The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, June 14, 1899, PART 1, Image 4

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"ca lai-ifi Hie
W. S. Chirp, .( Arlitg: i
is the today.
JVlia Mc'irf H
..-nae.. ou the i,
ing bvund i 'f l'ort!..i.J.
Mi Blanche t'u'ur is ti. T
today 1mm her home i 1 1' . :rn .
ill vi..l rr'aiv-s i.' iMhir.
Mr. A. M.Leod. nl.ol.w fiv-rit
rat two weeks with her Ha.lher tu
eitv, retnrned to t er b '!
dale t.xiiT.
Mi. Earen;-e and Miss Mahe! Liw ' rata) ffe!f
retire, w n Itlie la-en jumi a. . niv i imi
o,J. S. retained to Portland ' An Excellent Colli 1)1 lint. Oil.
by boat ...ia. j T(J0 ri,.ant mi and beneficial
lirant E. Kell. . editor cf lb Moro tftW-ta of tlie well known remedy.
Republic, end '. MeCaieb, a bai- ! TB,.p tr I !.;. manufactured by the
bees man of .Moro, calleJ at the Caof-' C.liforxi. Fia Mri.l P U. illustrate
icli office today, i value oC cl-taiuinfr the liquid Uv
live p-mcif...' "I p!iiiw .ut.. u i inr
Mxatite ami pre'ntin;r
! n t . i' i v.-, t .
M. B Zdmwalt arrived frijai T e'j ' meiiuinshv
Tcatrrdir to attfnl tlie cirra,
however, Jul irnt forpt tt call at
CaiOMi II cftce, acj uiatie a
taotial call too.
Tbi , tu;e anj act ptaMr to the system. It
ut- iatne one prrf'i-t str'nth ninp laxa
! tire ! -aoMnvT th vvl-m nTcotaaUv.
ii:;-r.ia? cil-U. Ii-(ai-lie anl ferera
gvul'.y yet pruniptly kml rnal'lmp one
t or-' nie hau.t-tu! Cvin.-tipation jkt
mmiDl'v lis pi-rfoct fn-eilotn from
every oi'VCtimuite o,nIitT anl &ub
staa'e. and i:i aet.rj oa the kiilnov.
i liver and !. el. ititout weakenioir
H. C. RyiT U apparent; jr one of' or irritating them, make t the ileal
those who borrow the t-r.iidreo for the ! laxatire. ...
parpe of bavin an excoe to attend! In the of niannfacturm? firs
tnecircot. Hcrimt in yesterdar with are um1' tl,rf are U te
three children of hi own and' three ta-Ve but tue i,:e,l,.-.Ual .(ualme t ,f the
borrowei from the neighbor.. "Fn'J-r are ? fr,;m "n "nJ
'other anmatio pi:it. by a methtid
MtW'rt. P. J. SJoCnlle, of the Golden- j knun-n to t!ic f aliforxia svarr
dale Seniinel. and W. McKeni e, a ! Co. only. In orrii-r to gvt its becefu-lal
hardware men bant of that city, rame eftW-ta and to avoid imitation. pU a.-
0er on their bicycle this Horning to ' ramemberthe fill n;iae of theConinany
attend the circni, leaving there at 6 ! priuted on the front of every p. kaif e.
Cha. Purtin arrived in the eitr Iat
eveniD from Antelope to attend the'
cirra. Where he managed t find all1
the duet which had accumulated on bit!
fare a qne:i n with hi frienut. It '
was a Circo to we him.
ax riuKcirfO. cat.
For ute tf aU UrmiAt. I'-, kt 5uc. yt buu.e
Tae I.adjr Hlauitli.
o'clock and arriving at The Cuhimcli
cffii-e by 10.
afucUAT I'ailr.
J. E. Campbell, of White Si!mon, ',
in the city.
E. J. Prah! and wife caate ovtr rem
Gienoaocnl vetterdiv.
Ini Lithe left thu g for ; A ruerrier crowd than th or e ea
rn vit with relative in I'ortland. !gted in reheMing for the Idy
Mr. J. M. Fi'jon and Mi Crookf Minttre! to teien atthe Vot theater
were paieDiter for 'Cac ad e thi more- i We Jnelay and XI. or lay r. i'.t!. Jnte
i 21 and 22. it woald b bar ! to En i.aad
M. E. Weir, one of Ariiryton' prorsi
nent cilueiif, is rrg stered at the
W. O. Hadley and w ife came np from
Hood Hirer Saturday evening and re
turned toiy.
Mr. and Mr. Eobt. )(cIutoh re
tarned .Satariay evening afier a ten
day'i visit in Portland.
