The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, February 07, 1900, PART 1, Image 3

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The Weekly Ghronlele.
Pnblithed in two parti, un Wtdne$day
and Saturday.
t iu-, rosTAGi rurAio, ix adtahcb.
One year 11 SO
Si muut'in TC
Tiri uiuuLhs 60
Advertlnlna r"un reasonable, and made known
on application.
A.iart-M aU communications to"TIIF CHEON-
ICLt. Tae Kallea, Oregon.
Saturday a Daily.
Anton Novatny, a nntive of Austria,
was today admitted as a citizen of the
United States.
This morning Dr. Esbelman was called
to Dafar to attend Prof. R. K. Allard,
principal of the school there, who has
been very ill for the past few days. The
doctor returned this afternoon and re
ports Mr. Allard improving. '
Rev. D. V.1" Poling has consented to
deliver a lecture before the Students'
Literary Debating Society next Friday
evening. The subject has not as yt
been announced. It is - probable the
First Baptist church will be secured for
this occasion. : . '.
Apples area luxury these days; but
there's nothing too good for the Chron
icle force, and, thanks to our friend C.
L. Phillips, wear now feasting on the
best of that fruit the market affords.
Mrs. Phillips is away and Charlie knows
how to stand in with the compositors.
This afternoon in Juetiee Bayard's
court the trial of C. E. Obrist. charged
with the larceny of a saddle, came np,
Dufur and Menefee appearing for the
defendant. At the time of going to
press no decision had been arrived
at, but the case has been creating quite
a sensation.
While in the East recently W. F. Mc
Gregor saw Colombia river salmon in
halfs and pound flats and also in ovals.
The latter cost the wholesaler 21 cents a
can, or flO.OS per case, and the one
pound flits fl. SO a dozen. The brands
seen were from the Cutting Packing Co.
and were first-class goods. Astoria
It will be unwelcome news to the
traveling public to learn that the Pull
man car company has reduced the pay
of colored porters. The graft on tips in
the past has been almost beyond endur
ance, and surely now the traveler who
fails to meet the requirements of the
black shadow who continually taunts
him, will be simply ignored. -
The VV. C. T. U. renews its -work in
this city with fifty members, who met at
the MethodiBt church Thursday after
noon and elected the following officers :
President, Mrs. Mattie Barnett; secre
tary, Mrs. May Hashing ; corresponding
secretary, Mrs. Mary Campbell; treas
urer, Mrs. M. J. Willerton. On Tuesday
evening a reception will be given the
members in the Christian church. The
ladies are enthusiastic, and determined
to do good work In The Dalles. It Is
hoped they will see fit to take up the
reading room plan, as suggested by the
Chronicle recently. "
The greatest danger from colds and
la grippe is their resulting In pneu
monia. If reasonable care is used, how
ever, and Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
taken, all danger will be avoided. It
will cure a cold or an attack of la grippe
in lees time than any other treatment.
It is pleasant and safe to take. For sale
by Blakeley A Houghton.
Three weeks ago there were thirty
five cases of the unnamed disease in
Mora now there are but five; thanks
to the board of health, which in spite
of all obstacles, have unremittingly
toiled to stamp out the disease. The
highest number of cares at any one
time was fifty-eight. No deaths have
occurred from it. 'We cannoPblame our
sister city for its alarm at the situation,
but it deems safe enough now to raise
the embargo against Moro. Observer.
Mr. Max Sblllock, who lias long been
connected with the Portland Ttlezram
and who earned the reputation of being
one of the ablest writers on the staff of
that paper, is to be hereafter, or for
time at least, located at Sumpter and
Granite. Mr. Shlllock carries with him
credentials appointing him ' as "corre
spondent ior the Telegram,. Spokane
Review ami Associated Press and we
may now expect reliable reports from
the mining sections which ha will have
occasion to investigate. In the past
(here have been too many "boom" or
"paid-fur" articles finding their way in
to print and a line will now be drawn
that will be of benefit.
