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NO. 8
ir i v
Brilisb Riiimciit Decimated by Free
Staters rridaf Last.
Three Hundred llornr Captured Gen.
Ilullcr'a Force Are Landing, jt
Cape Town.
UM, Nov, 10. Another rumor,
cuiaunti iik I rum A aiaterilarii Soiirrr,
tart British regiment ! decimated
Fnday by the Frew Slateri. It I a J led
tlistsu hundred Brit lab soldier were
killrd or wounded an I that three Iiih.
dreJ horse were captured.
I.oi.os, Nov. l&.-Tb British warof
lie has received Iroin General Bull'-rlli
I iltoaing dispatch :
"Cap Town, Tburday evening !!
received b pigeon pod (10111 General
While today lliv following: "The bom
bardment at long range liy heavy guns
continue dolly. A fear casualties are
occurring, tut no serious harm 1 being
done. Tl.c Boers fent In today number
of refugees (rum the Transvaal under
flag dI truce. A party from y aiult ti
met lln'in outside the pickets. When the
party sepal ated, the Boer guns fired nn
It before it reached our picket. Major
li.tte, of the Royal engineers,
wounded today mil lie tendings message.
The entrenchment ara growing stronger
daily mi l Ida supply of provision It
Biilltr's Force. Landing.
l.iKiu., Nov. 10. With tlm arrival
at Cape Town of Ilia Iirltiali transport
Kosekn Castle an. I Moor, to Ixi followed
by a continuous succession ol troop
laden ships, Ilia real campaign in South
Alrlc may he ai,l to have la-gun, and
III Im t that the drat ship named aa
nir-u, to have arrived at Ptirban
forthw 1 1 It In.licalra at least a modiflra
lion ol the plan ( advance.
It arrini General Boiler' ftrat inv
will be to relieve Cnieral White, thua
Somewhat ileparling 'rout Ida earlier
pan ol advancing through tlm let I
rountrv l the Orange Free Slate aid
Sjtithwestcrn Transvaal. It has tx-i-n
apparent for sum, lata thatthr situation
at 1. 1. hamuli could not he Indefinitely
prolonged. au,l It la llmteratiw.d that in.
formation hat reached the government
to the i' (!' t that the quiescence ol II e
II -er will shortly he charged hy the r
r.val i.l a tlrKe train Irom I'rrtoria Into
a ih li-r'iiinrd attack to dvlivvr a ti'Minv
lr .kn.
H.ia, It i addrd, Ird G -rural II11II1T
t" pripire a counter atrok and endeavor
opuh the I'.ovrt hark by a dirt it attark.
r-nrli an uprratiun, if ttxiiiptnl, Mill
nrcrraarlly email a, great rxpvndiliire ol
While the piwn diapatch of liriieral
lliil!ir ahoat the Iwleagtirrnl garrison
hoi, ling Itt on yeaterday, It la
lrii,l hare that the aili-nre rrgardlng
hl tie Itiiti.h artillery waa doing lu
rl'lyti th Hef K,1n) indicalea that
W'liitdaahoiUif long-range amiiiiMillion.
II t Ilia ia xrar, the reported further rnil
'"a I Hralrnrtioii near Colunl i annuir
r'atrr importance.
n very terlout paaaaj In (ieneral
White' iueatae givea the flrat oftlclal
roniir.iintlfin ul I ha tatemr-nti of IVier
rea.-,erjr, which there haabeen diapoal
i(n hitherto to dhcredit, but which
'it now be accepted aa at leaat partly
('' With the additional Uivlalon
'iiHMiii,e, by (irnrral Wolffley at the
lord maror'a binijuet yesterday evening,
lu !..r'i f,,rc will ewregate tt.i.OOO men
'7 Chriatmae.
Tronpa at Cape Town.
Town, Tov. 10. The Ilrltiah
Iranaport Moor, having on hoard the
"H.-era and atalTof three divitiona of the
"r.tiah army corpa, on ll war tu S..111I1
Al, p,i arrived here t 111 morning.
SolJ for JI700.000.
