The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, November 29, 1893, PART 1, Image 1

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4J V
Killed His Wife, Another Woman an
Hoy Frightens His Little Sister
to Death-Minor News
Kankakkk. III.. Nov. 24. .Tonne D. U.
tuitli, a former merchant of this city,
nurdered hid divorced wife and Mrs.
iraybill this noon, and then shot hiui-
t -- l.... I. ......
Mill. IlOllI WUI1IUI1 WITO nilUb lUIUIlgll
the huurt; doath wan instantaneous.
roith Hliot himself in the head, liut the
bullet dU'.i-ml, Injuring him slightly.
He thou to his hoarding house, and
Jiot himsell through tlio right temple
mt lie for tin' tdieriff arrived. Jealousy
) dupp. ised to he the can no. The di
vorced woman and Mrs. Graybiil lived
KrlRldniKid HI. Hl.tttr lu Itealh.
Nkw Buunswick, Nov. 24. Twelve-
rear-old Mury Powell, of Prospect
Plains, thin county, went to the cetliir
int night, and while bIio was ascend '
the stairs hor brother made a moun.i.,1
-jiiml and slummed and locked th door.
WHirl scroumeu; in terror, mil trie hoy
it(.t her hH'kod In. All ut onco the
cmm ceased, and when the door was
jmi'd the girl wan dead. A physician
im win summoned said her death wan
at- h) the shock produced hy lior fright,
do hrolher, who in thus apparently res-
oiihiI) e lor nor ileum, is in irom re-
lillleil With a Marble.
1KKNTON, i. J., iOV. JirillUI
Turner, aged 10 years, wan shot and
ulni'iHt msiuiiiiy Killed ycHieruuv uiier-
nooii hy John Vuttu. The .latter had a
pin loaded with powihir, into which he
put a marhlo. Turner Blood behind a
tree and dared his companion to shoot.
Vetta pointed the gun and fired, the
marble striking Turner iu the mlddie of
the forehead. He walked about M feet
and fell dead. The hall fractured hit)
ikull. Vctla was arreHted, liut Coroner
I. I), ltower roleaiied him, l)lii"vinn that
.lie shooting wan accidental.
Blames C:leeleinl fur Hi Hawaiian
Ciiicaoo, Nov. 24. The Daily News
Washington HH;ciiil says: "Groshain
ha atteinptod to absolve hitiiHolf from
till responsibility of the administration's
Hawaiian policy. In con versa t ion with
.ersonal friend he slated he had
nothing to do with framing the policy
which was inaugurated hy 'parnuiount'
Blount, and which ia sought to lie en
forced hy Minister Willis. The seeretury
Htated that, liefore he was Invited to hid
eat in tho cabinet Cleveland had form
ulated hia Hawaiian policy; that he had
ilccUred the dethronement of the queen
unjust and hia determination to re-en
throne her; that the preHident, without
consulting the secretary of Htute, deter
mined upon the appointment of a special
mmissioner, anil selected lilount
lithout the knowledge of the secretary
ol state, nnd, in furt, the latter officer
KHn ely knew I'.louut at Might at that
time. The secretary of Htate said further
Hie instructions to lilount, also those to
WilliH, were prepared at the white Iioiibo.
Hie intimation Ih made hy him that he
1 ictticiy know at the time of Blount a
I (iePttiire for Honolulu what hid in-
trcti(in wore, for they were not only
''" pared at the white house, but de
livered hy tho hand of 1'reHident Cleve
land." An Italian Iteimhlle
Komk, Nov. 127. -In the highest and
"unit reserved circles it is said to lie well
known that the present dream of tiie
Vatican is the establishment of a federal
Italian republic. This idea is the only
real explanation of the extraordinary
language adopted by Vatican organs in
'peaking of the mission of France and
liussia with relation to the papacy.
I.auirliml HI .Air tit linath.
I.auhki,, Md., Nov. 2". Wesley I'er
ons, an ngod and well-known farmer,
while joking with friends yesterday,
was seled with a pll of laughing,
being unable to stop, lie laughed for
nearly an hour, when he began hic
coughing, and two hours later he died
from exhaustion.
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A quartz ledge assaying 0 to the ton
lias i)een muck in Sjirttgne river valley.
Max I'riicht of Ashland received the
award at tho world's fair lor the iii.est
A big thankHgiving dinner is to be
given the newsboys and tneseenger boys
of Portland.
