The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, December 15, 1894, PART 2, Image 1

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I'iiikMi Account of (In
inciiliiii Out rami's.
Hill lelrwdwred to rrwaeeute lkm fr
H. rasing lot heer ika Halter--Sew
r ,! MlalMtt.
call hi if attention to tlm necessity of
( strengthening the common la again!
W, ......., IVc. Il -riii T.irki.l. i ''' llfcTt.Ml to undermine the
,4l...n U. rrcclvedlhe folio, lug old. I.I '"'J'
i,iiin;iini( atioll . "Armenian agitator j Hie mtuailou limmimi
,!, 1;. j 1 their apirain In the steep, l.nsu.,., Dec. II. -The Glob thii
ui.mntain of Talourl, situated helnreu . ,((,.,,,,, prima letter from a ltrllUh
'iitii. 'n lli" otithweat of Moiiah, rmiilrnt of I'l.ina. K ho oi-cupirf a poal
Vilatrlu i' llia'. and th .tl.lrlrt Cull.. ii,, ,, , llit i,m u, tomh with
, M ilrmr ', of titrnil)l, iMinhiiir-l ' , mainlailiia and luaotra. He tart:
Lhi-ir f ir.raa. I'm Inotltfalion of a i rta,n ;
IliinparU mm, who, und. r the aumd '
l . ; , I
nam" in .Muurei, airraur givuiK
ir.iil" In Ihcae rrgiot. Thla ltam
lrli.piiin allrr havli.g rigUl year
tu lir-l mliclno In a civil n i.o..!, and !
lM. ipalr.I in the Olaordcra oi i onp
x"t. ""I to Allien and thrnce to
i.fiioa. Iln aflrr went ilirgtiiar.1 ami
cln under an aMtiinwl naaie hy
,1 A)rtandrl from lrkbro to l..
nglihorhiKxl of l;lt)i, and he Vgan
wiltioti agitation, t.-getlirr with live
..:l,rf in'litidunl
lie h given iMwitlve !
, , , i to the creduloti tevp!e that
re eat a foreign ageol backed by all the
r.unipeati jwer In hi plan l pW
'.I. T ifVith aulhuritlee. Me aucceedrd
lliue in gaining to hi criminal end Ar
menlaniof the village ot hlnef, himal,
iillli, (iiuat, Al.l, llrdeiik, .inank,
I'lirlind, KltTaid. Mouaaolie, K.tck. Akd-
eri a. wy,,..
onghof TalouH.inprlting foiirdi.uict. j
- II - - .1 . ..I il.. M 1..
.vtw uirtt llianrgeTii vniirr i oinii, ui
Hanipart(tni abandoning, toward the
iatter part ol July Utt, their reaprctie
tiliage, and having placed In Inaccwi
tl tixit their wive, children and be
iongmg, and ercuredj the eoiratioo of
other Armenian inturgenl thai came
Irom the valley of Mouth and from
i'vi', of ('alb and Svlran, atcml!ed to
(ether, numlf if.g more than 3,lW, at a
pUi-ei alled Knlu(lk-Igh. Kite or ail
!.undre. decided to fall un Mouth.
They liegan by attacking the trit of
iKriikan. in Mount (Vtrliuk, In the eoulh
.1 Mouth, killed a few of them and
rt.l .c.l them of their b"louging. All
llit Mutoelman that fell Into their
band were Intuited in their religion
and murdered In imt horrible f4hion.
lirgular tro,.p in the helgliborhooil of
Month were aleo attai ke.1 by Ihcee In-
fiirgenta, who, however, did not dare to
tl.u k Moutt lUelf. owing to the ttrong
military furct of the town. The rell,
together with other reliel, attembletl at'liagli, orgnle. and then
Hvarated and atulte.l furioutly the
trilx-t rloe at band, committing horri
Me crime and drpredatlone. They
burned alive nephew of Kumrr Agha,
and ataaulted and niiirderrd Mutaelman
en of tlirro liouae In the village of
'iilll (iurrt. They also tortured many
klui-elinaii, forcing them to kit the
rrot. i.iiltitiir their eve out, cutting
Ihe.r ear olT anil ubiuiltlng them to
the miMt liorribls Indignitic. After
Laving broiigiit ronnternation and liatli
"iiong Mnatelman and Chritliau alike,
Ihey refiiMt.1 to tirrender,and continued
'bnir criminal prix ceding. The regular
iriopa were ernt to the Hit to put down
their reUlllon. Chief llampartaoum
"e.1 to m high mountain with 11 no
rite. Hewa captured alive, bill not
"illiont killing twoaoldier and wonnd
ihk ai x . lly the end of Angntt all the
inttirgentband wcrediperod. Women,
children and Invalid werw treated willi
hie conldrtion, and according to the
dictate of Ialauiliin anJ humanity.