Atin.ANn, Or., Nor. 9. Or V,'. Trcfnen
" 1 Kric Carlton, of Ihia city, yeatenlay
rloai.,1 p ,t W,pre,y tlia Carlaon
altera copper mine property, located
""th of AahUnd, juat over the Califor
"ix "late line, and eight milea weal of
'!''alation, waa iold tolhtf Hii-klyort
('"l'ler Company, Ltd., of KoMlanil, II.
C"litcli hna a capital itork of 'l.-lm,
000. Mrt. l.nlu Wallera, of rii'.enu,
and Krli: Carlaon, owneri of the prop
erty, have l ad It bonded to the company
for two years, and have received VJHJ
per month during the tfme, but in the
traualer now muil the contideration ia
about 1700,000, the grautora receiving in
payment rait caali and balance in atork
of the new company, w hich puHh
development work.
Transcontinental pare Cut.
r-KrriK, Nov. O.-Aa Rn Inliodiiclion
to local rate war between the three
transcontinental linen, liegim thia moin
mg, flrat and aecond cliiaa ticketato Chi.
cago and Atlantic coaat Miinla dropped
'l today. The trouble began through
alleged rate-cutting by the Great
.Sort her 11
llnhart Had a (inml Nilit.
rrkaos.N. J., Nv. 10 Vice IVeai
ilcnt llubart had a renin night ami wa
c iinfortahle thia morning. There ia prac
tically no change In his condition.
Itut It Is So Mil-lit That Their Progress
Is Net Impelled Much Whcalnn
Landed at San Fabian Instead of
Linigntan, as Was Announced.
Wamiim.tox, Nov. 10. The war de
partment haa received the following:
"Manila. General I.awton nperl
enre tome difficulty on account ol the
continued unprecedented rains in that
section of the country. He advanced the
aVMiiin at Sui Joao yesterday to
Caransgtan. T'xlay a strong force was
put through on the Aligns route.
"Young captured yesterday consider
able additional Cubanatuan arsenal
property in transit north, among which
were Ht tail-inch and'.'.' iKixes 1.C5 inrh
ammunition for Hotcbkiss guns, fifty
projectilea for five and eight-inch
breei-hloadlng rille cannons, two boxes
of grenades, considerable other ordnance
property, and two tout of casting and
arsenal machinery in pjrts. He is meet
wlth opiHjaltion, hut the advance is not
modi Impeded thereby.
"MacArlhur is rrconiioitering north of
Mabacalat, Yesterday Slaren'a fciul
were directed to the front, and Smith's
Seventeenth infantry on the Mi;i!aiig
and Conception road, lie1!, of the Thirty
alxlh, with live of his ullicera ami two
privates nl his regime!, t, mounted, one
1, lliccr nd ten men of the Fourth rivalry,
struck 10) insurgents in the mountains
et of M.ihaeaHi. The Ameriiain
charged, killing and ouiidiiij nineteen,
capturing six and liO Maurer ritles.
" I'l.c Irom A ngi'les to I'.jmi tail)
Is dcatrored. MacArlhur will have J0,
IHK) rations to the front today, and will
lake op the advance toTarhiC tomorrow,
"Wheaton rcHirl twentj -.iglit
Spanish prisoners tecmrd. Three hun
dred insurgent red oils escaped to the
mountain! from the enemy during the
battle at San Fabian. These recruitt
were en route to IUgupsn. Wl.eaton
tavl everything It favorable U carrying
out tuccessfiilly hit Instructions, and
that the c )-:peratlun ol thsnivy ia com
plete, oris."
A tecon I dispatch from General Otlt
follows :
"Manila. The report received yester
day concerning Wheaton'i movement
was erroneous. He did land at Sun
Fabian, at directed, and drove tho bulk
of the enemy back in the desired direction
toward Pagnpan. Operation! werecuiii
liiccenefnl in every particular."
Vsur face
Slioif 1 the state of your feelings and the
ttata of jour health as well, impure
b';uol niakca Itself apparent in a pale
ami mIIowj completion, Pimple and
8, in Kiupllona. If you are fieling
weak and worn out and t'onotlavea
healthy apiiearance yon should try
Acker' Mood Klixir. It cures all blood
diss. -a where cheap Sarsaparillas and
to called pnrillers fail ; knowing this we
toll every bottle on a positive guarantee.
