The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, October 24, 1894, PART 1, Image 2

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The Weekly Chronicle.;;
TH K 1) tLl.tH
Kntere.1 lit the r-.wtorrt.v at Tin-
a mX'OIld t'Us U'.aii UlAtUT
r. rVuuover
i tveruot
H i-retarv ol rtlaU'
sum. of 1'ublii luatnntion
Attorney irt'neral
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..rbilllp M't hail
.... O. M lrin
I". 1 lillemau
(J. V IMlph
" iJ. 11. Mltrhrll
H. Hi'rmituu
yiiiKWwaen ,v. K. Kill.
Slate Printer . H. ixvlt
v ountv Judge
Coaimlaaioaer . .
liw. C. HUkeley
T. J. Unver
. M. Krlmv
m. Miehell
I Frank Rmraid
i . pi. Bl.mera
Iihmot V. H . W akenelii
surveyor K. F. sharp
Superintendent of Public aehooU . .Trv 8helley
Cnrrawr U. 11. Butts
Man is at l"9t an egotistical creature.
Surpassing all other forms of animal
life in intelligence, it is quite natural
that he should draw the line betwixt
bis reaouing power9 and the instinct,
w hich he ucredita the balance of brute
creation with. Not ouly does he claim
for himself that he is the highest type
of animal creation that has ever existed,
but he claims also that nothing higher
is possible. The autobiography of the
world, ai written in the rocks, will not
liear out this gelf-agrandiseuient. In
times so remote that we write of them
only as an aeon, an indefinite period ex
tending over thousands of years, and
distinguished from some other indefinite
aeon bv the subsidence or upheaval of a
continent, or some other change of the
vill!e world ; in these remote times,
when the first of these indefinite aeons,
of which the sedimentary rocks tell uj,
held sway, there was but one form of
life. In the Laurentian and Huonian
te the protozoans alone existed, a form
of animal life so low that it would be as
difficult to tell as it is with the sponges
whether they belonged to the animal or
vegetable kingdom.
In tiie Cambrian and Silurian ages a
higher form of life had leen called into
existence, as we can prove by their re
mains found in the Trenton and Niagara
periods. These show in the earlier sys
tem of the Paleezoic aeon, which in the
Devonian system also shows a still
higher type of life in the fishes, which
in torn, followed by the Carboniferous
systems, shows a still further advanced
form of animal life in the amphibians.
The Jurassic and Cretaceous ages of the
Meeozoic age bring reptiles and birds
opon the icene, followed in the Tertiary
system by mammals, and these in the
tiuarternary system, which is our own,
by Man.
Is it possible the end of all progress
has been attained, and that the perfec
tion of animal life has been reached in
man? If so, the perfection of nature is
Imperfect indeed. It may be hundreds
of years before the superior animal, yet
in the womb of the future, shall be
brought forth to rule the earth in place
of man, whose history shall be in turn
written in the rocks for the future, and
yet higher animal to read ; but we have
no reason to doubt but that that time
come. The human mind cannot
. the immensity of time since the
first protozoan held svav on the earth
the highest type of animal life. The
first mammals existed in the Tertiary
period, which is very recent one; but
yesterday, as compared to the Uuronian,
and ret that was long ago. To illus
trate: Here at our own doors nature
has written the history of that later
period. The high plains on each side of
the John Dav river were formed in the
Tertiary period, the one before that in
which we exist. At one time there
were vast marshes, which have been
lowly filled with mud washed from the
hills which have been worn away. In
these mad banks the bodies of the ani
mals that existed at the time have been
preserved, petrifying or fossilizing as the
mud turned to rock. In time those
mud banks were covered to the depth of
nearly two thousand feet, and after that
was done the John Day river, patiently
working, wore away the overlying rocks,
cat its way down, down a thousand,
fifteen hundred, aye, two thousand feet,
and again brought to light the bones
buried so long ago. It took long time
for nature, by ber slow processes, to first
cover and then uncover those relics of a
race of animals extinct, as far as this
country is concerned, at least. It took
long time to print and bind that book,
nd an equally long one to open its
pages. But this happened, counting
time as geology reckons it, but yester
dav. What shall succeed man? We do not
know ; but that wise Nature which pre
pared the earth for ita inhabitant in
turn; which, starting with nothing, has
produced man, mast not be considered
powerless to make a yet more perfect
creature. Well may man, realizing how
brief his rule of the. earth has been, and
ho vast the time that other forms of
life havebeen;the "lords of creation, "ex
claim with Kolomon, "Who shall show
him what shall come after him?"
The cm of all the Russia is dying,
and the end can be bnt a few days dis
tant. His physicians have given up all
hope, and the Russian ministers at the
different courts have admitted that the
nd is at Land. Under common cir
cumstances the death of a great ruler
serves to Vinson e uuMHt'sa .nuns nm
. . . . .V : I
lo croato ilipl.muitu- tanuUn. but in the
present f.ii' tin iluiitfi'rs are litiiimini.
