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Millions Against Cbicazo
Claim New York Can Slaughter Beef as
Well as Chicago Millions Quickly
Raised For the Purpose of Estab
lishing a Mammoth Slaughter
House in New York.
Saw York, Aug. 23. The executive
committee of th retail butchers' pro
tective association met last night to con
sider means to fight the Chicago whole
talers. Tbey decided to recommend the
raising of a fund of $5,000,000. Of this
tarn $3,000,000 In to be raised by the re
tailers themselves and $2,000,000 by pop
ular subscription at $1 a ehare with a
maximum holding by any one person of
twenty shares. When the committee
went into session, it hud pledged sub
scriptions of $700,000. When it had
finished this had been increased to (1,
000,000. President Wagner said that
there was no doubt whatever that the
atire ft.OOO.OOO will be quickly raised
by the retailers in New York alone.
President Wagner says the pries is not
filed by the market conditions, but by
caprice. Wagner also declare that 60
percent of the slaughtered beef is avail
able or food supply and the rest has to
be disposed of for various usee, but little
it lost. He says this city is more favor
ably situated for the profitable produc
tion of this product than any of the
Western cities. He says cattle can be
shipped here and more economically
slaughtered and placed on the market
tban in any other city In the country. It
is asserted by the retailers that there are
available here for slaughterers more
than 3000 men who have been compelled
for different causes to leave the butcher
business and get into some more profit
able calling.
When asked what ti nth there was In
the minor that John Rockerfeller, Will
iam C. Whitney and other great capital
ists had offered help to fight the truBt,
Wagner said a committee was now try
ing to meet Mr. Rockerfeller, but he is
out of the city and has not been accessi
ble. Wagner diil not know what Mr.
Whitney intended to do. He rays a
number of wealthy cattle rofn have
agreed to come forward the moment the
renture takes tangible shape and take
large blocks of the stock. President
Wagner said the executive committee
oold not yet recommend site, but
that a majority of the members favor
war blocks that have been offered in
wng Island City. Mr. Kahn prophesied
mat the "trust" would be asking for
wnns in a very short time.
JJulli President Wuirner and Mr. Kahn
laughed at the claim of the trust that it
has to pay more for cattle now and that Is
ihe cause of the riee la the prices of its
meats. Both sny the stockraisers are
ooniplaining bitterly that they are
piling none of the benefit of the higher
prices, but that on the contrary
y are at the mercv of thu trust, which
"iy any is scaling down the prices for
"ones Larrabea Killed at Buffalo
Hump, Idaho.
Piston, Idaho, August 24. Word
"chJ here today of the murder of
j I-rrbee, a saloon-keeper at
0 ""'np, by James Long, A miner,
,',Iay evening. The men had qunr
iJ in a gambling game, but It was
"Wuht they settled the difficulty arai
A ,e minutes later Larrabee
to CH ,k"1 out of the lent ,a,oon
o'her, both apparently In good hu.
or- It is said that when thev reached
outside Long stabbed Larrabee
,.'ee; 0n8 of the wounds penetrated
"ilneya from the back. Long was
'"wlth drink at the time. Larra-
dll Welnesday afternoon. Long
arrived at Mount Idaho, the cmnty seat,
Ust tvrning and gave himself up." Lar
rabee was well-known in North Idaho,
having worked as hotel clerk and bar
keeper in various towns. Hi aged
mother lives at West Superior, Wis.
Long lias followed the occupation of mi
ner in Idaho county for Beveral years.
When Dewey Will Arrive.
New York, Aug. 24. Acting Mayor
Gujigenheimer today received the fol
lowing cablegram from Admiral Dewey:
'Villefrar.che, Aug. 24 Randoluh
Goggenheirner, Acting Mayor: Will
arrive Thursday, 2S:h, as requested.
This will enable the reception com
mittee to hold the naval parade Friday
aim the land parade Sativrday and ob
viate the necessity of having a day inter
vene between the two parades.
San Domingan Revolutionists Winning.
Cape Haytien, Aug. 25. Severe fight
ing took place yesterday and Wednesday
in the neighborhood of Monte Christi,
Santo Domingo, between the govern
ment forces and revolutionists. It is
said that the former lost very heavilv.
while the latter, owing to the advanta
geous positions occupied, suffered only
a slight loes. 1 he revolutionists are re
ported as continuously receiving rein
forcements. SHIFTING OF
Many of the Celebrities W ill Soon Get
a Chance to Lead Quiet Life Once
New Yor.rc, Aug. 25. A special to the
Herald from Washington says: No word
has come from Admiral Sampson as to
when he desires to be relieved from the
command of the North Atlantic squad
ron. Immediately upon the return of
the Chicago to New York on October 5,
Rear-Admiral Howieon will be relieved
to await retirement. Captain A. S.