Mr. A. Keller and danjhter, Joie,
were paecger on the K'galator thi
Bi orbing bcacd for rjrt.anJ.
a gennine inrprie i in Jtore fr the
general public, when thy ice U n.uch j
tilent there i among their cn ladle '
and children ia th line of w-ri. j
The end ladies band s the b-.r.n and j
Umbo I ke alept4 lil they are :ioj
' preparicga rich let of refined w-tti-.rlttni ;
at the eipenfe of t'.e rxipa'ar gn".:eroen
j ol the town. Is gjei withoit laying that
j these ke are devoid of ma'ic. The
pickannioie are a Lott in
Rev. J. II. Wood is in Poitland to be , Tie (ketch and cite walk aloce are
preeent at the grd jt:ng exercises o( ; worth the price of!
toe no.aes tiajiness col ce.
Mrs. K. D. Julinsoo, who has been
vintioif her (iiterin this city, returned
Saturday af:ertoon to her home in
Eurrkhardt and Miss
who have been gleet
at the
Lie be,
borne of of .J. A. I.iebe,
fort and by boat toilay.
Kev. an 1 Mr. Hoadlev retnrned to
their hon.e in lniverity Park toiay.
Mr. Hoadley occnt.ied trie pulpit atthe
Methoditt church yesterday.
Mrs. R. K;ger, who has been vi:ting
her brother, hetn Morgan, ipem the day
in The Ia!.e on her way to ber tome
in Crvai,is. Sr.e is the guest of Mr.
M. Parkins.
Erlace4 Kale t . E. A.
For the Nationa". YA nciti'aal A?o
cition meeting to be bell a! Lo
Aczeles, CaL.Jalv 11-14. 1 . the O.
K. AN. Co. will make the fj.'lowicc
retorced to rate from The Dj.'e- : Glcj and re
) Sarcicg ail rail rxi'e v a Portland aci
Southern Faclfie I44.I3 ; rail bo Psrt and
and steamer Portland to Los Ar.grles
port of call, iac'aJiEg rjiea.s and berth
on steamers, retircirg same roi:te,
Zrs. 15 ; rail to Port'ac i, steaxer to San ,
Francisco and rail via Southern Pacific
from San Franc'so to Lo Ane!es, re-
tariing same roate, )9.I . T ckeU on
E. C. Pentland, of the Inderndence sale June .W-.h, Jjly It an JJaly s-.hto:
West ide, who has been visiting ia the .s :,,.-.. ..n;m;nin..s..i
For farther information call on or
address Jar. Ireland, Agent, O. R. it X.
Co., The Viiei. 10 J
ftwna r.f r ta'.rn ( Ir.o.n rml r r r a., n
Thm . .r. l' m..t l,-taw 5.h.
with his sUter.
Miss Minnie Lay, who bas spent al
most a vear with Ler sister In fct. Loois,
isei&ecte-l to return this afternoon. She
wi I be tceomfaniei by Ler sister, Mr.
Kxai Carlisle.
Miss Le'.an 1, who baa been visitir.ij
with tne fauii y of A. H. Curtis in Grand
Lialles for some-mcnths pat.
mornTrg for her home ia
much improved in health.
Miw Nellie Bu!r ha arrived in the
fclarlva w.
Came from D. D. E. Carg'ue, of
Washita, I. T. He writes:
"Four bo' ties of Electric Bitter has
cored Mrs. Erewerof ccrofala, w hich bad
Itlt ttiis: caused ber great suffering for years.
Portland, r,rrib!e sore would break oat on ber
head and face, and the best doctors
could give no help ; but ber care is com
cuy iroru roriianu, arm win speno: fieri , , , , . ... ,, , .
va..-ation here. l!r health is somewhat "clB "u " ucr e.-n.
improved and it is thoaght rest will ion ' shows what thoaiands Lave proved, :
restore ber to ber uaai state of health. I that E'ectric Bitters is the bet bloo-J (
G. C. Blake!iy left yeterday for Port-! pnrifier known. It' the supreme I
lanl. v t.i.e there he win attend the , remedy for eczema, tetter, ss'.t rl.eatn,
re.De .0.-0. canons tne I 'oneer A-1 nlcer, i;, ,n l ra.nirl torM. I
of nai:nrs of the Pharmaceatical S
B. Kelsar, of Fossil, is in the city
Frank Peabody came in from Da'nr
yeeter lay.
W. II. See, of Warm Springs, arrived
on the boat latt n gjt.
Hobt. Mars, Jr., is in from Ar.te'ofe,
having arrived toiay.
