The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, November 18, 1893, PART 2, Image 4

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John Johnson, a negro murderer, was
electrocuted at Auburn, N. Y., yester
day. Servian Minister Geonrevieh, stabbed
by Anarchist Lauthier Momlav night in
Paris, is much worse.
i i. . . . . . :u v
wnooiiioum. i.ouirw, ... .,
Durneu ana juiv i oner,,
AVillard Johnson, aged 4, were burned to
Mrs. John Sprasuc, u of the well- M(. T Kt.,uv o MitcUl,U Crook
known theatrical manager, committed ( Co js jn t)lP ,.irv rou, t0 Stm jran
suicide at her home at V.roadway, : t.jM, where he will remain during the
Brooklvn X. Y. She had been murried j winter. Mr Kelly has several boxes ol
which lie is taking down to put
.j years. .! 0n exhibit at the midwinter fair.
In a fight for the possession of a mill
near Mt. l'mion, Ala., between the ,,,., , , ,, , , , ,
sheriff and his assistant and two ! Mr.L C. Richards of Goldendale is in
brothers named Smith, the brothers' 'll'
were shot and kil.ed. and thesheritfshot r. and Irs A , a Phelps w,U RO
in the bead and badly wounded.
A special from Xew York says Ad
miral Mello, commander of the lirazilian
rebellion, has declared himself for an
empire. A private cable announces
that a monarchy is proclaimed in Brazil.
Mello lias hoisted the imperial Hag.
The Grand Trunk Company is exoner
ated from all blame, in the Battle Creek
disaster the jury finding that it had fur
nished first -class car ami all the latest
improvements for safety. Conductor
Scott will have a hearing on a charge of
murder in the lirst degree.
Judge McAdaui. of the superior court,
bas annulled the marriage of the actress,
Lillian Kussell, and Edward T. Solomon,
composer. The divorce w:is granted on
the grounds that Solomon had a wile in
England at the time of his marriage to,
Miss Kussell.
The woman white-cap case that caused
a sensation in Osceola, Neb., a few weeks
ago, when a dozen prominent women
were accused of flogging Osceola K'1' for
alleged laxitv of morals., was settled
yesterday bv the accused women plead
ing guilty to unlawful assembly, and
befng fined 123 each.
Mrs. July Keynolds, of Weston, X. C,
bas written to Governor McKiuley that
her 15-year old son, James K. Hall, is
held in elavery in Tangier island. He
shipped in an oyster schooner from
Xorfolk. The lad's condition, according
to a man who escaped from the island,
is worse than that of anv black slave be
fore the war. The matter will be in
vestigated. Great excitement prevails at Varner,
Ark., on the Iron Mountain railroad,
over the hanging, shooting and burning
of a negro named Xelson, who a week
ago murdered another negro. The mob,
consisting exclusively of colored people,
who broke down tiie jai!, hung Xelson
-w a tree, riddled his body with buliets.
. and then set fire to it. Fragments of
the body were left dangling to the tree.
3Irs. Agnes McKiniey, a Canadian
procures', imprisoned for bringing
young girls here from Toronto for im
moral pnrM.i?!e9. pardoned by the presi-
dent on condition she should not ; again
oaier the United Stii?"1, was released
Ironi the Sir.g Sing penitentiary. When
the pardon was read, she said : "I like
the pardon all right, but it has a string
with it which I object to." She started
at on-e for Canada.
A rancher named Peterson, residing
near Kllensburg, Wash., came in town
and bought a lot of supplies, including
liquid poison for coyotes. He left be
fore night and stopped at a ranch a few
miles out. He took out some tobacco to
chew and soon became sick. Looking
among his groceries be found the bottle
of poison had broken. He immediately
gave an alarm and asked for help, and
while calling fell over dead.
PyBmmHa la MarMlllca.
Marseilles, Nov. 16. At midnight
an attempt was made to blow up the
official residence of General Mothelin,
commander of the Fifteenth corps. The
house is surrounded by a high wall, into
which niches for sentry boxes are built,
though owing to the late quiet condition
of affairs no sentries occupied them.
Cases of dynamite were placed in the
niches, also one in the hallway of the
house, and one in the orderly's room ad
joining the apartments occupied by the
general. About midnight the last-mentioned
bomb exploded with fearful force,
shattering the walls and breaking every
pane of glass in 'the house and the ad
joining house. The supposition is that
the dynamiters expected the firit con
cussion to set off all the other cases.
