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vol. ix
NO. 37
' ivinritT
Surfcri' S or a Wrecked Train ofDyitz
aiii Irjarcd nnmans.
Ctrnliis I'talli and Destruction lu
Fifty Men, Women and Children
Heroic Wutk Dune by ihe Train
tie and a Porter Credited With
EipciUI Presence of Mind.
Kin Citr, Jnim U I'orlv-elwt.t
ittrvi'-i wrm more or let ttnu!y,
thre (n rliap fatally, llijurvl by lie !
nilinmt "( train No. oulh boon 1 on
th K" City, Pltttburg tlnlf rail
road, 'wo mile south i( Gfnv!w, Mo.,
it 9 ) Ut tilght. The lnjrid were
hroilit to tliii city thi mornlig and
tm K'ti.u.!v hurl w ere kni to St.
h'upital m4 thr to the
vuy hotel.
Tlm wricked train Vft Kanat Citr
l.t nltl.t t 8 ! T0 in I ir be
yond irnlew, a email nation thirty
tiilirt ( kimi) City, train
ii ilcr led by p reading raiit, thetrai-i
hiiriitg liett damned by recent kever
rami. 1 1 urn iiir lilcti contained iikmi
of ttie ii pi.ed, miui tin rlmir rr liiinn-el
lately I .How ir.jj, were turned on tbelr
id into ditch. The Pullman left the
trx k, I'-j l rewaitird upright. Tli ri("n
ted t lailiinatloti baggage and mail cur
rrruaik'l or, th trick.
To accident occurred during a trvavy
0'itir of rain. Tlie crew t to
ark villi will to li'ill
Women mt children were dragged from
tli ni'l m.-n of the rr nd attended to
!; possible ander tho -lrrum
I'.tnr... J(ur kit lid Iwii taken out
Hr started frmii tli fir In tov Ja tli
rearcur. Tt.e r-orter of thlt rr rned
gmt ffm by bit prerti- of kulnd in
ratling hoi throng h tli root, q nch
log the tr nj rK iilii(j rTirl women
la la.uiii.irnt :nitr.
lu tlx mokrr, wblcli wll flllfd,
th .rtfrr wr foiiix.l-l I .crawl
nutUruHiy tb full lrniuli to tlirrr d'Kir
laM-a4., nit thronvli tli trokra win
dur m 'Unirrrom, tli ijmknv uik-
"t it iiu;iiill'U tu ! foot !ir.
Tli" . -lo .i( lli rrck In lliewixxln,
nd tl.-re wit ni bouu n r ta liirh
th I oiii!i In, tkn. Kur Uie im
b'diti rrn of tli Inj.ircil lirr fr
blilt f tlin track.
A i.,n aa Miiiible tba new of tba
Wrwk ,.,t to (iranriew ari l a ridirl
train lUi tartrd from Knt City.
Th train uiovnl at .1 a.m., and txk
b'-k It Kauaua City all of tli Injun-l.
(,ne Man Killed OutrlKhl and Two May
Hie From Broken Spine (KhiT
Slidit Feared.
N'mo, H, c. June!). TIib itramer
mur. Ciptaln U lllatin, arrived here
"'ii ii.orninn from Kkagwiy and report!
l't on Sunday morning. June d, men
t work I'li-arinit tnow from the
i'it rUMA Yllkon 1,liU.,yi j111(t over
"' nimniif, w,rn Ivrrlbl llde of
r"'li and mow raiua down llio inoiintalri
"d", killing oI18 , Btantly, and 'ri
""T, if not fatally nJtirin other.
tun Ilia, the nani
of III
men were not obtainable. The
rm (loan with nracticallv no
'hiii. and before the men could gel
t eonrie tho rock an.lsnow were
"Pin tl.ei,,. Another gang of men were
""'king n r, .ii,, ,,,,, fcWi,Vi ,
'"'hie t, ,,,. (if K.;tt ,.
