The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, September 19, 1894, PART 1, Image 2

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The Weekly Chronicle.
cries for mercy and thrust tiei from their
tight. Hut on the other hand 1 have
it-en men fall as low as it is possible for
okkuun I nten to fall. I have teen the wife fol-
MMM I L-.l 1 ...... u. .. . 1
low Hie NUSlailu irum
Entered at the n.wtoffin.- t The lall., orvKuu. i nress him to her heart. I have en the
The tight in Kentucky is over and
Hreckiuridge is tlownel. Owens beats
him in the district by a handsome ma
jority, ami lireckinridgo takes lus de.
. MtMtid u;.U matter.
Secretary of SLrtU
Sunt, of Public Inttructlou
Attorney General
'JongreMmeu. ...
lute PrtnUT
8. Pennoyer i
l K kllleald '
..Phillip Xi'iM'hau I
i. M. Irtt in i
i'. M ldleunui
J.N. l.'lph I
" )J. H. Mitchell
. li.
, U. KUi I
Vt. u I nil. i
i ..... ..i.:i.u....i.;...ti.. I .! will
.:( I..ll.t .1... h.iWn,l timlin.'! 1 l il ' ...."", ...... .....
life in one constant w hirl of misery, '"PPt ;the democratic nominee. The
.....i i.v o .t f hell thev I Btf1'1 I-lUr one in many resects,
.-... ...unrated wean Wcue 8ie the most striking of w hich is that the i will Ihi patched up U'twn them
- . ) . .. .... I. ;. uit t I ailliiw-. M l' t.r..t .
The Japanese have given the Chinese Florence .Mg.iti..'e, w .... - - , . - ...v. yuu (
hatte, and come off victorious. The invalid and con.lued to her conch, still of hell? H.mdho..e,N,lt , ,,u
Chinese were annihilated, and a. the ' takes an active par. in the work o. the married four daughter, to f,,,,,,
rainv season ha. set in Japan will have ! world. She has rW,. 1 W men. A ma wu, has had thai ,r4i
n.,.i.. ,.f -II ..f Core until next 1 a health crusade among the cottager, of , ought to find It a dead cinrh.-rJ.
ti... ........ ;.. l. .inunn ! Itiu-L i n L'liiiiiinh ire where she lives for
.uit.uiei, i lie iiiii nit.r. i.i ... ... - t
will prevent China sending another the purHme of Instructing tl in .pies-
army inloCorea lelore that time, and . ti.ui nf venlilati.ui, drainage and hke
in the meanwhile ills thought a peace sanitary matter.
could go no further. I have seen the) ' -.- ...... ..u ........ of y
mother follow the son and the sister the ! " h"r tr.yer. ' j i"'-er and that Coreu will he set up as h
! tuis respect tne case isuecttieciiy unique, an independent kingdom iree irom
It has been truly said thousands of: China.
Irving W. Ijtiniore, physical direetur
, M. I'. A., !. Moines, Iowa, says
can conscientiously recommend
: Chamberlain's I'ain Halms to athletes,
brother through paths man has never
been known to follow woman. Let the t'uly ald thousands ot j China. 'gymnasts, bicyclists, foot hall player f
angels in heaven be tiie jury and God I lln,ee ll,al " man U,B-V 8""IV j The itualion hascliange.l wonderlully nd the prufession in'iural for bruises
I'llfXTT OII'Il'ULli.
Couiltv Judxo
Almighty the judge. Anon.
Superinteudout of Public tk-hooU
tiv t". Illkeley
. . . T. .1. t,mer
... M Kelnv
m. Mu-heil
iKrauk Knn'ul
V. li w ;ieii ' ing attorneys the other d.iy, he advanced
s7'.ir; Eiii.i'isas.
