The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, November 29, 1899, PART 1, Image 4

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Saturday I ally.
V. H. rik s pent today in town
A. U. Craft of Mjro, it djiog buslnet
io the city.
George Kdiler, of Heppner, It a visitor
la the city.
B. S. Huntington returned lat night
from a business trip to l'ortland.
M. Z. Donnell was passenger on the
boat Ibii morning bound tor 1 ortland.
II. W. Stniiiltri came op from Port
land yet?rday and it tpending today io
I tie cty.
Mr. T. A. Hudson, mho hat Pnt
the patt week with ber mother in I'url
land, returned lioma last night.
Thit morning W. F. Grunow returned
from a trip into th mining region
about Sumpter and HakT City.
County School Superintendent Gilbert
returned last niihl from a vlil to the
choolt at Cascade and Viento.
Mr. and Mrt. N. McLeod came np
last night from Portland and left this
morning (or their home in Uoldendale.
Hon. M. A. Moody will leave thit
afternoon for Portland, where he will
lake the Northern Pacitic (or Washing
ton. Mrt. B. T. Collins, who has spent the
part two montht near Heppner, re
turned to her home io The Dalies yes
terday. John Lawrence, who represent the
Geo. Lawreno Company, arrived in the
city yeelerdav and spent today in the
interest of hit company.
II. Glenn returned home last night
after a week' itay at Ionir Beach. He
v it was to pleasant at the beach and
the ocean to grand at thia time of the
rear that he wat loath to leave.
Mr. ami Mrs. A. K. Thompson end
children left on thit morning't boat.
They are on their way to Eos Angelc to
pend a month with Mr. Thompwn'i
parenta and are anxious to reach there
before Thanksgiving.
Orin I- Patterton, editor of the Long
Creek Eagle, acom pained by hit wile,
arrived in the city last night from Port
land, and will remain over visiting hit
brother. Out Patterton, before return
ing to hit home at Long Creek.
Mcn1ay DmiiT-
M. A. Leslie, of Waco, it in the city.
E. M. Williams went to Portland on
yesterday! afternoon train.
Attv. W. B. Presby wat a visitor io
the city from Goldendaie yesterday.
F. S. Jackson and wife, of Eureka,
Calif., were registered at the Vuialilla
C. W. Lord came down from Arling
ton yesterday morning and spent the
day io the city.
Dr. C. A. Adams came in town Satur
day from Tygh and remained over jet
ttrday and today.
Jay P. La as, of the land office, left
on thit morning't train for Portland, on
a brief business trip.
Frank Cram was a passenger on this
morning't train fur Portland. It is not
likely, however, that he got in as early
at expected.
A.J. Holt, of Nansene it a business
visitor In town today, and counting the
Cheomcli among bit friends, gave os a
pleasant cail.
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Landell, who hare
have spent the pat two weeks with
their ton. Prof. A. W. Lnndell, wili re
torn to their home in Morrow county
Yesterdav P. F. Chandler and bride I
passed through the city on their way to
Portland. Mn Chamber is edimr "I the
Canyon City News, and was married Io
Mist Lulu Court at that place last
Among the callers at the Cimoxu i.e
office today wat W. A. Hunt, formerly
of this city, bat now of Walla Walla.
Mr. Hunt it representative for the
Buffalo Putt Company and It here in
Itt interest.
Tieaday a Dai'r-
W. K. Winant is op from Hxxl River.
O. E. Thompson, of Grast Valley, it
in the city.
Mr. and Mrs. Truman Butler returned
last night on the Regulator (run Port-
Oh, the Pain of
Rheumatism often cause the moat in
tense Buffer; ng. Many have for yean
vainly (ought relief from thit disabling
diaeaae, and are to-day worn off than
trer. Rheumatism i a blood disease,
and Swift's Specific ia the only cure, be
cause it ia the only remedy which can
reach such doep-caUd disease.
