The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, January 24, 1900, PART 1, Image 3

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The Weekly Chronicle.
Puhluhed in two parl$, un Wtditetdayt
and Saturday!.
t Mill., ronAGi raira.ii, iv adtascb.
One year II M
Blx nioutia 76
Tbree mouths 40
Adrertlslnft rates reasonable, and mad known
n application.
Addreaa all enmmnnlraUona to"THF THRON
ICLik," The iaUM, Oregon.
Saturday'! Daily.
Call and inspect the line of golf and
traveling cape at Pease & Mays.
Pease k Mar have received a full
line of novelties in golf caps, etc.
This morning J. II. Preston, who was
held on a charge of larceny, was released
from the custody of the sheriff, friends
. having famished the f 250 bail.
Contrary to the nsual custom, services
will be held tonight at the Methodist
church, and the special meetings will
continue tomorrow and the entire week.
A special invitation is given the public
to tomorrow's services.
- It is said that a congressman the other
day asked Brigham II. Roberts how
'many wives he had, when the gentle
man from Utah answered : "Enough so
that I don't bother other men's wives."
This leads one of our exchanges to say,
. I . : - . i A . i
lucib tuia 13 uiuro iiihij euujo ui uur law
makers in Washington can truthfully
sy of themselves.
Sometime since the Lutheran church
in The Dalles extended a call to Rev.
Wm. Brenner, of Oregon City, who Las
- been filling the pulpit here at intervals
for several months. The call has now
been accepted and two weeks from to
morrow he w ill enter upen his duties as
pastor. Mr. Brenner is a young man,
nd possesses that energy that will make
his work successful.
Nigbtwatchman Phirmfn is a good
friend of the hoys, although they may
not be old enough yet to appreciate the
fact. Last night finding an 18 year-old
boy playing cards In one of the city
saloons at 10 :30 o'clock, be walked him
over to the city jiil, gave Urn a night's
lodging therein and this morning lie was
given a wholesome lecture; one which
should teach him to better employ bis
youthful hours in the future.
It is a grat satisfaction to Dalles peo
ple, who remember kindly Charles N.
Ori Hon tfin ivhn visited Anr nitv font
years since and conducted a series of
meetings here, to learn that tie is re
covering from a serious illnees in Min
neapolis, wbicb it was feared would
prove fatal. The world cannot afford to
lose such men as he, whose efforts in be
half of the fallen and down-trodden,
have saved hundreds from dishonorable
lives and etaited them on the path of
Last eveuing Miss Lily Seufcrt enter
tained a nuaiber of her friends at-her
mother's residence on Fourth street, A
number of games were played nntil a
late hour, when a most tempting lunch
was served. After luncii a few selections
on the piato were rendered and then,
nopmg mat trie pieasani evening wouia
soon be duplicated, the following guests
depatted : Dullie Morris, Yalesca Leibe,
Bernie Schooling, Pearl Joles, Rose
Bnrhler, Annie Harris, Wasco Morris,
Mamie Buchler, Frank Seufert, Robert
Stewart, Pete Mckeleen, Rtx Ward,
Paul French, Fred Waud, Claud Martin,
Silvey Kelsay.
If the lessons taught last night by
Dr. Geo. Hall in his lecture at the
Baldwin were heeded and put into
practice in every day life by those who
listened to hiiu, there would be a trans
formation in many homes of our city.
The doctor Is a speaker who bears evi
dence of learning and at the same time
is of that type of lecturers who believe
in choosing subjects of interest to his
listeners which please and not puzzle.
His delivery is-excellent and his 1m-personationsflrst-class,
perhaps the most
pleasing feature of bis address being the
impersonation of the mother's lullaby,
which was beautiful, being enhanced by
the sweetness of bis voice. If Is ideas of
what constitutes a happy home were
well chosen and, being interspersed with
pleasing anecdotes and witticisms, found
fvinnh fdtrt il h iUa nillAnn Thla la
bot his first visit to The Dalles, and all
who heard him hope it will not be the
last. I
a woman or two working op the suffrage
question, was all the session lacked to
make it the "real thing."
il. J. Anderson, the village black
smith and Populist statesman of Dufnr,
think he can see as far into a Repub
lican millstone as the man who picks it.
