The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, November 18, 1899, PART 2, Image 2

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The Weekly Chronicle.
Advaitlala Kalaa.
Oitli.oaor lo in Palir
O er two uiclioa unl 11 u.ler four tnt'lie. .
f -cr lout Im'ho a. til utl.lcf twelve Uichea
O-er twelve tiirbt-i
pailt mn wtinv.
Oue tiu'h ir li-aa, i-r nu ll
Ovor on,. In. Ii a: J iruli-r (our tnrliea. , .
iWtr i,.ur inch,' iiuU uui!vr lucboa
0v, laelv mciioa
trr nvh
1 i
a i
. 1 M
. 1 O)
Chicago contractors and architects
have declared their purpose to
"break up the present tiadi unions."
Ti .ia idle bont. says the Spokes-tiian-Keview.
In a contest of that
nature, the unions would have the
moral and niatcihl support of ao
overwhelming majority of the pcoplei
because the law-abiding character of
the Chtcgo unions has not been
Called in question. There is do
complaint of violence, and the con
tractors have declared war, not to
uphold any hih-minded priueiple,
but simply to their own
selfiSh interests.
Lawful trades unions, made up of
respectable, law-abiding workingmen,
arc essential to the welfare of the
wage-earners. Iu this era of fierce
competition and gigantic combina
tions of capital, there is grenter ned
war, so many nobody tons of some
body, that it is pleasing to record
t le fact that young Logan rose mag
nificently to the iioblo traditions of
a noble family.
The political sentiment of the
United States at this time is decis
ively Republican. Any one can go
over the list of states and see that the
Republicans hold more than In 181MI.
Thicc general elections have taken
place since that year and the net
result is a strengthened Republican
position. The four states pained ure
Kaus.vs Washington, South Dakota
and Wyoming. Kentucky, which
divided its electoral vote in 1S96, ts
more strongly Republican now than
it was then. The single state re
gained by the Democrats is Mary
land, and this was managed only by
a platform silent on silver and the
rest of the Chicago platform. Com
pared with 18'JG the Republican gain
of electoral votes Is twenty-two, the
loss eight. This change would make
the electoral college stand Reput-j
liean 2S5, Democratic 1G2. H is as
close an estimate iu actual figures as
cat be made. These are accomplished
facts. Through three so-called off
years the opposition has douc its
utmost to turn Hip political tide.
be imported at all? Why can't, or
why don' Oregonlans supply the
homo market with plenty of fresh
cgus? Why can the farmers of
Missouri and Iowa exMrl millions
of duzens of e,-gs annually, and have
a" they can use besides, while almost
every year Oregon has to send to
those states for eggs, and pay twice
their priee thero for stale eggs?
Surely the clitualfe h"re is not poison
ous to hens. CeiUinly it Is easy to
raise abundance of the best kinds of
feed few them. Some people have
Indeed put forth the excuse that
"Kultry doesn't do well here." This
is nonsense. It is the people who
make lame, loose pretense to raise
poultry that don't do well. Hut
there's no use talking about il. Why
Oregon farmers don't laise all the
eggs we can consume, and be able to
sell them at from 12 to 20 cents a
dozen, according to the season, is a
than ever before of strong orgamza
tion in the ranks of labor. Tie' Hut it runs more towctfully than
wage-earners of the country must be j ever. The Democratic parly itself
well paid, or the citizenship of the j has crumbled in attempting to dc
republio will suffer, because the wage-J veiop weak spot in Republican
earner who is underpaid and over-i lines.
woiked can not meet those obliga-j One tew national issue, expansion,
tions to his children wrjich are soas tested in the twelve stales that
essential to the growth of the best I voted on Tuesday. It was emphatic
qualities of cit:'.enship. Aa in-! ally approved. Massachusetts, the
scrupulous, greedy employer has no' home of Atkinson, Harrison, Rout
moral right to put his employes on J well, Hoar and a bitter antt-expan
scant wage, and thus deprive a part j sion league, piled up an immense
of the rising generation of good , Republican msj rity. New Yoik
f.d, good tlothirg end good c luca-' Republicans increased their Roosevelt
jig,, ! majority and gained twelve members
The sweeping declaration tuf the j ir. the legislature. New Jersey shows
Chicago contractors wi'.l be con- decided Republican giius in both
detuned as it deserves, and we the vote and the legislature.
rill not be McLean is astonished by the 0,o0l)
Nearly all accounts lead the in
quiring mind to the conviction that
the back of the rilipino insurrection
is broken. The season is on wheu
the American forces can pursue. The
sole object of the insurgents is to
keep out of reach of the Americans.
