The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, August 02, 1899, PART 1, Image 3

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The Weekly Gbroniele.
THfc KAIL"' -
""official fafkh or wasco coumtv.
fuUUhed in two parti, on Wednetdayt
and Saturday.
One year
Qix mouths
Tore months. . .
Advertising rate reasonable, and made known
an application.
A.l.lreos all communications to "Till CHRON
ICLE." The l;aUua, Oregon.
Saturday's Daily
Tbe East Oregoaiaa eays "Thomas
Harlao, of The Dalles, is in town. He
proposes t establish th Pacific Demo
crat, a weekly paper in Portland."
A ileaeant sorpriss was given Miss
Frances Prrott in fie shape of a very
enjoyable lawn party last evening at the
home of Miss Bessie Snipes, where she
is at present visiting.
The funeral of John Irvine took place
this morning at ti e Christian church,
Rev. Rushing conducting tho service.
Tha pall bearers were : Geo. Snipes, E.
P. Filz Gerald, G. A. Liebe, II. C. Niel
sen, John Micbeil and Emil Schanno.
Yesterday Sheriff Kelly went to Cas
cades for the purpose of levying on the
steam launch "Water Witch," fore
closing a chattle mortgage held by the
Cascade Construction Company. Fri
day, the 11th day of August, is set for
the sale.
The Dufur Dispatch tolls ns that "F,
C. Sexton, deputy sheriff of The Dil'es,
spent several diys in town working on
the Johnston burglary." Murder will
out, and burglary also; but we never
dreamed it of the sexton. Another
good man gone wrong.
Dottetive Ford arrived from Portland
last night and this morning returned
with the prisoners captured the night
before. They are wanted in Portland
for holding up and robbing a man. The
negro is a deeerter from the company
now stationed at Vancouver, having left
there Wednesday night.
The Dalles is again to loose Leslie
Butler as a resident, at least for a time,
as he has accepted a position In the
credit and collection department of
Wadhams &. Kerr Bros., wholesale
grocers. This firm is particularly
fortunate in securing the eervices of Mr.
Butler, who is a splendid business man
and thoroughly understand,) the grocery
List evening about 8:30 the sky
looked clouded, the lightning flashed in
the east nnd everyone imagined they
smelt rain in the air. Indeed, many
declare they felt a few drops. That
there should have been a good thunder
storm was too goud to be true, and all
indications soon passed away. The
lightning was probably what is termed
"heal lightning."
A Chicago paper says that members
of the girls' clubs of several southern
Kansas towns have resolved not to marry
a man unless lie served with the fa
mous Twentieth Kansas. They say they
re determined to keep their agreement
and that eooner than marry a man who
stayed nt home they. will remain single
all their lives. The girls ought to have
le't a loophole for escape, because the
fighting Kansans might have made other
me case of Jeff Walton, who is
charged with robbery from Johnston's
store at Dufur last Monday, is being
tried in Justice Bayard's court this
afternoon, Judge Bennett appearing
for the defense. Among the witnesses
who have been subpoenaed and are in
'he city are: T. II. Johnston, (Mar
round, lieorge Brown, Lindray Thomas,
Mrs. Ja. Wilson, Mrs. Bird, Mrs, Ilart
lett and Miss Margaret Covey. Up to
the time of going to press no dicision
had been reached.
The following tew books have been
added to the already largo collection at
the public library : "The Bough Riders,"
by Roosevelt; "Eipirita Santo," by
Skinner; "McTt ajue," by Norris, and
"Utniriiicencap," t2 vols) McCarthy.
Bummer is an excellent time to Join the
library as jou then have the advantage
of taking with you some good reading
you go on your vecation trips, for if
ou do n jt roturn in time to exchange a
Da-, filendi will do it for you, and thus
Jou reciiva much satisfsction therefrom.