While in town today he strongly de
nounced the present smallpox scare as a
deep-laid scheme of Mark Hanna and
the McKinley administration. "It is
notorious," said Mr. Anderson, "that
only Populist preciucta have got this
Filipino itch, as they call it over in
Sherman county. Moro, a Populist
stronghold in Sberntan county, has got
it bad. So has Wamic in this county,
wbicb is almost solidly Populist. Tygh
is badly threatened, and Tygh is
Bryaneque to the core. Antelope and
Hood River, two Republican strong
holds, have not a siugle case. Neither
is there a case in lue miles, mis
shows beyond controversy that Mark
Hanna is at the bottom of the whole
business. The affected districts have all
been quarsntined, and thus prevented
from registering so that they may not
be able to vote at the next election."
It's a cold day when Anderson gets left,
however. In the absence of a doctor,
and without a proper instrument to
scarify the flesh, Anderson has inocu
lated every Populist in Lnlur, using a
carry comb to start the blood and in
jectlng the patients with a virus ob
tained, be says, direct from Lincoln,
Mondav i Daily.
Meetings at the Methodist church
continue this week, and the public
generally will be welcomed.
Examinations all over and standings
determined, a new term of school began
this morning the second term of the
school year.
Some people are like bricks hard
pressed for cash. Why don't they
trade at A. M. Williams & Co.'s and
sa"e some uaonev?
The Christian church was filled to
overflowing last evening with an at
tentive audience. Services will continue
this week. All are welcome.
To give every one an equal chance,
A. M. Williams & Co. have decided to
continue their special clearance sale of
ladies' waists and children's jackets for
this entire week.
Last night in Portland Dr. A. Tilzir
and Mibs Carrie Beary were united in
marriage. Dr. Inzer will be remem
bered by Dalles people as having been
employed as druggist for Blakeley dc
Houghton some years since.
It will not baa great while now before
the fire alarm system is working and
ready to warn our citizens just where
the fire is. The new alarm boxes seven
in number, and the enunciator arrived
yesterday, and Mr. Cendon informs us
be will soon begin work putting them in
A disease more terrible than smallpox
has made its appearance in Pendleton,
two cases of diphtheria being reported
there. The strictest of measures are
being used to prevent its spread. When
compared with diphtheria,- smallpox
sinks into Insignificance as far as its
fatal results are concerned.
Mrs. H.
Mrs. J.
Those who make a practice of attend
ing the meetings of the Students' Liter
ary Society not only enjoy the meetings,
but receive a great deal of benefit there
from. Last night a moot U. 8. senate
occupied the city ball and at the open
ing of the session "Senator" Gourlay
introduced a bill, the object of which
was to open the Cascade Forest Reserve
In Eastern Oregon to the pasturage of
sheep, Hon. John Michell acted as
president pro tern, and the following
''senators" took part in the discussion :
Gourlay, Gavin, Taylor, Brownhlll,
O'Leary, Anderson, Dufur, Barnett,
Riddell and Northrup. The discussion
was extremely interesting and con
ducted in an understanding manner.
The ability of the younger members of
the senate was remarkable and gratify
ing to those whe listened to the Ideas
advanced. An absence of lobbyists and
.1 he sonorous voice or the sheriti was
beard today at the court house door
reading out the names on the delinquent
tax litt for '98. In answer Hill could
be heard in behalf of the county, by
whom most of the property was bid in,
The list, however, has been pretty well
paid up for such a long one.
Phirman arrested him last night for
vagrancy, and he gave his name as Ed
Welch. ' This morning, when brought
before Recorder Gates he plead guilty,
but said he had just recovered from an
illness of pneumonia and had come here
to obtain work on the portage road. He
P'omised to go to work or leave town, so
was discharged.
