The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, July 08, 1899, PART 2, Page 2, Image 2

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The Weekly Chronicle.
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O r two iochea and uuder lour inchw 1 Uta
Urar (oar tueh ud under twlv luctae.. TS
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Japhet, wheu in search of a father,
bad on easy and pleasant time coin
pared with that which the Democra
cy has in searching for issues for the
campaign of 1900. One of the very
few papers of any standing or in
fluence in its locality which sup
ported the bogus money ticket of
1890 was the Indianapolis Sentinel.
It-is said that the editor of the
Sentinel has now told his party that
if it gives any sort of prominence to
the silver issue in 1900 it will be
defeated. The programme which he
is reported to have proposed for his
party next year is "anti trust, anti
uiilitansu), anti-expansion and tariff
In tlropping t'.lver the Indiana dictatorship of the most despicab'e
when Aguinaldo was lauded to the
skies as one of the great patriots of
the century.
It is not surpiising that the first
paragraph of the conference add i ess
to the people should denounce "the
war of conquest." The strange
thing is that in the midst of the
tumult they could agree to strike
out the woid 'extermination," which
was in the original draft. However,
this playing with ftarful terms will
not be very rich in results. Critics
and theorists do not carry much
weight unless tbey have tho confi
dence of the people. These Buffalo
visionaries who tan agree upon no
single project, UDless, peihaps, it be
to haul down the American flag at
Manila, represent nobody and when
the great heart ot the country is not
behind them, they will accomplish
little or nothing.
The address which was read by
Professor Ilerron of Iowa, and prob
ably prepared by him, has too much
of rant in it to be taken very serious
ly by common 6cnse people. For
several days he has been groaning
from the plalfoim about "a military
Democratic editor finds himself in a
pretty numerous company. Gen. A.
J. Warner, who can claim to be the
father ot the silver foil', now that
Richard I Rland is dead, advised
his party a few days ago to abandon
that issue, or to keep it far in the
background. Wharton Barker, who
was one of the loudest of the shout
ers for it in 189C, has cut loose from
eilvcrism, but has gone over to green
back ism. Ex-Senator Peffer has
dropped silver, too, but he has come
over to the Republican party. Some
of the newspapers of the Teller ele
ment of the Republican party, which
went into the Bryanite coalition
atter Teller's secession from the Re
publicans in 189G, are advising their
friends to say nothing about silver
in the coming canvass. On the
other hand, the Bourbons, under
the lead of Jones, Altgeld, Bryan,
Stone and George Fred Williams,
urge their side to stick to silver.
The trouble with the Democracy
is that it is certain to be beaten, no
matter what programme it adopts.
The set of "principles" urged by the
Indianapolis editor are, of course,
absuid. When the Democrats had
eutire control of the government
during half of Cleveland's second
term they made no attempt to frame I
any anti-trust legislation. In the!
campaign at the end of Cleveland's
term the Democracy leagued itself
with the most vicious trust which
ever appeared in this country, the j
silver trust. The Democrats will
hare an interesting lime shouting
against militarism and expansion, in
view of the fact that a large and
cunstaiitly grow ing element of their
pniiy favwrs both militarism and ex
pansion. If the Democracy declares
for tariff reform, it will be confronted
with its record when it framed the
"perfidy and dishonor" tai iff of 189 1,
wbich looked carefully after the
interests of several of the trusts, the
sugar fchedule of wbich was drawn
up tiy Havcmeycr, of the sugar
trust. On the other hand, if the
Democracy abandons silver, it will
be cut by all the Populists, and
will not carry a single Western state,
or any state outside of a few of those
l i the South. In any case, its de
feat is certain to be overwhelming
enough to make alt the other party
beatins?s since J 872 look small. j
kind," and throughout the address
dwells upon the awful dangers that
are to result from this spirit of
militarism. According to the pro
fessor's ideas a republic with a
population of 75,000,000, and a reg
ular army of G5,000 is a military
autocracy like that of the czar of all
the Russians. Tucrc may be some
who will be led away by such rub
bish as this, but they can not be
many and their influence will not
be all-powerful. Some good ideas
may be contained in the mass of
reform subjects referred to, but
there is so much exaggeration,
venom, extravagant denunciation
and professional claptrap in it all
that very few will regard it as of
any practical value. As one of the
fearless delegates of the slim minor
ity said at one of the sessions, one
drop of good red patriotism can
nchieve more in a day than an army
ot croaking pessimists can accom
plish in a lifetime.
whelming triumph for the Republic-1
aus la 1900. There will be no.
chance to get up a scare next year
about a possible Democratic victory,
and consequent industrial and finan
cial disaster. Horn this jeril the
United States will be free in 1900
at least.
