The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, May 26, 1900, PART 2, Image 4

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The majority
Cud their blood'
x- J- '
other mineral poison
S. S. o. i the only remedy tnat re acne ueep-aeateu dhxxi irounies iiae ocruiuia, vancrr, nurunw
tiim, Edema, Tetter, etc. It purine and restore the blood to a healthy, normal condition, anil make it iiuitoasiblo fol
ar poisonous waste materials to accumulate.
If vmi have an old running sore or an obstinate ulcer Uitt refuses to heal, or are troubled with boil and carbuncle, trv S. S. S.
It never fail to make a quick ana permanent cure 01 tnese pesi. n your system is run uuwu uu you
the need ol a tonic, S. S. S. will strengthen and he'p you as it has many others to a happy, healthy old age.
... . , .,, . ' , Mn. P. It .Johnson, of Rlaikahear Ca. was for years afflicted
S. . S. eared Mr. H. Vrien of Sauroavdl. a . of a eaae ol 1,, tvpaof rheumatism, ana had uaed rvtrv remedy
Xcaraa of thirty-rive years standi!! after the Itea. jthraioana km.wn nii rmmrn.icj a cura without receiving- any
is tn surrounding country had failed. Thia was aevya ytara brnrh 8 A prom,,(iv reached the seat ol the disease and
ao, and there has baxa ao reiurn oi the d.a. M Je . p,.,, ,j miaaent cur.
If you are in doubt about your disease, and will send u a statement of your case, our physician w ill
jive rou any information or advice wanted, for which we make no charge.
Book on Blood and Skin Diseases sent to any desiring it. Address Swift Specific Co., Atlanta, Ga.
Wi!r.ediil Dally.
Dr. S'iM.ill arrived on the mid day
train today from I'ortlaud.
F. Kagy. an old-time resident of Hie
Dalles, i in tosrii in the interest if the
Oregm Native Sun monthly.
Charlie Kichaiocd, of the old Hich-
mond stables, arrived in town ihiti
morning from Gilliam connly, in com- j
pany mith five others having each a;
wagon and trail. Disking twelve wagon '
filled with Gilliam county wool. I
Thursday's DaiTy. j
J. A. Gulliford, of Pufur, was in town i
X. F. Brock, a representative of the
Oregonian, is in the city.
Judge Mara returned last night from
short business trip to Portland.
Justice Brownhill lelt on the midday
train today on a ehort business trip t0,eain,t ,n8 me,,,, , in its
Sherman county. ! ,
i favor.
Dr. Hugh Lrigan will leave tonight for !
Ietroit, Michigan, where he wiil attend i Mrs. Calvin Zimmerman, Mileshur,
trie annual meeting oi rauroac mrge-n.
V - ... .!.. 1,- -.(I A ll.nli. Pil.
and attend the annual meetinn of ,ha
national association of physicians and
surgeons; and th-n. as is hia wont, be
will epen.1 a couple ol weeks visiting tlie
t..nic)go uospuais.
Friday s Dallr-
i.. ii, """i"'" 1,1
I diseases. It will prevent consumption '
Rev. O. D. Taylor was a passenger on j I
the mid-day train today from Portiand. i Kmi-t'i rroriamatino.
Hon. E. E. Dufar was a pssen?r on j Cai- Tows, May 24. President Kru
tbe luidday train today for Hood River. I ger, it is annour.rrd here, ha issued a
Mr. A. McAdam, of Pa.e & Maya',
went today on a business trip to Slian
iko. II. J. Dunn arrived in town todav !
from Goldendale and la a guest of the !
Umatilla Hocee. I
Dr. SiddslI left on the mid day train Thompson, a large importer ol fine mil
today for Portland, from thence to sail ' linery at IC08 .Milwaukee Avenue, CI. i
on the Elder for Cape Nome. jcago.'tays: "Darin the Ule severe
President Mellen of the Xortheir j weather I caught a dreadful Cold w hich
Pacific passed thrgnyh town this arteu Uept me awake at night and ma le me
noun wee'bound on a special train. I . , . ,
' nr.nt to attend my woik during the iltv.
Wallace McCaminant arrived in town;0neo( my niiiinr, was taking Cham
today on hia way to Dufur, where he ' . , . , , . .
speaks at a repub'ican rally tonight. j bena,D 8 Col!Hh Remedy for a severe
. , , .... i cold at that time, w hicti serined to re
Mrs. Ciav Myers ana daughter, W in- ,. , . .. . , .
nifred. left last nhl.t for Snmr.ter. l,eve ' q-'cklv that I bought some
where they expect to make their houia. j
Hon. II. II. Dufur arrived .n town to- i
day, cco npanud by his wile. Mr. ;
Duiur cornea to attend the meeting of ;
the wool-growers tomorrow.
Uncle Billy Keltay and Mrs. Keleay ,
are in town from their home nesr Mian
iko. Uncle Billy owns the cniy livery
stable in Shaniko and is preparing to
accommodate the travel that ia bound
to come that way.
H. L. Pittock, proprietor of the Ore
goniao, accompanied by Mrs. Pittock
and three daughters, and a niece of Mr.
and Mrs. Pittock from Pennsylvania,
arrived here today by rail and will re
turn by the boat in the morning.