"olll.eirj i, .-,. f, r (!,,, nl
J!' '" "'eir aliance and with other
Ihng riMi-tai,,.,., ,,, w ,,, wmi tx.
"'' d. but one Mat f, ur,d to bo dead
I, "'"''her two, it it feared, cannot
". for Dr. Whiting; the railway tur-
hrj wat toon In attendence, la
lUri' hack are broken, Kvory
""If'heingdone that It pottible for
''d th Injured men.
'""lid-Mra hourly expectod, and
rrin haw Iwim to witti-h tit line for
everal tri'rt bryoinl ,e kiiui'iiit to m
to I'ive a tiln.
fate of SjiliiiL'.
M mi t, Juub 8. The K, rnd (Innori
vcunt. i re, preparing to !,-.v (or liome,
nlllt'ait, according to prinoil plMiia,
Tuevday, I'ndi r tlm rin nt ordiT of the
war di-i-artim-iit, ll.i. ri-iciiiifitt bring
link iih it tl L m ie of in dead. Since
the Muici g raiiip.,lKii endc I tl.o men
tl rider to neral Siiinnn-ri Imve b en biley
I ri-pailng 1 1 1 mUik. Tlm r;'"enl It
In iiooit l.ea.lh, kiiilo from tlm rr-ul ta of
wi iir. la In I, utile. Tlm lorn are all
r x ;.m to grt aaay, mil tiulnrally are
l!d tin y an. (ruing clirn t to I'urtlar.d.
kuhatd I'. Illatid )yin.
I.mtvjN, Mi.,Jnn8 At 10 p. in. ,
Mr. Illand red romewhat brigbtir,
and will prubably liw tbrouuli tl.
Iil,jht. IliI ban been irrli Ire for
twentT-lonr hntii. Tlie phyal. ian re
gar I tlm cua at hoKle, an t bave o
Infoctned the lamily. All of tlm family
are at the dying uiaii' bedni ' tnnlgbl,
eireit bit brother, Jmtgn C. (". Dlaiid,
of lb St. Iiuia nnirt A appeal, wbo
bat been t h -graphed for.
The PjIIih Boat h'uiUay.
Waiiim. Ton, June S. The wardepnit
nieiit It lcforiiiel tbnt tlm rieg .liationt
for tlm remainder of tlm iv'it of-ay at
It dalle aro pngrr.irg very favor
ably 1 here la ttill a horx- that rongrent
rn.iy aiithorir.e a raiml ieiRlea 1 of a txiat
railway to overcome the oto-trnrtiont.
SLclctoiis of the New kii(iiticnli May
lie Funned From Volunteers ho
ish to Ivvn.iin.
VAiiiK.t J ii no lb The cabinet,
In Connection with the pota-.ble UKeviiy
of eriiintirig a addiliona! form of
teer. .h! ly d. iif rd a plan for en)i
ing reveral rieleton rciinenla in Manila
Irnm imotiit tint volunteer who
to remain m the ttrvice, and aubee
(iieiilly filling out the regiment w ilh re
cruit enlialwl in thi rutiairy. (en
eral title, acmrdiiig to tin plan, will la
giveu authority to eeltct tlm olliiar of
theae regiiaiuat from the volnuteer
officer who are to be muttered out.
The plan ahich rommrnda ittolf to
th favor of lueinl ert of the cabinet Ken
erally, would 'orru a nuclciit of veVfan
nllicert and men teatoned to the climate
ami familinr w ilh the work to be dene.
Such a force leavened with vetwrant
dull bt lent wot:!. I be iiumcatnratily u-
perior to a force of raw recruite, n-
(lieclpl.iietl and nnan-liiiialeil. The plan
wat only ditciHMed ill roiinei tion with
future contingciK'U', and did not reach
the tinge nf action.
The attorney general announced bit
opinion that the army reorganization
bill, fixing tlm iaximiim ftrrngth at
ui.OOi), did not enliat a hospital rorpt,
alKiiit "rl tO men, a-i that tho enlittet
force cau be Ini reaxed that nuiulr.