The case of Allen Edwards, who was
arrested for forgery Thursday evening,
came up for hearing in Justice Bayard's
court this morning. The charge had
been reduced to larceny, and Edwards
' given thirty Java In the county jail.
The young man, it seems, has been on a
protracted spree since Christmas and
'rom all accounts up till this time has
borne a good reputation. Edwards got
olT easy, and should not only thank his
lucky start, but learn a lasting lesson
Yesterday In DalBta, at 10:18 o'clock,
William Magers was hang foi the mur
der of Ry sink, which crime took place
on September 13, 1H9B, near Salem.
Bi" was a well-to-do farmer of Wasco,
and Magers murdered Lira for h.'s
money. Alter weighting toe body o
his victim he threw it into the Willam
ette river near Salem, on the Polk
county side. After the commissioD of
the crime Magers spent the money he
bad secured as a result of his cold
blooded criu.e in taking girls for buggy
rides and living riotously until arrested.
As is usual, about 200 people witnessed
the hanging. The victim displayed much
nerve, and on the scaffold protested his
In the moot houae of representatives,
which session was held by the Student
Literary Debating club last night,
memorial was presented against any
law which ruay be introduced favoring
the leasing of public lands. Hugh Gour
jay fathered the memorial, and was ably
assisted by a portion of the repiesenta
tives, while others argued strongly
against it. The discussion was warm
and to the point. A vote being taken,
however, the question was decided by
a vote of 8 to 5 agaiast the leasing prop
osition. '
If there's one thing above another
which thoroughly delights the small boy,
it is to get bold of an air gun, and 'tis
not to be wondered at, for most of the
older boys like the same kind of amuse
ment on a larger scale. However, there
is also much danger in these toys, and
the boys should be taught to be very
cautious. This morning on First street
a boy was standing on the railroad track
and ' shooting promiscuously Into a
crowd of boys on the side walk, regard
less of results. But a few days since a
physician in the city was called to ex
tract ono of the ' miniature shot from i
toy's hand, and in Portland last week a
boy lost his eye by the carelessness of a
young companion who owned an air
gun. Such cases are of frequent occur
rtnee in larger cities, and should bo i
Monday's Dally.
A. M. Williams & Co. are offering big
reductions on ladies' tailor-made suits,
capes and jackets.
Go to Williams & Co. and get a $1.50
Manhattan shirt for M CO. 113 shirts to
pick from. All sizes from 14,'g' to 16$
The city assessment this year has
been placed at five mills, which, it will
be observed, is 1)4 mills less than. that
of last year.
The Noble Dramatio Company will
not play in The Dalles this week as an
nounced, having decided to fill their en
gagement at Baker City.
The Salvation Army people are having
a lively time at their campmeeting now
being held.' Services are all crowded,
and the captain reports several con
. The Epworth Leaguers are arrang
ing for an entertainment and "sociable"
social in the basement of the Methodist
church Friday evening, to which they
invite all their friends.
The jury in the case of C. E. Obrlst,
who was tried Saturday in JusMce Bay
ard's court for larceny of a saddle,
brought in a verdict of guilty and he
was fined $25, which was promptly paid.
Amended articles of incorporation of
the Centra! Navigation A Construction
Company, the Paul F. Mohr road, were
filled with the county auditor yesterday.
They show that the capital stock has
been increased to $250,000. Review.
Still the smallpox rages at Spokane,
ten cases having been removed to the
Isolation hospital Friday, making fifty
under treatment there at present.
Rathdrum, Idaho, has instituted a
quarantine against that place which is
to last forty days. ,
As a result of the recent special meet
ings, many have recently joined the
Methodist church in this city, seven be
ing received yesterday. The fruit of
special labor Is very apparent in the
Interest being taken in the work of the
church, and the attendance at public
worship as well as social meetings.