A few years airo I was taken with Inflamma
tory Rbewmattstn, which became so Intense
tarn I waa for weeks enable to irclk. I tried
evcral prominent physi
cians and took their treat
ment feltbfullr, but we
unable to yet the allght
eat relief. Iiitact.myeon.
dltloo sensed to
worae.ihe disease spread i
from Norrmbrr to Marvh
I wti1tTfi Tony. I trttJ
many rirn I mlr,rv-,
i tut none rlieTl me.
I' pnn ih id t lei of
frieni I rirclfVd to trv
a. n. a.
Bfor allowing m U Uke It. hW-
the remlf. enl pnrwmnecl It frae of
potauth or mervniry. I f-u s niuch hetier after
Sekleat two tui-. that I eonunued trie pent- i
eif.end In taromntli I waaeiiredr-tmpleiely.
The eore waa perman-nt. fir I hare never since i
xl m tueh of H.'eiimtlam thouirri snatny i
Llffm M . TTrrSLIst
STtI Fovreltoa Avenue, fbue.l-lphla.
Don'taufferlongrTsrith Kheumatitm. j
Throw aside your oil and liniments, at I
eiperirwnt with d'ctora their potash
ana mercury will add to your disabil
ity and completely destroy jour digea
lim. htrf.s.rW.
will cure p rlectly and permanently.
It 1st KtiaranUM-d purely eeirptable). and
ram tains no potash, im-rvury, or othi-r '
mioiTdl. " Ii,jk mailed frc-e by bwifl '
t'.fecific Co., Atlanta, Ua.
mm v i, a, t
Acts gently on the
Kidneys, Liver
and Bowels
tun.. - r . .u wa
t yew
roa SAuar 4oaw4aar eau ot maeinc
land, where thev went It attend the
wedding of Miss Nellie Butler and IV.
A. If. Stark, one of the prominent
men at Columbus, is in The Dalles on
Mr. and Mrs. Wilhur Polton were
passengers this morning for Portland on
a short visit.
H. Clay Myers returned home lat
niitht after a tix montht itay at bit
mines near Snmpter.
Mr. and Mrt. F. W. MoCune left on
thit afternoon's train to attend the
fnneral of Robert Hunter tomorrow in
Mrt. H. E. Warren will leave tonight
for her home in ileppner, after a
month's visit with her mother, Mil.
II. C. Myert.
Mrs. D. I. Clark, sister of J. M. and
B. S. Huntington, acompanied by her
two tons, arrived in the city yesterday
from Portland and will tpend Thanks
giving with them.
J. W. Moore and little ton came in
yesterday from Nansene anil were
visitors at this office last evening. Mr.
Moore brought in a large drove of hogs,
which he told to C. M. Grimes.
P. D. S. Olney, presideot ot the board
of fire nnderwriters, is np (mm Portland
on business connected with the new
chemical engine and fire alarm system
about to be nt in in l be Danes. i
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Dickon are in
town today from their honieat F.'idershr.
L'ke the rest o( the (arniers, .Mr. Lhi kcn
rej licing over the splendid rains we i
are having. They have been subscribers
of Tin Chromi l since its first issue
and gave us a pleasant call.
M. B. Potter, one of the oldest resi
dents of Hood Kiver va'.iev, is in town
toilay and called to pay l is snliacription
to tlie CliBOMCLe. .Mr. iVtteris in very
poor health and in a short time he and
Mrs. i'otter will leave to retid the
winter in California.
as A h It I E l.
In lhi cite, last evenin at 5 o'clock
at the Christian church, Hev. Gentry
Hashing, performed theceremomy which
united in marriage Wavne KoSerson an1
Kfhe Evans, both of Wi.iie Salmon,
The groom ft a nephew of Geo. Miller
of this city, and beside hi family, but
a few friends were pretent. Mrs. F. W.
McCone preside- at the organ, playing
the wedding march. The bride was
very pretty in a dress of white silk, ami
though a 'jniet wedding, it was en Im
pressive ceremony.
The newly married on pie will make
their home at White Salmon.
Keliee to ehol Teaeber.
