The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, November 08, 1899, PART 1, Image 1

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ilil Cfr
NO. 7
Rl'ilOli NOT
U Laivsmiib Has Been IcTcMcd
Might Be Possitile.
Out j l i n White II J Retreated
British War Office lonlsta Tbrre
d Xeva of Further llocr
Nov. 3. While there It
habit Iiitk In aaaniue that the liawt i.l
Br victories emanating from tin
Continent f n not be true hecatiae o( I lt
eoorthip, !)) (act I forgotten that
foreign g'Vernniente ara fully privileged
toMndand receive cipher tiiegr In
ml frutu their representative In 1 1
Wljile tli wiret to Ladytiullh ara nil,
Iht optimism of Ilia war bltlclalf to even
balitve that Ltdytnillt) wat com pletely
inverted or Co'nnto capluted, epara to
b ju.tificd, aa tlilt morning It wat
Married lhal tlia railroad Is allil opvn,
lliuogh traffic has been cuuducled with
tti irratpit notion.
What, however, wat only rumor
yttterday evening, It It claimed may t
a raalitr at any mutuant, a General
Joubert with hit large and' wonderfully
aoblt force, It expected la detach a for cv
uf several thousand uitn anj make a
dnh at tli railroad. Romort of all klmla
rt tiiriilng np liar. It la tven aertcd
that General W hit haa been compelled
to fall hack on IVterinarltsburg, leaving
hit wounded behind.
Prola'ily inch ramort have their origin
in roliiTiiui o( tlia ouiiuout tilanea
which preceded tlia evacuation ol
Dundee, llut.on tha other hand. It la
sttrrled ilia conditions ara altered ami
th v ii n a teeru uiort than equal
to tlia artillery of tha Boers, thin en
hancing lha dilllculty of any assault or.
Ilia Hiiinh lines.
L.Mhix, Nov. s Tha war offlra thlt
afiri.o,n, replying to Inquiries, aaM
that no iiihiriiiatlon had been received
tliaraol (re.ii l;IM.r movements at(.'oleneo
0' elwwhera. The nfllclalt were not
aaare il tha railroad to I.adytiiiith wat
lotact or not.
Report of Uot-r Losses.
Lni.x, N,v. S. Belated dispatches
If u in tha llrilirh camp ! I.aI yiiiHlh ail I
lill'a Inlorniation r tj rtl i ri ai Monda"'t
fight except estimate of tlia Iloer loates,
hich ara now aalj to be ninety-five
killed ami 200 wounded, mostly victimt
ol artillery shells, which hava wrought
"n il Rival liavoe that it la tald General
Joubert hat wrltteo A letter to General
Whita, Ilritiah cujiiaiandvr, proteatiiift
tlia n.a of lydjite.
Arcording to all account! , the preaenre
at I.ailytinith of longrranga naval (una
nd the aplemlij ahooting of tha blue
irkp, have materially Improved the
trillion of the Brltiati. A temporary
rrii,ti-e wat declared Monday evening,
to allow the collection of dead and
oil tided.
A Cajie Town dlapatch report! the re
P"l" of the Itoert by the llrltltli yec
terilay, Arrrted fur Kurglary.
Eu-a-Kanmo, Waah., Nov. 2. A tele
fiu wat received from FherllT Brown,
tCle Klum, thlt afternoon, aaylqg he
d arreated a man on tnaplcion of be
lnU ll robber of the Hehinke jewelry
lore hare yesterday. The flloiv had
"''I a waich or two and a few rtngt.
il:lm Kahmke at once drove op, a
litnre of twenty-five mller, and tele
l'pl,rd back that ha had Identified the
jowelry. Thit ia all that It known that
f". but the mppoaition la that all ol
"r1y all the alolea property bat been
Free Deliver) fur Baker.
I!"t City, Or., Nov. 3. Baker
Ciiy'e free delivery lyetem, to aniioualy
'"it walled for by all, will lie Inatigu
'ed Nov. 10. Three carriert bave been
ri'ointed, Walter Mecham, Charlea
Kl''nnr and Koy Corev, with 11. Corey
"'tra man.