We received word this week from
Portland that our brother, Wm. F. Her
zinger, who was injured in the railroad
wreck at Troutdale abjut two months
ago, had to undergo another surgical
operation. It will be some time before
be will be up and around. Enterprise
Articles of incorporation of the Ophlr
Gold Mining Company were filled in the
clerk's ofllce Saturday by G. T. Parr,
Frank Menefee, II. H. Riddell, D. 8.
Dufur, A. A. Jayne and J. A. Gelsen
dorffer. The place of business will be
The Dalles ; the capital stock 25,000, with
shares at f 10 each.
Every voter'who registers must give
the section, township and range In
which he lives, and those living in an
incorporated town must give the lot and
block. Study out just where you live
and then register at once. Unless reg
istration progresses more rapidly a great
many voters are going to get left.
Will Wlloy passed through Antelope
last Wednesday, enroate to The Dalles
with a ton of rock from the Now-or-Never
mine in the Axe Handle country.
Ths ore is being shipped to Tacoma for
treatment, ry the Antelope Gold Mining
Co., and they expect the roik to run
about $125 to the ton. Herald.
Examination of teachers for a county
certificate will be held In April and
August of each year, beginning at 0
o'clock In the morning of the second
Wednesday in said month. Examina
tion for state papers will begin at 0
o'clock on the second Wednesday of
Fehruary and August, and continue four
Letters received from the old maids
who are to attend the session of the
"Young Ladies' Single Blessedness De
bating Society" next Monday evening at
the Vofct, are to the effect that boarding
places are being arranged for their cats
and other pets during their absence, and
they will arrive in the city Sunday. A
reception will be given them at the close
ni the session.
It will be noticed by a perusal of the
city's bills for the month just passed
thai the list is comparatively small,
which is a satisfaction to those inter
ested in its welfare, and creditable to
those who conduct the finances. Its a
difficult task to conduct ones own busi
ness affairs, but when it comes to pleas
inn many, men of many minds, its al
most a hopeless task.
Perhaps no patient in tho Portland
hospitals receives more callers than does
Mr. MscAdam, Sunday's proving a veri
table receptiou day, particularly for re
ceiving Dalles visitors. From those who
called yesterday we learn that be is able
to walk about tome, and that the phy
sicians say he will probably be able to
return home in two weekB. This will
be good news to bis many friends here.
M. Dichteumuller is up from Mosier
having enrae up for the purpose of con
sulting Dr. French concerning his eyes.
He was therefore happy when he called
at the office this morning and told us he
would soon be able to see as well as any
one. For a long time a cataract has
been forming over both eyes and about
a month ago ho went to Portland and
consulted Dr. Gertrude French, who re
moved that over the left eye, which had
devt'oped so as to make it almost sight
less. It now looks perfectly strong and
Mi. Dichtenmuller is delighted over the
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. G. Hansen are
deeply grieved over the loss of their
little daughter, who died this morning
at their home in this city. It will
remembered that Mr. and Mrs. Ilant ?
in the kindness of their heart, adopted
the Waud babv, whose mother died a
year ago, just after the birth of the
child. The little one has never been
strong and although the foster parents
have labored hard to keep her with
them, death has finally taken her, and
they feel the loss as keenly as though
she had been their own, having adopted
her almost at birth.
R. J. Gorman, who left the city a
month ago to spend some time with his
brother in Bulte, and traveling through
Montana, returned home yesterday.
Dick says Butte is the liveliest placo
imaginable, but, at the same time there
are more idle men there than any place
be struck, caused by mines being
tied op-by litigation. At that place he
met Dr. Albert O'Leary, who is county
physician and doing well. His sister,
Miss Moliie, is also teaching art in that
city. At Missoula he found the family
of Mrs. G. W. Rowland, who are pleased
with their new home and all in gr :d
health. Herbert Alexander, George
Moabus and Roy Ballard are also there.