This they cannot do much longer.
Squads may secrete themselves in
the mountains and give some trouble
for months by timid bushwhacking
fighting, but this will do little
damage, and w ill soon ne out.
Lawton, MacArthur, Wheeler, Whea
ton and Funston if the latttr gets
back in time will soon wind up
Aguinaldo's ball of insurrectionary
yarn. A' eady the insurrection is on
its last lev;, and when its legs give
out it is done for. -Then a suitable
government will be gradually estab
lished, and the wail of the anti will
die out in this land. Telegiam.
tar protection, will nut mil place tar
We therefore congratulate '' while
we eitend our hraitr good wishe.
Kin. a i.f a. !'"
In lb Circuit Court Tod..
believe the sciflsb object wi
plura"ty against him in Ohio. The
Republicans of Kentucky were united
and won a brilliant victory. Iowa
increased its majority. South Dakota,
, . , , . . . . T ,! where the president recently made
battle of Major John A. Logan of ( 1 '
.... . n i i ' some of bis strongest expansion
Illinois, toting Logan fell while; c '
. ,, ,. speeches, and where Senator Petti-
gallantly lending his battalion, savs 1
.... ,. , . " ' grew has bccn"untirin on the other
the Review. Hie sorrowful news,
i . i i .. ' side, changed from a fusion inability
can its grief to a while haired mother : ' '
in Washington and to a bereaved !""" m
wiTe and three children In Ohio.
Young Logan was a worthy scion
of a noble sire, (ieneral Ix t'in vol-
, ., . ., 1 pansion. It is invisible in the returns
unteered as a private soldier m the,'
m.i i . .. . .t, f in -', I ;'-w Yoikorany-
litutenant. When the South fired
on Sumpter, Logan was a member of
roneres. II 'efi his seat, overtook
lat vesr
the trooi s lhat were marchinff out of J
! majority of 8000 or 10,000. McLean
aii'l other Democratic managers
; counted on a German revolt on ex-
WolLMdaf Imily.
S un tai l j)licil Co vs P O Daut ; de
fault slid judgment.
A F Hiir Ulin A Brown ; default
u'.d j'idgiiieat ajainft E J Cili'xn.
State of O.-egon ts WilUrd Fergnsiii;
nut a true hill.
In the case of trie Slate v Jo'eph
Gintemsn, charged wiili utlrri a
forupil instrumont, the ilt!i n lnl plrmJ
nut g'li It; ; but w ithdrew the plea and a
d.-niurrer was Slo'1. Ilefeinlanl's at
lorney, John tiTin, raised the obj-ctinn
Ihnt ti e cheek ws r.ot stampml and
therefore nas void. The re Is orcii;.y-
rig the alti n'i u of the court this afier
I noon.
A Nut an rt ! lrly H.Bt Our
(t-Lll Hmt Nut
Crawl N !!
Aflr nionihn, yes years of waltlnf
an i what lias .roven alunl suicidal de
lay on Hi l''t i' I The Pullrs in regard
tail future flfre, t.-lirnm I now
on f.Mt which I j lit "it" and Urikea at
the very cor of iho itnalloii. hliuld
It It, with vrrrlhitiK in Its Uvor, Ihtt
residents of this eltj have grown to se
eiulomrd lu having traiht drop at llielr
very feet, that Ihny have aeareoly rna
linl that auylhlng would intervtna be
tween them and ,roeriiy. However,
after a railroad had l.een put u and
other means employed, which wrre sop
ping Us very life blood, our ciliwns be
gan to wska lip and luok attout to sre
what might l dune, and although lata
it 1 nut yet loo late to counteract the
The very thing which the nawepapers
have been agitating for so long i now
assuming proportions which look to
eouraging and a large nuuitxr of our
leading men are deeply interested in a
schema for a railroad Into the interior.
A subscription paper is tielng circulated
and in fifteen minutes yesterday tH)
were rsised for a preliminary surrey,
and the remainder Is coining Ut. The
idea is to test the feasibility of such
move, end although it is not yet assured,
il Is a move a long way In the right li
rrH'tiou, and we trust will he ere lung
ntit a schema hut a reality.