The Muvrvsioti is -t SfttUvl, ami its
t'ttluiuciil involves val iiiti're.-ttd. r.n
lalle. on-sou. i rop will Ih' fortnnato indeed it the set
tlement is made witliout bloodnlied.
.1 A.O(7f.Tl CIRCUS.
rortluiul is to have a eirous. guttou up
by looal talent, with a menagerie of lions ami ottiei tinimals. It is
going to lie worth feeing too, (or it will
have three rings, all in full blast at
! once, with riding.
races, club swingim:, trapeze work, ami
gymnastics by the athletic olnha of
Portland. Hon. 1.. 1.. Hawkins will
drive the IVadwood stage, which will
be held up, of course, by indians, and
thev iu turn will be. annihilated by
company of I". S. soldiers, this last act
I being the only thing of tho kind on
Cleopatra will bo represented, of
course, by some handsome journalist,
and the charioteer will be Mr. Scott (not
II. W.) The giraffe will be represented
by llrother Tozier, because he manages
i to see everything, and who, if not al-
ways first in pursuit of an item, is al-
ways necks best. The giant will be rep
resented by a republican; the bearded
! ladv a populist, and the wild man from
Borneo, tattooed until his skin retains
not a particle of its original color, w ill
be democrat ; the skeleton, so thin that
he has to put on an overcoat to make
a shadow, will be a prohibitionist, while
the dwarf w ill be represented by (lover-
nor Pennoyer. The child phenomena,
who knows everything, will be, we don't
know who, maybe Sidney Dell, while
Punch and Judy w ill be Hon. Jo Simon
and Portland's mayor. Of course the
above is only our private guess, but sug
gested as probable from the fitness of
the persons named for the parts. Then
they are going to have an "it," a nonde
script which whoever can identify can
have. It is said to "look like an animal,
but it might easily be identified as a
bird or fish." This is probably a life
size representation ot President Cleve
land's opinion on the Wilson bill, before
and after taking.
Besides all this there are to be pea
nuts and peach-bloom lemonade, and
everybody's going, and we wish we
could be there. The circus is to come off
Thusday, Friday and .Saturday evenings
of this week, and the proceeds will go
towards swelling the coffers of the First
Regiment, O. N. G.
A dispatch from Colfax states that
Doc Harrington and J. Ed Nessley have
been bound over to the superior court of
Whitman county, on charge of steal
ing cattle. Nessley is a newspaper man
and has edited the Rosalia Rustler, the
Spangle Record, the Oaksdale Sun, Peo
ples Advocate, the Tekoa Blade, and was
at one time connected with the Spokane
Spokesman. There is no telling what a
man will do. or won't, after having a
newspaper experience of that kind. A
man is excusable in getting his "wes"
and "ours" mixed, even to the extent
of swiping a "beef critter."
The czar of Russia is dying, and it is
gon G ag to wWch BWftv
first. T1 C2arina ha9 ha( of j
a close race lietween he and his second
apoplexy, said to have been brought on
i by too close confinement at the bedside
of her husband. The general idea in
this country that Russians have no love
for their rulers, is perhaps exaggerated.
The whole population is praying for his
recovery. The law-abiding because they
love and respect him, and the anarchists
so that they can kill him.
The latest dispatches state that the
czar has a cancer, and that he has lost
thirty-two pounds in the last ten days.
Another dispatch from Vienna states he
is dyirg of arsenical poisoning; while
yet another says he hag spasms, apo
plexy, heart failure, uraemia, Bright'a
desease and delirium. Every addi
tional doctor called in finds some new
disease, and as all of them, or any, are
fatal, there is no show for him.
The democracy fear that Congressman
Wilson cannot carry his district, and as
be it the father of the tariff bill they do
not want to see him downed. As a re
sult they are concentrating their forces
in the district. Two years ago Wilson
was elected by a majority of 1051, in a
total vote of 42,563, a very small margin
and one tbat it will not require a very
great change to alter.
Mr. Nathan Straus, the Tammany
nominee for mayor of New York City,
has declined the nomination, and Mayor
Grant, the present incumbent, was
named in his place. Mr. Grant was at
first inclined to refuse the nomination,
but, like his larger prototype, Hill, be
was induced to make a sacrifice of him
self. David Bennett Hill is proving himself
a wonderful politician. Out of the
warring factions be is rapidly forming a
solid phalanx, and those who have been
most bitter against each other are united
in their support of Hill. It is no safe
bet tbat hi candidacy will meet with
defeat. . ,.
The Herald and New York World have
joined the other democratic papers in
fighting Tammany. Hill baa a hard row
to hoe with the dissensions in his party
bat if anybody can heal them be can.
