The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, January 24, 1900, PART 1, Image 4

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    rEOfLS IOC all mow.
fMixrdar a tai'y.
id 15-Mr.. regV.ereJ at
Lie !
l u-yi'i-
Harry Lei Luto to bt
boM by for lb l
v it ir. c -
to lixJay .rj
lte:r tcme at Grata
C. W. Dibble. prt:rjtt Xm'jth. , axt varrirg coci frw tie ,
mow." ii op-'tom i'orilaxd in tL. io-; . ol '- prodo-?
" .
Ho, John Kmrnervil ,f
from Idaho yetteruay. ar.J ,---.-a -
tWtUn-e-iibbUUnn y.
, raa.e in from ttat p- yei:crw. . ;
tpendini today is to n.
Re. r. F. Haak. bo irae a t.ort
trip to Port :anJ. ill retara bnv t
irht and occopy bit pa'ptt loavorro.
inr- .i Mr. John Foon cax
faaerat of Mrt. Fuix a c ,
Hojth G:nn and J. P. V'lcerry are
Ukinc ttt.'r aonaai balb at t-t. lart:a t
marten, barir.x r:c doa
oa lie boat ;
Mr. and Mr. J- WeKia.!, tare
Ft oa.e Ciu in Antel. arr:ri -
toa ye!rr ca tb aay in ttit
borne at Maltecr ei:;-
Mr. Joba F5::b as-i ki. Bay. rate
dwa !rom M'yro :riT aa-i fst
Uoiar kit. Mrt. -jc r '
i k. (,irl -r" T i 1- '
-u-. .
eia-!. He i atijias5ti ty 5. W. i
(Xi-'ini a i daagiitT.
E:wr Go- Ferrwc.
i i o bat
ft Li f! ire Tir;-i. t:
BMrbraxkl tdiirf rt-Jtrre aa Jrjffndt
iaCeatrC 5raia. rec.Ewd tn&e yta
t a'-.r-ii-..ti. !r. Fe-rt-.a i.ti
tb wta: tj:-nbat ! ftrrett frona
tAa a oouun bere. beitg eiirea-
ly cnui.
aiding, tfcere t:c et atnt tire caw ; a ;arr sajtwroi re iiiKiioa ,t tv, taie iJ, wbea conlro&lea
ia toae c-o-. ' fat&erpi at tie G2".cre bojte?ead, t o ' cw;it cf getticz on record, rote
W. J. Kerr, tf CItlTi. ariT-i . J fuca ti lirer, on tie Wasf:icg-; ivt tKe bi:l. It if (ail ttat at lean fjor
froia that p?e reriaT ax-4 it at ti r) fitiay ahernoca at 1 o'elock r ftit bith boosea tow for tbe
Mrt. Icjm TiAi7a ail rr. ; .j M t tbe rirer many
Verraa Ccr, ca J . rf rf aomtnd it to
froai Le-an-.a 13 b jrewxt at tie re-. ' '
ar-UtieCer laa t. will rrrajOi Fe!at cemetery. bere tbe re
teeiit : iTjr g t jat a a'jrt paxt j were ioterreKJ, corered with a
nrcv. Mr. .vn tat ba attest ? profatioB ol flywert, among b;ch wat a
iroaa i l -a- j e i- Tnn, m:i v
ber fraesct a'ro ux-1 ber 5 art t:fit at
Ue tvKZ o Dr. ! B:&ebart, t'.e
tutottd aot to bare eiasred is tbe
Wet, bstwat tie aasve Mary otter obtained from tbote who accompanied
jcTtlr- tie tody bJ tbe city. Instead of tbe
, lamp exploding in ber lap, it n ac
E'pteV WiI-r4 5'n UU 'tt ,oricidenta!iy knocked from the table by
'one of tbe litt!e bora and canght tbe
tJjirt Wa. ! carpet, la attempt'ing to escape from
jibe room, M let Gilmore dreei raagut
.K13' fT"', "OBf l-r-. In ber terror, the raa from the
tb paeecrrt on tbe bal Una tborn- , .