Frequently at the request of the
parlies most concerned, the clerk's office
is turned into a chapel; and the officers
not only issue the license, but see
that the marriage ceremony takes place
before there la an opportunity lor back
ing out on the proposition. This morn
ing the reporter fortunately stepped in
upon such an occasion and witnessed a
problem in addition successfully solved
by Rev. D. V. Poling, when Chas. War
ren, of Mood Kiver ana Miss Sauna
Pyburn, of Wasco, were united In mar
riage. The ceremony bad all the solem
nity of a church wedding, and those
who witnessed it observed such decorum
that the clerk and bis deputy actually
forgot to kiss the bride, much to their
disgust upon afterthought.
Speaking of the excellent production
of the "Little Minister," in Spokane
Saturday by the Frohman company,
which is to present it in The Dalles on
the 15th, the Review says: "Someone
with the evident intention of hurting
the business, bad Industriously circulat-
( 1 the report that Mr. Fro Inn an had
seven companions playing the piece and
this one was of no particular excellence.
Nothing conld be further from the truth.
Ootsido of the original New York com
pany, compiislng Maude Adams and
others, which has been playing ia a few
of the larger Eastern cities, there are
but two organizations touring in the
piece. The one which appeared he.j
yesterday has been most carefully se
lected, each one presenting a character
so absolutely true to the story that to
Improve upon it one must have it step
from the pages of Mr. Barrle's novel Its
self, or must see the prototype in the
Thrums original.
Messrs. J. C.IIostetler, Theo. Seufert
and J. 8. Fish, who have been up in the
mining district near Sumpter, looking
after their inteiests there, relumed yes
terday afternoon, and, seconding every
one's else report, say Sumpter is about
the liveliest place they know of. It looks,
however, somewhat as if it had reached
its zenith, since there is no doubt the
road will be extended to Clifford, cutting
off much of the territory they now claim.
They are more than encouragod regard
ing the mines In which they are Inter
ested In the Greenhorn. The Uoldon
Fugle is panning out all right and there
is not a shadow oi a doubt as to me
Our Spring Offering of White
February 7th, 1900, and bo the most complete offering in this particular line yet
inaugurated by this house. It will consist of Dimities, Lawns and organdies, Laces
and Embroideries, Ladies', Misses' and Children' Muslin Underwear, Table Linens,
Napkins, Towels and Towelling, Muslin, Sheeting, Sheets and Pillow Cases, Lace
Curtains and Curtain Material.
Gents Furnishing Goods Department.
If you want the best you have no other choice, we don't make it so, but peo
ple who like up-to-date wearables, just prices and fair treatment do. Not a hund
red years, not fifty, nor even one has elapsed since the clothes we aro showing were
made. They were made this season and in this season's style. This not only ap
plies to our Men's Department but to the Children's as well, and there's a style
about them that's exclusive. Isn't it worth something to know that you are in
style, especially when it costs you no more?
Our advertisements are our letters to you, written,
a house that has always been jealous of its reputation and
All Goods Marked
In Plain Figures.
future of the Double Eagle Mining Com
pany. At the former they are working
a 3-s t a nip mill, and have day and night
crews constantly at work.
His ninth birthday was a pleasant
one for Clifton Condon, his grandma,
Mrs. S. French, having invited nine
boys and as many girls to spend Satur
day afternoon with him. A very amus
ing game of pinning the heart on the
Chinaman afforded much' pleasure to
the little ones, and Carmel Bolton, was'
successful in getting that member just
about in place. Then they were given
cards with the name "George Washing
ton" thereon, and required to find the
largest number of words contained in
the two names. Nellie Hostetler was
given the prize for finding the most
words. Mrs. French sat them down to
such a lunch as would . have astound; d
even tho older people. On the center of
the table was a beautiful cake, around
which were nine silver dollars, the gift
of his Grandpa French, and on each was
a lighted candle. At each place was a
pretty valentine in heart shape. And
thus th following boys and girls en
Joyed Clifton's birthday in the happiest
manner: Alfred Thompson, Guy Jones,
Jamie Kinersly, Kay Bunnell, Charles,
Walter and Wilson Huntington, Glenn
Cushing, Nellie Hostettler.Lne Hostetler,
Naomi Vause, Margaret Sampson,
Frankie Sauipaon.Carmel and Nonearle
Bolton, Maude Kerby and Helen Peters.
