The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, July 28, 1894, PART 2, Image 1

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U6 Whale Matter LcXl With lis
Vuttik-r of Republican Coiivtiiliims
Spokane Han a l ire, und Dibs
Ha His Hail Reduced.
Urn mikI lloraea Iturnod.
rt'HiN(iTis-, July 25. Three firemen
tm killed, a 1I0.1111 person injured,
ml over tlirrii hundred hordes burned
lu de.itii in a fire which swept over the
block l II and Second streets, In w hich
wm III" Knox stable und warehouses
early tliiH morning. Beside ti e Knox
mil Adam express stables, tun house
,(rc burned. O110 hundred und fifty
horix'H in tin' Wlaui stublc were res
iid. Tin' haw " ill exceed a quurler of
it million dullnm.
V.lltllllslMHtll 111 lllWM.
Moinich, July 25. The lurgesland
most enthusiastic republican statu con
woti'iiiever held in Iowa met here today.
John X, Baldwin wan tdected tciuKrary
chairman. The jirnyer by Uev. .1.
L. Weaver ii sensational, lie prayc'
lor the 1 imntry's enemy, the democratic
ptrtv, to U) un merciful a possible, and
appealed to the Omnipotent to ussist in
expediting the infamous democratic
party from power und to restrain thuin
forever (rum the exercise of government
A Hmall liliit In Mc...
fun Mio, July 25. Policemun I.ind
fertn seriously wounded and two
rioter hud I y hurt in a fight at the Grand
Trunk yards uu Forty-ninth street this
morning. Thu strikers attempted to
Kop a freight train. The officer inter
fered and wo fulled by a volley of atone
tnd coupling pins. Lindgcren tired,
prtroa'nly futally injuring Alexander
Hart, and slightly wounding a striker
aioied Dniinignn. lint one striker wai
irreted. ,
I imrnralni Ibr Tariff.
Washington, July -5. Secretary Car
lisle went to the liouneo( representative
today and nought speaker Crisp, but
Ml for the treusury without wwing him.
I'roniiiient mumUira, including Home
clamed 11 a railical free trader, liave let
it be known that (ree iron ore and free
coal are not worth the conflict they are
taming. There i no indication, how
ntt, that thin feeling ii nharel by
Speaker Crisp or Chairman Wilmm.
Church Hlock (turned at Spokane.
rirmi.s, July 25. A fire early thin
niiming destroyed almost the entire
bock owned by All Saint's 1'arlHh of the
Episcopal church, iiichiding the new
rtctury and a number of tenements.
Mr!. 1 1 i1 mm) , who conducted a lodging
lioune In the block, jumped through a
window breaking her breast bone and
rweiving internal injuries. Other bad
narrow rut-ape. Total loss flO.OOO ; in
surance f '.M,(M).
A lleelalou at Seattle. .
BKArri.K, July SPi. The aeven rioter
"ho were arretted at Spokane July 5th,
charged with contempt in attacking a
Northern Pacific train, were fonnd guilty
n the United State diHtrict court to
iy. Of the prisoner, A ngut Welsr,
Meiaiidur (Hm-n, William Goddard, Ax
1 l.ivan, (ieorgn Koter and John
.'lark were eutenced to eight months
"id Alex. Uixautle to four month im
?riionmmit. To Invratlfittr Trary.
Waniiinoton, July 25, In the morn
nt hour In the senate the conference
'upon on the legmlative, executive and
mlicial appropriation bill wa agreed to.
reiuliition waa adopted to invetignte
Jie office of Colonel Cliarlo Tracy, ec
"fy of the board of charltie of the
Ji'lrictof Columbia. Colonel Tracy 1
' brother of Gunural Tracy, the New
Hi Htrlha Mtlll 00 at fullman.
C1111 .io, July 2o. The Allen paper
'wheel work at I'ulliuan tarted op
'y with a dozen new men. There I
10 evidence of weakening among the
Oilman wtriker. Simon Rekin, a
'"Winn, hurled atone at the maive
Miilmiee ( George M. Pullman today,
"caking ten or a doxon large plate gla
"nddw. lie was armated.