Had this occurred there would have
been a great destruction of property and
a heavy loss of life ; as it was, nobody
was hart. The outrage is supposed to
be work of the street-car-strikers, whose
" strike was defeated by the aid of the
.Much Anxlty at ftlo.
Moxtevwko, Nov. 1G. AH cable com
munication with Kio Janerio was cut off
yesterday morning, is reported,
to the fact that the cable office and plant
there are being removed further lrom
the water, in anticipation of the
promised furious bombardment of the
capital by Mello's fleet. The situation
of the behagnered citizens is felt to be
extremely grave, and much anxiety as
to the outcome is expressed here by
those who are aware that Mello proposed
to make upon the capital today, as
cabled yesterday, the most determined
onslaught he has yet conducted, lie
fears the gathering of the fleet of
Feixoto, and does not intend to be
caught by it if be can avoid it. j
Mr. Amos Koot Is in the city today.
Mr. n. F. I.aii)hlin weut below this
i morning,
i Mrs. I-eni. Unless of Hake Oven la In
town t0lH'-,
Mr. li. r.. iiaworiu is visuma nn
, ,mttlur j y., vf this city
, , ,
J Z!
J. Ander
, on court
tldiul lo a ui iiniiu oil. i . v.... 11 ., ...
winter months.
' Mrs. Mabel Powers and Miss Maie
Norton returned to Portland by the
early morning train.
Mr. D. B. Kelley of Mitchell, who has
been in the city several uavs, departed,
for San Francisco this morning.
Messrs. Pat. Mclllany, John Trana,
Pr. Candiana and Mr. Collis, all of Cas
cado Locks, are in the city today.
Messrs. John Plvers, Wm. Davidson,
J. 15. Pavton, L. E. 5Iorse and H. J. Hib
bard of Hood lliver are in town today on
court business.
Mr. J. C. Hayes of Hood River, a
prominent citizen and surveyor of that
section, made Thk Cukoniclk a pleasant
call this morning.
A letter received this morning from
IlulT.iio, X. Y., states Mr. Linus Hub
bard, of this city, is lying very ill with
typhoid fever in that city. He longs for
our salubrious climate, where lie nau
better lie, than in the malarial east.
Rev. B. F. Bonney of W'amic ia in The
Dalles todav and made Tin Chbonicle a
call. He has been absent in the be
nighted Willamette region for several
weeks and promises Thk Cukoniclk
readers with an interesting article soon.
Dr. II. C. Hinkle of Portland and E.
May are registered at the Umatilla
Hon. T. R. Coon of Hood River is in
the city today. He is registered at the
Umatilla House.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Butler of Kinpslev
are in the city. Mr. Butler gave The j
LituoNicLK office an agreeable call today.
Messrs. J. C. Coatsworth. F. Reid, H.
Chrisman and M. Jameson left this
morning on a bunting expedition in
Sherman countv.
In The Dalles, at the home of the
bride's parents, Xov. loth, Mr. Albert
W. Turner and Kliza Jane Matnev, bv
Elder G. II. Barnett.
May long life and much happiness at
tend the youthful pair.
Green Arnold, one of the best known j
and most respected citizens of Union j
county, died Wednesday nightof general I
lehility, aged 75 years. i
L. Vance, an old-timor of Josephine j
county, was found dead in his bed at I
Wililuwillo 10 ntiiiiD antitli nf flrunfu
Pass, having shot himself through the !
heart with a 44-caliber revolver.
Balfour, Guthrie & Company have j
sued ex -Gov Z. F. Moody for tl,7."9,G7, '
alleged to be luc on a book account. I
This account, the complaint states, was !
for convenience' sake "kept in the name j
of M. A. Moody, although ''A. F. Moody
was the debtor. I
Herman Hid, a native of Finland, shot
himself while duck hunting in the vicin- ;
ity of Marshlie)d. ' His gun was dis
charged while taking it out of the boat.
The full chprge of shot took effect in his
right breast, passing clear through Ids
body. He was able to crawl out of his
boat into the rafting-scow, but died a
few minutes latere
bport of Schoul
No. 33.
Eight Mile, Or.