iag bound tor PorCaod. ! roon' tbe flamea completely eneloptnt
CB.rrb-awaei. town yesterday, DUd rMcbed thLa ,twe,1 "ben
oabiawayfrxn prjrtiand. w bere be bat f Johnnie Bennett caoght her and wrap
been aiti-.inz b.t family, to bit beme at ping a blanket aronnd ber, extinguished
Ta"H3maa Heart" company, eleven
ia aemter, amred in tbe city iart eren
ia from Portend and are rejitteml at
tbe L'fsaliia.
Vie France Van Victor went oat to
W. X. Brown' ranch Sunday where the
will teach a private Kbool for a few
aaoBtbt. Condon Giobe.
J. A. B.'aketey.depaty tberi? of Uma
tilla oonry. who came down from Pen
dietoa oi oral batioee. tpent yester
day wi;b t. brother, G. C. Biakeley.
WilVir Bton came op on tbe trtin
from Prt:anl hatarday to attend the
fwnerai rif Mr. Bjiton't niece, Maggie
Gi.'more. He ie.'t today for Antelope.
Cr. and Mrt. G. C. Ebelman, who
hare made tbeir home ia Dafar for aome
time, mortd into tbe city catqrdir,
baricf rented a boneon Eighth street
eppo A. K. Tbotcpton.
Mr. H. P. Le, who bat tpent the
pl few weekt at Good Samaritan hot
pttal in Portland, retarned house laM
nibt, bavin; pawed throo1, a difficult
operation, and it now grealiv improving
in health. ' j
Brore Johnfon it op from bit heme
In California viiting bit grandparents,!
Mr. and Mrs. K. B. Hood. Having been ,
bat a tmall child when be left here,
Dalles people can scarce!? recosnrze in !
Bruce the tame lad who plaved aroond
thettreettof Tbe Dailet ee'veral years
Tawlay a Daily.
B. San hnan, of Mt. Hool, ! la town
F. 3. Stark, of Antelope, came in from
that place yetter Jay on baiiness bent.
K. H. Webber, tbe nortery man, left
on the train tbis morning for Portland.
Charles Bagley, who accompanied W.
V. Gil more in from Antelope with bis
daughter's body, has letarned to that
C. J. Van Doyn drove In from Tygh
yesterday bandied nptt if it were a cold
day. There are few cold davt for Charlie,
however, for he never gets left. He is in
oa a baamees trip.
B. K. Tucker came op lan night from
bia place at Tucker, five miles from Hood
K ver on the Mt. Hood road, and is
transacting bntiners in town today. He
returned the semi-weeklv calls which
Th Chbomclb make at his home.
Jaeob (Jurist, of Fairfield, was among
or visitors today. He mm he never
eaw it snow harder limn it did when he
came down 3-MiIehill thi m'.rning, and
aa tbe wind was blowing, the trip as
not a pleasant one. Mr. Obrin fears for
the froit in hfs vicinity. The cherry
tre are tome of them in bloom ar.rl I
orrhardists say if a cold snap comes it
iiaoieio am tne trees a well as tbe
A BpUadid flay.
It was a great satisfaction in nli.
people last night to again Jiaten to a1
good play, one which appealed to the;
unman neart and maoe all feel that
they had advanced, instead of retro
graded by listening to i'.s teachings.
