The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, March 17, 1900, PART 2, Image 2

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Tbe Weekly Chronicle.
Oit!J-or U i !..... J"""
O -r itK-tt r. 1 unlet l.or iDch
O'er t-r ie!r aadv? t:r lacac
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On rtT tncaot .
.V OLU ii.l Yir.Y 1 OCTRISE RE-
VIYEl: !
Mr. Brjaa. it is said, comes Lere
to teach os liiat the constitution fol-;
k tte What Mr. Iiryan,
Btansistbatilie consiliums 01
... . t :
own force ex proprio vigore, as H-'e
lawyers put ii ' rentes in ad L ol.etf ; monej. mofc ,bunJsmt bolu
State-territory spart from any rt ; capi,a and CusLman cf Washing
of congress. This was the old con-. woulJ pef
tuition of Jjbn Calhoun. It was
the doctrine of the Dred Scott de- "
ebion which led up to the evil war. 'mon bas L'njse'f
It -as invented to denv the .isbt of n 'ew"d P0 to lLe 1 uerU
Be- territories to legislate sSainst ! Ro tariff bill. Wavio the consti-
alaverv. The slaveholder, contend- j tut'onal ue8t,on lovoI?el1 ,D lbe
, . ' .. ... . l ! bill, Mr. Simon seej enough merit in
ed that the constitution, which pro-j ,
tetted slavery in tbe Southern states, j extending free trade to the Wand to
follo-ed the fllg, just as their ,lneal ; e it compulsory upon us to do
descendants do now. Tbe Republi-1 The senator is right Tbe
cans met this contention in ih, pl.ulP"1"1 of lbe islnd Wl11 DCVer
form cn -hah Abraham Lincoln was Serially effect the interests of the
first elected ic these arcrds: j lles nJ 'nce on tbe
-The new dogma that the con.ti-! principle if there is any principle
lotion, of its own fcrce, carried ' " matter-of a miserable little
slavery into any or all of tbe tcm. 1 13 per ceU tariff will assuredly rise
lories of the United States is a vicious - P 10 plg" its authors later on.
politics! Leresay, in variance with the
explicit Droviions of that instrument
itself. ith ecr.temooraneous exrun-!
;,h ..;,.,.i ;
prt cedents, and is revolutionarv in ; ain got for an answer that she was in
tendency and subversive of the peace y concerned in the conflict and
aad Laravony of the country," 'declined to interfere. Of
Whatever standing the decision of: Germany must have entered into "a
T.r.r k.i in r.r, tt i, n t ,v,n.l I secret treaty it h England, but O
i. ,tan..;n ... .ri h. Vo1
cons of Grant at Appomattox. And
lbe sum of the whole matter is
that we can govern our new pos
sessions in any way that Justice,
humanity and prudence may suggest.
A thoroughly responsible citizen
of The Dalles informs Tub Chron
icle that while in Portland a few
days ago a Democratic friend of
pronounced ascendancy in Demo
cratic councils informed him that tbe
Multnomah county Democrats were
seriously thinking of running Thomas
Harlan, tbe ex-Republican ex-Pop-ulist
and pro tern Democratic states
nan, late of Mosier, for congress to
soececd Malcolm A. Moody. Old
Tom has assured his Multnomah
brethren tbat be would go to tbe
Democratic state convention with a
solid Wasco county delegation at bis
back. And why not? To be sure
tbe old man isn't much of a sprinter
but he has a record as a Hopper tbat
would capture the cake from General
Weaver. Our Dalles friend earnestly
seconded Mr. Harlan's nomination
and predicted tbat the ex-Mosier
statesman would sweep this congres
sional district like a Kansas cyclone
aid carry all bis old political con
ferees over to the camp of Bryan.
That settles Malcolm's fate, sine die,
as it were. We advise him to throw
up tbe sponge.
