The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, July 25, 1894, PART 1, Image 4

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trouble the wo
man who i deli
cate, run-down, or
overworked. She a
hollow - eheeked,
dull - eyed, thin,
and pile, and it
worries lur.
Now, the. way
to look well is to
bt well. And tho
way to la; well, if
vofi'ro anv Mieh
is to lailliliiny uc r.
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the only medicine thats
fuaranttfil to build up woman 8
strength and to cure woman's ail
ments. In every "female com
plaint," irregularity, or weakness,
and iu every exhausted condition of
the female "system if it ever fails
to benefit or euro, you have your
monev baek.
For overworked, " worn - out,"
run-down," debilitated teachers,
milliners, dressmakers, seamstresses,
sho-girls," house-keepers, nursing
mother, and feeble women gener
ally, Dr. Pieree's Favorite Prescrip
tion is the greatest earthly boon,
being unequaled as an appetizing
cordial and restorative tonic
Tilt KMtillTS OK L.tllltlt.
Work oft ho tionar
mill In
,1 Kaorutlvo
T. hat is
Omaha, July "'J. All the incciber of
the neneral executive Itoard of the
Knikilils uf I.alvr except Mr. Sovereign
me now here ami have taken up "r'
ters at the IVlinlie, where the rl)ii of
the executive ollicera will bo held.
Sovereign isexpected tomorrow niorninp.
Martin, Metiuire, French anJ Have
were seen this evening, and when afked
what they expected to do diirim: the
coiniiu' meeting they announced that
('eneral Secretary llayefwas theanokes-j
man and tliev would look to him to talk!
to the pre. Mr. Hayes said :
'IHiring the week we expect to com
plete arrangement lor n systematic can
vass of Nebraska, and we will push the
organization to a finish lam (flat! to
note that the organized workers of
Omaha art? forming themselves into
militia companies. Ut curding the
movHinent for a general union of all ti e
Utvor forces, I tlo dot know what will lie
ilone about that at this nieetiiit:. We
We are in favor of changing cards, anil
have been all along, but we w ill never
consent to a unity at the whole expense
of the K. of L."
it. m. tos
nar'vou "no in
If you're miffer-
rJing from Catarrh,
the proprietors ot
Dr. Sage's Catarrh
Remedy ask you to
trv their medicine.
Tiieu, if you can't
be cured, they'll
llufur Doing
Weather unchangeable, verv s
ml sultrv. The farmers up near the j record, having its great foothold
timber and out on the ridire av '-fair i l,,,n of HouS Kong, where most
and warm weather," while we llufurites
think a shower miktht lay the dust and
be quite acceptable.
The general health of fnfur is some
what improved at present, whether on
account of our new doctor or the settled
tate of the weather w e are unable to
Miratl of I'Incuh.
Washington, July 2. Kecognizing
the difficulties in the way of obtaining
accurate information upon sanitary
matters from Oriental countries. Dr.
Stewart Eldreilge, the health officer of !
the port of Yokohama and a member of (
the imperial board of health of Tokio, ;
ha' tent to the marine hospital u semi !
official statement of the epidemic of the j
I plague in Southern China. It appears!
'from his report that this scourge, of i
I w hich only fragmentary news has been!
j received, is one of the most dreadful on
rd, having its great foothold at the :
of the
foreign commerce touches. The diea.-e j
hroke out in Canton late hist February, j
and at the same lime was epidemic at j
Pakhoi, a port not often visited by '
EiBPlty tho
Krcry one knows what un explosion
is, but it.., impolite, uu implotdori, islc:
familiar. At ;-tv;:t depth in the sea the
conditions ;;iv favoi'iibtf for its prodiu
tion. At tvvi nly-tiv.- hundred fathoms
the pivf-oMv i.-., roughly .peiiKiP'r. two
i uud a h::h ton , to the touarc inch -that
! to suy, fccvcrnl times greater
Hum the pressure ocrtrd by the-ate am
iiHn the pi-.toi1 of i; powerful engine.
A beautiful experiment to illustrate
the enormous force of this deep seu
pressure was made 'uriiv.' the vova;.'e
f 11. M. s.. t'li:illenrer. Me ipiotc from
"The Fauna of the Dr. p Su."