About 113,500,000 of gold has gone
out of the country since the move
ment began. Perhaps $30,000,000
or $10,000,000 in all will go cut
before the flow stops. Usually there
is an outgo for a few months every
year. In 1898 we escaped any such
movement, but that was an excep
tional case. A gold outflow is
looked for each year as a matter of
course. The fact that it is not at
tracting any particular attention now
is shown by the circumstance that
the gold reserve in the treasury is
growing constantly. It is at present
about $10,000,000 above tlie mark
at which it stood just previous to
the time when the gold exportation
started a month ago. This, of course,
is because the banks are furnishing
all the gold which is going out now.
The production of gold by the mines
of the Ui.iled States in 1893 was
$04,000,000, or much more than the
exportation is likely to he this year.
The production of 1899 stands a
chance to bo $70,000,000 or over.
! JiV Windmills.
I If
After a session in which pandc
Some Democratic papers are get
ting a little aid and comfort from an
assertion by Clmuncey M. Depew, In
an interview in London, thai lue
"questions not dreamed of at the last
struggle (1890) are forging to the
front,': and that "no man can tell
the issue with any success until the
electoral vote is counted." This
utterance is considered by some
Democrats to mean that one leading
Republican concedes the result of
the election of 1900 is in 6ome sort
of doubt.
Not the fflintrst doubt is felt by
any Kepuimcan about the re;ult of
the election next year. Every Re
publican looks for a bigger victory
for his parly than was uained in
1890. In ibis opinion a vast ma
jority of the intelligent Democrats of
the country agree with the Repub
licans. No Democrat nnywhere is
m kirg any prophecies of victory
for his side. Nearly every Demo
cratic newspaper in the country was
predicting a triumph for his party
on the eve of the canvass of 189G.
The feeling among Democrats now
differs widely fiotn what it did then.
Everybody can see at present that
the chances for a Republican victory
of big dimensions in 1899 are better
than they were in 1895. There is
a greater degree of despondency in
Democratic circles at the present
time than there has been on the eve
of any other presidential canvass
in on in in reigned, the social confer- j since that of 1808. at Buffalo on Monday agreed The fact that Democrats pretend
to a hodge-podge of reform ideas J to find some encouragement in
embracing about everything that i Chauncey M. Dc pew's words shows
ever occurred to the minds of those i the gloom which pervades their
who pose as experts on isms, snys'pirly. Depcw talks more than any
the Sokestii:in-R"view. Up to Mon-J other man in the United States,
day the sessions have been rather Necessarily he says many things
cold and solemn. A ftw d.-iys ago I which he does not mean, and which
when Uev. Dr. Thomas, of Chicago, ! arc of no consrqtienco whether he
Germany has trouble over the
Samo&n issue, and on several issues
of domestic politics. France has its
Dreyfus tangle and a few kindred
scandals. England is bothered over
the Boer problem, one of her big
parlies apparently desiring war,
while the other is split up on the war
question. Spain's politics, of course,
will be unsettled for a year to come,
and possibly for many years, on ac
count of tho loss of her territory in
the American war. The United
States is not the only great nation
which has delicate political problems
on hand.
A Nuisance.
We have lately taken the agency for the Aermo
ter Windmill, and carry a stock on hand.
We also carry a complete stock stock of Deep and
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Spray Pumps. See us before buying elsewhere.
The Aermotor Mill is considered the beet ma
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'-i.-.'J .
Ami Freezing Windmill Force Pumps.
This pump has been perfected to meet the requirements of the principal Wind- 4
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can he turned to suit the direction of the pipe. The air chamber pipe is two Inches in t
diameter, wnicn insures rasa oi urttreiinn buu a rueauv now oi water. 1 lie Hose Conn.
ie epout also adds to the convenience of this pump.
ling on the i
Sole agents for
Wasco County,
The Dalles, Or.
was lound, among which was 131
nickels. In a sock secreted on his
person he bad $15.45 in counterfeit
nickels, while in his pockets and tied In
a handkerchief he had $6.50 more, in all
some 439 lead nickels which he was dis
posing of as faet as possible by putting
them in the different machines aronnd
town and taking out good money.