Iuvenily a nero w as convicted of rap
ing an Uid w hile woman at Washington
Courthouse, Ohio, or rather, being
chargi'd with the crime, and fearing mob
violence, he entered a pleu of guilty so
that he could be sent to the penitentiary
at once, and was sentenced for -I) years.
The public ieeling, however, hud liecome
so strong that a mob undertook to lynch
him. The slieritl' hearing that this
would be attempted called out the militia,
and when the mob came, thev were first
warned to keep away, uud failing to do
to but making an attack on the jail, the
militia tired on the mob, killing five and
wounding several. For this act the
militia has been pietty generally con
demned. It seems wrong that innocent citi.ens
should be shot down to protect the life
i nf , self-confessed liend. but there
i Hnother Bide of the case from hich
view it. When courts liecome corrupt,
and when criminals escape through the
connivance ot the othYera of the law,
mob violence livvoines admissible for the
reason that the entire eople are greater
than the law, because (hey muke it. In
this case there wa9 no excuse for the
mob, for the criminal hail been given the
greatest punishment the law permitted.
The officers of the law had done their
entire dutv. The sheriff who hud charge
j 0 the prisoners had lieen elected by the
j verv people who attacked him to carry
i out the law and one of his sworn duties
i Wll8 to protect the criminal in his charge
aluj deliver him to the prison authorities
j Bt Columbus. The militia was formed
' for u,e purpose of assisting in enforcing
the laws of the state, when the usual
peace officers were unable to do so.
They were at the jail to protect the
prisoner and to uphold the law, und
were performiui: their sworn duty. The
mob knew they wero there, knew Hint
the prisoner had been given the full
limit of the law, and yet desired to pun
ish still further the criminal for his vio
lation of the law, by violating it them
selves. We cheerfully admit that hang
ing is not a sufficient punishment for the
crime the negro committed, but that the
penalty is not more severe than it is the
fault of the people themselves. And
again if the militia will not obey the
orders given it, or if it is permitted to do
its own thinking, to fire when It feels
like it, and to disobey orders when in Its
opinion they are wrong, then the sooner
the system is abandoned the better.
The soldier who does not obey all lawful
orders, becomes simply a guerilla and a
criminal. If the killing in Ohio will
serve to deter other acts of mob violence
the unfortunates will not have died in
vain. We might add that had the
militia refused to fire, they would have
been severely condemned by those who
now condemn then, for obeying orders.
California and Washington have each
had a case of the kind and the pun
ishment the militia received for re
fusal to obey orders and the general
condemnation of the public for not doing
so, were sufficient to brace the nerves of
their brethren in Ohio.
The crime in question suggests its own
punishment so prominently that the
wonder is it has not been put upon the
aUtnte books. There is uo punishment
too severe, but whatever the la,
bes must be suffice,, and if
law pres-
that is
not satisfactory, change the law.
Politics are running high in the East,
and there is a grand swinging arounil
the circle act, that has not been equaled
since Andy Johnson's time. Governor
McKinley is the boss swinger, flitting
from one state to another as a canary
flirts from one perch to another. From
Maine to Louisiana, back to Missouri
and Kansas, on through Iowa and Illi
nois, he has streaked like a meteor.
Tom Reed is the second best swinger,
though way yonder the first best talker,
and is dealing some regular sledge ham
mer blows. Ex-President Harrison is
gyrating in a mnch smaller sphere bat
be is making "Posey county" solid, sure.
Vice President Stevenson is also flying
aronnd the outer edge of an ellipse, but
his itinerary is not ornamented with
those enthusiastic crowds which greet
the republican presidential possibilities.
Still he is doing effective work in Sucker
dom, though he can scarcely hope to
carry the state with him, not this year.
Congressman Wilson's string broke and
be flew off at a tangent, landing in Lon
don but he is back again in his own dis
trict and in not swinging any more. He
has a contract at home. But a couple of
weeks longer and the show will be over,
but just at present the political kaleido
scope is at its prettiest.
At New York last night General Wil
liam Booth, commander-in-chief of the
Salvation Army, was formally welcomed
in Carnegie music hall, which was
crowded to the doors. On the stage
were all the commanders, captains and
officers of lesser rank, while for a back
ground there was a row of flaming ban
ners. In hit address General Booth
taid that the army's flag floated in forty
one colonies, while there were over 1,000
officers, all trained ministers, on the
rolls. He spoke highly ot the work ac
complished by women. Preceding the
meeting in Carnegie hall there was a
big mass meeting in Union square.
And now Congressman Breckinridge
it making stamp speeches in Kentucky.
The redoubtable colonel it dead, but he
is so blamed tough that nmr 1 1 fu-.i t ion
couldn't touch hi in ami so lie has nut
found it out yet. He is a pictun-qiie
old sinner, and being deud Mini damned
should have self respect mid decency
enough to remain innriied where his
erstwhile friends placed him. The
trouble with the disgruntled old corpse
is that he Iiihisis on traveling around
wearing mourning for himself.