The idea is to build by the way of the
is inuiee river to me mo.Hn oi iroui, ,.,.,,,,,, 00 IX)
creek ; op Trout ten miles to the junction j; Mjy, county J.idgu, Irans-
ot Trout and Hay creeks, and liimlly (in I uortation pauper
to rrineville: a branch also to 1 run I 4 ' IVters, luml-er lor iiIioiii
stand the peviple of that county are of
showing the amounts i f sll claims pre
vented, thJ Million of w I (nliusills, I lis
article or cUt lot which payment Is
made, tin' ioi uunte lloed and the
claims continued or r-jclcd at the
Nov. lent:, IMi'.l, of thrt'i.iintylVjint v'
Wasco fiunlv, lin-gi.n. The following
IikI, lu.weer, il.ies not c nUiil any
claim fur which tl.e salary or fees aie
prutidvd bv statute:
M V Shaw, M I', professional
l-'iank Hill, clerical services ....
J K Wail, M I'.exsininliig ttisuna
M r Shaw, M 1, exsiiiiiiing in-riliri
J K Watt, M I, risiiilnall on of
Williams A l'.ioiu. meiliciue for
pauper ...
V It.-osius, M I), professional
Hone A MetKmald, supplies for
C 1' iiiiuney, supplies fur iiauiHrs
I. r wonder, sersHes rihi iiverj
hir-i for eiimlluoi patients . . .
t.yuian r in 1 1 1 1 . supplies tmallox
T II t.'!i k, gur Jing ijU4r.i(iue
r II Kent, " -
DilUt A '(i.iiider, supples lor
smallpox paltenls
I) P A A N Co, tisnsportalioii of
I! il'l Roily, letulo on douhle as-
essmeltt ...
J A lietsemloiiler, M , pro.'m-
piutiul perviet-s uper
II ark A Ah, sopp'its paupei . .
Hurruc t': itlrmlrii ll inir, lir
'.' (H)
b'i IX)
0 00
& CO
6 00
2 DO
1 00
U 4
A "
::o oo
s o
'1 o
4 oo
0 W
17 S7j
o. IK)
4 iu
copy or li e iMhllo ,.,, ,,,
S, was reielrrj In fli,.
deer yesler.Uy. It , . i ,
ll.heil by th.l ;,.,, st.ei ,Ii:;,,i;t
pllal service, su l shows work d
In tvry part of ho f,. h,,'
h.udllng and suppre.,1,, n '
diseases. "
The reports of .iM'aniiI1M m(H
state, eoiiiiiy and muiilrip.,i
Hcers III every porli.,,, , ,.
la t!iu surgeoii ti.t rl of t ,,''
hospital servlre, en the smuli,,,,,
ation shows that during t!, , ,ul '
five im itths this tbsea.. ,, ,,o,,n W
In nearly every state, bin , , p
the work ol the aotlmritiM peif,,.-,
that but twentv-lwo ,se, rufcj
iinj in nit i miea
June lutli and ovemlier Ut
Throughout the Soiitnera it.iM
whma the disease threatened to (IMJ
to all sections, surgeon o lr muH
hospital were sent, to advisx with II.,
Iwal autlioriilet and aid In srreiii0,
the progress of ti e tlises.e. mj
met Willi uniform success. In AUb.m,
and Georgia smallpux wss foiinij iu m,
localities suit until Ihe coming k (j.
eral health o Hirer, no prerjuliun ,, W
taken against a spread of the i,ruti
Hi services were utilised ,y th ,ilt
olMclals, however, In br ng ng tlK,0i (
start Inward arresting and 'tipprrM!!
Hie awful malady . Statesmen.
Dalle ralllle krliuula.
;.' owing i the report tUijnv
ler 1 1 n e idlng Nor. M 'isj.
. . I i . I J I I Birrp, uiiiiiTr nil .j
feringagood bonus to that end. by
there means Lake and Klamath counties
will Ih trll uUrv to The Halle, and we
believe it is not loo innch to predict that;
r hrssier, iimney ex-
pelidnt nil eolllllv load
Time- ilooiila tieer. hatance due
fur pnlillshllig ili'llli Mltlllt tax
list '.
