The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, July 28, 1894, PART 2, Image 2

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The Weekly Ghroniele.
(glmil t the aaiarornr at Th lallv, Ornou.
as McwudvUat mail aiatler.
btatk orruuLS.
Q jTarnor
Irauraiary ( tiula
Trwaaurer ...
I PuMir Inatrucuon.
Attorney tianeral
OonfrvMamen. .......
State Printer
H. Ptfliom
. . HK ktticaul
..Phillip Maucban
.... i. M. Irwin
O. M ldlfiu.ll
(J. N. lH.lph
" )J. H Mitrball
H. Hennauu
)W K. K1U
V. M lrdii
while wtol is on the free lUl. Tl.eieaie, COrERXIC .S tl.VnS.
but two other parlies he could talk for, , ;
one beim Mr. Oorm.n. who is .ome- Kvcr .v twh-w hl, w er, placed n
what smitten with hi. o u voice, and "-' Columbia Astoria lm. LH.l. kick
the other is llavemeyer and hi part-,'1e"b,nS ,ta un
ner. It is the latter oentlemen whoso K'01""1 ,hl" "",,,,,"r
threatened woes stir the slumbering
CouniT Judge. Uo C. Btakeley
flhorlrf. T. J. Driver
Clork A M. Kalaay
Trvaaurer Vim. Michell
I Prank kuicaid
Commlaaiouer. 1 A B Bloww
Aaaraaor r. 11 Vtakeneld
Bnrwrnr K. K.Sharp
BuDerintentkmt of labile Sohoula . .Ttot dheller
Coroner V . U. Butta
That the sentiment concerning silver
and the free coinage thereof is rapidly
changing, anyone who read must know.
That this change of sentiment will
make iUelf felt in the next national
platforms, is a certainty. Indeed, from
present appearance, it will be a race be
tween nil the parties to see which can
tret the broadest and strongest plank.
Whether it is true or not, the idea has
taken possession of the people that
silver always has been the measure of
value, that agricultural products fluc
tuated in touch with silver, a the mer
cury does with the weather; that low
silver means low prices, and the con
verse of the proposition is equally true,
that high silver means high prices.
A study of the situation for the past
twenty years will show a substantial
foundation for that idea. That silver is
low its friends claim is not its fault, but
the fault uf the laws which have dis
criminated against it. The financial j
panic, which has sent the money of the j
ronntry into hiding, hu had much to
do witn the creatiou of this centiment,
the scarcity of money naturally being
laid to the demonitization of the white
What the policy of the different par
ties will be cannot yet be premised ; but
it is reasonably certain that if no inter
national arrangement can be made, this
ttoverument will undertake to adopt and
carry a double standard monev. Silver
fish destrnved the business as it caught
all the small one. The truth of the
matter is ttiat the ealniuii catchiug qtiea-
tion i- like the tariff question
local. The tender sympathy of the 'papers
Astori.i ttdhcrman. for the fish, is bit.ed
on nothing but ellirhnesi', and they
would catch the last one of them if they
could. It will bo teen by the apjicnded
clipping from the Telegram, that down
that way the business men consider the
law which gives the salmon one day in
on to funds of suid debtor in hi hands.
The United State, claiming that the
Central Pacitle owes it millions of dot
lars. which it admits it Is unable to col
led. yet turns over a farm seventeen
miles .square. This may Ih business.
hut it don't look that wav.
flres of Gorman's oratorical volcano.
Mr. liormau is not moved to iech by
high motives, but if he will bang up the
Wilson bill the country would forgive
his connuhiating with the sugar kings.