There is inure Catarrh in this ecii.m
of the country than all olhei die.ii-s put
together, and until the la-t i'- years
was supposed to be incui.ihte. For a
great ninny years doctors pronounced it
a disease, and jirescrilied local rem
edies, and by constantly (ailing lo cure
with local treatment, pronounce 1 it in
curable. Science has proven catarrh to
lie a constitutional disease mid therefore
require constitutional treatifienl.
Hall's Catarrh, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney A Co., Toledo, Ohio, is tin- only
constitutional cure in the market. It is
taken Internally iu doaes from 10 drops
to a tcaspoonful. It acts directly on the
blood and mucous surfaces of the system.
They offer one hundred dollars for any
case it fails to cure. Send for circulars
and testimonials. Address.
F. J. CHENEY A- Co.. Toledo. .
H-fiSSold bv D'ligaists, 7oc.
One day the children weir having an
object lesson on the blue heron. The
teacher called attention to its small tail,
saying, "Tho bird has mi tail to speak
of." The next day she asked the n hol
ars towriiea description of the bird,
and a little German girl wound up by
i saving; the nine heron lias a tail, mil
! it must not In talked alioiit." Baby-
It Nli. mill ir In F.tery IIum
j .1. 15. Wilson, :i71 Clay St., Shiirps
j burg, Pa., says he w ill not lie without
I Dr. King's New Discovery for consump
I tion, coughs and colds, that it cured his
wifowho was threatened with pneumonia
after an attack of "la grippe," when
various other remedies and several phy
sicians bad done her no good. Rolwrt
Barber, of Cooksport, Pa., claims Dr.
King's New Discovery has done him
more good than anything he over used
for lung trouble. Nothing like it. Try
it. Free trial bottles at Snipes A Kin
ersly's. Reggy held her close to him and w his-
pered, "Angel, we must part" The
beautiful fiancee of an hour swooned
dead away till revived with a small l)t
tle, and the rest of that awful sentanee.
"our hair a little to the left now, or we
dudes won't fie in it this fall!" The
When persons are weak and languid,
from sickness or overwork, feel debil
itated and depressed, it is an indication
that the blood is out of order, aud they
need help to throw off the miserable
feeling. The best remedy for this pur
pose is Dr. J. II. McLean's Strength
ening Cordial and Blood Purifier. It re
stores lost strength, gives vigor to cir
culation, promotes good apietite and a
flow of cheerful spirits. Price f 1. 00 per
bottle. For sale by the Sniiies-Rinersly
Drug Co. '
We have made arrangements with the
San Francisco Examiner to furnish it in
connection with Tim Ciironici.k. Hav
ing a clubbing rate with the Oregonian
and N. Y. TriHnne for our republican
patrons, we have made this arrangement
for the accommodation of the democratic
members of The Ciikoxici.k family.
Both papers, the Weekly Examiner and
Skmi-Wkkki.y Ciihomci.k will m fur
nished for one year for $2.25, cash in ad
vance. Do you want The Ciiiionicle and San
Francisco Examiner for a year? If so
send us $2.25 and you can have them,
150 papers for $2.25 or less than a cent
aad a half a pioce. If yon would rather
have the New York World, we will send
you that and the Skmi-Wekklt Ciiuon
ici.e one year for $2.25. The World is
also a semi-weekly so you will get 208
papers for $2.25.
"I'll bet I could ttand for four rounds
in the ring with Corbett." "That't non
sense. You overlook the first essential
toa meeting." "What'a that?" "First
catch yoar Corbett." Washington Rtar.
roisori T
la tlM nnuUof the usual treatment of
hloud diaoTders. Tbesvaiemta Uliad with
Mercury aad Potash rm4ia mora to m
Im dreadrd than Uie Ulaaaa, aud la la
nnort wnne in in a lay worna conaiuon
than betore. Tba moat common result la
for which H. 8. ft. U th mont reliable
cure. A few bottle will ftflord relief
whr all ela ban failed.
I Buffered fron a wmrerm attack of Mareortal
fibtnirtjatifira.rJif arm and lutiinu wolin
u mux tban twlc lbir natural Mt,cautlna
the Diotxcru'iatliif pain. 1 pwnthiiQaJrena
oi uoiiar wiMiirut rjufi, oa HTUtT ts&k
inv at iw du intra or
1 1 m proved fa p id 1 y ji nd
am now a well man,
complJtlr cared. I
on harttlT rtM-om-
otnd vour wnndvrful ntitrtn to anrona
Olicterl with iliia painful m-nm.
W. r. DALftY, Broofclyp Kiat44 R. R.
OwrTrwatawon Btood and Akin 'ttiiu aiaind
Ira lo aajt aUilrM.
W7f aTT ttPVnirfe sTA al a- aft.
