The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, January 03, 1900, PART 1, Image 4

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Acts gently on the
Kidneys, Liver
and Bowels
r.rANSES THE jyoil.M
5 1
1 a.
rot iau by Auomavwi mi Mt n ggnu.
Saturday a JMilr.
. P. Alb, of CascaHrs, is in the citr.
P. J. Stadleman went to Portland
L. D. Woodside wan a visitor in tLe
city yesterday from Victor.
Eev. O. V. White and wife, of Dnfur,
were passengers for Portland on today '
Miss Hattie Morse returned to Peit
land today after a visit with ber lister.
Mrt. Kiddell.
Mr. and Mn. Johnston accompanied
their young son and three companions,
who were visiting him, to Portland to
day. Mr. and Mrs. E. Pitman, who have
been visiting Mrs. Pitman's daughter in
Seattle, returned home on tbe boat yes
terday. Misses Bertha and Anna Burckhardt,
who have spent the past few days with
Miss Davis, returned to their borne In
Portland today.
Col. Pat. Donan, so well known as a
brilliant and able writer and throughout
lb political circles of the Northwest,
was a visitor in The Dalles today.
Tuesday's Dally.
C. P. U'Ren, of Ridgeway, was In the
city yesterday.
A. J. Borie was registered at the
Umatilla yesterday, from Dufur.
Dr. Belle C. Rinehart spent Sunday
and yesterday in Portland, returning
last evening.
Scott Cathcart left yesterday morning
f r Portland, where be is to take a coarse
at the business college.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Lucas returned
yesterday after a feur days visit with
relatives in baker City.
Dell llowell is in from Antelope and
ia receiving the congratulations of friends
on bis recent marriage.
Mirs Elsie Fenree accompanied her
friend, Miss Shelton, to The Dalles
Sunday, returning to Portland touay.
Mr. E. II. Smith and Mrs. Julia
Powell came in from Prineville yester
day and left this morning for Pjrtland.
Mies Grace Dowhie returned to her
home in Vancouver on today's boat,
after spending a week with relatives
Mrs. Robert Teaene left on the boat
tbis morning for Portland, where she
will spend two months under the care of
Miss E lith O Leary, who has been
visiting the family of her brother, re
turned today to her studies at the con
vent in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Cram made a trip
to Portland Sunday, Mrs. Cram remain
ing to visit friends, while Frank re
turned last evening.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Stevens re
turned from Portland Sunday m, t.
accompanied by Miss I'sarl Evans, wr-o
will visit them at their borne in Dufur.
Miss Hilda Beck returned to Portland
Sunday afternoon to resume her stndies
at the business college in that city.
Misses Josin Jenkins and Edie Fisher
will leave this afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Van Anda have
returned from Portland where Mr. Van
Anda has been in the hospital for tbe
past few weeks. He is Improving rapid
ly and will soon be able to be about.
A. W. Mohr., who formerly resided in
Th Dalles, but of lntc vars has lived in
Whatcom, is in the ciiy. We under
stand he will remain and srofipt a posi
tion with the Central Navigation and
Construction Compsny.
In this city, Friday, Dec. 29th, to Mr.
nd Mrs. Henry Herbring, a son.
Liquor Licensee Granted.
A special meeting of tbe council was
beld Saturday evening for the purpose
of granting liqnor licenses for the next
is months, when the hllowlnj were
present: Mayor Kuck, Councilmen
Keller, Clough, Gunning, Wilson, Kelly
nd Stephens. License were granted to
F. W. L. Skibbee, A. Ad Keller, Ben
Wilson, L. O. Hawn, Cbf.s. Miehelbach,
F. Lemk,Andrw Baldwin, Jonn nowe,
Wm. Marders, SInnott 4 Fish, Maeti A
PonJ, Chss. SluMinf, Dn Paker,
Foot4JobanneeD, J. M. Toomey ani
Chas. Frank (two).
Claims srere then reaJ against the city,
and on motion of Wilson, that of the
Gorman Rubber Co. mat laid upon tLe
N D Hoghes, marshal
Geo Brown, engineer
ti A Pnirruan, night watch. . .
C J Crandall, treatorer
S H Gates, recorder
Dalles City Water
V A Johnston, chemicals for
,...75 00
7 5 Do
60 IX)
20 00
.... 50 00
Pec 50 00
13 42
Gutta Percha Rubber Slig Co,
supplies 10 7-t
I C Nickclsn, mdse 1 45
Sinnott 4 Fish, meals at jail 6 &!
