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vol. iv. tiik
Will Nt I'"' Attju lu'tl t the
Tariff Kill.
r Tariff KID
M the New "
rhanae '
mm, a lloom
I It miHutiiin n. In all tti.r fli ImiiM !
legally had lti senate tariff Kill in it
i Kseion, and in favor (if referrring the
, supplemental hone bill to the finance
committee. It in believed a luurmii
' would disappear be lore they could be re
! ported from the committee.
It ia not thought possible to pass Use
' free coal, iron ore and harlied w ire Liili
j in the senate. There ia little doubt, in
UILL N ETO EITHER j rape a direct vote could 1 had, the free
I sngjr bill would be passed. If it should
, fail of being referred to the finance com
mittee, the republican would offer a
bounty amendment, which would carry
If Stewart'! vote could lie had ; other-
i wine it would be defeated by a tie vote.
j It if laid the bill would he debated at
tt . i S.;roN, Aug. H A the house ; aUcU length it would ?o over till next
jrtpresentatlves adjourned until Wed-! session.
rjrJsv, the UrlU uul nno " " ttoaruite r-r Japan.
a white house tomorrow. It ill be u, Anoeith, Oal. Aug. lO.-The
1.1 - 1 HAfn1!v mimnartkl todav. ' ; i , uun;u l.
ai tiiiuorrow will receive the S'"-j have been greatly stirred up lately by
mrw f ':''''' Crisp and Vice-Presi- j t)ie ,,ri.(lent.e 0( . inysteriou white man
jent S:eve!i.i. ireat pressure will lie who ut0ylm secretly and who, to those
Sronjht to U- on the president to in- J ue ua confi.Jence in, exhibits credential!
JSC him to the bid, but the ate-; ,r0U1 tlie Japanese war department
HAITCt? TIDIPP 1)11 1 P Pullman during the strike." Howard
llUlljt 1 All. IT 1)1)13 then entered into an exhaustive recital
' of the trouble leading up to the original
. Pullman strike. "The men had an-
nounced their intention of striking," he
WtM't lHscUSStMl ill tilt' Sll- said, "but on being assured by the com
, . j piny officials the employe' grievances
lit' lOllllY. would lie investigated, we urged the
, men to i back to work, which they did
' on the promise of the company' com
IT WILL ME IX THE COMMITTEE i mittee, who Lai handled the trouble,
I that they would not le .discharged or
otherwise injured because of the part
SolM'im To Kcjm'iiI
Turill Hill.
lr Au AiuowbWHl m
lpukl I rllll. far Itw iuiir, Iran
and foal--Defect la the Alcohol
Tat AinaadBirnl.
. . ... i .l f
BtBt inauo uy me nnui-nw
jrnUv, that it i hie intention to let the
allbecuuie lw without hii signature,
.tn be reiterateJ today. A inemlirr of
th cabinet said today, if the president
,hould conclude to aflis hit signature to
th 1.11 it would be accompanied by
Wtementot his reasons.
authorizing hiui to make contracts with
persons or corporations in the name of
Japan. It is learned that his purpose
is to enlist 1,000 sturdy Americans, men
who have had experience as soldiers, in
the service of the tuikado for the par
ticular work of fighting Chinese. This
ban made contracts with the
ta-ru ( I tHin. -leamsnip companies lor mc
. . .. .. o o.....,.;n tat'mnnf his men. He oirers t'M a month
St ium,.iu. n.-v'ini.iw"" -;nt(l,t 1 ve ieet da to men w no can pass me rui "
a civ"-"" --i- - . . .
amination, ana promifefl wicm mc
rations and accomoilations. The proa
ject of looting some Chinese mandarin's
palaces is not the least of the prospect
which dazzle tboie adTeuturously-in-
ho are flocking to
. i in t. .