In conversation with one of our leaJ-
.K- V. 8hlirp :..... l. .. ulMi,it.t, mimi
..TrorShellev 1 l"c ''"" """"
. . . "it. Butts I (or the contention that a branch insane
' asylum was not a state building in the
Al Sl'ICIlF.. ! meaning of the constitution. That the
, , , , i words state building would properly
Portland vesterday had a sensational . " .,,,,;
Uirttd llir Biaic iiuuec, puuui t
lenses against morality aufl nothing , ., . . ,, ,.. ti.,,,. ,i1B .,!. u.,.l ,l,Ml. s.tim hImo for soVe
will be thought of it; but a woman who j . . K .m.utei in the ',.,,. ,1 .tiffurs of the mucles. When
once step, aside is condemned forevar. j Woit .n k!ep t,own the wiu, ulul W(K)lv .(r,, lhe Iiurtlf ,.ole swollen
savages. Now thearmv is ordeicd Kant, it will effect a cure in one half the time
As a great Irish orator put it, " irtue,
like an umbrella, once lot is gone for
ever." This is preeminently true. The
man is forgiven, the woman damned for
all eternity. The worst of it is that
however much the men mij'ht be dis
posed to lift her up and reclaim her, the
women are her judges and executioners.
Woman has the correction of this evil
in her own hands, and when she treats
1 I.. ;n ,KA L-itltnc- nf
7. ; , . T , , . , i court ro.Mii for the supreme court, resi
The woman in the was the daugh- de" of .th "n0r 1 fP-V'ded by the , p.rtie8 ,0 an offense as .he does
. state and that class ot Duuuings. ami i ,!., ,i, nru uiH lit- 1AM nf it
principal owner of the" Forehand Arms
Co. of Worveater, Mass. Mrs. Calvin
, , , . . lit building for protecting the engiue on
Portland anout a Year ago, it is said for;., 6 . . , ... .
.... . ; ,t ; v.r,..
c i-r- . -""inot bea state building in the meaning
first sight, which resulted in a promise
to marrv as e.xjn as the marital ties by
that the term state building would not i
necessarily mean every building in the
1 state. For instance a rouudhouse or
to keep down the savagrs of the K.aat.
Hy a recent order the main body of
troop, will lie located at New York,
Chicago and other large cities. The In
dian has passed away hut the anarchist
till, his place to overflowing.
Col. Thomas ti. 1-awlerof Kockford,
Illinois, was elected commander in chief
of the li. A. K. at the meeting in Pitts
burg Thursday by a very close vote,
beating his opponent, Col. Walker, by
onlv eleven votes out of the total of tt!).
Breckinridge's defeat was due to the
women of Kentuckv, and what thev
have accomplished there at the polls, j The new commander is an Knglishinan
when thev could not rote, thev can also bv birth, and was born in ISM.
She ' the Port"l5 roaJ at tl,e Cascades would j aLr0mpliah at the social bar, where they
which Mrs. Calvin was bound could le
severed. The lady tired of her bargain,
it seems, but found it difficult to shake
the infatuated vouth to whom she was
Sunday Stengele deliberately followed
When women take the stand they I t.overnor fennoyer and Mate ireas-
of the constitution. As a matter of fact I have in Kentuckv there will le fewer r"" Metschan have been at Oregon
regaruiess 01 ine legal aspects ot me case j ijreckiurldges, and surely it is high tune j -y severui uajs supemiie.iu.i.K lue (,im(1 (i)lr (mml Mu
there should w a nranch asylum some j hat they refuse longer to submit to the I construction ot a dsn ladder over tne
place in Eastern Oregon, where a change j oiie-sitieii judgment of society that dis-1 h"s at that place. Only $1,000 of the
j of climate and abundant sunsliine can i tinguishes lxtween the offenses against
'be given the patients, especially those the mora coli on ac0Ouiit of sex. The
I wnt from the damp and foggy coast i women 0 Kentuckv have made n move
counties. However the matter has been j in ttie ri.,llt diction .and thev sho ild
- ... ...! o.,.l o,,K,.,;,l,l ,! l,a rllal.u, . .
her and accosting her as she alighted " " ,7, , 7"""' j cultivate tneiiami.
from a street car, was repulsed and told , .
bv his victim that .he did not want to
usually required. For sale by Hlakelev A
Houghton Priii-gifts.
Oliver Wendell Holmes lias not hesi
tated to express his pride in tho fact
that the year of his birth gave to the
world four of its great men Tennyson,
lhirwin and Gladstone in England, and
Abraham I.iuculn in this country. And
when his own name was added to the
list the doctor modestly added: "Oh, I
sneaked in, as it were."
A. M. Hailer, a well-known citien of
Eugene, Or., says his w ife has lor year,
been troubled with chronic diarrhna
and ushiI many remedies with little relief
until she tried Ch.imlierlain' Colic,
Cholera and .liarrhn a Hemedy, which
(iive it
a trial and you will le surprised at the
prompt relief it affords. 'V and "0 cent
3 ;:
I down in the verv near future.