Baiker, who succeeded Admiral Dewey
as commander-in-chief of the Asiatic
station, will be ordered to duty in Wash
ington. Captain P. II. Cooper, com
manding the Chicago, may be detached
and given shore duty.
Leave will also be given to Captain B.
P. Lain barton, commanding theOlympia,
and to other officers of Admiral Dewey's
flagship. Immediately after the Dewey
celebration, Captain Henry Taylor, com
manding the Indiana, will he relieved
and succeeded by Captain F. W. Dickens,
acting chief of t ho bureau of navigation.
Captain F. H. Chadwick, commanding
the New York, will probably remain in
command of the vessel until Admiral
Sampson Is relieved.
Captain C. I Sigsbee, of the Texas,
will also be shortly relieved. Captain
C. J. Barclay, commanding tho monitor
Amphitrite, will be
few weeks.
detached within a
In the Philippines Crew of Saturnus
Said to Have Been Murdered.
London, Aug. 25. The Labuan corre
spondent of the Ruter Telegraph Com
pany cables that reliable news received
there direct from Manila says an in
describable state of anarchy prevails.
The Americans, according to these ad
vices, occupy a radim of 100 miles there.
Aronnd the town of Ilo Ilo they occupy
a radius of nine miles, and around Cebu
they occupy a small radius. The rest of
the country, it is said, is in the hands ol
tho Filipinos.
The correspondent also says It is re
ported the Filipinos mnrdered tho crew
of the steamer Satnrnns. The Saturnus,
of the Compania Maritime, coanuna
under the American flag, was beached
under the Insurgent trenches at San
Fernando and burned August 2.
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T Herat Attli-AiiEricai Alliance,
sis Will Mil.
Has Distorted Facts and Suggested Bad
Motiv.cs Tuppcr Has Misrepre
sented In His Recent Inter view
. and Caused Considerable Dissatis
faction at the United States
London, Aug. 26. Upon authority of
unbounded reliability, aieporterof the
Associated Frees has ascertained that
Into the Alaska dispute there has crept
the craftiness of Russian diplomacy.
Russia, it can be stated, will do every
thing, with every possible energy, to pre
vent the practical cohesion of the two
great English-speaking nations. In all
her embassies, instructions have been
received to thwart the Anglo-American
understanding. A prominent diplomat,
who is intimately acquainted with the
details of the negotiations of the past few
years, said to a reporter of the Associated
Press :
"In any arrangement looking to a
working agreement between England
and the United States, Russia sees the
defeat of her dearest projects. I believe
her intense activity in China is to no
small extent due to her fear that Anglo-
Saxon power, once realized, w ill sweep
everything beforo it in the far East.
Dreading the rapid realization of this
nightmare, she is making hay while the
suu shines, in the meantime intriguing
to the utmost to tie the hands of those
who are working to materialize Anglo
American sentiment. The later evidence
of this is in the Alaska affair.
"Though, strictly speaking, it is a mat
ter of internal politics and would have
been settled long ago if left solely to
Great Britain and the United States,
Russia has managed to suggest motives
never dreamed of by America, by dis
torting facts. It is impossible for me to
divulge exactly how, or to what extent
Russia got her paws into the dispute.
But the attitude of her press, official to
the oore, is quite sufficient to ehow her
The caustic remarks of Sir Charles
Tupper, formerly Canadian high com-
mibsioner, in ah interview with a repre
sentative of the Associated Press, had
with him August 18, when he said the
United States was purposely delaying
the settlement of the Alaeka dispute on
account of the pecuniary bcuefit accuring
to miners and coast cities through fhe
delay, and had refused to have the
boundary delimited, as was being done
in Ventzuela, created considerable dia
latisfaction at the United States
Itwaac'aimed there that Sir Chatl
Tupper quite misrepresented the facts;
that tho dilatorinesa was entirely due to
the Canadians.
Accident to His Launch Startled
Him He Is Now Wholly Inca
pacitated for Duty.
Washington, Aug. 20. The Army
and Navy Register says:
Recent advices from Manila mention
the illness of Admiral Watson as a source
of great anxiety to his officers. The III-
nes is an rffect of an accident which
occurred to his launch while he was on on Julv 11. The Baltimore, his
flagship, has been for some time at Ca-
vlto, leaving Manila so as to escape the
full force of the typhoons. Requiring
to make a trip up tho river, the admiral
started In his launch.