Kecogn'z ng the fact that a thorough
knowledge of vxrsl in'jsic will in the
near fotnre become one of the require
ment of every successful school teacher,
I ha v decided to open a special course
for teacher in the rudiment of mus.e,
yocal culture, theory and sight singing,
filling one for radical knoa ledge in
the different hrar.chet of vocal music.
A, ttt,,rf desiring toeriter this course
should consult or write me before Dee.
1st. Teachers from the country may
attend without any lost of time at the
iereont will be given on Siturdiy of
earh week.
Full particular and terms on ap
plication. A. W. Li'xoki.i., B.M.,
Novl7-3ldaw jji Dalles.
It taket bnt a minute to overcome
ii.Li: : i .1 . i . . .
,iali; : nn.i ..
rOfl itl by tt.O OH? Ol Uilt M.OUtfl Uolllh
Cnre. T.iii remedy quickly rore all
'oriu of throat and long troubles
Harnlea and pleasant to tske. It pre-
ventt consumption. A famous tpecific
fjr grippe and lit after effects.
All personi wishing to take children,
either loyt or g!, for legal adoption or
on Indenture, should write to W. T.
Gardner, superintendent of the IJoyt'
and Girlt Aid Societv of Oregon, at
Portland, w
ho can prccure for tiiem de-
ren of all ages. Alt applira-
j lions mutt be filed in advance.
J w w - Stak-d
IP ill
PuiMfir Train Nu. t.Kaal-ltauail. Huae
lata a aim Sear Koultr Keek
leaaowa Maa He.tly I.Jurad.
M.jn.Iny pUr.
The dreaded word "wrick" hat b?en
on every tongue during the entire day
and all were anxiout to hear the truth
concerning the awfu! accident which last
night at 8:30 overtook passenger train No.
2 east bound, which arrives here at 11
p. in. Tbn, however, bat been a difficult
matter, for to varied and conflicting are
the reports, fairly pnitling one to decide
which to credit. At nearly at we can
determine the (actt are at follow:
When the tram reached a place tw
tween Kootter Kork and tunnel No. 1,
it ran Into a bad rock tilde, cnsed by
the wet condition ot the mountains
along the track. The engine, blind bag
gage and express car were derailed,
tnrown nearly into the river, and piled
opto a heap. The passenger cart re
mained on the track and at far at we
can learn not a passenger wat injured.
However, tn uiiknoan man, probably a
tramp, wat badlv injured and taken to
the hospital in Portland later.
The t"rrible part of the atTtir it that
two of the best men on the road lost
their lives Knginrer Hunter an I Fire
man Miler. The latter wat crushed
beneath the engine and killed instantly,
while Hunter when taken fiom the cab
was just alive, but died shortly after.
Assistance was summoned Iroin Port
land, but the unlortunat men were be
yond all human aid. The passenger
will be btought to thit city tint alter
noon, arriving about 4 o'cloc k.
The newt of the accident came' with
renewed terror, ciuting as it did the
terrible death of one of the oldest and
perhaps moat popular nien on the road;
one who had boett of friendt all along
the line Robert Hunter. Everyone
knew him ; everyone liked him, and lie
wat one to w hom all the trainmen car
ried all their difficulties. He com-
t U, . Inlw
1881, and hat iteedily gained in favor,'
being trusted explicitly by bit employes.
He wat, about 50 years of age. Mr.
Hunter's first wife wat Mist Dell Read,
formerly of thit city. To tbem waa
lorn two children, one a girl, who
it now 11 yean old and It an invalid;
another a boy, 9 yearl old. Mrt. Hunter
died several yrart tince, and about .ix
months sg, he married Mis Fenton, of
(irui I ijllet, alio
with hit children,
ii'iw live at Albina. He wat a member
i of the Itrotberhood ol Locomotive Engi
neers. No one on the road could have
n more cniised than I e.
I.. I). Miler, the fireman, who has also
lieeii employed by the O. K AN. for
I -e.veral years, is a man of atxnil .".! r ars.
lie was f-irmerly a it-sid-nt of The Dalles,
n I married a young lady st Kairvivw.