"Human Hearts" is well named, for in
tbe p'ay is depicted all phases of that
mil DAILx-a wxjjuji ,
I member ci th. toa oaMW;
from the tweet innocent ol ehi:doood j
to the black devutryot nm -j
1Ucl th Tbe iner :u.e U
! of tilOM to Jv::ow the pain U wirto.
tft pfMMtt4 ia toca rx-ar M 13 ;
: bate snirrvi
(evilec'Ir i
atrtdtd, aid aay t
I ;ittiosi were beastiJs!, tbe t..wi
j Tie ,-ari c tie tUy.
i u tt. .tUr oi arytiUg ;
. a
eot r.t. -
. n:.r Lave itei K t J ; i:
eitr pr2
fr, aJ jU a ae 5 tie
ri,- -a L dniJ ti
tU .t aiJ
T.; ejx TM , .bo,M fr1-fU
Kapctka tie traap, Ti-a Lrccao. or
ti I:rg liy,
ibe esi e ai
.r. Ss r.i :t My C2 pnlid- j
r!t rnirl' avmr4teK ta latk
f HIot fw'
... , . J 1.
Tie terr.b erwastaccet
vtics eaotd ber death, ttaJe tbe oc-!
ra&cua dMU'j ta-L ET. D. . Po'.iEg
esbdnced tie eerrioM, r.T:Eg a abort ;
ailreat rsliej to the octatkn, and t
a; -rfj-late trxti were ratg by Eer.
Pofieg aid W. F S i5ft. Tbe pa!!
: bearer Ho'tcn, Grant Maj , V.
Kwiatr, Cnf:t,L. Curtif and M.
' lrjti . At I be faseral i-rotrttUm
, wreath from tbe Antelope tcbool.
Fnller martin ara of the accident
wbich canted Miet Gilanore'a death are
the flame. He was badiy horned about
tbe band and writts.
At fret tbe physician did not deem
ber eaee aeceFtarily fata!, although four
Cfibs of the (urface of tbe body was
badly barned and tbe tufTered terriblv.
It bowever, developed later that the i
swallowed the fire, which caused her I
Her grandmother, Mrs. Gil more, who
wat there at the time, with great pres
ence of mind for one of ber years,
grabbed a flier mat and beat out the
flames ia the room, thus earing the
house and prehap tbe lives of tbe little
Mlts Gil more was attending school in
Antelope and bad made msny friends
there, who deeply deplore ber sad fate.
Kaprroloa of Gratitude.
Although having been almost core.
plete'y stunned by the sorrow which
came upon ns in the terrible death of
our daughter, Maggie, we arj not in
sensible to the many kindnesses be
stowed upon os by friends on every
hand; on the contrary we cm never
txpreets onr thanks sufficiently. While
1 it is well nigh impossible to designate
among those who were particularly
thoughtful and helpful were Messrs. S
Bolton and J. Ruhertson. We take this
means of thanking yoa all.
Mb. asd Mrs. W. D. Gilmore.
Bobbed tha Gist.
A startling incident, of which Mr.
John Oliver of Philadelphia, was tbe
subject, is narrated by '.him as follow:
"I was In a most dreadful condition. My
skin was almost yellow, eves sunken,
tongue coated, pain continually in back
and side, no appetite gradually grow
ing weaker day by day. Three physi
cian had given me op. Fortonately, a
iriend advised "Electric Bitters'; and to
my great joy and urpriee, the first
bottle made a decided improvement. I
continued their use for three weeks, and
am now a well man. I know they saved
my life, end robbed the grave of another
victim." No one should fail to try them.
Only 50c, guaranteed, at Blakeley A
Houghton s drag store. &
Ila.Lln'a Funeral February 3.
Losdox, Jan. 21. The remains of
ohn Ko'kin. io eccordance with a wish
expressed yesterday, will be interred in
.wuinuiLii, in. luiiciii win mae
place on Februarys.
Floral lotion will cure wind chapping
and sunburn. Manufactured by Clarke
k Falk.
Uuka ofTcek Dead.
Londox, Jan. 22 The demisi of the
DukeofTeck occurred at 7:13 Sunday
evening. The doke 'ied from pneu
monia, f:er an illnest of several dava.