II C Kdd, M I1, priilrsioiil
irn ri c iunty paiir
I 40
bl hi
if tlie Mad is a g i it w ill Anally be ex- tieo r K-in, rel.aie on tes
ten-bd into California and made . JKKsnd, assiaung in draali.g
through line. i , K'.- . ,
, , ! J I natsiu, sssiatitig iliaaing
title survey of course has not lieeu jry
made, much investigation has been go- : Krank Hill, cleileal servires
In oil aud it Is thought hy thor e w bo , butler lung Vo, uir bcine f..r
Circuit C'furt nia.
where else, 'lhere are many thotis-
iandGenrans in RufTnlo and Louis-
! ville, and bo ill cities went Democratic
II " year they give large
i n it.
Wa-hin-ton. and (nusht in the ranks i J ' " I
, f, i i i .i. . , .- Mr. Bryan saved his state anl it
of Colonel Richardscii s regiment ini 3
,ii ,.i i t nn. . ' is evident that there are some Re-
the battle f Hull Run, being among;
., ,, ,. ( publicans in Nebiaska who do not
the hist to leave the fieri. He then,
, .. ..... .. . : care to lesson his ronspicuily in the
r.rcnni7Pil loo I hirf V nrt I linots 1 3
Infantry, and was appxiinted its
colonel. At ISelrnont, under Grant,
be led a successful bayonet charge,
nnd his bori-e ai shot from under
lum. His rie to eminence was
meteoric. From the ranks to regi-;
ment, from a regiment to a brigade,'
fom a brigade to a division, and
from a division 'to a corps, and
I Democratic party. Itryan has a
strong pcpulaiity and eihaps will
jservr the Democratic purpose next
! vcjr as well as any mm could in the
' I'tesent confuted condition of the
(party. He will be defeated, but so
will any other Denv-crat. To drop
him would cost the Democrats their
chance in Nebraska, Colorado and
always his conduct was characterized j
by rare courazc, unusual ssgscity
. two or three small Western states.
lie can count on the
South as con
He will lo'-sc
TliUrMla) Imi'.
Yestirday afterno'in in U.e e.i f
Sta'eijf (rgon VS. Joseph (iantrman.
In which a demurrer was tiled, the de
murrer was overruled and a plea of not
g lily was entered by di-fenj- nt. The
case will propably cine up for trial. Sat
In lh: cate cl the Stale v. Wm
Minton, charged wltli larceny hy hillre,
not a true hill wss found and tr.e de
fendant wss discharged.
The same action was taken io ihe
case of O. L. Field held for (Hi!ygamy.
Also in the case of Harry Hansbiiry,
charged with larceny fioin a daelling.
The case of Henry Gardoer v. County
of Wasco came np hi lore the court this
morning. It is an action to richer
d miges rrceive-j about a year s,o whi n
Cfjiuiiig lo n the I: re graj aU;Ut eight
mile from the city. Moor A (javin
are attorney Ut the plaintiff and A. A.
Jayneand V. II. Wilson for the connty.
i - :.: .-i. .1. - ' I'vuper
il in u Luritmi! iuaii"i,iiiaiii larii- . , , (t , . .
...... , ,. , . ' H.illis rire I t ini-lit. fe.lui:-
tir ly lea.lhle, and will Iw what nugl.t I ,, r Irauranre
I termed Inexpensive, air re there Wanl A V. itiertwoi, "e f loin
woulle lit tin rock work. The grad i N'ellle Wu-k ham, nursing paup-r
al,o would not be more than one percent j 11 J,"tn'r''',r"''' '
or fifty feet to the mile, the hlg!.e,t e!e- Im.,',' A prudhomnie,' u.plies' . '.
valion being between here and Ihe free i Ira in-I'imIshh Co, anpplies .
bridge on the bench opposite the iiioulh CittoMci r. Pulilialiiiig Co, print-
..f Ies Chutes, which i 800 feet I . 'ng and supplies. . .
, , , , J isie Jenkins, c erical services
the river. Men hi have looked into j j cJok tiefl(r t( C,.rkau.s
he matter give a their opinion thai c.'U'ity, serving mh ..''mi . .
difficulty will t encountered in I III one I 'reg"l Teleiihone A Telegraph
. , ... ,V. Co, rent and inragr . ...
or 10 places. , ' , . .
