Antelope, were passen
gers on the Regulator this morning on a
pleasure trip to Astoria,
Harry Clough and family were pas
sengers on the Regulator this morning
for Collins Lauding, where they go to
spend a couple of weeks.
Mrs. Wakefield, who has been visiting
with Mrs. S. L. Brooks for the past
week, returned today on the No. 1 pas
senger to her home in Portland.
Tuesday' Dally.
Miss Julia Nickelsen went to Hood
River omhis morning's steamer to visit
Edgar Bnrlingame, of Dufnr, was in
town last night the guest of the Uma
tilla House.
J. R. Warner, of Bingen. Wash., was
in town last night, the guest of the
Umatilla House.
William Glasius took his family on
the Reliance this morning for an outing
at Collins Landing.
Laughlin O'Brien, familiarly known
as the "Larrybuck." was io town last
pight from Centeryiile,
Mrs. J. t. Peters and children were
passengers on the Reliance this morning
on summer outing at Seaside.
C.J.Hayes, J. W. Hicks and A. L.
Antone, of Hood River, were in town
today attending to business In the land
!!ss katle Brngan, who has been
teaching school in the Antelope country
for several months, has returned to ber
home in tbis city.
Mrs. A. J. Cummings stopped over
here last night with the family of Rev.
C. P. Bailey, on her way from Portland
to her home in Mount Vernon.
Rev. W. C. Smith, of Dufur, crossed
the river this morning on his way to
Goldtndale to assist in the camp meet
ing now in progress there.
W. A. Wilcox, agent of the United
State fish commission, ti in town yes
terday and today gathering statistics of
the fishing industry in these parts.
Rev. O. B. White, I. J. Powell and
Miss Hastings, of Dufur, were passen
gers on the Reliance this morning for
Portland, to attend the U. B. conference
t that place.
- Rev. U. F. Hawk went to Goldendale
this morning to assist in the camp-meeting
now in progress at that place. He
was accompanied by Rev. J. H. Wood,
of North Yakima.
They Had a flrind, Good Time-Iteanlta
Of the Race.
Eight-Mile enjiyed one of the best
picnics of the season Friday, The
weather was splendid after the rain, and
the crowd was as large as could be
wished. Probably 500 people were
present to enjoy the festivities of the
Tie literary program was creditably
rendered at advertised. All through
the program a hearty good will was
manifested and eacb received a good
amount of applause. Tbe literary pro
gram was a tn8e long, but this could
not be avoided when so many were
taking part, and it was wished that
none should be alighted.
Tbe following races took place, amid
great excitement and cheering:
Race for girls, 5 to 10 years, won by
Gertie Covert ; prlz, large doll.
Race for boys, 5 to 7 years, won by
Ernest Dickson; prize, pen knife.
Race .for girls, 10 to 18 years, won
by Ruby Coveit; prize, toilet case. This
race resulted in a tie and bad to be run
over to determiue a winner. Io th
second attempt Ruby Covert crossed the
line first, with Zjra Miller a close
Ra -e for boys, 12 to 16 years, won by
Arville Acgell ; prize, fishing rod, This
was close and exciting, and had to be
run over to determine who should re
ceive the fishing rod. The second time
Arville Angell proved too fast for his
larger competitor Elton Koontz and
amidst deafening shouts he crossed the
line in time to leave no doubt as to the
Race for boys, 7 to 12 years, won by
Willie Wilhelm ; prize, suit of clothes.
Race for girls, free for all, won by
Zora Miller; prize, pair of shoes.
Race tor boys, free for all, won by Guy
Teel ; prize, book.
Sack race for boys, won by Wilbur
Dickson; prize, harmonica.
Fat man's race, won by James Benson ;
Nail-driving contest, won by Mrs.
McCabe; prizi, note paper. This was
comical and exciting.
Running jump, won by R. A. Miller;
prize, a hat.
Three-legged race, won by Arville
Angell and Lester Johnson.
Tbe picnic was a great success and
everyone went away with a smile and a
promise to remember Eiht-Mile on
picnic days. The teachers, one and all,
wish to thank the various merchants
who contributed so freely and so much
to tbe success of the picnic in the way
of prizes.
One of tub Teachers.