Nw Maaltta and Arlaoaa Hafa.
AiuiNOTON, July 25. The senate
nmitiMe on torritoric has ordered
vorb M.prta on the bill admitting
Mexico and Arixona. These bill
v already pHsd the bono.
Amrrlran Kallway Union Caaaa.
t'lK Aiio, July 25. Iii the American
"way Union contempt of court case
Wsy Judge, Wood doliveretl brief
opinion formally over-ruling the motion
of the dufemie to quuNh the information.
The court continued the cbmb until Sep
tember, owing to the illneHft 0f Special
Coniiset Wulker.
W ar uiuuirnrod In l orm.
Yokohama', July 25. The Japanene
triMi In Corea have commenced a for
ward movement against the pomtion
occupied by the Chinese. A battle I
dully expected.
And th Wunifin llslprd.
Coi.oiiAoo Si-RiNtiH, July 2". Twenty
live jM-rsous, Including two women, will
lie arrented tomorrow for tarring and
ftiiitlieiing Adjutant-General Tarmiey.
Tha Hrnats Ntanda firm.
V AHiiiNtiToN, Jul 25. The demo
cratic senatorial caucu Iiuh decided to
send the turifT bill buck to the confer
ence wiihout iiiHtructi in.
llulillrau lu llllnula.
"Siui.NiifiEi.i), III., July 25. The re
publican etate convention met at noon
today. Jhiiich 15. Mann of Chicago is
temporary chairman.
.lurry, tlm Kiirklni, llr-Numlnated.
HtTCMiaoN, Kan., July 25. Jerry
Simpson wu re-nominuted by acclama
tion in the populist conuresHionul con
vention today.
A Monntrr Cunvnntlim.
M ii.WA i;k kk, July 25. One of the
'argeat convention ever held by the re
Miiblii-jins in the Htute of WiHcousin met
liere tmluy.
Irli- Hall Uftdarnd.
Chicago, July 25. Bv order of the
court, the bail of Debs and his follow
prison, wits reduced from $10,000 to
$7,000 each.
Ordrred to l'ora.
Wakiunuton, July 25. Secretary Her
bert has ordered the cruiser I'etrel and
Concord, now on duty in liehring Sea,
to Corea.
Tyrrr.ll (ii.ta a I'luui.
Wasiiin(iton, July 25. The president
today nominated Jolm D. Tyrrell post
master ut l'omeroy. Wash.
A Wt. Jnagfi.
CuicAOo, July 25. Judge I.vmon
Trnuibull declines to act as arbitrator
in the 1'ullman strike.
Melactlona Appruvad.
Wasiiinoto.n, July 24. Secretary
Smith ha approved list of railroad e.
lection, embracing 10C,S41 acre of land
in IHah, included in a grant to the Cen
tral I'aciflc, and 5,9H.7 acres within the
primary limits of the grant of the
Southern Pacific The approval has
been on supplemental list of section of
land made on account of grants to aid in
the construction of the Oregon & Cali
fornia road in Oregon, Central Pacific in
Utah and Southern I'aciflc in California.
Tim Arkansas Kopuhlloan Btata Conven
tion In MeaaloB.
Little Hock, July 24. The republican
state convention met hero today and
nominated H. L. Komrnel for governor,
the only nomination made. The plat
form reaffirms the national platform of
1K92; declares in favor of protection; de
nounce the attempt to repeal the Mc-Kiult-y
bill, and demand both gold and
silver a standard money.
Tua Boatun Man Madly Cunlahed.
PuovttiNc, K. I., July 23. Patsy
I'.roderick of Providence and "Prince"
Williams of P.oston i jught six round
tonight. William wa unmercifully
puuished from start to finish, and in the
sixth round wa sent to the ground
screaming in agony and covered with
blood. Mis left eye wa closed in the
Another American Veaaol Seised.
Savdusky, Ohio, July 23. Karly thie
morning the steamer Louise was seized
just east of Point Pelee Island by the
Canadian revenue cotter Petrel. The
Ixiuiae 1 an American vessel engaged in
fishing, trading between tbi city and
Leamington, Ontario. The cause of the
se in 11 re ha not a yet been ascertained.
