The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, January 11, 1896, PART 2, Image 4

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The Weekly Ghf oniele.
After Acute Bronchitis
"Three months ago, I. took a vio
lent cold which resulted in an attack
of acute bronchitis. I 'put myself
under medical treatment, and at the
nd of two months was no better.
I found it very difficult to preadi,
and concluded to try Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral. The first bottle Rave me
great, relief ; the second, which I am
now taking, has relieved me almost
entirely of all unpleasant symptoms,
and I feel sure that one or two bot
tles more will effect a permanent
cure. To all ministers suffering from
throat troubles, I recommend Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral." E. M. Brawley,
D.D., Dist. Secretary, Am. Eapt.
Publication Society, Petersburg, Ya.
Ayer's Cherry Fedora!
Capt. II. C. Coe of Hood River is in
, 'the city. .
Mr. D. O'Conner of Goldendale is in
the city today. '
Richard Gorman left on the afternoon
"train for Portland.
' Mr. George W. Herbein went to Pen-
- dleton on last night's train.
Frank Ward of Kingsley went to Port
land on the afternoon train.
Mr. D. L. Cates of Cascade Locks ar
rived in town on the morning local.
Mr. O. H. Rich, a resident of Center
ville, Klickitat Co., is a visitor to town
Mr. J. W. Moore, a well-known farmer
of Nansene, was seen upon our streets
' Bert Baldwin returned to Mt. Angel
college this afternoon to resume his
studies. ... . ,
Mr. M. Herrick,.the cannervman, re-
tamed today from a business trip to
Portland. ;- .
Peter Mohr, a fruit raiser of the Hood
River vallev. was in the city this
morning. . ,'
Mr, J. C. Burkes, an attorney of Nan
eene, is in The . Dalles today on legal
Mr. William 'Lacock, engineer on the
state, portage road at the locks, is in The
Dalles today.-
Mr. Fred D. Hill hag gone to Golden
dale, where be is engaged in taking tes
timony is an important suit'. -
Matt Thorbonrn, Jr., who is a student
at Mt. Angell college, returned to that
institution todav' after spending the
iiolidavB with his narentH at Kintrslev.
- .
Mr. O. W. Bellinger, a son of Judge
Bellinger of Portland, was in The Dalles
. today. Mr. .Bellinger holds. an import
ant position in the construction depart
ment ot the U. K. s N. Co.
v Thnrsday.
A. K. Dufur of Dafor is in town today,
T. H. Johnston came in from Dufur
Sheriff Driver returned last night
from Salem. .,
Mr. A. H. Breyman of Portland is in
the city today. .
.,, " Mr. W. D. Jones-, the tombstone man
of Portland, is in the city.
Capt. H., C. Coe returned to Hood
River on the afternoon train.
- DK John M. Kane of Dnfur is in the
city, accompanying Mr. Balch.
Messrs. W. G." Armsworthy and J. E.
Porbes of Wasco are in the city. ,
. Hon. B. S. Huntington returned last
. evening from a day spent in Portland.
- Mr. I. C. Darland, a well-known mer
chant of Goldendale, is in the city today.
' " Miss Gertrue Farrelly of Portland is in
the city visiting her -sister, Mrs. E. F.
F. M. Jackson, one of Hood River's
citizens, came np from that place on. the
night train. ' . . ...
r. Kariv of urano came ud on tne
local train this morning, returning in
the afternoon.
Mr. James W. Armsworthy, editor of
, the News at Wasco, is in The Dalles on
s business visit today. .
Conductor Bennett is on the local to-
Conductor Glenndening. , .-
' MrJames Connelly' of Burnt Ranch
is in town tndav. TTo ia nnn nf the larire
' sheeD trrowera nf that reo-inn.
Miss Florence French left last evening
. for The Dalles, where she will make her
' future home. HeDnher Gazette.
Mr. J. H. Rhinehartof Sammerville,
.father of the late Dr. W. E. Rinehart of
p 1,sit- La
The Dalles, arrived Jn town from Port
land this morning.