)e bothered by him. Whereupon he
drew Ids pi3tol and shot her through the
body and then the head. Stopping
odIt long enough to assure himself that
his victim was dead, he placed the muz
zle of the pistol against his head and
blew the vacuum out of it.
His frieuds say he was insane, but
this is trash. The act was that of a
selfish, self-willed fool, who because for
sooth he could not possess the toy he
wanted, dest.oyed it and himself. The
woman had her share of blame be
cause she had no business being
on with the new love before she was off
with the old. Had fctengele confined
his eflorts to putting an end to his own
life, it might be attributed to insanity
but the killing of the woman lie pro
fessed to love was a cowardly crime com
mitted for the same reason a burglar
kills the man he is robbing, the desire to
possess that which does not belong to
him, thiough force. The woman dead is
not to be pitied, if living her life had
been tied to that of her murderer. Such
love as his is fitted for the Stygian dark-
Bill Nye certainly had a hand in writ
ing up the murder and suicide at Port
land yesterday, for whose but bis versa
tile brain would have thought of insert
ing such a paragraph as this into such
an article? "She was dressed in a black
brocaded silk of the very latest fashion, menting with
and a dainty straw hat. Although j "The great nitrogen gatherer, It will
modest and unassuming the dress indi- j improve worn out and poor soils more
cated her a woman of good not ition and ! rapidly and permanently than any other
The Prairie farmer in a recent num
ber gives the following description of
the new variety of clover, which is
known as the "crimson." It might
prove a valuable variety for our dry
hills, and is certainly worth experi-
refinenient.' Now when yon have ab
sorbed that peruse the further disserta
tion of the tbanatopsical writer: "Her
father supplied her with sufficient means
to satisfy every whim, and although she
had an extensive wardrobe of the latest
style garments, they were all of subdued
and modest shades." If that wouldn't
jar the pop corn off a Chiristmas tree,
plant in existence therefore the cheap
est and best fertilizer; also the cheapest
food for all kinds of stock. Stock like
it. They will leave their grain feed for
it. Its use solves a great problem in
economical farming. It will grow on
poor, light soils where other grasses fail.
It does not interfere with, but is an ad
dition to other farm crop.. It grows
110,000 appropriated were used. t j lHttiett for B1il bv Hlakelev A Houghton
ttiey are ootn continent tne iauier win
lie a success. Fur an 1 .1 Muril.r.
Wichita, Kan. Sept. 1". Sheriff
Woodcock and Deputy Bill arrived
here today from California, having in
charge Jim Talbert, alms Jim Sherman,
wlrb led the cowboys in an attack on
Caldwell, Kan., in years ago, when a
number of citizens were killed, among
whom was Mayor Meagher. Talbert
will be tried for this murder.
I 1
j A certain Mr. Hubert i'aull has
! written Lord Hoseliery that ho can w rite
; poetry "with such rare facility" that he
j can undertake to give royal marriagcB
I and christenings precedence over his
"country orders," and yet attend
I punctually to the same. He wants to
be poet laureate. Hy . Ila-Keepr.
Francisco, Sept IT. Frank Mar
tin, a teamster 2f) years old, was fatally
shot by J. V. Elias, a dive proprietor
last night shortly after midnight. Mar
tin had a row wfth one of the women in
the place and was ejected, .He subse
quently returned with a number of
friends, and had an altercation with
I alias, who thereupon shot him. His as
sailant was arrested.
One of His Experience!:.
For thlrtv-elclit year. dipt. I.nud tnl'.o
the Mit. imwt of t hut time an mau-rol n
wl. and iiHin n'tlrlntf from the w.t.-r i,ut.
ixilMi.'tl ly the ivcnunry of the I n It.d i
TrviiMiry to HUix'ruiminl Hie m'i.I M'.Ih'iiv. in
Alu-kii. which iKMitlou lietinlil tivo)r,.a:. h,
rol'.t.". one .xNrnnt't. it follow.:
"KurM'Vnral your. 1 had tii tnoh( tf
ffMral nrvnUMiH'wt and pain In th rv i)r
of m v heart. My irronleM hltlirtlm
Hl.'.'pleMneM; It warn iilmwl !nip.wljl,. t ,ni
Hum b.olituln tml and i.''. Hiivii.k xtt
Hr. Mlh-a' n-tiindl.-. HdvvrtlMMl I lu tein n.i,
Ni-rvinc. Aft.'r tuklntf a aniall qiiuniln u
l.'iH'tH recolvfd ws m grtuit that I wtt".tt.