Blizzard In St. Loui.
sr. I.OI M, Nov. 2. A veritable blit
rd reached here today. Fnow began
Mling eary n tlt morning, tut melted
fl at It fill. The mow wai ac
compani-d by high , and a le.
e!drd droit In the ti.i,i.raliiie.
Fniijlit tara Are Tuo Few.
I'a.M.l.inoM, N. .-Sblppert are con
ttanlly railing lor car., and they ara
nowada)t being denia.l them, an much
to tha regret ol the railroad nfliclala ai
to the Inconvenience of tlm ahipper.
Wool Indu.tilea, lumU-r inillr, liveHork and all clunaet of activitiea in
thlt Inland Kinpira are calling fur cam,
and the ilemaud apneam to U lar in .
cett of the anpply. Thia ia true with
regard to th vlieat lying untold, and
not moving from tho warehoux't of 1(H)
lownta'ongll.eO. It. AN. and Wa.hing.
ton A Ciluiiibia K.ver and
One linn of fuel dealertin I'eudlcton
hat IJOOcordnof wood pileil up at Meach-a-r
, ready for the market, it)i adMiiaul
preoaing in the ektri'iiie, and yet they
era compelled yeeterday to refu a re
'uel f.,r filtv tonla to one ruttomer,
merely hi iiia they were unahlu to pro
VUie cart in ahich to nhip.
Fatally Injured In I'uotb.ill Came.
IMii imi, Cat., Nov. I Kroru the ef
fecta of liijiirii-a enttained In tho Inter
c!at game of f.tolhail on the college
cariipiie at tho ntata linivernty lale ye
irrilay afierii'Hui, Jr. Nurrit Hick, a
rnlor itudent In the college ol mining,
died In thit city today, lluaal tlrurk
in the neck while making a hard tackle,
and the Idow ellVcted hit apine, for
paraiytit followed Innlantly.
The Amci icaa Lossc Sliijht Rebels
Lost Heavily in Killed, Wounded
and Ciplurcd'. American Loss, One
Killed, Two Wounded., Nov. 3. The war de
partment haa received the follow ins;
cablegram :
"Manila On November 1, Lieutenant
Slavena and eighteen men reennnoitered
in MacAithiir'a front, and elriick forty
or more intrenched Inturgentn. They
Immediately attacked and difperned
them, killing three and wounding a
number. No caenaltiea.
"Yetterday, in l.awton'a advance at
Aliago, he ttrnck the enemy both wct
ami touth ol the city. Bataon't .Macleb
erout. reconnollerii.g auiith, ttruck the
Inturgeiita in ambih. Lieutenant Hou
Iclle arm killed and one tcout wounded.
ILitaon routel the enemy, and left "even
dead In the thli kett.
"Yeaterday Hell, of the Thirty-tilth
volunteer", with regiment an I tro; of
the Fourth cavalry, cleared the country
of all armed Innurgenta from Florida
ltlanca toa connlderableiiittance beyond
I'orac, purtuing them into the mountain",
capturing nine of their cavalry force",
teveral gun", contlderabie property,
killing, wounding and capturing a
number of the enemy. The Inturgenta'
cavalry of that aection ia practically
deelroyed. Boll'a catnalties were one
man killed and two wounded. OTIS."
It will not be a turpriue to any who
are at all familiar with the good qnalitiea
of Chaiulerlain'a Cough liemedy, to
know that people everywhere take
pleasure In relating their experience in
the ute of that aplcndld medicine and
in tailing of the benefit they have re
ceived from It, of bad It has cured,
of threatened atlackt of pneumonia It
bat averted and of the children It hat
taved from attacka of croup and whoop
ing cough. It It a grand, good medicine.
For aale by Biakelev A Houghton, drug-
glata. .
Tare ahunt.
There will be a turkey and pigeon
thoot on the beach Wedneeduy and
Thuraday, Nov. 2!Uh and 30th, conducted
by A. Y.'Marah and Iiiaao JiileJ. td-d.
Clarke A Fa Ik have a full and com
pete line of houe, carriage, wagon and
bain painlt manufactured by Jamct K.