Senator Gorman is maklug a hold
effort to distract attention from the
sugar stealing propensities of the I", t.
senators by attacking Cleveland. The
country will not lie fooled that way.
vl i . ..... .... l.,fr !.
ine presiuem is uui uu uiao. un i vimum i m . i ,
senate is. hat air. iieveiatiu nas
done may have been impolitic, but it
was not dishonest. What the sugar
ring in the scuate has done is to sell out
the people to the sugar kings. Stand
up and defend yourself, Mr. Gorman,
gainst the charges which, if true, keepers themselves from both Oregon
should send yon and your kind to the and Washington were hustling around
penitentiary; but do not undertake to ! in the afternoon, apparently making
excuse Tour actions by drawing atten-j preparations for a night raid on whoever
tion to the president. ! dared venture out fidiintf under the!
cover of darkness.
Taiouiu is bound to have a fuir, even
it is 'if it is a tiiilendcr. Just now the
of that ambition village arc
frantically calling oil the cituens to
turn out and nail the shingles on the
buildings. The exhibit from the Mid
winter fair is being packed in inc
trunk for shipment, and it will proba
ble arrive safelv.
which to escape their nets an unjust
"To one on the outside, it looks very
much like the liver would lie alivt w ith
guardians of the ht on Saturday night,
says the Astoriau, a- deputy sheriffj,
deputy game protectors and the game-
Charles S. Miller has been arrested,
charged with trying to swindle his men
Game Warden McGture left on the
Iris for Itwaco early In the evening, but I
Friday, July 27th. The week past
has been one of marked activity In husi
ues circles, and everybody wears a
smile. I'rices of merchandise continue
steady, w it li a lively movement.
In tin- produce market thei is n
healthy condition: Fggs are firm and
scarce; dealers are paying from 11 to 14
cunts per dozen, and complain that they
can't get what they want; poultry is
i i . .. .1 . f..., .1.-. ,r..
Slow sale, owing to mo met uiai micr
j ings are in excess of demand. Vegeta
bles ami green fruits are in abumiance
morn rwrfrt than thn?e of the census
will be made the peer of gold, or at I department.
ren mo uueuipi 10 so maae it win oe
China and Japan it seems are deter-
made. If one party fails to go before
the country with the silver proposition
made s fair and square issue, that party
will be beaten, no matter what its
strength may be otherwise. The people
want it and are going to have it, regard
less of the tariff or any other issues that
may be set up against it.
What the effect of free coinage will be
we do not pretend to eay ; but the ex
periment will be tried, whatever the
results may be. Free coinage of silver
will be the battle cry in the election of
1896 and ou that issue, and that alone,
the elections of that year will be fought
ri won.
u .... ..;n,iu ki;n. ,n,. ; . am. ine iiiaraei is weak.
17 .... " - not without an understanding wuni out-1 .. . .,:!, ;.. h..
ffiOOO worth produced by his mine, and mja9ioner rrawlorJ who it was ar- ll,'CrC . .
without paying his men. Miller y. ! Vhl U
he intended to use the money to pay off . ami hither I 'ZT UiZ"Z
his men, and w only trying to keep L.Uh , f A lhev o. .nd are purchas ng J-tlron. the
As the night wmc on ., ,ii ' .aiiinn -ell i.
prevalent among them. Iuring the
week we heard of D'a' cents as being
paid for two lots of nice wool, although
an advance ot this figure was refused for
a choice lot of lamb's wool the other
day. It is reorted that one lot of (ine
staple wan sold on private terms, yester
day, and knowing ones any 10 cents,
which we consider as a doubtful figure.
! The present condition of the Wilson
turitf bill in congress Ixirdering on defeat
has stimulated buyers and the market
gene.-ally. Today ten cents per pound
wa." paid for several lots of extra good.