A recipe for the composition of which the
counterfeits are made was alto found on
his person, but there was no (race as to
where the die was secreted. He is
being held for examination.
Havana. Cuba.
Some property owners have been very
negligent in the matter of keeping their
trees trimmed. Un several ot the prin
cipal streets of the city limbs have been
permitted to grow so they overhang the
sidewalk and in pasa'ng under one has
to stoop. When it rains, or even dar
ing sunshiny weather persons carrying
umbrellas or parasols have cnmeroui
times ruined them on account of over
hanging limbs.
This should not be permitted for if
the owners of property do not see fit to
trim their trees the city should attend
to it, for there is an ordinance prohibit
ing the same which we give below.
Another thing which is quite annoying
is the manner in which things are piled
on the sidewalks in some portions of the
city. There is also an ordinance against
this but from all appearances it is a
dead letter.
The following is copied from ordinance
No. 274:
Sec. 3. Xj person owning or occupy
in ar.y building or premises shall place
or cause to he placed or maintained, or
suflVr upon the street or sidewalk in
front of such building or premises any
goods, wares or merchandise by way of
show, advertisement or otherwise, to ex
tend more than two feet oulide of the
inner line of the sidewalk.
Sec. 8. Tho owner or owners or
agent of any lot or lots or premises
situated within the l;mi!s cf Dalles City
and having shade, ornamental, fruit or
other tree or trees, growing near or on
either the inside or outside line of any
sidewalk, tho branches or limbs of which
project or hang over such sidewalk or
over any public street or alley, shall
closely cut, trim and remove all the
limbs and branches from such trees for a
distance of not less than nine feet above
such sidewalks and keep the same so
trimmed, cut and removed as aforesaid.
Counterfeiter A Treated.
referred to "the great victory of the
magnificent Dewey" and remarked
that it was a splendid thing to drive
Spanish cruelty forever from the
western hemisphere, the conference
rcspondeJ ou'.y with death-like still
ness and frigid silence. The only
approach to enthusiasm was when
apologies were made for the Span
iards and Weylctism in Cuba, or
means them or not. Ordinarily he is
not a very good authority on Amer
ican politics. His judgement on
partisan chances is not entitled to
much consideration unless when it
coincides with that of the majority
of his fellow-citizens. It is probable
that, in common with the vast
majority of his fellow countrymen of
all parlies, he looks for an over-
Shortly before noon today a seedy-
looking individual wandered into Stub
ling's saloon and began playing the
nickel in lhc-flot machine. Several
were in the saloon at the time and
noticing the peculiar manner in which
the man acted walked up to the ma-
chine and became convinced that the
man was working some scheme. Mr.
Fall's attention was called to the matter
and he investigated and found tho man
was playing counterfeit nickels.
Fait Immediately telephoned for
Sheriff Kelly who crn d-wn and ar
rested the fellow who pretended to be
decidedly under the in Quince of liquor.
When taken to the county jttil and
questioned he said his name was John
son and that he had arrived in town last
night, earning from Wallula.
On being asked where he secured the
spurious coin, which was a bate imita
tion and could be told by blind man,
he said he bought them from a man
here in town, which undoubtedly is a
When searched, 8.C3 in good money
Cuba which has lately become a part
of the United States is but 130 mil s
from the coast and separated only by
the straight of Florida. The entrance
to the harbor of Havana, which is the
principal city on the island, does not
exceed a half a mile in length and is so
narrrow that only one ship can pass in
at a time. Beyond Ibis narrow channel
lies the harbor itself, which is so larke
that every man-of-war of England coold
be anchored there, and yet so well pro
tected from the wicds and waves that
ships are perfectly secure within its
The city itself, viewed from the
harbor, is wonderfully picturesque, with
large and imposing structures solidly
built of stone and often painted in
brilliant colors. It is true the bright
anticipations of Havana, which one
forms from a distance, are to a certain
extent dispelled on landing and walking
through its narrow streets. But Havana
is not the only city in the world of which
this cm be said.
On theothcr hand Havana hai a num
ber of extremely attractive parks and
promenades, which in the evening are
the resort of the beet society in the city.
Forthete, as in all particularly waim
climates, when the sun has disappeared,
the streets at once become enlivened
an I those who have remained indoors
during the day seem to have then ac
qnired new life, and come out to drive,
walk and serenade nnder the brilliant
stars and in that balmy atmosphere,
which in the tropics seems enchanting
in its soft caress imprinted by a per
fumed breeze wbich lulls to languorous
repost?. .