Mr. liiK'lianau hermetically scaled nt
Kith rnil.s u thick ;-las till' several
inches in l.'Uth full of uir. lie
vi upped this walid tuU' in llannel
auit placed it in one of the w ide eoper
cylinders, ii-etl to protect deep-sea
thertuon: -t.-rs when 1 1 . , ' are sent down
with the i-Hiid'u!',' .'."l ::'-.itus.
The copp. r eyliu.ler had holes bored
in it. so thai the wai. r had free ueccs.
inside, nismv.,1 the !:!. v
The coiii.'r ea-'i ':ititinin:rthe seuletl
pla.-..s tuln' i,;'!:i u,n n t- a tlepttl of
two thoti' fath ::is antl dniwii up
again. It was found that the cylinder
was bulged and bent inward, just us if
it bail Wen crumpled inward by In in'
violently Mpie. : i d.
The 'i;:s -.a! it. -.elf. within its flan
nel wrapper, was reduced to a line
powder, ali'u st lihe snow. The 'lass
tul-e, it would seei:i. as it slowly ti;
au'eiitied held nut hue.' :i rainst the pres
sure, lint at last Mid.leuly trave w:s.
and wuscru.hed ! v tin violeiioe of the
Hction ton line po' tier.
This protvs.-,. e;:, tlv the reverse of
an cxpltvsiiiii, is termed by Sir Wyville
Thomson uu implosion.
lruiupt Action Shv-4 thr I.I ft- of
-i'TIic Rcjolator Line"
Tit Dalles, Purttail and A:doria j
Navigation Co
Freioni ana Psssengsr Lins
Throngh Dailv Tri i Sunday ex
.tipted) la'tween'The Dalles and Port
land. Steamer Regulator leaven The
Dalles at 7 a. m., connecting at the Cas
cade Locks witii Steamer Dulles t'ity.
Steamer Dalles City leaves Portland
Yamhill nt. dock) at' 6 a. in., connect
ing with Steamer Regulator for The
: It A i k.
The Dalles
Daily and Weekly
One way
Round trip.
. S.tKI
I rt'hlii.
Mr. Jumnich. the London dealer in
wilt! Na.sts, is a man of ;rreat per-onal
treiiL'th anil of ei rv. sponilin"' eenrae.
( n one in -casioii he wa.s called upon to
ust1 botii nirainsf a ti'er wiiteh hatl es
caped from its den." Mr. l'hil Koliin
son tells the story in his recent boo!;,
"Some Country Sights cud Sound.."
In movintr "dt u." into which a tier
had lieen just tlelivered. the iHittom fell
Freight Rates Greatly Reduced.
All freight, except car lots.
l will PC brought tlirougn, win-
nit delay at Cascades.
Shipments for Portland received at
my time day or night. Shipments for
ay landings must be delivered before
p. m. Live stock shipmeuts solicted.
('all on or address,
?IIK CHIJOMCLK was established for trie ex-jM-ess
purpose of faithfully representing The Dalles
and the surrounding country, and the satisfying
effect of its mission is everywhere apparent. It
now leads all other publications in Wasco, Sher
man, (iilliam, a large part of Crook, Morrow and
Grant counties, as well as Klickitat ami other re
gions north of The Dalles, hence it is the best
medium for advertisers in the Inland Empire.
The Daily Chkomcmc is published every eve
ning in the week Sundays excepted at $(5.00 per
annum. The Wkkkly Ciiuomclk on Fridays of
each week at $l.o0 per annum.
For advertising rates, subscriptions, etc., addresB
Tlio Dalloa, Oroson.
The haying seaon is about over and
the farmers are doing some proper
etsckmg this season am! a great many
are building larger barns and sheds ami
all will be on time for the thresher this
Mr. Harry Ciarke from Portland has
been visiting his friend S. B. Johnston.
Col Laingof Portland made a short
visit to his daughter. Mrs. J. C. John
ston, taking home with him Miss Hazel,
Miss Gertie Laird has returned from
the agency, where she ha been em
ployed the past year.