Hlakeley A Houghton, druggist.
Jwcrilv ' Mn Injured.
Drmson, Ia., Nov. II. Twenty-six
men were Injured In a wreck on tne
K',,rt Iloihrn & Omaha railroad, nine
miles north of Denlson, thit afternoon.
gravel train running rxtra and a
work train containing 10 men came
1, aether around a sharp curve at a deep
cut in tho road. Two of the injured
K.I Me Ken and IUn O linen are not
expected to live, and several others are
probably fatully 'oirt.
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Little ctaEue in tbe Sitnatisn ia Natal
or cn Western Barder.
The Invasion of Cape Colony Mafe
hint Garrison Holding His Own
Xo Xews From Ladysmitb.
Iisikin, Nov. 11. The day bat
brought forth no great news, and little
change baa taken place either in Natal
or on the north and northwestern
frontier ol Cape Colony. Tne chief fact
it the opening cf the bombardment ol
Kimlierley Tuesday by Free State
artillery, .which proved, according to an
ollicial statement, ntterly Ineffective.
Tiie iloei investment of the town, how
ever, Is sui, I to be tightening. Skirmish
ing between the Kimberley mounted
troops and the lioers early in the week
resulted in severe Boer losses, the British
force lobing one killed and one wounded.
Advices Irom Orange river confirm the
report of the F'ree Stale troops' advance
upon the north ol Cape Colony, but,
owing to the retirement of the British
forces from the borderland, no serious
collision has yet occurred. The coming
week, however, Is certain to see import
ant developments in this district. An
ofllcial dispatch recording a skirmish
near Uelinont, in w hlch Colonel Falconer
wa killed, three other officers were
wounded, one dangerously, and Uo
privates slightly wounded, is far from
clear. It it not known whether Colonel
Falconer wat preparing tor a British ad
vance or wa merely endeavoring to as
certain the numbers of the Boer.
Iipfttchet from Mafeking show that
Colonel Baden-Powell's little force it
still not merely holding itt own, but it
daily inflicting more or less severe
punishment upon the Boers, whose ar
tillery has apparently proved valueless.
Transports carrj ing 3(100 British troop
are already en route to Purban, having
passed Cape Tow n, and the Boers must
stnke a dtcitive blow at I.silvs inith now
or never.
Situation at Natal.
1'siii'i 1. 1, Natal, Tuesday, Nov. 7.
An armored train married by an engi
neering stafland acci ui anyii.g the Pub
iin liiKiliers, under Captain Hnisley, re
turned here tonight. It reports that it
found the stores at Frere looted, appar
ently by Kaflifs, and met cyclist patrols,
w bo ieorted that the Boers were cn tbe
SprmguVid road, five miles away. The
train proceeded cautiously, and found
the ITiuspriiit hii,le intact. The train
frequently stopped, and Captain Hens'ey
examined the road ahead before pro
weding. Nearing C0I1 no, the line was found
cut a mile luuth of Colcnso. Two
length of rail on each line had been
lifted ud placed out of gauge. Informa
tion obtained from Kaffir is that the
Boer lelt tho vicinity of Colenso earls
thit morning, proceeding in the direction
of Biiluwan mountain, and Captain
Hensley found Colenso absolutely
A Coming Conflict
I.omkin, Nov. 11. In connection with
the reported Anglo-American under
standing regarding an open door in
China, Japan' attitude in far Kastern
Asia is much canvassed. Severul Cor
reniiondenls in China talk of a c mdng
conllict between Japan and Ku'sia over
Cores. A letter from Seoul, w hich ap
pears in the Times Inlay, says:
"The Japanese are convinced that to
permit Russia to roiuiro Core or es
tablish linssiaii a-MVrid.mcy In N irthern
China would be strategically, politically
and commeii ially n deadly menace to
Japan's rapid1? developing strength.
Japan believes her navy is strong
enough to ntt.ick Russia, and the general
opinion it that the interest of the two
nations are to conflicting that it it im
possible to avoid a rupture in the near
future." .