Mi-s Be"ie Iienljerg came op from
Hood Kiver last evening.
Frank Roberts, deputy I. S. martha!,
cainedowa from Heppuer yetterday.
O. E.Gjtchell and Mrs. P. M. Gatchell
are n:tors in ttie city from While
stimulates iiver, kidneys and bowels,
eibelg poisons, helps digestion and
buiidr np the strength. Onir 50 cnt.
S4d by Blakeley A Iiocghton,Drn;gi!'..
Guaranteed. 4
White House Clothing Company.
White House Clothing Company,
Notice of Sale.
How About Your Title?
rvh. lUtrtr N.
ff'atl. Sill lMIt til rl4-'t1
illtff I'f 11 V bllHtfroI I- 1 '
i tlilrfivl at Hi fair of l m-r
! 1 1 (ft t t trm .n'Mis"
ll)4T lrlnri.iMt mX ( .'is- (!.niir
ll-r Mfl )- frori if.rir 1
phone 81.
( E.E VOC CRE it isa'Irght? Remember it is the
M kf-CoklJ that reveres. It is our bu'Lrss to
Search :?. r--yr U and show what they contain in
re auoa to ianl t:-..e. H too contemplate bnyin laml
cr ioat:i.g -' ev on real ee'.ate lernrity, take no iiinn's
w,rd. ttiss t cf,B ki':.( what tue record aliciw
regard: r g te I t. A Attract is as etential a a
di. c tn.if t We ra the onlr set of
Abstract is t ' r ty. A.i snrk promptly n-
ertited at,J :,-''.t ra-i'-.i. T,.u have r.r"t
v to ii-, fievim are sgnts for foiir of
t:e best :x.i'abfis - pat :n 'ie world. If you;-.;r.t !., ..--j oiand we'll flu. I a
J. M. Huntington &Co.
241 St. ttto t A. M. Williams Co.
N..Mrs- 1 brs ht fln t),mt t. virtu of an 7 i..-t,,l ,.i,t ..f tt, trt nit I t(ir i. IU
Ift. r.111 I- U-Ul.t. wr.rrrltl W. It ktls-rUU'1 il
i.,u.trT Nf).! n. t mM r Arh K 1ltr
1 i'f.r, J.-i.h A J. .I.!'.. o. H al!,rr
, -l.-'i. k r.-l 1 v , J l fiitir4iiMn aitil W . l.nclu.U i . 7 '
... y . ItlTTl I II Iftl'ir 11 Pll J
j.lnHilifT ajful if4ii,.t . ,, -l. n-1m(t . ( i, 1f
!-.. ("T t-'!- u.-i 4 ftl rt Uir.1 at
I... til mi ti, lh
i nmy I il lit it:-1
I3ih Amy
. it th.- It. ,t
wtr l the hurt" t In '
'lo M.lllli I. ill tf !
Irr lor t
"till, tll f( Ihf r.ltfh W.-.t
f-MlUlvs-t l rts-r 1. 1 aw-, U,.fl
wte.f. Kiiif'i , : .). t'v i," dip Tfil ( lh r ut, .V ,
' ", ni'Ti- i.r I-
ihu l.'lh tUy i Juno,
I mm,
m , M'U at j.tiMtr
-h Id r. t.l . br
- .Miafts-r i f
'I'lwflrr I I t
1 . i Nurd
mi tailin g (!
tsflf he)
1 !. U- .1 J .H'.Tr. rm
tnlj 1 fire
UTt Villi t! r 1 fl 1
lit aa-itlt (W 111 .'
i'rtlMi-f IIm irririitf (
rr jj. .", I fts a-;i
Ii-r lli tMttMitr of t rt4 i
rn f r'n lT.
.o ji .at tM W
1 MM fa.
r-lit tt Mfil
. 1 ba-t.l. to
m,4 Otsinfl
4 "it I tkdtf
r.-m -twt. 11
t ofi' Si--ii.
iir at wrt
-Hi-a ! Uk
Kl I I V
lliitj ,
NoflCK H)K I'l lil.ICATInN.
I M t'rrn k at T it i
i .Katftrl r la
.1 ..!..! IS fr-'
i t -f !! If'-
t.r, ,-Mn. B..4 in IV
f ..-i lfrf-a.