It is reported that J. O. and I. N. Iay
are putting in a fine stock of general
uierchatidiHo at the l,ockn.
Three more indictmeiits for smuggling
have been uiado against V. Punlmr, C.
.1. Mulkey and L, C. Sweeney of Port
land. The First National Hank of Fort Kla
math Iihs tmnponded on uccoiint of the
uiyHteriouo disappearance of the
Will Plumb, a La (irando school hoy,
accidentally ehot and killed .Sherman
Kent, a companion, aged 12. Kent's
mother is prostrated.
Nat P.luiu plead guilty to five different
counts lor smuggling, and his example
was followed hy Sweeney, Jackling,
(iarthorne, Patterson and lierg Inifore
Judge Bellinger, Monday.
It takes a gambler to heat a gambler.
A stranger iu Portland the other even
ing on a fit) limit game dexterously
changed f" to f 100 much to the surprise
of the dealer and as the former won, the
call had to he paid. Hut the strunger
was not allowed to continue tho game.
As an illustration of what can be done
in raising apples, we cull attention to
the orchard of John Sweeney, one mile
from town. He lias apple trees six
years old, from which he took this year
5:10 boxes of first-class fruit, which
brought him 70 cents a box on tho tree,
or :!70. Glacier.
K. Brighton, under sentence of six
months In the jienitentiary for smug
gling opium, committed suicide in his
cell iu the county jail at 7 :1'0 o'clock
Saturday morning by severing his jug
ular vein with a razor and bleeding to
death. The jury returned a verdict of
deliberate suicide, due to despondency.
F'red Kemp lost his life a week ago by
being thrown from a wagon loaded with
wood, being killed by the falling wood.
He lingered a few days at the residence
of his parents at Hood Uiver, but died
Tuesday, and was buried the following
day. Mr. Troy Shelley "of The Dalles
officiated at the funeral services.
It is stated, as a result of the moit
careful experiment, that tho cost of pro
ducing hops in New York state is 13
to 14 cents a pound, while in the Pari tie
states they can he raised at 9 cents.
Willi tho ireight less than cents 1o
New York, shipments from Oregon to
England of hops, competing with the
German growers, has already begun.
Mrs. lOli.aheth Hess has begun a suit
against Theodore Lieut , president of the
Oregon German Faking Company, for
fL'5,H0 for malicious prosecution. Mrs.
Hess is tho widow of Christian Hess,
who attempted to kill Mr. I.iebe and
then committed suicide. In her com
plaint Mrs. Hess alleges that I.iebe
caused her arrest last August on a charge
of larceny of f ")00 from the company's
store, she was placed in jail and de
tained IS hours before her husband and
child were notified.
A. A. Kosenthal was appointed re
ceiver of the Sunday Mercury Publish
ing Company by Judge Steams Saturday.
The Mercury appeared on time again
but there was a great difference between
it and the Mercury of old. The size of
the paper has been reduced one-half and
the sensational features abolished. The
famous column, "Over the Teacups,"
has disappeared, and the usual resume
of scandalous happenings has given
away to other items, some original and
some taken from local papers. Receiver
Kosenthal briefly announced his appoint
ment and his intention to make a reada
ble paper out of the Mercury.
Kai.I'H Waldo Lsif.hson was a groat
Thk English accuse William Wal
dorf Astor of being influenced by his
interests in the United States in his
attack in the Pall Mall Gazette on
of David Wingate (who was pensioned
fifty pounds tt year for his literary
merit), bus been given a grant of one
hundred pounds from the royal bounty
Wii.mam C. Tomt, who recently gave
fifty thousand dollars to the Boston
nublii! library to supHrt a newspaper
reading-room, is seventy years old, and
a graduate of Dartmouth in the class
of 1-tl.
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Tbc Carlin Party Fonud. Which Have
Been Ont Sines Sept. 20.
The Cook Missing, Having Been Left
Behind, and It Is Feared
He Is Dead.