The wheat market is in a state of ex
treme quietnefi. There is no ituprov
uieut in foreign advices. Tho opinion
prevails that the lTnited States will sur
prise itself in the large w heat crop that
. t i . i . -.i
moved about, the niutlled sound of oars "
telling onlv too plainly that thev were j irain fca83 havp "nceil to cents
i:Ji,i1,)J ... t eun, nuu renoris are given uui umi
showed they were losing
one or two from getting it all. We uatrol the river.
know nothing of the case, but wul wager it l(et.anie riajnv evident that there
our last cent that C. S. Miller was not wouM be JO b,at earryingofficers on the
trying to beat anyone. If Charley isn't ! river thnt nifhti (or ,,. w.ington j
as honest and upright a gentlemun as j L.0Uin,igSi0er retired e.irlv, announcing j
there is in the state, then thirty years ( tlHt ie wa. unbi,. , care a I
or more reputation lias Deon ontaineo , B,,,, ,,,, i.. ,.. mm n1Niii
fraudulently. The only man he ever j .'eniraued." Sheriff Hare was
took the advantace of was himself. . not in UlL. citv , Oregon com-'
. . ... , j missioner was on the other side, doubt-
Part second of the miscellaneous sta- , .
. . ,. . 1 1 ; IvJS 111 It II vcr-lli:il ni llir ii,ii-hiiiit..i -
tistics of the compendium has reached .
... u ,h, t. i..-i. ..t. a,"-,t' f Mr. trawtod and lus deputies.
UIa ir G UUCVI t 1 1 Cl k it 1 -1 inv tvaaa-
ing capacity of the churches of the coun
try by denominations, and then by way
of comparison of our debt conditions,
publishes a small-sized compendium of
the debt of France and other I'uropean
nations. The census department has
clearly gotten to be &s useless, or almost ; er'
so, as the United States senate. In fact
the sugar statistics ot the latter are
It was too dark just then to distinguish
just whether there ere any boats out
! or not, but any one who happened on
the water front at daybreak on Sunday
I morning met u sight that would have
j made the commissioners weep with an-
All over the broad bay, which at
that hour in the morning was as placid
as a sheltered miilpond, dark objects
Jew York Weekly Tribune
mined to go to war, and though Japan
is the weaker nation, she is the one
apparently most anxious for the tray.
This desire may be begotten by the
backing of Russia, as it is more than
probable that the latter country will fall
on China as toon as war is commenced
with Japan. Russia has lots of dip
lomacy, and the Corean tronble will
make an excellent opportunity for the
great bear to put his paw down on and
retain a portion of Northern China.
stinoats, ana Irom tiie hurried manner ' .r..
i which thev were being pulled. It tlieTC , ta ""PP'T ,hort of m.nd.
lowed they "were losing no till,c in nd quotations may reach K to 8 .j cents
This is the age of trusts. The coal oil
trust, the iron trust, the sugar trust, the
copper trust and dozens of other trusts
of immense proportions, covering vast
industries, and placing the consumer at
the mercy of the combinations have full
swing. The United States senate, the
highest legislative body of the country
if not of the world, composed of or at
least supposed to 1 the deepest think-
It appears from yesterday's Oregonian
that the story concerning the robbing of
the Mt. Hood etage running between
Portland and Government Camp, was a
fake, and probably gotten up by Cohen,
the proprietor of the staire line, as an
advertising scheme. The F.vening Tele
gran published the details of the robbery
giving the names of the victims. This
Tnly confirms us in our opinion it is
an utter impossibility for the truth to
get over the Cascades since the I'.aker
put its hoodoo on them.
Little by little the strike has worn it
ers, the brightest intellects, the purett self out until nothing remains of it but
minded and most patriotic citizens of
this great republic, stands before the
country today be-smirched by tho con
tamiuation of one of the most dangerous
of these unholy combinations. It is not
long since these trusts were content to
take advantage of unwise laws placed
npon the statute books, but now made
bold by sudden gains, rolling in ill
gotten wealth, they are no longer satis
tied to take advantage of the laws, but
devote a portion of their unholy gains to
corrupting the law makers, bribing the
leoplc's servants to betray them, and to
putting tho people at their mercy to be
plundered as they see fit. Not only
this, but they Lave become so embold
ened by success, that Mr. Sear lc and Mr.