The Intiirgent who were captured will
pnnliihed by law."
I.OMM.M, lec. 11. The Pally New to
luy pnbliihea a three-Column letter from
''nttantinople. The writer ay from
H the evidence lie ha teen able to
Mthr.r In regard to tlm number kllied
nd the village dettroyed the Armenian
"iil rage cannot be compared with tlmee
'( Uulgarla. The Kurd believe the gov
ernment approve of the outrage, and
nnlet they are dealt with a Canadian
or American would deal with the red
Indian, under linllar clrcumatance,
it.ey are incapable of nnderRtanding to
lh contrary. If (ireat Hnlaln and
Untia Jointly Innlut on reform there
lie a chance of aticce, liecniiee in
iiKof need thoy can compel attention.
The lliimin Iteletolag.
llrnt.iN, Ve. U. Tlm reichitg wan
'rowded liHhiy in eipei tatlon of neeing
' iting acfiie ovnr t!ie motionof ('bun
cellor llohcriloho to pronrctito I ho iioclnl-
1st who refused li reond t' tlm presi
dent' call fur cheer lor the kaiser laat
Thursday. Prvtldcni vmi l.cvetow
opened Dm sluing ami read tlm petition
of tlio public prosecutor for the prosecu
tion of offending luti-. T)i e
tlllon wa referred. Chancellor Ifohen
1 die llirn rime and read the budget
statement. After Intimating that lie
would nut follow m all thing in the way
i( Ida preilccessor, he dwelt upon tht
necessity fur fluaiica reform ami rear
rangement of the relation between the
empire and Individual stales, and ex
panded Dm idea sel forth by the em
peror in lii speech. Iln concluded by
"A tii-ly mav oirur any day. and
,rI, t,e Japan come In night of the
..... . . .
capital 1 Hvl o ruin ttvrrjr lorcigiier w iil
! umired. The f.iniiifn uiinlatrrt
ill M.,ir a -rfrct!y Inaane ritk if they
rrmaln ll.rre aflrr iro ha clowd the
j,rl of Tien-Tmn. The grcotwt danger
it in the fji t that neatly all the toldicr
are luruiljer of a arcret lociety, w hit h
i tradv to breakout at the Urat chance. "
l(al4 Mmttmf l-r Itie Kul.
JtLtrt, Meilco, IVc. 11. !elfln Sau
i.. . ..:i...i ...... ...i. ..i vi i...
,. ,, . . , , .
returnru from I an and London, where
he aaya lie haa tui-ceetled In wurlng the
re.tiired amount of capital for the build
ii;g of then ten ilon of the latrr-Oceanlc
railroad from Chllla to Acapulco, on the
I'acillc roat. Conception from thiaex
tebniun wa ohtainol from the govern
ment by haiichrf mini lime ago. The
roail will croM the h.iTra iiinunulii,
nJ Krrl engineering feat, mu.t
u ,cX)ml,1,,l,j-
Ixiaoox, Ieo. 1 1. Concerning the
tttpenaion of the mercantile tlrui ot
I'm, Hall A Morri and it connec
tion with the financial criai In New
foundland, Mr. Morri, junior member
of the Arm. raid today : "The autpen-
tion Wa ordered owing to the death of
Kartner Hall, and the conaeipent nece
ity of ascertaining the position of the
firm. I am unable to tay to what ex
tent our failure i dun to the New found
land critia."
Hlaltlerlal CrlaU la Italy.
I tow, iH-c. 1'-'. I'retideol lUancheriof,
of the chanilier of depntlet, ha reeigned
in ointe.iieineof the action of the cham
ber yeaterda in appointing a coiumi
ion to comider document relating to
politician involved In the llanco Ko
mana ecanual. hi rcpoi ted that the
rommiision ha already unearthed
grave nan Jail, and a miniiterial crir'.i
may reult from the ditcloturet.
Vtlll kargtd a Atorltt.
UiauoN, loc. 11 The death of I'ugil
it Smith from injuric re-eivel in
conteit with Dummy Winter lecciu
bor 7lh, ha resulted in the arrett of
three r porting reporter, the timekeeper
and the promoter of the fight.' They
will be charged a acceetorle to the
Maniac mt llovally.