Funeral of Ceptain Nkhols.
MtNiit. June 12. The funeral tl
s.....i ir.... vi..i.i n.i, i f
V.J'l'0 .' - I
the Monitor Montdnork, took place at
Cavite yesterday with appropriate naval
cert monks. (inlden death of Cap
tain Nichols it particularly soil because
it occurred just at the moment when the
result for which he had worked fi r
moriiht, wa about to be realinsl, name
ly the capture of Parno,ue and its oc
cupation by the American forces. The
Monadiiock had been lying off rarampe
for two months part under fire from the
rebel! almost d.illy.
List full I sprained mv left hip while
handling tome heavy Ihxcs. The doctor
I called on t lid nt lirst it was a slight
strain and would soon In, well, but It
grew wore and the doctor then auld I
had rheumatism. It Con'inuod to grow
worse and I could hardly get around to
work. I went to a drug itore and the
druggist recommended me to try Cham
berlain' Pain 1! ilm. I tried It and one
half of i'iO cent bdtlo cured mo entire
Iv. f ii'iw rcponiiiii nd it to all mv
(in n !'.- !'. A. I: w .'( i:, Pile, P.t. V
Is f. r salo by Plakel. y Ifonyhton,
III own l'nicrsily.
Kaw York, Juno It. The Kev. Dr.
W. II. P. Pau nee, pastor of the Fifth
avenue I'.aptitt church, to lay announced
that he would resign the pattorato of
that chnroh luimfdistely to accept the
presidency of P.rown mil ycrsity. j
Tropical Sen Prows Mire Disastrous
Tban Fire of Insnrcnts.
Noon Territory an Far as raraniio Was
Cleared Americans Lost Two
(Hikers and Twenty-one Men
Wounded Ktbels Left Fifty Dead
on the Field.
Manila, June 10,4:30 p. m. At day
break today a forve of 4."i00 men nndur
Heiieralt Law toll, Wheaton and Oven
hiDe advanced f n:m San i'edro Macati,
tweelng the eonntry between the bay
an I Maniln and I!uy I.r.kc, toiith of Ma
nila. I!y WKin the conntry will ba
cleared alrot tu I'ariin'po. Tho Ameri
cana lutt two oflicert killed and twenty-
one euldiert wounded. The rebel re
tinted (letierately at th monger of their
poeitbait, and loll fifty detd In the
trenchet. Many more wounded were
If ft hehlud by the rehcli la their re
treat. The beat daring the day wai
overpow 'ring, and tht-rq wero many
prottrationt of American tokliert from
lAat cane.
It wat ecarcrry dawn wheel the troops,
in a long eileat prietaion, wound up
the hiilride) 1c,ind the American
trenchet and firmed a ekirmiah line.
Concealed in the Jungle, the advance
rebel outt fired a few khota before
being teen. Tlie artillery, tho Colorado
inlautry and Nevmla citMilry t o ag
ar on nd the liitltopof the IWt arid orue
the battle at 30.
Tlm rebel uiade no reeponf irom the
hill and the Colorado men cititiotitiy
advance,! ttirwtigh the thick iinriM until
they were oufronted by a c i !i, from
whicti a few weak volley vre tired. A
tpirited retpiaite follow. d and a charg.'
into the treuchet found it to J i!e 'rted.
In the meantime a part of theTlurte uili
and Fotirtecatli regiment formed in
tklrinltih line, extrnd'iif a tuile to the
right and itiivportcd by the rett of the
regimi ntt, twept down the valley and
up the hilUide toward another trench.
The moruM aerioutly liinix'red the
Fourteenth, and the rvbelt, taking ad
vantage of tliiii, poured n gulling fire
tip n them ftir thirty minute. The
Fourteenth wat taice compelled to with
draw for the purpose of finding a tale
eroding in the twamp. Finally the
trench was entiled on both flank. The
rebels fled through the wood?, (attain
ing severe losses.