Havemeyer express astonishment when
asked if they had not used their money
to infinence the senate in their favor,
and answer, "of course we did, what
are we here for?" Yet all the acts of all
the trusts, pale into insignificance be
side the one great trust, that Las so
managed its affairs as to be even so far
free from the name of trust. We allnde
to the gold trust, the king of all of its
kind. Havemeyer and his fellows may
fix the price of sugar ; Carnegie establish
the price of iron and steel, w hile he robs K
the government deliberately ; Payne and
bis confederates levy tax on our lights,
Armour on our meats, and the hundred
other great trusts on the different prod
ucts which they control; but the gold
trust is over all and aboveall. It girdles
the world, and rich and oort white and
black, Gentile and Jew, the proud Cau
cassian and ignorant savage of Antralia
are all made subject to it.
Mr. Gorman is a fine talker, but the
question is, whom is be talking for?
Not for his constituents, for they believo
in free trade. Not for the democracy,
for the democracy is practically solid in
its indorsement of President Cleveland'
position. Not for the people, for the
people do not believe in protecting sugar
the remembrance of its inconveniences,
and the bills. The latter will be large,
but as they are mostly divided pretty
evenly thecouutry can stand it. Chicago
and Cook county will have some settle
ments to make but as they are rich it
will cut no serious figure. The main ex
pense of the strike has been the loss of
business, and the strikers themselves
are no light losers, when their wages arc
taken into consideration.
Justice Stephen J. Field, of the United
States supreme court, has been offered
a transfer, piacing him on the New
York circuit, which he hag declined,
stating that he will continue to hold
down the Pacific coast circuit. This is
devilish tough on the Pacific coast, but
there is no help for it. Field is one of
those egotistical democrats who think
the country can't get along without
them, and arc not patriotic enough to
die or resigtv
And now the dispatches tell us the '
Wellman Arctic party is thought to m
lost, and the next thin in order will be
to send a relief party to hunt up the
strays and bring them in. It has often j
occurred to us that as a relief party is
nearly always succei-Hful. It would bo a
good scheme to send the relief party
first, as they always get farther and
have little or no trouble.
making shore before GUI Sol brightened
up the waters, when they could easily
be seen. It was hard work for them, as
there was not enough breeze blowing to
stretch their sails, and the homeward
trip had to be accomplished by good,
strong pulling.
"In one of the down-town cafes, where
fishermen usually drop in for an early
morning cup of coffee, several hardy
fellows were openly telling that they
had been out fishing, and from their
conversation it is tupposed that fish
were running heavier than usual.
"There does not seem to be much of a
sentiment against the men who fished
Saturday night ; in fact many promi
nent men declare the law unjust and
should be repealed. There is no telling
just what the future will bring forth."
-i aoon LAW.
Tiiat the salary law adopted by the
last legislature is a good one and will re
sult in a great saving to the county can
not be doubted. The clerk's office will
be self-supporting, saving at least 13000
a year to the county, and the sheriff's
office, w Idle perhaps making some drain
on the county treasury, will cost from
$1000 to fL'000 less per year. There was
one mistake in the law and that was
that the salary of the assessor was not
raised. T..e assessor of this county
should receive not less than $200u per
year, for he is put to considerable ex
pense, and we believe that the payment
of this sum would be an actual saving to
the county. Under the present law, the
assessor cannot afford to make as thor
ough and close a canvass of the county
as he should, and in consequence con
siderable property escapes taxation. It
is the most difficult oflice in the county
to fill, requiring more tact, judgment
and energy than any other, and the pay
should be commensurate with the work.
Our legislators will do well to remember
this fact, and have a bill passed paying
the assessor a salury that will make it
an objct to retain the oflice.
The senate is disposed to stand on its
dignity, and has refused to instruct its
members of the conference committee.
It is more than probable the house will
have to yield or that no tariff bill will be
passed. That the house will not yield
seems certain, therefore the conclusion
is justifiable that no tariff bill will be
Baldness is often preceded or accom
panied by grayness of the hair. To pre
vent both baldne;s and grayno, nse
Hall's Hair Renewer. an honest rein-edv.