,. ..i t e t-a-P
e--f 4llHrt-
In xmtlthr w I th tfif trn- t rl
M' i i. a a .. . . ii. . i. laa.laal I, It
I lil'is HirHIU I'lll'IS l ni) ' v- in
t. rmnt'i, until rl--ri P t.t n th I th
! of -J.inr WO. All ll.U -rv-mptBhO w
a rv.fHi.-sl rh k of tl r - r ful
-I K.I..U lor whu-h bi.l l- " v.. I..1M
than far will tut roti.t.l- fl D anat U
nl.hs.l hy th fsnrrhsiH-r Ihr (K tl fc
any at..! all iil- I r-ax rw-t
1 riTf
tS anl wa.-li white. You
K reward of i." each .ill 4 nU h. ............ , u:. I Oil Cilll
the nndersigned for the recovery of the Havana thing warll'.-'l at the Steam Laundry. The
bo-lies of Elmer and Bert Whitney, j yjaj ng lf)nt j3 riualitV ami the
drowned in the Snake river at I'a'one , , - ... , . . . ,
Rapids, near Lyons Ferry, on May 23, ! Memtt of Olir Work li Filch that t0O.le )
i. I Miles to ratronize :s. Our r-rircs nrp tuA.
; ! HODSOn S choice, but the Mallard rates whic!
Atrti-o I.tfrl. c.ri-k. .r....Tv lb!.,1. .... .
wcicia '";' "- j"-' -jm; in i ii iv , ani w i wail I lo
C-U-B-A customer .A our.j.
!.! I I. l)ti,.:a I
.lurir 10, Ivj t
S..lin. la I.cfrt.v ,!,. t;-l (,,,,,
r..llll .IlliT 1. fW.-l t. !..- c ,
t . nink- final it.-. I In .i..i..rt ..( ,, rlalm. ii.
tl.'.f - ..'I .T...f u . ,.,,. ,,, ,.,
n.1 r. i -t.ll i,t i.ii, lit. i, ur,l., ,
i July .-j, l-r., - '
I'.nla flrlnia.4,
! ..iw ,f Ci.ti.. I. to, an. I. , ao.l. ..( Th
'"'" " r - '"' II S I '. f I
lp I imrlh, K IJ f . M
II.- i, hi ..-, ii, r ..'l,,:i, witn,,,
ni. f'.lill'ni - .11 a n .1.1
ill .an I. ii. I, . 1 ,
I li.., A iwluit, K.a-k l.rv, tml. Balul.u,
At.-lrrw I r.Uliall. all ..I Th. I .l Ira. I rron
J""1'" J W Till A 14, KmlaU-r.
Ni.lliel. hrtvl,. iI.mi thai the
, Hr, .'1,
lo i.rvi..
r i,-.ti ami rullllln
it I a rm
Elmer Whitney was 2 year
height, 5 feet,"', inchrs; weight IQ lbs. j
fie has a dark rnotacl.e and was dressed :
in overalls ; wore either a dark or light;
shirt; lace sport'man shoe, tan color. !
IJtrt Whitney was 21 years old ; weight !
i are not
K. F. Allen and K,a, Alf Allen, came
in from Prinevi.le yesterday atd left lor !
Portland tl..a ni-.ti.iMf I
, . , , I aboat 175 ponnds; btlgbt 5 feet, 1 1 in. ;
Mrs JVM. I'atte.s-n srd dswhter j ,mwttl thtTe,,; dlrk hlom tair ,)e
Corner of First and Court Street,
. mcrlth witu re.ativi: iu S
Mr. H. W. French and
8ewai and bole son left
Ir..l a an at ran i t l
tl'yA Hiver.
rf. IlTiell
Veaferdav to
place near i head
wore dirk panti with light t'.rip and
heavy laced shoe., and bas a tuft of light
co'ored hair on the Wt, back side of
two birn -ars on b-ylr.
'Phone 341.
Ml. .if r.r.h Mrli will) a rlrft .f Hi
-,.! ii I r r.... rt . .f 1 ..... la t.. ..f I ir.,, ., .,r n.arn
r...iiilr, ami II, .1 hiirul.r.tlir I uli ilarnf July.
l-. .1 Ih. h. ur ..I r., ,, ,. r... ,'
fl"l llii- llr.-ami II,.. nlr rr.ufl t...i ,l
l.all... I II, a. h. .,. I... ii,- ,i. .,.,.
am final ai.'iinil a tl. I M-lllnurul nl
I.. II.HI. In
.rtl'l r.lalr
I'atnl Julf 1 ;
J'.ll II 1
I irrutor.
Fv. W. Y. Hawk, p!or of th North
Yakm.a M . E. ihurc'i, arrived in the
fitylrom Mori la.t tvrliir.g ar.d e:it
tlown on the exciiraicn today.
JIf. ft. W. Sa'inder arrie l home
lat nijht (r .ni p.jrt.and, where !, I.a.