Attention, II or nemon
Tvgh Valley. Or., June IS, 1000.
Editor Ciirokk-i.k :
I hand you herewith a notice to horse
owners that I hope you will publish at
the earliest opportunity, for I deem the
matter of very great importance to every
owner of a horse in the county. I am
advised hy the state veterinarian that
mange is a highly contagious disease.
He recommends as treatment that I1...
pounds of sulphur and V., pounds of
nnslacked lime be boiled in a gallon of
water and daily applications made. Or
any good sheep dip used at five times
its strength for sheep.
Anyone can readily see that if this
disease should get well scattered among
the work and saddle horses of the
county, and the infection got into the
public and private stables, it would be a
task of giant proportions to ever get
entirely rid of it again. By united
effort now it can he eradicated, and tbe
effort must be made, and made not-.
Any delay only makes the matter worse.
I would request that every person
knowing of cases of this disease wosld
at once inform me confidentially of it:
whereabouts and who the owners of the
horses aie, or what brands they cany.
A. A. Bonney.
Information having been filed in my
office that numerous cases, of mange
among horses now exist in Wasco
county, I hereby notify all persons hav
ing horses so elllicted to immediately
remove said horses froir the public
range and to keep tl)ptn separate and
apart from all other horses not so aiuCU
ed, and to immediately treat said slllici
ed horses for a cm c of said disease.
And any and all persons owning or hav
ing in his Or their possession horses dis
eased with mange, who refuse or neg
lect to take heed of this notice and re
move said horees from danger of contact
with other healthy stock, will be dealt
with according to laws made and pro
vided to cover such cases.
A. A. Bo.n.vry,
Stock Inspector for Wasco Co.,
Tygh Valley, June 18, 1900.
In all lu stages there
iliouid be cleaulinetn.
Ely's Cream Balm
cleansce, soothes and heals
the diseased membrane.
It cures catarrh and driven
away a cold la the bead
Cream Bnlm la placed Into tbe nostrils, apreada
over the membrane and Is absorbed. Relief la im
mediate and a cure followa. It la not drying doe
not produce neezlni!. forge Size, SO centa at Drug
gilt. .r hy mall ; Trial Size, 10 centa by mall.
WV IKWTHERS, M Warren Street, New York.
(Men Lice Conprei.
Carbolineum : Avenarius.
The most efficient Wood Preiervlng
I'nliit alao a Radical Remedy against
Chicken Lie. Ita application to In
aide walla of poultry nouses will per
mnuently exterminate all lire. He
nits healthy rhickena, p enty of
eg. W rite for circular and price,
Mentloa this paper.
Jos.T. Peters & Co.,
Ottlc nvet First Nat Binn.
Tbe Pendleton woolen mills have be
gun the shipment of blankets to Eastern
houses for the fall trade.
The wheat harvest will commence in
Walla Walla county this week. The
season Is a month earlier than last year,
and two weeks earlier than usual.
In honor of the nominee for vict
president, ttie republicans of Walla
Walla will organize a Roosevelt Club,
and purchase rough rider hats and suits.
Owners of harvest machines in Uma
tilla county met at Milton today to fix a
uniform rate for handling the season's
1 croo. A seals of wages is also to be
agreed upon.
The Mennoniles, at one of their set
tlements in Pennsylvania, recently
elected a pastor by lottery. There were
ten candidates and ten bibles were
placed on a table before them. One
contained a slip of paper, end the
preacher who selected this one was duly
Father Joseph Jose!, of Desmet Mis
sion, for fifty years identified with mis
sionary work of the Jesuits among
Cu-ur d'Alene and other Northwestern
Indians, died at tbe mission June 19th.
He was 90 years old and the last of the
band of missionaries of whom Father
Desmet was the leader. He came from
Europe in 1S10.
A New York man has a coat which
is interesting from its long tail to the
tailor's band on the collar. It is a wed
ding dress coat which belonged to his
grandfather, and it was made by Andrew
Johnson, afterward president of the
United States. At the back of the coat,
under the coll$r, is a little clip of cloth
marked "A. Johnson, Tailor."