I The United States senators are not
only dignified and courteous, but in the
recent battle wherein they are pulling
hair and scratching, like so many old
Gshwomen, they exhibit their lack of
appreciation by comparing each other
to come old Roman. One is a Brutus,
another is a Casca, and yet another a
Mark Antony, And to dow n the list of
noble Romans they go, w hile the coun
try, with bated breath and ears pricked
up, waits vainly for someone of them to
mention the one name that would fit
them all Cataline.
The dispatches recently stated that
Secretary Smith bad approved the selec
tion of some '200,000 acres of land se
lected by the Union Pacific in Utah.
The government has tome very peculiar
ways of doing business. It would be
the first thing bnsincis man would do
if he were dealing with a debtor to hang
a piece belore the season is over.
Wheat 35 to 38c per hu.
Babi.ev Prices are op to SO to 60c
cents per 100 lbs.
Oats The oat market is light at r!0
to SO cents per 100 lbs.
Flour Diamond brand nt $'J 50 per
bbl. per ton and f 2 per bbl. retail.
Hay Timothy hay ranges in price
from V- 00 per ton, according to
quality and condition. Wheat hay is
in full stock on a limited demand at
$8 00 to 10 00 per ton.
Potatoes fl per 100 lbs.
Butter Fresh roll butter at So to 4.1
cents per roll..
Eocs Good fresh eggs sell at 10 lo
12'j c.
Poultuy Good fowls are quoted ut
$1.50 to$'J.50 per down, turkeys cents
per lb.
Beicr Mutton Beef cattle are in
better demand, at $2.00 ier 100
weight gross to"$2.2." for extra good.
Mutton is now quoted at $2.00 to 42.25
per head. Pork offerings are light
and prices are nominal gross
weight and3?4' to4?4' cents dressed.
per lb., by the sack. Salvadore, 23'jc. j
Sugar Golden C. iu bbls or sack ,
$5 75; Kxtra C, $6 00; Dry granulated
$o 50. I). G., in 30 lb boxes, $2 75. Ex
C, $2 25. GC $2 00.
Kick Japan rice, 6Jart?.7c; Inland,
rice, 7 cts.
Beans Small whites. 4,4((5c;
Pink, 4)..jC per 100 lbs.
Syrup $2 60 to 3 00 u keg.
Salt I.iveriKwI, 601b sk, 65c: 1001b
sk.$l 00; 2001b sk, $2 00. Stock salt,
$10 per ton.
KuLPnrR 2 cents per pound.
HiriKK Are quoted as follows: Dry,
2?4c lb; green, 1)3.
Siiekp Pelts 25 to 50 ea. Deerskins,
20c lb for winter and 30c for summer.
Dressed, light $1 lb, heavy 75c lb. Bear
skins, $4u$12 ea; beaver, $.'! 50 lb;
otter, $5; fisher, $5r$5 50: silver gray
fox, $1()W$25; red fox, $1 25; gTcy fox
$2 50frf$3: martin, $l(rt$125; mink
50c(S55c; coon, 60c ; coyote, 50cW75c.
Orais Baos 7J4 to 7!a each.
"What's the matter that there is no
dinner ready?" asked the labor lender.
"The cook quit," replied bis wite,
leaning back in her chair and fanning
"Why didn't you get it ready your
self? Yon know how well enough,"
"Me? I'm on a sympathetic strike
with the cook."
Church Mmtlng.
The Dalles
laily and Weekly
THE CHRONICLE was established for the ax
itrt'BB purpose of faithfully representing The Dalles
and tho surrounding country, and the satisfying
effect of its mission is everywhere apparent. It
now leads all other publications in Wasco, Sher
man, Gilliam, a large part of Crook, Morrow and
Grant counties, as well as Klickitat, and other re
gions north of The Dalles, hence it is the lxist
medium for advertisers in the Inland Empire.