4e-n atrend'i'Z the l.ran'! ( hap'er of
the Order '1 Eu'tern Star. .Mri. Meyer
retnrned f--nr.)ay, .Mrs. Cro"en mo
usy and Mrs. horget mi.l arrive toniiftit.
In thi" city, Mondav, J-ine I2th,
Mr. ar. I Mrs l). V. K--tcbum, a
The person fin iirg either of the.
bolie will pieae aire
('. E. Whitest
May 17-2-. H. Iliflens, Oregon.
The tnpils of f-t. Mary's Academy will
give an entertainment on Friday, J-in
loth, t) raiae for.ds f r the pnrpoe of
ligl.tirg the build. ii. Exercifw will
ci!fcTier,ei r rec'aelv at H o'rh r k n. m !
Admifion.V) cnts. Children un !t-r 7 ! Fun&ral SiDD!l&S
, rr
fill kinds of
year not admitted. Tickets are for tale
at EUkeley A Houghton's, II, Her-
daogh. I ''ring's, J. P. Mclnery'f and Maior A
I fcent' n'p.
Crandallfi Barget
Tho Dalles, Or,
a f a-eaiT a a iratava vaa r t
Administrators Notice.
N..flr I. hrrrtiv ;.n II. ! t1".""'''""'
(,..1-11, ..,..lnl..l t.T ' ',.Ji
.iUfl the Id m "I ""... .
r..lliilr. a. ..l.iillil.Ual..f I'"- r-I.lrl
AlHlm, ilminl, AH ' ' K' 'JLjl
a.allial aa.r.lalr are h.-r.l. ii..lln"l ' r .
II,- .am. .riiwrlv .ellfl-l " " ' ' " '
In, al..fl. I., Pllllir Al Mrnrl,. l '"
tintfitha Ir th. lat. il l!"i" "1
I'alrJ al lh. Ii.1I.hi. l",'J"-(!"A'',,ii .! Hi. H.lalr nf A'l'"l
Executor's Notice.
that tti' "nT , . j
inr -
k i. . 1
Sirftre i hrreli. slT.n
ml tratamrnt ol ll.irm. k '" ,....
All -ra..i,. harln( rl.lin. a."!"-' !r ril
. .l.. .--.1. .r. I.rt. l.r i '"" -',
h.-m wim ih i.r..T r ""'""", ...oim
1.I1NI1I l
HUT III I ia I l.-a It,, lire.
from the dale nl lllla null' e.
K.W.I April U, !'. ST,-T". .
Keeil..ri.l 111. will ol ll..r.v K J,1
V . . I.asn ( rm t,
1 1 K S K K A I.
Ni.llr. I. her,l.r I vrn
tl.meil aelller ha. Illr.1 m il
make final .fil III ."I'I"'
thai aahl will I" m.'l'
I It I tr.1 I ottinii
i . c i vl.
ia -.i. ...... I.i. ..rtn-r III
iiiat'in, "ti i iiuiinr, jui 1
I Ih.m.. Tel."..
II. Hr.e.le.4 N.,
.,la,..r..l the ,S..fth.t I""' '
Ill II, . f,Hfli.. " arrll'" U
.,ii irh'f.
.14 I -I.
Buria! Shoes,
t ;
i 1
k ,
iliialler nl the ".mtlir
I..I.I.. 1 S.irlh ff K
.. . ... .. - u . ....
II. II. mi. III. i-i "- " . ,,.ll
a. ,. .I.I. I..O III-1" "' f"'"
Mil. I laml. VI.
hail, r ll' .'i'H
T.-in plaim.l
May II
Wagon and Carriage Werk
rih Brothers' Wagon,
Thirl asi Jcid i-.t..-r.;i"
,, ,. I nil, U.I 'I" '
a D
W. K. lit M! R
I'ritik Warret,'. ',x (linger Ilrandr.
For sal at all flr.t.cU.s bars. J.
r-tuhllng, agent, The Ihilles, M 17 3in
it 1 h" . .!.' "
f II. " """, V
Mire I. Iirrel,f (!v 1 III
Ih. I lefli nl IL. I "llii'' 1
I in .i.n. I',r 4 a-en I . .. . . , t v
lulmlnl-llaliir nl the e-l ih
i ,-a.ial, an. I lv an ' ft,'
af.,i,Hial,l. ma.le .lllue 1
I-". .1 Ih. h"'ir i, .'
I. .-l a. IMe 1 1 iti ""'
In .;i... III ll.rfl-r-
nf.a'i' It I ,il. lliml "
III, III nl .al l ran.'"- p p M V. ,,
. i
. ... Tl
IT """, ,'