Three male babies were born to Pro
feesor II. S. Brode and wife at their
home in W alia Walla Tuesday morning,
says the Miiton Eagle. Mr. Brode is one
of the instructors in Whitman college,
the professor of biology, "the science of
life, which pretaina to the destruction of
animals and plants." Tbe professor ap
pears to be sharing in the "distribution"
to a considerable extent.
The most remarkable giant tbe world
has ever known is Lewis Wilkins, who
is now arousing great interest in the
scientific circles of all Europe. WilkinB
was born on a farm near St. Paul in
1874. When he was but 10 years of age
he measured 6 feet in height, and has
now grown to the tremendous height of
107,'4 inches just thiee-quarters of an
lush less than 9 feet and weighs 364
When Charles Dudley Warner was
editor of the Hartford Press, back in the
60s, arousing tbe patriotism of his state
by his energetic appealB, one of the type
setters came in from the composing
room one day and, facing Mr. Warner,
said : "Mr. Warner, I've decided to en
list in the army." With mingled
emotions of pride and responsibility,
Mr. Warner replied that it pleased him
that the man felt the call to duty. "Oh,
it isn't that," said the truthful composi
tor, "but I'd rather be shot than set
your copy."
The general opinion of her majesty,
Queen Victoria, was curiously put by
an old Scotchwoman who heard that an
estate in Fife had gone io the crown for
want of heirs. "Weel," she said, "It
micht bae gaun a waur gate, for the
queen's a rale deservin' body." Only
as "the crown" on these occasions means
merely the exchequer, the Scotchwoman
would probably have thought that the
estate had "gaun a waur gate" if she
had known that her majesty would
derive no benefit whatever from" it.
fjtrange to say, Senator Bailey of
Texas, who is such a hero with the
sentimental women frequenters of the
house galleries, is not a favorite with
tbe men visitors. One day last winter
his dramatic conclusion to a rather long
winded speech elicited from a gray
haired man in the second row of the
members' gallery the ejaculation : "Too
bad, too bad!" "Whut'e too bad?"
asked his companion. "It's too bad,"
replied the venerable auditor, "that the
Lord Almighty when He made that
roaring Texan should have used up so
much material in fashioning his thorax
that he had nothing left for bis brains."
The following telegram was handed
in for delivery at the postoflice
at Chepstow, England: "Going to
Lianfairpwligungwi 1 gogerhwilclydiligo
gogoch ; shall be home by 4:30." The
postmaster, thinking that there was
more than a fair penn'orth of conso
nants in the name, referred it to his
surveyor, who wrote back: "It is an
attempt at the name (of a village in
Anglesey), but is evidently not written
by a Welshman ; the spelling is incor
rect, and, but for tbe joke of the
thing, the ordinary abbreviation
Llanfairpwll would have been better.
The full name correctly written I give
bMow Llanfairpwllewynkrvllgogercli-
Dull Headache, Pains in various parts
of tbe body, Sinking at the pit of the
stomach, Loss of appetite, Feverishness,
Pimples or Sores all positive evidences,
of impure blood. No matter how it
became so it must be purified in order to
obtain good health. Acker's Blood
Elexir h as never failed to cure Scrofulous
or Syphilitic poisons or any other blood
diseases. It is certainly a wonderful
remedy and we sell every bottle on
a positive guarantee. Blakeley k Hough
ton's drug store..
is God's Good Blessing
I feel that God has blessed Dr.
that grand medicine called Acker's
Troubles. It saves cauuren cvcij
Every mother should know about
it, and I will tell about my expe
rience. I had a darling boy of four
years to die with croup. My doctor
did all he could, but the child
could not be made to vomit. That
was before I knew of Acker's Eng
lish Remedy. After I did hear of
it, I got a bottle. When our little
eighteen -months -old girl was
rt,iri-eii with crrmn I crave her
'- " ...... i ' - o--- - 1-
this medicine, and insideof twenty
M;i,i.t EhN vomited And was bet-
ter right away. During the win
ter she had croup four times, and
it brought her through each time
all right. I, myself, had bronchitis
pretty bad, and Acker's English
Remedy cured me completely.
of my neighbor's boy, named Jobe Nana. He had bronchitis, too. He got
worse all the time. My husband went over to his house and told him about my
case. Then his mother went to town, got a 50-cent bottle of Acker's E111
Remedy, and he took it. He came over to our house a few days later and said he
was all right, and also said two doses relieved him from the start. You can un
derstand by my letter why I think so much of Acker's English Remedy. I re
peat that God's blessing must surely have been bestowed upon Dr. Acker.'