Kev. Mr. Adams preached his farewell
rrnion on the 15th.
There was a dance ont at Hendrix
ball Friday evening. Gness they had j
an ei.j arable time by the j illy crowd we j
aaw going. j
Mr. S. B. Johnston met with a tenons
ami almost fatal accident Friday. He.
was hauling bar and while on the load
driving, the double trees gave way,
frightening the horse, at the same time j
jffking him violently. He fell with all :
force on the slab or stake in front of the
wagon, striking on his breast and drag-
King htm to the ground, where he was the prompt action by the ship s sur
piekeii tip insensible and in a precar- ' geons. A quarantine system has been
ious condition. Had the blow been two ' put in operation in Japan, holding ships
ini-he lower we shudder to think of the ! from the infected districts nine dars
I suit. Dr. Deitrich was summoned after arrival or alter leaving. The last
immediately. He pronounced his in- case has abated, and bnt one infected
r.urojieans. During March ami April it : out nun tile rest ot tin structure imme-
steadilv increased until it assumed j 'butch- collapsed. The tijrer walUcd i ,
gigantic proportions. According to the I ".,ut ,r;m u,uil'r, th' ,,U'''P of I
; iron dars. unti sudden v itiiiH'art-il in I
letter of J'r. r.ldredge, the eastern au- tl , ,. , . ' , ,. S.
thorities treatetl the diseae with their
ordinary indifference. Although Hung!
J. F. FORD, ivammiisi,
the vard. .Mimv ih-ooIc were Imil
, on, the children, of course, belli'- well
to the front. On the cpiiearunee of the
IX Mninea, lnw, write"
March -:!, ts-.n
iiiidt-r (lute nt
Mid. Mm. Co.,
Ihifur, Oregon.
Utnlltmtn :
j . 1 . V'll arriving Home mm weeiv, i iimun
Kong is the center of trade in the east, j JifTiT there was u stampede. j H we un,i mixiouslv awaiting. Oui
I but halt a day's journey from Canton, The tier picked np a fat urchin by j little girl, eight ami one-half years old.
land in constant communication there- : his clthe-. and walked out of the yard who had wasted away to :1H poumln, U
i n. it .i;.,r..,H ;.. i... ,i. . i ii ....... .....i ..: ....... .....i .....i.
with, the existence of the danger was ' V. V. " '.'"""' !
' , r , . i upon fiuuinjr a oonvenient place in ;
ignored. Ssveral cases appeared in , whk.h l( t,lkl. it!, ni(llll Mr .,.,..,,
Hong Kong during the first days of May. nin ufter the In-ast, ilunq- himself up ui j
It steadily increuccd in that place until its back, and pru.spinjr his thnuit with i
Ihe niortalitv reachetl 100 a dav, desp:te ! lH,ttl hands, choked it until it opened j
the exodus of 100,000 Chinese and n.anv j to -rasp for bn-uth.
" ! Ihe urchin dropped out and acrum
turopeans. , ,)U., off Th dniwin at (mp ,
The natives, in most eases, have left J tremendous draught u w hole lun-sful
on feeHng the first symptoms of the dis- ! of air. turued upon Mr. .lamrjch "iust :
eae, iu the hope of dying in their ; then a mun from the yam came run- J
native villages, while a dozen Kuro- I ning up with a crowlmr, and us the
peans have been attacked and most of , "P-'f turneit, tie structt it a tremendous
them have died. From Canton and lamP on '"'f1' K','r t w,,nK'nt thu
. ,. . ,. i tiirer wa du.eil, but only fora moment:
Hongkong the duease is spreading , thcn ,,e,.d to u,r:iin. t)Ut
throngh the neighboring country, and j Mr . Jamrwli seized the crowbar und
will soon appear in the coast towns of i struck the-great lieust uuother mighty
China, North of Hong Kong, because, ! thump.
now wen, strong anil vigorous, ami wen
fleshed up. S. II. Cough Cure lias done
its work well, both of the children like
it. Your S. B. Cough Cure has cured
and kept away all hoarsenesn from me.
Si give it to every one, with greeting
for all. Wishing you proserity, we ar
Yours, Ma. & Mb:i. J. K. Foul).