they have tiau in a long muc. mut
J tiionnands of share changed hands
mpid'y mid much excitement. Trices
noved op and down so smartly that
krotr tad difficulty in execuung or
i : ... r,m; - n t).i. Baa the clineu voung nien
, ........ .mi.-. !...'-- ,J tl.r, tariff! the ui.nort of the eryianthemam dy
Birr m ttui. ui .-.. i . v , 11-
kill Kore'urners have already taken nasty, and as far as can be learned the
soid with a will, and to their pun bases
Wamungton, Aug. 13. At 12:K the
clerk of the bxnse brought to the senate ! art, to bring matters to
they had taken. After that promise by
those committeemen they were dis
charged. Then the men struck. Our
nnion, after bavin J-iileJ to get any
satisfaction from the Pullman company,
endeavored, by boycotting thecompany'
a satisfactory
. . i . 1 ' L V nuM A.
largely aunouiouio mo nmurn u.
rterting exchanire. The chief attractions
were sugar and diatilling dealings, both
at which were on a scale of unusual
magnitude. Sugar oned at l'4'o
against 11W ytterday, dropped to
Klb-j, rallreJ to 10S'. reacted to 107 l,
tod recovered to 10S. At the consoli
dated exchange the crowd was ao
rreat it was almost impossible to get
through. At the opeuing prices began
W go up and they kept gaing. The
. . TM
regiment will soon be compietea. me
men w ill be armed with the latest patern
of military rifles, similar to the Mann
licher type and their uniform, it is
claimed will be a thing of dazzling
beauty, abounding in color effects. The
men are guaranteed return passage to
this country if they survive, or continu
ous emplovnient in ttie army if they
rraaa rr.ll far Laadm.
w York, Aug. 14. The pionet-r fruit
.r..n hich marks the renewal of the
fresh fruits di
ir I- It is said, are greatly ahiument of l alitornia
slat-J over the tssage of the bill. reel to lxmdon by the trainloads, arrived
- .f .'no- Mondav night. Soon
... ........ i after sunrise this morning, 4...000 pack
akh.noton, ug. i .-.v iKhig 4S0 tons of the luscious
stood the twenty senator, who Toted h,. wn
raiiiiction of the Chinese, F""' -
Tnr.,i. deiuo- Wwea away
the tariff bill, and at 12:V the vice-
president signed the bill. The bills to
plai-e coal, iron ore and barbed wire on
the free list were read. Then Harris
bad a loiter read he bail just received
from Secretary Carlisle, a to the effect
of the proposed bill upon the revenue.
Kerry called up the free sugar bill.
Harris, while favoring free sugar,
thought this and other bills should be
referred to the finance committee.
Berry said the senate had been charged
with being the friend of the sugar trust.
He wanted the bill to pass exactly as it
came from the bouse. Harris said an
early repot t should made by the committee.
At this point Corkrell presented the j
conference report on the general derl-1
ciency bill. Ihe only dispute wasl,-
800,000 for fouthern war claime, to
which the house would not agree. He
moved the senate insist on this point.
Sherman moved that the senate recede
from Its amendment, but his motion
was lost and Cockrell's carried. Cockrell
presented the conference report on the
undry civil bill, nd it was agreed to.
Vest resumed his speech on Harris
. . -.i
motion to refer ttie tree sugar anu ovuer
bills to the fiuanee committee. He said
it meant the death of the bill, as the
committee was politically a tie with the
prospect ol the disappwnce of
uorum within a few day, lie de
clared the position of the senate on the
tariff ha been vindicated by the letter
of Pecretarv Carlisle, who proved con
lesively that if the house bill had been
enacted it would have caused a oeti-
ciency of fUO,000,000. He showed that
the power acquired by the sugar trust
was the result of it fostering by pro-
isions of the McKinley bill.
All IK. Kills Wera Itafarrad t tha
Senate Flnanre toiumllln Tbla 1
.Sflamoon.-Tha llou.e l'ro-reeillng.
mm tw-aww " '
pu sinon xs
Aq AuowpH
ijnojS i Ai pioa a. tmvntaa
aiMkuoiMljnmna turfUfuiianfa
A . i..uml-ifl'MlhMj p.upumi au
uiwia'ieKnf aooi) nuju.nnHi
-piiH ''o.. v nuwinn.4
-i m lit uloKia u aiiM mu hi
noimilHgtu iHtnj5l
'r.U DUO A"q 311 A
si i S3T -saanpoid
io.r;g itisuy atn 3.iin
-ojd "iitui
araiDst the
treatr yesUrday were
erat; Casey, Collum, Iolph, Dutois,
Oallinger, Hale, Hanbrough, Higgins,
Duar, Ixxlgc. Mitchell, rf Oregon, rat
ton, IVrkins, r-houp and Washburn, re
pablii!ans ; Allen, Kyle, Teller and Stew
art, populists. Among those absent
and paired against the treaty wre
Tellrr. Wolcott, I'ower, rWpuire and
Jonm of Nevada.