Tuesday s Dally.
City Superintendent J. S. Landers has
been ill for the past two days, being
confined to his room.
The longer you wait, the smaller will
be the assortment. Manhattan shirts
at fl.00 are cot to be bought every day.
Go to A. M. Williams & Co.'s.
While cjnpling cars last night at Uma
tilla C. E. McNeil, a brakeman, had bis
right hand c-it almost off. He came
down on No. 3 this mcrning and went
on to Portland, where he will have the
terrible wound attended to.
The telephone and telegraph com
panies are having a picnic today, with
their wires outside the city, which were
unable to withstand the pressure last
night. By consolidating their forces
somewhat they have succeeded in do
ing business.
Keller ia having his store fitted up in
a very attractive manner, and with the
best of taste. The walls and ceiling are
covered In the lincrieU walton paper
and tinted in light green shades,
bordered with deep garnet, making a
pretty effect.
None need.follow the example of Sock
less Jerry, for Markillie, of Pease &
Mays' clothing department, says he's
going to "sock it to 'em on sox." He's
put his foot in It now and his customers
are invited to call and make him p'ove
his assertion.
We undeistand that Lster Coffin has
ofTered William Vessey 4 per head for
10,000 Jsheep, says the ProsserJ Record.
Wedo not know if Mr. Vessey will ac
cept the figure, but If he does it will
be the largest sum cf money that has
changed hands for one baud of sheep.
A ineellng of the Young Ladies' So
ciety of Single Blessedness was held last
evening at the home of ono of their
number to prepare for the convention
which meets Monday evening in the
Baldwin, ft was decided to Invite the
public In general to be present and to
enjoy the reception at the close. The
gentlemen of any and every description
young, middle aged or old are
Winged Carnival!
cordially Invited to meet the delegates
upon this occasion.
Strange as it may seam, in spite of the
fierce wind storm last night, the Oregon
Telephone local lines are in ship-shape,
that line experiencing but one slight
difficulty with a crossed wire. This no
doubt is due to the efficient work done
in reconstructing the lines throughout
the city a month ago, and surely paid
them for their work, beside giving much
satisfaction to their subscribers.
The surveyors who have been em
ployed by the Columbia Southern In
making a survey up 15-Mile have com
pleted their work and moved tli6ir out
fit IntoThe Dalles this morning. What
will be the outcome remains to be seen;
many deem it simply a bluff. Be that
as it may, we understand the survey
has cost about $100 per mile; the first
mile up from the river being equal in
labor to ten miles farther on.
Spcklnjof the lecture which will be
delivered by Rev. D. V. Poling next
Fiiday evening before the Students'
Literary Club, the Chronicle spoke of
the Baptist church being engaged for
the occasion. Such is not the cirse and
the city hall, their nsual place of meet
ing, will be used upon the occasion.
Being in perfect sympathy with the
young men and their efforts to improve
themselves, no doubt Kev. Poling's ad
dress will be a most interesting and in
structive one.
What possible motive could lead any
one to deliberately throw a rock Into a
car filled with passengers, is beyond our
ken. And yet Sunday night as the
passenger train stopped at Bonnevil'e
a good-sized rock whizzed through the
window into the chair car, mashing a
passenger's hat in, grazing a man's knee
who sat on the other side of the car and
scattering glass promiscuously. Had ic
struck a little lower it must have
knocked the man insensible. The train
men were Justly wrath)', but though
they endeavored to discover the culprit,
'twas in vain, for he had escaped.
The gentle (?) Chinook wind "bloweth
where it lieteth" today, and every place
else for that matter. It also made Itself
felt last night, shaking things up lively.