. ' I
I . . . . . r-
iifii uAVX
Iliss ,,ww:i
r, f P r
Tt tie itire
. lyOTtrwt- iiktWilI,S;diti0n. Aboat &X)0 worth cf blanket.
trt -fx.ier Cj3"-'
5t Ten, tt Aceari s t
tl ! tb peBt
ct car f peaier KeoJerK
it ia !aTir te tb lid an! cf proapt
a-.:- -fuur ryr, pr-acu.
ten w lie eaie, ao-a cuun
aai eprn lt aeei ttat -
it LO U! t paed at aa ear'.T date.
7v . . . . n. i rm t'r.m ttrrtraral
4 . ' . rr-
cf tie jrnidetu Tbere ia an over
bdaiBi: icajw-ItT ia both hou-a of
rirfrf ia fatx cf tbe fntizg U.I anl
tbe retort ol tbe Wa'kr comsiUfion.
Many mea ia tbe boate eUed ai
nocwscaiitt! ara ttroog'.T incliced ti
j fafvr tie Htpbara Vi.l, bet are ccwiil
j scf to rmuil tbo:Tef before tb
I bare Ka tba report cf tbe committee.
S4ze of tboce bo arc oppoceJ to artioa
. .... . . ...
s.a,tori wboexpren
prelertcce, cn ay or tbe other, are
Urge:y adaiiniitratioa men, ho wi:l be
ic3aeccd ia their rotea br tbe detire of
tbe president and tbe administration
leadert. Tt.e knowledge that Preeidect
MoK:dt it acxioot to tee the canai
t: i 1 paed br tbia conzrett It
beiiere-J, istare tbe rotet of tbete tena
tori for tbe meatare.
Blds.r Hum ! ia Partlaad.
The Ha aeon divorce caee, which hat
been brccght so prominently and of
fensively before tbe people for tome
time past, bat ended at many tuch cases
do tragically. Latt night Hon. W. K.
E'.lit, who patted tbrocgb the city on
bis way to Heppner, broegbt Ibe news
of the taiciJe of Sidney Hawton by
shooting himself yesterday afternoon
about 3 o'clock in the hotel at Portland.
M.iney rlawton is well known in
Gilliam county, and for that part
throughout Eastern Oregon, having been
a member of the legislature some years
since. Of late years be baa been man
ager of the Moody warehouse at Arling
ton, having lived there tince ISM. Kine
years ago be was married, and for the
past five years there has been continual
domestic tronble, bis wife charging him
with fxretsive drining and ill treat
ment of ber and asking for the custody
of two children. He in turn accused
her of infidelity. For seme months the
Arlington Advocate has been airing the
family troubles, and since the divorce
case came no in Portland Iat Thursday,
the Oregonian has given it prominence.
Fall particulars as to the tnicid have
not been obtained, but co doubt the un
fortunate man grew despondent over the
stale of aflairs, or may have taken to
excessive drinking whicb caused the
terrible deed.
A trigntful HI under
Will often cause a horrible burn,
fcald.cotor bruiee. Bucklen'a Arnica
Salve, the best in the world, will kill
the pain and prorup'.ly hen! it. Cures
old sores, fever tores, ulcers, boils, corn;,
felons and all akin eruption'. Beet pile
core on earth. Only 25 cts. a box.
Cure guaranteed. Sold by Blakeley A
Houghton, druggiets. 1
A.hland Woolen Mill tieatroyrd.
Ashlasd, Or., Jan. 21. The Ashland
woolen mill, one of the oldest industrial
establishments in the state, owned and
operated by Messrs. E. K. & G. X. An-
Ho Tried a
Sample Bottle
Kearie ,n r,r,i .
store and ak the Drueirisu to recommend
tome medicine for their trouble. Very!
neswi to pre-
, CICI, n Mill
anyone has a cough, cold or throat anllr,rr
trouble. -I al way. recommend Acker Ki.r-
lifh Remedy, rxi-aufe I know Just what it
yrill do. It has cured every cae wliero I
tiaveaeen it tried. It is the best expectorant I
and tonic I ever handled in my 14 years'
w.Kcm.ic. i in giTeiim one instance or,
gentleman who had been troubled ftir
years with a naaty, hacking cough. I ad
wed Acker s Knirliflh Remedy. He tried a
rumple bottle, and was cured heforo he had
taken half of It, at no cot whatever. -Thia
I an exceptional re, however, a it usually
take two or three bottle.."