lively alarmed, thliikintr the rt'innly n,.
tallied npluliw whlrli would Itnnlly Im Ih,,
ohm to inn; hill on lielng tmmltvd ly ill. ilr ,
ItiHl I hue It. uit MTf.slly hi.rnih-j. 1 t"wi
ned It t.mether with the lleurt t ure. 1ii-i)
I rut iisi-lentlourdy .uy that I'r Jill,-.' K,.
Hlurullve Nervine and New Henri t lire il:,;
more furnio than any thlnit I hue! ever lnVni
1 hud l-en trviiied hy emli I ihvi.n.,.
In New York and hun I-rHii.'ix'o wlihuin IV
ellt 1 owe nir inwuil iiixhI heulih in tlx
Jutllelnti.:i.of th.w m.Mt valtiuhle nrn.Mli
and heartily ret-onitiieiid them to all ufllina;
a. I wan." 4 'apt. A. I. Innl, llunilen. Mc.
ir. Mile. IteMtorHilvff Nervliiean.l Newt'ur
am wild hy ul I dniuulntxoii a piiHlllveitinini
ten. or Ity lr. Mil.-, fttedirul '.. I-Ilklitn
Ind., on r.coliit of price, fl N.rlHittle, nr tn
ImiiiI.'m fur Su. ein- prepuld. They an
treu fmni all opiate, and dunutiniu. drugs.
In thrCtrenli t'nurt nf th. HUt nf Ornpm Un
W .fte.) t'utltlty.
( arl Hiirehtnrf. )
t. F.
Kih and
tlarlr rh.
what would? We would like to see that j and matures its crop when others are
reporter throw himself on a wedding. j dormant, furnishing the very best of
m' i feed and still permanently improving
Andrew Carnegie is now satisfied that 1 the soil,
the American laborer can live morej "Crimson clover, or more commonly
cheaply than any other, and conse- j called Scarlet, Italian or tiermnn clover,
quently the laborer can afford to work as ig annual of French origin, makes a
Klll.d In a right.
Fhksno, Cat., Sept. 17. William Lane
and Fred Donahue, two vineyard labor
erg had a fist light on a vineyard near
Selma yesterday resulting in the death
of Donahue. Donahue's neck was
broken in falling. The coroner's jury
exonerated Lane from blame, as the
I pr.Mnlv na anvnnv T 1 1 1 Q 1a ,i.m' n 1 1 a r 1 1. f f . . ... . : .. .. I : . ' 1 i 1 t, 1 .1
nes of the lower world the tie that1 r " " ' ,n.uwiu u. ..u.u u.ruiv iu imnj iiiuict tviuouco uuuireu luuaiiui! wan mu ag
. uotnrine irom me great iron Jtiutf w no
binds Nemesis to the i'uries, and makes
the imps of selfishness howl with
accumulated his great wealth through
the benefits of the protective tariff sys
tem. He has enough and while he hob
nobs with dukes and earls virtuously
concludes that the American laborer
doe not need much anyhow. When
the laboring men of any country become
satisfied with only food and clothes, and
no longer hope to better their condition,
high, has a bright crimson blossom from
one and oae-half to three inches long,
and when in full bloom with its luxu
riant growth of green foliage and its
crimson bloom, is a thing of beauty
once seen never to be forgotten. It is a
winter crop, must be sown in July, Au
gust aud September of each year from
the spring following can be cut for soil
ing, by the 20th of April ; for ensilage
The Catholic Sentinel eays it recently
wrote to a large company in Oregon
making a proposition as to advertising,
and got this reply :
"ll'lialai'a, u- u .1 . i a nunu! I r ilnna )i e
the editor and published as an edito'-! tl'e.nation will go tackw.rd.. America an,l hay by the 1st to the 8th of May,
rial ... if vou wouu nke jwIHiot come to that, even though Car- and for seed crop by the 2."th of May.
negie auvis- n. it WI produce on ordinary soil eight
! tons of green food per acre, one and one-
I ine nan rrancisco examiner savB mat i . . , .
acre, and two to twelve bushels seed per
acre; ploughed under as a mammal
crop it is worth as a fertilizer $24 per
Hiilrnl. nf a .1 uatlis.