General I.awton then pushed lilt en
tiro command tooth through the centtr
of tlm isthmus until a fow miles south of
I'araintie, w hen he swung around and
halted on account of tlm heat. During
the march, men were prostrated on all
t I . t 1 - 1.1- I i 1 -
tine, owing iu iat- oi water ami rlM-
urn tu the tun. It i( estimated that 40
..... I .. .
per cent "I Ihe troop were exhausted.
The double tnrreted monitor Monadnock
and three other veaselt thelled I'aranqtie
this morning, and tho rebels promptly
evacuated the place.
Manadnock's Couiiiiander Dead.
Wamiinuton, Juna 10. A cablegram
wat received at the navy department to
day from Captain Parkei, naval ohVer
In command at Maniln, announcing the
death of Captain Henry Nichols from
innstroke. Nichols was commander of
Ihe monitor Manaduork,
Lieutenant Weslcncdvii.' Dead.
Waniiinoton, June 10. The war de
partment received tho following dis
patch :
"Maniln, Juno 10. First Lieutenant
P.iehard H. Weatenedgo, inrgeon l 8.
A., died hero a 0 o'clock today from
typhoid fever. O ITS"
Salmon Run Good.
AsroittA, 'r-, June 0. The warmer
weather of Ihe pat few day has had a
beneficial effect on the run of fljh In the
river, and laft ninht' catch wa the
largest of the season thus far. All who
ventured near the month of tho river re
port good catchet.nnd ono boat delivered
1700 found", the retult of one day' fish
ing. One salmon was received at the
cold storage plant this morning that
tipped the scales of 7'J pound. Despite '
reportt to the contrary this bat beii the I
best leason in years for the gillneltere, j
especially those who llohed in the lower
harbor. Sevirulofthe fishermen have
already at t.ih at Ave and six tout each
to their credit, a thing most unusual to
early In the year. A train of twenty
cars arrived yesterday to load canned
sahuon for the Ku-t, an ) will be dis
patched in a few days.
Shot in the Face.
AtroniA, Or., June 10. Maurice Mc
nonouith, jr., aged eleven years, ol
ISrook field, na-ro!y escaped being
killed last evening. Ha wat driving
cattle through the brush near his huno,
when some one fired a gun In his direc
tion. The charge struck him in the left
breast and face, and took a finger from bit
left hand. One khot entered the left eye,
and destroyed it. The boy was brought
to the hospital In tbit city Ibis morning
for treatment. An examination showed
that tlm hot which entered hit body
and face had pierced the fl' th but a
light distance, and must have been tired
at long range. It 1 thought Hut the
(hot wat fired by a bnnler.
Was Injured in the Vancouver Railway
VANTorvBR, Wash., June 10. John
Davis, the hrakeuian on tlm Portland,
Vaacouver A Yakima railroad, w ho, was
injtred in the wreck last Wednesday,
died this morning. The muscle of one
thigh were badly crashed and mangled
I'avis wat also injured internally. Yes
terday inflammation set in.
I).tvis wan about 35 years old. lie
leaves a wife and four children. He
came to Vancouver from Kansat about
i ten yeart ano, and worked at a logtfer,
and at different time on t tm lodging
railroad on which be met hit death. He
wat a member of the Odd Fel.owa and
the Ked Men.
Coroner Smith thi mornin- snin-
moued a jury to inquire into the wreck
of the train. The jury visited the scene
of the wreck and took the testimony of
mpIoyet of the road and other witnessea
relative to the disaster.
The jury returned a verdict that Davit
KJtoe to iiia death from an unavoidable
laccuit-ntou the Portland, Vancouver &
Yakima rait ay. No blame wag at
tached, either to 'he tailway company
or any of it emp' jt es.
Medicine Men Torture a Young Girl to
Propitiate the Spirit That is Ruin
ing the Tribe.