Mr. Frank French, purser of the
steamer Dalles City, arrived in The
Dalles last evening from Portland.
During the lay-up of the boats he will
spend his vacation with his parents in
this city.
Mr. C. W. Kibley of Baker City ar
rived in The Dalles this morning. Mr.
Niblev is secretary of the Oregon Lum
ber Co. an organization which has ex
tensive interests in Oregon and Wash
ington. Friday.
Floyd Wood is reported still improv
ing. Mr. M. B. Potter of Hood River is in
the city. '
Albert Roberts is in today from the
Mrs. W. H. VanBibber returned from
Portland today.
Ally Henderson came np from White
Salmon this morning. 4
George N. Crossfield of Murray Springs
came down this morning.
Mr. R C. Wallis of Rnfus is in the
city on his way to Portland..
C. H. Spaulding, a prominent attor
ney of Goldendale, is in the city.
Mr; T. C. Nye returned on today's
local from a brief stop in Portland.
E. Cameron, one ot the famous Came
ron brothers, sprinters, is in the city.
Louis Klinger, one of Wasco county's
prosperous farmers, i3 in town today.'
Mrs. B. E. Nyde is the guest of Mrs.
Forwood during her stay in The Dalles.
" W. A. Langille of Hood River came
np to The Dalles on laet night's passen
ger. Fred D. Hill, the real estate agent,
went to Portland on this afternoon's
Charles Franzen of Lyle Landing was
in town today laying in some winter
Rev. J. N. Goss returned last night
from Portland. He will go to Milton
next week.
School Supt. Shelly arrived from Hood
River this morning, and will be in his
office at the usual hours.
Otto Birgfeld of Portland arrived in
The Dalles last evening and is visiting
his brother, Professor" Birgfeld.
Mr. A. D. McDonald of The Dalles is
Sherman county looking after some
business interests there. He is one of
the commissioners of the Rattlesnake
A Dalles Burse In San Francisco.
People who attend the fair at The
Dalles last October will remember
Cracker Jack one of the running horses
which appeared in a number of events
Cracker Jack was not much for looks,'
but was considered pretty good for speed
and there were always plenty of people
willing to place their money on the ani
nal. Cracker Jack became the property
ot Mr. Fred Fisher, who had an enthu
siastic belief in his running capabilities,
so much so that he shipped the horse to
San Francisco and entered him at the
Bay District track. Several days ago a
wild rumor was circulated in The Dal'es
that Cracker Jack had won a race and
the pools were at such odds that the
backer of the Oregon horee won $60,000.
The report turned out to be a josh, how
ever, and a hit of merriment was had at
some sportsmens' expense. The follow
ing clipping taken from the San Fran
cisco Examiner of January 3d, contains
information upon wnich the report of
Cracker Jack and his winnings was
probably based.
The people that own Cracker Jack
came verv nearly pulling a good thing
off yesterday. They had everything ar
ranged out the bov. Instead of getting
a good jockey to pilot their horse they
put up Bngley, who would nave hard
work to ride in a box car if the door was
open. Cracker Jack is about the home
liest horse that ever ran over the Bay
District track. He is long and low, with
the appearance of a halfbred percheron.
If bis heart were as big as his feet he
would be the greatest race-horse of the
century, for he has plenty of speed.
some books boosted bis price 100 to 1
yesterdav, and then those who knew
about the good thing started in to play
him. In a minute or two his price had
been cut to 10 and that was about the
best quotation against him when the
nag fell. Cracker Jack shot off in the
lead 2t once, and on tho upper turn had
opened up a gap of several lengths. In
the stretch it looked as though the
others would never catch him, but when
be did stop he stopped all of a sudden
and City Girl, about the only well-bred
horee in the bunch, came on and won
handily. Cracker Jack was another
good thing cone wrong. If the coup had
been properly managed there would have
been no difficulty in cleaning up a good
big sum.
at the
Electrlo Light
The Dalles has reason to be proud of
its electric light works. Few cities the
size of this place have as complete a
plant, while many , larger cities will
Buffer in comparison with the electric
light system in The Dalles. Some im
provements have, been made at the
works, which -will provide still greater
efficiency in the service. A new alter
nating dynamo has been received, which
will allow of 1000 incandescent sixteen
candle power lights to be added to the
number previously used. The demand
for lights had rendered it necessary that
the capabilities of the service, be in
creased. . There is now sufficient power
to furnish 2640 sixteeu-candle lights and
fifty arc lights. The number of incan
descenta now in use is about 2000.