The Men Cu tinned to Work.
Chicago, July 23. Sovereign' prom
ise of last night to the Knight of Libor,
that be might again order out all mem
ber of the order at the stockyards,
failed to niaterialir.e today. Work pro-
gessed at the various plant without the
lightest sign that there would be an
other walk-out.
Held to Ma the Oldest Settler.
VANt;ouvEB, II. C, July 23. William
Charter, who died Saturday at
Nicomen, 60 miles from here, wa 103
year old and waa laid to be the oldest
ettler In British Columbia. Old age
waa the cause of bis death.
The Wkrnt Market.
Portlakb, Joly 23 Wheat unchanged.
San Francnco December, lOO; Chi
cago Caah, .61?. BeptemW, MH-
Itew silver Hollar..
Wasiiinoton, Joly 23.-The issue of
atandard silver dollar for the, week
enaca ine iv inni, e i.w.u. w.
A War of the Races Declared in
Debs Doesn't Know the Strike is Dead
and Expresses a Desire to
Rut in Jail.
mill Jobbinc 111 Duaar.
Washington, July 20. By agreement
the conference report on the tariff bill
waa deferred when the senate met to
day until 2 p. in. for the purpose of giv
ing ths republican time to consider.
The republicans, after consultation,
found they could not carry the free
Hiigar amendment proposed by Senator
Quay yepterday. It decided that Quay
should withdraw all amendments, but
they should be renewed in different
form by some other republican. Man
derson and Perkins expressed the fear
that the sugar proposition would go
through und the hill would pa-s, as it
is understood in cane free suttur is added
Pefl'er would vole for it. The republi
can felt that the only proportion that
would po through w hich will endanger
the bill is that instructing the conferee
to strike out the eighth of a cent differ
ential. Thin would carry by a murgin
of one vote if all the republicans, all ttie
populiHts, and Hill and Irtiy vote for it.
At 2 o'clock Jones called up the confer
ence report on the tariff bill. Quay
withdrew the sugar amendment he
offered yesterday. Vilas replied to the
asHuult on Cleveland.
II May t.'haoae HI Mind.
Cuicaoo, July 2G. At a meeting of the
American Railway Union today Pi evi
dent Debs said : "I hare not forfeited
my right to free speech and if Judge
Wood yesterday enunciated the law, I
would rather rot in juil than be a free
man. If I alone were concerned, I
would permit no defenne to be made in
my liehalf, for I consider it an honor to
be in contempt of the court that ia going
to try me."
Whit Aa-alnst Black.
Sullivan, Ind., July 26. A race war
ha broken out between the white and
colored miner employed at Linton. In
the fight last night one white man wa
killed and the excitement is at a high
pilch. The telegraph and telephone
wire are cut. The white miner pro
pose to drive out or exterminate their
colored competitor.
Stewart Takes auger in Hla'u.
Washington, July 20. There 1 little
hope that the republican will be able to
strike out the one-eighth differential on
augar. It i understood that Stewart,
populist, of Nevada, whose vote ia net
essary to carry the proposition, will nut
vote with them.
Japaueae Mluleter Recalled.
Washington, July 20. M. Tateuo,
the Japanese minister to the United
States, has been recalled. His recall it
is stated is due not to anything con
nected with the present Japanee-Co-rean
-Chinese difficulty, but to matters
growing out of the recent treaty negotia
tion. Fooling W ith the Dead.
Chicago, July 2fi. The director of
the Auierican Kail say Union today
issued a call for a convention in Chicago
August 2d. Deb said the convention
will decide whether the strike lie con
tinued, extended or declared off.
Bean Hhwotera for Two.
Paris, July 20. The chamber of depu
tie today passed the government' anti
anarchist bill. Deputy Degihanet ha
challenged M. Clemenceau in conse
quence of the attack upon him in Clem
encaua' newspaper, La Justice.
A New Way to Tie Them I p.
You.nustown, O., July 26. The street
railways are again tied up tight today,
some miscreant having grounded the
trolley wires in such a manner that the
electrician are ao fur unable to locate
the trouble.