What will the Brvans and tbe
Sulzers and the Pettigrews and the
Masons and the Shaforlbs and our
own Oregon 0'Da)8 and Chamber
lains do now, poor things? For the
McKinley administration, fn spite of
the "secret treat)" with Great Brit
ain, (which was not a secret (reaty
at all, for Biynn and all thr hosts of
Fusion knew all about it,) has actual
ly offered its set vices to the British
government as mediator, wuh the
view of biinging about peace in
Sou'.b Africa, But the offer hns
been declined, as everybody knew it
would, but declined politely, withal,
and no proposals for peace are ever
likely to be entertained except on
the principle of unconditional sur
render. Col. Bryan is billed to make five
or six speeches in this state com
mencing ut Albuny March 2lh and
Roing from there to Salem, Poitland
and Pendleton, and, after speaking at '
several nointu in W.tlii
several nnint. In
ing to Portland and winding
... cnmkviij M lUIII
Kogene. It will be seen 1 he Dalle, i
is left out In the cold nnd the more)
la the pity. There are dozens of
things we should like to hear the
colonel explain, fn view of the fact '
that theie is cot a single prophecy
be osade four jcars ?o tbat tbe
logic of events Las not knocked
higher than GiUeroy kite.
! Tie republican party Las re-
'"'deerxed its pledges for financial
1 fl fn-ncial bill h5
resident and is
now a law of the land. The result
will jaatify every claim made by the
party in the last national campaign.
Tbe result, by anticipation, Las done
lLst alreljr. Financial panics will
. . . , .. coa)e lLcir
ill cot be caused by tbe
pcraded currency
was teresl w,i fce lower than it ever
President Kruger having appealed
l Germany for mediation or inter
liation or inter
with Great Brit
vention in the war
Mr Countrymen! if
the United
It. U-J
slalC9 uaa uu,i
answered thus,
t-wouiun l lue proiesi OI ail urj aimuiu
.. -i . . . . i.n n l,..-
Lave rent the ambient air- froui
Lincoln Nebraska to Dantry Day ?
The Courier-Journal warns Ken
tucky Democrats that if tbe Goebel
election law is not repealed there is
nothing surer in future politics than
that it will come back to plague
them. It predicts that if the election
next fall is held under the Goebel
law, and if the vole of Kentucky is
necessary for the election of a Re
publican president, Kentucky's vote
will be counted for the Republicans,
it matters not what lbe returns may
On which side soever our sympa
thies may lie in tbe .South African
contest, there is no denying the fact
that a British victory means better
treatment and greater liberty for tbe
Boers than the Boers have ever ac
corded or would accord to tbe
British. Under British protection to
life and property South Africa ha
the possibilities of the greatest coun
try in the world.
W. B. Presby, of Goldcndale, is
mentioned in a Vancouver paper as
a candidate for superior judge of the
district included in Klickitat, Ska
mania and Clark counties. While
not bating a jot of admiration for
tbe present incumbent, Judge Miller,
should Mr. Presby capture tbo prize
the district will secure a good man
and a scholarly and nble lawyer.
The Republican National Conven
tion will meet in Philadelphia June
19; tbe Populist National Convention
in Sioux Fal's, S. D., May 9; the
Middle of tbe Rood Populists in Cin
cinnati on the same day; the Pro
hibitionists in Chicago, June 27, and
the Democratic National Convention
in Kansas City, July 4.
It is a fact not easily explained
that in spile of llio prosperous times
we have had since 1896 the hosts of
fusion and confusion will vote next
fall to restore the soup-house regime
inaugurated in 1893. Tbe Demo
cratic voter is a strange bird.
The general Impression is that the
silver Republicans beve tliut shop
and gone out of business in Oregon.
If there is one in Wasco county that
"CKnowicuge l.uc 1 HR
C""S" LE W0U,J Iike t0 kc Lis
at'uainUe; '
No leases have yet .been granted
for grazing sheep upon any of the
forett reservations cither in Oregon,
Washington or other states, and the
matter is still under discussion." in !
the department.