MN-iiTKR, IVc. 12. luthe private
chapel of Katon hall, I'riiu-e Adolphu of
Teck, brother of the Iuchce of York,
wa marrieil today to Udy Margnret
Oronvenor, third daughter of the IHikeof
Weatinintter. The wedding i regarded
a the greatest k1I event of the year.
Thraa Tralnrabber Arretleil.
Wichita, Kan., IVc. 12.-A deputy
United Htate marshal lait night arrested
at Terral, I. T., the three bandit who
roblied the Kock Ialand train at Ked
ICivcr yestenlay morning. They have
Uen positively IdentiOed by passenger,
who were victim.
Nuulharw a'arlAa Train Wrerksd.
Ham Fbanciho, IVc. I'J. The Houth
rrn l'acillc' west bound train i reported
to have been wrecked near Collax early
this morning. 1 he locomotive and two
mail car and the exprex and hatrgnge
car were derailed. N one wa injured.
Ikixim, IVc. It. The Clyde yachts
moil are eatisfled with the replv of the
New York Ycht Club to Punraven'
challenge. They lieliove Carter ought to
Mil the Hrltlsh btt.
Jatantu t'aplare Kit l hn.
I,.., IVc. II A Tien-Tain ilia
patch that the Japanese have cap
tured Kiii-Chow. W miU north of Khan
llaikwan. All i reported unlet at
Aniry reeling Atm rreli.era.
I'kkimi, IVc. II. The migry fe ;,ng
of tho Chine population here nKimt
foreigner I incnminif.
Tin. , Japauf'si Aci iisi'il of
Atrtxioiis CniflticM.
lle 4 ltr! Aliterlesn l:rv.llitliua
Mslalur Ktsfly li Anulu Iterelve
I he r.t,ellerf
He HI.. I a III.
WlMfitou, Kngland, lcc. 1'.'. Sir Jotjii
Thompson, Canadian prime in'iii-ter,
died at Wiiidr today, after a meeting
of the privy roiineil, at allied he an
-oru In a a iiieint-er. Alter Mr John
had Iwcu (wotn in at privy eoiiiieillor,
be sat at lillicheou with Maripiii l:ioii
and otheri, when he waa aiiddeuly taken
til. A doctor wa aummoned, but Sir
John was dead before hi arrival. The
queen ha ii' I yet leti informeit of the
death. The body wa remove,! to the
Clarence tower of Windsor, w here an in
.(ileal will Im held.
Thompeuii had a colifvreuiv etterd4y
ith lrd i:iMn on the subjects of inter
colonial coyright and the importation
of Canadian cattle. He aent to Wind
tor yesterday afternoon, accompanied by
lii pon, secretary of state for India, and
Koaler, postmaater general,
Il it preumed heart disease, wa the
cause of hi death. He waa taken ill
immediately after eating luncheon. He
wa one of the (peaker at meeting of
the collonial Institute last evening,
ttarglsr). as a fine Art.
Saita Ko, Cal., IVc. 12.- Un Mc
Slierry and Bird Brumfleld, arrested
here for stealing overcof.U trom the
I'reibyteriau church Sunday evening,
made remarkable confusion to A
tistaut Iiiatrict Attorney I-eppo here to
day. Both are young men, but by their
own admission they have made an un
rivaled record in criminal matter aince
last tpriDg. They ay they started in
Stockton by knocking down and robbing
drunken man. At Sacramento they
purloined a diamond ring valued at over
I,000. At Ckiah they burglarired two
tobacco itore and at Healdsburg, Hope
land Cloverdale anl other place on the
route committed many petty offense.
The night they were arrested here they
entered five churche bent on robbery.
Had they not been arrested they would
have burglari.ed P. Carither' tor
here the next night. Brumfield is mar
ried. Destroyed by a Tidal Wat.
Naw York, IVc. 12. The Herald'
Panama correnpondent cable the fol
lowing from Santa Marta, capital of the
department of Magdalena. He say
that town wa inundated by a tidal wave
November "lh. l'assenger arriving
thence ay lhat heavy rain and strong
winds caused the Manziuare river to
overflow It banks. At the same time
great wave from the sea swept over the
city, washing away house and lorclng
the inhabitant to eek refuge in church
steeple and the loftiest building.
Many poreun perished, but the exact
number has not been ascertained. The
town ol 1-aira ha completely disap
pea red, and fourteen person were
drowned there. SanU MartA does a big
banana trade with tho t'uited State.
Il i on the flier) of a bay of the Carib
bean ea, and ha a population of aliout
Kevolullna Mrawwg In Salvador.
8 Francisco, IVc. 12. From all
lhat could be learned on the steamer
Colon, arriving from Central American
port, preparation are quietly moving
forward for the return of lieneral F.xeta.
It wa staled that the people would
Hock to his standard if he entered Sal
vador with anything like a decent force
of men. "There will be trouble in Sal
vador next month," (aid gentleman on
the steamer, "and I ihonld not be nr
prised to ee a revolution over the elec
tions. Keta ha many follower in the
neighboring republic of Guatemala, and
it is very likely that Kxeta will enter
Salvador by way of Guatemala when he
make: hi attempt to regain hi lost
power." Barrio will not interfere with
htm, for he ha troubleenough at home.
IVspite the rcxirt which have been
sent out from Guatemala, the Mexican
troop are at her frontier, and the Mexi
cans are talking fight.
RannlDg In Heht Fast.
Orrw . IVc. 12. The official gazette
published yesterday show that during
the past month $11,000 has (wen added
to the national debt, t21 .000,000 In all
having been added since hist year. The
four mouths' statement show a decline
of 17 per cent in revenuo from custom
and a cmiHiderablo l.illing-olT in excise
duties. Vhil there has been a heavy
drop in revenue, expenditure show an
increase. The national debt hu now
reached '12 per capita of the population.
The government ofihers uy thure will
lie a faHirig-ofl in cui-toiii revenue for
the whole year of 2"i per cent, and there
will be adellciiof .', 000,000 a hen ti e
yearly balance in struck. The minister
of finance lust month Imrrowed 112,500,.
000, and ha stilt the authority of par
liimcnt to Ujrrow IT.OW.OOO more with
out obtaining further power.
.Iaanefl irrH,d ut Alrorltle.
Nrw Yokk, flee. 12. A cable to the
World from Yokohama rny the Japan
ese troops entered Tort Arthur Xovem
ler 21, and iim-. re.l practically the
entire populntion in coM blood. De
fenseless und miarriied people were
butchered in their houses, and t!:eir
bodies tmseMkablv mutilated. There
was an m, rest rained reign of murder,
w hich continued three days. The hole
town was plundereil, witii appalling
atrocities. It wu the tirt stain iif"in
Japanewe civilization. The Japanee, in
this instance, relapsed into barbarism.
All pretenses ol circumstance that justi
fied the atrocities ere false. The civil
ized world will be horrified by the de
tail. Foreign correspondents horrified
by the ectacle left the army in a body.
A Mnrderoaa 1'racllcal Joke.
IVloiih kki-mk, N. Y., Dec. 12. A
the result oi a practical joke played on
him on Thanksgiving day, William
Ohearit of Wappinger'i Fall i lying at
the point of death from bloo poisoning.
Ohearn w asleep in chair in the bar
room of Biiair hotel, when Philip I:ion
and George Rush applied a hot copper
penny to hi leg, burning him severely.
The leg became sore, and he wa finally
stricken with blood poisoning. He is
now unconscious, and the physician ssy
he cannot recover. Kion and Bush
were arraigned, but were released upon
their recognizance to await the result
of Obearn's injuries.
Kartsisjaakaa In Mtwaa.
Washington, Dec. 12. The depart
ment of state is in receipt of dispatch
dated November 17, from Charles M.
Caughey, consul at Messina, giving an
account of an earthquake in that city
the evening of November i. At Mes
sina only two people were killed, but in
the neighborhood it i estimated about
200 lost their live. The king haa sent
20,000 lire and Minister Crispi 5,000 lire
for relief of the distressed. A postscript
to Caughey's dispatch dated November
22, say. The panic continues, slight
shocks are being felt every day. On the
22d there were two severe shocks.
. .tee Takes All the Hlasoe.
Sax Francisco, IVc. 12. In an Inter
view to be publiahed in the Evening
Post today, M. M. Katee takes upon
himself all the responsibility for the ac
tion begun In his behalf in the state
supreme court to contest the election of
James H. Budd as governor. Estee
rays he can no longer allow the demo
cratic pre and politicians to state that
he disapproves of the attempt of his
party leaders to investigate the alleged
election frauds in San Francisco.
Kllied by a drunken Indian.
Ykcka, Cal Dec. 12. News ha been
received that William Barreuiore. con
tractor for furnishing logs for a targe
mining ditch near Happy Camp, waa
shot and instantly killed by drunken
Indian named Captain Billy, withont
the slightest wrong or provocation. The
murderer has a reputation for being
treacherous and quarrelsome. Hi vic
tim wa a man of peaceful demeanor.
Shot at th Judge,
I.kxinoton, Ky., IVc. 12. Nes
comes from Haxard, Ky., that Judge
Hall was warned that if ho did not re
lease on hail Jesse Field and Joe At
kins, charged with shooting ex-County
Judge Coomb from ambush, there
would lie trouble. .Fields' brother, the
county judge, was In court, and when
Judge Hall refused to allow bail, Fields
fired at Hall. Court officials caught
Fields, but hi friends released him.
Killed by a Rnrglar.
Clkvkland, ()., Dec. 12. William II.
Price, of the firm of printing-press man
ufacturers of Chandler A Price, wa shot
and killed this morning by one of a
brace ot burglars whom he discovered in
lied room at his residence, on Haw
thorne avenue, and with whom he was
about to grapple. Mrs. Price says as
her husband approached themen.oue
of them fired three shots at him. The
burglars eacaned, and secured $85.
HaaSy Malt for Damages.
Oakland, Cal., IVc. 13. Today a
damage suit for fM.OOO was brought
a:iinst the Southern Pscific Railway
Company by the widow of M. G. Sim
rnonds, one of the men killed at the
Web, drawbridge accident
a'.xiiit two months ago, when a train
wa derailed.
Attempt to IJciM iil It in the
Home I5i'u.ti'ii.
llooae Committee an I'.anklns; and Cor
ruy t ontluaea Its Hearing--Letters
Wasiiinoto. Dec. Dec 13. In th
hou.-e today, Cochran's motion to recom
Ljit the urgent deficiency lull with in
structions to strikt.- out the appropriation
for income hx v defeated; aye A'),
noes CS.
In the Weitate.
WAsiiisiiTON, D-.-c. 13. Senator Bate,
chairman of the board of visitors to West
Point military academy, presented a re
yiTi to the senate today, taking a stionj
stand in favor of the change of the law
which will increase the number of cadets
to W, or one f-jr each senator and rep
resentative and 20 for the president, in
stead of the presei.t number, which I
about 2-'j0.
Blackburn moved in the eenate this
afternoon that when the senate ihonld
adjourn today it he to Monday. Friend
of tho Nioraguan canal bill rallied, and
tho motion wa beaten, 23 to 22.
still Talking Currency.
WAsHiNoro, D-c. 13. The house
banking and currency committee con
tinued its bearing today. Letters were
read from W. M. Dana, editor of the
Commercial and financial Chronicle, and
It. B. Ferris, vice-president of the bank
of New York. Ferris (aid:
"There seems to l no good reason
why the existing National banks who
have United States bonds on deposit
with the controller s lion Id not be allowed
to continue as they are nntil their char
ter expire or the deposited bonds are
paid off. Secretary Carlisle's bill seems
like forcing the bank to do what they
have not been consulted about."
Ferris advocated the establishment of
central redemption agencies which
would, he thought, enhance the elasticity
of circulation based on the deposit of
bonds. Referring to section 10 of the
Carlisle bill, providing for the issue of
note by state banks without the provis
ion of it sinking fund, Ferris said : "It
make the bill simply an inflation meas-
! lire modified by a deposit of 50 per cent
j in legal tender notes and a provi?ion to
cancel United Stales notes to the extent
of 70 per cent of the rtw circulation
iisue when the treasury ha the means
to do it." The letter concluded :
"As a bill to substitute National bank
notes for a new isne it will be a failure,
as it presents no inducements to the
Solid banks to become insurers of
! the circulation of mushroom institutions
and to stimulate to organized banks not
I subject to United States inspection ie
William C. Cornwall, president of the
New York Banking Association, read a
carefully prepared paper advocating sub
stantially the Baltimore plan. Replying
to ouestions by Warner, Cornwall said
he thought the greenback and treasury
note outstanding should be redeemed,
but he v;ould perform this redemption
w ith a low rate of bond. He also said
he did not consider that part of Secretary
Carlisle's plan relating to the retirement
of treasury notes sufficiently definite.
Cornwall said that a return to state bank
note would bring about a return to
countrfciting now reduced to a minimum.
Newfoundland's Financial CrUI.
London. Dec. 13. An official of the
Colonial office stated today that the late
government of Newfoundland had asked
the home government for assistance to
weather thu financial storm. Nothing
had been done in the matter, he said.
Such an appeal from a self -governing
colony, In said, was unprecedented.
The government would be unable to
take action in the matter without the
authority ol parliament. One of the
manager of the Union bank of London
said today that the Union bank of New
foundland had always stood well with
them. He expressed amazement that
the bank should have allowed itself to
be short of specie.
Highest of all in i.eaver.lng Power.
nsl,elllon In fern.
New Yokk. Dec. 1 1. Advices from
Peru, via Colonna, per steamer Alliance,
are to the effect that General Pierola,
who is in arm against the Peruvian
government, I gaining accession. The
general sentiment of the people appear
to be In his favor. He ha control of
several principal ports, and Is very
strong in the interior of the conntry.
He has a wel!-ctipjed army, and is
close to Lima, the capital. The Pacific
Steam Navigation Company steamer
Puno , on her arrival, Nov. 10, sub
jected to a riid examination by the
government troopt to discover if "he wa
carrying arms or ammunition. A com
pany of soldiers remained on the boat
until it arrivei) at Calluo, the rt of
Lima, to prevent communication with
the adherents of General Pierola, and
to inspect all cargo landed. The same
company's steamer Serena had a lively
experience at Cerro Azul, the first port
of call sou'h of Callao. The vessel had
on hoard a detachment of government
troop in charge of prisoners. As it
entered po. t it set the usual signals for
lighters, it not being known Pierola'
force bad captured the town. A lighter
apparently loaded witbsuirwr went along
side the Serena. Those on the steamer
were greatly snrprieed when the lighter
wa found filled -vith armed revolution
ists, who after a short ftrugle, captured
the government troops and released the
prisoners. During the struggle the
captain of the Serena attempted to take
his ve-el ont of the harbor, but a rifle
presented at hi head caused him to
change hi mind. When these advice
were disoatched, Pieruta's for-es had
control of the Oroya railroad, and traffic
to Ancuo was suspended. The only
railway in the conntry remaining in op
eration was a short line between Lima
and Callao. November 22 the govern
ment fitted out an armored train with
gattling gun battery, to carry 2,000 sol
diers along the Oroya railroad, to drive
off lha revolutionists along the line. As
the train approached the camp of the
revolutionists, 1,500 government troop
deserted with their arms and ammunit
ion and joined the rebels. The re
mainder of the government forces re
turned to Lima. The condition of the
government troops is deplorable, owing
to the high prices and scarcity of provis
ions. The people able to do so have
provided themselves with sufficient food
in anticipation of a 30 day' siege. In
Callao the marines on one of the govern'
mentbn'ks mutined. To prevent the
insubordination spreading, all hand
were placed under arrest on bulk an
chored between two government ships
and all the shipping in the harbor was
notified to withdraw from the line of
fire. The mail steamers of the Chilian
A Pacific Steam Navigation Company
are subjected to search and inspection
by each party, and are doiog practically
no business.
Tbe California C',,ttest-
Sax Frencisco, Dec. 13. The hall of
the htate supreme court was crowded
this morning when the gubernatorial
j election contest came on for hearing,
j Ex-.Iniice Van K. Patterson and Joseph
j Nonces appeared as principal attorney
j for the board of election commissioners,
j the defendants although n realitv they
I represent the interestsof Budd. George
j A. Knight and several other lawyers ap
peared on behalf of the petitioner, Chair
I man Cornwall, of the republican state
i central committee. Counsel for Corn
j wall, or Ktee, attempted to secure a de
lay of proceedings, but were uneuccess
I fill. Attornev Patterson, on tiehalf of
the defendants, then oened the argu
ment. Iln Oama In It Again.
Montkveimo, IVc. 13. The rebels
now number over 9000, they have left
the mountains, beini; tired of waiting
for amnesty. It is reported a buttle waa
fonght yesterday at Santa Marta. A
large quantity of arms were sent from
here lat week for the rebels. The
breach betweeu IVlmos and Da Gaiua
j is healed. It is lelieved D.t Gan.a will
I take command of a Meet awaiting him
'and attack Preside!. t Moreaes' ship ami
I some coast port.
Tornado In tienrfiln.
Fohsytiig, Dec. 12. A territric tornado
reached Forsythe at 3 a. m. today. Sev
eral people were badly injure I and the
loss to the town I fiO.OOO to f0,000.
The Methodist church, valued at $1,000,
was destroyed. People became panic
etricken. Every store on the west side
of the public square was nnroofed.
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