War May Ui Averted.
London, July 20. Up to noon today
the Chinese and Japanese minister
have received no newa regarding the
aituatiou In Corea. The opinion i gain
ing ground that war will be averted.
It Swallowed the Other.
New York, July 20. It la reported
the United Statea Cordage Company haa
practically absorbed the Pearson Cordage
Company. The purchase price ia said
to be $100,000.
Hell aud Kanaaa All the Same.
Kansas City, July 20. For three
daya intenae beat haa prevailed all over
this section, doing Incalculable damage.
The thermometer stood at over 100 in
many place. ,
It Popped the Corn.
Omaha, Joly 20. Unprecedentedly
hot wind ha done irreparable damage to
the corn crop today. The thermometer
registered 102 in the abade.
t'pbam for (i.ivernor.
Milwaukee, Wis., July 20. l'iie re
publican statu (-invention today nom
inated Major William II. Unham for
The IVbMl Market.
Poktlaxd, July 26. Wheat un
changed. San Francisco new, seller
91. Chicago cash, 50.. Septemlier
delivery, 52.' j.
Not stopped by the Strike.
Cincinnati, July 26. The free for all
trot was won today by Alix in 2:08,
beating Maud S' famous record on this
Incivll Civil Ha-rvlre.
Wakiiinoton, July 20. It is learned
that Tateno is recalled simply in pur
suance to Japan' rigid civil service
All Outrt at Sacraiuento.
Sackamf.nto, July 2C Nearly one
thousand men are now at work in the
railroad shop here.
They Qott Eaally.
Slottdale, Pa., July 26. There was
no trouble today over disarming the coke
strikers under order (rorn the sheriff.
taker f'ouuty I'lacer !Ulne.
P.AKLit Citv, Or., July 24. The
output of gold from the Baker county
placer mines lor 1894 already exceeds
that of any previous year in the history
of the county. The old Jordan bar, on
Burn1 river, just a few yard away from
the road bed of the Union Pacific rail
way, was reopened this season by Sissley
& Henderson, aud although thought to
have been worked out year ago, is now
yielding $100 per day. Only two or
three men are required to operate the
claim. Mrs. Squires, of Portland, is
making extensive arrangements to crush
rock from the Dolly Varden mine. A
quartz-mill is en route from Portland.
The mill building I ready to receive it.
A $2000 bar wa received here this week
from Shelton mine, on Burnt river. J.
C. Young'a group of mi net are yielding
handsomely since his Crawford mill
started. The Chloride group, situated
on Rock creek, is attacting considerable
attention at present. It ia base ore, but
an excellent proposition, aa soon a one
smelter is in operation.
llantrona Eruption ia I'ofTey ville,
Copy ey vi llc, K., July 24. Between
1 and 2 o'clock thia morning Coffeyville
experienced a subterranean explosion,
strongly resembling an earthquake,
which terrified the citizens for miles
around, and caused much damage.
Just north oi The town is situated a
strong natural gas well. Several dis
tinct explosions, rapidly following each
other, awoke the startled citizen, who
jumped out of bed to find the town
brightly illuminated. Aa far aa known,
however, no one waa hurt. House bad
been shattered, burn toppled over and
uiasnea of earth appeared where before
the ground w aa level. The strange phe
nomenon la unaccountable.
tiormau Slapped Hard.
Baltimore, July 24. Queen Anne
county, the native county of Senator
Gibson and formerly a firm supporter of
Senator Gorman, today in convention
gave the Maryland senator a hard slap.
The convention, held to elect delegatea
to the district congressional convention,
adopted resolutions deinauding that "no
one in the district shll accord Gorman
his support, and shall be sound on tariff
reform, aa the people are not disposed to
true democratic principle."
Working With the Pupullsta.
Omaha, July 24. The session of the
executive board of the Knighti of Labor
today waa devoted to the situation in
Nebraska. State Master Workmen I).
Alleuiand was called in consultation and,
after bearing his statements, it waa re
folded to lend the influence of the order
in the pending campaign to the popu
list. , It waa decided to send organizer
over the state in conjunction with the
populist atate committee to thoroughly
organize the workers.