To purchase five dozen early pullet,
Uraturia or Ply mouth hook, cross pre
ferred. Price $2.50 per dozen. Call on
or address
Kd. M. Hahbihan,
K-lm. Endershy, Or.
s..! In ,ll I
Khort time ago. says the l.oui.ville
Couii.T-.lournal. .vun(r !' '
troulil.-d wi.l.n I'oilon hcrl.iwe e. Inch
bad that .she tn.'i.-.i 1' '"
m v to tall in
formed a dislike '' f;,"',lv ' K
chin, so ber father Mi;r:frle'l -ev. iu
others. :l im.-llv viid that be would
cull in the pUvsienm with th-
c.l..c. who pasM-.l the Iioiim- every
duv. 'thev l.eot u sharp lool.out for
him. und when he came nl 'Mi' he was
called in. The youn:r l.' modestly
showed him the disabled member 'I he
little man l.s liednt it and wiid: "W by.
that's prettv bad." -Well." she M"d.
what must I .I..'. If I were you. "he
answered, "I would wild for a physi
cian. I urn u piaim tuner."
Cliollv (iiekit Who was that
round-shouldered, ill diesned little rad 1
saw you with this morning? Ethel
' (frerzmgly That, sir, B my fiance.
Cholly Good imwd! Yon don't say.
What a nnignilicHiit contrast you will
make. The Diplomat.
Mr. Ii.ii-lli' does v.nii husband
expre-is himself when he comes home
late from the club" .Mrs. Bay-He
doesn't express himself at ail. They
semi him home in im anihiiluu f, The
Miss I'rudeleigh Sir, how dure you?
Mr. Rattler i who has stolen a kiss Ex
cuse me, I never would have done it in
my solier senses. Miss Prinleleigh Oil,
indeed ! The Malaprop.
"That was a finished sermon," re
marked it lady as sue came nut oi cnurcu
vesterday. "Yes, but 1 was afraid it
never would be, said husband.
Philadelphia Record.
"(Juke a change in the weather isn't
it'.'" "Yes," replied the populist with a
grin. "Greatest season lor flops 1 ever
saw !" Washington Star.
NotU't i hffivby (liven, Ihnt uuitir tn! 1v vir
of Mil exiviitimi Iwniutl out f tlit cirnitt
t otirtof tmHLii'of omom lr W mm ( ountv,
on tin ut iU) hit-tit., l4, n tlwivt tnut
ntt'rii nntl rentiiTwl iu win I t;mirt mi lh I'Uli
day nf July, Ivn, In nn n-tiin wherein llt
City platntitt mi Mury U Month wand
It'itdftnt tn lavnr of Mild iWitinlift and nKiint
anttl i.fitMtdfMtt, for l.'.JTT, with tntemt thvrvon
from mud l"Ih duv of July. )., Nt !!u r:U -i lu
tr riMit tH'r milium, find th- further Mini of
JLno attorney' lc, md tiie further utti nf
NMt, and to m dirwtfil, and romniiiiidt.iff nif
to m.' 11 property hen-ltirtttr oMrtlr.I to t
t-fy thf ahovt aunt, I will "n Mundnv. the ,.ih
day of November, 11, at the hour of o lork p,
m. nf Ml J day, veil, to thf iilKtit bidder for
raiti In baud, at public auction at thf 'front
door of th fouuty t utirthoiiao In lialltw ( liy,
ao 4'nunty, tHvjroti, all th ritfht. till and
Intern! of tliedt'irutk'iit lit aud to the following
dfMTlbed property, to wit All nf lntn ntimln'Mil
four, bv and tx In blok nnmheml oik. In Trl
viitt a Addition to 1 !)- ( lty, iu W aaro County,
Hutt of Orvtfoti. accord! UK to th rworded mnpa
aud Plata thortmf. together with th tenement,
hemllUtmentii and appurteiiaiicrA thereunto !
loiittintf or In anv wine appr(AlnliiK- or m much
threi( m w ill b mfticleiit to aatiatv the abov
tiamnl aum, tjftlir with Ihr accnutiK rtMta
and aipuM of thU aale.
1 he mImivo deMrrliitil lot aud property will b
obi In parta r parrel or all totfrthm-, a may
v d'fftneil to be lor the bvl iutr'al of all per
on eiinemi1.
Inted at IatlraCltT, Y aaro County, Orexon,
thin -juth dav of MMit,. Wl.
i tp.v ni T J. IiRtVFR.
rnerirrot n awo county, ute(t)n.