Among other improvements to be
noticed is a switch-board of the latest
design. A lightning arrestor has just
been received, and its working was ex
plained to a Chronicle reporter today.
Should the wires be struck at any place
by lightning, the chock would reach as
far as the arrestor and then pass along a
wire leading into the ground, and thus
be prevented from reaching the machin
ery. Should the number of incandes
cent lights reach over 2600, it would
probaSly be necessary that a new engine
and boiler of greater size and power be
secured. . -
Lutheran Church Organized; '
- Last evening a large number of peo
ple interested In the formation of a Lu
theran church, met in the First Baptist
church and took np the work of the ad
journed meeting a week ago. The re
port of the committee which had been
appointed to solicit membship showed
that sixty-two names were on the roll.
Before the evening was over that num
ber was increased to sixty-eight. A bal
lot was then taken to select a council of
trustees, and the following gentlemen
were chosen: I. C. Nickelsen, John
Melquist, Hans Hansen, Mr. Brown, L
P. Ostlund and C. Weigle. When the
trustees had been elected it was unani
mously decided that Rev. L. Grey be
asked to take the pastorate of the
church. Mr. Grey expressed his pleas
ure at this action and promised to ac
cept the call, provided his ' church in
Oregon Citygave him leave. The trust
ees were empowered to draw up articles
of incorporation and make inquiries con
cerning a suitable site for the erection
of a church edifice. Next Sunday an
other meeting of the members will be
Suddenly Taken Insane.
A ead. affliction has overtaken Miss
Annie Brown, daughter of Mr. A. A
Brown, .tor some time the young
lady has been in failing health and this
morning showed unmistakable signs of
insanity. An examination was held by
Dr. Doane and Judge Blakeley, and the
unfortunate young girl committed to the
asylum. The trouble has been long in
coming, as for many weeks she has been
brooding over the suicide of an uncle
When Prof. Riddell delivered his lecture
on "Heredity" Miss Brown attended
and took a tieep interest in the lecture
because of the fact that three of her
uncles were insane. Since that time
her condition became worse till this
morning, when a violent outbreak oc
curred. bhe is in fear that she may
kill herself.
Miss Brown is a graduate of the
Quincey, Illinois, high school, and has
lived in The Dalles about four years.
She has been a constant attendant at
the Congregational church, though not
a church member. The case is deplora
bly sad, and the parents and the afflict
ed one will have the deep felt sympathy
of everyone.
Last evening abent 6 o'clock a gentle
man standing in front of Stephens' store
saw a young lad purloine a pocket
handkerchief. The gentleman notified
Officer Connelly, who followed the boy
and brought him to Mr. Stephens, where
a confession was made. The boy is a
son of well-known and respected par
ents, living in The Dalles, and the spe
cies of thieving, in which he indulged
last night, is the result of evil compan
ionship. The cnlyrit, whose name we
withhold for the sake of his parents,
said that there is a gang around town
organized to commit depredations of
this sort and that other merchants had
suffered in the same way. After the
boy confessed,- Mr. Stephens was not
disposed to press the matter, and he
was allowed to depart by the officer upon
solemn promises that this offense would
be the last. This is the second time
within a short while that thieving of
this sort has been discovered, as last
fall articles were found that had
been stolen from the stores of
Pease & Mays and A. M. Williams &
Co. Officer Connelly learned the names
of some of the boys who have been doing
this sort of thing, and a sharp watch
will be kept upon their actions.
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Sheriff's Sale.