The Daily Chronicle is published every eve
ning in the week Sundays excepted at $G.'(M) jK;r
annum. Jhe Weekly Chronicle on Fridays of
each week at $l..r0 per annum
For advertising rates, subscriptions. Kc.. address
Ttio Ictllo, OroKon.
.....or '
There will be a business meeting of
the Christian church held in the church
vestry on fcatnrday evening, July 28th,
at 8 o'clock. All the members are re
quested to be present, as business of
importance is to be transacted. By
order of W. A. Maddrok, Elder.
Ro t'ralght will ba aceaptad far alilp.
mant bataaoa ha honra nf 6 P. M. and
A. M., mmpl Live Alock anil Tartari
an! iod. !., P. at A. N. C o.
July 90th. I SIM. for Ton Chrokicli.
Receives Goods on Stor
age, and Forwards same to
their destination.
Receives Consignments
For Sale on Commission.
Thirty-live head for lhlM, sired by
Center tree Trade, son of the Great
Free Trade hoj of Ohio, sold for H1)0,
the highest priced hog ovor sold in the
United States, assisted bvson Tecumseh
Chip Jr 21KS0, sold for f.fM).
Owing to the hard limes, I will sell
for tho next three months, my pgn for
I'-D each, or :j.r per pair. Will box and
deliver at nearest station free.
(Joine and see them or write.
No businem done on Sundavs.
Cimtorville, Wash.
A. A. Brown,
K a full awrtmiit n(
1 n
inn v
UUU 1 tllllJ
and Provisions.
inch liioff.Taat Uiw Klfur.
to Cash Buyers.
liEkfst Cash Prices for Eis and
oiler Proince.
Rates Reasonble.
MAl'.K uooUh
XT". VV. Go.
l,ASt Orni r, Th prillri. Or-it
June Hi, i
N.illre 11 h.Ti'l.v (fivi'n that the M'nwInK
fliimnl mttlpr ha 111.-. I ti.,li ol hla InlullUiK "
miiU- ilnnl prixif in mi.K,ri f ll claim mid lb'
alii pnxif will I-nimi.t Ik Ii.iv tha rcffUU.-r
riv.river nt Tlie linlli-n, Oi. iron, mi July
Ir'.U, viz-
t'nrdlimnil Waau-rmaii.
Hi'. No. ItWiT, fur tlif HW, , H',', H. !C',Tp.
H, k i;i B.anil N!,U!1,w, f, Tp, .
Hi' ilium- tii fiilliiwlng Kitiiciaea t" prove hi
coiilliiiiiiiia risililiiiiu iiiiiiii null ciiltt tl"
nut IhthI.vIz
i.w. Mi-I.,y, K. i. Pitcher. Hi-nry Zwnldht'.
Tlmmas Ji-l!ri'), 1 yiMi alii'.
John W. I.KWIS, lt-ltr
Administrator's Bale.
Notice la hf-reliv Rlvmi Hint In pnriianeeeiaii n( tlia Con ly rmiitni 11,,. rttate of Orernn
for Mann county, Only inmlnnud milnil on I
loth liny (lf Jv, ( Uir ,I)w,tr hinUI
of Hainilwl HnttorMin, il.i'rawil, direction IheUO
drmmiMl to a.' 1 1 at politic aHu all of turn'
proTty boloiiKlti to in.' mini.' of aaid direa-"'
I will, 011 tho v.'ith rtnyof Auiioil. is'rt, at
honroftwo o'el.wk l M.of nlil d ly, nra "J"
IniiilK hrreloafUir diwrllwd, null Ml puhll" f.
l llie hlKlnut bidder lor rnali III band. !
of the real property belnnirliiir to the """-Z
ald hamiii-l I'nti.-rm.n, d-c.'id. to-wlt: Te
aoiithwt iiiarU-rol nwtion twelve. lownl"P
hveaotitli, rni.Ku twelva rant. In WaaeneoiiMJ.
'". J. . K.I'i'.ANKH,
Jural Admlnl""""'