Si'okask, Wash., Nov. IB. A courier
arrived at Kendrick, Idaho, at 5 o'clock
this morning after an all-night ride from
Weippe with news that Lieutenant
Elliott had found the Carlin party on
the middle fork of the Clearwater, 130
miles from any settlement, laet Wednes
day. The lost party were in had shape
when found, being out of provisions,
barefoot and with little clothing. They
were slowly making their way down the
river when found. George Colgate, the
cook of the party, gave out a few days
before the rescue and had to be left and
it Is feared ho may have died. All that
is possible will be done to find him, dead
or alive. The rescued and rescuers are
expected here Tuesday and General
Carlin will be here to meet his son. The
story of sufl'ering, desperation and hard
ship told by the lost hunters was heart
rending. They managed to cross the
Clearwater in several places at great
risk to their lives, being compelled to
wade the icy current up to their necks
or swim amid floating blocks of ice and
snow. Nearly all their horses died of
cold and starvation. The men tramped
for miles through the deep enow in
blinding storms, with scarcely any food
or clothing, being pat on half rations of
bacon and bread. At last the struggle
became too much for George Colgate, the
cook of the party. Colgate realized the
situation fully and advised his cou. pan
ions to attempt to save themselves.
Strong men shed tears when one of the
party was loft behind to meet his fute
alone. It began to appear as if all would
be lost, and at most the only hope held
out to them was the chance of being
found by a relief party, which Carlin
said he felt sure would be sent out for
them. The rescuers and rescued are ex
pected iu Kendrick Monday,. Lieuten
ant Klliott went as far as he could with
jrses, borrowed a saw at a rancher's
cabin, made a skiff, and had gone up the
river in it 13 miles when he met the
The courier gives the following account
of the egress of the party from the
mountains during and from the time
that they discovered they were irretriev
ably lost unless heroic methods were at
once adopted to make their way out of
the wilderness :
"October flth, the day upon which
they were preparing to leave the Clear
water, a heavy storm came on, which
completely obliterated all the roads and
trails. To add to their distress their
animals stampeded, and when night
overtook them they were powerless to
proceed. Being without anowshoes or
other appliances for winter traveling,
their perilous situation was soon realized,
and it at once became apparent that the
party was in for it. That night there
fell more than five feet of suow, and the
following morning consultations were
held, but no definite plan of action was
decided upon until the following evening,
when Guide Spencer decided upon brav
ing the storm alone, promising to go to a
certain point he had in view, which, if
ho could reach in safety, all would be
well. This, however, he failed to do,
the remainder of the party not consent
ing, preferring that all should live or die
together. And so the little band re
mained, trusting to fate and awaiting
succor, which arrived almost too late.".
How the Hawaiian Mattor Is Viewed at
the Capital.
Krmn imr K-t?lur CorrtNKmdeiit.
Washington, Nov. 24, 1S93.
"Support my tariff bill or you will get
nothinn from the administration," is
the ultimatum which Mr. Cleveland has
given to those democratic congressmen
who are disposed to protest against the
wholesale crippling of various industries
in their districts that the new tariff bill
will bring about, should the schedules as
prepared by the direction of Mr. Cleve
land be allowed to stand. The number
of democratic protestors is largo and as
the result will probably decide the re
nomination and election of most of them
it will not be surprising should many
decide that the welfare of their constitu
ents that is endangered by the Cleveland
t.riff bill is of more Importance to them
than any favors that Mr. Cleveland has
to give out, and be found carrying ont
tho threats now being made of uniting
with the republicans for the purpose of
securing protection of their constituents.
One of the arguments advanced by some
of the Cleveland men is characteristic
ally democratic "Support the bill as it
is ; the senate will be certain to amend
it according to your wishes." The same
sort of argument got votes for the Wil
son repeal bill at the extra session.
Nobody need lie surprised to hear that
Secretary Gresham has resigned. His
position i now anything but a desire-
able one. Instead of the vindication he
thought the publication of Blount's re
port would bring him and the adminis
tration, he finds the public much more
disposed to accept the answer to that re
port made by the Hawaiian Minister
Mr. Thurston as a correct story of
the Hawaiian revolution. Secretary
Gresham is eo chagrined that he hardly
gives those who come in contact with
him a civil answer to the most trivial
question. It is understood that he
wanted to send Mr. Thurston his pass
ports because he made public his answer
to Blount's report, but that Mr. Cleve
land forbid it.
Senator Culiom, of Illinois, does not
mince wrds in expressing his opinion
of the Hawaiian policy of the adminis
tration. Ilusays: "The president has
overstepped the bounds of American
patriotism and the authority vested in
his office. It is the most un-American
and unpatriotic step ever proposed by
any administration, and congress, al
though it id democratic in both branches,
will, in my opinion, take the first oppor
tunity to administer a severe reprimand.
I know of no man iu congress who has
endorsed the action of President Cleve
land in regard to Hawaii or who has
spoken a word in behalf of his unpatri
otic effort to restore the monarchy. The
act already committed by the adminis
tration is clearly without authority.