A strong wind was blowing, and the
launch, the Undine, went under the
bridge over the river, known as the
Bridge of Spain, the strong current
aided br the wind set against the little
boat, and she was taken out of her
course and thrown against a hawser from
a sailing vessel. This rope carried away
the awning, and, striking the smoke
stack, took that also. Admiral Watson,
sitting in the forward part of the launch
ami witnessing the full danger of the
accident, showed no conscious appear
ance of having ben startled excessively
by the occurrence or in any way of hav
ing suffered by it.
Later, however. In fact, btfere his re
turn to the flagship, serious heart trouble
developed, and In consequence he was
regarded as extremelv ill np to the date
of the letters of the 17th. No one but
his physician is allowed access to him
and all business of the fleet is forbid
Bryan Still Talking Silver.
Kansas City, Aug. SC. Hon. W. J
Bryan stopped here between trains while
en route to Denver, today.
''I shall continue to discuss silver,"
said Mr. Bryan in response to a repor
ler s query, adding: "There was a story
from Des Moines recently that I was
putting silver In the background. Iam
not. I will not. I was Incorrectly re
ported. Silver will be placed alongside
of the other great issues, and it will be
given its due share of consideration.
stand by the Chicago democratic plat
form. When a new baby is born In
household the parents do not expel the
other children. Because the democratic
party is making a fight on imperialism,
militarism and trusts is no reason why
we should send from our household nn
older child. We should gather all these
children into our arms and fight for
Verdict of the Pendleton Coroner's Jury
in Miller Case.
Pendleton, Or., Aug. 2d. The coro
ner e jury today returned a verdict, in
the inqueBt over the body of J. Henry
Miller, of murder in the fiiBt degree,
which crime they charged againBt Edwin
L. Mims. Miller was shot in his saloon
Wednesday night by Mims, and died at
3:30 Friday morning. An autopsy by
Dr. N.E.J. Smith and Dr. J. Nichols
established the fact of Miller's death
from the wound, and witnesses examined
today at the Inquest related the factB of
the killing. Mims has been held on a
charge of assault with a dangerous
weapon, without bail. Upon the return
of the verdict, a warrant lor Minis ar
rest on a charge of murder in the first
degree was issued. The original case
was dismissed, and Mims was arraigned
on the new charge. The extmiuation
was set for Tuesday next.
Edwin L. Mims is a son-in-law of Will
iam F. Matlock, ex-senator from. Uma
tilla county. He has been a practitioner
of the local bar for three years, and
served as deputy internal revenue col
lector during Cleveland's administration
under Henry Blackman.
Mims' statement to the press was that
ho shot Miller in self-defenee, and that
Miller was beating him so severely that
he was convinced Mi ler might kill him.
He asserts that Miller was enraged at
Mims' alleged attempt to undermina
him in his business.
Killed By His Brother.
Salem, Aug. 20. Tho 0-year old son
of a farmer named Wiley, residing two
miles south of Salem, was accidently
killed by his 11-year old brother, late
this afternoon, while playing at blasting
stumps. Ihe older boy was cutting a
notch in a stump in which to place "dy
namite," when his brother ran around
the stump and tripped and tell with his
hea l in the notch. Tho ax wielded br
the older boy struck him in the head,
crushing his skull. He died a few min
utes later.
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Tbe Elder Chartered.
Washington, Aug. 21. The war de
partment hat chartered the steamship
George W. Elder, at Portland. She has
capacity of COO men, and is tea ty to
sail for Manila as soon as loade I. I
Makes the food more
pKtVeil fWarWMI
Rcmartail! Escaies Frsm tie Inmn
But Through Heroic Efforts of the Sisters
Only Four Deaths Resulted From
the Conflagration.
New Yokk, Aug. 2S. The entire group
of buildings with the exception of the
hospital which comprised the convent of
St. Ignatius and the orphanage in charge
of t!:e Dominican sisters situated near
Sparkill, Rockland county, were burned
early today and as far as known four
lives were lost and many were injured,
two of wlin will probably die.
The fire started in tho lavatory at the
northwest corner of the group of build
ings, i.ine In number. It soon com
municated to building No. 1, occupied by
older boys, Tho lads were awakened
and rushed out. Word was unicklv
passed through the nine buildings and
the sisters in charge each soon had all
the occupants of the dormatoriea out of
bed. The work of getting tbe children
out of the building) was heroically done
by the sisters, assisted by some nurses,
as well as many of the older boys. The
alarm was telephoned to tho nearest
towns but when thvj fire company from
Piermcnt arrived, all but the hospital
buildings had been demolished.