Wii.mimiton, Cal., Sept. 17. F. J.
Weldt, justice of the peace, committed
suicide this morning, severing an artery.
He was 3-" years old, and recently had
been renominated for justice of the
peace. Insanity is the supposed cause.
A year ago the incumbent of this office
blew his brains out.
In all that goes to strengthen and
build up the system weakened by disease
and pain. Aver'. Sarsaparilla is the
superior medicine. It neutralizes the
puisou left in the system after diphtheria
and scarlet fever, and restores the de
bilitated patient to perfect health and
Teacher Whv did you put that pin
in my chair? Had Boy Boo hoo!
How do yer know I put it dere?
Teacher Because you were the only
boy in the room who was hard at work
studying when I .at on it. Judge.
Old Bondy So you want to marry my
daughter, eh? W lull's your salary?
Pelerkins (after long thought) Well, try
me for three months, aud if I'm not
satisfactory you needn't pay me any
thing. Town Topics.
An Irishman asked a Scotchman one
ilnv " Wliv n niilw.v ftmine .. J..1..1'"1" ''"d " ni..rlsate. made. eernte.l anil ile
J - - .......... , nw.r,.( t0 ., Htniitl
i called sue. fandy replied :
to prepare and print an editorial, not to
exceed 150 lines, at 5 cents per line,
which is the price paid leading papers
thronghoul onr state, you may prepare
and submit the article for our approval
before being publishing. We enclose
herewith clippings from other papers,
which may be of assistance to you in
preparing the article:"
Commenting on this the Oregonian
of the 14th says:
It would be interesting to learn the
naruesaof the "leading papers" that fol
low this practice. It then would be ap
parent to every person of judgment that
tbey are papers in whose columns no
business could be advertised with ad
vantage or profit, at any price. The
Catholic Sentinel does not overstate the
degradation of newspapers that "make
their editorial article, marketable com
modity." It .how. singular lack of
sagacity on the part of a business man
to suppose a newspaper that consents
to sell its editorial utterances can have
any standing whatever, or be of any
value as an advertising medium. When
editorial statements and opinions are
bought and sold the public very toon
learns It. Such prostitution advertises
itself by its own signs, and intelligent
readers cannot tie deceived.
The argument of the Oregonian is all
fight, but we think either the Sentinel
has made a mistake or the company it
alludes to is running a cold bluff. We
do not beiieve there is a newspaper in
the state whose editorial columns are
lor sale. Did they do so, as the Orego
nian well says, "Such prostitution ad
vertises itself by its own signs, and in
telligent readers cannot be deceived."
In perusing the editorials of our ex
changes for months, we have seen noth
ing that bears the earmarks of a paid ad
vertisement, hence we do not believe
that the company the Sentinel alludes
to can back its statements.
Did you ever hear of a man trying to
lift an unfortunate woman when she
falls from the high pedestal of honor and
Tirtue? I think not. When once she
trips and falls from the high and hon
ored position she land in hell, from
which no human band will stoop to lift
ber out. Husband and father, brother
and son alike are deaf to her agonizing
The San Francisco Examiner sayB that
with the exception of Switzerland, "New
Zealand is the most interesting spot in I
the world today to the student of polit
ical aud social science. It is a laboratory
in which the great theories that agitate
the rest of the world are put to the test
of experiment. There we may see in
successful operation the taxation of land
values exclusive of improvements and
personal property, graduated income
taxes, the government ownership of tel
egraphs, telephones and railroads, postal
savings banks, government life insur
ance, legal tender postal notes, a re
formed civil service, government labor
bureaus, and other advanced ideas which
among us are considered the dream of
the next century."