The Democrats are still bunting
for some solid ground to stand upon
in the approaching national cam
paign. Cheap money, anti-expansion
and pro-Boer iim have proved
to be quicksands.
General Wheeler returns from the
Philippines impressed with the com
mercial advantages of the islands
and believing that "tbe United States
ion the edge of an era of unprece
dented prosperity."
Debs and Hariiman is the latest
presidential ticket nominated previ
ous to going to press. They represcn
the Social Democrat aggregation.
'Little Bobs" weighs only a little
over 100 pounds but, as Sam Jones
used to say of Senator Mabone, 95
pounds of it is solid backbone.
Kentucky sowed Goebelism and
reaped anarchy. It dethroned tbe
ballot and enthroned hades on the
Scbedul. or Expenditure
Showing the amounts of all claims pre
sented, the names of all claimants, the
article or claim for which payment is
made, the amounts allowed and the
claims continued or rejected at the
Mat'h term, 10G0, of the County Court of
Vasco county, Oregon. The following
list, however, does not contain any
claim for which the salary or fees are
provided for by statute:
II S Crccker 4 Co. supplies $ 17 35
Davenport Lumber Co., lumber. 22 88
Geo. Kuoh, groceries for pauper. 4 80
Dr. GaleendorflV r, exaui pal lent. 5 00
W M Labor, cah expended . 2 50
Chronicle Pub. Co., printing and
supplies 278 25
Times-Mountaineer, orinting... 2 50
Dufar Dispatch, publishing 2 AO
D S Dniur, copy of testimony etc. 28 75
C arence Gilbert, map Waeco Co. 5 00
Hood Kiver Sun, notice to voters 5 00
Mood River blacier " " 5 00
Irwin-Hodaon Co., supplies 70 50
Glaes & Prudhomms, supplies... 47 00
linsiey & Fialey, lumber 8 95
Irwin-Hodaon, supplies sheriff. .. 37 25
' " assessor. . . 20 00
Mrs. Agnew, care Alice Wright. . 18 00
F S Gunning, blacksmithing. . . . 2 30
Wm Michel I, burial 3 persons. . 65 00
Clirisman t!ros., meat for paupers 4 50
O I Doani, visiting pauper 5 00
Clarke & Falk, medicines 79 30
Ward Bros., lumber, 30 62
Robert Kelly, postal cards...... 20 00
Dr. H Logan, medical attendance
inmates of jail 30 50
A S Blowers & Son, rudae pauper 6 50
U T & T Co., telephone 21 50
J B Golt, services surveyor 65 00
Ward & Robertson, hauling grand
jurors 4 00
Ward & Robertson, conveying
paupers to poor farm 12-50
Johnston Bros., mdse 13 75
Jacob Wettle, 2 loads manure.,. 1 00
Chronicle Pub Co., printing 17 00
M Z Donnell, drugs for pauper. . 26 65
C L Gilbert, work on tax roll .... 100 00
J T Peters & Co., wood pauper. . 4 00
" 4 00
' " 4 00
" " 2 00
" " 2 00
ii ii
i ii
Maier & Beaton, wood 8 00
L Oakes, drayae 2 50
Columbia Packing Co., meat for
paurer 1 60
K J Collins, sup fur pauper 35 20
The Dalles Lam Co., lumber.... 3 45
Clarendon Res., meals for jurors. 3 25
Antelope Herald, pub. 4 00
Henry Hudson, deputy sheriff
1898 election 6 00
Peme & Mays, mdse 19 06
Robert Mays, relief pauper 13 00
Mrs. J Forward, mdse 2 50
Miss II L Taliaferro, services. . . 24 00
Robert Mays, board pauper. .... 8 00
Drs. Logan & Geisendortfer, med
ical services 150 00
Austin A Western Co. road grader 275 00
I II TsfJe, rebate on taxes 13 20
Dalles Lurn Co., supplies 6 95
Lane Bros., work county road... 11 10
Mrs. L E Wilder, nursing pauper 18 00
Appropriation for bridge and
bridgeway 100 00
New York Cash Store, mdne for
, pauper 1 01
Dalles City Water Works, water
rent.., 19 44
I, A. M. Kelsay, County Clerk for
Wasco county, fctate of Oregon, do
hereby certify that the above and fore
going is a full arid complete statement
ol the claims presented and action taken
thereon by the County Court of Wasco
county, Oregon, sitting for the transac
tion of county business at the March
term, 1900, thereof, save and except all
claims the salary or fees for which are
provided for by statute.