(Signed) Mrs. John Yeager, Rochester, Pa.
Sold at 25c, 50c. and $rabottle. throughout the United States and Canada;
and in England, at is. 2d., 29. 3d., 4s. 6d. If you are not satisfied after buying,
return the bottle to your druggist, and get your money back.
ire author Ue the above guarantee. W. U. flOOKER & CO., Proprittort, JVrw York.
While ft Did Much Harm to Some,
Waa a Bleaalng to Othera.
Endersby, June 25, 1900.
Editor Chronicle:
. Eight Mile was visited on Saturday
afteinoon by one of the greatest wind
and rain storms known to this vicinity.
It was rather a cloud-burst, accompanied
by a terrific wind that uprooted trees
and overturned buildings in a manner
never before witnessed by even the old
est inhabitants. The storm began
about 3 p. 111. and lasted about an hour.
Fifteen minutes after it began raining
the ground was covered with water and
it commenced running everywhere. Be
fore it stopped all the gulches leading to
Eight Mile were roaring torrents, carry
ing down rocks of all kinds, trees and
parts of fences. The water rolled ten
feet high in the gulch in front of F.nders-
by school house and had a frightful ap
pearance. Eight mile could not hold
all the water, so it ranevery where, de
stroying hay and gardens and uproot
ing trees of all kinds. In some places
boulders weighing many tons were car
ried down the gulches, and now all are
to be seen lying at Eight Mile. It will
cost some money and labor to remove
them and other debris.
Some families living on the creek
were compelled to leave their homes
and brave the terrific storm to escape
the torrents of water that came roaring
down Eight Mile and adjacent gulches.
A good deal of damsge was done to
young poultry of all kinds. They were
unable to escape the water as it carried
them completely away. The greatest
damage was Io those w ho had mature
wheat and barley. Hail stones meas
uring halt an inch in diameter were
found on the Fligg ranch, and it is said
that the ground on the hill above End-
ersby was white with them. The bail
Btones completely destroyed whole
fields in this locality. A part of the
grain was threshed while standing;
some was beheaded, while a great deal
lay flat on the ground. It is a heavy
blow to those in that region, as they
were coqnting on a large crop.
The storm, while doing much dam
age to some, as above stated, was a
benefit to others. Those having late
spring sown greatly benefited by it. No
one can now complain of a lack of
moisture. The writer is reminded of
one neighbor who has been complaining
ot the small showers of the past, and
said he was like the preacher when he
prayed; that he did not pray for miets
and showers, but for "gully washers."
Probably he wont want any more gully
washers after his present excitement
subsides. Tiie Eight Mile people being
somewhat practical in their way, look
upon the matter as one being a blessing
in disguise, and leave the matter to him
who doeth all things well.
Yours Respectfully,
O. II. Kerns.
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One Second-Hand
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Header Wagon.
fIaier & Benton
For uk
Acker with special kwdg. J Prep",
English Remedy fo r g
Mr. W. S. Whedon, cashier of tbe
First National bank of Winterset, Iowa,
in a recent letter eives some experience
with a carpenter in his employ, that
will be of value to other mechanics.
He says: "I had a carpenter working
for me who was obliged to stop work for
several days on account of being trou
bled with diarrhtvji. I mentioned to
him that I had been similarly troubled
and that Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhrui Remedy had cured me,
He bonghtja bottle of it from the druggist
here and informed me that one dose
enred him, and he Is again at his work."
For sale by Blakeley & Houghton.
A Good Congo Medicine.
It speaks well for Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy when druggists use it in
their own families in preference to any
other. "I have sold Chamberlain's
Cough Remedv for the past five years
with complete satisfaction to my?elf and
customers," save. Druggist J. Goldsmith,
Van Etten, N. Y. "I have always used
it in my own family both for ordinary
coughs and colds and for the ouch fol
lowing la grippe, and find it very effica
cious." For sale by Blakeley & Hough
ton. A Sprained Ankle Quickly Cured.