J. II. Cradlehsngh and his son, R. B.,
arrived here from the Greenhorn cion
ery thia morning. Mr. Cradlebangh has
made up his mind to t ike a tnach-nee-l-ed
rest, and after stopping h-re f ir a
ehort time, he wid go to his old horns in !
Nevada and visit for an indefinite time I
among relatives he list not seen for!
nearly a score nf year.
tvhers Kuuiy llalla rrurn.
"A great many people are making in
quiries as to the origin of the Belgian
hare. The present n'.ble and beautiful
hare finds his remote origin in the wild
rabbit of Europe. The domestic harecf j
England is a large, haiidscme creature
and affords delicious eating, but on the
other hsnd ia not prolific. Tlie Uelian
hsre receives ita nsme from being!
brought to it high state of development j
iu Belgium. B it in later yeara England
lias become the home of the finest speci
men. Interest in thia hare, wLetever
he has been produced, has been two
fold first, as a c-esiiira q iickly respond
ing to care and ski. I in breeding, and,
second, aa a coinrnerc'a. Lc.or.
The remarkable deiusnl for the
Belgian is in the daiotinesa and l.ealth
falnees of the fl-sh. Aa an article of
diet it has created a great demand 1
wherever it has become known. Mill
ions of ponn la of hare meat, both fresh
and canned, are consumed in the prin
cipal cities of Europe every year, and
vast some are invested In canneries and
other establishments for supplying ihe
demand. Wherever the Belgian has be
come known it ha at bDce attained a
popularity simply astonishing.
"Very few have any true conception
of the meat, taking it for granted that
it it similar to tha ordinary rabtit they
of person upon reaching middle ae ami
becomes weak anil thin, and disease that
easily controlled in earlier lite begin to allect the constitution.
Tl,,. nra.!U.m-.l tn SemfitU fiinrr Rheumatism. Gout
till then, but a thev age the blood, ao long, tainted ami weakened by accuntulalcu waste matters, U no
longer able to properly nourish the body, and it become an easy mark for disease. At this critical period
of life the blood must be re-enforced before it can perform it legitimate functions and rid the system ol
these poisons, and nothing so surely and effectually does this as S. S. S.
S. S. S. strengthen ami enriches the blood, improve the appetite, and build up Uie general constitu
tion. It is not only the best blood purifier, but the beat tonic for old people. It warm the blood, tone uf
the nerves, remove all taint from the blood, and prevent the development of disease.
S. S. S. i the only nurelv vecetahle blood medicine known. Not one particle of mercury, )Htah ol
cau be found in it, and it may be tuken for
have tmntel. This impression it erron
eous The Iio'ginn meat is white, and
in appearance reeeinlle the breast of a
turkey. It is delicate and richly fliivored,
an I is pronounced by epicure as
auperior to that produced bv any olhei
domestic aniuiiil or Id I. When given
profer attention we unhesitatingly ray
that no ajct-eter or u ore palatable meat
mn ever terved for human food."
Cuuinalaory luaarauce.
Herne, May 24 A bill which the as
sembly had adopted making compulsory
the insurai i f -gainst acciilcnf) and ill-
1 ne 0f
' ward tl'
J milted '
j aW) ,,
: ns not earning their own
I- delation contribiililig fo
l uufe was, upon being aub
nt! people, according to Sw ia
' J on Mar 20 by a maj rity
j of l'U.U'j
the vote standimr 30.000
, H ..As t.dv care for conahs,
, colde. cronp sn l rxne throat Oue Minute I
; Cough Cure is nnt qnaie.l. It ia pleasant
: for cliiltlien to take. I heartily reconi.
; menj u , mothers." U
is the only
I harmlets remedy that produces im
mediate results. It cures bronchitis, j
pneumcnia, grippe and throat ami lung
proclamation saying he will dtfend Jo
i bannsBburg, and calling npon all Roers
j to Slit to the bitter end.
Caught a Dreadful Cold.
Marion Kooke, manager fur T. M
I"01 myself. It acted like magic and Ij
h"" ,0 i'"P"" once. I am now !
entirety well and feel viy pleased to ac-
knowledge its merits." For tale bv
Blakeley A Houghton.
The Dalies Cimirision House will
keep fresh milk at ail times on hand
and deliver it anywhere in the city at
the following prices: One quart, 2 per
month: three pints, 3 ; two quarts, ft ;
three quarts $550; cream 20 centa per
pint. Fresh butter every day. 18i lm
Be sure and examine our stork of wnll
pp?r thoroughly liefore buying eli-e-
where, as we have t!.e latest shipment
made to this city, now ready for inspet-
tion at II. Glfnn A Co.'s.
M. B. Smith, Butternut, Mich., says,
"DeWitfa Little Eiriy Risers are the
very best piils I ever nsed for costivenes',
livi-r and bowel trouble."
!aieF & Benton
Carry the ful!oing lines:
-Maltose Cross CJardcn Ho? 1
I !
Force ainl S,rr.iy I'limpf,
Farm and Canlon Tools,
Carientcrs' Tools,
Aennotcr Wind Milln,
Tinning and riumbin,
Iron l'ijic,
.wever and Chimney Pipe,
C 1 e v e 1 a n d I ' i cy c I e s ,
Crawford Pi cycle.-,
Fishing Tackle,
Cuns and I.i.Ief,
Piicyclo Sundricf,
Bicycle Impairing,
Delft Ware,
Cedar Posts,
Pat h Wire and Nails,
and other hereditary trouble niv rscam)
any length of time without harm.
