The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, December 16, 1899, PART 2, Image 1

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vol. x
NO. 12
Tell us of a voting man who ever nt
nv nne time had tuQ many tiea.
iieaeuin ng no mo euvwing are m
ways acceptable end especially goat
v a
A splendid assortment today, and
nearly a hundred dozen more due here
25c, 50c, 75c, $1.00
Smoking Jackets.
Some call them Ilonse Jacket, either
is correct. To have the Jacket correct
though, yon tin: ft make sure it comes
from us. We sell tne Alfred Benjamin
line of New York, which is enoiiuh by
way of argument for those who are
Jackets that make a man come home
earlier of an evening, at
$5.00, $6.50, $7.50,
$8.75, $9.50, $10.00
Quiet styles, loud patterns and louder
ones. But only one of a kind.
Fancy Vests,
arrived six weeks late. Resnlf, a larger
Mortinent of nobby itvlea for holiday
Picking than we would have had other
e, and the pre-eminence of being the
only houne in town that can offer variety.
Drk silk and worsted vestlngs, with
mall, bright colored pin-head or
Dark worsted! with bright plaids.
$2.50 to $10.00.
One Dollar.
A table full of Ladies Fine Felt Slip
np,; odds and end from last season's
lling; omareof red felt, others of
J "1, blnejr brown, still other of
'k quilted satin, b..und in brown
I'1""') ; all have flexible leather soles and
httul m. .
Will be busy as bees from now 'till Xmas. Couldn't be otherwise with all these attraction?.
suitable for old
and young, rich
and poor, at
The Place
where you c n
inot convenient
ly do your li'iit
(lav shopping.
We want everybody's opinion
We've been told that wo have the finest collection of gift goods in The Dalles. We believo it -agree per
fectly still would like to have your own opinion, personally expressed. People are enthusiastic over the many
pretty things displayed throughout our store. Many come again and again to the China counters, the Notion
counters, the Fancy Goods counters; where first a piece of china is bought for Aunt Sarah, then a beautiful neck
tie box for Cousin Frank, or a capacious wallet for Uncle Ben back in the states. Nobody is disappointed here,
for we are prepared this season to. fill all wants. Wo have something pleasing for everybody, at prices that suit
all purges an.l make this
f "" TiCirrMof Cirl Prtinoxirova1 handsome, highly ornamental piece?. To see
fc UCUUI ClLCU V-M 1 1 1 ICtWCtI Cj then is to want theru ; to know our low prices rTv
is to buy them. They are simply irresistable to young housekeepers, and others not eo young are iqually yZ&!r2Jr&L
?gg Read these Items for Xmas giving: I ffffpj' ($k
rs Cups and Saucers, for after dinner coffees or 5 o'clock teas 15c to r0 :
jf-'7" Cups and Saucers, full regular sizes, teas and coffees 25 to 99e 'Ji' 1. ijL '
tSEEl . Sugars and Creamers, for 5 o'clock teas, beautifully decorated in gold and r1 'S Vlv
((J 'r'J)fW' ibTO colors, per Bet. 2Ste, 30o. 48, C9. ami tip t 2 87 'A TT JylJ
$f?S'- 7 JTttwLJi) 3-piece sets; sugar, creamer and tea-pot, artistic in design and beantifnllv de- ? T-Cnaf-'fr
I' f NrtU JTlW corated $2.39, $2 49, $290 and 3 f9 j f
V V'THsS VV i if China Cream Pitchers, beautifully 95c, $1.25 and $1.50 .
I : rvy r- 1 1 if Individual Tea-pots, decorated china, at 49c, 50n, and to $1.25.
We would like to tell you of the dozens of other pretty things In fancy plates, for fruits, cake, etc. ; of the pretty Bon Bon, O.ive or Pickle
Dishes; of the Mush Sets, Cracker Jars, or Fruit Bowls; those beautiful Opal Glass Water Bottles, Jewel Caskeis, I'in Trays, 1'nff B.xh, hich chii be
had In sets of four or Bix, or by the tingle piece; of beautiful Vaees. that bring up thoughts of India and Japan, but space forbids, and then it's a whole
lot more satisfactory to you to' come and see, and plan and buy, if you want to.
Collar and
Cuff Boxes.
V .V, :
If yon don't know what else
it shall be, consider the ad
vantage of having a nice box
in which he can keep his collars
and cuffs. It need not bo a-i
extravagant one uniess you
want it to be; we have any
number of different styles and
as many different prices.
In celluloid, white embossed, at G9 cents ; with panel picture on the top,
plaited satin lining, special place for cuffs, $1.25; and others to $2.50.
Made in Japan ; collar and cuff boxes of highly polished black enameled
wood, circular ehape, guld decoraliuns on lid, 79 cit.