The windows creaked, the tall trees
swayed to and fro and the houses fairly
shook on their foundations, one barn
near the fair ground collapsing under
the severe pressure. The Chinook is
about a month previous, but if he had
come with the Intention of drying up
the streets, he would have been wel
come; on the contrary, however, rain
and snow accompanied its fury and the
mud is even worse than ever. On the
Klickitats and the hills west of us the
snow held its own tor a time this morn
ing, hut finally succumbed beneath its
mighty power.
Foor "Kid Moore," the morphine
fiend, who was such an annoyance to
The Dalles officers last summer, seems
o be a greater torment to himself than
he conld be to anyone else, ami Saturday
ia the Portland jil attempted suicide
by cutting his throat with a razor. It
would almost seem a pity that he did
not succeed. And yet an employe of
the Chronicle ofllce knew Stewart
Moore when he was a bright, happy boy
in the Valley, but the worst of all
calamities caine to Stewait in the loss
of his mother, who left him to the care
of a worthless father. And lust of all a
demon, in the form of a woman, who
was a near neighbor, taught the lad the
An (ul habit which has been Lis curse.
Goods "'11 """"
signed and backed
business integrity.
up by
If there is not a place of future torment
for such a being as her who thus led tho
young !ad to such a living death, then
will justice fail to be appeased.
The confirmation of II. II. Riddell as
postmaster of The Dalles office will be a
satisfaction to our residents. Coming
to Mi. Riddell as the offici did, without
his seeking, it was the desire of all that
he be firmly established in the position.
Then, too, be has already shown a desiro
to do bis whole duty toward the public,
and his efforts in many directions in
connection with the work have been
most commendable. Among other things
he is using every endeavor toward secur
ing a free delivery system, and it looks
much as if his efforts would be rewarded
before many months. We bespeak fo
our postmaster a successful term of
office. Not that he will please all, nor
perhaps more than half, for what person
in such a position ever did, or could?
iThatona would certainlv be infallable
who could perfectly satisfy the various
characters with whom hi has to deal
daily. i -
There is no reason why The Dalles
should not have a hospital, while there
are numberless splendid arguments in
favor of such an institution in our midst.
Every few days patients from the city,
as well as the country about u, are sent
to Portland for surgical operations which
could be performed at home had we
but a place where they could be cared
for by trained nurses. Not only would
this be a saving to those concerned, bnt
a large amount of money would thus
be kept in the city, which now is ex
pended elsewhere. We have compe
tent physicians and surgeons here, who
if they could not undertake all, are
equal to the greater portion of the
cases which are now attended to in
Portland. A splendid place for such an
institution would be the stone house
on the hill, if It could be secured.
This qreetion should be agitated tnd .
see what can be done in the matter.
Toucher Than He Looked.
Appearances more than often deceive,
as it seems will be proven in the case of
Edwards, or Simmons, who was arrested
for forgery last week and given thirty
days In the county jail for larceny. As
was said by a minister in a city pulpit
last nifiht, it is almost beyond the ken
of those who deal with them nowadays
to understand how it is possible for so
many young men to be such hardened
criminals. Simmons, It now appears,
is among that number, as the following
letter received by the marshal indicates:
Portland, Or., Feb. 4, 1900.
City Marshal Hughes, The Dalles,
Dkar Sut: I understand you have
picked up a man for passing worthless
checks. We had a man in that samw
business a few days aeo who passed
several small checks here. The follow
ing is his description, as near as we
conld get it from the people be passed
the checks on : About five feet, seven
or eight Inches tall, dark complexion,
small dark mustache, dressed very neat
ly ; wore gray suit, small check pattern,
and presented a very good appearance.
If you should have a photograph of him
taken, kindly send us one as he may be
the one that Is wanted here, although I
f "resume von have a good case against
diu in The Dalles.
Yours trnlv,
Chief of Police.
Simmons answers exactly to the fote
going description and the marshal has
been ordered to hold him on a warrant
from Portland as soon as his thirty day
are up her.