If yon :ih to fwl fiwh sad cheerful, sad rwul;
fur the spring's woik, cleiiiiK your ithu.hi wilt
the lleailM he and Liver Cure, by taking twain
lltrw doteaeach week.
Htild under positive tiiarwitec.
0 rcntit per brittle hv all dravslkta
"There is a tide in the ajairs oj men 'which, taken at its flood
leads on to J or tunc."
The poet unquestionably had reference to the
Cffill-Oli Sl I
from the carelessness in these ports, no I Tin-last. as if taking in the situa-
effe-tive quarantine is likely to be es
tablished. Several cases have already
occurred on steamers tra, cling fron
Hong Kong to Chinese ports, but with
out serious consequence, on account of
j tion. trotted nil by it.-4-lf straight to the
yum. and. findiiir the door of an empty
den oped, walked in.
The Funnr
w Chureh
juries daiiirerou. but we are pleased to
a'atf this morning he is impruvingsome
wfmt but irreat care must be taken to
avoid fatal results. Qceky.
Ieafnea Cannot b Cored
Br local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
Tltere is only one way to cure Deafness,
and that is by constitutional remedies.
TVsfne- is caused by an inflamed con
dition of the murium lining of tiie
Fustacliijn Tule. When this tube gets
inflamed y. u have a rumbling sounu or
liniwrieci bearing, and w hen it isenlirelv
rhik-tl Deafness is the result, and unless j ""t of Japan, so long will
the inflammation can Is-taken out and
tltin tube retored to its normal condi
tion, bearing w ill lie destroyed forever;
nine eaM ont of ten are caused by
catarrh, which is nothing but an in
Bftined condition of the miieons sunaces.
We ill give I die Hundred L) .liars for
any case ol lafnesn icaueil liy catanh
that cannot lie cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure. Sen! for circular, free
F. J. CHKNEY A Co.. Toledo, O.
tH-A- hv l'rnitvii. 7oc.
ship has reached Japan. Or. Eldredgej
conelndes bis report: :
"If I may presume to advise, I wur.ld
say the most stringent niea'ines may
need be taken to protect the United
States, particularly as regards certain
classes of gotsls from China likely to
convey infection rags, old cotton, etc.,
and also such manufactured articles as
are made in native workshop, with
perhaps a case of plague dying in the
room ; such things as straw matting,
embroideries and every eort of textile
fabrics, bo long as the disea-e is kept
this coil m rv
' v. 1...1 ...1. ..I .1... T u '
ure, I'uinnr, 111 ,iie Liiiteti r;iHiera aolx Wltn
against the inixirtatinn of disease." I
MuiUtkr Mail
"Every one known that in the eurly
days of Methodism a considerable, de-
pree of strictness was maintained in
regard to the wearing of jewelry," said j
Kev. L. O. Cole, an elderly divine, re-
cently. to a representative of the St j
Louis (ilo lie-Democrat.
"An incident that amused me apreat j
deal happened fcoon lifter 1 hud entered
the ministry. One Sunday just n I '
was in the midst of my sermon a worn- i
an rose and left the church, slammim'
the door as she went out with unneces
sary violence. Of course I supposed I
had Kiid something in my acrmon nt
which she had taken offense, but later
I made inquiries am! learned that she!
had left hucausv I wore a 'wicked !
bosom pin.' The amusinr? part of it I
was that 1 hatl ridden t i church over a
very muddy road, and one drop of mud I
had settled in the middle of my shirt :
bowjm anil had deceived the (food Mstr '
intt tclievin? that I had adorned my
a boxom pin.
! liretlit isHiied available in t if
Kaitm Stales.
Sglit K.xchanife and Telirgrnphii
Tr oisier" sold on New York, Chicago, t.
L en?, taii Fraiieiei), f'ortlam! Orevon.
I Seattle Wash., and various points in Or-
mow and Washington.
I y 'oheetions niHtle at all ftoints tin 'hv.
j o" i ; i i- ,"ni..
. aCHKNrft.
M. r'ATTS JM1S .
First National Bank.
A (ieneral Banking Businet. transact.-.'