PURIFIER EOR'a'n M- l)- captain and surgeon,
rui. rileker of tha I'otlre Court Una
j Meaoaua a Terror In Mauae tu
i t hllJrra.
When little children are naughty In
Havana the nnd the mothers no
longer frighten them into silence by
talcs of the m lx;;ii- n un ho
will come and "cat theui up." The ter
rible bear who hue; bad In .;. nnd .'irU
to death wht u t hey tliMi'm ilu ir par
cuts, the g.pMts who t i ; I tliciu and
carry them otT. into the woim! foretcr
wheu they play outside tl.iir own
yards, the organ grinders who press
iinpuilt'lit Olio overcurioiiH elniiiSeli
into aerviee a pciiny-hi'Kgirir inuii
keys, uil pule into ui.i'ls of tlie most
blessed and benelleei.t eluii. liter lie
Hide the bugaboo which is luinjr held
up before the vivid iir.aginnl ion i f (In
vann's child world. A nintlierhus but
to whisper "Pitcher" into the of
the children and awettruek silence fol
"t'npt. Pitcher w ill come get you
nnd carry you ofT to the dark, tlnrk
vivnc," tiny sav, nnd the buck of diso
bedience is broken.
I . , ., ' ,. 1 ,'
Maj. Pitcher, nils the New lurk Sun,
rri.;u :., i;..i.. .1. .... t
for, so far uh known, he h:is never eat
en nnv Cuban tin 1. 1 is, but hi leenrilas
I a d
ller iu ji:slice lis the prrridin;;
magistrate of the provisiunn 1 court is
anmethiiifr fierce, lie I ns ut ' i rt i t lie
m ntencc,"fl.l or ten iIiivk." tie al
lowed him. with null per
sistence that it now slips nut in his
fclecp nnd his name lias now come to be
one to conjure with nmnr.g nil evil
doer. There never wnn imii n jmfge
in Havana before and if the t ul.uns
hnve their way about It there never
wlllbengnin. The Sun's llaisi .i I, tter
hove nlrendy told1 of his work nnd it
inlliience upon crime but nt that time
he bad not been I rnnsfornied into t he
bog-ie man. As his fa nie has tfrown it
has at last reached I i;i 1 . land, and now
he' the terror nf the tots;.
Pick h m;i II s;:iisiiiri several times, so
thiit they will not hurst in frvii:L, Iny
them in the blaer, cover eh selv, nnd
cook until crisp. (Ir, if there rue cold
cooheil si'iisnea In the house, they mnv
lie hentid i,; the blazer in n little but
ter or b.ieon fat. In either cm, mid to
She fat two tablespoon TuN of celery,
cut up very sum II, nnd bt this cook two
or three minutes, so thiit it will be
done throii-lj, but nut cooked enoiie-h
to lode the dihtincive taste of fresh
celery. Thia may be served on tonst or
crnckers. Jt ia ulso (food served on
hredded wheat biscuit. Good House
keeping. GOING EAST.
yon intend to take a trip Fast, ask
vonr ticket
agent to ronie you via The
Great Wabash, a modern and op to-date
railroad in every particul ir.
Through trains from Chicago, Kinsas
City, Omaha or fcr, Imia lo New York
and New Englund points. All (rains
run via Niagara Falls ami i vory through
trsin has free reclining chair cars, sleep
ing ami dining cars.
Hop over allowed on all t;r'cts at Ni
agara Falls. J.-tiss C. Cum,
Pacific Coa.t INsa. An'..
Iii A Pn le". Calif.
C. S. Ciiane. ti. P. A., I. mis, Mo
N'ltice I. here'iy uiven l(.l (hern wi I
bean innn il ineel inu t.f Hie atrn-Sc hulil
ers of the (.iolileri Kij-le M ifiinwf Coin.
,yiny "' f,,nh Co.,
I I T. i . at ... ...
.ti.aera, on i niirs-My, m oip Itrito, nl
7 o'clock p, in., Ihe ;.nr,oae nf elecl
i,il Seven directors tunl traiisncliif (uc!,
other hnsiness a nmy properly c jine he
fore saiil nietlnaT.
P.y oriler rf the preshlent.
J. C. IIoktkti.kk, 8ecy. st. I Treas.
The Dalles, Apl. 27, l!K)0. n27-li
I nseil Klt)l Iy;ie,,ta Cur In my
family w iih wonderful result. It slves
liiiinriliate relief, la peasant lo take anil
I Irnlv the ilrapeptic' het friend."
ay E., Ovetiael. Mich.
Digest ,rii yon est. Cannot f.iil to
S ck IleKiUehe ahsolntely an'l perma
nently cured hy using Moki Tea. A
plensant herb drink. Cures constipstion
ami indigestion, niskpj you eat, sleep,
work and happy. Satisfaction gnaranteeil
money back. 2" eta. and 50 ct.
Blakeley A Miinirlitnii Drnirvlat',
t'se Clarke A Fulk'a qnmine hair tonic
to keep dandruff from the head. 1
I C'olawbta Bnalhara Vrarohaaaa.