Victoria, C. C, Juno 11. The In
diana living in the nei-hhorhood of the
npper watera of the Stewart river are in
a most deplorable condition. A terrible
famine prevails in that district, and the
unfortunate natives have already been
decimated for lack of food. Conditions
have been growing rapidly worse In thit
respect, and three miners who have jnt-t
reached here from that country say that
tlie pitiful scenes enacted among the
starving Indian beggars description.
They are now almost entirely w ithout
food of any kiud, and are now literally
perishing In great numbers. So hopeless
is the situation, that in a single small
Indian village no lest than thirty persons
died from hunger just previous lo the
departure of the prospectors for this
port. The miners who are authority h r
these statements declare that nnless
abundant supplies are immediately dis
patched lo the relief of Iheso famishing
and despondent people, their practical
extermination is inevitable. j
The same trio of returned miners also
tell a shocking story of the killing of an
Indian girl by a medicine man at the
instrtnc t oi fie chief of th tribe to which
the girl belonged. According ti the
story, the girl was made the victim of a
savage ceremony directed by the medi
cine man, under the oiders of the chief.
Her barbarous death w as for the purpose
of propitiating the great spirit which
had sent the famine, by the offering np
ol a living human sacrifice.
Troops will bo sent to the scene of the
outrage to arrest the murderers, and
bring those guilty of the crime to justice,
if they have not already paid the penalty
by the slower process of starvation.
Makes the food more
Germany Hostile to; tbc Arbitration
Great Danger That the Schemes Before
the Peace Conference Will Fail.
Wamhsgtos, June 10. According to
private advices reaching here from The
Hague, there is great danger that one
and all arbitration tchernea before the
conference will fail. It is said Germany
is markedly hostile to the arbitration
principle, and is making an active can
vass to secure the support of tome of the
second-rate powers in the opposition.
If the movement is successful, even in
a limited degree, it it feared that arbitra
tion is doomed so far as this conference
is concerned, for, to carry any weight
and show practical results, the delegates
must be nearly unanimous.
lirussels Conference Section.
Tub II AGi-E, June 10. The Ciutsels
conference section n et today.
Major-General Sir John Ardagb, of
the British delegation, declared that
Great Britain could not bind herself to
sign convention drawn from the
Brusseli conference of IS75, but must
reserve the right of jndging of the ne
cessity of tha expediency of abiding by
stipulations of that conference or this
conference in general order to her armies
in the event of war or in the event of
opening a campaign. Professor de
Martens replied that Russia did not ask
the power to sign a convention on
the Brussels conference, but deeired
the powers to undertake to embody
the stipulations now agreed upon
in the instructions given trcopt at the
openicg of a campaign.
In less She Scuds Over One Hundreds
Millions in Gold by Fall, Serious
Difficulties May Be Experienced
America a Light Purchaser.
New Yoi:k, June 12. The Timeb' Lon
don finaccialccrrespondent cables : This
has been an untoward week, and busi
ness ail around has been unsatisfactory.
The only tiling that ha cheered us it
our foreign trade returns for May, which
show a satisfactory increase in exports;
yet the figures of the leading branches
are rareiy up to th-ist? of 18:17. Your re-"
dnced purchases of texiles are tl.o prin
cipal cause of thi?. Taoyeirs ego yon
brought in the tirt live month ti,I37,lW
yards of woolen and SV07,l'O yards ol
worsted tissues, whereas this year the
respective totals have been S 'A 0v0 and
f), 1 11,000. In djes and b'.Mched cottons,
however, you nro now d ling much more
w ith nt than a year a:o.
Coming to finance, th; week br.s Iven
worrying. The Japanese loan has been
a failure because it is t o big nil I has
been badly managed. Not or.e.i ight of
it sold to Investor. Tho first install
ment of tho Russian lo.'.n is also looked
askance at, but it is said it w.d ail be
told. Yet tl.e market is nnhappy, and
when the r.ewt of Kroner's obstinacy
pame Thurs lay we were in a mood to
soil everything.
To add to the uncomfortoblcnesp, the
banks aro beginning to discus tho inad
equacy of cur gold reserves.