All children were taken out alive, but
two little tots died from convulsions after
rescue. An aged woman nurse known
as Jane is supposed to have perished in
the building. Theresa Murphy, 10 years
of age, epcaped but went back to save a
baby ond perished. Six of the nistois
jumped from the second, third andfourth
floors of the building, but only one, Sister
Bertrind, was seriously injured; Sister
Marie is severely burned ; Sister Cather
ine had an arm broken : Sister Sienna
who aesisted in the work of rescue,
showing wonderful cm rage, collapsed
after the children were gotten out and
remained unconscious several hours.
Sister Agnes had a miraculous escape
from injury, and possible death. After
climbing out of the fourth story window,
she took hold of a swinging shutter,
swung herself free of the building and
dropped to the ground without apparent
Injury. la all, there were 3:'6 children
in the building when the fire started.
Most of the children were sent to the
orphanage through the Gerry society
and police magistrates. All children and
sisters, as well as the wounded, are be
ing taken care of at the Blanvelt convent,
about two miles from the scene of the
About twenty-five children received
injuries, nono of which the doctors think
will prove fatal. It is believed tbe fire
was of incendiary origin. The propertv
losa is $100,000. '
Sells 0. R. 4 X. Stock.
New York, Aug. 27. It is learned on
excellent authority that the Northern
Pacific Companv, some time ago, dis
posed of its entire holdings of Oregon
Railroad & Navigation Company pre
ferred to a banking house In this city,
which is closely identified with Union
Pacific interests. The Oregon Short
Line, which is controlled by the Union
Pacific, is the owner of practically ail of
the common stock of the Oregon Rail
road & Navigation Company. The con
trolling interest of the p-eferred stock
of the latter corporation has been owned
jointly by the Union Pacific, Northern
Pacific and Great Northern, the holdings
of these two last being equal in amount,
but the Union Pacific holdings being
much larger than those of either of the
others. By the transfer of the North
ern Pacific's interest, it is understood
the Union Pacific secures control of tbe
preferre 1 stock of the Oreo i Railroad
delicious ond wholesome
ftftWTPft CO-, ftrw VCW.
& Navigation, the common stock of
which it already controlled through its
relations with the Oregon Short Line.
Arrival of the Boston.
San Fkancisco, Aug. 2d The cruiser
Boston arrived here today from Manila,
from which place she started June 8.
She was drydocked at Hong Kong, and
then went to Nagasaki and Yokohama,
leaving the latter place July 29 lor Hon
olulu, where she arrived August 0, mak
ing the record trip for a man-of-war be
tween Yokohama and Honolulu.
The Boston tailed from Honolulu on
the 11th Inst, having a smooth passage
during the entire voyage from Manila.
Advised Against Negro Regiment.
Washington, Aug. 20. The adminis
tration is in a quandary about the col
ored regiment. With a possible race war
in Georgia, in which United States troops
may be called out to disperse negro riot
ers, simultaneously with the organiza
tion of a negro regiment, the situation is
eomewhatgrotesque. Prominent South
ern men who support the administration
policy have advised against a colored
Fourth Man Succeeded in Escaping
San Francisco Welcomes the Home
coming of Her Boys.
Manila, Aug. 20. Four men of the
Twenty-third regiment, stationed at
Cebu, were ambushed by natives in the
hills and three were killed. The fourth
man succeeded lu making Lis escape.
Th) details are lacking.
Welcome to Californians.
San Francisco, Aug. 20. The popular
welcome of the California volunteers who
arrived Irom Manila on the transport
Sherman reached its climax tonight in a
parade which has scarcely ever been ex
ceeded in this city for size or picturesque
features. The crowds in the streets ex
ceeded by far those ever before called out
by any similar demonstration, tbo side
walks on many of tho principal thor
oughfares being practically impassable
for hours. The entire city was illumin
ated, thousand of eltctr c lamps being
swung acros- the etrerts, and the city
hall and ferry depot being outlined in
light. The parade started from the
northern end of Yanness avenue at an
early hour, but it was late before it
passed through the business section of
the city. Almost every civic and mili
tary orgainizition In this part of the
state wns represented hi the long line
which comprised tiie escort to the home
coming troops, and the hundreds of
thousands of spectators along thu line of
march were widely enthusiastic.
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Nebraska Cattleman Disappears.
Omaha, Au;. 27. A Bee special from
McCook, Neb., enys: "This section of
Nebraska is much stirred np over the
mysterious disappearance of Robert Barr
a prominent cattleman an 1 a bachelor.
Two weeks ago he left his boarding-
house, south of this city, saying lie would
return on the following morning. On
Thursday of the same week, his horse
was found saddle! and bridled a few
miles east of O'jerlin, Kan. Search for
the missing man was immediately begun
and continued for several days tut () fur
without iuccms."