The following letter is a rare example:
"My darlii,' Pevgy : I met yon last
light hu'. ym rever camel I'll meet
you again tonight whether you come or
whether you stop away. If I'm there
first ure I'll write my name on tho
We to tell ycu of it; and if it's you
that's first wliy rub It out, darhn', and
no one will be the wiser. I'll never
'iltobe at the tustin' place, Peggy;
ffi faith, I can't keep away from the
"pot whera jou are, whether you're
there or whether you're not. You're own
The arrangements recently made
hereby tha rut tic'uts to and from
he points along ti e river are good on
Saturday's afternoon train, Is good
one. It wag somewhat of an Incon
venience for those who wished to spend
Sunday with their friends at camp, to
compelled to leave on the early morn
lnH train and then be so late In return-
...,. ,uia arrangement win also give
them much more time in camp and a
good night's sleep away from the beat
which keeps one awake most oi the night
and makes them feel as little rested
when they arise as when they retired.
V believe there was an nr.iini-.
passed by the city cjuncl ordering all
bicyclists to carry a lantern when riding
at night. If such is the case it should
be enforced and if not law should be
passed. We cannot escape serious ac
cidents if the present state of affairs
continue. Last night five cyclists came
up Third 6treet abreast, none earn ing
any kind of a light uor seemingly having
bells on their wheels. It was by mere
chance that a 'bugy going down the
street paieed them, ai.they eonld not be
seen. Something should he done re
garding the matter before a serious uc- J
cidenl takes place
Coroner Hart and George Talmar came
over from Goldendale Thursday evening
iu mo n esmngton siue oi the river
where a body was fouud floating in the
river that day. No inquest was held
and yesterday the body was buried near
the place where it was found. The man
was about 35 years of age, and .vaa well
dressed. In his pocket was found a
letter, but the writing had been so
blurred that it could not be read. Many
have thought it mieht be one of the
Whitney brothers, who were drowned
in the Snake; but the description did
nit tally with the one given of Elmer
Whitney, whose body was not found.
From the immense crowds which
throng the boats every morning bound
for the seaside and numerous camping
places along the river, it would 6eem
that The Dalles would soon be entirely
deserted. However, a few of tho best ol
us slill remain to carry in the duties
lelt behind. Truly Dalles people are
fortunate in being an situated that in a
few hours they may be "far from the
maddening crowd" (of which we form
a part) and by the side of the sea or in
some cool mountain resort. Such trips,
too, are so inexpensive that it is within
the reach of all tornjoy the opportunity
afforded. We do not appreciate this
fact as we would were we for a few years
shut out in some of the inland cities of
the state, where, with a large majority,
it is impossible to make these enjoyable
Mcnduy's Dully.
J. L. Story, formerly of this city, has
purchased the R. E. Smith residence in
Union, and removed to the same. This
looks as if Mr. Story intended remaining
in Union.
Saturday evening J. B. Neeley was
arrested for being d. d. and d. and
when taken to the jail thoughtfully left
$3 with the marshal as bail for his ap
pearance today. He has not shown up
as yet, but his fine is thereall right.
Tbe Walton caso ended in acquittal of
the accused, evidence not being suffi
cient to convict him of the Dufur burg
lary. Judge Bennett and X. J. Sinnott
appeared for the defense, while Frank
Menefee was for tbe state.
Tygh Valley lias always had ths repu
tation of being a splendid place to go
for a few days sport fishing. This year
is not an exception; but as C. L. Phil
lips has iust returned, we would advise
others to wait until some more fish
have grown to a size large enough to
A large number of town people spent
the day yesterday on Mill creek. After
all plans had been made, the weather
turned cooler and although it was not
reallv necessary to leave on account of
the heat, the day was spent most pleas
antly under tho cool shade of the trees
along the banks of the creek.
Friday night the Budget building in
Astoria c une near burning to the ground
the tire starting from the txplosion of a
lamp. The Astoria-Herald offica occu
pied the upper story and Is a total wreck ;
while the Budget office down sUirs was
considerably damaged by water. The
damage will aggregato nearly $'.'000.