Notice In hereby Riven that nmler and by vir
tue of an execution lMicd nut of tiie Circuit
Court nf the Htate of Oriroi, fur W aaco Count v,
on tlie l"th duv of October, 1 . nn a decri-v
made, entercil and rendert-d In aaid ourt on tlie
2Mb day of November, v.n, in a anit wh-r'tu
bin mic 1 Clark win plninllrt and Mr L. II. 'ia
ther, (teono-T. Prat her and J. M. liuntloKtoii.
adiuinitnitor of the estate of MLm l'rulh-r, d
wtwt. were deiendaiiU, hi Invor of mild tilaln
lift and a-tiut tii4 Mr. I, If. I'm
th'-r. for 4 with In terra! thereon from the
Jtb day of Novenilj-r, lv ;, m the rate of o pr
ieiit per annum, and the further mini of $..:
comIm. and which atd jiiilKiimuC ban lieen at
nirtml aud tranferei of rct'ord to J. II, Kramer,
and wild execution ht:iK ttt me directed, uud
cniiimandiujr me to'!l the prop rty bm-liMiltcr
d"rlled to Mitlify the above i will, on
ThurMlny, the I dii day nf November, 1'M. at the
hour nl - n'plork ot ald ilay, m-11 at public auc
tlou to the hiKlicit bidder for rah in hand, at
the front door id the t uiintv ourlbouw in
.saliva City. U aco county. Oregon, nil tlie tttht,
title ami Inter!, id ejeh of aid defendant In
aud bi the following rleerlhed prfiiertv, to-wt
Ut Ii In the town nf IIimm. Kiver. ai-onhuK U
the recorded plot and aurvev tbrreof on llle and
of reuinl In the County clerk nfllra in anld
aco cuiintv. U-reth r with thm sia,.t a.tai
bereiH tanieitu thereunto bclotiffinir, or In any
wi appvrtaliiiuK. ur ai much therettf an will
atlWy the above natiHd umi, toifetbrr with the
rcniina; eoata of thlt aale.
Itateil at 1'ttllea t Ity, Wawo rotinty, Orecidt.
tin loth day of October, 1VM
T. J. MilVKK,
Pherltf of W'iK'f) Comity, Omron.
(ctl7 NorJl-iit
SheriflTs Sale.
Ily virtu nl an eierutliin lamed mi the Intli
rtny o( (m-IiiImt lWMolitof tlieelreiiitriiurt nf Hie
tateaf tmcufi, lor WaMnirminty in amilt there
In iienilmu, wherein j, M. llumiiiKn.ii, ail
minlatmtiir of tli ut ol Hlu, Frnther. de
remwl In plaiutlrl anil (.enraa T. I'ratlier, L. H
I'ralher ami henniel CUrlie aie lfi'n.nnt. mm.
miinrliiiit ma Ui aell the real pruprrty heralnafur
UenTlbwl, anil nut nl the nr. win thereof Ui
Mtoly the ,11111 of eleven humlrfvl aiid fllty rlol
law ami Intereet thereon from the date of the
ilM-re In aauleauwUiwU: TlieMhitiy of lUne
Iwniand the coau and dlibiirwrni-nta ol mhI
nit: auai mi .iintn... iu .n.i . k ...
.. . - . . ' - - v.... vtiw C.-rillllK
route, I will on the l.'ith day of November.
at Hie hour of twn n elnek p. m. at the eourl
lioueo door In Haliaa city, Viun, eounty, Oreoii,
i i .ii ii iiiKneax nniuer lor ,'eah
... . iwiuh ueec'riueu real proptrty,
(o-wlt: '
All Hie right, title and InUre.t of the wilrl
plaintin "iiei xiinlnlnlriilor and of tiie aid
eeiate of rlllan I'ratliei, dereaanl, nf. In and to lot
Ii., of the town of ll.t River proper, and lou
II ami l.i of block , of Mill town of ll,1 uiver.
ul . .. T J' "HIVFR.
..... HherlfTof Vtanco County, Or.-i.iii.
la nr omen, The Imllen, Or .)
Nolle,. I, hereby Riven that the followlnc
neimil aelller ,a llle.1 untie,. f hi. InU-ntlon to
riiakeiMinl .r.,f In .,,,rt , hu rlnl d
that aeid will be m.ile l,.f,,r., the
Or., on November 10,11. u.:
lamea W . Illekaon,
H:-!5; '-"'- '" ' WU UK'., tif.'l HRH and
ll', nainiiUie f,,wiii)twiUieaa.toprnv hia
ro ll,,,,,,,,, r,.,,,,.P ,, ril,lvilUn ,
aal land, il, : I.. Hire, William Campbell. W
i. Ileriuaii. J. ,.. Met rm,:k, ( Kn.leraby, Or.
?i""mC.T h""'-Hlven that Winn Moody ha.
u W" 'nlere,u In thehrm of
Ji'iont hn Till to the member, of the firm
Hnoii On Tal will debt, due to and
Kl. ,lV,w1'1 lirm.and will not be
coitw!!',!, y '' VMna Mo.iy
liaue.'0'r1"" Mh d"X "' cl"U,r' lm Tbe
QiONii On Tat.