(Signed) A. II. Cow a. I'.ellofontaine, Ohio.
fold nt 2.V.. .W.. and Si a bottle, through
out thel'nite.l Mi.:t.-. un-l Cnnala; and in
Knjland. nt 1. 2 1 . '2. Hil.. 4.. If you
are not .ati-Hl m'ur huvinir, return the
bottle to your Urufjbt, and get your iuwuey
B evlhmix tt abort fwnxntft!
V. IL it CS.. ivurkWrt, cv YrK
Blakeley & Houghton.
, ... tMMt ranital 1
. ;. n tfit-e.!1 ranita
oenra,ni"'"" '
0f over f.OCO, and regularly employing
thirty to thirty-fire bandt. wa de-
(troyed by fire, wbicni toppotea v
have originated in Ibe weaving room
I ir. tV.
j tbU morning t 5:10 o'clock. McMn-
I ery to the !o ol 130(0 ku reevnlly
bera edJuJ to tbo plant, and tbe con-
: . ik. m rt nrrikrtMnni m n-
auJ bUnkrticg in procei of njanofac
'tare if aleo botned. Tbe intnranre on
1 t-'e bnudlng and iU contenti amoonted
ta I3,V;0.
Hit Fraaa "rlaf;
WLea F. H. Wakefield reached LU
bja;e on Tenth treet last eTening aboat
4 :io o'clock, be was met by bia daughter
with the startling newt that ber ancle
bad hung himself ia the barn loft
Harrvicg to the barn he found tbe life-
less body of Samuel W. Xealy, b:
brother-in-law, hanging from the rafter
(Joickly catting tbe rope be endeavored
to find whether there waa any life in the
body, bat ia vain, for the deed must
baTe been committed about 4 o'clock.
Mr. Xealy, who was an unmarried
man of 7S rear, bad been a great suffer
er for twenty-five years, and, hoping to
benefit bia health, four year ago Mr.
Wakefield brought him bere from Mon
mootb. lie improved, but for aome
time baa suffered terribly with rbeoma-
tism. A abort time since he resorted to
a mustard plaster for relief and directly
after began robbing bit back with
Wizard Oil. This combination blistered
bia back and tide dreadfully and added
to tbe pain drove him almost distracted
A physician wat summoned, bat be im
proved bat tiightly, and growing melan
eholy often wished be were dead
Everything was done to help and en
coorage bim, but teexed fruitless. A
few day ago be took hi gun to tbe
barn, and fearing something was wrong.
they watched bim and finally discovered
bim just iu tbe act of killing himself,
He was afterward watched closely, bat
yesterday afternoon succeeded in bit
desire to be rid of his suffering.
He leaves, beside Mrs. Wakefield, a
lister, Mrs. Jane Wolverton, of Mon
mouth. Mr. and Mrs. Wakefield will
leave for that place tomorrow, taking
his body there for burial.
The coroner' inquest, held tbis morn
ing, found tbe following verdict :
In the matter of the inquest held over
the body of Samuel W. Xealy : '
We, the undersigned, jurors empanel
led by W. H. Butts, coroner of Wasco
county, Oregon, to inquire into the
cause of the death of the body now be
fore os, after hearing tbe testimony and
evidence produced herein find the facts
and come to tbe conclusion following,
that is to say :
That the name of the deceased it
Samuel W.Xealv, whose age was 78 years,
and whose residence was The Dalles,
Oregon, that be came to his death in
The Dalles, Or., about the hour of four
o'clock and thirty minutes, p. m., on
the 221 day of January, A. D.. 1900.