Not content with the never-ending
century question, which the newspapers
have made their readers so weary of,
one paper comes out with the following
conundrum, with which all can puzzle
their brains until something equally as
immaterial presents itself ; "Does July
4th, 1900, begin the 124th or the 125th
year of the Independence of the United
We are in receipt of -a letter from a
member of the Oregon Irrigation Com
pany wbicb says that they will undoubt
edly commence work on the Deschutes
irrigating canal early this spring. This
is indeed good news lor Crook county.
Its thousands of acres of fertile "dnseert"
will soon become its most valuable part,
being especially adapted to grain and
alfalfa crowing, and only lacking water.
As nsual' a small number of voters
were present at the ichool meeting Satur
day afternoon. The business for which
they were called together that of levy
ing a special school tax to pay the
running expenses of our school was,
however, dispatched promptly, and a7,'9
mill tax met with little opposition.
While a suggestion or two was made re
garding the expenses of District No. 12,
the general opinion seemed to be one of
satisfaction. r
For - several years Raymond, the
young ion of Rev. and Mrs. U. F. Hawk,
has been an invalid, being confined to
the bed a great portion ot the time with
hip joint disease. Upon a consultation
ol physicians Friday of last week it was
decided that an operation would be
necessary, and it was thought best to
take bin) to the hospital. According
ly Mrs. Hawk left with him on the boat
this morning for Portland, where be will
be placed in St. Vincent's hospital and
operated on soon.
C. F. Baker, he of unsavory fame in
other days, is again in trouble. This
time be is wanted in Umatilla county
on a charge of forgery. After searching
for him in the vicinity of Sampler,
where he was purported to be, he was
finally discovered in Thi Dalle-, and
arrested by Deputy Sheriff Sexton Satur
day night. Deputy J. A. Blakeley from
Umatilla arrived yesterday and secured
his prisouer. Baker's parents live bere,
and it has always been a conundrum to
people bow any son could bo so profligate
as to disgrace such a father and mother,
People through oat Eastern Oregon
will be quite generally interested in the
news which has been sent out from
Portland to the effect that Paul Mohr's
steamboat company, which is building
the portage road at The Dalles, has
purchased in the east three sets of ma
chinery for stern wbee! steamers and
the construction of the steamers will be
commenced soon. . Louis Faquet, ol
Portland, has the contract for one boat
and work will begin in a few days. The
Molir company has bought the old
steamer Frederick Billings from the
Northern Pacific company and has bad
her repaired at Pasco. It is claimed
that the new company will have a line
in operation from the head of navigation
on the Columbia and Snake rivers to
Portland and Astoria in time to move
the 1900 crop. E. O.
Saturday being the fifteenth wedding
anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. R. I.
Young, a number of friends were in
vited to a dinner at high noon, and to
spend the afternoon at their residence
oq the hill. The occasion was an en
joyable one for both host and hostess
and guests. Mr. and Mrs. Young re
ceived many gifts in crystal ware, both
useful and ornamental. Among the
guests were Mr. and Mrs. M. Randall,
Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Cooper, Mr. aud
Mrs. S. Bolton, Mr. and Mrs. F. Fisher,
Mr. and Mrs. H. Willerton, Mr. and
Mrs. L. Lane, Mr.nd Mrs. Lee Bolton,
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Emerson, Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. Campbell and daughter,
Gladys, Mr. and Mrs. R. Gilbreath, Mr.
and Mrs. G. Hartu and son, George
Mr. nl Mrs. C. E. Bayard, Mr. and
Mrs. James Snipes, Mr. and
Steers, Mrs. Wur. Michel!,
Mann and son. Earl.
A very tormenting habit of some of
our young boys is that of throwing at
Chinamen as they pass, attending to
their own business, and not in any wiee
interfering with the little hoodlums. No
more energetic race can be found than
these Chinamen aud so long as we admit
them to our shores, the law should pro
tect them. Everybody knows Dick,
who is an inoffensive young Chinaman
and not ono who would merit such
treatment as he daily receives, when a
(gang of little toughs stand on the corner
and pelt him with mud as he passes
carrying bundles of clothes. It is use
less for him to attempt to defend him
self for the foolish parents of these same
disreputable boys would see that the'r
"darlings" were not ur.justly dealt with
by a measly Chinaman. Juat the same,
if tbey are not capable of bringing up
their children the law should assist
them in the person of the marshal.