How il Happened.
ri e f il'o im 'I'nnirUiJil rv,.m In i,
'!!! 1 Ii -.1 tlie l'Uiler 'turn I
ha. :l ' 'lie pull! Ill HIJ h"l,,'l, V l,, , ,,,, '
mi I ii. e -l.s'i,. I 1 1. r,i,lla ...
! .'i in. ' l Ii' il i.iul 1 eleli im, roim ii, y ,,',,
i .-!i mi.!, I ih'i i.-lu rvery n im;.,. nll ,'
....... ... ,-. ,.p)lr,
:i .oiil 1'IV n '.irl, HUM I ttlls tl ft ii ill I,, ,i.
1 '! Iiiimi'i. I eiiuliln't sit, .'n h n
ne --ti 1 iii r il.iwn iiimI rvsuiu:: i,..,' ."
1.1 l.y Hi 11.-1 1 1 uf Ne,T II. Ml I I UN' i,;, ,M.
I- ,.t.i -eel I feel Hk iiniitlii'r wunmn IK
i . ii, In; l In- Ne'T lienrt ( ure 1 Inul t:-.
,. ...'n: m.''iIim reinedlis, iiihI Ih-,.ii in .i..i
I i lei'lol- v llliiiilt, any U'lii'lll limn I ,
I I, .il . our l. eil Ullll dlsgusti-il. tv hi:.V,ul
I i ait in" u ImhiIm nt Jr. Wili s' Ni li,.,
I .ue. unit am liuiiny lOny I never n nri'ii,,
1. I lioiv lei Mi Rpleliiltil liiH'lli. ,,J
, -ell well. I el.;tii. li, niiinils vt Iiimi
ii. i il.lnzllin reiai'ilv. hiiiI lino 1 wvivh t M-
b-. e'te : la my cumi turn bis-n truly iii:int.r.
in. I f ir ui i'ii-- any mlier iii iliein,, r
Ii i -1- I'HT tal.eii or any lienelit I ever r.
eelve.l from ph yilelium. Mm. llorrvBUtr
l'..ii-vllle. I'ii.. Oetnlwr I'.'. Isuj. ' r'
It. Miles' New Henri t'ure U anlil nn n pm.
five irunrunlff tiy nil ilrilUKlilM, ur by the lir
Allien Meilii-nl ('.. Klkliurt. linl . nn n-i'.'hn ,,
lirn-e, II jut txilllii. u bottle vxprviu. pr.
palil. Tlilx irreut lleiiury by un ruilm-tn
mims'Iii1IhI Iii beitrt iIImiumi, contalus auUlMf
oylutea nur tluuvoroua tirugn.
lu the Circuit Court nf the Htate of Otckou for
1 urn County.
' ( url Htm litnrf,
I'latiitin, t
t. y
V. V. Kotfh and '
.Marie KobIi,
iHMendaiibi. j
To C. V KiKb and Marie Fn(b, the rttnve unmed
lu the name of the Hlate nl Oregon: You aud
racti ol you are bercbf re)ulrv4l to appear aiut
aiiAwer the com plat lit fibil aNaint ou in the
alHve entitled ault within ten day from the data
u( the acrvtce of thl auinmona upon you, If
aervrtl within aco cnuuty, HUite of t n-etton , or
If erved within any other county nf tin State
then within twenty daa from the date of
the avrvlru of tbla utumoua upon you; and If
the Mine I served by publication thetesil. you
are reutrrd Uiaptctir and auaweroald ornplalnt
on or bwiore, Monday, the U'th day ff Nov
ember, lwt, that b'liur the Mrat day of the licit
reajular term of tmld Ircuit Court, follow I mr ihv
etpliattonid the Itui precitlei in ttia onler
heretofore maile for the publication of aald sum
mon and If you. or either nf you, fall ao to ap- aud answer said complaint, Juditmeiit will
taken atraliiit you for want thereof, ami Hie
platntllwlll apply to the Court for the re he
prayed for lu hi aald bill of mmplaiut, tnwtt:
For a de:ni' onierinK a foreclosure of thnt cer
tain ilwl nf mortirairv. made, exenited and de
Itvertnl to plaintiff by delmidanU, heeriiin dale
A uu at l ltb, !; and that the land ami prem
ium therein decritvd. to wit NU C, I. K K, d.