1'atton, of Milwaukee, Witconain.
Mr ! -'- rr.TZWrnr.ii i imThia
..K.lkltK.I. "'T", ..u.B.llv !"'
- u r m MAN H n' '' .
I,. nr. or l..r..; ' - "
';i7r;V;V,mr."i m y
,..i ' ; "
....... - '-'"'" Te." 7. :..
Csmplctc Investment of Lsiysmifo iy
lbs Eocrs.
Juuhcrt'a Force Open Fire on General
White' Camp, and a Terrible
Artillery Duel Is in Progress.
Iimjon, Nov. 4. The war office bat
i'aoed the following announcement:
"The colonial oflice hat received In
formation to the effect that the BritUh
troopt have w ithdrawn from Colensoar.d
have concentrated further touth, but we
have no newt of any engagement In
that neighborboo I."
Tne evacuation of Colenro It un
doubtedly a mo"t "eriont matter for the
t'rltith in Natal, aa it not only teatiflet
to the complete inveatment of Ladytmith
by the Boer", hut maket the relief of
(irneral Sir (ieorge Stewart White an
extremely dillicult operation. Colento
it the point where the railway from
l.adyruiitli cro"ea lie Tugela river,
which It li tw In II xid.
The teriou'snefa of the evacuation,
however, liet in the (act that Command-aut-(ieneral
Joubert, while comoletely
inventing Sir (ieorgn White at Ladyamith
can teige thit Tugela bridge, and, if be
hat "ullicient trooa, can detach a force
and mnd it southward on Fietermaritz
burg, and, In any carte, by deatioying
the bridge and railway, can preveot any
relief expedition reaching Sir George
White for tome time.
Military men optimistically predict
that deneral Joubert will wilhdraw from
Natal immediately Sir Bed vera Buller't
force en ten the Orange Free 8iate, but
the later cannot be far on bit way, for
a lea-1 three or four weekt, and even
fien Cieneral Joubert may not decide to
intercept tho Britiah on the Free State'a
open veldt, which would tint the
Ilriliuh admirably, but be limy wait
until the last moment, and then proceed
by train back to Pretoria and take up
ttrong defentive potilione on the range
of hiila lying In front of Johantieabiirg
and Pretoria. Thus General Joubert
might remain in Natal aeveral weekt
lonuer endeavoring to force Sir George
White into capitulation, the dettruction
of the Tnge'a river bridge helping him
in cutting off Britirh relief.
Moreover, another -Bier force it re
ported to bave marched through Zulu
land in the direction of Ihirban and al
ready to have reached tho Natal frontier.
Tim", it will be teen the poaition in
Natal, taking Into consideration a
poatible n prising of the ditaffected Dutch,
it much disquieting, and, In fact, may
be described at critical. British rein
forcement! in any event cannot reach
Pin bin before the end of next week.
Also Required to Pay a Fine of One
Thousand Dollars.
Pendi ktos. Or.. Nov. 4. Judge Low
ell thit morning pasted tentence upon
Kdwin L. Mlui". convicted of man-
alaughter in tho killing of J. Henry
Miller on the night of August 23, I8SW,
in Millert'e saloon. The detente bad
moved the court for a new trial, and for
.ettinir aside of the verdict, setting up
the finding of new evidence, and the
fact that the jury bad merely coin
promised in reaching a verdict and In
timating that the jury, Instead of con
tidering the rlghta of thedelendent, bad
been actuated by motives of economy in
saving the county further expense,
which would be incurred in c"e of a
disagreement. Thit motion, Judge
Iiwell denied.
Tune for passing si ntence having been
waived by the defendant, Judge I.owc!l
pronounced the judgment of tho court,
which was tlmt be be confined in the
ttato penitentiary for a term of five
years, and that he won to pay a fine of
Mima v.t l"n remanded in the
custody of the sheriff, and the Minis
case, the most celebrated ever tried in
Katlern Oregon, wat at an end, unlett
an appeal shall be taken to the supreme
Predicts a Plurality of Not Less Than
Fifty Thousand for Judge Nash.