A judgment, order and decree having been
rendered and entered in the Circuit Court of the
State ol Oregon, for Wasco County, on the 23d
day of December, 1S95, in a cause therein pend
ing, wherein C, W. Dietzel was plaintiff and
Ezra HenBon and Russell fc Company, a corpor
ation, and K. F. Gibons, A. 8 Slac Allister and
J. M. Marden, partners doing business under
the firm name of Uibons, Mac Allister Co..
were defendants, whtrein and whereby it was
ordered and al judged that the plaintiff nave and
recover of and from the defendant, Ezra Hen
son, the bum of f320.6o and the further sum of
J45 as attorney's fee and bis costs and disburse
ments taxed at J 11, and it was further ordered
and adjudged that the defendant, Russell
Company, a corporation, have ana recover of
and from the defendant. Ezra Henson, upon its
cross complaint the sum of $778.35, and the fur
ther sum of J75 as attorney's fee, and it was
fuither adjudged and decreed that the mortgage
of the plaintiff be foreclosed and the mortgaged
property hereinafter described be sold in the
manner provided by law, and that the proceeds
thereof be annlied as follows: First, upon the
costs and expenses of said foreclosure and sale.
second, upon any amount mat may Deuue ior
unpaid taxes, or that may be necessary to re
deem said premises from any sale thereof for
unpaid taxes. Third, upon the amount due to
the plaintiff. Fourth, upon the nnv.uut due to
the defendant, Russell & Co. Fifth, that the
overplus, if any there be, be paid to the Clerk of
tne court to auiae me iurtneriraer or ine court.
And an execution and order of sale having
issued out of said Circuit Court on the 7th day
of Janury, 189S, and to me directed and com
manding: me to sell the mortgaged premises
hereinafter described to satisfy the sums above
mentioned with interest thereon, now, there
fore, under and in pursuance of sam execution
and order of sale, I wilU on Saturday, the 8th
day of Februarv, 1896, at the hour of 2 o'clock p.
m. at the courthouse door in Dalles City, in said
county and state, te 1 at public auction, to the
highest bidder for cash in hand, for the purpose
of satisfying said judgment order and decree
the mortgaged premises named and described
iherein, to-wit:
.Norm quarter ot section 17, Townsmp soutn
Range 14 East, W. M., containing 160 acres of
land. T. J. DRIVER,
10j-6t Shei iff of Wasco County.
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for
Wasco County.
William L. Isbell, Plaintiff,
Mattie J. Isbell, Defendant.
To Mattie J. Islwll, the above named defendant:
In the name of the State of Oregon, you are
herebv rcouired to anpear in the above entitled
court, and answer the complaint filed against
vou in said court and cause, on or Detore tne
ilrst dv of the next reeular term of the Circuit
Court for Wasco County, Oregon, following the
expi'ation of six weeks publication of this
summons, towit, Monday, the 10th dnyof Feb
ruary, 1896, aud you will take notice-that if vou
fail to s appear and answer, for want thereof,
plaintiff will take judgment against you for the
relief prayed for in his complaint, to-wit: A
decree of divoree forever dissolving the bonds of
marriage heretofore and now existing between
plaintiff and defendant, and for such other re
lief as mav be eauitable-and lust.
inis summons is s'.'rvea upon you oy puouca
tion thereof in The Dalles Chronicle, a weekly
newspaper of generul circulation, published at
The Dalles, Was-co Couuty, Oregon, by order of
lion. w. 1. aradsnaw, juage 01 tne ariove namea
Dated at Dalles City, Or., December 24, 1895.
dec28-5t Attorney for Plaintiff.
Sheriff 's Sale.