So much tcsineas is transacted be
tween Prinevilio and The Dalles, that
telephone connection with that place
was almost a necessity. This the Oregon
Telephone Co. has now accoiuplisiieu
an 1 this morning a "Hello" came over
their wires which was heard distinctly
at the office here. It win ue a great
cmvenienca to all our bminess men.
John C. Hertz, formerly of this city,
In connection with two other gentlemen,
has purchased the c'othing store ol
A. B. Steinb. ch & Co. In Salem, air.
Herts and his partner, Mr. Riely, will
superintend th business there, while
tho other partner will travel and pur
chase goods for the firm. John s menus
here wish hint will in Ms new enter-prise.
The Astoria railroal is now getting
.. . , I .i,l..-lIFill
excite 1 finn iraveioio w m c.
reap the benefit. SaMirlay afternoon
another reduction whs aim mo
rates are now as follow : Astoria to
Portland. M .20; round trip, $1.80; Port
land to Seaside, round trip, $1.30; Port
land to Flave1, roun 1 tup, fJ.lj; ori
land to Long Bead), round trip, JI M;
Portland to Ilwaco, round trip, fs.80.
From Mr. H. T. Curnm, who came in
today from Wit-nlc, we learn that a dis
astrous fire ocurred In that neighbor
hood Thursday night when the home of
V. Lewis was burned to the ground and
all its contents. Occurring as It did in
tin night, It had gained such a headway
that no time was given to save anything.
Mr. Lewis came to this city today to
purchase household good, etc. He is a
man with a large family, making the
occurrence doubly oufortuuate.
Portlacd is again preparing to receive
the boys. We knew she would. They
reach that city on the 10th, leaving
San Francisco on the S:h. The train
will move in three seclious, tin first
containing ht aoquarters. the field and
ing been kicked in the breast by boire.
His daughter, Alice, accompanied him.
Charles Covert, of Endersby, teceived a
kick on the knee from the tame horse
and has been laid up a couple of weeks.
For an unusually large shipment of
wool the one shipped today from the
Wasco warehouse is a good example.
' uiwjuuancio, Ilia unu ,1 VI ...... . . , .
staff and the First battalion ; the second, I '"'Ellerv, the wool buyer who is
wen, ftuvnu iuuijk suerpmen
the Second battalion, and the third, the
Third battalion. At the present time it
is the intention to drop off at all the
principal points up the valley where
the several companies came from, in
order that tho resident of theee morj
distant cities from Portland may have
opportunity tj see the command.
A dispatch in another column tells cf
the fate of an unfortunate vounsr ladv at
Arlington who dared reject a Portland
suitor. It would seem from the number
of cases of a similar nature that tl
young ladies now have but two courses
to persuo accept everv euitor who
presents himself or part with life as a
result of her refusal. Here is a eplen
did opportunity for woman's rights
advocates to get in a strong point, if it
has come to such a pass that a woman
has not a right in such a matter. The
best means to employ in such a case is
for the young ladv to carry a revolver
and make her refusal an emphasized
For some time the 7-months-old
daughter of D. C. Saling, of Ballston,
Or., has been suffering from what was
apparently an ailment of the throat.
The child was taken to a doctor, who
said that there was a gathering in the
throat, which in a few day a would be
rea Jv for the lance. A few days later
the child's grandmother noticed a small
pimple at the side ol the jaw, and upon
examination found the point of some
object imbedded in the flesh. Working
at this a moment, she succeeded in get
ting hold of it, and pulled out a feather
about two inches long. It is presumed
that the child bad, when in bed, put the
feather in her nifuth, and that it had
caught in her tonsils and the sharp
quill had worked i'.B way to the surface.
W. W. Uuion.
A number of Indians were seen on
our street today, which is quite an un
usual eight in these late years, and at
tracted no little attention. A few years
ago the presence of poor "Lo" in our
midst would not have been noticed,
when now it always creates more or less
commotion among the little folks and
dogs. These Indians, having read in
the columns of the Chronicle of a tribe
of Red Men having a wigwam here, con
cluded to come over and visit them, and
whin interviewed by a reporter informed
him that those who represented them
selves as Red Men were "hias cultos
Boston tillicums," and did not under
stand "siwash wawa," and they would
none of them, and gathering their
pesisBies gracefully about them strode
away. La Grande Chronicle.