Tuesday'! Dally. I
The ladies of the Episcopal Guild will
meet with Mrs. A. A. Jayne tomorrow
There will be-no band concert at the
club tonight. The members will meet
for regular rehearsal at the Vogt.
The Ladies' Aid Society, of the Con
gregational church will meet with Mrs.
C. B. Cusbing tomorrow afternoon.
Most everyone has read Lorna Doone,
and will learn with regret of the death
of its author, Richard Blackmoie, who
passed away at Teddington Sunday last.
The Klickitata seem to have just dis
covered that its winter and put on their
white hoods. Once before they threw a
thin fascinator over their heads, but it
slipped off.
Saturday night of this week the A. F.
C. bowling team of Astoria will be in
The Dalles and bowl a contest game with
the club. Having next to the highest
record in the present tournament, they
will no doubt come with their war paint
on ready for business.
Letters received from Mr. and Mrs.
L, E. Crowe, who are spending the
winter at the Arkansas hot springs, are
enthusiastic in their praise of the springs
and the accommodations found there.
Mr. Crowe is improving in health, and
says be is "training" with Sharkey, who
has been one of the guests at the hotel
here Mr. and Mrs. Cioweare stopping.
A letter from relatives at Wamic re
ceived this morning, informs Mr. and
Mrs. T. Driver, that although their
daughter had been much sicker than
they surmised, she is improving rapidly.
Three other caees are reported Selth
Miller and one in the Knighton and
Remington families. All cases and those
who Uiave been exposed have been
Portland has been visited by two
terrible fires today. This morning the
iron works of the celebrated firm of
Wolff A Zwickler caught fire and al
though not completely destroyed, much
damage was done. This afternoon the
The Great
Clothing Sale
' Is On.
The mat velous offerings during the past two weeks
have been so liberally responded to by our many patrons
that we have been inspired to still greater efforts for the
balance of the month.
Men's all wool suits ....
Men's all wool suits
Men's all wool cheviot suits.
Men's fancy worsted and serge suits.
. 3.85
. 485
. 6.85
. 7.85
Men's all wool blue serge and cheviot suits, single
and double breasted 9 85
It will be well fqr you to remember that this is a
January Clearance Sale and cannot last much longer.
Hats. Hats.
The latest styles
and latest shapes
at clearance sale prices.
A Timely
War nin q
TI.ere are eight more days
we will do business at
in this month In which
Cut Rates
Those of you who have not taken advantage of this
golden opportunity must not regret it when it is too
late, for we have warned you repeatedly that we have
been offering goods
Much Lower
than the market really justifies. There is no reason to
believe that all fabrics will not be higher in future, for
prices have advanced all along the line, and for people
to presume that they can always buy goods at the pres
ent low prices is utter folly. We will not quote you
prices on special lines this issue, but bear in mind that
there is a liberal reduction throughout the
Dry Goods Dep't.l
and especially on dress goods, waists, skirts, ready-made
garments ot all kind?, underwear, etc. View our silent
salesmen the windows.
All Cooda Marked
In Plain Figures.
Standard Oil Company's works, below
the city, are burning and from a report
which came as wo go to press, will no
doubt be a complete loss.
Word reached here this morning that
the body of a woman and a babe bad
been found in a spring six miles this
side of Condon three days ago. A tele
phone message trom Arlington this
afternoon developed no facts other than
that It was supposed to be a case of
the experience of Winuin Thorn, of
Latham. These men may be the angels
they have tried to impersonate, and no
matter how the court mav deal with
'them, conclusive evidence has been ob
tained that some railroad men may be
the perpetrators of dastardly crimes, as
well as other people; but when a girl
tikes it upon herself to frequent the
depot grounds for the sole purpose of
flirting with the employes of the road
murder and suicide. An officer had h not only lessens her etand in the
been cent to investigate the case, and
more definite news will be given later.