Bv virtue of au execution and order of sole is
sued out of the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for Wasco County, upon a decree ana
judgment, made, rendered and entered by said
couit on the Kith day of December, 1895, in favor
of the plnintiti', in a suit wherein the Solicitors
Loan and Trust Company was plaintiff and Syl
vester Brooks was defendant, and to me directed
and delivered, commanding me to levy upon
and sell the lands mentioned and described in
said writ and hereinafter described, I did duly
levy upon and will sell at public auction, to tbe
highest bidder for cash in hand, on Mon
day, the 27th day of January, WJ6, at 2
o clock in the afternoon of said day, at the front
door of the County courthouse in Dalles City,
Wasco County, Oregon, all of tbe lands and
premises described in said writ and herein de
scribed as follows, to-wit:
The southwest quarter of section fourteen in
township one, north of range fourteen, east of
the Willamette ieridian, Wasco County, Oregon,
or so much thereof as shall be sufficient to sat
isfy the sum of $3S3.30 and interest thereon from
January 28, lS'.W, at the rate of eight per cent per
annum, $50 attorney's fees in this suit, and
$7.50 costs in said suit, together with costs of
said writ and accruing costs of sale.
Dated at Dalles City, Wasco County, Oregon,
this 26th dav of December, A. D., 1895.
T. J. DRIVER, Sheriff of Wasco Co., Or.
Dec28 By Robert E.ELLV, Deputy.
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hum A" "A
V jW1 c,J
Iu the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon lot
the County of Wasco.
J. A. Gulliford, p'aintiff,
va. '
John Topar and Alice Topar, de'endanU.
To John Topar, if the above named defend
ants: ,
In fie name of the State of Oregon ;
You are hcrebv required to appear and
-iswer the complaint of "p'aii tiff, filed
against you in the above entitled Court and
cause, on or before tbe first day of the next
regular term of said Couit following the data
hereof, to-wit: On or before the 10th A y of Feb
ruary, 1896; and if you fail so to appear and an
swer, for want thereof the plaintiff will applv to
the court for the relief prayed for iu his com
plaint, to-wit: Foi a decree of foreclosure of
that certain mortgage deed, male and executed
by you aud the defendant Alice Toptr. to the
above-named plaintiff, dated the 8th day of Nov
mber, 1MW, upon the NE!4 of the r-JiJi, the WW
of theNEJi, thoNE'4of the NV, theW'ioI
the and the SJ of the NW4 of Section 4
in Townsnip2 south of Range 13 east, W M, in
Wasco County, Oregon, containing 320 acres of
land, more or le-s, and that said premises be
bold under uch foreclosure decree in the man
ner provided bylaw; that f torn the jroceeds of
such sale the pUintifl' have ard receive the rum
of 000, and interest on said sum at the rate of
e'ght ir cent, p r annum Mnce November 8th,
1112; the further sum of $100 as a reasonable at
torney's fee to collect the note thereinl
fueu uuu. buu p-tuanu s costs ana Dis
bursements of said suit, including ac
cruing costs and expenses of sale, and
that plaintiff have a judgment against you
and said defendant, Alice Topar, for any defic
iency in the proceeds of sale to fully satisfy all
said sums; that upon such foreclosure sale, all
of the right, title, interest and claim of you and
your co-defendant, or either of you, and all other
persons claiming or to claim, by, through or un
der you or either of you In and to said mort
gaged premises, be forever barred and foreclosed
from the equity of redemption and for such
other and further relief aa to the Court may
seem equitable and just.
Ti is summons Is served upon you, the said
John Topar, by publication thereoi in The
Dalles Chronicle for hix consecutive weeks, bv
order of Honorable W. L. Bradshaw, Judge o'f
said Court, which order was duly made and en
tered on the 20th day of I'ecember, 18'.15.
Dated this 26th day of December, 1895.
dec28-7t Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue of an execution and order of sale
issued out of the Circuit Court of the State of
Oresron.for Wasco County, upon a decree and
judgment made, rendered and entered by said
Court on the 11th day of December, ISM, in favor
of the plaintiff in a suit wherein the Solicitors'
Loan and Trust Comrany was plaintiff and Wil
liam Goodwin, Horace H. Draper, Jennie K.