The action of President Johnson, whom
congress moved to impeach, waB not half
so reprehensible as that taken by Mr.
Cleveland and his secretary of state. It
is a most humiliating spectacle to any
true American citizen, and I might add
that it appears to be the most senseless
exhibition of combined mendacity,
malice, viciousness and outrageous exer
cise of official power that the world has
witnessed in modern times."
There is one paragraph in Secretary
Carlisle's New York chamber of com
merce speech that, in view of the
methods of Mr. Cleveland, is really
amusing, particularly to democratic con
gressmen not on good terms with the ad
ministration. They are in doubt as to
whether the secretary intended to be
delicately sarcastic at Mr. Cleveland's
expense, or was preparing the way to
shift th. blame for the lack of a financial
policy from the administration to con
gress. Here are the words of Secretary
Carlisle: "It must be remembered,
however, that it is the function and duty
of the legislative department to establish
the policy of the government upon this
and all other subjects, and to clothe the
executive with the necessary authority
and means to carry it out. When the
authority and means are granted the ex
ecutive department is responsible for the
manner in which the law is executed,
but beyond this it has no power to act,
and consequently no duty to perform."
Hon. Jos. N. Manley of Maine, was
here early in the week making prepara
tions for the opening of permanent head
quarters for the national republican com
mittee in Washington, from which the
distribution of republican literature and
other educational matter will be con
tinuously made, without interfering with
the work done in that line by the con
gressional committee or the League of
Republican clubs. Gen. Harrison wished
the national committee to do this four
years ago, but a majority of the com
mittee did not agree with him and it was
not done.
Speaking of the national committee, I
have it on good authority that when the
committee issues the call for the next
national nominating convention it iil
include therein an edict reducing the
representation in the convention of those
southern states in which the republican
party practically has no organization to
about two delegates each. The idea be
ing that the states from which the elec
toral votes must come should be allowed
to name the party candidates. Cas.
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Free List Will Satisr? the Most
Wool, Coal, Lumber, Salt and Iron Ore
on the Free List-Agricultural
Implements Free.
Washington, Nov. 27. The new
democratic tariff bill is given out. Its
provisions fulfill every expectation of
those who predicted it would be a
measure of radical reform. In many
respects It is a surprise even to demo
crats, as it is unprecedented in many
provisions. The free list is of liberal
scope, sufficient to satisfy the most rad
ical advocates of reform, and the repudi
ation of the principle of reciprocity is
decisive and emphatic. Thus the bill,
In addition to tariff reforms, will, if
passed, necessitate the readjustment of
treaties with South American countries,
which enjoy practical or theoretical reci
procity with the United States. The
bounty on sugar, instead of being re
pealed at once, will be repealed by easy
graduations and will not reach the full
effect till after the close of the present
century. Beginning March 1 next, the
following articles are added to the free
Bacon, hams, beef, mutton, pork,
meats of all kinds, prepared or preserved,
not otherwise provided for; baryta,
binding twine made in whole or part of
istle or tampico filier, manilla, sisal or
sunn, single ply, measuring not more
than COO leet to a pound ; millinery, bird
skins prepared for preservation ; blue
vitriol, bone, car coal, bituminous and
shale and slack or cut; coke, coal tar;
colors or dyes not specially provided for ;
ovide of cobalt, copper ores, old copper,
clippings of new copper, all composi
tions of which copper is the chief com
ponent of value, regblus and black cop
per, and copper cement, copper plates,
bars, ingots, pigs, other forms: cop
peras, cotton ties; diamonds, dust or
bort, jewels used in the manufacture of
watches and clocks; yolks of eggs of
birds, fish and insects; crude down,
fresh fish, undressed furs, iodine; ro
sublimated iron ore, including magnjfer
ons iron, dross of burnt pyrites, sulphur
pyrites in natural state; lard, lemon
juice; mica and crude metallic minerals
and unwrought metals, ochre and ochrey
earths, sienna and sienna earths, umber
and umber earths, cottonseed oil, paint
ings and statuary, plows, tools, disc
harrows, harvesters, reapeis, drills,
mowers, horse rakes, cultivators, thresh
ing machines, cotton gins, plush black
for making men's hats, quicksilver, salt,
silk not further advanced in manufac
tnre lean carding of combing, soap, not
otherwise provided for, sulphate of soda,
or salt cake or nitrate cake, sulphuric
acid, tallow and wool grease, straw,
hurrstone bound into millstones, free
stone, granite, sandstone, limestone and
other building or monumental stone, ex
cept marble undressed, all wearing ap
parel and other personal effects on iden
tity being established under regulations
to be established by the treasury, tim
ber, sawed boards, planks, deals, other
hunter, lath, palings, shingles, staves,
manufactured wood, provided the same
duties as now exist shall obtain in all
cases in which an export duty is laid on
any article in the above schedule ; chair
cane or reeds, woods, namely cedar,
lignum vibe, lancewood, ebony, box,
granadilla, mahogany, rosewood, rattan
wood, all tonus of cabinet woods, in the
log, rough or hewn, manufactured bam
boo and rattan, manufactured brier-root
or brierwood, reeds and sticks of patridge,
hairwood, pimento, orange, myrtle or
other woods in the rough ; all wool of
sheep, hair of camel, goat, alpaca and
other like animals ; wool and hair on
skin, noils, yarn, waste, card waste,
burr waste, rags and flogs, including all
waste or rags composed wholly or in
part of wool.