II Clougb. repairs 2 50
Dnfur & Menefee, legal services. .. 50 00
P F Burham, hauling 3 75
James Like, hauling 3 75
J W Blakener, hauling 75
A A Urquhart, labor 2 80
TT Fannon, labor 25 40
Chas Jones, labor 14 60
Bert Faton, labor 13 00
Ernest Patton, labor 27 20
Wro Morgantield, labor 14 20
J II Canfield, labor 14 80
R ii!ba, labor 17 20
() A Crow, labor 15 00
Tony Jackson, labor 5 26
J J Hecker, labor 14 20
E T Hensbaw, labor 3 60
J C Flood, lator 3W
A Hess, labor 1 60
Geo 8etb, labor 6 20
Wm Cates, hauling gravel 20 80
X D Hoghes, killing five dogs. . . . 5 00
Dec. 1 Cash on hand 47603.70
Rec'd from Dalles Citv 236 82
Rec'd Dalles National Bank. . 2 20
Dec. SO Water rent. Nov 1011.10
Total J8S53.82
Dec. 30 Int. on water
bonds $750.00
Dec. 30 Warrants re
deemed 169 00 919.00
Jan. 1 Bal on band.
Meeting; of Water Commissioners.
Water Commissioners Bolton, Moore,
Randall, Fish, Bocbler and Seufert held
a meeting at the recorder's office Satur
day evening, when, after routine busi
ness of minor importance, the report of
tbe superintendent was read as follows :
Total book account ,. . .1435.95
Collected water rent 1011.10
Delinquent $424.85
The following bills were allowed :
J B Croseen, superintendent (60 00
C A Borders. helper 60 00
Ned Gates, secretary 10 00
A A Urqnharl, labor 7 60
F Clarke. labor 4 60
J Staniels. labor 4 60
E Julian, labor 3 00
Wm Morganfitld, labor. . .' 5 60
Jacobsen Book 4 Music Co. sup. . 80
J W Blakeney, expressags. . . -. . . 60
D S Dnfur, Ids premium 3 45
. Flayed Oat.
Dull Headache, Pains in various parts
of the body, Sinking at the pit of the
stomach. Loss of appetite, Feverisbnes?,
Pimples or Sores all positive evidences.
of impure blood. No matter how it
became so it must be purified in order to
obtain good health. Acker's Blood
Eiexir has never failed to cure Scrofulous
or Syphilitic poisons or any other blood
diseases. It is certainly a wondoiful
remedy and we sell every bottle on
a positive guarantee. Blakeley4 Hough
on's d'Og store.
Drowned In a Hath Tab.
San Fbaxcisco, Dec. 31. Hiiliard F.
Johnson, a reporter for tbe Chronicle,
was found dead in a bath tub at his
lodgings yesterday morning. The tub
was full of water, and appearances in
dicated that Johnacn bad fainted and
fallen into the water. Tbis theory ia
supported by tbe fact that his feet were
encased In a pair of slippers and the
bath towels bad recently been osed,
while his clothes were lying across a
chair in his bedroom, adjoining tbe
bathroom. He was also known to have
been a sufferer from heart disease.
As cure for rheumatism Chamber
Iain's Pain Balm is gaining wide repu
tation. D. B. Johnston of Richmond,
Ind., has been troubled with that ail
ment since 18G2. In speaking of it he
says: "I never found anything that
would relieve me until I used Chamber
lain's Pain Balm. It acts like magic
with me. My foot was swollen and
paining me very much, but one good
application of Pain Balm relieved me.
For sale by Blakeley 4 Houghton.
Stray Notice.
Came to my place on Five Mile, about
two weeks ago, a buckskin saddle horee,
branded with an oarlock on right hip
and an M on right shoulder. Said horse
tins been on the range near my place for
the. past two years. Owner can have
same by proving property and paying
II charges.
Dated Dec. 19, 1899.
Fbank D. Jones,
Jec20-4t The Dalles, Oregon.
Estrajr Motto l.
Strayed from tbe range on Dutch flat,
one dappled gray horse, four years old
next spring; branded on lef: shoulder
thus, C. Five dollars reward will be
given to any person returning same to
my place on 3-Mile.
nov29-lmo O. W. Cook.
With every dollar purchase during
January and February we will give one
chance on a $ j0 Garland steel ranee.
jan2-l vr Maikb 4 Bknto.v.
More Ilea Than Women Come to
This Country.