. T , ' Farlev A rrrnk, repairing ham
The beneUl to Tlie Dalles can !e leer, j ,,., ks for
at a g'ance. While controlling all tlml K l.iae, liniilM-r
trade which hat hereto! ire been ours, It t J 1" I'eters, lumber
.ill rn n-. In il. n,nnl, . J " FrarV, lllMile-r
, . ' , , J T I'eters, Inmher an I o.i .
have no claim on, and no transportation ; r,.irr ,, ,U r'
coniisny can compete wilh surli aline,; Iman, prufesaii.nai seivn-r. .
for tlie route it would take liavlug m . K It, hauling pauper .. .
inanv a lvantages over any other, c m d i lvc A M'. supplies for psu
. . , . . . .. . , . .. V'
not iii io con rm me ira oi me Jjuwer A S
country tlirouti w hlrh it nri, p.miier
Tills may s-orid Ik) a fairr tale lc . Clarke A Fik, tueduliie for pan-
those who htvo grown skeptical; too ,, '"!r
.... ii . i. . , , Initler Drug Co, inrdicine f.,r
good to he true. Hat it eerie nly hat i
(he right ring to it, and the right men j Mavs ,v (roar imlae
si the helm, llrride, il must be trii- I I' Nirkeiaen, iml-e . .
for it mean oi rnorli to The Dilles to J I'alles City Waier Works, water
b otherwise. It may be sail that the i-''1'1. ,' ,'.'; -',' - -
, ' . rerif'irou llrus, hauling rorpse
papers have Iwen crying -A oil! Wolf , y Vaiise, supplies for court
whn there was none at htn.i ; but iho-e house
who have any eye nri.t e that the 1 f-':"X. ' I'uhll'hing Com pan V,
wolf i. at our very fold, and this is our ! v.''V" ' M''"
... , , j Maier A benton, wo:l lor paiii-r
viiij nival., in -r, , v iiiririmv
call upon our people to shoulder anna
and posh this scheme for all it is worth,
and it world is incalculable.
18 80
"0 00
Il tsl
2 00
1! Oil
"JO l)
I W)
i 7i
8 Ol
U 10
K2 to
4.' C)
I 00
Uli lit
..i t 11,11 Mmi
Mla Vol 4 t-if
Mi-1, I.iji . .H
Mi., i ' lei
Mi .. r. i . . ..
V :l.
Mi W . nil
Inr. v ,
t hi u
: i
, -. t:.-ia
.. ii .
II k s mil.
I.. -1.
J! t
I. I
1 1
r. i
" I
s I
M .a ll,l
Mi. lt
rn il .
' II Ml
I'. 'l
. V 4,
l t
4 M
ti u
m, supp'ie lor
NuintH-r of da of i hoot, 1M
Kurolluicnl 37 more Istt iiiittrr.
J. s. I.nnui,
Col. I.. Hawkins and I.. !. fWj,
win csme up fr mi Portland to virw tbt
meteoriial tliower at this p'ie, reittla-
"1 ly hart betlsr eyesight than residents of
1 our i .tr, for after ti;ng mi Siinwl dill
U 4 j : all night Wednesday they sent ispiit
to ".' ', to I'oitai; I that Ihey ssw taeniy the
10H Inf liars. We do not dery tl.iir ssssr
' fjjj I linn ; but nt the same time It sesnt
S o ) ' l,arc that our Iai! t -ople l.nlc
ml e)es saw not thiij'i I Ley attrbrd
j pat ietitly. Mn) hap IUiH'-.ti tU
11 1-ljsam stsis, but thinking ini-h a eight
10 00 ''' c0 " itnes jfl sny n'g'il is
1 Ksstern Oregon, pail IiitV attmii"B,
11 W
ft ti l
I -. i
II m
I 00
freaa Naanitera C laims Ilia Itrlda Slua
Luta Kabaek.
art ro
H (0
i':i i
I'll 00
ll . at ... .1
e . i . .1 rr -it i 1 - "iirrroifni oi pariifi ir.r ri
nt.d lof.y patriotism. l""1""' " wm" "c i tried aitli ten jurors IVter Mohr.C. A.