Ttiey liave made their Irinin at A bina
tor some lime, where the wife and two
little onet received the a fill newt of
his death. He was a 'ilet, onassiiining
man of splendid character and well liked
be not only his fellow workmn, but hit
associates along the line, ile wat a
member of the Woodmen lodge in thit
city and we al understand ot the
Locomotive Firemen. lists a nephew
of John Miler, of Mnaier. Ol hit im
mediate family at have not learned.
Thus another fatal accident it added
to th long lilt which hat removed tome
of the best men of the land from our
midst. It would seem that there till
scarcity of track walker in that vicinity j
for tint lime of the year, and yet in
spite of th ttrictett vigilance such acci
dent! cannot apparently lie prevented,
nor do on receive blame therefor.
Closing af riea-Hlle Wehanl,
The closing ezerciset of school district
No. 13, (Mis Howe, teacher; on Five
Mile creek near Mr. Benton's place, was
held Saturday evening, No. 25. In
tpiteof the inconvenience of traveling, a
arge and attentive audience wit in at
tendance, many coming from quit a
The program wat very Interesting and
entertaining. While rjulte impossible
to make particular mention of the
tpeakert, dramatic ability and grace
marked the effrrts of the tin pi Is, and
others taking part, whose efforts were
greeted with bountifnl applaute. All
went to thow the careful training the
pupils had received from their tetcher,
ami too much
praise cannot be given to '
Miss Row lor the paint the hat taken
with her pupils.
After the close of the eierciset a good
cause was helped. The meant for hav
ing a school Iihrar7 were raised by auc
tioneering lonch baskets. lildt went
high by the good natured audience, and
ther niu'" .muteinent on opening
the baskets to see who thsir partnert
were to be in eating an excellent repa't.
Twenty-five dollar wat realixud from
the sale, and with ten dollar received
from tlie district, a good ttart it made
for a library
I'leveil Oat.
D ill Headnche, Pain in various psrlt
of the bodr, Sinking at the pit ol the
stomach, I.osi of petite, Keverithneat,
Pimpletor Soret all I islliv evidence
of impure blond. No matter how it
became to it iiiuslle puilth'd in order to
obtain good health. Aiket't i!od
Elexlr hat never failed to cure .crolnluus
or Syphilitic? poisons or any other Mood
diseatet. It it ceitainly a wonderful
remedy and a tell every Kittle on
a positive guarantee. HlakeleyA Hough
ton Druggist.
luterealln Mules rruiu Oae of The lallrs
aimteata at That laatiluilua.
Ki oinx. Nov. 21, issm.
Editor Dalles Daily Ciiiiomclk:
The Dalles, outside of Eugene, has the
second largest numler of students at- '
tending the university this year ot any
city In the state. Ashland hat the
honor of heading the litt with nine, Th
Dalles folio lug with slg' t. The Dalles- ;
itet at the university confidently hope ,
that next year The Dalles will bead the I
list, with many to snare,
At a regular meeting of the t.turean '
Societv the question, K-solved that w i
thonld retain the Philippine Islands,
was discussed by F. A. Strange ami Con
don McCornack on the part ot the af
firmative and Elward D. lUIJwig and
I.. E. Hooker on the part of the nega
tive. The decision was given to the
The I'niversity of Oregon ;!ee Club
hat decided to make a tour of the taut-
em part ol the state during the Chriat
mas vscatlon and will very probably
stop at The Da I let. If they do so it will
bs a rare opportunity for music lovers of
that city, as the tilee Club Is said to I
better thit year than ever telore and j
hat been pronounced by Eastern college
men who have beard it ting this year to j
compare very favorably with the lilrej
Clubs of the great universities of the i
East. The club aiil give a concert at;
Villard hall on Thanksgiving night for J
th purpose ot raising funds for the trip.
Mis Daisie Allaway has been chosen j
by the senior rlasa as one of their repre
sentatives in the local oratorical contest
which will take place in the winter, Hie
a'so has the honor of representing the
Eutaxian Literary S x-ietr in a j int de
bate which will lake place between the
three societies In December.