Our old friend the Chinook is a blow-
hard, and gave ns such a breeze last
night about 11 o'clock that many were
corgratulating themselves that at that
rate our etreets would be dried up. But
Jupiter Pluvious disputed his sway and
reigned supreme, making the streets, if
anything, worse this morning; Con
tentment is said to be the road to happi
ness, and tbe best way for Dalles people
to do is to travel that highway, leaving
the mud beneath them.
J. H. Baker, father of C. F. Baker,
who was arrested here Sunday night by
the sheriff of Umatilla county, as the
man who was wanted there for forgery,
informed us that it was a case of mis
taken idenlitly that the man wanted
was C. E. Baker, and his son returned
yesterday afternoon. Baker tallied ex
actly with the description sent to the
sheriff here, and his past record caused
the mistake, if mistake it was. Mr.
Baker says the man upoc whom the
check was passed exonerated his son.
About a week ago, Mr. C. M. Smith,
who so delighted Dalles people with his
wonderful bass voice upon different
occasions, left the city for San Francisco,
and in a letter to a friend informs him
that he has decided to locate there, and
has already accepted a position in one of
the largest churches. While we are
more than sorry to part with such a
musician, at the same time we realize
a place the size of The Dalles cannot
afford the opportunity such a voice
merits. In Colorado he was known as
"the little man with tbe big bass voice,"
and he was well named, for none would
believe a person of so small stature
could possess such a phenomenal voice.
His friends here wish him all manner of
success in his new home.
As usual in The Dalles, the greater
portion of the first act of last night's
play w us completely spoiled by the con
tinued arrival of the audience. It gen
erally takes a little time to become ac
customed to the voices and the surround
ings, but last night those who were there
at a reasonable time were exasperated
beyond measure as they endeavored
to catch but a few scattered words of the
conversations which generally form the
nucleus of the play. Now that the
stores close at an early hour, there is
little excuse for tardiness in arriving at
entertainments However, many may
have been uncertain as to the hour when
the curtain would rise. In the future Tiik
Ciiiiomci.e will endeavor to publish the
hour when the play commences, and It
is to be hoped our people will soon be
gin to consult the pleasure nf others as
well as themselves, and be more prompt.
Referring to the case of Winnie Thorn,
which has caused such wide-spread
horror and indignation throughout the
state, after censuring the brutes who
perpetrated the dastardly crime, the
Cjttagd Grove Nugget warns girls of
community in which she lives, but she
has started on tho trail that may almost
any time lead her into the vicious hands
of men not unlike the brutes who
brought diFgrace and shame upon the
heads of father and mother, shocked a
good commuuity, "set a blister" upon
the fair name of the victim, and knocked
the rust off the hinges of tho peni
tentiary. Girls cannot afford to run
these risks."
not been closed la Baker City, thongh
in the presence of sixty caees of small
pox they ought to be. No inkling of the
condition of affairs ran be gleaned from
the newspapers of Baker City, but if the
disease is raging there as reported, it
would be the part of wisdom for Pendle
ton authorities to keep a sharp lookout
on visitors from Baker City to prevent
another outbreak of the diet as) here."
Willi tha Dleas All About la
should UaeMoia rrecautloo.
While it is' the general opinion of
Dalles people that we cannot well escape
the smallpox, which is now prevalent
throughout the neighboring towns and
along the line of the ' railroad, at the
same time very little precaution seems
to be taken. So far as we cau learn few
have resorted to vaccinntion, and if a
case should develop in the citv tomor
row, no place would be in readiness to
receive them. A room should be fitted
up in the pest house, so that any
stranger coming into the city and taking
ill of the disease, could be cared for.
While we do not advocate the idea of
"ehaking hands with the devil before
meeting him," yet it does seem as if The
Dalles should use a little judgment in
the matter and be prepared for its in
roads. The fact that the disease is, in
most cases, of a light nature, should not
make us leas precautious, for a case in
Spokne which was contracted from one
of the lightest cases, has proven to be of
tbe most malignant type.