Yesterday JuJJ Fish received a paper
from an Illinois editor, who was a
member of the editorial excursion party
which visited our state recently. In
his write-up of their trip down the
Columbia, he gives The Dalles a eplen
did send-off, and speaks of tho dinner
served at the Umatilla in the best of
terms. He also mentioned tho large
salmon on display there, which rivaled
the Indians in tho attention it drew.
The complimentary terms which tbe
editors used in regard to tfie eurround
ings of the city, the cordiality with
which the people received them and the
dinner as they left The Dalles was
enough, to persuade those who listened
that they were highly pleased. The
only thing that marred the visit at all
was the short time given them here,
giving the proprietors of tho hotel no
time to prepare the second table and
visitors little time for eiijoying their
meal. Messrs. Douthit and Blakeley
deserved much credit for their efforts to
raise the sum required, which is never
a pleasant duty at best; the citizens also
did their part in responding, acd Sin
nott A Fish spared no pains to make the
spread a good one. They should, there
fore, have been given more time in the
Tucnlity s Dally.
The Butler Drug Co. have just re
ceived a new stock of Eastman kodaks.
They intend to carry a complete lino of
camera supplies aim nave a new ue-
veloper that will interest amateurs.
M. Markille, late of the Mover Cloth
ing Company, of Portland, has accepted
a position in the furnishing department
of Pease A Mays' store. Ha arrived in
the city last night accompanied by Mrs.
This morning Fred Walters was ar
rested, being charged with attempting
to choke and otherwise injuring the 11-yoar-old
son of John II. Waltheis, a
wheelwright in the Fist End, Saturday.
He was brought before Justice Bayard
this morning, plead guilty arid was
lined $".
The water commission can make no
inovoin regard to bettering the supply
of city water. It rests with the citizens
to make tho initiatory steps. Will they
doit? Let a meeting be called and see
what can be done, or else let ns ceaso
complaining as we have no one but our
selves to blame.
Mr. Stevens returned to his home at
Oregon City, after a few days' visit with
his son, Ed, who has been very ill at the
home of J.W. Dickson a. Endersby, hav-
so wen Known anion
throughout the state, shipped twenty
carloads of baled wool to Hollowell A
Donald at Boston. This would atuonnt
to about f S0.0O0.
Old "Wasco Chailey" has always
bet n considered n "bias slookum" In
dian; but he fell from grace last night
and getting mixed up with tanglefoot
was found hv Fhirman at thn foot of
Washington street in a hilarious condi
tion. He was "taken to the city jail"
and there like a little mau potlatched
mox dollars for his fun.
Ytsterday the morphine fiends a
man and woman who inhabited Buch
ler's hog pen for some titte, returned to
the city, after some time spent in tbe
cointry. They were found legging up
in Thompson's addition, and were ar
rested'Mud placed in jail until this morn
ing, when the city was rid of th?rn as
they left on the boat for Portland.
Last Friday a man came to Wilson's
livery stable In the East End and hired
one of his best horses saying he wanted
togooutin the country to get some
horses he had in pasture. As he did
not return Mr. Wilson became suspicious
and nad Sheriff Kelly write out to in
quire concerning tho matter, which he
did and discovered there were no such
horses there. Mr. Wilson particularly
regrets the occurrence since tho horse
was a fine animal and beionired to his
daughter, Miss Blanche.
Mr. and Mrs. V. II. Biggs came down
from Wasco last evening and will return
tonight. Mr. Biggs expects to leave
soon to tho springs at Sprngue. He says
that is a favorite resort for Sherman
county people, who have great faith in
the curative powers of the water. He
says one man who went down all
crippled up with rheumatism, returned
and is able to walk around as well as
anyone. The only disadvantage is in
the accommodations afforded at the
hotel, or house rather, where all who do
not camp are compelled to stay.