"At one time I suffered from a severe
sprain of the ankle," says Geo. E. Cary,
editor of the Guide, Washington, Va.
"After using several well recommended
medicines without success, I tried
Chamberlain's Pain Balm, and am
pleased to say that relief came as soon
as I began its use and a complete cure
speedily followed'" Sold by Blakeley
& Houghton.
Editor' Awful flight.
F. M. Higgins, editor Senaca, Ills.,
News, was afflicted for years with piles
that no doctor or remedy helped until
he triad Bucklen's Arnica Salve. He
writes two boxes wholly cured him. It's
the surest pile cure on earth and the
beet salve in the world. Cure guaran
teed. Only 25 cents. Sold by Blakeley
& Houghton, druggist. 5
Department of the Interior, v
THK Dai.i.kk, Or., May 15, l;i00.
A aiiflirlriit context atliriavit having been (lied
In thin ollice by (ina 8. Alexander, rontextiint,
neiiliint homenlemi entry No. iull, made May 14
lh, fur viV. of iiw'i, 6, tp. 1 n, nuiKe 13 e,
by Joint T. WriKht, eonteMee, in which It i al
iened tht KHicI John T. Wriirlit haa wholly
abandoned anid tract, and chHiigeii hia residence
therefrom fur more than nix months tlnce mak
ing; unlit entry, and next prior to date: ami.
that tbe Hbnence of defendant fiom anlil tract ia
not due to hia employment in the inilitnrv or
naval aervtce of the United Htatea, aiiid parti
arc hereby notified to appear, respond and oiler
evidence touching auid allefftitioii nt ID o'clock
a. 111. on Jnncati. Woo, before the IfKlsfer and
Hcceiver at the Uuited Btntes land ollice lu The
Dalle, Orcfton.
The nln contestant liavlnir. In a proper affida
vit, tiled May l pan. act forth facia which allow
that alter due diligence personal acrvlce of Ihla
notice can not bo made, it la hereby ordered and
dlrecltd that am b HoUce be Riven by due and
proper publication.
lt 1 JA.Y P. UTAH, RcglMcr.
Land Orr11.1t at Vak:oi-vr. Wash., I
April :!, I'm)
Notice ta hereby Riven that the follow Inc
named aettiir hna hied notice of hia Inten
tion Io ninke final proof In utippott of hia
claim, and that hnld proof will be made before
. 11. I'reahy, r tilted wtntea Commissioner for
IHatiirt of nahlnRtoii, at hia o'tlee in tiolilen
dale, Wash., on Friday, June J, I'jon, viz:
Deitrich H. Stegman, devisee of Dietrich
Strgman, deceased ;
Homestead Kntrv No. KTIfi, for the anutlivest 4
o( ecUon township s mirth of ranga II raat,
He namea the following witness, to prove hia
conilniioiia residence iian and cultivation ol
aaid land, viz:
Manuel H. lonardo, of (Srand Dallea P. O
Wash.: Herman Kngelke, W illiam Wilkinson, of
(.entervllle I', o Wash . and William C rawford,
ol t.rand Dallea it. o., Vt ash.
W. K. DtlNRAR.
Notice la hereby prlven that the nnilerslgncd,
by an order of the ( ountr Court of the tttatr of
Oregon lor Wasco County, haa been aiipnli ted
n.Mii.ii,.tiain 01 ,iih rniaw 01 iiciei nradford,
dcccascl. All persona bavin clalma a-ainl
the estate of said deceased ara n tilled to pre
sent them, with the proper vouchers, to me at
lloml River, Oregon, within six month! from
the oris of thla notice,
liaud May 1ft, I'.Mi.
...... , I'tlTUAM P. rlRAhronr.,
Administrator of the Ka.ate of llelau Brad
ford, lcccaed.
, f. MCOIR.