Witness my hand and the seal of the
County Court affixed, this Kith day
of March, 1900.
seal. A. M. Kelsay,
County Clerk.
A black horse weighing about 12o0
pounds and branded 25 on the left
shoulder. Same strayed from the farm
of John Brookhouse, which Is shunted
six miles lieynn 1 Dufnr Liberal re
ward ofTt red for information regarding
recovery. Address
S. 15. WixAJts,
mai7-lraw Dufur, Or.
Male tow Sale.
One span of mules, 5 years old. for
tale. Weight, each about 1000 pounds.
For particulars adJress
M. K. McLkod,
3 14 1m Ftnr miles east of Kinzslev
Karly Rosj tolntoej at Maier A Benton's.
The lolled Stale Uught to ! the
Wrong of tery Kara Who Bep
rBlallve la Ihl Country Can
Vet tut Congrenen.
Congressman Shaforth, of Colorado,
has sent Thc Chronicle a copy ol a
speech be delivered in congress a short
time ago on the duty of the United
States to get itself into a oess with
England over the Boer war. That Is
not quite the title Mr. Shaforth gives
his speech, but that is what his the
demogogic rant, amounts to. S'.iaforth,
iike Bryan and our own O'Day and
D'Arcy, et hoc geuns omne, are after
votes. While the two Oregon statesmen
just mentioned are sheading crocodile
tears over tbe Boers, they have sense
enough to know that if they were in the
Boer' nnrestricted power for aboot
twenty-five minutes the Bjers would
hang both of them for being Catholics.
Chas. H. Grosvenor, of Ohio, touches
Shaforth eff in fine style in a five minute
speech In reply. Mr. Grosvenor said :
"I want to go a great deal farther
thn tbe gentleman has. I sympathize
with every natiot. struggling for liberty,
and I hope my countrymen here on this
floor aill give patient attention for five
minutes to a few suggestions I want to
make, supplementary to those made by
the gentleman from Colorado. There
was a little, peaceable people in Europe
known as the Finlanders. Their nation
ality has been wiped out and destroyed.
A greater outrage, in defiance of human
rigbtb, was never perpetrated, unites,
perhaps, it was the destruction and dis
memberment of Poland ; and the statute
of limitation never runs against a crime
like that. Russia was engaged in that;
the other nations of Europe stood and
looked on at that. Sot only so, but re
cently the Greeks were sat down on by
the Turks and a terrible outrage, in my
judgment, was perpetrated. The over
whelming power of a eembarbarous na
tion was brought to bear to crueh
tbe life ont of little Greece, and it was
humiliated, taken possession of by for
eigners ard finally subjected to the dis
graceful and degraded position of a
power without any power of independ
ence or self-control. Then theAruun
ians were murdered by the Turks and
all tbe nations of tbe world stood by and
looked on ; and my friend from Colorado,
to far as I remember, was absolutely
silent. Now I have in my congressional
district some Finlanders and I have
Greeks in my district, and I have Ar
menians in my district. Laughter and
"I have in my district, Mr. Speaker,
some Hungarians, and I want to know
by what authority Austria crushes the
life out of the glorious independence
that Hungary had under Koseuth and
tbe great leaders of that day. Re
newed laughter and applause. I have
some Polacks in my district and I call
the attention of the gentleman from
Colorado, to the fact that the blood of
Pulaski, tbe brave Pole who fell at
Savannah in the defense of American
liberty, bas never yet been avenged, and
Poland has been destroyed and the men
of my district look lo me to vindicate
tbe integrity of their country. (Re
newed laughter. And then came that
great nation, Germany, that in the
straggle among nations, in many cases,
is a leader; but in the same way it took
those two beautiful provinces, Alsace
and Lorraine, and took those people