All delinquent taxpayers that don't
want their names advertised had better
come forward, as the roll will lw pub
lished on the 21st of this month.
T. A. Wakd, Sheriff.
Highest of all in Leavening Tower. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
T. V. Powderly resigned his position
as general master workman of the
Knights of Labor.
Washington Hesing, editor of the
the Staats-Zeitnng, has just been ap
pointed postmaster ot Chicago.
The Mexican revolutionists have van
quished the regular troops in a late
battle between Ascension and Palomas.
The entire number of paid admissions
to the world's fair was 21,4SO,14l. The
total attendance at the centennial at
Philadelphia was 9,910,000.
Thermometers in Minnesota, North
Dakota and Manitoba registered 6 to 15
degrees below zero yesterday. Sauk
Rapids, Minn., reports 24 below; Fargo,
N. D., 23 below.
The City of New York is doomed.
After a long period of almost perfect
weather, in which efforts to Bave the
vessel proved unavailing, a storm has
arisen which bids fair to destroy the
It is reported that articles of Impeach
ment against Mayor FUistis will be pre
ferred at the Minneapolis council meet
ing for permitting saloons to keep their
back doors open Sundays,' contrary to
Leo XII has fallen into a stage of a
senile decay, which his physicians do
not believe can last till March. His hold
on life, at best, is a matter of months.
Preparations are being seriously made
for the election of a new pope.
Reports are coining in from Western
Kansas which tell of great suffering
among many people there who are des
titute of provisions and without money
to buy fuel. For 24 hours a severe bliz
zard has been raging. Appeals are com
ing to the governor for coal, but he is
powerless to aid unless coal could be
shipped there from the state mine at
A 25-pound turnip was presented to
the Oregon City Enterprise by a farmer
living four miles south of the city.
A colony of Scandinavians under the
leadership of Jens Johnson of Minne
apolis have arrived and will locate in
Silvertou and vicinity.
The plans of W. C. Knighton, of
Salem, for building the Soldiers' Home,
were accepted. Advertising for bids
will be done at once. The work of clear
ing the land will commenced imme
diately. Mr. Kertson, who has been employed
by the West Side (Independence) for
nearly a year, proposes to start an oppo
sition job aflice and perhaps a newspaper.
This means starvation for both, and
about the first thing they will go to
slashing rates to a trifle above cost of the
paper. Kertson had better have con
tinued drawing his salary.
Corvallis offers to the fashionable
world a new form of entertainment, the
onion sociable. Six young ladies stand
in a row, and one bites a chunk out of
an onion; then the onion is turned over
to the young men for inspection. The
one who guesses who bit the onion
kisses the other five ladies. If he fails
to guess, he is only allowed to kiss the
girl who bit the onion. Thus again is
trie hope of reward overshadowed by the
fear of punishment.
IleaceliflMrt from the Axtert.
City ok Mexico, Nov. 20. It is of
ficially announced that the Marquis de
Castellanos, Don Aueusiin Maldoimdo
Carvajal, and his two brothers ami sis
ter, all residents of Madrid, Spain, have
been recognized by the government of
Mexico as descendants of the Aztec
monarch whom Cortez conquered. The
treasurer-general has been instructed to
pay to each of them an annual pension.
This decision has been communicated to
them by the secretary of the treasury.
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