Room 39 end 40, over U. S. Und OHlc.
of Oregon, for Waaco County HE ATi
A " .J18 Ha8,t"S. Haluuir,
Donald M. Ha,Unga, Defendant
To Donald M. UaaUnga, the
fendant: """e-iUuiiea fc.
u ...cis.uivoi me state of OrtMroa v
reby re-iuinal to aimer .,, . " ' car
e court for the relief prayed for in VWl
"; o-t: for . decVof d "o, h"
e said defendant, Donald M. lhS''00 .
rhia .umuiona la aerved upon r l-
,n lr 4.. r.1 .k. . Ull VOU fat IH.HK-
the a
lnia aurcuioria la aerved upon
tion, by order of tbe court, made ft
of June, which said oWrd'S.V1 "?
summons be aerved Umn yoa h, u "' Uu,
thereof for six consecutive wjX .M"1","
Weekly Cukomiclb, a u,,m,J, J Un
id Wasco eounty; that tbeT t''?,
be made on the tith day of Juno i ol,f
the defendant be required to ai.rJfr 'J ui
the couipriiiut on or before the 1Mb d.. ,1?
P.ju, mid d,.te being the last Atv TP,?1
prescribed for the said publication Uit
Land Offici at Vakcoi ver, w.,h' ,
Notice ia hereby given that the f'SJ
named tenler haa hied notice of hii nT'
to make, final proof in support of hi ,
that said pro.. will be made before wr'?'
I'nlted Bute Commissioner
Washington, at hi. office in UoMead. e Vj
on Saturday, June 30, lisjn, viz: '
ueorge u. Liudaay,
Homestead eutrr. No. f Jjn. for h ou ,
In, Tp 3, N of K 13 E, W. M. 01
He nnmc. the following wit,,,,, ,
his continuous residence upon and cuiViv.o
of said land, viz: ' u culttu
John . McDonald, of Hnrtlard P n k
Wendelin Leidl. Goldenoale P o Wash". 1
C. Berry. Hartland P. ., Wahi.'.; tSoJ. j"
llrinna. IiartlKori V. II wk ' la0I" J.
m'l8i 1 .W. R. DUNBAR, RegUter.
V. 8. I-amd Office, Vakcoi vkr, Wash i
April Si, !'.).''
Kotio I. hernViv .Iv.n ,hn, t. r. .. ..
by I. H. Stomal!, her attorney m W, hlijy
....... "-' " "nv .in hi nrMt befoM
V.- It I'Mhv. I niti-rt Urn,..- .., "Wc
District of ashlngton at hi, oDicc In'tiowS
dale, V ashington, 011 J-ridav, the J!Hb dvl
June, WW), on Timber-culture Awlloation .
. .- . ii.i ,0 semen .-Sofia
township No. 2 north, range No. lteatt W II
Hlie namea aa witnetaca: .Manuel S. l'iMrj.
of Grand Dallea V. O., Wash.; Herman Knew?
William Wilkinson, of Centerville 1'. O, VV.jh
and William Crawford, of Hrnnd Dnllei p 0
vVl'h- W. K. DL'NBAi,' '
nmy-M RmI.u,
Land Office at Va.ncowf.r, Wah.
'....... . June 4, liw. '
Notice is hereby given that the u
niinicd settler hna (lied notice of his inteuiim
to make tinal proof In support of his clnlir, and
that said proo: will be made before W. B. Hrmbi
I lilted states I ommisMoner for District of
W ashirgton, at his ollice ift lioldeudalr, '
ington, oil Monday, July hi, Woo, viz:
John Wateon, '
HomestMd Kntry No. 9:132, for the smith hall ol
tbe southeast quarter of section it', township!
north, of range 14 east, Will. Mer.
He namea the following witne-scs to prove ha
continuous residence upon, and cultivation ol
said laud, viz:
Charles Htraube, William Wilkinson, Jama
C. Daly, Putrick Huggerty, all of Centervillr,
P. O., Wash. . W. K. DCNBAR,
juna 1 Uegiatcr.
Land Office at Vancoi'vkr, Wash ,
Mav 17. l'JHI.
Notice la hereby given that the following
named aettler baa filed notice of his intention
to muke final proof In support of his claim,
that a lid proof will be made before W. B. Frebr,
United Hutcs Commissioner, at Uoldendale,
on July 0, I'.rnu, viz:
Aaahel K, Ollar,
who made II. E. No. K, for the fractional W'f
N W'4, Hec UU, T11 3 N, K 1:1 K, and Hi:. ol NEi
Sec 25, Tp 3, N K 12 K, W. M.