The proposal, briefly, it for each hank
to tet aside a fixed proportion of its dc-
delicious and wholesome
potits in gold to be kept by the Bank of
Kngland in tintt for use in emergencies.
A committee of bankers noald bave
charge of the fund thus created, with
power among other attributes, to prevent
inroads upon it. The gold exports from
New York have revive! reports that
enough may come to 011 us up before
autumn, but I am anxious to believe you
mnst send ns tlOO.OOO.
Dewey Will Receive Jijt.S'W Per Vear,
Work or No Work Schley Gets
More Than Sampson.
New Yoke, Juno 12. A dispatch to
the world from Washington says: The
navy department has issued a circular
fixing the salary of officers under the
navy personnel bill. Admiral Dewey
will receive I3,o00 whether on duty on
shore or sea. The ssnior rcar-admiral'a
pay it fixed at 7,500 at tea and t3,375 on
shore. Kear-Adiniral Schley is in this
list, but only receives the minimum
amount as he it aligned to shore duty.
The junior rear-admirale receive fo.oOO
whileonsea duly and 4,67" oa shore.
Bear-Admiral Sampson is iu the junior
list, but hariog a command at sea re
ceives the maxi'tum pay, Shonld
Schley be given an aebign.nent at sea he.
would receive J0CO more a year than
Sampson, but as it now is, bis pay
amounts to but $S7 more. Captains .
receive $.!x)J at ea and $3ti75 on shore.
Democrats Will Force Free Silver Issue.
New Yoke, June 12. The silver men
of this state will leud representatives to
Chicago to the meeting of the democratic
national committee on June 20, to urge
the adoption of a resolution, which it is
said w iil be recommended by ex-Governor
Stone of Missouri, diclarin that
only such delegates as come from state
in which the democratic convention en
dorsee the Chicago platform will be
seated at regular delegates in tho
national convention.
John Gardner, of thi citv. a personal
friend of Bryan and one of the leaders in
the "dollar dinner" organ'zatiou here.
said that he intended to be in Chicago
when the democrats meet. Hi said
that it would be a LOod thing to force
Tammany and Ihettntj oran'z ilion to
declare either for or ncainft the Chicago
platform in the state convention here.
Would Not unr So Again ror Fifty
Tliiira II trlr.
I awoke last night with s?vere pains
in my stomich. I never felt so badly in
all my life. When I came down to work
this morning I feit so weak I could hardly
work. I went to Miller Jt MiCurdy's
drug store and they recommended
Chamberlain's Cohr, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Kerned,. It worked like magic
and one dose fixed me all right. It
certainly is the finest tiling I tvr used
for stomach trouble. I shall not be
without it in my home hcreifter, for
I should not care to enduro the sufferings
of last night again for fifty times its
price. G. II. Wii.on-, Liveryman, Bur-
gettstown, Washington Co., Ta. This
remedy is for sale by Blakeley A Hough
ton, Druggists.
Terrible Ending of a Bridal Serenade.
Wichita, Kan , June 12 Whilo a
party of young men were serenading Mr.
and Mrs. Kiy liiggine, near Watonga,
Oklahoma, ti e bride and giojin of two
hours appeared oa the front porch and
ordered the seienadi rs to leave. The
party, cunpo-sed ot a'-ont. montv triends
of the young married couple, refused to
go. Instcal they c .ntinr.e l to make
deafeniig noises by bcata; on phii and
tiring thot guns.
One of tho party , II itv !' in i oiv, de
libcratcly pointed his gun at the voting
people and tiro I. Tin- bride's f.-. ami
breast was ti!l d 'il'li buckshot. She
fell irj ir.d, shot through tho
lnng, and died a i hour Inter. The
groom wat alsofdut in tho fac., bat not.
fatally. After the accident the!
party flod. N j arrets hava been made
yet. A small brother cf tl.o bride was
also wound.'d, but not ieriouslv.
Ice cream poda now on sale
Palace of Sweets.
at the
4 f.