Same liereetlsr Facta all Flsarca
A baa I la Arrival froa Dlf
fereat Laada Tk Tide
From 1319, the year of the passage
by congress of the law for the registra
tion of iuimitp-anta arriving in the
United States, until the present time,
there have been 1S,5'JO,OUO immigrants
registered in the various porta of the
country, and of these, taking the aver
age through the whole course of years,
60 per cent, were men and 40 per cent,
women, a disparity representing a total
difference of nearly 3,7i)0,000.
It has been frequently pointed out
as a matter of interest and importance
that the proportion of male immigrants
is higher where such immigration is
least desirable, particularly in the
case of Chinese and Sicilians, while it
is lowest among the Germans and Irish.
The reasons assigned for this disparity
have been many. Among them have
been the perils and inconveniences of
a residence on the frontier before the
complete settlement of the country, emi
gration from continental countries to
escape conscription in European, arm
ies, the clanger and discomforts of ocean
travel before the establishment of fast
and commodious steamers, and the nat
ural reluctance of women to seek homes
in new lands. It has popularly been
supposed, however, that as these reasons
for the excess of male immigration
either disappeared or were diminished,
the totals of the two sexes would be
more nearly even, s conclusion which
the tables just published by the immi
gration bureau in Washington for the
year ending March 1, 1699, completely
During the year the actual number of
immigrants coming into the United
States was 310,000, an increase of SO.OOO
compared with a year ago. According
to the ordinary division between male
and female immigrants there should
have been 186,000 of the former and 124,
000 of the latter. Instead of this there
were 193,277 male immigrants, or more
than CO per cent., and 117,438 female im
migrants, less than 40 per cent. From
England there were 0,700 male and 4,000
female immigrants, about the average
ratio; from Germany, 14,700 male nr.d
11,800 female immigrants, less than the
average number; from Scandinavia
there were 12,747 male and 10,502 female
immigrants, and from Finland, a coun
try from which there hag been recently
extensive emigration to the United
States in consequence of the seriouscon-
rlict between the Russian government
and the Finns, 3,000 male and 2,100 fe
male immigrants' came. From two
countries female immigration to the
United States preponderates, Ireland
arid Bohemia. There were Inst year 13,
700 male nnd 1S,000 female immigrants
from Ireland, nnd from Bohemia the
number of male nnd femule immigrants
was ulmost identical, 1,202 of the for
mer and 1,204 of the latter.
The long-disputed question among
immigrant olhcials us to the designa
tion to be given to Polish Hebrew iniml
grants, whether they should be de
scribed as Polish or under the head of
German, Russian or Austrian immi
grants, ns the case might be, has been
settled by the adoption of a generic
term for all such immigrants, the word
Hebrew. There were 21,000 male nnd
10,000 female Hebrew immigrants last
year, from Russian Poland there were
in addition 18,000 male and 10,000 fe
male immigrants, while from Italy,
now the chief contributing country to
the flow of immigration into the United
States, there were 52,000 male and 23,
000 female immigrants. Italian immi
gration is very largely responsible for
the disparity of the sexes in tbe matter
of immigration. Twice as many male
Syrians as female Syrians came over
Inst year nnd five times ns many male
Slavonians. There were 2,200 mnle
Greeks and only 132 female, but the rec
ord of all other countries is distanced
by China, 1,027 male immigrants and 11
female immigrants only.
Cuban immigration to the United
States last year was 1,400, including 1,100
mnle and 300 female immigrants. From
Hawaii there were more women than
male immigrants, though the number
of either was not large, and from Japan
there came 3,175 male immigrants and
275 female. N. Y. Sun.
The Itarbrr Got Ilia Money.
A suspicious-looking individual en-
itered a barber's shon in Mn nohpsfpr
and while being shaved casually re
marked: "I suppose a good many of
your customers forget to pny?"
"Xo, sir," the barber replied; "there
was a time when I used to give credit,
but I never do now. In fact, nobody
asks for it any more."
"How's that?"
"Well, you see," said the barber, try
ing the edge of his razor on his thumb
nail, "whenever I shaved a gentleman
who asked me to mark it up, I put a
little nick in his nose with my razor,
and kept tally that way. They very
soon didn't want to run up bills."
There was a tremor in the customer's
voice as he answered, from beneath the
"Do you object to being paid In ad
vance?" Stray Stories.