Draper, John Goodwin, William Goodwin and
Amanda Thontbury, administratrix of the es
tate of C. N. Thornbury, deceased, were defend
ants, and to me directed an'd delivered, com
manding me to levy upon and sell the lands
mentioned and described in said writ and here
inafter described, I dia duly lev upon, and will
sell at public auction, to the highest bidder for
cash in hund, on Monday, the 27th day of Jann
ary, 1896, at 2:30 o'clock, in the afternoon of said
day, at the front door of the County courthouse,
in Dalles City, Wasco County, Oregon, all of the
lands and premises described in raid writ, and
herein described as followes, to-wit:
The northwest quarter of northeast quarter
and the east half of northwest quarter, and
southwest quarter of northwest quarter of sec
tion twenty-seven, township 1, north range 13,
a strip of land described as follows : Beginning
at the northwest corner of the northeast quarter
01 the northeast quarter of section 27 ; running
thence south to a point 24 rods; thence north
westerly to the northwest corner of the north
esst quarter of said sect on 27 .containing 154 acres
of land and being the same land which Dela
Sayer anl W. J. Bayer and Annie Sayer, his
wife, by deed bearing date November 16th, 1883,
and recorded in the office of the County Clerk of
Wasco County, in Deed Book "I" pages 265 and
266, granted and conveyed unto the said William
Goodwin, his heirs and assigns, or so much
thereof as shall be sufficient to satisfy the sum
of $3051 and interest thereon from December 11,
1S95, at the rale of 12 per cent per annum, and
S.MO attorney's fees in this suit and $15.50 costs
in said suit, together with costs of sold wilt and
accruing costs ot sale.
Dated this 26th day of December, at Dalles
City, Wasco Countv, Oregon.
T. J. DRIVER, BheriffWaco Co., Or.
dec28 By Robert Kelly, Deputy.
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for
vvasco county.
Tbe American Mortgage Company, of Scotland,
limited, a corporation, plaintiff,
F. P. Weidnor, Thomas J. Fredenbnrg, M. Fred
enburg, O. Fredenburp, O. D. Taylor, Surah K.
Taylor, Lorenzo Francisco, C. W. Cather, J. C.
Flanders and Joeph A. Johnson, defendants.
To M. Fredenburg, of the above-named defend
ants: In the name of the State of Oregon, you are
hereby required to appear and answer the com
plaint of plaintiff, filed against you in the above
entitled Court and cause, 00 or before the fl rat
day of the next regular term of said Court next
following the dote hereof, to-wit: On or before
the 10th day ot February, 189C; and If you fail so
to appear and answer, for want thereof the plain
tiff will apply to the Court for the relief prayed
for in its complaint, to-wit: For a decree of
foreclosure of that certain mortgage deed, made
and executed by the above-named defendants,
F. P. Weidncr and Thomas J. Fredenbunr. to the
above-named plaintiff, dated the 20th day of
July, 1888, upon the S'( and the NWW of the NE
M, andtheNEof theNW of Section 28, in
Township 1 north of Range 10 east of the Wil
lamette meridian, in Wasco County, Oregon, and
that said premises be sold under such foreclos
ure decree In the manner provided by law: that
from the proceeds of such sale the plaintiff have
and receive the sum of StWXl. and interest on said
sum since February 1st, 18U3, at the rate of eight
percent, per annum: for the further, sum of 175
as a reasonable attorney's fee for instituting this1
suit to collect the notes therein sued upon, and
plaintiffs costs and di bursements of suid suit
including accruing costs and expenses of snle,
and that plaintitt have judgment against the de
fendants F. P. Woidner and Thomas J. FreuCT
burg, for any deficiency in the proceeds of sale
to satisfy fully all laid sums; that upon such
foreclosure sale all of the right, title, interest
and claim of you and your co-defendants, each
and all of you and them, and all other persons
claiming or to claim, by, through or -under you
or any of them, in and to said mortgaged prem
ises, be forever barred and foreclosed from the
equity of redemption, and for such other and
further relief as to the Court may seem equita
ble and just.
This summons is served upon you, the said M.
Fredenburg, by publication thereof in The
Dalles ( hiionk lk for six consecutive weeks, by
order of Honorable W. L. Bradshaw, Judge of
said Court, which order was duly made and en
tered on the 2(ith day of December, 18!lo.
Duted this 20th day of December. IS'.is.
dec28-7t Attorneys for Plaintiff.