Dynamite in a Siore.
Villus. Ia., Nov. 11. Clarence Bur
rell.ton of Banker J. G. Burrell, wa
Instantly killed today by an explosion of
dynamite which wrecked the hank build
and partially destioyed the Monitor
general store. Its had Just opened the
door of hit father's private bank for the
day' business when there was a
mothered explosion in the Monitor
tore next door. He rushed into the
building and a moment later a second
explosion of greater force occurred.
Pieces of wreckage hurled through the
air by the second shock struck Burrell
in the neck, decapitating liiin. Another
mlcsile penetrated hit heart. Fire fol
lowing tbe explosion, destroyed both
buildings, entailing a heavy loss. The
bank vault and the store safe, however,
were not damaged. Tiie caute of the
explosion it not known, bat the au
thorities are working on the theory that
it wat done by incendiaries.
Tbe Hewers Annoyed by a Crowd.
New York, Nov. 11. A crowd followed
Admiral and Mrt. Pewey today at they
walked down Fifth avenue from tbe
hotel, and at Fifteenth street gathered
around them and kept them imprisoned.
The crowd shouted and hurrahed, and
tome attempt! were made to raise the
admiral on the shoulders of tome ol the
more zealous of the enthusiast. Admiral
Pewey begged and implored the people
to allo-v him to proceed, but finally he
had to lake refuge in a store, from which
he etcared hv a door to a side stre t.
New School Building for I'enJleton.
I'kndi.kton, Ore., Nov. 10. Pendleton
public school pupils are to have a fine
new assembly ball and gymnasium, and
another school house i alto lo be built.
The director have set aside $7500 to be
devoted to the construction of the pro
posed buildings, and this will be so
carefully expended that the result will
provide for the present need of the
rapidly over-crowding tchooU.
on thWway
to prison
Convicted Cocur D'Alenc Miners Start
For San Quentin.
Moscow, Idaho, Nov. 11. The closing
scene of the C3B of the Coeur d'Alene
miners, convicted for delaying the
United States mails, was enacted loda.y,
when United States Marshal Huuisey
and six guards left on a tourist car over
the O. It. & N., w ith the teu miners,
tiound for the United Slates prion at
San U; lectin, Cal. They will reach
Portland at 8 a. tu., tomorrow, and
trantfi-r to the Southern Pacific. When
Ihecouvicted miners Pennis OTiutlrke,
Arthur Wallace, Henry Maroni, John
I.ucineti, C. K. Burres, Franc: Butler,
F.J. Abinola, P. F. O Poniiel, Mike
Milvey and Louis S.lia reach the Cali
fornia prieon they will start on a twenty
two months' sentence, with tha excep.
tion uf Pennis O'Rourke, who will serve
twenty months. By g),l behavior the
men can reduce their sentence sixty
They were also fined by the court $I0iK)
each, but they maybe lelieved ot this
by taking the pauper's oath.
Well Know n Astoria Physician Dead.
Astouia, Nov. 11. Pr. Ambrose 1.
Fulton died at hit residence in this city
at 6:30 o'clock tins morning. The
immediate cause of his death was
Bright' disease, which followed a severe
case of grin last spring. Pr. Fulton w as
born in Allen county, Ohio, October 12,
ISM. When a boy he moved with bis
parents to Nebraska, and was married
there, March 2ti, 1878. Later be came to
Astoria, where he has resided for the
past seventeen years. He leaves a
widow and one child, a boy about two
years of age, besides a mother living In
Nebra-ka, and three brothers, Pr. J. A ,
G. C. and Senator C. W. Fulton, all
residents of thia city. The deceased was
one of the liest-known and mot popular
citizens of Astoria. In his profession be
had the respect of 1 is associates and
the eotiliJi lie ul the public. He was a
peculiarly air.ihlo ami approachable man,
w ho endeared himself lo all with w horn
be came in contact. It may truthfully
be s.i 1,1 that be died w ithout having had
an enemy. The luneral will he held on
Monday from the family re?idetice, with
intern. cot at Ocean View cemetery.
ChamhsrlalM's Tain Malm Cures Olhora.