Mrs. li. Churchill, Berlin, Vt., says,
"Our baby was covered with runninit
sores. DeWitt'i Witch Hal Salve
cured her." A specific for piles and
skin diseases. Beware of worthless
Cash In lour ( Cicki,
All count warrants registered prior
to Jan. 21. 181.0. will be nal.l at m.
office. Interest ceases after Nov. 1.1th.
C. L. Phillips,
County Treasurer,
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think, and wo want to
.A - It : M f f
I . . . . ' " 1
incDTivE , r:rrrvtST
In accordance with the tirovlnioas r.f i
ititted "An Act iibiui(tli:r to ti c Flm.tL
tbe Ptnte of Or-un t the General E!ertl, 2
be beld on tb rirt Mmular tn Juu, lay !z
pending Pivpoted L'onitiiutional A mend menu"
jiprovel February 1H, Hi, 1, T. T. Oer,i,o
trnor o( tbe Stale ol Oregon, do hereby rani itl
i"""""'. )" - n:r t oij,m.
tiilk-n of tbe state of Urecon, a eerriiiwj to bi
IbeSecretarrof Htate, to be T.ublibMi f s.l
con aaru live weeks in Thi DaLlko I 'Hkoxu iV
a pewviatr tubii
iit.nea in tne beveutti j uuicii
District ol toe state oi urvguu.
Done at the Capitol, at Salem, Ore?ia
HAL lhn Jlt day of November, A. L. ls
X. T., Governor
By the Governor:
K. I. IA N BAR, Secretary of Stato.
Be It reoivcd by th Senate, tbe House eon.
rurrirg: That tbe following amendment to tha
Ciiii.iHution of the btaW of Oregon be aod Is
heri by prorosed:
Ihut section 10 of Article XI. of the Contitn
tion of the state of Oregon he. and the sme i,
hereby br'ttated, and in lien thereof tnciiun is
of Article XI. shall be a follom:
Section 10. No county, city, town, srhnol di
tricl or olher municipal corporation hll be al
lowed to become indebted iu any manner or lor
any purpose to an amount including present ex
isting indebtedness in the aggregate exceeding
five per centum on the value of the Mxablt
property therein to be aaccrtained by tbe last u
aemrut for stnte and county taxea pteviout to
Ihe incurring of aucL Indebtedness,
Adopted by ihe Senate Jsnnary 0, 1!3.
C. "V. r fLTOS, Prtnidiut of the Senate.
Concurred In bv the House, Ftbruary2. 191.
W. P. Keady, f-peaktrof tbe House.
Adopted by the Senate January 31, 1H95.
I Jossm Simon. President of the Senate.
Concurred In by the nouse. February 4, jSt,
Chap. B. SlocnKs, Steaker of the Hcuse,
Be it resolved by the Senate, the House'con
curring; Ihat the following amendment tot! s
Constitution of tbe State of Oregon, in lieu i
Section Ten of Article Seven (7), be und the tarns
is hereby proposed, to-wlt:
The Legislative Assembly nay provide for the
election of Supreme and circuit Judges in dis
tinct classt s. one of w hich clashes shall eontist
of tire Justices of the supreme Court, who sha.l
not perfoim circuit duty; and the other class
shall consist of as many Circuit Judges ns nitty
be deemed necess .ry, who shall hold full terms
without allotment and who shall take tbe same
oath as the Supremo JudKes.
i ne legislative Asxemuiy may create as ninny
circuits as may be necessary.
Adopted by the Senate, February 15, 1S9.1.
C. W. I DtToN, President of the Senate,
Concu.-rei In by the House, February 15, 1H93.
W. I". Keady, Speaker of the House.
Adopted by the Bentte, January 31, 1893.
Joseph Simon, President of the Senate,
Concurred in by the House, February (I, IS',15.
Chad. B. aiookeh, Sjieuker of the House,
Resolved by the House, tbe Senate concurr
ing; That tbe following amendment to the Con
stitution oi Ihe state ol Oregon be and berebj is
proposed :
That the Constitution be amended by adding
Article XIX. as follows, to-wit:
Section 1. The necessary use of lands for the
construction of reservoirB or storage bsslns for
the purpose of irrigation or for rights of way for
the con.',trnction M canals, ditches, flumes or
pipes to convey water to tl;e place of use for any .
useful, beneficial or necessary purpose, or for
drainage, or for drainage of mines or the work
ings thereof, by means of roads, railroads, tram
ways, cuts, tunnels, shafts, hoisting works,
dump or other necessary means to their com
plete development or anv other use necossary to
the complete development of the natural re
sources of the State or preservation of the health
of its inhabitants, is hereby declared to be a pub
lic use and subject to the regulation and control
of the State.