At Stianiko the Coliimlda Southern
Railway Co. coiilrole !0 100 feel of Ihe
Slisulko warehouse building, to l used
as a freight w alehouse, through which
they will receive and forward freight tn
the usual manner. The impression that
all biisinrs must Iw l"iie through tor
warding houses la an erroneous one and
we take thla mean of dispelling It.
Freight tecelvcd and held twrnly-fuiir
hours will he turned over to a forward
ing bouse subject to the ortler of the
consignee. The rate on wool in sacks or
in bales from Slianiko to The Dalle Is
25 rents per 100 RunJi.
For rates or other information ra!l on
or a. hires
C. K. I.vti.k, (. F. A T. A., or
liio. F. liots, Agent,
Hiauiko, Or.
Special reserve old government whis
key, recognifed by the highest medical
authority In the land; especially recom
mended by the board of health of San
Francisco for hospital use, also A. i.
and W in. 1. McCarthy, major and sur
geon U. S. army, as tlie purest nnadul
ternted stiiiiulaut for con valerct it's. In
valids and family U'. Sold by C'lmrle
Stnhliug. apl'.M-dliu
Kiperience la the best Teacher
Acker's Fnglish Remedy in any case of
coughs, cold or croup. Should It fail to
give Immediate relief money refunded.
23 i ts. and SO els. lllakeley A lloughtui
I.ASbOrru s at Vison vs. Wa.h .l
Mar t:.. I .'.
Nollee l hirid,y etven Dial ilia lollowlnf
natri-il .ell lorn hai e rile I not tee of Iheir In lenlloti
1,1 IllNki final roi,l In ii,Mrt ol llielrelalilia.and
ttlMt Bald ,ro'f will t loa It' In ,re tin- retfl.ter
and ri-eelvar id Uie I'. . Unit ol'leu at Vaneou
ver, Vt aali., im July H, l-.ajo, via.
t.aora " Haiiford,
alio made H. K. No. istrt. for the N'a SK'. ef
Sit Ll, and V , srt 4 fi. p a N. K IJ I '.. V,
a lio naiiiea tne follow I naT a Itnea.ea to jroi a ti la
rntillliuoiia lesiilenee uill and Clilllvalli.n ul
aaid iHtnl, vl
lla-kln Trabiie. t'lirl.llau Pterkaon. Th.'inaa
M. WhlUMiuu, Kdward A., all id I.) Ir,
W ah.
hrlatlan IMrrkann,
who made II. K. No. for Ihe Nt''j and
I-', SH e In. I a N. K I.'. si., w lot
iiann-a 11. e follnwliiic w llni-aa to tirovo lila
eoiilinuoua r-alili'iii-e uhiii and cultivation, id
1. land, viji '
li.iaWln 'I rnhue. John raill.en, Jama FlU,
(ieorxv II. S,: ii lord, allot lyle, aalill gkm.
Ilaat In 1 raltua,
aim mnV If. K. No. Lul. for the P., st 't,
I. and N'-j N '.. s.-r In. 1 1. .1 N. K lj H, tt . M .
w ho Inline lh foth.lTtl.e Hltl'.e.M-a lo r,,ve lila
eoiilinuniia naliletiiv ukmi and en III i atlou ol
.Jld Irilnl. 1
I liri.tinn i-Irkon, Thumna M. W hlti-onib,
'.entice 1. Minlolil, Jamra H i, all id I )l I'. O,
Uitir-'M W. R. Id M1AR, Killlalnr.
I.mourni R it V ANrot m, V i n ,i
May IT. I't.i. i
Notlee t lierehy efven thai the lollowltts:
nanttsl aaltler has filed nolle. of lila Intention
to make final proof in aiit.imrt td lila rlaliit, an,
that lid I'f-'l u III la- tia.lf talora W. It. I'tol.i,
t'tilttd Male. I'otninlaalitin r. at tioldi-nilnle.
uu July a. Mo, vli:
Aaahrl K. Ollar,
l,n riad.j If. K. Nn. taw.v fur tha frnellon n
SH' s,r .Hi, T,, a N, It l.i K, and eh', nf Nfc1.,
See .i, 1 p j. N ll J K, VV. JJ.
Ha namea Ihe follow Ins wltna.aea lo itrnva Ma riMtideiti umjii, and cultivation id
aiild lantl, 1 1 -
Kola-rt A. srntither.. Christ K. Franzen. Will
Ittm l.arner, John Kuie. all uf l.ile I'. o..
W aahlnstttii.
W. 11. Ill N HA K,
majitl IL g-ialer.
I.asid Orrit a at Vamcoi vrs, Wa.h ,i
May II, 1
Nollee la lirrtdr rflvrn that tha f,.owltie
lialttt.l aertter liaa lileil ntillea ttf It la InU'lillon
to make final l.rtw-f h, ati ..rl id hi. elaltii, an, I
Unit aald .roof lllll Is- mailt- ladora W', 11 I re. Ity,
I lllletl Slates I tun tn la. Inner for I'i.trlrt of
W a.lilnzloli, al hla oftlie In ttnlileudale. Wa.h..
uli Saturday, J tine S', l:u, vl:
atir(a tl. I.inilaayr,
flonieat) nd entr'. Nrt .vl, for IliC SW til see
1., I J, N t.f K 1.1 K, '. M.