The w ar ended, LoSan re-entered 1 MarM'l unl" Ue enounces free , Cr,(I1f j. C. W.ngfi.ld, A.W.iUr-
. .:l l .l.-. ..l.l ....l.:r.. i.: ... ... .. .
first in the lioite ' ' ' l' iiehnegm, u. ,. Hoiioti,
I such n degree that he would be a "ios. I-aio, o. h. Hay wanl, Mike
II is i sitioii against
corigress, serving
and then in the eetmte. At the Ii"
., . , . T ' lauahinff stock
i.uli ican national convention in Jims. wa, ou,i..aied to Ihe second ',an,i,,n is "'"' t"n',t'"'e''- As
,.l,ce on the ticket with Maine. He j for UuiX Le C,", no
di..d aud.b nlv in Washington in De- j fi,,lin 8r"Ur"'- In fatt' 1,0 L"' n"
ccmber, iCnnA cc learning o' his I "''J1'"" "-ra lf ,9k
death, Mr lilaine s,id: l'1"1' b" UiewU Mc,','8n "r''1
-I never knewamore fearleis Wctm"re- All that the D-mratic
man. He did not quail U forc ,.ub- 1'"ty Can (' U U' ,l,al an i,,ue
He opinion when he hrtd once made 1 Wi" turn u'' ' cforo U,e mit'l,n of
op his mind nnv more than he did lUir ,",ll"n!,, C veli""- 'n '
b, fore the gun, of Ihe fnemy w hen ' ''roU,iili! ,,avc lU'ir
lie headed n cl.arjo of bis enthnsias- ,,atc' "", ,ie ,s a ,,eatPn n,au on lhe
ticlroo. While there have Uc-n ! f'rc f c "
more illustrious military leaders in
the United States, and more illustri
ous leaders in legislative halls, there j The Portland Evening Telegram
Las, I think, man in this ( has this to say regarding the im
country who has combined the two portation of eggs to Oregon :
Glavey and M. Jatksco.
on at a go to prett.
The trial is
career in so eminent degree as
General Logan."
As the father lived, the ton died,
One of the mysteries of Oregon is
eggs, or at least tome facts about
f ggs are mysteries. Why do stale,
A Sara le.
The biaid of fire delegate met last
nitfht an I our new fire alarm si item
and other improvement ere assured.
Ti e committee w liicii baa been out for
the pt two day was most uC'sfiilf
the Wasco Warehouecontrihutii.g f 1 01,
and other giving liherelly. The col
lector repcried last r.i0it that he had in
collection and bona fl le suhrcripiioiis
$:'o5.f .'J. Hi repoit wa accepted and
the c imiiiitte ordered lo purchase Ihe
fire apparatn and improvement need
ed. They wer alto instructed to in
terview the heufert A Condon Company
and ascertain what the c st per month
will he for maintaining the a'arm tyt
tem, and to report to the council.
fecretary Wii.gate wss instructed to
inform P. I). f. Olney, of Portland, that
the fund had been collected and that he
was at liberty to cone np and make ar
rangement for placing the seven boxes.
''hesdinff a charge of bis enthntiaatii' lmnorlwl sirii retnil al 9". r.r 111 rventa
t, . , , ,. I , ... I I'so Ciarka A Ka.k's Itosafoam for the
troois. There have been, In tbit I dozen ? And why must any eggs j teeth.
W 1im ajar ' lullr.
Tin Ciikomh a i deeply interested in
a wedding which took place at huh
noon today at the home of the bridu's
uncle end aunt, Mr. sn I.Mrs. I Itc,
near Koilersby, for at that time Krrat
Saunder. of this city, claimed as his
bride Miss Lola Kuhank, a former com
petitor in this office. I he wedding was
a quiet one, Iter. V.V. Hawk, of the
Methodist church, performing I he cere
mony, and hut very few friends blng
present, among whom ws Mis Kdythn
Ksndsll, of tiii city. A wedding din
ner wa served a short time after Hie I
After remaining with Mr. and Mr.!
Kice for a few dsys, Mr. and Mr.'
launder a ill mske their home in The!
Dalies, hiving rented a houieou Liberty
None will be more sincere in their ex-
prcs-ions ol congratulation than will
Ihnso of Tn a Ciikomi i i office w ho were
cinstantlv associated with Mis Kuhank
for o long a time and are therefore com-!
A I, team hire
(i D W 00.1a". rih. supplies .
Wm Miche l, hiiiial pauper
M'f At I.OWtl),
Dr. Wm hhakel'jrd, piofrstional
service for pauper 2,10
r i:ii.