Total number enrolled, 23. Those
who have seen red 100 deportment for
excellent behavior and scholarship are
as follows:
Emma Johnson, Amy Angell, Lor a
Drake, Anna Patterson, Carrie Drum
mond, Iva Lea bo, Amos Johnson, Annie
Johnson, Alice Johnson, Willis and Ray
Those who were neither absent or
tardy were Emma and Amos Johnson,
Carrie Drummoud, Alfred Huott, David
Patterson, Iva Leabo, Willis and Ray
Darnielle and Monroe Drake.
Hattik I. Hill, Teacher.
Look Ovar Veur County Warranto.
All county warrants registered prior
to January 16th, 18!W, will be paid if
presented at my office, corner of Third
and Washington streets. Interest
ceases on and after this date.
Wm. Mk.iif.i.i,,
Tressurer Wasco County.
October 21st, 183. tf
A rnt dlcorry by an oM
physician. Huetetfulln uted
pnonthlt bp thtmaarulw o
LadUt. U lbs only prrfwfly
safaaml rrilabla mmtlclua dl-
Bewara of anprlaclplnl dru(lu wbo
offer Inferior millclBa In plaos of tliU. Aak fit
Cook's Cotton Root C'omsoan4. tnk no rubtlU
tute, or faeloaa ft and 0 outa in poatatt" In latter
and wawul and, aaalod, by return mall. yoJlandad
partk-nlan In plain onralopn, to lodloa only, 1
tlamiK. Adoraai Pond Lll T Com oanr.
So. 3 ruber Uloek. Iwrrolt, Mich.
Bold In Th IaUi by ilboieiey A ilouiiton.
Use Mexican Kilver Stove Polish
facnllar Dapoalta ot Hadlniant fouat a
th rMl of Now Jaraoy.
Millions of years ago certain aedi
m ents, which hud their origin in tho
washing away of conglomerate rocks
far to tho northward. were
brought by water and laid
dowu over thia part of New
Jersey. From age to ugethe character
cif the material clumped according to
the source from which it wus fetched.
Thus.iu digging iuto the soil horeuhout.
one liuds it urranged iu layers like
cake. First, says the Washington
Star, the spado will turn up a ml
brick cluv. This deposit will extend
, to a depth of three or four feet, per
hups, Ueneuth this will lie u stratum
or clay quite different in appearance,
and speckled with iron, t'nderneuth
the latter is a layer technically termed
"lire clay No. i," and below this is
"lire clay No. "J." Next comes a
"seamy" stratum, and finally a layer of
what is called "extra sandy," which is
at the bottom of the formation. All of
these clays are useful, being applied to
various purposes, according to char
acter and quality. They go through
processes of grinding and refining in
the factories by which they are freed
from impurities and made smisith and
perfectly plastic. Such is the raw
material, which is eventually turned
out in most bountiful shnnvs for tleeo-
rating houses nud for other purposes j i)usjnesll Ollleo and is not opeued but
of agricultural ornamentation. This ; wlt t(, tUc ,,,VM ,.,itor on the 'snpiM
work at present employs artistic skill ' Bitin tlut Jt coutuins news. The news
of the very highest order. The de- i etitor growls at the chump that sent
signs ure made by sculptors of tho flrst! jt umi Kt.tliis jt ltll k to the business
rauk, who consider it not beneath their ; 0flict. luj u letter murked "rush"
dignity, any more than did Michael j USUully delayed.
Angelo, to expend their genius upon
the adornment of buildings. In fact,:
many of the objects of art in terra j
cotta which now gTuee private dwell- ;
ing and public edifices seem almost too
admirable, inasmuch as they cannot be j
setui closely enough to be admired as j
they deserve. j
An empty whisky Hash in u C-jIuhi- i
bus home, apparently sound, exploded ;
while the family were at dinner the '
other day.
A XoitTll C.uioi.iNA turkey gobbler
recently scratched up eight potatis-s
iu a garden und has been sitting on
them for several weeks.
Jamk.i Cm non, of Hancock, X. Y.,
while in the delirium of drunkenness.
imagined a liou-coiistriotor was coiled
about his neck. lie slashed at it with
a knife and cut his throut from car to
Doi iits as to the sanity of a clergy -
man in Warren, l'u., are freely ex
pressed. In a recent sermon he grave
ly informed his parishioners that many
of them were too generous with their
Is digginr a well in Carroll county.