He Itstnea Ilia followinsr wlllnai.a to ttrova
ma ettniinnoiia real'li nee upon silt rulll. allon
of aaicl Itintl, vl:
John ,. Mt Imriald, of llntllat d V. II , W ah :
Hendelln l'!dl. Itoldeiiuale V. ll., Wa.h.: Jolin
C. Metrv, Hunt. nil I'. It.Waali.; 1 Iiiiidu c
brl;..a, llartiaitd Y. O.. w a.h.
'"a)i I W. K. bl'MlAK, HtlalcT.
Nollee la here,y lven that the linderalKnrd.
by an order of tha t t.unlv t ourl of tha Htate of
ttreyon lor Waaeo Coiinti', ha tsa'ti atisoti Itj
adnjlnlatrator of the ealute td Helen Bradford,
dfet-aaet, a (-tiMtna having elttltna ae.lnal
the estate ol aald dreeaaed ara ll. lllletl to pre
sent tlo tn, a III, tha .rois-r n.iirliet.. to n'r m
Htaal hlver. Oreirnn, wiihiii all nioiiiha Irniii
thauale ttf this liollt-3.
I'ulid Hay IJ, I. am.
Ittnaw r. lis trims It,
Administrator nf the ka ate of Helen llrad
ford, lie-rased. a
SOU IM and EAST via
Shasta Route
Trains leava The I In I lea for Portland Slid Wat
tallona al I .'1 s. In. and .1 t. in.
l-ave I'orllafld
Alltanjr ..... ...
Arrive Aatiland
Mac! antf-lito
" Wall r ranelarti .
a :s s hi
.1.' :H in
1 ni in
. ' i"i t in
. 7 . i'i p in
7 on p m I ,
In : .'al ji m j
1 1 i a in I
4 l'. a in I
n 1 1 m I
Arrive liudon
' Itenver ....
" Kan.aallty
" ( hletco
K O a m
W:la, a m
7 ".i a in
V : l.i a m
II mm
mn s in
7 : a in
I :m a in
Arrive Atin-les . . .
Kl ra
' Korl W.trlh
" I It jr of Mexlen .
' ll'.ll.tolt . .
' New llrleatia .
" Wu-liltiKtoll
" New Vork
. I '.'0 p in
! p in
. . m a in
. . U .1 a in
. I ii a in
. li Jo a in
. ri a a ni
IJ II p in
7 im a in
ft , p in
t. i a in
li :. a in
I i'i a i.t
p in
ft n ,n
IJ il p in
riiilmai and Totirlat era on holh
tnttireara niieramenlo lo ltgU-n ami
souto Pacific Co.
ami itinriai eara lo I hleiiKo, M ,tia
leatta antl w aalll IlKlntl.
folinactllia; al Han franrl eo
ith several i
aresm.hlu lliif. for llnnoliilii, Ja,.n
. ..,,.,,a,..T( , eniiai aii miun Alnellr
liee sgiit st The halles alatlon, or sddros
Ueuersl raeii(er Agent, Pol Hand, Or
Timher I,m I, Act June !1, 187S.
I'. M. I isii iirrn . f
'Tit I1.I1.S., or., Apr. M. I'so. i
Nolle Is lieretiy glv-il Hint III mniil'llaiirs
Willi the i.iuv l.lims uf I lie a-l ef emiyit ul
June .1, l".s, lltlll.'l "All set (.ir I ha sale "I lln.
hi-r lill.l. In Ilia alalea nl I n'llurula, tile' Hi
vvadalld ahliitiu lerrinny,
William K. Krlehuni.
of Thu lllr. CoiiiiK ef eo. SIiiIk uf,
llil d llli l In Ihla nil e lila 'in iii
lii. Mil Nik I VI (.ir lh I'lireliaw id lli' M '
and N't ft.', id Helton So. :U, In In. I N. II.
No. II M , and lll nlt.-r irnof In li"W
llial III land sonalil U 111. 'IK valllalilu f .1 lla
tlllllMiror lillO Until for NSHelllllllHl llllpi.e.
ami In lil eliilm lo .aid land Ih Ilia
Killi'l and ItM'vllvr id llila nllica al I llu
I '!!., On-Koll, oil
Halurday, tha .ld day of J una, IttoO,
Hi name aa arlrtleaaear J H. dolt, l. I, ket
rliuin, Jimm'.i llaniia and Mlluni i-Hriui'r. all
id I ha lialliw, tlreaoit.
Any and all h laoita rUlmllif ailiiirai'ljr the
alMn edeaorllM'd lamia are rt(uelsl lo rlln lln-lr
elaium In Ihla i(tli'e oil ur b-'I'TS tuld J-lrd du)' td
Jtinv, lia.l.
air. liio I JAY l. 1 1 l AS. ll.nM.r
Aduilnlairalnr's Wal at liaal l'riart)r
Notlee la hi-rvhy yru thai from and alter Ilia
lilulh day nf June, I will T,'eeil I II at
n Ivale aie. for, Ilia fnllimtii; deM'TllNHf
1,m-rt iN-lonaltia: to Ilia yalale td I'atllik
Irown, dvoaMd, lo wit '
tola A, II, 1, l. K. K. l, II. f, J. K ard I . Ill
tilia k A; id tori t'allea il III Inly imnilluu, III
r ,r liifortnatloii lniUlre at iilBiy of rtlniiolt Jk
Kali, I at Pallea ( Ity this I'M li dnv of Mnr, I'.nrl.