Section 2. The right to appropriate the unap
propriated waters of any natural stream to ben
eficial uses shall never be denied.
Sectlcn 3. The use of all waters now appro
priated for sale, rental or distribution, also of all
waters originally appropriated for private use,
but wbieb, after such appropriation, has hereto,
fore been or muy hereafter be sold, rented or dis
tributed, is hereby declared to be a Mihlln use
and subject to the regulation and control of the
State in the manner prescribed by law. But the
right touse and appropriate such waters shall
be subject o such rovisions of law for the tak
ing of private property for public or private use
ns provided in Section IK, Article 1 of the Con
stitution of the Stnte of Oregon.
Section 4. The right to collect taxes or com
pensation for the use of water supplied to any
county, city, town or water district or inhabit
ants thereof, is a franchise, and cannot be exer
cised except by autboilty of and iu a manner
prescribed by law.
Adopted by the House, February i:, 1R0.1.
W. P. Krauy, Speaker ol the House.
Signed March 7, lfU:J.)
Adopted by tho Scnnte, February 17, ls!:i.
C. W. Fulton, President of the Senate.
(elgned Marx it -in, l,v.U )
Adopted bv the House, February fi, l;!i"i.
Ciiah. B. Mookkh, Sjieakerof the House.
Concurred in by the Senate, February 13, tvti,
Joseph Simon, President of the Senate.
roposing an amendment to the Constitution ct
he state of Oregon, by repealing Section 35 ol
Article 1.
Kesolved by the House, the tenate concurring;
That Section :V of Article 1 of tho Constitution
be and hereby is rewaled.
Auoptea dv tnc House, January ti, ivm.
vV, p. Ktttr, speaker of the House.
Concurred In by the Senate, January 30, 1 x'.tt.
C. VV. Fulton, President of 'the Senate.
Adopted by tho House, January 30. ls! .
Ciias. 11. Mooiy.M, Seaker ol the House,
Concurred in by the Senate, Februury li, IMs's.
Beltresolvd bv tho Senate, the House con
curring; That the following amendment tn the
Constitution of the Stato of Oregon be and is
hereby proposed :
The elective franchise in this State shall not
hereafter hi prohibited toanycltiieiion account
of sex.
Adopted by the Senate, February , 1RM,
Jimeph Simon, President of the Senete,
Adopted by the House, February 6, lx'.i,.
Chas. B. Mooiieh, Speaker of the House.
Chas. B. Moo res, Speaker of the House.
Adopted by the Senate. January 31, W.KI.
T. C. Taylor, President of the Senate.
Adopted by the House, January 81,
E. V. Carter, speaker of the House.
Ottlcoof Secretary of Stato. i
I, F. I. DCNBAR.Secretarynf HUte of the State
of Oregon and Custodian of the Seal of shM
State, do hereby certify that 1 have compared
the preceding copy of Senate Joint Resolution
No. 4. of the legislative Assembly of Istt.l,
"Municipal Indebtedness amendment;" Hecate
Joint Resolution No. 13 of the Legislative As
sembly of lswi, "Judiciary Anicndent ;" House
Joint Kcsolution No. 10 of the legislative As
sembly of IMi.l, "Irrigation;''
House Joint Resolution No. 2 tif the legislative
Assemhl of Iw.U. " Keimtling Amendment;"
and Senate Joint Resolution No. 7 of the legis
lative Assembly of Is'fci, "Kiiial Snttrnire
Amendment," with the original copies now oil
rile in Hits otfee, and that the tamo is a correct
transcript therofrom and Ihe whole thereof.
In Testimony Whereof, I have here
unto ad my hand and amxed hereto
the seal of the Mtsle of Orciron.
Hone nt the Capitol, at Salem, Oregon,
this Third day of November, A. V
ifj. F. I. DUNBAR,
Secretary of Stat.
Notice Is hcrcbr irlrcn that the nnd 'rslgnivt
has been appointed hv the countv court ol th
state ot Oregon, for Wasco county, administrate!
of tliecstate of Antitno Jerome, deceased. All
persons having claim against said estate are
hereby notified to present thpm to me at niy
olllee In The Hallos, Or., within six mouths
from the (lata hereof,
Hatl lieceinbor I I, lS'.l).
R. f. OMION.
declOII Administrator,