Mill Will AttMaal ta Kral tUm
Washimitok, Aug. 14. There was but
a Si altenng of senators present toaay
when the vice-president callod the sen
ate to order at 12:15. The reading ol
the journal wa concluded. A ue-Migi-r
from the house informed the sen
ate that the house bad passed a bill
placing coal, iron ore, barbed wire and
sugar on the free list, on which it aeied
Ui concurrence of the senate.
Mandermin objected to the seeood
reading oi the free list bills. Hill gave
not'n-e to an amendment repealing all
income taxes. The bill will come up
Ilule introduced resolution for print
ing M.OOtf copie of bouse bill No. 4H64,
known as the "sugar tariff bill." Vest
protested against thi title. Hale re
plied that he simply referred to it by the
name by which it would be known here
fter. Vest questioned Hale' right to
y w hat would be the popular designa
tion of the bill, and declared it an out
rage upon the senate. The resolution
went over. Bill were passed promot
ing Commodore Louis C. Sartori, retired,
to rear-admiral on the retired list, and
uthorizmg the Koldier' Home mana
gers to extend out-door relief to veteran.
At 2 :30 the senate adjourned.
Kaaplaaaaalal Meoaa IIU.
Wahiii-otos, Aug. 14. Neither th
democratic steering committee of the
enate iior the finance, committee ha
met. eonseonnntlv there has been no
official action in regard to the supple
mental tariff bill. The majority of the
repohlican of the steering committee
'vora post ponement of the considera
tion of these bills, especially Urn free
"gar bill. If it should be forced to n
'"lie, the republican would divide on
t, and there would be a possibility or it
"coming a law. The republican steer
ug committee decided against raising
in toe reingvraunB cum
nartmenta of the American line steam
ehipl'arr. which will carry them to
cnil..n,,.inn mlien-e tticV Will ue
transferred bv sliecial train to London
A reporter visited the I'aris yesterday
i.,i.n.l brr romnartmeate hermetic-
all? sealed and the refrigerating macuin
ery in ojwration. The compartments
will not be opened until one week lroin
today, when the Tari arrive at bourn
amnion. The pcocese of refrigeration i
the same a that for the manufacture of
artificial ice. The fruit sent to the boat
resterdav wa of variou kinds, but
i.,.;. .tears predominated. It
r s
was all in excellent order, anu tue snip
per are confident that it will arrive in
Ixmdun in good markelaoie conuiuon.
Baalnaaa KarllDC Alraadjr.
PiTTMBi-au. Aug. 14. The passage of
tht. tariff bill has already maae itsen
flt here bv a marked revival of business
Stocks in all linee of manutactures nave
been reduced to a minimum, escially
iron, steel aud glass. Today large order
received by hx--l manuiaciurere
-H more are exuected. It I asserted a
slight rertnetioo in wages will le neee
ar in the case of the glassworkers, tin
. , i
ulate men and worker in some uranciir.
... .i i ...
of the iron and steel traae, ou tiic-..
vn.rallT allow for reduction to Ul lire
a m
tariff changes.
Await, taa Actio 1'hlaa.
Washinotos, Aug. 14.-The Chinese
in ster had a long conierrui
.tat deoartment today with SecreUry
. . .i.Ji
r...t,a.n. resoeeting IM conciauiuB
pUse of the negotiation upon the new
rinnna. exclusion treaty, just ratified by
th. senate. The minister b a notified
i,i. vnvernment of thi action, ana a
nn aa tha treaty i raliuea in vom
i.-dnmrnenU will be mailed to the
United Bute, and ratification will be
exchanged in Washington, all ol woicn
is expected to consume ooui six
Ta Kama. a the t'aiaaow
F.ahcisco. Aug. 14.-The second
ttainnt to replace the caisson at Mare I
land has Droved a failure, and the naval
authorities have decided to abandon any
..l.raflorts at repairs. A telegram
.nt to the i-itv this morning, askin
that n.whinery and a wrecking crew be
-m .,n. On their arrival, the aison
will be removed and then work on ne
one will lie begun
Tha Tax Alcohol.