Ill I.I V t UKuW S,
AilmhilallaliU nf Hie estate id I'kImi s 111" ll.
tin at h site La.
sa'l Ink,, rvnver, H.I fa-t
Uotlli. (Uealia, Kan I Mall
s.ta i Itv. rt. lonla.i IS tt
Chicago and Kaat. j
Walla Walla. p,kan. Hf kan
Mllllirat'lla. s. I'ail,i Mall
i n I ll I h. M llwtttikts'. and
t liliatftt anil kaal. via Flprt'aa
si okaiir aa,l 11 nnllti
li ti . alwi all tltit In '
VV a. Illusion and haal 4 Ola. m
etu iires'tii. !
S i. in.
4 p.m.
(Hean Slew inatillM.
r'ni san frmni-ws- -Aitll
.'7, May .', 7, IJ
s p. m.
f t Milnlny r..l ir Ma Itv.
I o AaTosi V
Sntllt.l.y Uliull
lo t. ut.
I ! in.
S a. m. W'ii.LttKTTK Ittvra.
Kx.enniiay llrK..n I ,iy, N,--..tRt,
1 aairia ik W ay l.auj a
4 f P l
I l.slil',
M'iu.vaarTS asiti Va
mux hivsr.a.
tlreroti I 11 v . iiailoTl,
and W ay lan.lilisa.
I m it m
M. :. Wr.l
Tllea, I hnr.
and s,il.
a. m.
Tue., 1 hur,
and sal.
W I1.LAMSTT rlivxr.
Pt.rt'aiid lo I .rial'
and w ay Ijunlinga.
.ii Hrt
Ham hivia
l(ltana Ut llalon.
I sai.roy
S kj a. in.
l.y Rl.arla
daliy i
I Ji a. in. I
Tarllra ttealrin 1
n n Ileprii er tr
l.,nta on I , luml.i. -..ulli. -tn via ll:r". .Iiotil.l
a.a .so. i, le.vllK Ilia mlli-a at 114.1 . m
matins tliti'l eo.iiaei.,tta at llt-i.t-ner ntnetloii
and lilirya. hettirnlns inaV In ttlt.. i utn
at He. pner jtiut lion atol lll.-va a uli No. 1. ar
riving al lllr lla.lraat IJ -on. in.
For full l arlleuluia eall nil O. It. ak N
tllt the I'alle
. ur aiMn-aa
'ifll I'aa. Al., I'ttrtUud. Or.
Yellowstone Park Line.
TO Til K KAhT.
1 O.N K fAKK
Uau-g Depot, nrtlani !5:s
No. J.
' Fal mall for Taeotna, N.
Seattle. Ill; ni.a. I .my 'a
llatltttrat d Honih lletitl
pt.lnla. ht.,kalie, kt.a '
Inml, ll. ., Pullman,
M.wi'W, trt I. ion, linf
. fnlolliiidtt mltilti.t et.tni VI p f
tljr, II, It tin. MlMieiii.o.
Ha. m. I'aiil, (moil,,.
Kunana I lly, el. I , nla.
I h leu so ami all In'.
ea-l anil aoiiilieH.I. J,'n. i.
I'nael H-iiind K,re.a
fttr 'laeoioa and hottlUe 7,i.)A. .
"till Intern, tdl.ilu tonla
H al Y.
flr.telaaa and tonrlit alij.Ta In
H It lit Ol t ri:atiRe,
" l aiiiann Jil....inl m,., ,H,i,.
Veatllttlleil I rl tin. f I, ,
111 all l.rilif Ittttl elllea.
imt t'outieetlol.i en.. k.. lo,i...,n ,, tlt-kt la
for hundMiniely lliti.i. .1.-1 . .t,l,,i,, P ,,
w'f'lia ' ''"r '"" rvailona, te., rail on or
Dyspepsia Cure.
Digests what you cat.
It Artificial! aril irnat a ft,.. A - J
' ... . " . " ,c ivnaii iiu Bias)
lNaturfj In atrenKthenlni and rccon
; structlnjj tlie rxhauated digestive or
j fna. Itltholafetdlcoverctlfllgeat- ami nunc, no otner preparation
can approach It In erticienrtr is
.ni'jmmt.mcmmmmnw xjieiaiiinatsai
d r.l I'a.o.
jtantly relieve and permaniTitly cures
, New or - Iy-P';piU, Indiifratlon. Heartlmrn.
I r latii enr). riimr Kii,nni, j '
''''htOasitralKla Crnnipa.anfj
, m.. v. vrni:: m to., (.rjlcogo.
It ED.
IIS llll I ... , (..,..
Oniooovei first Nst, Uum, '
(laolale.) Tract )-Puh0 U. '
l.AMiOrrii a atTms lu
a ...i.u i. . ..u .
-i IUJ
r hi v.n t, ,
: ' " "iiniio
'U aii., .
ni-r i n... l
, ,ito,r anllior
Hi i..i..i . ""
l,T a.-non .1, I . g, (
lliaai-l td eonirrv.a aie.