There are some people who seem to
think that when they have paid Si cents
for a theater ticket they own the whole
building, and are privileged to do and
act as they see fit, regardless of the
comfort of others. They therefore wait
until a play has got well under way,
and just when all are intensely in
terested1 in the stage, march In with all
the nerve imaginable and attract the
attention oi every one until they are
fairly seated and their goods nnd chat
tels checked. Or perchance they may
have gotten tired of the conversation
they have carried on during the first
two acts and in the third come to the
conclusion they need a constitutional,
and with squeaky boots or shoes walk
clear across the hall and out of the door
just as stocks have begun to go tip on
the San Diablo. Such people shoul I
either remain at home or bring a police
man witn m em to see that ottiers are
not annoyed. Another annoying ele
ment is the crowd of small bovs who
persist in sending forth the shrillest
whistles on the slightest, provocation
and keeping np a continual clutter
throughout the entire performance.
It's all right for the boys to enjoy them
selves, but it would be well were their
parents along to see that they do not
deny ottiers the same privilege.
The following lines are to be found at
Rflays & Crowe.
Garden Tools, Deep Well Pumps
Rubber and Cotton Hose
Winchester and Maj-liu Rifles, latest models
r ishmg Tackle
Bicycles and Sundiies
Smith A Wesson and Colt's Revolvers
Blacksmith's Tools
Bar Iron and Steel
Blacksmith's Coal
Wagon Maker's Supplies
Wrought Iron Pipe and Fittings
Barb Wire and Nails.
Warranted Lisk Anti-Rust TinwareWarranted
We will replace every piece if found rusted.
Granite Iron and Stewart Enameled Ware.
A Complete Line of
PUnet Jr. Garden Toils Rnshford Waone
John Deere Plows and Harrows Racine Buggies and Carriages
Bean Spray Pumps Buckeye and Piano Mowers and Reapers
Cultivators and Disk Harrows Tiger Drills, lightest draft.
Our stock of
Builder's Hardware and Carpenter's Tools
is complete in every detail.
Majestic Steel Ranges and Cook Stoves.
Before buying els9where examine our Stock.
To Bs Held at the Old Stand In Septem
ber Let's Help It Along.
The Must l nklnlet Cut of All."
There a much in a name when it
comes to confusing that of The Dalles
and Heppuer just at the present time,
and, though we have forgiven the Teh-
gram seven times seventy times for its
seeming ignorance in regard to our city,
particularly when it so otten makes the
mistake' of confusing Dallas with The
Dalles, we consider now that we have
received the "most unklndeet cut'of all."
During Receiver Patterson's visit to
Portland Sunday, the reporter of that
paper evidently had a conversation with
him regarding the smallpox scare at
Heppner, and in his report of the same
in last night's Telegram lie says "the
recent smallpox icure at The Dalles lias
died out," and then goes on to describe
the situation at Heppner as if it were at
this city. In the heading, however, the
name Heppner is us-ed, which will prob
ably vaccinate the article sufficiently so
tlmt we will be saved the damaging
i Heels which would naturally follow
such n report.
Wo rea'.iz i that such a mistake might
easily be overlooked by a proof-reader,
as jut above it speks of Mr. Patterson
as being fiom Ti e Dalles; but he should
have been doubly careful in regard to
such an bi ticie, realizing how much it
means to a city to have such n iir.
pressiou given credence throughout the
surrounding country. Certainly tho
Telegram will come out at once and
correct Its grievous error.
A ( lilld Knjuys.
The pleasant flavor, gentle sctior, and
soothing effect of Syrup ol Fi.s, when in
need of a laxative, and if Ilia father or
mother bo costive or bilii us, tin most
gratifying results follow Its use; o that
it is the best family remedy known and
every family should lihvo a bottle.
Manufactured by the California Fig
Syrup Co.
In spite of the efforts of Portland and
its assistants throughout the state to de
prive Salem of the state fair, which for
thirty-nine years has been held at the
capital city, the state board of agricul
ture, now reducad to five members, is do
ing business at the old stand, nnd hav
ing paid ail the indebtedness, is now
starting in with renewed vigor to make
the fair of 1800 a howling success.