Wasihkuton. Aug. 15. National Kev-
enue commissioner tinier
capitol today, seeing
cerning what may
complication in
wa at the
Mr. Wilson con-
be an unfortunate
the collection of the
new revenue lax on sicunui. m "
senate an amendment was inserted in
the tariff bill making alcohol frpe of tax
when used in art, in medical prescrip
tion or like rompouuds. Uoughly es- j
tiniated, said Miller, this amenumeni
would reduce the revenue alout $S,iX)0,-
000 or lO.OOO.OOO annually. The pro
vision as to medicine would exempt all
bitter. It would be necessary merely
to put a little bitter or a dash of Ja
maica ginger in a barrel of w hisky to
let it escape all revenue taxes.
Chairman Wilson has been commis
sioned by the way and mean commit
tee to overcome the trouble. Hi bill
will be given a special rule to bring it to
a speedy reading, and it is expected the
change w ill be made without trouble, a
far a the bouse is concerned. Oppoaed tha Kill.
Washinotok, Aug. 13. A letter of
SecreUry Carlisle to Senator Harris re
view the condition of the treasury and
the eetimated revenue of the govern
ment for the next fiscal year. The
figure show that under the tariff bill
just sent to the president, the revenue
would exceed the expenditure lor tue
fiscal year ending June 30, lfc95, 1j,-
000,000. The revenues from ttie sugar
duty Carlisle placed at $43,000,000, and
from coal, iro ore and barbed wire,
$1,000,000. If the house bills were
passed there would, Carlisle say, be a
deficiency next year of 2,0o0,000.
Tha trlk IawaailgaUoa.
Cuicauo, Aug. 15. Tha strike coui
ruiseion appointed 4ry i'reeident Cleve
land to in vegtigate the Pullman and rail
road strikes, began work today with
Vice-I'resideut Howard, of the American
Railway Union, aa the first witness.
II expressed the hope the commission
would use every effort to get to the
bottom of the matter under considera
tion. Commissioner Kernan assured
blm the investigation would be
"Now," said the commissioner, "tell
us what in your opinion caused the rail
road strikes?"
"The strikes were caused,' answered
Howard, "by the statement of the gen
eral managers that they would back op
termination. "v e ordered no strike, we
simply desired that Pullman car be left
off the trains. At thi point we were
met bv the lieneral Manager Associa
tion. They refused to haul the mail
car until Pullman were attached to the
train. Such action wa entirely Tin
called for. The Pullman were in no-
visH necessarr for the transmission of
the United States mai!."
C leveland. Writes to VYIl.oa.
Washisgton-, Aug. 15. The president
has written a personal letter to Chair
man Wilson on the outcome of the tariff
battle. It will not be made public, nor
would any reference to it whatever have
been allowed had not some uf W ilson c
friend inadvertantly disclosed the fact I
I that the letter wa written Monday
! morning a soon as the president re
ceived a bulletin saying the house bad
determined to recede from the disagree
ment and accept the senate bill. The
letter speak leohngly of Wilson' devo
tion to tariff reform and of hi unselfish
swrifiVe of hi health and strength to
carry out the principle of hi party. It
doe not discuss the tariff question ex
cept in an indirect way. expressing deep
sympathy and legret for the personal
reverse met by Wilson.
A Murderer Who Talked.
Lexington-, Ky., Aug. 15 Floyd
White is being tried here for waylaying
and murdering 10-year-old Herbert
Trickier, son of a prominent farmer near
here. White was examined after bis ar
rest and discharged, bat a prominent
countv official employed a colored
Pinkerton detective, who associated
;., Wliitp. trained his confidence and
secured his confession of murder,
White, in making it, expressed regret
that be could not kill a thousand white
.. i ,j f
men. n tine seems to oo jwdcosom
the idea that it is hi duty to kill a
mmt white men as possible. The direct
evidence of the negro detective, coupled
with circumstantial evidence, will un
doubtedly convict him of murder.