Mo., recently, a farmer claims to have
found rt li depth of ten feet a r.treum
of v. ;iU;" in which wen? Moating mini
licrs of white walnuts, together with
leaves from the trees.
A i:i;i!.':;.ii!iiHiM of Sahni, Mass., wa
so overci::i'j by the novelty of his po
sition during the marrhifc ceremony
that he fainted. The bride looked so
mortified that she denied to 1m medi
tating a severe Caudle lecture for his
Is a dispute with n member of her
lainilv. .Miss l.imiia J..i:u:-av. ot iilno
Falls. Ind., bream.
i cxeit"d that she !
fell to the flour in a swoon. She has
since lx-en blind ii'id ? pi-ch!e-.., al
though the cpaurrel occurred several
weeks ago.
Tkx years ago, when .Vr.. ir.niiie!
Gamble, of GrusM . ICy. . ' ;is rr::irrieil.
she weighed one bun::, d un.l i.:ty
five pounds. For ;vai-r .i!u- re
mained at ubout ti;'.. n:".--.'. I .v.: in is-'.'
she began to gain fieMi, a:: l now
weighs six hundred and live pounds.
The Minot Ledge lighthouse is of
granite; height, H feet, the lower 40
feet being solid.
Tun honeycomb presents a solution
of the greatest possible strength and i
space with the least possible material.
A flka is provided with a genuine
lancet, the knife inclosed in a case in
the head of the insect, the case opening
sideways, like that of a "razor.
The family of Jukes, including in all
"71J monsters of degradation," has
ben traced with the utmost exactness
through five generations to one woman,
the notorious "Margaret, the mother
of criminals."
The grip seems to have no home,
though it makes itself at home every
where; the Russians call it Chinese ca
tarrh, the Germans call it the Russian
pest, the Italians name it the German
disease, the French cull it the Italian
HEN'tY LABot.-ciiEltK thinks that It
ought to be the custom for women to
make proposuls of marriage, lie con
tends that when a bachelor became ac
quainted with a very charming woman,
he would exert himself, by good con
duct, to win a proposal from her.
Maky I!i;hto.n, a coy maid of one
hundred and one summers, was mar
ried in the Grimsby (England) parish
church recently.
Twins In Glen Lllyn, near Chicago,
lately celebrated the ninety-first anni
versary of their birth. Their names
are Airs. Ackerman and Mrs. Christian.
Ciiaw.kk Kkvkrk (.rims. v. ho is still
hale and hearty at eighty, lives nt
Iiocklund, X. V and is a greut grnnd
son of the immortal Paul Revere of the
famous ride.
Vicroit IIaim.ot. one of the few sur- j
viving veterans of the French army nt j
Waterloo, recently celebrated his one
hundredth anniversary in his native I
village in the Yonne. I
A.t Irish woman named Mrs. Todd I
died recently at Donaghmore, Xewry, j
at tho oge of one hundred and ten !
years, hho well remembered .many of
tli at irrintr sinu .,f lt 1 1 :..'.. i
' " :.-iihfu in
Am Attaaipt
I,, iMr Why Tbiy Am
Thu TrtU.
It la a legend in the telegraph olliee
that the sender tultes a pile of mes
sages, and, sorting out those marked
"rush." putii them at the bottom of the
pile. There is also a class of commu
nicants that every tiowspiipcr olliee
knows which marks its letters "rush."
It will never be known just what
these writers expect, says tint Minne
apolis Journal. Possibly It Is that
when the letter is received by the post
olliee authorities the wheels of Incle
Sum's mighty engine for the distribu
tion of muil" will stop while the post
master seizes his hut and ru he., out to
deliver the letter personull;. . If any
body sees the postniiisur tearing
across towu, brcuk-neek speed, he niuv
know that the postmaster is deliver
ing a "rush" letter, I'suully u letter
murked "rush" bears a message some-
j wjult ns follows:
"Hasty, Minn., Sept. It. John y
Montgomery died yesterday of old uj.'o.
He will m- seriously missed in our
beautiful village, .lolm L. John: on
ruised a potato on his lower forty hi .
yeur that weighed eighteen ounces.
Frank Williamson wus taken to the In
sane asylum yesterday."
Sometimes a man will send a letter
murked "rush" containing a check or
i,st..i liriler. Then It goes to the
yuour Aunuul tnlr ut lli'lnmu'n
llio KtruiiK.' (IriKln AlleifMl.