Why Ni.l louT
My wife has been using Chamberlain's
Pain Balm, with goo,h results, for a
lame shoulder that has pained her con
tinually for nine years. We have tried
all kinds of medicine and doctor with
out receiving any benefit from any of
them. Ono day we saw an advertise
ment of this medicine and tl. ought of
trying it, which we did with the best
of satisfaction. She has ned only one
bottle and her shoulder is almost well. L. Mim.ktt, Manchester, N.H.
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niter Finv Hjiirs YWxii lis Britisl
Silenced Tbeir Gqes.
Eii;ht Thousand Troops Reached South
Africa in the Last Forty E i yh t
Hours Thousands More This
London, Nov. 13 A special dispatch
from Purban, dated Thursday evening,
say: (
"Native runner who have Just ar
rived here from Prakensburg district re
port that the Boer suffered a severe de
feat at Lailytmith tbit morning. Tbe
Boer gum were silenced after four houit'
fighting during which the Boer losses
were heavy. No details leceived."
Aid For Geueral White.
London, Nov. 13. The simultaneous
attacks on Ladysmitb, Mafeking and
Kimberley which opened Thursday
manifest the full recognition by the
Boers of the fuct that every day lessens
th.'ir chances of a successful onslaught
on any of the three British strongholds.
Joubert's chance, of reaching Pieter
rrarizburg can be said to have vanished.
Ttiis is already reported to be admitted
by folonel Schiel, the German officer
commanding the Boer artillery, who is
supposed to have been largely the author
of tho Boer plan of campaign, and who
in an Interview is alleged to have said:
"The Boers' intention was to have
captured PieterniRritzbnrg and then to
dictate terms. But all hope of ac
complishing Ibis must now be a
bandoned. There is no douht that from
a British point of view the British situa
tion la rapidly improving. Nearly 8000
troops reached South Africa during the
last forty eight hours, e.nd by the end of
week from 6000 to 7000 mire will be
adJed to the British etrenth in Natal.
These will probably be pushed forward
to Estcourt, bringing the British force
there up to 10.000 men and making a
general attack on I.a lysmith by General
Joubert very hazardous. "
At cavalry and artillery beloiijtin? to
General Mcthuen's division will not
have arrived by then, the advance from
Kitcourt may be delayed, but if it is
defined cj-mtiiil to open communication
with the beleaguered town at the earliest
pissihle moment, General Metiincn, it
is believed, may decide to replace the
regular cavalry and artillery by the
Natal and outlander mounted forces ai d
the naval guns, in which case it is
claimed it onght to be possible to occur, y
Colenso and stretch out a hand lo
White by Monday.
It is believed the course to be followed
by Melhnen must necessarily be dictated
I entirely by official knowledge of Geneial
White' position and resources, and ex
pel ts hopeMcthuen will l able to await
concentration of the whole division he
fore advancing, and thus have a letter
chance of dealing a, telling blow at Jou
bert's main army, which, it is asserted,
will be caught between two British forces
and compelled either to fight a general
action or retire.
News of Boer Defeat.
London, Nov. 13 The Prakensburg
dispatch ly way of Per ban, whichwas
brought in by a Kaffir, reporting severe
defeat of Biersal L,ly.nith, Thursday,
may turn out to bo correct, but in view
ot previous experience, il mnt be re
ceived with cauti-.m. It appear", how
ever, ceitain that heavy fighting occur
red, and that tbe lyddito of the naval
pans mu-it have bad a dire s-flVct npon
the burgher f. rces if it reached them.
Strtiv'qlc With Insane Man.
St. Lot is, Nov. 12. In the grasp of
her Insane hubaud, M:s. Ralph Keif
battled for her lite Irom 7 p. in., Satur
day until 2 a. 111., SunJay. She had
been kept a prisoner by ht;r husban 1 in
their third story flat for tbrso .lays. For
two days of this time she was without
food. When she attempted to leave the
room her husband would seize her and
bring her back. A tenant on the floor
below, bearing the disturbance, finally
called a po'iccuian. Forcing or en the
door, Mrs. B.-if was found on the bcJ
with her lui''s bunds c!u ch'ng her
t'nroit. She was struggling forb'y, but
was too wer.k to oflVr much resistance.