)eMiNits receivetl, mibject to Sight
Draft or Cheek.
(VllleetidiiK matte anil prot-eeds promptlv
remitteil mi ibiT of collection
sight ami Telegraphic Exchange mid oi
New York, Mm Kraueiseu and I'nri
land. IJI K KCTDNt
l. P. Thompson. J.nd. . n iiksi .
Kl. M. Wll.l.lAMs, ItKO. A I.IKHK.
H. M. I'.ko.i .
Who are selling those goods out at greatly-reduced rates.
When the Train stops at THE DALLES, get .IT on the South Side
Thl laireiied rupiilir Ilntiae die the principal hotel huln
anil In uretmrrtl In lu-hUh the Ileal Ai'tsmiinixlMlliiu of i
Iluu iu lliu city, ai.d nt the low rate til
$1.00 per Day. - first Qass Teals, 25 Ceits.
Uttlre tr all MlaKe I.lnea leaving The llnlle fur all
!. ra.irru lireaua anil r.atern M aahltivluu.
. u 1
In thla Hotel
Corner of Front and Union Hla.
T. T. NICHOLAS. Propr.
New - Umatilla- House,
Th Height nf Mount
Seattle, July 22. Kev. I). C. Garrett
and Ira Bronsen, two of a party who as
cended Mount Kainier, returned borne
yesterday ahead of the rest, with the
news that Captain Ingraham, the leader
of the party, in taking various altitudes,
bad discovered that the altitudes nf the
lowliest point of the peak reached was i
The New Y'ork Observer mppesU
that clenrvmeo reallv nilfrhf tint
write so illegibly aa to provohe the I55;5!, or uearW 1.10b higher than the : yi(,1(i; annually a volume of' I
compositors to commit the aia
mint y!
getierally accented altitude of the moun
(reveral h'-niing pigeons taken
the party have reached Kealtle
1 WWrlL
HalB la Wantail.
by the women who are ailing and suffer
ing, or weak anil exhausted. And, to
very such woman, bely is guaranteed by
Dr. Pierce's Favorite I'revcription. For
young girls jut entering womanhood
women at the critical "chanice of life";
women approaching confinement;
nuring motlier ; and every woman alio
i "run-down" or overworked, it is
medicine that builds op, strengthens, i effw Inferior lIMn In plac of tola. Aak f or
nil regulates, no matter what the con- ' took's Cntloo not Compound, taht no tuMt
...... ! luta, or tneloM tt and 0 cents in ponta In lttr
d " the system. . j . w!a ad, ari. hrr-torn m:u rmi-ud
It s an invig'irating, restorative tonic ! partl-tila" It plain enrtiopi., to 1!Im only, t
fjtMitbing and bracing nervine, and the j Mn,pfc
only guaranty d rem-dv for "female
CtMiiiiaiut" aiel weakneooea. In l-ar.
i i . ....
mit-iiiian Bfii-nnoni., iwriiMliea imi
liiflsiiiinaMoii. and every i rum $100 to f000 to loan. Apply to
i ( .m. w . Kowi.and
A reerat dlawwiy by aa eld
phjllrlan. 0'aewsfftif'y warii
!hl0 bp thousands 0
LrulUt. Ia toa only prrftl7
safe and ntlabla aicdlcliw t
Bewara of anprtnctplad drt:cita wtoa
npa. Adilnaa I'nni I. II y Co mo an v.
' , . et.v. ' :ie.
Sold In Th Datlm Snltaia at Klnniy.
j Pat on Tmr ilaaa and Look at Thl..
kindred ailmetit, if it ever fail to Iwne.
tit or cure, you have ymir money back.
113 Third fit, The Ualles, Or.
tirMnlawra l.lix'iera.