Coi.t'Miics, O., Nov. 4. Chairman
Dick, of tin Republican ttate committee,
tonight gave out the follow ing statement,
forecasting tho result of the election in
"The situation it entirely satisfactory
from a Republican standpoint. The larg
est Tote ever polled In a state campaign
will be cast, approximating iloO.OOO. (kin
ceding Mr. Jonea from 75.000 to 100,000
votes. Judge. Nath'a purality will not tie
lest than 50.000 in the ttate. The legisla
ture will be Republican in both
Chairman Seward, of the Democratic
committee, hat to far declined to make
any statement.
Democrats Ignore Silver.
Chicago, Nov. 4. The Chronicle, will
"The first nninbcr of the Democratic
National Bulletin, the weekly publica
tion of the Democratic national com.
in it tee, will appear today, under the
auspices of its new editor, Sam B. Cook.
It will be chiefly remarkable for its
failure to dincust the silver question,
except in one or two unimportant para
graph", which were Inserted to ju-tify
"Thearticlet which it will contain will
deal altogether with trust! and imperial
ism, and it it understood to be Mr. Cook's
policy to limit the discussion of public
questions in the Bulletin to these two
issues and matter affecting the national
administration, so long at be petforms
the duties of editor.
"The significant thing about the omis
sion of silver articles from the Bulletin
ia that Mr. Cook it supposed to be acting
under orders from the chiefs of the na
tional committee. He said vee'erday,
in speaking of hit work at editor: 'I
will endeavor, in preparing matter for
publication in the Bulletin, to represent
faithfully the Ideas ol a majority of the
members of the national committee. The
object of the Bulletin w ill be ' i dissemin
ate ideas on current questions that are
likely to be features of the next national
campaign.' "
List of Those That Are Slated Six
States Elect Governors All Eyes
on Ohio.
Chicago, Nov. f. Elections will be
held in twelve states tomorrow : Ohio,
Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Maryland
and Massachusetts will elect governors
and other state officers; Nebraska a
judge of the supreme court and two re
gents of the state university; Penn
sylvania a treasurer and judges of the
supreme and superior courts; South
Dakota three justices of the supreme
court; New Jersey and Virginia legis
lature!. In New York itate, member! of the
lower branch of the legislature are to be
choeen. County and judicial officers are
to be elrcted in four counties of Greater
New York.
There are five tickets in Ohio, five in
towa, tix in Kansas, two in Mississippi,
three in Nebraska, two in South Dakota,
three in Maryland, five In Pennsylvania
and five In Massachusetts. In Kansas
and Colorado, connty officert are to be
elected, and municipal elections .will be
held In San Francisco, Salt Lake, New
Orleans and IH'troit.
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(Man, BotkMk I (otmw M nlitUt. Ulwil
Toward Piteraaritz-am Enelist Giy
ici Atteatisn la Gea. Jaabert.!
Such a Movement is Regarded as More
Daring Than Shermm'sjMarcb to
the Sea.
Losdqm, Nov. 6. The movement of
Boert in Cape Colony is beginning to
awaken British fears that they bave
greatly underestimated tho forces tbey
will have to meet, and thatjGeneral
Buller't tak it not to easy as antici
pated. It is becomicg appareot that all
British Cdlcultiti'jnsl'jised on the loyalty
of the population are hopelessly at tea,
or there hat been a very serious leakage
o(, Dutch sympathizers from Natal and
Cape Colony.
Otherwise there is no accounting for
the large forces of burghers reporteil
from all directions. The war office is
consequently being urged t3 bave more
troops in readiness for all poesible de
mands. Londjn, Nov. 6. An immense weight
was lifted from the pubiic mind by the
brief dispatch published this morning
by which the continental ttories of dis
aster at Ladysmtth were proved to be
false, although the dispaU-h itself re
vived anxiety of the timid in another
direction, as it indicated that General
White, Instead of sitting quietly and
acting only on the defensive, as it is
held in many quarters he ought to do,
persists in making sorties and risking
another Nicholsen'j Nek disaster.