Homer I). Angell of The Dalles, after
holding nearly every student honor in
the gift of the cnivers'itr, is thit year
distinguishing himself in athletics. As
is characteristic with him, he never does '
anything by halves and is playing foot- I
ball this year aithtne determination!
and aggrersiveners which won ti e stale !
oratoiical con teal last yer. In the
game with the university of California j
he was pitted against a man weighing
over 200 pounds and wat tuccessfiil In I
Holding Mm down In all points, tie
"" well trial lie was not Ice. I tiytliei
coach of the Ilerkley team who said j
that Angel! was the best football player ;
he had ever teen.
The To-I.ogian Literary Sciet of the
Portland High School challenged the
Freshman class of the university ol Ort-
won to a debate. The challenge was
accepted and the debate will take place
in Portland on January l.t'.h, liaH). The
following ijiiestlon will be discussed:
"Resolved, that Immigration Into th
United (Mate should be restricted ti
persons who can read and writ the
Constitution of the United Hates in
tome language, provided provisions ran
be made for admitting those Jcpendent
on qualified immigrants." The Portland
High School will support the affirmative
of thit question, while the negative will be
upheld by the Freshman class. V. Iward
Baldwin hat been chosen by the class as
business mansger of the contest, he will
alto act chairman of the debate in
Portland. Six candidate wer chosen
by the clan at candidate! for th team.
A try-out debate to decide opon th
three best debater will take plac In
Villard hall Friday, Dec. 1st, and lh
three decided to be th best will repre
sent lh ciast In I'orllaud In January.
At thit try-out th question "Kesolred,
that w should retaio th Philippines"
will be discussed by E. N. iJlythe, F. A.
Strange and Holt (Stockton on th part
of the affirmative and Condon Bean,
Thomas Hammond and Ben Wagner for
the negative.
Dr. Strong, the new president ol th
university, it progretsiv and thorough-
j it up-io-uaie along tn latest line ol
euucaiionai matters. II hope to un
questionably plar the university where
it should stand, at the head ot all edu
cational institution! in the Pacific
Northwest. He It very popular among
the students and is possessed of a most
pleasing manner. He confidently ei
pectt to tee .X) ttudentt at U.oK). at
the opening of next year and feels that
oi Oregon nas entere.l np-
in a grow in wincn lor rapidity and
solidity will astonish even it most
sanguine friends. A fMt i,!t.
!.. Thten
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yon feel after buying tome ten cent
cigart. Try our Mascot ten cent amok
and find out a her your real friends ar.
Hen I'llrichL
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says, "I suffered a long time from ilyt
pepsla; lost flesh ami became very weak.
Kodol Iiyspepsia Cure completely cured
me." It digests what yon eat and enret
all forint of stomach, trouble. It never
failtto give immediatu relief In the
worst catet.
ri. tBjpeBa? v
, - p.-'TrT"; ,
for wood, chips, knots,
Bhavlnus, corn cobs,
hay or poat.
ess O'er'
Construction -Thl
Outit ltlt-r ( ll-e "t
I,..; II lie I Ail' HON I IMS'.".
tnnktt( it 1iiralle. m! ia (rin
il., rtil loft aii'l t-tllt.m bikI
umam.'iiliil ln, llli trltlille
ctttvr uutU'tiifMili.
NlRkellntr It ti nlrketwl nrn,
rauia ai..H"'l rail Vtlieva
rointlle li.ia l" "" rtiul.
i all an.l i.ur tlok tel r bujing
viae bale.
I !;
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are pushing to the front with
better goods, lower prices,
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and Formers
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I'll M t I A hf-KH, nrltiMwl
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t th nrntsil rtr, ronir In, irjr
tl ii't tm Mttvtitrt AImi tli
Kin! hmmU ot H iim( U funt
of all Klnii always on band.
...STEAM.. l
! Wood Saw
Will run every day except Sunday,
Katet heasonabl.
Telephone 201.
W. A. CATES, Prop.
C. S. Smith,
dp-to-date Qroeer
Fresh Eggs and Crrame'y
flutter a specialty.