Boil was taken to ti.e city hospital. He
had been confined in the insane asylum
for several months, bat was released
iree week ago, at tl.f rtq lert of bis
...'.1.. . .1 1 . ,
wne, nan was inougri'. no was cureu.
Kelt IS a bru kir.yer.
Sbeep Arc in Fine Cundition.
Pkxdi.eton, Or., Nov. 12. Charles
Myers, livestock inssector for Umatilla
county, reports that sheep sre in excep
tionally fine cond.tion this fall. He Las
just come in from the rang;s, where the
hand are now about all in winter quar
ters. Mr. Myers has found, of course,
some sheep in need of being dipped ly
the inspector, but not many. The re
markably fine range of the fall season
has put the sheep in ideal condition, and
rendered thern able to resist the ravages
of disease. Scab is tiie malady most af
fecting the sheep, and thia is compara
tively rare this fall. Mr. Myers has not
yet finished his fail inspection of the
200,000 sheep of Umatilla county, and
be will proceed at once to the completion
of this official work.
Crowds to Hear Moody.
Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 12.--Iwight
L. Moody, the evangelist, who began an
eight-day revival service here today,
spoke to 30,000 people at Convention
hall this afternoon and evening. Four
thousand people were unable to gain
Col. Hays Takes Him Army Believed
to Be Surrounded Defeat and
Disease Utterly Broken Filipino
Manila, Nov. 13. General Young is
supposed to have readied San Nicholas,
about thirty miles east of Hagupan, but
his wagons are far behind. Colonel
Hayes has captured Aeuinaldo's secre
tary, and Majjr Coleman is in Carrang
ian with an escort of 17") bolomen on
his way to the province of NuevaVisaya.
A son of General Llaneras and bis family
are prisoners. The geueral barely es
caped. A correspondent cf the Associated
Press with General Ycnng telegraphs
from San Joso tiiat Aguimildo did not
escape to the northwest. He and bis
army, tiie correspondent adds, are sur
rounded. His last order to the Filipino
co.nmander at San Jose were to hold
San Jose and Carranglan at all costs.
Tub receut er. counters were toi one
sided to be cai cd fights. Insurgents
are mortally afraid of the Au.ericans,
however strong thtir position.. They
made but brief and leclile rtsrstar.ce,
and run when the terrible American
yell reaches their ears, hereupon the
Americans pursue them and slay them.
The ni ir-l i fl' ci ol the 1 -w that
UO.OOO troo s are tin their way here has
been unquestionably great. Insurgents
are suffering more from di-eaBe than from
the America.iit, owing to poor food, lack
of medicines, and a filthy hospital, with.
the result that there ia great mortality
among them. General l.aa ion has inter
cepted a teiegram from an insurgent
captain to a Filipino general, reading:
"How can you blame me for retreating,
when only twelve of my company were
able to light?"
Wasiiixuton Nov. 13 The folk w ing
dispatch from Goneral Oti was received
at the war department to-lay :
"Manila, In MacArthur's ndvsnce,
the Thirty-sixtti volunteers and cavalry
troops under Bell entered Tarlac at 7:10
p. in., yesterday. The enemy fl-?d, but
l y latair MacArlhur succeeded in getting
forward lo Cainsya all artillery and
quartermasters' transportation, snd will
have command in Tarlac today. His ad
vance is pushing forward to save at
much of the railroad as possible, which
the enemy is trying to destroy in the re
treat. Many d-sertert Irom the eneu y
passed into MacArthnr's liivs,
some thirty rifK-s yesterday. In-urgent
in that section aie reported to be short
of provisions.
"Lawtou is pushing forw ar.I w ith gr- at
energv, his advance being ob'iged lo
leave behind ail transportation and de
pend to a great extent upon the cm i. try
for subsistence."
LaGrippe, with its alter elfects, annu
ally destroy thousands of ptopir. It
may be quickly cured by One Minute
Cough Cure, the only remedy that
produces immediate results in cou.'hs,
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vent." consumption. Butler Prtig Co.