Many complaints have been raised
within the past few years us to its
management; but what have those who
raised these objections done toward as
sisting in making the meeting a success?
Seemingly forgetting that it is a state
fair, they have left the management and
everything connected with it entirely in
the hands of Marion county people (par
ticularly Salemites) and then, not even
taking tho pains to attend, they have
proceeded to listen to the report of a few
sore-heads, whom nothing would please,
and then ripped the affair, as the saying
is "up the back."
Portland and many onls-ideis claim
that were it to be held in Portland, a
great cbango would be noticed. Would
it? We doubt it. Removed from the
place where for neatly forty years it has
been sustained and from the fostering
care of those who have grown up to be
lieve it is their protege, we much fear it
would have been short-lived. Ferhaps
for a yeiir or two a renewed interest
would have been taken but it would
soon wane (like that taken in the
exposition) and it would have died a
natural death in four yeus instead cf
But it is to be held at the old ttand In
Sleiri, commencing on September 15th
and closing on thel'2J, and as Its pro
moters are making great efforts to make
this the year, when new vigor is put into
the meeting, every citizen of the state
should deem it a privilege ami duty to
assist them by sending in exhibits, in
troducing their best stcck, trying the
speed of their horses, and then enjoying
the fair by taking the family down and
attending. In short let us remember
that its a stale af-fair.
us a furtherdemonstration of his artistic
ability if he is not unfortunate in taking
a sleeper, forget the brakes and getting
between the cogs.
The Muinllpox at Ileppuer.
The Heppner Gazette says in part:
"Dr. Blalock arrived on Monday night's
train and early next morning went to
the homes of both the Driskell and
Smut families, making a careful ex
amination of the cases and pronouncing
them most emphatically smallpox, and
assures that verdict from any physician
who may be called. In an Intervitw
with tho CiHzette the doctor spoke very
complimentary of the town's prompt
action in the matter, assuring us that
in the early stages of the disease no con
tagion from the uflliction is liable. The
quarantine had been morn thun ample,
and advited the release of many quar
antined. About quarantining the to tt
he thought it most Inadvisable, as a
majority of the towns in the northwest
had cases of it and a thorough quaran
tine would take in the entire nortnwest.
The disease is being held in check by
ttie intelligent co-operation of the com
munities effected, and In these towns is
interfering in no way Willi business.
"The scare and general demoralization
of business in email towns like ours la
the remit of stnationul agitution. It
seems natural for most people to try to
go the other fellow 'one better," and
thus the sensation i xtends."
A lland.uine l)-cratvd Window.
Such is tho dry goods window of Pease
& Mavs. We, like many others, ad
mired the artistic decorations very much
and aslted, what we afterwards thought
might be considered impertinent ques
tions, regarding tho decorations. We
were anxious to know if it were to be
photographed as a competing window
for honors in the contest for original
windows, as offered by the Dry (ioods
Kconoin'st. Wo were informed by the
gentlemen in charge that be did not
take the credit of the work, that all he
did was to furnish tho goods and the
articles. Mr. Carle, of Denver, did tho
work. The work indeed Is very credit
able and might have ensily passed as
the work of the usual decorator, but Mr.
Miller says "honor to whom honor be
longs," and while ho wishes that he
might do as well, yet ho wi u'd l o Indeed
glad if ho c mid remove the dec.irations
in as artistic ft iii:inuer as they have
been put in the w indow. Mr. Carle is
a gentleman of elegant lelcure, travel
ling en-cog, and may at some future
time visit our little city agtln and give
Acts gently on the
Kidneys, Liver
and Bowels
manses the System
d3 effectually;
Buy th gcnvini - mn'f o ey
V RV. COW. , M.K.Tl
roa au by u oiuixiii'i rmu io H nuu
Cash In lour Cheek.
All countv warrants registered prior
to October 1,1S'.3, will be paid at my
oil re. Interest ceases after July Xti,
IHlU. C. L. 1'iiili.ips,
County Treasurer.