Wellman and his party of Arctic ex
plorers have arrived home. They dis
covered that they couldn't discover the
north pole, and also that the only way
to get there was to come home and take
a new start. It is one of the problems 1
that has successfully defied mankind, I
this reaching the north pole, but the1
effort will be kept up by one blamed
fool after another until finally it is ac- i
complished, and then thej"blamed fool" j
will lie a hero. There is nothing suc
ceeds like success. I
acre. Experiments at the Delaware
experimental station have shown that
fl invested in seed per acre added
twenty-four bushels of corn, while $1
worth of nitride of soda per acre in
creased the yield of corn only six bush
els. It can be sown in apple, peach, pear,
plum or cherry orchards, in corn, to-
I niato, cabbage, beans, peas, watermelon,
I canteloupes or any cultivated crop ; also
with buckwheat. Has been sown in as
paragus beds, in raspberry and black
berry patches, to keep down weeds and
to be plowed under as manure, with
most excellent results. When sown in
July and August it furnishes excellent
pasture in November and December;
can also tie pastured some in early
spring, without injury to either hay or
seed crop. Where red clover failed to
give a good stand or blighted on wheat
stubble, the stubble can be harrowed
over and scarlet clover sown, which
will more than make up the loss of the
red clover.
Governor Pennoyer gets off right foot
foremost once in awhile. His latest
Robert i. again lowered the world's I 'e 13 t0 ,,ave the district attorney of
pacing record at Terre Haute, Ind. I Multnonmh county fill a bill of discovery
The little brown king was sent to beat ! refll,,r,nK t,ie bank "ttiam to answer
his own record and the world's, of 2.02',, ! C,erU'n 'ntrrK"Uves concerning money
and did it handsomelv, taking a full ! deI'oelt;'1 in 11,8 remaining
second from it, leaving the worla i) ""lied for, for seven years. Under the
record now 2.01Ja. It is possible now j Bt,te la"'' 8,":h m"ey e"'1'eat8 to t,,e
that Hobert J. may yet be the long-ex-! Blal'' ",e '"PP"""' e
iwim auiuuiiiB ui .ucii iuiiijb wooiu maice
quite a handsome sum. At any rate
Valuable 1'apera .M Idling.
Sacbamknto, Sept. 17. It is stated
that Secretary of State Waite has re
ported to Governor Markham the loss of
several important documents in his of
fice, supposed to have been stolen by
parties visiting the office. The matter
has naturally been kept quiet, but Waite
acknowledges such a report was made.
A Mnrdtnr EiM.ud.
Santa Fb, N. M., Sept. 14. James
Barrett, murderer, was executed by
.Sheriff Kemp at Eddy this afternoon.
Barnett was a railroad man man from
Missouri, who, while suffering from al
coholic mania, at Seven Rivers, killed
John Holihan.
A I'ramatura Hlaat.
Hazlbtox, Pa., Sept. 17. A prema
ture blast occurred at Honey brook col
liery today by which John Demtaha was
killed, and James Matuski, Alissco Tri
mepno and Giovanio Petro were injured.
The first report of the accident was
much exaggerated.
A Wife Marrt.r.r "hot.
Lkhi Junction, Utah, Sept. 14.
Enoch Davis, a wife murderer, was exe
cuted here today. He was placed in a
chair, blindfolded, and six soldiers shot
him. He died in three minutes.
Hen peck t I never spent but ten dol
lars foolishly in all rny life. Friend
What was that for, pray? Henpeckt
The minister's fee when I was mar
ried. The Sufferer.
Ti c. V fngh ami .Marie Fngli, the .bnve namac
In the ll.nte nf thv HLle ill Oregon Ynu Mm
encll of yen ar. heretiv rr,iitred In apie.r mat
ann.r the rnmlnlnt Dlil ...limt yon In Uy
ahnv. entltt.-d tutt w ithin teu.l.y. (mm tile Ut
nl tu Mrvii n( thl. .iiii.iimn. unnn ynu, I
wrvnl within .nr.. enmity, HUtte ul Oregon : o
If .erved within any other rnuuty of tht.riuti
than wtthlti twenty rlav. fr.iii th d.ti- o
the mtv ' re ,,f thl. tiuiniiinn. upon you; and 1
the Mm. I. Mrvrd hy puhlle.tioii thereof, ym
ar. repi I rnl luanurHr and un.wer .nidi 4'
on or belo re Mond.y. the r.'th day of Nov
.inber. .'.t, that lielng the ligit d.v nf the nei1
regular term nf i iiruit ourt, iollowmj u
etnlratlon of the tun. preartllied In 111. oplci
feeretolore made (or the nuhllration of Mid un
Dion.: and II )oii, or either .il yon, f.ll mi u.t
penr .nd .newer itid roinplalnl. Judgment .11
be taken MKHlinit you lor want therinl. and Ui.