We want to impress, and that
deeply, on everyone's mind that
we sell Alliums that we have'AI
bnuiB cheap and cosily that any
one wanting an Album will save
time any money by coming here.
White Celluloid Album, embossed
cover, plush covered back and
corners, gilt, edges, nickeled wire
fastener, will hold twenty 2'.Jx3,,j
pictures, price 25 cents.
Other styles, full regular sizs,
in a number of pretty bindings, at
prices to $6 40.
Wonderful values. Styles such as are to be found at Xma9 time
only. Scalloped and embroidered edges, or if you prefer, with lace inser
tion. Theu there are real lace handkerchiefs, with the daintiest of linen
122c to $2.50.
TT. TVTrt'M Silk Mufflers bought for the holidays and
J; Or lllcll. here they are. Full liberal sizes, io pure white or
black, with an elaborate flowered center and handsome border, or in bright
and attractively colored, fancy stiipes.
75c, 85c, $1.00 and $1.25.
Initial Handkerchiefs, etched bo?
. ii, 25c, 50c, and 90c
to size ami weigtu , . . , -
Made of Japonette, with silk initial, hemstiched . . . . . .each loc. 2 for 2,3
hemstitched, initial worked in corner oc
School Handkerchiefs for the children 3c and 6c each
Our assortment of these handsome goods is inort attractive. Glova
and Tie Boxes in various tliadep, liaud"omely decnratel ; tlioe at GOc Kith
panel of celluloid on cover, with the word "NTklieV nr "Olovcs" em
bossed thereon. Puffed crepe lining. Finer ones to 2 50
Glove and Handkerchief Boxes, come in sets of two, per et 95c
Others made of a wood, closely resembling ebony, highly polished and
beautifully decoratid in gold, in quaint Japanese designs, "9o, )!),, oJc.
Our assortment of these ri tides is already
growing less. 1'robatily enough for a half
wiek'd selling ; exactly as cut, with wire
eael hack, earn 25;. Others square shape,
bevel-plate, S4-inch fine lacquered franie,
swing easel stand,
$1.75 and $3.50.
x Fit for Xmas Gifis. Ap-
J? OOtWear preciated by home stay-
ing people.
Children's Komeos, Felt with for trim
ming, leather soles, no heel, colors red.
and brown $1.00 and 1.2.j
7 V V
Ladies' Felt
Komeos, red
green and
brown, with ay A
brown fur
trimming. . $2.00
Similar in black only
Children's Felt Slipper?,
1 1 to 1
Sizes i to lO'j
Ladies' Princess Felt Slip
pers, brown c 'lor with
silk braiding on vamp,
leather soles and low
heel, sizes 3 to 7 $1.50
Ladies' black, red, brown,
felt slippers, serviceable
though not costly $1.25
in red, leather soles, siz
Gilted, round or oval,
wire easel hack, plain,
15c 19c and 25o
With bow-knot top; oval shape, 6x9,
each 39c
Square shape, 4'axfi, each 40c
6x7 75c
Other sizes, In white metal and nronght
iron, wide elaborate frames or nar
row fancy headings 75c to $2.00
Fancy Shirts
for Xmas Gifts.
The same young man who never hns
too many neikliea is also very partial to
a handsome shirt, such as we are known
to sell.
Some styles are particularly appr''
priate, for the season. Those "swell"
stripes in the new shades of led, bine
and helio.
$1.00, $1.25, $1.50.
Bath Robes.
Have you seen our Bath Robes? If
not, possibly a solution to the "what
shall ! give him for Xmas" problem
has been found. We think there never
were Bath Kohes quite as soft, as pretty,
as generous in length, in fact as perfect
as those we are showiug this season.
$5 to $10.00.
Golf Capes And others-
Two weeks ago our assortment of Oo'f
Canes whs practically exhausted. 'IV
dity we chioniclu the addition of a few
new ones and look for more tomorrow.
$5 to $13.50.
Golf Capes
for Children.
Most of those natty little Capes you've
seen little girls wearing hereabouts no
doubt come from here. We know of no
other Btoie in town ho has tneiu.
Capes for children, are made of a
heavy, smooth surface material, in a
nretty green mixture, the reveres and
hood are of a bright plaid and are edged
willi fringe to match. 8 to 18 years.
$5 00
Golf Capes are of n heavy navy blue
Killing, with n large bright red' plaid
tuck, hood an I fringe,
Cape la made of the best quality fcolf
Ing, the body color a bright red plaid
with a back, large storm collar and
For Small Girls.
MILITARY CATKS, made of a heavy
armv-hlue cloth, lined with red flannel',
rolling collar inlaid with black velvet
and trimmed in two rows'gold soutache;
same trimming on straps, regulation
brass buttons ; 4 to 12 years,
Xmil "it.iMua"' I I