Serious Accident.
Two of a Kind.
About 9 o'clock Tuesday evening as
Richard Hackett, who is employed in
the machine shops of the O. R. A N.,
while in the act tf touching off a large
cannon lire cracker which he held in his
right hand, he met with a very serious
and painful accident. He had ignited
the fuse and was in the act of throwing
it into the street, and as he drew back
his hand to throw, It exploded, tearing
away a portion of all of the fingers.
lacerating the flesh in a frightful man
ner and throwing the thumb from its
socket and tearing away the cords toil
lay upon the back of his hand. He was
at once taken to the office of Dr. Chip-
man, who amputated the Index Ennr
" -
just below the second joint, the next
two fingers below the second joint and
the little finger closo to the hand. The
thumb was brought back to its place
and some twenty-three stitches were
taken to hold it there. The operation
was very tuccessfully and ikilifully re
formed. Dr. G. W. Biggors assisted Dr.
Chipman in the surgical operation.
Another accident ot similar character
though much less serious occurred on
Tuesday evening to Dan Turner, who
lost the end of ono finger by the explo
sion of a piece of fire works. La Grande
For the best results
Camera, Kur sale by
nso the Vive
the Postoffice
The D.tllea is mt tho only place that
has difficulty in settling the street light
problem. We have been without light
for the past two year?, and are in the
same position as when the matter was
first discussed. The committee appoint
ed from the council have done every
thing in their power to remedy the
matter so we would be able to have
lights, hut so far have not met with
Ealem is in about the same fix as
The Dalles in the matter of lights, and
have come to the conclusion that the
city has been paying too much for light.
Today Recorder Gates received a com
munication from 8. W. Prescott, of
Salem, asking for a statement of current
expenses, such as are paid for water,
light, salaries, etc., and we presume
they want to compare them with their
At a meeting of the council of the
above named placa Wednesday they
rejected the bide for the street lighting
recently submitted by the Salem L'ght &
Traction Company, and the Welsbach
Street Lighting Company of Americs
The reason assigned for this action ij
that the b:ds offered were not sufficient
ly reduced that the council desired to
enter into a contract. The meeting iai
attended by only the five conncilraen
known as the "reform members," ho
are themselves disagreed as to the
proper course to pursue. The motion ol
Alderman Burrows to reject tlis bids
prevailed, after a lively discussion, bji
vote of three to two.
TJ. 8. Land Orrica, Thk Uai.lkh, 0 ,1
Juneau, lbw. t
Notice Is hereby given that In compliance
with the wovlnlnna of tho art of cnngreM of
June 3, 187S, entitled "An art fur the ule of
limber landa In the Hates of California, Owm,
Nevada and WaahinRton territory," t'hutid
Gofeaou, of The Dalles, conulv of W asco, itale of
Oregon, has this day filed In tlila office hu
sworn statement No. 141, for the purchase of the
lot 4 and BK) HWJ of Sec. No. 2'J, in Townnhlp
No. 1 N, range No. 12 K, and will cider proof It
show that the land nought Is more valuable for
Its timber or atono than for agricultural pur
pone, and to entablUh bis claim to s ild Una be
fore the register and receiver of this office it
The Dalles, Oregon, on Friday, tut 8th day of
September, 1HW.
Ho names as witnesses, A. Turner, W. Clark.
Peter pagan, u. Wbltmore, all of The UalIes,Or.
Any and all pets ns claiming adversely the
above described lands are rcqucstol to His their
claims In tbls .; on or before said nth day of
September, liif. J. H. LUCAS,
Jlysil Kiiliter.
Wasco Warehouse Company
Headquarters for Seed Grain of ail kinds.
Headquarters for Feed Grain oirii kinds.
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M KLCOKI) that (roverng. It is our busint'M to
I earch the records and show what thev contain ia
relation to land titles. If you contemplate buying land
or loaning money on real eatate security, take no man'
word, hut insist upon knowing what the record shows
regarding the title. An Abetract is as essential as
deed. Insist on having It. We have the only set of
Abstract Uooks in the County. All work promptly ex
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J. M. Huntington &Co.
M. Williams & Co.
2d St., opposite A
tr..,.i.S,.!,ri,nd of W,lis,4Cy Ciar;intccd to the consumer as a
and Medical Use. Sold by
Ben Wilson, - The Dalles, Or.