plHiuti ti will ai,ly to the t ourt lor the r-lin
prayed tor In hi niinl hill of eoinil.liit, tow It
rur n iiven-v oriu,-rtuic a loreelinMire ot tii.t eer
life, ni.ile. exertueu aim He
tiv defendant, henrllm il.U
Perhaps 1 Auginil I ith, l and tli.t the Intiiln .ml rvni
... . f.i -,, , I i-w in... in iiitiiii'ii. ii. wii ijim i , if, r, r,u
It s on account of the horrible noise it n. I and .1. in hiiH'it aetemv vigut in lori li.lln
makes when it tries to whistle." I ?.llut,,r' l""ervi,.,.i ,i,.ion to Imiie. t ity
V a-eo eniintv. On .in. he aunt In Hie uianuri
Pearson's Weekly. 1 provided hy U 'inn! the praetlee of IlilXoiirt
-. : and Unit troni the prm-eeil. arlnu. fnim t.Kli
j Utile lite ijiiinttn liiive mill reenter the ftlllll ill
I I. AH II. mill iiieie-t there. in ill Hie rale of trl;
er e.-nt. i.'r iiiinuin mi the l.ith il.y of Am
1 nit, l-'.i.l. Hint the fur. her mini of .-eim re.
iimihle iiltnrnev k in ,,i, mut, tiigeliier with
the mill dl-tnir-M-tiii'iil-, made and eieiilei!
In thl -nut. li eliiiiiiiK uhrtiii. nt mid aeeriutiK
eontK anil extieri-M- nl ntie. Hint ihiii nurli lie
eree, loreelomire ami nile. nil nl the rixllt. till'
mid Intereit ui ou and eaeti of you. ami nil"!
tin ilcnt, tine and liilerent nf nil ami every par
mill or ieruiuK elnltntiiic . or torlnllii tlinitiKli ot
under ynu. or either of ynu. in or In mild ill. it
deerlled pre ml "."I, or in .nv .irt lheriif. b'
liireelnrtl and forever from .11 iililtv 11!
redemption ; that pUlutlrl lie allowed to hnl f
and In purehnfte .nut preiiiln-w nt hla upturn : thai
the purehner thereof hnve the Immediate pm
e.i,,,, of the mine Hint the plaint!!) hate Jiulg
nient agnlnKt ynu for any ihixii balance that
miiT remain after ueh iMtle, and for aueh otMt
and further relief aa iniiv to the t.iiurt aoem Jiitl
and vniiitnlile
'I he u-rviee nf thin .1 1 111 111 1 ii. I. ni.duiiion you
hy luihliratloii thereof In Tug liALi.tta ( it son
ii i.e. . newpaier uf general clmiil.liou, pub
Imheil weekly at HalleM'ltv, Vt axm county. Ore
gon, hy order of the,,illn . J, llradahaw.
Juiiue nf the heventh Judicial lllatrlet nl tliu
Mli.te of Oregon : whleli order waa duly made it
ehambem In linlle ( Ity, Oreviill, on Ihe l.ito
day of Hepti-mlier, Imil. If H. KIIHiKI.I..
eplW it Attorney for I'laintllT.
NOTICE FOK I I'll i , I CAT I ( X . "
I'. H. I.anii Orrirg.The Dnllea. or.,)
July J4, li. i
t.nmplalnl having been enternl at ihlauttlcc
hy Frank Mlllune ..allml .lohn V elt for ali.II-
donlng hi. hnruHMteMd entry, No. -IMai, dated
Mareli is. tmn. np,m the K1.,, hW , N HWf,
.ml iHW1 NVVi4, H,.. in, Vp. n , K l K, In
WaM-n ( uimty, Oregon, with a view U. Iheean of anld entry, the anld imrttui an' here
by timiniiued In npienr nt thl. nttliv on the I'Jth
dny of -,.t..-mtj.-r, Iw.i, at hi in hn-k a. ni.. t"
r. i,nd and fiirnli.h tei.liin.iny roneernlng Mid
alleged abandonment. K. M. Hhutt, I . h. l oin
inlf.loiier, I. authorUeil to tn.e leatlmonv at
Anteloie, Oregon, on rt.-pteuil.r l-'th,
lu n cloek a. in.