AmonfT the princijxil placiers of
Greenland the fiord of .hikolchavn an
nually aends into the s-a a piece of ice!
about two miles wide, over three mih.'S
lonjf und from ei fht hun lro.1 to one
thousand feet tliiclf. The ice yiel I of
Tottiiikatalc is atsiut four mile:; wide,
one to two miles lon, at'crsr.lin'f t the
swiftnets tf movement at various sea
sons tif the year, and from aix hundrcl
toei''ht hundred feet thick. Karaiuk
cc about
three milea wide arid from one and u
half to two miles long, with a h(;i-;ht
of eiht hundred to one thousand feet. 1
The yield from Itivdliar.tuk U two
miles wide, from one and a half to two
miles long- and six hundred to eirrht
hundred feet thick. AuTpadlartok 1
yields annually a piece of ice at least
four miles long;, two miles wide and
from sue hundred to one thousand f.-et
OnVnnd lla;nUy.
An American traveler relates that,
aliphtirifr at a hotel in Granada, a man
at the door put out bis hand toward
him. The traveler supposed that the
man was the porter of the hotel, and
offered him his The man
stepped back, towed his head, and
frowned scornfully. "Vjram'ju."' he
exclaimed: "do you take me for a
porter? I would have you under ttand
that I am no porter." 'Indeed? Then
may I ask you, senor, what you arc.r'
' I urn a beggar,' air, and aaked you for
Tilir at? Tunnr: iTirrr
Ta"; I OflTA Iff A PATFNT Fora
primpt an.wr atl an horiont ontnion. wrtui to
Mi .N A' Cll., wlioltitTA liad nnarlytirtT Tfiirv
exoeni-nep In tow tutlnt buai im-k.. fVmnnnnira
ti.mlrlrtiTnH(liliAl. A liunribonltol In.
f'trmation ffmwmio rntrttla aiMl how ui no
nun tu-m '-nt trftti. Alao a rjttaloguooi rrhan
lea! aiil iKaentltlc ooriku iwnt trttu.
I'atmila uu.n liirouin Wunn ft Co. TCOMve
aopcial iMrtlottintho rtrlentihr Amrrienn. and
Oiw am brouuht wnloly (wlfinitlin putilit: willi
ont ciat to tlio invnuir. 'Ihm aDlftxlwl paiwr
l.rHl arnklT. i?lalitly Uln'traml. Iiait hj Ua ttm
!uiviat rirculatioo of anf ar-intllHr work in tua
wrld, w;l a Yttar. hamr li; tviniMa arnt free
lluilding K"litioo, monthly liiartar. Himtla
foprna. 7.i (mmiu. Kvwry nurrtwr contain! bau
tifnl platea. in eoton. anl pootovrapba of nr.
houaoa. with plana, anablnnr bt.llflra to abow tlaa
laj.t damn aod fcur CffUtn-la. AdtlritM
MUNN O. h YtiuK, .'l, buoauWjr
pa-aywawTiTwWii uMMSkjjsu crvna ''uia'
J Cimt, nd Trade-rk obtiifwri, ind ill hai-
nt .. a.. f
r -..v .w m.. fnODIrTs TK W KC S.
'Our Orrfcc f 0Mrrc U. B. PsTirtTOrriet
0 a no w can vrture iwirni in Uum Ui-uiUftwi
-remote from VV atnrMrton.
f bead model, dftwi.if or nhotfl.. iiS dirrin.
Jtioii, W wdvifte, II patent ji or not, free oit
;t)arfre. Our ( not One til) ilni imaerureH. f
J A PnatPHLCT, Mlo to Obtain "ateni. " with
J cou ot tcajo in ihe U.S. ftod (urigucmDUtca
lent free. Addrena, J
Ticket and batvatfe (iffii-e of the U. 1". ll. K. Company, and ofliee of the Wwrteni
Union Tulep-aph Otl'ue are in the Hotel.
Fire-Proof Safe for the Safely of all Valuables.
Blakeley & Houghton,
175 Second Street. - The Dalles, Oregon
A full line of all the Standard Patent Medicines,
Drugs, Chemicals, Etc.
t&Conntry and Mall Orders will receive prompt attention.
Tina well -know i, Krewnry i. w trnm OHl U,B ,(,..t ,Jw(, -nd ,,ortel
ea-t nf tlle Ca-eadea. The laleM appliances (or the mannfaet.ire of pood health
id IWr have lawn intr...bieM. and on v the firstlaas articl. will hf p aeed 0
lie inam-.t.