Attempt to Wreck m freight.
San Francisco, July 25. About 1
o'clock thia morning an attempt waa
made to wreck a freight train on the
narrow gauge road in Alameda, between
Haight street and San Iandro. A tool
chest which stand beside the bridge
over the estuary, was broken open, a
crowbar and sledge were taken out,
and the draw moved when the night
watchman and a deputy sheriff came
along; the miscreant fled in the dark
ness. The night watchman succeeded
in replacing the draw before the night
freight arrived, thus preventing a disaster.
j Ttie Corean Monarch Caelum! and
Sent to Japan.
The Senate Sends the Tariff Hill Hack
to Conference, but Refuses In
junctions by a Tic Vote.
War Has Iteetl Declared.
I.omxix, July 27. A dispatch received
at 11 :30 a. in. today from Lloyds Agent
at Shanghai, China, confirms tho an
nouncement exclusively cabled to the
Associated Press last Saturday, that
war lietween China and Japan had been
declared. Both the Chinese and Japan'
ese minister say they have not been of
ficially informed that war has been de-
clared. They also claim to be ignorant
of the fact that the Japanese havo cap
tured tho King of Corea. The inline
diate cause of the declaration of war is
said to be the fact that the Japanese at
tacked Chinese transport conveylug
troops to Corea. It is reported that a
number of Chinese shipa have been
sunk by the Japanese cruisers. Tele
graphic communication has twice been
completely interrupted beyond Nagasaki
Japan and all message have been de
layed. If the treaty ports remain open
England erpects to make a continuous
profit out. of the war while the fact that
Hussia directly or indirectly ia giving as
sistance to Japan is likely to place a
perpetual stop upon Kusssian trade
progress with China.
A Thousand Soldiers Drowned.
Tien Tsin, China. July 27. While no
formal declaration of war haa been
made, the government of both China
and Japan recognize that on actual
state of war exists and more collision
are expected hourly. The general opin
ion seem to be that while Japan may
be looked upon as likely to score the
first victoiies, tho Chinese troops will
eventually drive the Japanese out of
Corea, even if million of people have to
be sent to the front. The first overt act
of war occurred Tuesday, when the Jap
anese fired upon the junk steamship
Kowshong, belonging to Hugh Mathie
son of London, which had been char
tered by the Cninese government to con
vey troop to Corea. The Transport
waa sunk with all hands. It ia be
lieved a thousand Chinese soldiers per
ished. Japaaeae Capture the King of Corea.
Washington, July 27. The kink of
Corea i a Japanese prisoner. This in
formation wu the important statement
In the telegram dated yesterday, which
Secretary Herbert received from Cap
tain Day, of the United State steamer
Baltimore, now at Chemulpo, Corea.
Captain Day reported that he had dig
patched marine to Seoul to protect t he
U. S. legation.
Labor LegUlation.
Washington, July 27. The commis
sioner of labor aa ex-oflicio chairman of
the strike commission, appointed by the
president, ha called a meeting in this
city Monday.
The bill to create a national board of
arbitration introduced by Springer,
which follow the recommendation in
the presidents message of 1887, haa been
reported to the house favorably by the
committee on lahor. J
Now With the Committee.
Washington, July 27. The Senate to
day returned the tariff bill to confer
ence without instructiona. The vote on
Washburn's motion to instruct the con
fereee to recede from the eighth of a
cent sugar differential stood yeaa 32 naya
32. Motion not agreed to.
The Strike Off In Sacramento.
Oakland, Calif., July 27. At a meet
ing of the local lodge, A. It. U., last
night, lasting from 8 o'clock until long
after midnight, the union decided by a
vote ol 187 to 146 to declare the Southern
I'aciflc strike off.
f ropa Injured by Heat.
Chicago, July 27. The hot wave to
day ia central over Iowa, Wisconsin and
Illinois. The temperature in many
places ia running over 100 degreea. In
Montana and Dakotas the worst I
passed. In Kansas and Nebraska grow
ing crops sustained great damage.