Washington, Aug. 16. The republi
can steering committee today decided to
support the motion to refer the four sup
plemental tariff bills to the finance com
mittee, and to seek to amend in various
ways, the principal amendment being
for a repeal of the tariff bill just passed.
They count upon the votes of Hill, Caf
fery, Blancbard, Allen and Kyle. If the
repeal amendment should fail, they
would seek to substitute a bounty pro
vision in the pending bill for free sugar,
and would expect to secure the votes of
these five senators, except Hill. They
will also offer other amendments in
. orinin inn ti ntrencies. including one for
a duty on wool. They admit the sugar
bill should pass, with an amendment
providing, either for bounty or for the
reneal of the main bill. The house
probably would refuse to accept it, and
most likely would fail in conference,
but they claim the senate, especially
the republican senators, would not ue
responsible for that result.
Bad Enacts at New Orleana.
New Orleans, Aug. 10. The passage
of the tariff bill baa thrown a camper
on commercial dealings in New Orleans.
At least two-thirds of her population
look to the sugar industry for support,
..i .nv Irrigation uniavoraoie to
as uva a
...r-n tiQ. riP4.ltdlv bad effect oa ail
other commerce, out of sympathy for
Louisiana' principal product. lue
sugar exchange yesterday wa in a tur
moil, the member declaring mat. tne
industry would be mined by the bill.
Ia the Senate.
vVianiNf.Tov. Aug. 16. Harris'
aiVjtDaiddc AnBaoi
j -3iiVi3A3ii Xaqi 'S30U3
.. -uiHlxapBqs.DivkdsXp
i sin jo JB3J inoqipav
N pooj ipu E3 nvo Aaqj
R aitLW SaoTB 63U103
h lBniiUravtl3A31B3UB3
t; Xoqx"3nd3ds;P3llli0i
; XqiBdtnXs amii SABq
Meet to Iho Freeldent
Wamiingtox, Aug. 1".. Representa
tive Pearson, chairman of the house com
mittee on enrolled bills, le't the capitol
at 1 P. M. for the bite House, carry
ing the tariff bill, which he will put in
the president's posees-ion as early as
Representative Pearson delivered the
tarrif f bill to Private Secretary Thnrber
at 1 :15 p. m.
Omaha Strike Declared Off,
Omaha, Aug. 15. The Agrarian Fed
eration of Labor, the Coopers Union
and the Home Butchers' Union will this
afternoon declare the strike off at the
South Omaha packing houses. The
cattle butchers are still standing out,
and declare they will win, but the out
look for them is hope'ess. Fifteen of
their liest men deserted today.
W'aMiiK.iToN, Aug. 15. The house re
ceived the announcement of the enroll
ment of the tariff bill without demon
stration. The conferee on the sundry
civil bill were instructed to further dis
agree. Representative Black of Illinois
introduced a resolution to report for nse
the silver in the treasury.
Meaator Hoar's Opinion.
Woui'EMTKK, Mass., Aug. 15. .Senator
Hoar, in an interview, characterized the
tariff bill as a bill for the protection of
the seats of the democratic senators.
Cleveland, he said, would not dare veto
the bill, because, by doing so, Cleveland
would smash his party.
Tha VTellmaa Party Nafa .
Tkomsok, Norway, Aug. 15. Walter
Wellman and party have arrived from
the Arctic regions, where their steamer
Ragnvald Jard was crushed in the ice,
compelling them to abandon the attempt
to reach the North pole.
V alaa mi the Jtnemjr
Iajnimjn, Aug. 10. A Shanghai corre
spondent say that the government of
Formosa offer 0000 taels for the destruc
tion of any big Japanese warship, 4000
for a small warship, 200 for the head of
a Japanese officer ami 100 fir the Lead
of a private.
motion to refer the free sugar bill to the
committee on finance was carried in the
senate today. Free cool, iron ore and
harbed wire bill were also referred.
Senator Harris, acting chairman of the
pomniittee. informed the members
meeting would be held for the considera
tion of the supplemental tariff Dili touay
He hoped to be able to report them tomorrow.