In the County Court of the State of Oregon for
the County of Wasco:
In the matter of the estate of Mary M. Gordon,
deceased, Citation :
To Mary Gibson, Snsle E. Bickford, Maggie A.
Gordon, Katie J. Btogsdill, George B. Gordon
and William Gordon' and all other heirs,
known or unknown, of said deceased,
In the name of the State of Oregon: You are
hereby cited and required to appear in the
County Court of the State of Oregon for the
County of Wasco, at the courtroom thereof, at
Dalles City, in the County of Wasco, on Satur
day, the 11th day of January, 1896, at 10 o'clock
In the forenoon of that day, then and there to
show cause, if any there be, why an order should
not be made by said Court directing the admin
istrator of said estate to sell the following de
scribed real estate belonging to said estate, to
pay the claims against said estate, to-wit:
The Northwest quarter of Section 32 in Town
ship 4 South of Range 13 East of the Willamette
Meridian in Wasco County, Oregon, as prayed
for in the petition of said administrator, now on
file In said Court.
Witness, the Hon Geo. C. Blakeley, Jndge of
the County Court of the State of Oregon.
seal for the County of Wasco, with the seal
of said Court affixed, this 13th day of
December, A. D. 1895.
Attest: . A. M KELSAT, Clerk.
Notice, ,
AU warrants Outstanding against
Dalles City are now due and payable at
my office. Interest ceases on and after
this date. . 0. J. CbAidall,
July 15th, 1893. City Treas.
TH3 CoiumBia PacRiDgco..
Pop k and Beef
Fine Lard and Sausages.
Curers of BRAND
Dried Beef, Etc.
.A. N EW
Furniture and Caipes.
We have added to our business a
complete Undertaking Establishment,
and as we are in no way connected with
the Undertakers' Trust, our prices wil
be low accordingly.
R. H. WEBER, Prop.
Fruit, Shade
Small Fruits
Remember our Trees are grown strict
ly without irrigation. Catalogue sent
free on application. Leave ordess with
C. . Bayard, City Agent, Washington
St., bet. Second and Third, The Dalles,
A. A. Brown,
Keep full assortment of
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
and Provisions,
which heoffen at Low Figure
SPEGlfllt :-: PRICES
to Cash Buyers.
Highest Casl Prices for Egjrs an3
otler Proince.
Bake Oven and Mitchell
THOMAS HAEPEB, - - Proprietor
Stages leave Bake Oven for Antelope
overy day, and from Antelope to Mit
chell three times a week.
Instantly . Relieved
and Permanently
l t Vil I nUU I
r Kntfc or Operation."
Treatment Absolutely Painless
From Three to Six Weeks.
Offices : Rooms 705-707. Marquam Building,
Sheriff's Sale.
""By virtue of an execution Issued out of the
Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for Wasco
County, on the 4th day of December, 18'J5, upon
a judgment made and entered in said Court on
the 11th day of November. 1895, In an action
theretofore pending, wherein C. L. Gerdes was
plaintiff and M. D. Morgan was defendant, In
favor of said plaintiff, and to me directed and
delivered, I did on the 6th day of December, 18'Jo,
duly levy upon the following described real es
tate belonging to said defendant and described
in said execution and therein ordered to be sold,
as follows, to-wit: Lot "F" In block No. fifty
two, in the Military Reservation Addition to
Dalles City, Wasco County, Oregon, and that I
will on Monday, the 6th day of January, 1896, at
2 o'clock in the afternoon of said day, at the
front door of the county courthouse in Dallea
City, Wasco County, Oregon, sell all of said real
estate, to the highest bidder for cash In hand, or
so much thereof as shall be sufficient to satisfy
the sum due upon said writ, to-wit, the sum ot
f 198.64, with interest thereon at the rate of seven
per cent per annum from the 11th day of No
vember, 1895, together with the further sum ot
$11.00 costs and disbursements in said action
and accruing costs and expenses of said sale.
Dated this 5th day of December, 1895.
d7-5t - Sheriff ol Wasco County, Oregon.
Undertaking Establishment.