Heliiuigen. a Koumnniun country
town of twelve hundred inhabitants,
holds its annual fairon the feast of St.
Theodoro. On this occasion the place
swarms with newly married brides
from sixty oreighty villages in the dis
trict; widows who have taken fresh
husbanda remain ut homo. The young
women in festive attire, und frcnernlly
j attended hy their mothers-in-law, curry
': Ju-rs of wine enw Tcuthed with flowers
j In their hands. The ltumunischc
; Woehensohrift says they kiss everyone
i thev meet, and afterward nresent the
w"to his lip- for "nip." The indi-
vulual thus regaled bestows a smull
gift on the fuir Cyliele. Not to partake
of the proffered wine is regarded as an
insult to the young- wife and her
family. She Is, therefore, reserved to-
; ward strangers, and only hisses those
whom she thinks likely to taste of her
wine. The is carried on every
where in the street, in the tuvernsand
in private houses. The origin of this
custom is veiled in obscurity. Some say
that it dates buck to the time when the
Turks made frequent raids into Tran
sylvania, anil carried away all the
young women they could lay their
hands on. Such of them us contrived
to escape from captivity, hnpcniiig to
return to llalmagen ut the time of the
fair, kissed their friends and relatives,
anil even strangers who congratulated
them on their wonderful deliverance.
A OallcUtn U-Kriid Whlrh 1Itm lh Origin
f thn C'tifttoni.
Here und there in the highwavs ami
byways of the world many Icgcndsuud
superstitions still linger oud continue
to retain their ancient prestige. Iu
Tialicia. the province northeast of Hun
gary, the Jieusants believe that when a
star falls to earth it is ut once trans
formed into a rarely lieauliful woman
with long hair, blonde und glittering.
This splendid creature, miraculously
engendered, exercises on ull who come
in contact with her a magical in
fluence. Every handsome youth un
fortunate enough to attract her atten
tion becomes her victim. Thus having
allured them to her. she encircles them
with her arms In an embrace thnt be
comes gradually tighter and tighter
until the poor dupes are strangled to
death. If certain words ore mur
mured the moment the star starts to
fall they cause her allurements to lose
their power. From this superstition
springs the custom of wishing while a
star is seen hurrying through the air,
a wish said surely to come true if com
pletely formulated before the light is
extinguished. The Spaniards saw. in
the falling stars the souls of their
dead friends, the thread of whose ex
istence was cut short by destiny. The
Arabs thought these sturs to lie burn
ing stones thrown by the angels on to
the heads of devils who attempted to
enter paradise.
The French government has bought
of W. T. Duunut, tho American painter
in Paris, his "Portrait of Miss K. II.,"
shown at the salon of lss. and again at
the I'niversal exposition of issy. It
will tie placed at the Luxembourg.
The picture galleries of Rome are to
be illustrated by "Braun" photographs
with the carbon process. A selection
of paintings, three hundred and twenty-four
in number, will be issued In
portfolios, with letterpress written by
Prof. Venturi, director of the Royal
museum ut Rome.
The German sculptor, Josef Kopf,
who lives at Rome and has n ntelier in
Budon linden, has presented the con
tents of thut studio to the grand duke
of Baden with the request that they
be kept us a museum for the citizens
anil guests. There ore many paintings
and tapestries besides the sculptures
by Kopf.
A Ron. tomb has been unearthed
at Cologne containing the lsmes of a
man, a silver sword handle with nn in
seription and an inkstand of bronze.
The sword grasp is inlaid w ith gold
and enamel, and the inkstand is rich
in decoration. A coin of (lord inn III.
gives some clew to the period of the in
terment. Captain
, auyp ;
th- lir-t
l . A., Han
'MiilohV Catarrh
iin-dieinii I have
do me anv ''Mid.''
"'iiir& Kinersly.
Diego, Cal
.. .
l.'Hliieilv ia
j I Vet f,
ii-id I hi'
.Vl e(. - ;
Nln-Yar-IIU Ifctvlil 4aitiira
i Thirty.
Tvu I'munl Carp.