JAii. F. MooKK, Ki-glxter.
Cam to my nlaee, near Nnn.eiie, about th'
flrit nt May, Iwil, a Uiv .addle Immr, between 1"
ml li yenra old, branded r on left almnliler.
Ihe owner ran have miiip I.v paving for thU
"i p. inrage. Wat. IK inr.K 1 fii'.v.
The inarch of hiNhiuii : ''ilello! I hci-
I you are nending your waHli to the steum
launilry again. Was the washerwoman's
htiibaiid wearing your linen?" "No she
was wearing it herself." ImlinnapoliN
Clwyd, the urchdruid and bard of
Wales, was Btricken with paralysis in
Denbigh on August 'Jl, and at last ac
counts was still unconscious. He is 04
Archbishop Vilatte, the head of the
new Polish Catholic church, is about 40
years of age.and was for a time a clergy
man of the Episcopal church.
Htrawber Did you feel the late finan
cial depression? Singley Feel it;
Why, lor a montn I wasn't able to bor
row a shilling! Tit-Hits.
At the butcher's. "Why did you put
that large mirror near the door?" "To
prevent the servant girls watching the
scales. Miegende Hiaetter.
It is not generally known that Vis
count Wolseley lost the sight of one eye
in the Crimea while leading nn attack on
the Kedan.
pected two-minute horse.
Japan and England have made a new 1 w,,etl'f r ",e monn' Iart?e r "mall.
treaty, which however will not go into I l"e prin:'p,e " the same, ana all such
effect until 18W. The existence of for- j n,oney ,houId ,e tlirne(1 over to the
eign tribunals on Japanese soil is one of ; tate-
Japans greatest grievances, and InlSWj Mis P.icketts-Sue is an awful tat
thia will no longer 1 permitted. It Is 1 tier. Miss Gaskett O, that can't be.
said that P.ussia is pleased with the new j Miss P.icketts Hut it is. I have it
treaty, and that England has not gained ! straight from Blanche, and she is Sue s
mything by it.
dearest friend. The Listener.
Husband 11 'mer what's the mat
ter with this cake? Wife (angrily)
Nothing at all. This cook-book says
it's the most delicious cake that can be
made. Puck.
Daughter (weeping) Oh, papa, today
I enter already on my 30th year. Fa
therCalm yourself, child; it won't
last long. Fliegende Platter.
"Hey, Chimmey ! Dere's a show down
to tie teayter dat takes de rag oflin
everything." "What is It?" "Livin'
pictures." Hrooklyn Eagle.
The sum of $2(X),00O is represented by
a pearl collar belonging to Haroness Gus
tav de Kothschild.
ior Infanta anil Children.
CaatoHm promote.. Plgaatlon, and
cvercoine Flatulency, C'uiuitiiiatiiiii, Hour
Btomoch, Diarrlirea, and Fnverisliimm.
Thus the child Is rendered hilthy and lis
sleep naUorwJ. Caatorla contains no
Morpliiiin or otlmr narcotic proiwrty.
"CartorU Is im well adapted to children that
Ll".""""1.,1 " suirri. to any pre:rlptlon
known to m." . a. A.o!i, M.l .
Ill Bouth Oxford W., bruual.n, N. Y.
, X r"r ra T have rerornrnetftled your
!V. n1 "'all always continue to do i,
aaltuaa invariably prwj ucnl beneficial rnaulu.'1
... , . I.nwia 1 . 1'Annaa. M. li.,
Lth Htrmt and 7th Are., timw Vurk City.
"Theuaaof 'Catorl' li so nnlrerMl and
Its merlta m well known that It mu a work of
iipsreengatlon to aodora. It. rew are tho In.
telligent famlllea woo do not keep Cttttoria
witliiu aaay rwacb."
OAaLoa Martt!. p. t)
Nw York city.
T Curr AOa OoarAXT, T7 Murray Strawt, K. Y.
Ht-pl-J I m
Nanwue I'. O., Or.
h cf ohlicnmnnt
" LhH(U
Furniture and Carpets.
We have added to our business a
complete Undertaking Establishment,
and an we are in no wav connected with
the Undertakers' Trust', our prices wll
be low accordingly.