"I"' . a. .,.'.'" '"
"'""" I l ill. rat iMil.lle a. K
day. Ih. Ullh day ..f j,., V, ,,"" ti.,.
!-. M rriion jn, to,i, ,
ltaa.l, W. M. 1 "'""inn
Any and all iH-ra ni, t tHli..lil(I
eliilma In llilaolhosiiil or U ota if.. , "'"ll.1t
I alunala.1 lot in- V" 'a
idlie lv iiivlr Hirliia win i.n .'...! ."''' aa.
J A i V I A Kt.i.t .
nil. .i i . J, ."''iw,
ma) I.' II
' r us t.
t Isolated Tract ) Puhli,. t.,,,,, S
I.AaotirriiSAtTHti.n,..,,, '
, el. l..-reby,lveu Ih.l Z'!,""'J
In.ltin lion, lion, h. r.,.,, .,. ' " a land iiiritsa, under atillioni.
I. y ihIIoi. .1. I'. H Ne. .1,1 . a. ,''
Ilia aet td e...,tn.s .,.,., V.,,. " .' ".5
"l l"'- wd to niter al pnl.ii,. ..: ' '.
lav. Ilia ;.tl, Oay ..f M. , ,,
ol III..-, Iia-k. a. Ill , a ,, ,! ,. ' " u
Itael of I., wit ' '" '"""lm
N N r. '. s.l. Jl, T I N. K IV r w H
any and all la-rnni rlalml,,,
dwiiltaat l.tela at. ..v,, fo T. .."
elalinalli llil.oltlra. , ,,,,, ".I,
dt-tiriiated lor Uiaotinilneiitv.iiriit l , , ,
ulliitwlaa Ihrir rlihU will la-l.ul, n, , 9 Hk-
JY I. I I . A. .,.,
!"! OtM fATt'KstlS, Ureai,
I.asii lirnt at Viiii.i ua, Vm.
. .. . . . . , ' ' '
Nollea la herelvy lt,n llml ihc
namiil aeiil.t. have ntni..i uiZr
II. -n In niaka Una I nn.,1 i
elalm Hid lliat .aid I t will l. a-Tr
. II I re.l.r.l iill.-l Hlalra .it.ri.i.MlV!
I'l.l.l. t ol Maahln.l II. al lila m.
ila.e, w a.n., Moinlay, July a, i m.i, 11
llawrr Waakal.
Ilot ieatead entry N.t ta.ta i r ir v i-K'
.Ml. N, ll II .. W. M. win. i,.,..,....,..',,!
In wllia.-a Ut .nie hi. e..iii. ,,,.,, .a,,
U",tl and riiltlvalloli of aald Un.l, , i.
.taiiu. i i cnaino, iniaiii M Vltil!it, )
Miilli.n, r l. , llonnail, all i l i tulMvil
f. I) . a.,li lon. mwviu
franrla I., haaa.ll,
rtemeatrad Knliy No. Ill o t, l,,r i,r trarUtaiat
NIC, .1 7. T. N. H I, rt. u M .1
naima the follow In nllnr.Ma in t,r,. i nm
lliimnia reaidt-msf uioll and calltl atlu .a ...
land, 1
Manuel I roltar.l.
Mulilsan, llrtiry
11.. H a.lilnsl
mav jn
Ullllani M M.,lli,.j,
-ll krl, ail . I t IIH.HI11, f
W. ft M MUR.KrfJ.lrt.
I m ( rrn i h( Tmi lutim.iiii t
Aji.ii .m. itt.
Nil!r U hrrt-l'f flvn (if ..P.i!rif
hatttnl artlr list fllrl tlM)r , tna I titti ho to
in hi- miMl rN. In u.trt ! Hftim, tm)
Unit i l - til m hisvl s (.ir v il.c k-ru
'nl ll-frlrrr nl Ihtf I'Kliiiiti'C'".! ilij.
lit, Jultv !. l-atl, VU.
WiU'in J. Ji (f.T, ol Th I.i!r. Or.,
II,, ni. (. ( y nirv N.. tV.;, r r );, V,.i
f TlNlllltl til f'.LltH iitff v,lMt.r ,i prr
r)iiMiiu'i r-!nn r'
wit. I Un.l. K
taint i MfMaxl., Jr , jfifilf) ls-t 'f , M , f(f
(i-llr. . , IaM IIowImihI, at, ,. I ho in
'". I JAY I'. 1.1 t Af, K.ll.
I rl rXfaTR I Ar) 'tlt I. J
I HI 1 I I r , I I R , Mar I V. '. M T
fin till nflliu r .H , AUM.rt, r.iufrclul,
i- .., tn il t, '' , !). 1 t, tmugr Ml.
Ir John T flirlil, (-iilti, lii mIiu I) il I ti
that Ml. J. Im V l l jtv4if
(aiul'int Mti.l trHct, aittl rbiii't ItU rrwi4H,
tl,rr'f MU f..f llliaf IIiMtl 111 tlMil.lll t !( BUI-
tcitf Miil rutf. nn1 tint ar-r 4.