11. I and J. In block ativcntv eliht In Kurt faile
l Hilary li-ervatloii wltlltloit to I m Ilea City,
V aM'o county. I'refiin, bt m il in the itiaiitier
provbled by law and the practice of tht ourt,
and that from the proce-jNl arlnlua from uch
aale the platntltT have and Tcnef the aum of
I 'U.U. aud liitvreat thereon at the rate of ten
percent, per annum alnce the lltb day of Aug
int. )vi. and the further aum of rva
otiahtr albirnev a iiw m Hld ult. It nr' titer with
i the cottM aud dltiurmmeuu made and expended
1 lu thl suit, ii.cludliift aubwtieiit and aecrutnj
I con to aud expciiM of aale: that iimhi ucb d
i cree, foreeloftun and aale, nil of the riKht, title
land Interest of you and each of you. and all of
j the itubt. title and tntrrt of all and every per
I aon or Mron cIiiiuiIuk. r to claim throtiIi or
I under you. or cither of you, fn or to "aid alwure
dcMTltw-d pictiiae, ir to anv art therd, ta
foreclocetl and forever Ixirml from all equity of
redemption: that plalntifl Im albmcil U bbl for
and lo purchase oid prenilve nt hi option . that
I the purchaser thereof have the Immediate p
' eNinli of tlieaiiis': th( lue tiltilnlltt have HidaT
ment Btfnint vtMi for any unpaid balance that
may remain after uHi mile, and for aucb other
and lurther iclicf aa mny to (he Court ecem Jutt
and eiUtlablc
'I he aetviceof thl kummou I madeufNin you
by publication thereof In TltK 1'ai.i.R t II R"N
It.LK, a riewxMiper of (ri-neral rdrculatlon, pub
I heil weekly nt I'nlle U, W eco county, ore
tf-in. by onler of the Honorable W I,. HraiUhnw.
JudKe of the rvventh Judicial liatrrt ot the
Hlate nf Oregon ; which order waa duly made at
chamber In Italic City, orvvon, on the llh
uay oi rvpiemiMrr, if. ii. ici 1 1 1 r, i.i..
Attorney for riaintlfT.
Administrator's Notice.
The iiinlernlKiiiil bavin; by conaiderallon nf
the I oinily eourt. of the amta nf orefron: for
Maaeoeininty been api.tluted adinlnlalrator of
the eetate of Oeimre llanaen dw-eaeed, on the
luth day of Bent. l.v, ervililora of, anU all per
aoni haylna rfalma axalnat the aald eatate of aald
deeeaaed, are hereby nolllied to preaent them,
with the proie-r voiinbera atlaehl, within am
montba from the date of tin. no'ice, tn the aanl
ailiiilniatrator at the ntliee of A. M. Kelany,
emmy rlerk. In Da I lea Cliy, County ol iau,
HUU' of OrvKoll.
Iiatrdat the IiaUe4 Oreaim, September lh,
Ahpmrw Hax.xri.
AilmlnlilraUir ol the eeUte ol Umnre llaiiaeo,
deeeaa-d. Vrl. to 31.
Adninistrator's Sale.
Nolle la hereby liven that, In ttnrauatire nl an
onler nf the county i lurt nl the auiU. of
(irvajnn for W arn eountr, duly made and en
tered on the lUiid day nf Huptemhar, A. I. I"". "
the mailer nf Hie calatv nf Henry A. fratt. de
eeaaed, illrwtltnr the nmleralKned tn aell at
piiblle aale the followlua dwerlbwt rail pnrperty
belnnirlnf tn aald de-aril tn bit num
ber tlv blnhlnrk number two J In Trev
Ilia aiMltlnn to iMIlea Cliy, Waam Cnuiily, Ore
Ion. W will nn Hiitnnlay, November Hull, lM
at the hour of .' o eh.'k p. in. of aald day at the
eourt honae In aald lieliea eltv, aell to the
hisbeat bidder the aald deanrliiwl property.
Term-of ante, one third at time uf lair, one
third In al montha fr.nn date of aale, and one
third In one year Irinii date of anle.
Adiiiluiatratora of the ratal of Henry A. I'mlt.
deeeaaed. oetlll-lliiv
IanD Orrii l, The rwllra. Or.,f
Kept e, l!"M. I
Notlo la hereby Hlven that the fullowlnn
named a,.-ttler ha. hleil nolle,' of hi. Intention to
make IIiihI In aup.irt of hi. claim and that
aald pnaif will lie made before the retil.ter and
twelver at The Ualiaa, Onvoli, on ort. al,
IMM. vl:
falrlnk K. Farrally,
lid E, No oua, for the'i, and w't ae,
arr I I, lp 1 n, r 1.1 e. w M.
Hn nam the fiilUrwitiK arllneeaea tn prove hla
miitlnuou rvaldencn upon aud cultivation n
aald land, via: William lleuxln, lanae V lln;
ImiiiI, ororse I, liavenpurt, Krauk f Taylor, all
ol 1 he llallea.
JAH. r. MOOKR, Kefjll'
Came tn my plaee, near Nanaeue, abimt the
flr.t nf May, a, bay amlille hor.e. between III
nd U year old, branded V nn left ahonlrter.
Tin owner can hav asm by IP'"
nolle and paaluraa;. W m. HollfCKTHON.
napli-lm Hana.ii 1'. O., or