Generally, however, the cheery tone
of the dispatch showing there is no
anxiety at Ladremith as regards the
ability of the beleagtued garrison to
bold its own, has had an excellent effect
on the country. From the fact that
White Is able to take the offensive and
shell the Boer camp, it seems I.adysimiu
is not so closely besieged as was sup
posed. Not much importance, however, is
attached to the shelling of the Boer
laager, as the war office no confir
mation of the story that the Orange
Free Staters' camp at Bestera has been
captured. Were this true, it might have
considerable effect on the future atti
tude of the Orange Free State, w hich is
not so directly concerned in the conflict
as the Transvaal.
Tbeevacuation of Coleneoand reported
withdrawal of the British from Storm
burger is still unexplained. The former
may be due to either the B.ier artillery
rendering the place untenable or to the
fact that pressure elsewhere, possibly at
Piteriuaritzhurg, has necessitated con
centration at the threatened point of all
available troops. With regard to Storm-
berg, it is claimed that if it turns out to
be true that the place has been evacuated
it may either be due to impossibility at
present of providing an adequate garrison
to defend such important tuppliet against
Boer raids, or to a change in Butler's
plans, whereby General Menhulne's
division will be landed at Dunham to
relieve General White.
If the latter plan is decided on, the
nearest available ttoret are at Stormlierg
and the quickest method ol making the
necessary provision for advance will be
to railroad these stores to Etet London,
whence they would reach Durban before
the first tionpship.
News of a Big Engagement is Expected
at Any Moment, and Sanguine
0f!iiials Assert That War May Be
Ended by the Close of the Present
Nkw York, Nov. fi. A sjecial to the
; Herald from Washington lays: With
; forces aggregating more than 30,000
j lighting men, Generals Lawton, Mc-
Artbur i d Wheaton tie now closing in
on Agulnaldo's army. General Otis
set November 5 and 0 as the dates for
commencing the campaign "all along;
the line," and the war department has
information today that th programme
Is being carried out. General Otis' dis
patches are optimistic in the highest
degree, and the r fficia's aro predictirg
that the rebellion will tie cru ihed before
the end of the present month, and that
important victories will be announced
within a few days.
New Yobk, Nov. 6. A special to the
Herald says :
Tho military situation was tbus ana
I) 7..-d toi'ay riy an official familiar with
General Otis plan of operation, as re
ported to the war department-
"Aguinaldo, with his army greatly re
duced, owing to recent disintegrations,
it at Bayauibang, twenty miles north of
Tarlac, which wat his headquarters and
the objective of l.awton'a and Mac
Arthur's armies np to a fortnight ago.
"General MacArthnr moves north
ward along the railroad to Uayambang.
General Lawton moves northward from
Culanatuan as bit base' and with columns
terving to the right and left to sweep
the country to the Rio Ano river, and
to bead off Aguinaldo'a escaps to the
mountains through Rio Agno valley.
"General Wheaton moves southward)
from Dagnpan to Bayam'r.ang. His move
ments up to this time have leer kept
from the public, bat now that the cam
paign is in pn gress, I am at liberty to
mention that be beaded an expedition
sent out on transports for the Gulf of
Lingayen last week. The navy's task
was to shell the tewesonthe sontberm
part of the gulf, so as to effect the tafe
landing of his expedition.
"Unless Aguinaldo has etciped to the
eastward through the R'o Agno valley,
he ought to be caught between General
Wheaton's forces from the north and)
General MacArthur'e from the sontbt
within the next forty-eight hi urs, as
Piyambang, where he is supposed to he
Iceated, is lees than twenty miles from
Dagupan and about forty u.iie-t fr. ia
Ilia l.lfo Vt aa Sai rl
Mr. J. E. Lilly, a prominent citizen
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Hobact Growing Weaker.
Patterson, N. J., Nov. 3. Although)
Vice-President Hobart is resting easy
this morning, it is admitted he ia
gradually grow ing weker. His failure
to take nourishment n sufficient quan
tities is responsive f-T l.i.
t'acd By K.,i.iirr ia Aft lea
Capt. C. (. Dennisoti is well known
all over Africa as commander of the
forces that captured tire famous rebel
Galishe. Under date of Nov. 4, 184)7.
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