sway and ctrried them over to a country
that they do not belong to, and here we
are standing silently by. God Almighty
is looking at os I Great Isnhter. Why
do not we go and defy Germany? And
Mr. Speaker, there are Germans in my
district, there are Frenchmen In my
congreational district. There ou?ht to
he something done about this. Great
laughter. It was a terrible humilia
tion to France when the German army
came there and marched its victorious
columns through the great Arche de
Triumphe at tbe brad of their beautiful
street, the Champs Elyeee, and camped
in the woods of Boiogne and destroyed
the magnificent forest, then went to the
various historical places at St. Cloud
and Fontainbleau and desecrated the
temple of French history. It was an
awfal thing and we stood by and never
said a word, and there are F'renchmen
in my congressional district. Great
"Mr. Chairman, let us rije to the oc
casion. Let us appoint a commission
I would suggest a commission of 25, not
more than thirteen of which shall belong
to any one of the parties in this house;
their salaries ouuht to be $20,000 per
annum and let that commission go I
lorth to the world and see what has hei n
done wrong, and whenever a wrong. has
been committed against any people l.'t
them coma back and report to this house
whether any members of this hoii'e
have any of these people hi their con
gressional dietrict, ami if II, cy have, let
us go to war at once and exterminate
them." ireat laughter.)
Hunh tn lour Check.
All county warrants ri-gietnrert pricr
to June 3, 18'Jtt, will be paid tt my
oftice. Interest ceases after February. 2.
U'OO. O. L. Phu.lips,
County Treasurer.
AVcgetable Preparationfor As
similating ttteFoodandBegula
Ung the Stomachs andBowels cf
j an y K-t It fcri i tin ?T
Promotes DigcstionCteerfur
ness and Rest.Contains neilher
Optum.Morphine nortiaraL
Kot Hah c otic.
Mx .tmn
kmiK - ,
J)i Curiam af
A perfect Remedy forConslipa
Hon, Sour Stomach.Diarrtwea
Worms .Convulsions .Fewrish
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature of
V ear.
y uiy1!"..!'.', i i
?F---: M
Spring is Here
Elegant Stock of
Wall Paper
to Select From.
W'ashington Street,
between Second and Third
Dennlte Project Looking tv 1 hi Knd It
at Luton Foot t'opnr to Cro
th Big- Klitr at Tb Dalle.
Under date of March loth, the follow
ing Dalies dispatch appears iu the Tele
gram :
"A special joint meeting of the com
mon council of this city and the bridge
commission appointed by i he state leg
islature in 1S95, was held last night for
the purpose of considering the proposi
tion of L. Gerllnger, piesident of the
Columbia Valley Railway Company, in
regard, to tbe conatructiuu of a bridge
across the Columbia river at this pnint.
"Congress in the early 90', or about
tbe time the North Dulles boom was
started, authorizsd tbe building of n
bridge across the Columbia at any point
within a stretch of five miles along The
Dulles waterfront. This authority has
never been taken advantage of. The
state legislature in 1895 passed a bill
authorizing the city of The Dalles to is
sue bonis to the amount ol f."0,000 for
the buildingof cuuh a bridge, and named
a commission of five members under
wboce direction the money was to be
spent and the bridge built. These bonds
have not yet been issued, and as no steps
have been taken to bridge the Columbia,
tbe bridge commission has had nothing
to do.
"Now that the Columbia Valley Rail
road is in need of a bridge at some
point near The Dalles, an effort is being
made by Mr. Gerlinger, Its promoter, to
secure the co operation of the bridge
commission and the common council of
this city. Mr. Gerlinger also wants the
toO.OOO bonds that may be issued and
the franchise granted by congress for
the building of the bridge.