Tariff Bill KWecta.
Ixindos, Aug. 10. The Daily News, in
its financial article, say there ha been
great activity fn all the market since
the passuge of the American larm uui.
Metal, copper and tin are especially
live in anticipation of a large Am
demand for tin plates.
In the MM-
Washington, A ic.-Ihere was
not more than a handful Of member
present to y n tIl(, nori9rj when the
speaker called it to order. Tho de-
understood the position taken by the
state department was that when the
United State offered to restore Lilliuok
alani on granting a general amnesty
and she refused, the administration
considered it relations with the ex
queen terminated.
I.o. Aofele. fhlnamen txcueu ...r
a Slave Girl's Disappearance.
Lou Anoelk. Aug. 16. The excite
ment in Chinatown here ia still intense
over the stealing of a slave girl last Sat
urday. The Chinamen first thought the
girl wa taken to San Francisco, but to
day a number of highbinders have at
tempted to enter several houses of white
people, saying they are looking ior me
girl. Thirteen Chinamen are now guard
ing the residence of K. A. Rogers, a r.,
inent attorney. Itis suspected t' j..
ers i harboring the girl. Rojjere ap
peared on the porch with ghotsan st
noon and drove the Chi ottt of tlte"
yard, but tuey are r he neighbor
hood. T. B. Br-- general manager
of the Terr
next doo oger8 hils notitied the
8herifTrtfrce, and 10 deputies aro nQw
? .Mritokeeptbe Chinese frora vio-
.. .. ......if.
Thev trio.! to ilisuereQ -
then, but without anccesf.
have been called for.
fi-"!rfncy appropriation bill was taken up.
Annual Tour ol impaction.
Washington, Aug. 16. General
Hampton, commissioner of railroads,
left for the West yesterday to make his
annual trip of inspection of the property
of the bonded Pacific roads. Work will
be commenced at Omaha. The books
and accounts of the Union Pacific and
Central branch of the Union Pacific
have been examined in Boston by Book
keeper K. C. Strom, who also examined
those of the Sioux City A Pacific in
Chicago and of the Central Pacific in
San Francisco. The amount due the
government for 1893, under the provis
sions of the Thurman act, have been
found to be in excess of the report of
the previous year, notwithstanding the
industrial depression.
Ihelr Mlwalon a rallure.
VAiiiNuTON,Aug. 10. Four members
of the Hawaiian commission who came
here to secure redress for ex-Queen
Liliuokalanl or to prevent the recogni
tion of the new republic, left for Hono
lulu via San Francisco. Their mission
was a complete failure. There ia every
reason to believe also that the royal en
voy failed to see the president before
hi departure for Buzzard' hay. It i
r.nniDanv. who lives
The pe!!Se"
War Ptver Intense lu Japan.
London, Aug. 16. The Shanghai cor
respondent of the Times says 50,000
Japanese troops are already in Cores,
and others are constantly landing. The
Chinese fleet is passive. The correspond
ent adds: "The war fever in Japan is
intense. The press and popular orators
are advocating scheme for the conquest
of Manchuria. There is a strict censor
ship over the newfi. Everything re
ported concerning the war is extremely
The Central News' Shaugha! corre
spondent says: "A fleet of eight ves
sel is reported to have passed Cht-e Foo
August 14th, bomid westward."
Mara la 'ot Feoplcit.
Sam Joke, Aup. 10. Professor Camp
bell, of the Lick observatory, has dem
onstrated with the spectrosio that the
planet Mars present no evidence of hav
ing an atmosphere. Professor Holden
says if any atmospheric pressure exists
it is not aa great aa on our highest
mountains, and thus popular fancies
concerning the planet are overthrow n.
Tha Lead Trual'a Dividend.
New Yohk, Aug. 10. The National
Iead company ha declared a dividend
of one percent on tho common stock
and 1'' on the preferred.
Accepted tha .'acker.' Terms.
Chicago, Aug. 10. The butchers'
trike at the dockyards ha lieen de
clared off on the terms proposed by the
Highest of all in Leavening I'ower. Latest U. S. Gov't Report