That at tbe aforesaid time and place,
the said Samuel W. Xealy, while ter
ribly suffering from rheumatic pains on
bis body, and being greatly depressed in
his mind thereby, came to bis death by
his own hand, and purposely by strang
ulation by hanging himself by the neck
with a rope until death relieved him
from his sufferings:
Dated at Dalles City, Oregon, this COM
day of January, A. !., 1900.
E. M. Wing ate,
C. F. Stephens,
C. A. f-CHCTZ,
J. L.,
H. D. Pabki.ns,
F. C. Sextos.
The Knia-hta Eujoy TbmeW(t.
The Knight probably didn't iio; it
to their wives before they left home last
night, but nevertheless they didn't "go
home till morning." But then, this ia
not a common occurrence with the
Knighttof Pythiat and they were no:
douot forgiven, at the extra occasion j
demanded it. The aforesaid occasion I
was the visit of their grand officers!
Grand Chancellor J. P. Kennedy, of
Portland ; Grand Vice Chancellor W. L.
Bradshaw, and Grand K. of K. and 8.
L. K. Stinson, of Salem. J. H. McKib
ben, editor of the Senator, was also
T . t J .i . .
fc... x,COiu. witsa mere were a nost
' 1 iaiting brothers, tome from Heppner
lodge, five from Pvfh.anr.. f
fuseto d'o soi!Csc'Jes' nd wcoma lodge, of Hood
becau.e, as a j River, delegation consisted of Messrs.
St believe it ! C Stranahan, W. E. Sherrill, C. P.
proper to ad- j Ross, Wio. Graham, G. 8. Evan, F. H.
2JC11!i l9en er- l!ert Stranahan, M. H. Nickel.
j medicine of en. J. R. Xickelsen, Geo. Coleman, C.
ytoh:yth.'M,arkhm' F' t.n,on and Geo. rral'er.
ykl the nhysi-j Work in the ranks of Kuight and
i nm,-, mere uemg
serine, eomo'two candidate. This it considered a:
EpUonhowIlfc-001 '." "ork, at that of either
uifir wtirULUCB UIUCII llDie.
n . , . , , , . !
L A"0rk n,J no make Jack a :
; doll boy. o at the close of the work the '
1 rn.t. .... .ni.,i.:.j - - . !
. , ---""-""" suioaer,
n'C lanch being spread and the best
ol irood cheer r,r.v.!i; n
prevailing. One after
another joined in the jest and ttory
telling, while, we are told, Michell sang
"Annie Laurie" to the amazement of
the crowd; Chat. Phillip alto Insisted
on singing "Anld Lang Syne." There
was no discount, however, when Rev
D. V. Poling favored them with a o!o,
which was greatly er joyed.
The visitor seemed highly pleased
with theevening'i session, while Friend
ship lodge fell highly honoied by their
Clark & Falk are never closed Sunday.
Don't forget thit.
24, 1900.
DErii.T Ti schvdclb. Aaaiva
Ka ton DAixa.
rut salt Lake. Denver. Ft Fat
Jlail w'ortii, Omalia kauH
U iip.m. City. et. Looia.) I:ia p m
Cliicaco and l
r -
Pt r m Walla Walla. Rpoaane, Erfkan
iyer MinneUi. bt haul, Kljer.
7:'jp.B. tt a I t h, Ki)auac, 4:3) a. a
Ctiicaco and at.
t p. m. 4 p. m.
Faoa PorrLAXD.
Oeeao ptemaii.
For ean Francis
txtmwr i. . U. U.23:
j and J- j
4 p. m.
Ei.eundaj Colninbia Rv. Steamer. Ex-Bunda
To AtruaiA and wry
Saturday . Landicga. '
lu p.m. I 1
a. m. Wruxrrra Kiria. i4 30p ia.
x.&uu4aj Oreiron (.itr. Neoerf. Ez.:nnuaj
i u.em d Way Land .
Wiuawrrra in Tn
bill Kivaas.
Oreeon City, iiaytcn.
and Way-Ijuidinga.
' S SO p. m.
and FrL
lim. I ViUiiim trriL I 4 irj p. m.
Tue-.Ttiur, Portland to corraiiia. Hon. Wt
and Sau and Way-Landinga. and Friday
Ekakb Rrraa.
Riparia to Iwiaton.
8:30 a. m.
Lv Riparia
dai.y j
I.-'n m. I
Partiea dinnc to ro to Heponer thoold o. 4. learinf Ibe ialles al t :io p. vx
macinr direct roaneetiuna at Her pner mnetioa
Ke'urnlng making direct onnecaon at Heppner
juncuon no o. l. arriving al ine ia:ieaai i m.
Xo. Z2, tbroozht freicht, east bound, does not
carry pasaenfera; tirrivea 2:30 a. m., departa
t Mia. m.
So. .'I. kiTil freirbt, rarriea paxenrer, east
bound: arrive. 4 . m., denaru :lo p. m.
No. 21, vol bound through rrviicht, doea not
earry paaaenfers; amvea a: 15 p in., depart
9 jp. m.
No. 23. wect bnnnd loral frelrht. earriea paa-
KOen; arnrea l up. m., aepu-u : a. m.
For full partiea lan rail on O. R. A X. Co.'a
gent Tbe Iwliea. or addrew
Gen Poa. Act., PorUand. Or.
and Embalmer.
4T- '
Rooms on Third Street.
One Block Back
French & Co.'s Bank.
3W 333 0N 3WOO
Wood Saw
Will rnn every day except Pundav.
Rate Reasonable.
Telephone 201.
W. A. .CATES, Prop.
ix the ciEcrrr ipi rt rr Tng
ol Orwoo, lor let Cooaiy ol v.'aacu.
Bl SleGreevy, pUloUT, ;'
Tnooaa Mcoreevy, defendant ,
To Tbotaaa KcGreary, defendant :
In tbe Xameol tb state of Oreaon r
ben-fcr required to swear and ai er thTL
i.l.iiit filer! T.lm in ih. .v
ult wilbin Urn dy irota ibe date of the lei
of lbu aummona upon vou, ll aerTol wlnT
tni. Cotintv: or 11 aerred with-.n uy oti'
Countrof ibia ntate, tbeo wilbin uttm.
from ibe date of lb avrviee oi ihj fomaTJ. i
nnon oo: or ll wrved upon yen b pnb i,i
ll,M.J.fheinflAi lf.kNi ft,H .
time prex-ribed ia lh oMer 1, puMiewi?
to-it, on or before iz wcefca Iroa tne a.T;
tbe tint publication betnif ; and il tou liii
inun, lor want Ihemrf tbe plaint ff .
apply to tbe Court ! -the rr!i( pr.i4 d
In ber eomp:aini, lu-wii, tbat tbe acarriaReo
tract now eii'lioe betwea plaimiif u. 1
fendant be forever dimolved and that ptaia't
be awarded tbeexcluiTe ea.t.r of tl
ebildren ol plainiirl and deirndanL :
1 nn Fuminoni u at-rvea upon yon by poMfe
tion tberaol, purauaut la tbe order of m.1 1 ,.
euil Court, made and entered on the l'.nh imm
Janaary, l'jiu, mjuinnc Um publieati.i tirre,
!r tlx eonruuve weeaa. eomaoenein lanaxn
Ai, but, tbe date of tbe firt txibliratirm. .
Jan 20 04 Attorney lor Flinti ;
1 OK
Oregon. lor Waco county.
In tbematterof tbe frnardiantbip of Gen
Kiimt. Frark Jordan, Katie jom
and Maiy Jotdan. minora.
Now on lhi lib djy ol Deeember, l-. '
W illiam Jordan, tbe duly app'.iDte, "mtliB
and acting ruardianol tbe above named mi Don
and presented hi. peliiiou prayinr l.raaonle -autbi.rizing
and dirwtiDi bia toselltbtinimr,
ol aaid minors In certain real property beras' c
after described, and it appearing to the otr
from aid petition That it is necessary and bea.
fieial to said waida that I heir interwt in u
tifntb bail ol tbe southeast quarter of eA-:r
IN townf bip 2 nortb, rai:re i east, W. M., ki
sold; therefore it is ordered teat Theresa Klie;
tbe rooibei and next of kin ol 4,eorge Klimt ti:
Frank Kliint and aaid William Jordan, ftth-r
and next of kin of Annie, Katie and Hit
Jordan, and all persons Interested in said etutt
appear before tbis court at Uie eonrt room Ue
oi in bailes ( lit, urer-m. on tbe lb day c
January, .'i. at tbe hour ol two o'clock n bl .
then and there to show cause why a lieeax
should not be gianted lor ttesale ol such esut.
and that tbis order be publitard at least thn
suresaire weeks in Tbe UIles Chnwiic, i
xly newpair printed ia said eonuty.
Hated this Ktb day ol leeen ber. 1.
deell-i County Judge.
i Isolated Tract ) Public Land Sale. ;
- LaD Orrtcs atThb Dallis, Oatooxi
Jn. iao.
Kotie ia hereby (riven that in pmsuanee
Instructions liom lr,e eomoDissioner ol tbe '
eral lard oftiee, under authority retted in ai
by section Ji-'A V. t. Ker. eu a. amended I
the act ol eoinrresa approved Kebrnary ', 1
tre will pioc- d looflcr at public sale on earn.
day, tbe 17th day ol February next, at the hoc
of 10 o'clock, a. m .attbU office, the foilou
tract of land, to-wit:
Tl Lot I. See. .'4 :and lot t and t. See. 23, T. 1 X. I
1.' E., W . SI.
Any and all persona claiming adverselT tt
above described lands are advived to file tbtc
claims In this office ou or before tbe day aboc
deienated htr tbeeoinmencement of aaid sak
otherwise tbeir rights trill be forfeited.
Administrator's Notice.
The nndertirned having been appointed s4
ministrator of tne estate of Jonathan Jaeksos
deeeaxd, under and by virtue of an order dah
made and entered In tbe County Court of tat
etate of Oreeon for Wasco County on tbe 2Jn
day of December, 1S39, all persons having claim
against aaid estate are hereby noti tied, to pre
teut the same with the proper vouchers and doli
veri tied al the office of my attorney. Fred
Wilson, In Tbe Ialle. Oretron, within sU
months from tbe date of this notice.
Uattd Tbe Da.les. Oregon, Jan. Ik. 1'KJO.
)an 20-it Adminllrah.
Notice of Guardian's Sale.
Notice 1 hereby aiven that the undersign
the duly appointed and a-tin g.ianliau d
IJeorve Klimt, Frank klimt, Annie Jordan, Tit
tie ioid.n and Mary Jordan, irlnors. a 111. Ires
and nlr the 17th day of February. I'.mt, sell
the ritclir, title and lutete-t ol tbe bova nsii
minors in and to the south half ot the aouihea
(jnarterof section Is, biwnship 2 north, rainte:
east, W. M., tbe amc beintr a Ihree finhs In tr
eat ic and to said laud, for cu In band, at k
vt sa'e.
Dated January 13, 191.0. i
Jan 20-St Ouatdiais
With every one dol
lar purchase at our
store during January
and February we will
give a chance on a
Steel I'ango.
s w
Til K DALl.Ka, OBrttl J
Office over Flrat Nab Bauk
. r. MCOIC, JOHN oavil
Itooms snd ), over U. 8. Land OHI'-o.
Dialer & Benton, i
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