Ihmt liifnl. ur ,t )rft-U4tiinl f..m Ui frvt 11
iinl 1n U hi rmfitm nitMil hi ln tf-liiurf
hMv mI 4-m ir- ! iir I bluM iNln, miJ nrt'si
mrr hcn t.f holirtt .i atifM-air, r- -im1 um!
r.. ,r ttiirhli;ir b.i IU M I I li ni n I l) n rir
.(ii on i'Mtf Jit. !'-, Mfnrtt Hi ttfltrf t-4
H.. . trr at lt I nil-., tttulv Uli4 itllirr la 1
t'sl.r. tvn
1 h tM tistitcafnt.t hnvltir, In ft tf' lf 1M
Vir. hltil Mnf i u m (..rih ( m hi. b ifj-t
llml mit f i)n tilhr itt- f-'i mtnal rt t.- tt
ll.-tli v run Im.I k$ niif, hrfk hf imtrtfi Vti
tlritr mil hii'l'O b gitn hj da a4
(tn tr iihllr-fili.ii.
! I JAY P. I t ( A-.
Nonet: nut ruiii.K'.trto.s.
.ap t'rrn k at Vakc ffvir. u.i
MMl.t l wltl.f ,sta umIIimi l Millit'i.-
tt. ft lo matte f.tial f.t.M'f In I ct tit
. :(iti, atnt Hint l ptiM-r m III U- iiimtf b l"
w. I l'rrhr, l niini Mtntt- r.'iniMi!
lM-lilti.f anliit.jriMii, at til o'tVt lii ifdiJw
(lalf, a)t . nti 1 !Uimy, Juiit kft, i, 11
Hlffltt ilrci-funl ;
irmrrfey4l K.iitrv No 7J;, fur Itm .inihvn! 4
-f atfthm ij, t-rvtmhiti Ji.urih'f ra:.tfcl4wt.
1111. M. r.
IU him.1 th fnlli.wli'K itn-- to i-n.TtKM
in. ntlnu'itii n-i. l.-m u on ml rulu
Ml'l UihI, vl.
Manila I h. 4H.nanlt, of tlratnl VnU T 0
Wah Ilrrman lKi.BfU. Vtliti v rklawn.
i ftiiif vl) o , w ftii . aint W llllniii i riHr4,
"I ffrmi I'utN-a f. it
W. It. M'MHH.
t.i; J I K. Xittf.
.voricic i ok run.MC.uiov.
l.AD tsn a at Tn lui it". or ,o.,
A l.ti; ji. I
Nollee la ,en l.y film that Ihe f.'d
nan.t d lllef haa llltl notlea id hi. Int. ti'l'in
Itiaka Dual tria. ,n ati,r, I of Ida 1 1. int. art.
llml ald tr t.. Mill I,- luaila l lore l,e li l-"f
and Heeel.erat 'Ilia liallra. On soil, in "sue
day, Junali,, vis
Henry Iteadel, n Tl o i.ille, Or.,
lloi,iea...d t'litry Kn 47 an. for I lie Ka-tl'tS
'J, town. hlii I mirth, rat. a l.'eaal, W. U
Me l.tllnea Ine (oUowllia; wltll..ea I" .rovn Bta
'Mini a n aldenia- ti.,ii and eulln all. n
laid land, vl.
Henry I Held nr. lieorin Ann. Id, I'ltarlla w.
Atlalna, Mil liavl lt, all nf 1 lie hall. a. or.
ma).' I J.Y p. .tca, te.lsr.
I . . Ukii Orrn , Vmun ", "(
A.ill '. '" I
Nolle Is lie.edy slvan lhat M.rv V. f .ethatia,
hv li. II SI. s. nun. her allnrnrr in fuel, haa liws
nollee of liilt tn make II oa I .r.-'l '
H. II Pre.l, I lllletl hlnlea l oin ..nar
Id-drift id aahlnstitii, al hla mini-1 W":
da If, Waahlnit ll Krldav, Ihe ."'in '"f "
lillie, I'a ti. , ' Intla.r rilltnra A fplli ""n
m, for the lit rl li quarter of wa-iloti v
biaiiahlp Nn. l north, range No. I lea. I,
Mhe lintnea aa allnuaaea: Manuel H NamartSt
nil. rand I ia I lea P I). Wa.h : llermiil, "H!''
William Wllklnaon, nil enter VI He '""", i'
and VMIIIain I law I. .Id, nf Itrand I'"''"" ; "
Wa.h. W. K. Id M"'1'.
ma) 10 ''' '
I.anii lisrn at Tim Hsu r.: (HirtntW.J
Anll .'. '
N'ollea la
liarahy slrrn Ihal lie
to innae niini iriaii tit piit.,.i ...
thai .., II...I alll lie made ladnell"' "' ...
....I I .....,,... .ni.. i...,i... io.u.,11. nil
day, June HI, I-..I, U.
.foa I t.f e, iMlles.Or.i
- ..i.n..-.'. '
iioinraien.l r.nirt r.n nil, inr ti.- -- .
i ... ... i 1 1 ...t a;i i i-l 'i atl'le
.'.I townahltt i inn 111. ranee I J eaal, W. ' ,
ilti liinni a Ihe foil. iwlng II li. P"
hla rniillnnoiia real, li. lieu lllaill Slid rillio
nl tali! land, via' . ,, J,
John ( 'rule, I hsrles Rnlitea, J. P ll.teknisr,
M, non.., ii, all of I ha iJallea, lliefin.
msjJI JAY P.l.l'lAH, K.1W-