Tbe cases of Mrs. Kennedy and Selib
Miller at Wamic are of a light nature
and confined to one family, the latter
making bis borne with Mr. Kennedy's
Although it is a difficult matter to de
termine to what an exent the country
is infected with it, the following clip
pings from exchanges will give a slight
"While there is but one case of that
dreadful disease in Grass Valley, our
citizens are taking every precaution to
prevent its spread. The public school
has been closed for the present, people
are being vaccinated and disinfecting
their premises, etc., and it is thought by
the aid of a strict quarantine the epi
demic will not only be confined to one
house, but entirely wiped out."
"A number of cases of smallpox are
reported at Waitsburg, as a result of
which schools have closed and public
meetings prohibited. The caees, how
ever, are well in hand and the author
ities are using ever precaution for the
suppression of the disease." W. W.
"A well known citizen of Pendlelon,
who came in from Baker City Wednes
day morning, aars that a very serious
epidemic ol smallpox Is raging in that
city. Ho reports that there are sixty
cases in Baker City now, that op to
Monday the type id the disease was mild,
butt hut on that date a very violent
case was sent from the hospital to the
pest hone. Several blocks are under
quarantine, but the quarantine is not
Wife of President Krogtt Al
ien tl to All Detalla of Her
Home Establlabnient.
Mrs. Kruger, the wife of the presi
dent of the 'i'rnnsvual lepubllc, does her
own cooking, although her husband is
twenty-five times n millionaire. The
husband, who is of n frugal disposition,
not only approves of his wife's super
vision of the kitchen work, but says it
is her tint' to do the work in order to
save expense. Not only does Mrs. Kru
ger cook, but the frequently washes
the clothing' of the family and scrubs
and rolls the clothes with the tkill and
strength of the best of them.
She also insists upon making her
own beds. This may he because "the
Kruger" needs a very troubled pillow,
a sheet without n wrinkle, to ease him
from the arduous duties of scheming to
make empires and millions, hut if she
does the rest of the hard work it is prob
able she makes the bed to also save the
penny or whatever the money is in
that land.
When there are guests at the presi
dential table Mrs. Kruger personally
waits upon them. This dut v she will not
intrust to a servant, for she says her
husband's guests must be served just
as if they were at their own tables. She
may be ttingy in other things, hut is
liberal to a fault in what she sets be
fore friends. Every plate is heaped with
the best of well-cooked food, every
glass is kept full to the brim with choice
It is the pride of "Auntie" Kruger
that her household expenses never ex
ceed the sum appropriated by the volks
raad, $2,000 a year. Not a cent of the
president's salary is ever used. It goea
nto the bank or into investments known
to be safe and productive, and unless
the pending war with England results
disastrously the boer executive will be
one of the richest men in South Africa
before he dies. X. V. World.
Notice to Votara.
o'.uer towns ami apuy says: ine young , tnct and the disease I stili spreading,
girls o( the various towns can profit by 1 Strange to say tbe public schools have
Under tbe provisions of the registra
tion law all persons when registering
are required to furnish to the register
ing officer the following information :
If naturalized, the time, place, ani
court of naturalization. In this con
nection, it is necessary to produce
natnralization papers, or declaration of
Residence must be specific; giving
precinct, section, .township and range;
if within town or city, the street, No. if
any, aud No. ol lot and block ; if in any
building where rooms are numbered, the
number of the room and floor must be
In order to avoid unnecessary delay
and inconvenience, every person desir
ing to register should be prepareJ to
furnish the above information.
Facilities will bo furnished in eyery
precinct in the county by either Justice
of the Peace or Notary Public.
A. M. Kki sav,
dec4-30Jys County Clerk.
J. B. Clark, Peoria, III., says, "Sur
geons w ante 1 to operate on me ft r piles,
hut I cured them with DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve," It is infallible for piles
and skin diseases. Bears of ccunter-fits.