He names the following witncsei to prove bh
continuous residence upon, and cultivation ol
aaid land, viz:
Robert A. Htrouthcrs, Chris E. Frnnzen, Will
lam (iaruer, John Kure, all of I. Tie P. 0.,
W. K. ih:ndak,
raaySl-l Kiiler.
Land Officc at Vancoi-vfr. WsMi.,
Mav 16,110. I
Notice la hereby Riven that the foilowlnt
named settlers have f lei notlceof their Intention
to make lliial proof in support of theircllm,il
lliataald proor will bo made before the retisiet
and receiver of the IJ. H. land ollice at Vancou
ver, Wush., ou July C, WOO, viz:
fieorga H. Hanford,
who made H. E. No. Mm, for the K' sF.'ipl
rice :t, and N1, 8W f-4' Hec 2. Tp :t N. K 12
who namea tiie following witnesses to provli
continuous residence upon und cultivation
said laud, viz:
Haskln Trabue, Chrlatlnn meckaon, , Tn"
M. WbitconiO, Edward A. liopiajr, all of LyU,
Christian Itleckaon,
who made It. E. No. 9S.'.', for the H'j, SWK J
Kl HVt'4', re 111. Tp 3 N. K 1.', -,,-wh"
names the following witnesses to prnyi n
continuous residence upon and cultivation is
snld land, viz: , -,
lusklu Trabue, John Paulsen, Jam. riH.
Cwrge II. Banford, all of I.yle, V. aslncgton.
Ilaakln Trabue,
who made H. E. No. for the S'sSW'.w
:t,andN', NW';, fee lo,Tp3N, K -,:
who namea the following witnesses to P'nJ
continuous residence upon and etilmn""
said land, viz: ,,.,
Chtlatlan Dclckaon, Thomas M.
George II. Hanloid, Jamca HI., all of U"''"
may'23-1 W. R. Dt SHAB.RH,er-
Guardian's Sale.
Notice ia hereby given that l'""0"" ot
cense and order of sale ma. le ai d I ' "
as guardian of the jajrsona and estate m
M.k.ic and (,artlcl,I Moore, '""'"; , 5p
County Court of the Hlate of Or.von I "
County on the tlth day of Jum;- ' J wm
the Hist day of Inly, l!. t 'Si
door 111 Hiillea City, at the hour of J " w
m. of said day. to the KTnnr
cash in hand, all 01 me mu -o.-. - ,,rt
Donation Und Claim, where it 1 n " ,
tlience In aontherly direction a. t nlrt,
fom on the llncoi tn pn .sen. . H)v&.
thence west HO rods: thence tiorth j ff
thence Rlong said line so n ;' ,' !L' Tri!
beglnnliig, being -art of U' ' rt i.,id
I atloii f.and claim, In Sec II, ,,,,,0.
teng In Tp. 1 N. K 13 k',Vi,dcTtM'?
tereat In and to l-ot li, and H.J.i ' "" D, g
side of I.t 11 in bl.a k ti of Uuilhlln u"
dltlon to Dalles City, Or. .,..... .nnrilH"-
Notice ii hereby glwn tlmt nnjlet
by virtue of n order o( the iT
ol CUck.mM connty, Oregon, ,K)0,1
entere.1 on the Wth lv o( M7.
will offer lor ple, t pr iv." - w
n.l after the 7th dy o Ju v. 1 m .f
cash In hand, 11 the "L,Ae
teret of the nUt of W f W it,
ceed, in and to lot 12 I Woe
Laughlin'i Addition to I'"1
Waico county, Oregon.
Admlnlatfator of theeitateot v.
Flih, deceaned. , iof A
fitf.,. reived bv Attorney w .
mlniitrator. J. T. Whalley, i-fj.,
Tifft, Portland, Or.
In nn.l to thi. real lirolHTI)
scillicd: aaid interest Wing "nt imj ' Vr
sevenths interest In and to the ) " ,4
the BKU of the HV4. and l.t I " '
Lota 1 and 2 of fee. C. and that ' ", a
of hind bounded a. followa: ( ;"-' ""J ,
.i.l. ,h. i,rlh line of the M' "' .,.h: