The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, November 14, 1894, PART 1, Image 2

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The Weekly Chronicle.
Knteml at tin- wlmtii-f at Tlio l'Ut,
a nvoiul via.- tuail uiitur.
. IVimoyrr
t..vrur of jta!.-TrtfMMirv-r
li K km. -.J
.PUi.llI .MeWh.'lll
Bupt. of I'uhlU'
SiDaton. ....
limttiU'lMl. M Irul-.i
: i m . i.i:viihii
1 1. N. 1-ioh
.. 1 11 t ... ...11
til. Ilon.inmi
' V'it.'uxV i
8"JIf I'TillU't
!)!'$ JUJ'1 CK.jUeiey
cierk . M. kimv '
Trvjmrnr m. Ml.'Q.'il i
oma"""m 'Afu'iiT. 1 1
Aim'miit. r . II- " aieii.'i.l
aurreror simrp ;
tjup-rintnjent of Hublie &ch.Hl.
.Trov SnelL-v
. H. Butt.-
CTAir TO 1-EVIl'E.
The latest proposition cunt-eming ttie
organizing of the next senate is contained
in a dispatch from Washington yester
day, w hich is as follows :
"A point that iiu been overlooked in
computing the political complexion of
the next senate is the admission of Utah '
with two senators. The act of the last;
session of congress admitting Utah pro- ;
videa that in March, IS'.Vi, the coiisiitu- I
tional convention shall be held. On the ;
first Tuesday after the iirst Monday of j
that vear the constitution is to be sub-1
niitteJ to the people, and if ratified and j
found by the president to be in accord-!
ance with the act, lie will issue aj
proclamation admitting it as a state. '
The act also provides that a representa-1
tive lo ttie o4:h congress shall be elected j
at the time the vote is taken upon the;
constitution ; also stale of!h e.-s and a j
legislature shall be chosen, and that, if j
the constitution is ratified, the legisla- j
tuie shall immediately meet and tiect '
two United States senators. As there I
ia abcut a month from the time the ;
election is heid until the oi'.h con- !
f , , , ,. . ,. , . , i
Kaa ait rtiu iMrmo it ma Aim rl at I i
and I tab prcciaimed as a state in time
, :
lor its senators and representative to
. r. . , ,
participate in tlie organization of the
next congress. This would make in all
ninety senators, and as the next senate
now stands, the politics of the I'tah
senators would cut an important figure.
"Another probability which arises is
the admission of both New Mexico and
Arizona, which may be accomplished in
time no that four more senators would
participate on tiie organization of the
next senate. Lilis have already passed
the house for the admission of both
these territories. The senate committee
on territories has reported them favor
ably to the senate, and they are now on
the calendar. Senators of both parties
hare been urging their passage. It is
therefore quite iike'y that the battle for
the control of the senate will yet be
fought out in t'tah, New Mexio and Ari
zona next year. The admission of these
new states would make a total of &4 sen
ators, and any partv. to control, would
ned -IS for . majoritv. With the vice- j
president the democrats conld control I
the senate with 47 senators." i
r,. , , , ,, . , , i
China h asked this government to
ntercede for her with Japan and ,top j
the further advance of the Japanese
r- ., . , , , )
rmy. Ey the grapevine telegraph line j
we have been enabled to obtain a copy
of Secretary Gresham'g reply to the re- j
quest, which ie at follows: j
"Li Hung Chana, Peking, China, elcetc: !
"Your request for the kind offices of i
this administration has been considered !
by the cabinet. China's woes touched
tender spot in the president's heart,
which has become both core and sympa
thetic since laet Tuesday. Tlie admin
istration will gladly do anything in its
power to alleviate Uuna suffering?,
and in return a?ke that the emperor in-.
tercede to save the administration from '
ntter annihilation. The republican ,
party ie more bloodthirsty and agZres-1
live than the Japanee. We know how
it is ourselves. j
"I have the honor to be etc., etc., and :
as bsdly limed as you are. j
"Gkisham." ;
what Dr. Parkhurst did for New York, ! ta,arrn- IIa'' 8 Catarrh Cure is the
Miss Fay Fuller, the eminent Mazam- and his discovery will not amount to any j on,y positive cure now known to the
ere-, has accepted a position as city more than Mr. Parkhurst's unless he is I medical fraternity. Catarrh being a eon
editor and reporter on the Pecdieton I backed up bv the legislature. The ' ti'utinal disease, requires a constitu
Tnbuue. Miss Fuller is said to be a police knew just as well where those i tiona' treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure
brilliant writer, and to have a "nose for ' gambling games were located before Mr. ' ,alen internally, acting directly upon
news." We have never had the pleasure j Wallace called attention to them as thev i the ''0O' "n mncous surfaces of the
of perusing anything from Miss fuller's i do now, and they were juat as active in "V8tem. thereby destroying the founda
pen, nor the additional pleasure of ex-! suppressing them before, as thev will be i 'on of t,ie dieeaae, and 8'ving the pa
amiaing her "noee for news," but we 1 after his expose. " j tient strength by building up the consti-
recrnie ttie fact that woman, lovely I We mention this only to show that all 1 'nlion antl assisting nature to do its
woman, is rapidly forging ahead in the ' cities are alike and New York and Yam-! work- ho proprietors have so much
fiehis of journalism, and gladly welcome j many are no worse than cities with the j faitn in i" cultivative powers, that they
Miss Fnlier into the newspaper fold, and i same systems, but whose rinasters are ! er ne Hnldred Iollars for any case
this the more readily and heartily since nameless. Portland is, and has Wen for ' tliat fai'" to cure- enJ '"r ,ist
our contemporary asserts that she is j years, one of the worst governed cities ! TeatimonalH. Addres-s.
"one of the toys." j jn the United States. Her rings are not F J- C"ENEV & Co., Toledo, O.
- ' so large but the material is the same and tiiM by Druggists, 7:c.
Oscar Wilde says "a man marries be- j trie methods are the same as in New j We have made arrangements with the
cause be is tired nnd a woman because ( York and Chicago. We do not believe t-an Francisco Kxaminer to furnish it in
she is curious." A recent wedding in I in gambling. We look UDon it as a vice ! ,nno,..;n -iii, t.. r.,,..... ir...
the Wilde family demonstrated the .
truth of this epigram. The man mar-!
ried because he was tired living from
l 1 a. i . ,
imnuiif uiuutu ami iue woman ijecanM
she !jad hercurioDity excited to try the .
experiment of trying to make a bosi-
newnewr;rmanoutof a journalist.
The woman is now tired, and the man
curious to know what made her so.
VTTEl:l in'oHi.Fss.
A nUi iiia:. nauiol llu'.'r w liti s
(run, Kaii-ii-i, to tin- Unv
niaii, in oriU-r ti ri'.n 'n Onyimian uml
toll tliem what to 'u and l,w to Jo it
in reyard lo adviTtiitii: Orvpm and di
reclins t!n ti.U' of eastern emigrant.
t), it way. Mr. IUHim immii; other
tliir.j; ti.ut lie tills a ro'.U'im of :k-i-with,
say :
"Mr. Stearns il is luii'..-r to j.'ft
fO'le to i-otne to Pri-iimi than uny i tnor
western mate. 1 Jj not think it would ,
be if Oregon was udvorti-o'd as" nmrh in
gome of the younger slaUs. who are
iTyu.. tl, increase their 1 iriiUui-ri anil j
wealth no fast a i o?sib!e. i
.... . i
"My advuv to your c)t.n.-itum son-
verv careful not to pet up its
aJverUsing matter as too tiasliy. ico
much Inxjiuim: is not what ItuUU the i
thinking man, since booms all over the !
country have left so many worse otr,
than before they invested. Ciet reports
such as vour cl.amber of comnurce and
! state board of agriculture pet out, and
j with other g-jotl natter sent through the
! eastern states, I am sure it w ill ilo your
; states untold eood. H. M. Hallku."
It is self-evident that Mr. Haller is
not acquainted w ith Oregon, or Oregon
methods. and liis advice not to make
our advertising matter too ''tlaehy'"
provokes a smile. The advire to '"get
reports such as our clumber of com
merce gives out" provokes another .great
big smile and when those reports are,
by implication, said to be good, those
smiles double teams and force one into a
genuine ciyuse iaugh.' Mr. Haller is
mistaken about Oregon not being ad
vertised. We are known from Thunder
Day to the riaquemine, and from Ka-1
tahdin to Tillamook, as the sleepiest. !
slowest and least progressive people in
North America. We have a prolific :
soil, a magnificent climate, the grandest
scenery on the continent; our crops
never fail, and we can grow anything
that can be grown in the temperate zone, '
bigger, better, and more of it to ti
square acre than anywhere else in the
world. Mature u;d so much that tne
, , , , , ,
concluded that man had no business do
. . , ... , , . ,. . ,
mg mucn of ar.vtmng, and he ludividn-
,, , ., : , , , . . ..
unvln cat r ip i m L- " uml n noil i nwum1!'
We are not an aggressive people, but j
living easily, aie content with our lot,
.... . f ii. .. . i
living easily, aie content with our lot, '
willing to share of our abundance w ith I
those who come, but not caring a conti
nental whether thev come or not. If
people want to be cvcloned in Dakota,
, .... , , , , , 1
or dessicated in Nebraska whv should i
wecomplain? There are millions of acres
of land here they are welcome to; but
why should we hamper their selection
of home or amusements. There are no
cyclones to toy with one's property here,
and a house built on section 1'- stays on
that section until it is removed by hand ;
Hllf if .nnAa nf r.i f j n
, .... , , .,. , :
dance to the tune of the devil g dream j
across country with his property, why ;
should we interfere? Jones is not of '
the slow coach variety. He is progres-;
give, at least during the prevalence of
by, ??TUons 8"d retrogression.
regn 'S the ieS! ,Statt ,,D ,,ie nnlon
n U? 810-2,,n? 0,J ehfeet are satis-
u "U 11, UI1U OUT lOl. lie are SO
I wen satisneu mat we are wining lo wait
until "thinkinz people" get their think-.
rs to work and come here of their own j
accord. Thinking people, who get their ;
thonghta from prepared meratQrei ,ur.
nii,,i bv land.bonmim. .vnilientps nr.. '
nisjeu oy lanu-oooming fynuiLates, are
the kind who Lav goIJ brick8 ,he
anies an j fattGn rwn ffoo.u
men vVe have ,.ot ... of ,.,, tinil
but we have enough.
Ir. George II. Wallace, who made ,
himself talked about in connection with j
his attack on the Mrs. Brown-Totter i
Bellew troupe of theatrical people a few
months azo, is ajjain to the front bnt t
this time he ha something substantial
tr stand upon. He has been inmmino-
in Pnrtlanr! nnA found ' Vi'au y,a ;nn !
cent heart;, four piaces where gambling '
i, carriea on. He eivea the,. hv I
itreetg anJ nmbera, and there ia not
shadow of doubt but that lie is not mis-
taken. He was thre, saw the games
played, and openly proclaims what lie
Las seen. He has done for Portland
that has ruined
ruin thousands.
and will continue to
Our mind may have ,
callous spots on
it, but somehow we j
never coo ia Pee that there wan ench a
, . . '
preat difference as to what gambling wa '
done with. We fail to eee now where it
i ony wore, or any different, to bet $10
that the "kettle" would win, than to .
bet that grain would advance in prie,
to copper the ace-kiug than to lar the
pork market, tiamlilin with stoek is
hs inueh gambling a- witii cards and
when one is bii'presed the other should
he. Mr. Wallace has discovered what
everybody knew . Now what i every
body going to do ahoul it?
Ti!i: .'.I '".I ' rM .l.'.Wl'.Y.
'Viie (.!i.ih- letter r -ache-l n till ;
Knnoi; t'liuoMi i t 1 have notuvd
from time lo time urticles reialiii.' to the
raiiroad commission of Oreiroii. Would
like, it you have .n-e in your ikijut, t
know what are the duties of me com
mission, at.d if a private citi.'.en can
place a grievance before it h.r adjust
ment without co.-it'.' Who are the mem
bers of the commission and the uddrees.
Very Truly Voiuh,
1. It is hard to say just what the
"ll8 OI ' commissioners arc, as tney
live never been exemplitied. The gen-
' erai supposuion is imu uie co1i.ii..s!,.u.i
should look after the interests of the
peopie, see that rates are uniform and
not exorbitant, examine the roadbeds
and rolling stock at times to see that
they are kept in good order, to hear
complaints from private ciii.cmi. and
or '" rclress as llie oeca-
91011 required
A private citizen may place a
grievance before the commission with
out cost or anything else.
li. The gentlemen who compose the
commission, are tieueral II. C'ompson.
Co!. J. II. Kddy and 1'rivate I. A.
Macruni. Hon. I.vdell Iiaker draws the
salary as clerk. Conip-on
spends considerable of his time inspect
ing the militia, so his address is un-
known to us.
rend!e:on, and
C'oi. F.ddy haiis from
his hobby is the l'ress
Association, so Ids address is unknown.
Private I. A. Macruni we know nothing
about, only that his address is I'lirtland.
The last we heard of Mr. llaker he had
knocked the underpinning from beneath
'"Imperialism iu Home" und was pn his :
wav from Salem to Portland on foot ;
going I'.v way of Kugene and PrineviUe.
The Albany Herald twitted us recently
in commenting on the useleesness of the
railroad commission, over the fact that
"one of our patrons" iiad tiled a com
plaint with the board that he would
liava .-, wiiil tonnlliB .A .ttkf et',l if l,n
... ... . L , .
had to go to the courts. We have had
our attention on that little complaint
just for curiosity. It has been tiled a
, .,, , ...
hether there will be remains to lie
. ., . ,, , . ,
seen, mu ii our Aioany menu wants to
cover us with humiliation we suggest
that lie poke the commissioners up and
annihilate us witli a decision in favor of
"one of our patrons." Let us know all
i at once that the railroad commission is j
of some value. As at present conducted 1
a -' cent paper file would till the place '
occupied bv the commission just as well,
lresidenf Cleveland, it is said actu-1
aiiy thinks of posing as a third tern. !
car,amate, and thinks that the election j
v. n.m ... m,iI l,;nn.i
aenui wpuiaruy anu tne lanusnue tins,
vear ,,y the ,act ttiat he was not a ;
Cleveland has alway. l,-n
lari:er than j,;, ,)artVi blIt if lie wantg aI1 ,
f,,. .m n. tnru. l o,l mil li niu ( ol
iie w iii paVe to do is to secure the nom-'
iat;on , -M, yot one democrat out of ;
a hundred would vote for him, even if I
tuey were Qt oD,K,sed to a third term. !
i . . -.u
jg connted with aix figures. I
Portland o nolice rinir has taken a !
B0lemn warninc bv the fate of Tammanv.
and lias heroically made an attempt V)
stop gambling, and to ehow the ffxnl
citizens that no vices of this kind can
exist in that city. They arrested a man
named McGrath, and convicted him too
of throwing dice in a saloon. The fact
that several big faro games are running
steadily in the city, seems never to have j
been sasuected bv the innocent nolice:!
but if they ever 6nd it outthey won't
let anvbodv know it. Tt m".ffht hurt th I
.i nom f ti.a ; n j
lime cut off n splendid iource of revenue.
- - - !
i IOO Reward, loo.
j The readers of this paper will be
' pleased to learn that there is at least one
j dreaded disease that science has been
, able to cure in all its stages and that is
ing a clubbing rate with the Oregonian
and N. Y. Tribune for our republican
patrons, we have made this arrangement
for the of the drrnorratir
merjirs of Tur CiiROMrr.E farni'y
hoth j.aperH. the Weekly Examiner and I
8aMM.KKLr Ciihosiclk will b fur-'
rnhed for one year for caMi in ad-
t'lt.ull ( nun rrterille.
I The docket was called in the circuit
' court yenterdav and the following act'ou
i taken :
Mary Henton i Tiioiniis Ilenton,
dismissed .
11 K li'.b.ui-, x-eutor, W I' kin-
iter A Co, Default and decree.
Matilda I'arri-h v .1 I I".. rris!., di
mi:sed. Carl iiuicl tort Vs Kraucis and .less.,
i.a Motte, detiiult ami decree,
i Peter liodtrcv vs W . Myers a-e! T .1
Priver, deiauit and decree.
Win Clark vs John W Wat -on and
Carrie Watson, demurrer overruled.
Peter l-'ournette vs .Maggie K niriiette,
default, case to be tried ill open c unt.
i Joseph May vs ,1 1' I lelk , contiiiu- d
t for the term.
Max Vogt vs A Hiiniiel;, sber.ll' or
dered to make deed.
Walter llreese v Alfred and Caroline
: Kennedy, sheritl' ordered lo make deed.
American .Mortgage Co vstieoT Ar
nold, sheriff ordered to make deed.
I. J Klinger vs A Moivery et a!, sheriff
ordered to make deed.
Kiehard Hanker vs I'hiiin Willig, dis
missed for want uf prosecution.
Joshua Hendy Machinery t'o vs J (i
and I N I'av, contineed f ir term by con
sent. lieorge A I.iei e vs John J,
judgment in vacation.
liarretsoi!. WoodrutT, I'ratt A Co vs
A A I.'rquha: t, default slid j ldginent.
FC f'.rosius vs Klillt Knutseii, settled
ami dismissed. ay's riinci: kiii Mis.
The following orders were made on
calling the docket this morning.
Algeron S llisbrow vs II C and Kitty
Cue, default und decree.
1'eter Fournette Vs Maggie touinetie,
trial had and decree of divorce granted.
American Mtg Co vs .las lMrris et al,
confirmation granted.
K C Coinslm k vs iteo W Hall and
wile, confirmation granted.
Portland havings liank vs J II I'liir
man. defendant w ithdraws answer, imd
Iilaintitrs take judgment by default.
Thos Halliday vs J i uml I A Day,
petition to remove to I S court.
A Kettingen vs John Cates, motion to
set aside service of numinous.
For a pain in the side or chest there is : 'eetuul pursuits; uml the result is sure
nothing so good as a piece of flamit., , t.. Ihm. Mate of nati.-nal tl...ugl.t w hich.
, , r,, ...... . 1 in despite of scanty clothing und nee
dampened with Chamberlain s I'a.n I (r ,,r1,.ukfaKt. and up,w. will
Kalm and bound on over theseat of pain, j tUrn nut the very reverse of primitive.
It afl)rds prompt and permanent relief 1 Indiu is nueh a country, and. so far as
and if U9ed in time will often prevent a' tlie Aryans nre concerned. uIwuvh lias
cold from resulting in pneumonia. This i leen. Whut it wus U fore the Aryan
same treatment is a sure cure for lame inquest we huve no means nf know
i... a v ..ii w, i . i , . 1 ing. but it is not ut nil likely tltat the
back, ror sale bv Ihakelev A Hough- " . ,. . . . , , . ,
ton Irug"ists " " modern religions and customs Wloiureil
i to the alxirigines prior to that date. It
Tl.. Cb.n.plau.hlp HI..I.D. ; t.m!. .,, ,,.,. mitanil tl hUpM,M.
Davsxhort, la., Nov. 12. Kichard K. j thut the Vedie hymns and the Vedie
Fox's diamond championship belt, ex- faith if we may m cull it were at nil
hihited by James J. Corliett in the win-! times the exclusive property of the
dow of C. K. Sherrip)'B drug store, was I I'itfher ''as.s of Aryans und that iH.pu
Rtolei. l,.f pvp.iir. ,vn .,lrn .,. ! '"r "digiims existed among the mas.s,.s.
The belt was valued between $7,hX) and
3,000. Cornett won the licit in his
fights with Sullivan and .Mitchell, but
had to win once more before it became
his property.
The regular subscription price of the
Weekly Ciihonici.k is l.."0 and the
regular price of the Weekly Oukuonian , "'c fusion of tin-elu se-. which proba
is l.oO. Any one subscribing for Ti.e ' h' '"-eompiinie d the v.u .hward iiiigru-
Ciiuomci.e and paying for one year in t"m'
advance can get both The Ciihonici.k' Uii.ur.i.
and the Weekly Okiuomh for m). ' A g.,od iieitor. Will ,v
All old subscribers payini? their sub-, 8 (nrv , (;)0 !iVr ,.,.,, ,, Illor,.
;s:u:svan,:ewilen-;: ry; ,,ut r
hunk, Th" I'alle"'. r. novs-tf
Harry Some women do have a re- ...
niarkable faculty for invention. Will
For instance? Harrv The wife of a
(riend of mine has patented what she
calls a 'snore ilivnrtor.' It ia rv.i,,,,.,y..,l
of a hood and a section of flexible pipe, j
When her hushand'a snores grow un-;
bearable, the hood is lowered over his.
head and the snore in conducted into the i
ii., )
cellar. Hill What tiien? Harrv ;
There nasn t a rat been seen in the j
house since the diverter was used. '
Pittsburg Bulletin. i
. ;
I!inkerton-How does Badstock come
to get so many invi.ations to evening
parties? Pilgarlic Well, vou know a '
man who can stimulate the flow of con- j
versation is always a welcome truest.
Ilinkerton Hut liadstock is no talker.
Pilgarlic He doesn't talk much him
self be sings. Puck.
"Jim's done made his
legislatur'." "That so?"
mark in the j
"You bet;:
s.gned fer his salary."-Atlantic Con-i
Miss Klderlv I shall never marrv.
. . .-. . . ....
Laura Probably not; but vou made a
brave liirht. Life.
vidian 11 -r, J
paicau nr m
1 VICJVll I!
Is thr reiull of tlifl unual iraimrnt of "" l""li"ilmn.ti,ert,i - ,. . , ',,
Hblood ilmonlrra. Tlip ayau-m la I1IH:1 wilh 2 1 i"-I il-r of g.-ni-rni .'ir.iiuiion. .,ni,.
WMin-ciiry au.l I'ouua ftndioH-moro Ui if ( -my t ImIi. . ,lv w ,.,,
Wlx! dreail.-.! ihan mi l iieaav and In k ! ,,,v ""l-'r "' "" . I,. iri.,,iia,
ihort whiln 1h In a far worw? comlltlon ""'' "' r..nrt; whkh ..i, r . duly bWor.-. Tho mt common rcanli U ij ",''''' r,'" ImII.-b i iy. i, , Ul.
C for which H b K in tbn moflt KlJabl g Att.,rii.-y Un Hnhitu!.
Cctin,. A r w Uitiln m aftira relief
will iftra relief
5 1
tt blriic Rwoilffi 1 '
gwrifrr till fW4 hikt f;.u''fl.
lt(ifMi(na',n,fuf urm unit ik bl mi iiwoilff
rrior Uian l 1 loir rmiural t4.caiilritf
'if wilicuL f..f. r.ii? frr ink
m I l-nfCotH fiKliy.flfn
c "riip)ttif rrii.
m W. V. lJAi.KV. ltriM,(yn K. R.
1 1 to any asltie. W
8 SWIT HI'K inC 0.. allaata. t,fc
i'ir i rii Mr-n n imn ni -inin n
Hlnd.H- t ...M.l "l'r..Kl" M-I-
I Ulll M.MI..II1. U1H.
The "d. of India urv everywhere,
uml vet iheVM-emt.. be nowhere. 1 he
rel.L-'io., has been one long- wii.l.-r
.li.; one pml.oi-ed Mrngj.-I i
the purl of the people to xvor-d.ip m.u.v
...Kt iiudci many hhuH-. vvlnle ul the p-int of believing iu one
single divine e -v. nce as the cause und
. ..ii ,i.;. i. hand to huml
1 (igl,t N-iwccii .lvtliei.sinand moliotlii
i,m. in which the pric.ts have contin-
uallv en.leuvored to play the part of
eonJiliators. Vishnu und Siva lire now
! the chief contending parties, ami the
! priests have tried to make t hem ugrec
! bv uddimr u third supreme deity in the
; siiape of linihma. Of this fa.-l Ingeii
' ious searchers lifter collateral evid-uee
! of Christianity have made capital, say-
iiiL' that bnihiim. i-dimi nnil iva an
. inseparable, und that tin'
lliiubxis. are
', I'vi.lellth ill po.,s'
, of the u."!iia "f
, the trinity, says u w riter in thel eii
I tury. As'u matter of fact this is pure
nonsense, contains as much truth
! us the parallels iliul have In-en dritw n
j lH-tweeu Ci;ri l und I iieldha. fhrist and
I Krisloiia. Napoleon the tireut and
1 Arehbi .hop Whutely.
, creut Miuih, shnweil
unee and for all
: tlie absiirditv of such ileiuoii- t-i.tions.
) for the chief of liuddhist iii.titutioli-.
was the und in no t utliohe
country have tlie niemli, ant und priest
I Iv orders ever lioiiri-,!;-I in such mini
i b. rs. in such weulth i r in such power
' as thev did in India during the eiirht
i or nine hundred yeurs which elnpsed
! from the rise to the extinction of ltudd
' hisiu.
i The monUs t vik the vows of poverty
und mendicancy as in lividiiuls. but the
i order, lis a body, owned vast estates.
' iii.iirniii'.-et'.t biiildiier- and untold
riches. Their error lay in severing
themselves too much from the ivcoplc.
. ill niiikiiiu' their n li:'i n too utstraet
: for popular eompreln n .-ion. in lcinliii-r
! lives w hich were too M-cluded lo admit
of uny bri'iidth if view und tis well
! provided with pihmI tliintTs for uny "reul
j intellectuul uetivity. They have left
j but little iH'hind them worthy to lie
ranked us literature. In countries
w here M'ople live much in the open uir
' dress simply w hen they dress at ull und
eat w hat thev can jet. it requires little
:' effort of imagination or skill of pen to
. make them M'cm as primitive as one
pleases. As u matter uf fact, w here it
is very easy to live, or. ut least, w here
; little thought or lulsir is requisite to
! obtain the means nf livinp. n nation en
; (lowed with uny natural uetivity is very
i likely to devote its energies to intel-
us thev do now, Himullitiif oiihI y with
tlie hihlv-i.'ivilied lH-Iief of the Vedie
lirahmaus. The word brahimimt. us
ilesl.'iiat ing u niemlHT of the priestly
caste ( i i.-st i 11 y 11 i ,hed (run the bruhinau.
the oMieiat in;.' priest und hinj'er of the
sacred verses), i-, found only in tin very
latest of the hymns. shc.vii.-r that no
Mich dis; inetiuii was neces-.arv lief'irt-
j in tin- ipmiu i .urt of u...
i n ( mi
Onynii fur
''VllZXil'WWn.Zn 'msu
","'J,""'L" ":"""" "-' hkih.
i.i. t and Nimh L. In-lk, ..f n. ,i.
J,';1",'"",'-'', ,""'"' "'-i in ti- num.-,,i tr
HU.1.-',f OrH'in. ,.u nml tn'-li ,.f y.u an-li.Tftty
n-i'iimi i iipiririwi n. i-,iin,,ui,it w.m.Uy. ti. nu, ,iy ( t,.,rrv i" "
''"' '"ink tn. iirt ilny ,,( n n.-xi r.-viiUr i.-nn'
'' ""' '"' ("Unwind ti ,,iMiii, ,,i
tlx- In tl nl. r ti"r. t,.i,..
llX ;' 'ir.X
"v ""r '" fif tv.,i ir i ,'
.i.rir, i,,,.,ir.-,.iti- i,lK,'"f Vuu.un.
... 1 i" ""
,.., ,,,. ,ur nn,,.. llil-rilllilivil tlllTt'ln
li. wlt Iracliiiiiiil liiix k I ;, hi lliiol kiv.t
pr.iT. In !. roiintr, rV"ti. U- ,,M In tlio
' l'mviltl l.y law tl,t !r.,i tit- pi,-,,
of turh nle Uir ,, nliitltT lini nnil r,,,vpr lilt
urn nl ITi'.ifo, ami thi-niiti ai ihf rat.
ol wn Tr-ul. p.T annum ., t. ,,,, ,y ()(
Janimry. wl!; ami tin-liirtl,. r mini nflnii r'aa
oi.ahlR ttnrn.-y l.v.. t,,.T with thr r..u
"Z" "Z i'J.'.'.'
tlmt iij-.ii .i. h .,r..-lmur.-i,. .. ,;
niMt. nil., ami intrtn.t of ti, ii,.,.,flt, r ,,(
"', iHny.,r mi t-r.,,t,.
olalmiii.,rt..rlallii tt.r.iurh. ,v or ,,.r t ,
'" "" h.-m. i..f.-....i ami uwr imrnfi
, ' ' . :7 "'"" ut .ln,i,t,tt b.. .i
lownl I., Iml li.r ami lo ,iirW,. a,,,,) i,r..,,
nl In option. Hint tii.. ,urr,i,.,.r Imvc
Irniii'-'hnti? tM'-l,n
I'l.illillfl liivu jmlvim-iit
ol tlir hii tn.! Unit
l-Wk ,,.l hn. I, I.. t.k u,r any , mv
aunt in.- nli .1 '1
ur I ol ,r.'ini, , .,.,,
'"",,,'r """ ,,,i,-r r,li-' " n": .Tt ,v
-TVI.-.- of ti. .n,,,i,i I, ,,,,.
.... in in- ii!t..r t. lorw.l,
-- -
I Noli'-p . hi
Iimm lii-n iltliy
V triv-n tlint tti' iiniUTUfnoi!
I'ltiiit'il hv (In-. trinity mirt ol
lid- -null- ,.f iri iron. t.,r tr... . o.niik f u HH
.-i.-riit..r witli tin- will mm. T.-O of tin-rtiit.i of
J.M l:iv...'.,,.,..,.i. All i-r.oii-l.ii'. Inic'liilni"
'.x iin-i -m. I ..-inu- are I..T.-I.V liolinnl to r.'i,o,(
lo in.- al tin ollii'i' of Kri-i'h ,1- i ,.
'I In-
Iiaii.-.. iirvuon. wilh tl. t.roi-r t.ii.-l,vr.
ll.--r. .ir x nionl.K from II..' her. -of
I..lll I III- ll.llli'J, tlft-Kon. NoV.-lllljOr . ,-., ..,
I. V. Iliii ruN,
Kawiitor of tlif lant will ami iu of J
M. laTlur, ilwunl. Ii7 il',
.Jr. , I, -
a k t i r f : i) nrsi n ess w an.
A Pa0 From Her History.
Tli ('mm r- i t I'VtH i'l M j.r ...i.
..... . i ,".,",Mn aw
".hi i ri.oti i,r, ((.n,i iii'i;,;
ii .i i' 1 ' ' ' "MM- I II , Hlf tut
IHlUtitl-'N- I It) iMftlii' hu;
n uic itfi t ' iu in v lii'n.lli ,
m.'iim ufi I'tv MiftiN l!t.i' 1 mu t' nii i
iiK.n li. Mv ! Mini llnilm wnr t.t liv H,t,
,unl I v.' n i t'lilft'il In Nwrmip. 'iitln i j
rtlli'ii 4 ui'ti'MM.riM nirc-icii mv uf trillion It
it. h'mii i n-, nun u:i u,,,, hi
MiT h-ih:i;l twi'ii nnln'tt il rtiti lu ar: ih
i i . Ii;tti it . ii i'tirv'1 ly l hi riuiit lv. anil
a: inu'lr.!',. Ih'mUIi v WoiiiiiIi I jmr, j, tMJ
;i Uitti.' if Hit- Ilurt I'uri', Hitti hi ii,
mi lni'ir iifn-r nuum tirsi ij,,. r,
f. i-i h it''. ui. i iinprtivtiiM'nt in iiu--irin
.if nt IttiNMl. Win n I Iiiul tliUrti Hirer tiiiw.)
r.itlhl fhov.. mv Ullkl". Hfiini'tiilllrf I hnii tlM
1 me iiit rmin! iiK. Mini my IiihIm hutl Ix-rii hwh).
i mi it ii i a 1 1 1 .'i i tli'T Hftiuiril uliniHtt mirlHNi.
ri'i'iri' i ii.ii i unii'ii i nit i .in iii or i tie rt
tit ti tin tin Hiwi'llinu huil ull uunt ii.i.
mi1 t v .! . tn much lHi(itr tlmt I il ul my
tt.nk imi mv niMiutiuiitiiiiLiim hI iithrrsM
I rhi- v.iltiiililr ri'iii.Mly "-Mn. M'irmn.
Murt Hf..riilrutfir, III.
Or. Miit Niw Mcurt 1 urtt, k diMiVMrynf aa
iMuiiii ni MHrliilU In hi'Hri illKftiMf. irtMit, t,.
all Uruu'KUiK on ii hUIvo trunriintif ikrneut,
l.v the lir Mili'H Mi'dlcul l'u..KUIiuri. Imi n.
r. ill nf irii it Hr InittU'. hU Inittlm f,
ti,, virSM pii-nuid. It li iMMltlvuly trxm turn
Hit iiihuii-a ur wuiiKfTiiiin urun.
V'ttfi !" Iirvly Kivrn llml utult-r Hint br Ttr
(Hi- ni hm titi1 nut o( (In ( Irruit
I otirt ill (hi- niHt nf Urrtfoll ltT W uu tt ( ouilh
mi tl- l tli tliiv n( M'lulnT, on h Urrtvr
tiinitr. eiiti'titl mil MMuIrnil In ulil ( onrt t,u th
.Htli iln SiriHh"T. tix m n.iit nherrtti
thrr, lM'tire 1 . rrrttliiT HIMl J. M II Ull tlhtAQ
ailiniiiiittiitnr nf U' IhIi of Hi lam l'mthrr. itv
rni-ll. WiTIMlrll'IMlHIllH, III fllVnf of Hil tlUlTI
Ii tt niiii nirtliint nai l il',li'iiiJntit, Mm. I. If. n
Hut, lr I with inti-rvnt ttiiiii in mi Uv
jth ilnv NoM'tiilnT. 1 vi ;, Ht thernteof prr
rent ict nnntim, mni ihi itiriir kuiii m l-i
I'twitt. HIHl Wlilrh luilU !MirmMil lino iu
I if mil nnil trnii(rrl of rwnrU In J II kramrr.
ml iwnl i?xrulitti lnt:iK (n mi iltwuil. ml
rotiimtiiulitiK ( ni rly hcrruutler
l"irHl tn Atily (he utmv-mim I will, oo
'I liur-iln v, thn 1 it Ii iliiy of NovrmtHT. t the
ho ir of o'clock ol piiti ilny, wll nt imhuc uf
llnii to t.'ic litKl'i't tidliler lor itfii In ham!, at
. front iloor of (lie oiinty i onrthoiiM tu
l illr itv. oco count y, ( irKoii, nil (tic right.
till"' ami llltrrmt. o cni'Ii of futMt llrlf IwlitllU Ui
anil t Iiu- lolinwinjf irrllMii iirotn-rty, t-wit
i nt i in tli timn of HimhI Ktvir, a'ontluc V
thi- rerun In! pittt nntl niirvcr thorvof on tile and
o rci-onl In th t oimty Icrk olticc iu aalil
Wmm ti cmintv, tHti'thtr ith l ht (nciiicnta ami
licrrilitjitiiiMit ttn'ri'tiiito ln'loiilnif or In anv
wur itiiiK'PiiinltiK, or m iiuicli IlK'Tcof n
Mti fy thciilMtvr iiainitl auina, (v'tlier with the
ecru i nil coau of tltl nlc.
Intil Hi I'Hllfn 4'ttv, Wirti routitv. Onirm,
(Iiu l'.:h tliiv of (u toU r, lv
T J muvki:.
Hht?rlfl of uci I iHin t v , OrrK-m.
tM'ti: Nov.'I it
SherirTs Sale.
Hv virtu of ho execution nt1 on the IrtUi
lay of 4lct-l"'r l'i I out of (lie circuit court of li
trttc ni i irt'tron, fT ao rmmt v lu a milt ttir
in ii'inliiiif. whcriin J. M li uiitiiiK'"ii, ail
tntittntrutor of ti - ctMtc o! liio l iiitlier.
ct-Hfil i tilntntlll rtinl i tirtf T. Iratlnf. L. II
I'ruth-T nnil riiniio'i ( hirki' hic ilcfcintitnti". m
niHUiltntf nit- to tin- rtml ironrty irrciiiiftr
(h'i'rllHi. Hint out ol (lie iriH'cil tloTcol (i
'Miti-tfy tin- iiiii of cl"-n Itiiiulrcii ami Itfty dni nml liitort ut ihcTimi iroin the ilnte of the
if-fte in until en li i toMit 'I'lie .'ith (1ji of llJiW,
I ami the ct nml iliili irn'ini'tits of m:U
uit !' Mtli.rin' ('- hih! tne aivrultiK
ni-Ii, I tvllt mi the 1 ti tiny ol NiivchiImT, 11.
nt the liuur t.t tv.o t clock . in. nt tiie cmrt
tn hi . ii r in t t ! i tt , V. nco nmntv. (ireKmi.
nt uilitc itv to th' huffi'-t hhnh r for ah
In ininil tin foliowiiitf Utiicrtlieil real jiro(Hrl).
to Wit
All the ri::M. title and lotere-t of the mM
plntutilf h Mi' h Hiliui'ittrtitor himI of the Mid
i i-itnt'' of Min I'rnth'M, ili.i-e-i, of. In nml to J"t
!.. ol tin- tuwi ot Iloml Klver itot. nml lw
Il ami 1 . of ti)o--k of nnl mn of H-l Kivtr
1 . J. IiKIVKK.
HhorU? of nan ( ountv, (ireirnu.
tu t:? Nov ,t
I linU-r Ijinil, A.-t Jlllir :;, l.-vT-.
1.AHD Ornca, The l.nllm. Or.,)
!. T,. I-WI. I
NiilH.' i hrri'liy ivcn that In eoniiltain- wilh
lit.-rirorl-i.iiti. ol the act of .uliKri- ol JmM-J.
Ki. nitill,'.! - An ai't lor tlieaaloof tlmln.-r iml
In tti.- ilntn of I allfornia. (.r.-Kolt, Sc-vaila auil
VS aahliiKtoii Irrrltory.' IjiKnv,-ll- liam. al
KiiikiIia, ;.niiity nl Va-o, HtHt.'.if Knimii
till.- ilny Uliil In tliu ollli- ilia aworll alitU-nitll.
for Ilia rniri'lina ol tin- ('!, St'.'t of aK'tltin
No. 'j... in towiMiiifi No. :', aoutii, rmiir' No.
et. mill will olt-r iro.l to allow Uml tin' land
"onulit i ni..n. vulimlil" lor lia timber or sinn
IIihii for aKrlfiiltiiri.l inirMai, and to
hi. I'l.iiln tuanlil Intni In-lorr thr Krt,'ll-r
Uw ivrtnl tliio ollic- at 1 hp linll.ii. tmnjiiii.
i-Hiiinlay, tin- ..Hi May of liinunry, 1- kV
Hi' iiani.T. aa witm-AiK: Krliw.1 Mi.vhPW.Tim
Mayhpw, ll.-nry Mnylieu, H;r.'ilillie Nare. ol
KniK.I.'y, ri-Koii.
Any nnd all ' rliilmln adv.-ra.Hy Hi
above d-wrilM?f1 Im.tla arp riillt-atp.l lo llii' the'f
.'lalma lii Him ofli. e on or bvfore innl .ith l")' '
Jaiinarv, 1.-....
ia:tll 'ji.lij JAH. K JtllOftK, Krll
Timber Cultiirp, Final I'rmif.
f. H. Orrt. E, Tho Iwlhw. r-i
l-t. J", t
Notlrn I. In-n-liy tflvpti that Cliarlw. K"ln
ha lll.'.l n. .11. r of InlPiitloii lo iimapliiiiil pr."
h-for- h.-Kit.-r ant llwi-lvpr nt tlielr ollio-1"
Hip ImIIph, l in i. in, on hnlnnlnv, tut ath il)
iMrriili.", l-'i, on tlmlxT-Piillnrp aiiliii"'J
No V-:7, lor the W, Mi',, and HW, "K'i- l,rt
NK'.rlW'4.ol a.t-thiii No. ;, In towlnlil. N.
aoutii. raiiK' to. l.'..-nat.
Il! linm- a.K wllm-napa : A. F. Havm. P",,r
OriKotl; rtank lliitliawny, KUkhmI i.rllllll. Kill
Ix-n HitvtiPM. Jloyd, . irKon.
rl.:l iI.t.i Jab. V. MOOItK, K'Hinf'"-
Nona: ion rfiu.icATiuN.
I.ANH Orrn it, TIip IhII . ''
(M't. 1. I
N.itln- I- h.-r.-l.v ffli-.'ii Hint Hi- lollowltiK
I1HIIM-.I M-ttli r tia illnl notlpp of hi liit' iili'"'
InnkP liniil iroof In aniiort ol III" nUim. '"'
Unit .llii ir.N.t will la- tnn.l.- l'for- Hip Pifl""
and n-'.'ivr of II. I . ri, l.niiil ollii-f, 'I li' lil'
nr., on Novi-miwr In, I.hvI, vl. :
.lainipia W. Iilflkai.ii.
If. K. N... -rs. .n tlm W' UK':. Nr'U Hl:'
SK'i HW'n'. it, ip. il, K 13 K. W M. fc
III- loilll.i. Hip lollowlIlK wltlli-aam l pmvr til"
roiitinuoiiK r.-iidi nr.- iiikiii and riiltlvallon j.
aid Inn. I, vi .: I.. Illr.;, William tampl"-"' "'
I. liermaii, J. K. Mc ormlok. o( K rxl.-rly,
J AH. V. M(UK, K.'lt'-'-
Notirp l hprpliy nlvpii tliat t In Mlv
"I.I all liia ritfliu. and lnl. i.".l In HiPlirin"!
tiioii tin to tin- in.-inla-ra of tli "rm: will I'ollintall fl.fl.t- to '"
.nv all il. lil" ohiiik hv anid linn, and will ""J 1'
rK,,l.-for any ih-hlB ol anl.l W IHK M.X'J
tranrtinit. . ,-k. t hla fith ilny ol October, !- 1D
tinil., Or
yuoMi ! TaI-