Ayer's Hair Vigor ha no equal, In
merit and etllciency, a a hair dressing
and for the prevention of baldness. It
eradicate dandruff, keep the scalp
moist, clean, and healthy, and gives vi
tality and color to weak, faded, and gray
hair. The most popular of toilet
Tan CiiKONici.a is prepared to do all
kinda of job printing.
4Ido not Eat Pastry.
y$ 1 low often yon hear this
K; expression, and the ex
O planatiou that usually
jpj; follows: "I am troubled
jjNj with dyspepsia.' ' The
u'h explanation is not far to
seek. In the past I.ard
J has been used as the prtn
y :k cipal shortening in all
pastry, the result dys
l pepsia. The dyspeptic
J,-'-,- need 110 longer be ,
troubled, providing j
fa, is substituted for lard in
V the preparation of all food. '
s.j it is composed strictly ot
X $ Iiicrhlv refined vegetable
t 'if oil and beef suet. When
b used as a shortening, it
Vv produces wholesome and r
M Healthful pastry. Physi-
. cians aud expert cooks
indorse it. Rcfnaejnbstitntes. Ps
$ y rid tl.ree cents in stampi to N K y
i 4:rlank& Co.,Oi;cago,!or handsome '
fs. Ccltoknv Cook Itoolc, containing sixt
r. -V iiuiKjred recipe, prepared by Dine euii- .
. n.-nt authorities on cooking. 1
t'otrolene is sold by all grocers. T'
rtaae only Dy
A e-r nine- j
The Sntrar Investigation.
Washington, July 25. Mr. Seymour,'
of the brokerage firm of Seymour Bros.
& Co., was before the sugar trust inves
tigation committee today. Mr. Seymour
declined to answer question put to him
as to the purchase of sugar stock by
members of the senate, or aa to his
knowledge of the existence of an order
for such stock vfhich former witnesses
testified had been made through his
firm in tho name of Senator Camden,
pleading that the committee had no
power to compel him to reveal to them
his patron. Mr. Allison's testimony
waa important, as corroborative of the
statements of Mr. Guilliardeau and
other witnesses. While tho detail of
hi testimony cannot be given, he stated
positively that he had seeu Ithe Camden
order. Anither witness of the day waa
George Ernee, a New York broker. It
ia understood that he testified to having
seen an alleged order for the purchase of
sugar stock, which purported to have
been given by Senator Camden, and to
have also seen a photograph and an
electrotype of it.
Caused the Washington City Fire.
Washinuton, July 27. The police
have arrested W. T. Harris, inventor of
a gasoline motor on suspicion of having
caused the Knox building fire, in which
three firemen lost their live. The po
lice believe Harris, while experimenting
caused the explosion, which started the
It's 1'nt Up or Shut I'p.
Chicago, July 27. Mayor Hopkins
said today that if the Pullman work
were not started within a few dava ho
would withdraw the militia. It is
thought the worka will be started
Couldn'd Hurt the Latter that Way.
Paris, July 27. A duel with eworda
waa fought today between M. Paul Dea
chanel a deputy and M. Clemenceau, a
journalist; the former waa wounded in
the cheek.
The A relic xpedltion Sara.
Lonkon, July 27. Information re
ceived here today leave no room for
doubting that the Wellman Arctic ex
ploring party ia safe and well on ita way
The Unaa Haa to Htay.
Brooklyn, July 27. The general
,term of the Supreme Court today denied
the motion for a new trial for John Y.
McKane, ex -bos ot Graveaend.
Nominated For Uovernor.
Grand Forks, N. I)., July 27. The
Democratic state convention today
nominated Congressman W. G. Lari
more for governor.
Kins of ('area Sent to Japaa.
Tixn Tsin, July 27. It is aid the
Japanese have sent the king of Corea to
Japan w here he will be kept until the
trouble i over.
The Wheat Market.
Portland, July 27. Wheat un
changed. San Francisco new, seller,
.94. Chicago Cash,. 60; j. September,
delivery, .b'l.
Feed wheat fur sale cheap at Wasco
Warehouse, tf.