"As the people if this city are n n h
interested in the projected road, the
probabilities are that Mr. Gerlinger will
get all be asks for. Moth the council
and the bridge commistion are very
favorably disposed towards the new road,
and while no ac'.ion was taken last
night the representative of Mr. Gerling
er, who was here, left satisfied.
The Telegram comments on the die
patch as follows :
"When seen lo regard to the foreifdlna
dispatch, L. Gerlinger, president of the
Co!UmbU Vnllnv Itnllieoe rv..
confirmed the statements contalnm! 1
therein, lie said his company dusires
and proposes to secure a bridge) across
the river at The Dalles, and divUInn
terminal facilities In that eily. J. D.
Mann, Mr. (ierlinger's confidential
agent, who has been active in promoting
tbi project atTho Dalles end, thotifht
that a bridge, such as the road would
conitrnct, would cost J200.000. From
bank to bank the distance n 170 feet
One span will answer. There is every !
imiMMiion that tint work of construction
down the CilmnMa will be pushed
without dday. The United States rev
For Infants and Childr. 1
The Kind You h!
Always Bought
Bears the
For Ove
Thirty Year!
enue office has just issued tc
Gerlinger $2079.19 worth of documw
stamps, of 2, 3 and 4 -cent dtne-i
lions. In the lot were foOO worft
cent stamps. What these are for in
surmised, as Mr. Gerlinger is not
ing to take the public into hit
fldence. Bol they are of the kin!
erally used for bonds. The d
conclusion, therefore, la'that Iht
road company bas sold bonds, an'
plenty of capital to go ahead win
construction work. In any event,
such a quantity of stamps as $2000
is needed there is evidence of so rot
ol a large business deal. It hat
currently reported that Mr. Ger
tried to acquire the old bridge p-1
Vancouver, with the idea of br!d
the liver there. The project, if iM
ed, will probably now be abanJV
favor of the one at The Dalles."
Aderlld Latter.
following Is the list of letters rr.i
ing in tbe posloffice at The Dalla!
called for March 16. 1900. H
calling for tbe same will givedi
which they were advertised :
Baker, Miss P-arl Bennett, Misiit
Clark, Mrs. O'nie Cary, Mrs. JoM
UHldon, Mrs. U, K. uihsoir, !''
Daily. Mrs. Louise Miller, Mrs.W
Hill, Miss Nola Thomas, Mrs.
Andrews, C. B. Bade, II. C.
Arbuckle, W. IL Baxter, Sam
Hums, C. J. tfriggs, Annel
Cussidy, John Dnnlap, W. L
Hifiskin, Calvin Davidson, I'l:
Kilini-ii p, Kd. Fargon, C. J.
Goiuon, Clia. Gibson, Win.
K'lHpp, John Ilown.Jaka
McGilbery, Mr. Lantry, Th im"1
Mvers, S." Si a com he, Jo1.-
Ome, Robert Mnhrhill, J.
I'ickens, L. K. Stevens, IKnrj
Turner, 8. C.
Love laughs st county clerks'
as locksmiths. James Withart, o''
River, and Clara Woods were unii'
wedlock at Stevenson, March 7,"'
learn from the Glacier, and
hangs a tale. Jim brought his In1''
bride here about that date and if
to the county clerk for license,
lady was under age, but Jim l""l
vided for that contingency by ohu
proof of the consml of her P'l
Jim, however, thotigntlesily gave j
lady's residence a iu Washington
the clerk refined to grant th" ,
Jiidgi Mays whs appealed I"
elined to Interfere. Jim raid
guingtoget spliced that very 'M
had to go to Portland. He and
tended took tho first train for the1.
crossed over to Ste vcnon anil ha 1 1
struck earth In the metropolis
mania befori the kn it was tie I "
was ss happy as a Ham st hU'' ,iJl
A klrl to do general l.ou-e worl
small family. Apply at this Hi
hi Us)