Umatilla county, care Watco Co
l'uper ... 10.73
W A Catrs, sprinkling streets
and sawing wood .. II 41
I, A. M. Ks'tae, County Oik .o
Waico coc nr. Mate ol () ejon, do
he eoy cei .; t' et the aUjve and for
going it a full and e implete stateinent
ol the claim presented and action taken
thereon by the County Court of Wasco
county, ir;on, silling for the transac
tion of county business at Iho Sept.
term, IH"l, thereof, lava and except a'l
claim the salary or fee for a filch are
provided or by statute. ,
W itness my hand and the seal of Ihe
County Court affixed, lliia Klhday
ol Nov., IS'lO.
ai..J A. M. Krisiv,
County Cleik.
M tltli IS. II.
At Ihe home of the growm, on Kour
lertith street, last evening, Nov. 15th,
at 7 o'. lock, e. W. II. Ilrenner, of
the Origin City Lutheran church,
uiii cd in marriage N. P. Paulccn and
and Mir Dora Thomsen,
A large number of friend were t ret.
pelent to judge ol h r exrellent qualitie ent sn I the rxcsslon was a J lyont one.
and fweetnes of disposition ; a perfect ! During the evening a wedding iupr,
laoy in every respect m l poa.a,e, (, which eeiiied to include everything
that womanly nature to lulled to be a
perfect wife.
Whi a Mr. Fanndera I to ha con
gratulated, at the ttne lime, none
ccnld have imagined a ronp!e more
nearly uited, for those who have known
the groom sine became here from hi
Michigan homo a mere boy, can testify
as to hi worth. Manly in the strictest
sense, he ha also display. d an industri
ous nature highly commendable, and
has proven that she, who lookt to him
palatable, wa seised. Mr. Paulsen ha
been employed by Maier A Itenlon for
a nil in her of year and it a very trust
worthy young man. Mis Thomsen
came to this city about a year ago from
Ilelgrade, Minn., and has a large circle
of friends here.
Mr. and Mrs. Paulsen left (hit morn
ing for Portland, and when they return
will make their home In the house
which ha recently purchased en Fonr
teeutb ttreet,
never (draining they c u d l.svs tnf
thing In duimnii uith the "ahoarr."
The report sent to Portland snl : "W't
(pent three hour on the hi'l s.U'h of
Toe Dalles, from 1 to 4 nVUvk lli
mo'iiing. We taw tai-n'y rlioitir.i
stars, seven of which radi-ded frosjl
b finite vanishing point in to txilrtf
L-o. Tlie balsnc.i rani fiom tp
hscir l point of II." I..s.mi. II ti.s
handle of the tickled Leo J 'rnsrd
abonl one-.'ourlli of lit lengln Inst
toeard the bladd it s. inl Uitrk u
nearly at I Ciu'd detent the catnl
or vanishing p tint. S uns ol Srot
stars mentioned were beautifully col""'
n-d, green and jellow. Ui did B I
get above Ihe cloud near the h''
until about I o'clock. I "ill try sjtis
tonight. The weather It hriclil twl
Today I', attention of the firrJ4
court ha len taken up with the cats
Henry (iar.lner, vt. Was.-o cooot.
recover damage received
last winter. ."
l.avl,. .,,,,..r..l f..r ulaiiit If and closM
their direct tesljiiionv Jol Mor
The defense then move.1 for a n a soil,
claiming that the pl.tntiinailed l P'"T
cause somcienl to sulirnit U e rsss is
the Jury. The attorneys for ardnef
strongly realsted the inolion, hut at
2:f!() the court declared it a non-so t
The defense claimed that t'.e grails
in suffii-leiiily good condition for pltln'
to have passed ver safely lad '
been (or lis Icy condition at that
and that Waic count y c mid not pom '7
be aci-ouiilab'e for the work ol th ""
men!., a higher ier oierrulii t
f IliillliOIIS.
suit to
Kiev' grade
Dridges, Kd.tor -IVn.';
J. D.
I.ancssler, N. II., sajs
f i. f.. I. il.. l-.l rni.nlr l'r"':
I ever used." Immediately relieves
cures cughs, old', rroep. til j
. ! i.i i.i.a Sid "
preiiincnia, nri ncino-. s"i i -
throat and lui g troubles. 11 I'"
eonium ptlon.
. .etrt trs
I lied dyspepsia nny e. ,
never found irnianent rel.ef ' 1 '
Kn.hd I ysfiep-la Cure. N 1 ,
and feel I ke a new man," wrilrt
Fleming, Murray, Neb. U ' .
., . i all fornit""'
uigestani anon ii.
digestion. Physicians everywhers r
scrih it.
Bubscrlbe for The Chronicle.