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Third Street, between Court and Wash
ton Streets, The Pallet.
Hlaier & Benton
llooms on Third Sfroof,
Ono Dlock Back
French A Co.'s Dank.
1W US ON" 3rVQ3
. ,
Watson end Carriage War.
Flan Brother' Wagon.
j Tliiri ani JelXcrno. 153
PaMMtl -rilTtsaHMIH
EAST unci SOUTH via
Tho Shasta Route
or Tit a
Southern Pacific Comp'y.
Train, leave au4 are due to imn si foruaa
( OVKK! 4l a X I ,
1 reaaa, nalatn, Km j
, I bur. Ashland, fiaf. I
j ramruU. l.fil' !
Kraiiflani, M-iava, f
j ti. AliSira.t.l l'aa. t
I See Oriaau. .U.I i i
' Kaal ' i
l(.ai,ur eud war .u 1
( l. WiMatrur fl ,
S t A. M
MLAn(-l. ailavftim, I
Vtaal r-lu. Hrt-ena )
I vill.
villa. eruttal-l nt
mm .'. I .
1 I3P .
l-allf t.-el suu.lari.
V m. .t.v. H'.MIan.l Ar
1 lit.u. At VrMleroill. If I -s
s au u. as. far lnd M.ileu I
CAr . Ind. Mfiiil-u.-
lilf. ianr, .sr-vl suiilar
IININ1 I'Ak ON (M.HItM Ki it'll.
Pt Li.MAM Rt-rrcT pintrraa
AMD Sl.rKI'lo raat
Attar bad to all Iknmtti 1" 11
Irfrarl erifinell.ra .1 fin lth OrH
itrKtal a... I .l.t.-NUI a i l l-arltle mall alraiBap't
II. ir. r..r JAPAN and I II I.N A. raUiU lalaa a
B fllrall.Mt.
llala and II. krla tn faalMn f'1"'" an
K-la. Ala.. .lal-A.N, l lll.NA, lloN'll.l'UI aat
All alM. tral... .fflr. .1 .111 d'-Trl ,rT
I Oraod Lsutrel auikHi. tlllii uid lrn.. .u-aaS)
YAwllll I. WVlalii.
fuaeneev U. ! l J-".n Uesv.
lavve l.rr Mharlilan. wl day. 1 I
Arrive .1 lot t la ml, B a.
l-ave (. AIRUK on w-ndaT, l.wadsTSd
frl-iar al X., a. m An1 at l-"l and. T
dav, Tr.ura.Iajr and aalurUa) M i "A m.
gseeail tuod.r. ItrV SaUirJaf.
a K K'.i.ka. o. H. MAKkiiA.
jlanaa.r. AaaL u. . l A1
Thnnifh Tleket OBlec, l4 Third "'. V? ll. kau U all llajla In U '""ri
HUtra, ( .n4 Kurp t.u Ix oMalues si
ki.waal rale leien .
J, P. KIKgtJlM'. In tel Atval
LA.DOrr.,.ATTj.l-ff...;-, . herebr tlVell thai II ie
tiam.l artilrr baa Itlnl imllee f M
t.. make anal i.r..l la anfi-.n ( '"''"i"!.'
that aal.l r.r.a.1 will I ma.l l-l"" o "".T
and lim-tver el TI.s pallea,ire..ii, ..a asiereai.
.Noveuiber JK IMM, Via:
I ..a. V. Mew lead, ef The Halle".
W. meatead rnllV Nn. Vral, f..r SI.e f'J 2LII"
KHs N Y and SWl ar. If, 1 P-
II. name, lite totlnwlaf lte e. J" h-
tilaeMiiilii.imi. real.l.nee umi cuiu"'
of aald land, rli' . ., Ba J,
J. I. litre, J. W. Jefrv, frrd ear sent SS
W., Sll ..111.. ' '"T'S-laSrt
IJel II l JAY I' II . H "
Nntlre I. hereby flven ','"' 1
namnlaeiilrr ka. filed entire ' .,l
t.. make Hlial l.r.d III auw-i-rt ;l hl ''"i.ier
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