An exciting combat between a nine-
year-old boy and u t'llrt.v-t wo-ponud j
German t ;rp took phu'o on Jutm-s
M. wire's f.irm. near Bristol, stiyi, the 1
1'liilu lel;iiii.i Kecord. The .Ncdiariiiny :
ertvh In r liny hensotin fills theditcho.i
of tidjeecni. l:irnis wit'l w.Mer fr
eighteen ii"ii" t " two feet deep. The j
oilier d:iy Bii'id I'herry, the your? sou
of .lohn t'herr-. of this place, cud two j
sumll coiii'ir. . :..m; etil llshinc lir l!ie j
of th.
m the
o'l 'II
Iti'll.'s nil
ii. esp'ed t'irec
huge .:!.;
nix too
uithou' ,
line. I).n
unit, t he wiili r
l e;,
id, o'liel. liiaii hU play-
m. ! :.. jumped in. l'.;e ditch und
M-i.vd the !;.;:-e.i the monster fish.
The en :: 'y r 'v v.tiio boy, find
tl.e.:: iv;"it : f., . !:; , .:; it unlive fie
Y;. Ci rry !n..l ti.rht hold
ot it. Iml e.ii'p i'V.rr.'ed through
tin- v.vter :Vi rind, i.i:.,.-,,'i:;,r Hie lad
U-hli.d. 'i'he ii.e.-i i n shore thought
l ,eir i'i;:r. ..ii.ion v. utild surely be
di'o.vned. .'.' often hi-, v. :ole body was
uu.ler v ::' '. . At hv.t tie t...h ;rew so
weal-;- in I : ;h:y ei'cn- ., to ese;tie
bis i uiil. ! ; U'.il he could lie Innvvn out
upon the l.auU. Then v. '.I three hoyu
'i:iifi--l i:iv;i th" e::ri and hel I him to
the ' ' eiiill h" bud gnsjs'd out. his
l;ie. u-y Iml',-d iheir trophy home
::i.! put It 011 the scuh-s. The fish
weighed thirty-two pounds.
iU Tle-ilMMdvca
"it. 1:1 Kddtera V. 0( liptl
r llli I'l'it-ry.
! l"-."-ri i-.T t.i th.- v.' -eiit order of the
n-iait euipero:- v.-'.th regard to the
:; 1 i: iv;-'.:l.ii-iiies which had be
1 luiaioii in 1 he licrmiin i;nuv,
-.1'' !... :..!. Glo'ie, 11 coi-r'sj)on-;.!:;
IJev'iii c;:IK our a:lenlioii to
' !";;:. .1';' ihe hui'.cr him .. !f b; not
, e I In : ; free (ro:!i ni'i'ee;;t ion fftlhis
l.i. ll'U- a.'leU lis hi hiliettdf ..I'ts the
.!i'e :i o." .i;Lie-ie';.nu;;. In most
.li:-. :iy;ri'.-i of the Ituio-r the
i.. be ei;,-iit 1 r-; ..i;il promi
l y the po-.iii.m of the urm. Hut
i-.-. r'.e. 1 liet. -l to the biiMtrlc. he nev-
f, .v
le, -liilti the purrin'. which
,-lv v.u.'. very coinnionlv worn
anving hi;, oi-l
1. he time 1
f l r derie!( U'iKiiim II.,
ac.'iiv wtts re-.tlng on
when l'i ' C
l'u- Uurel.. ...f ih
r.-tl 1 rc.lcvieL, dun-
1 li
!,Te . niit;:li r
la of!! .-r.;. l.i
c on leni;::i J ion ..
l'.' OI -i'Vi
f f ippei-y.
:;ti" ' .! les en i ..r.vtv.iguuee:. dil'iered
b-' idirrht'y from those of todny--Hliiiri-jMinted
toes, rhliculoiisly high
collnrx nr.d niiort overeouts without
scams. Latter-diiy e?:(iiisites have ulso
lUlovilcd the plan of erowdinr on the
lini'cr ns r.ian.v rin."; ns po-.sildi ho j
who e;i r. ouit,' ta' largest iiuniber on ;
the rinr (in T .-.und et the tMiue time ! Wneo County Iu prol.Me, ejs-iitrii i
Isold Ids linger being considered to I II. e w ill annexed of the nWnit Jt"
have the blue . I blood. I'nderbill deceased. All nrnni liafi
To llrltlahor ihr I'lamllta of Worlil'a
ralr it s.iuuil I.Ike III
The arrival of the presiilent and his j
party called forth what to ujy llritish j
ears was a most unexpected vocul !
demonstration, says a writer iu the
Review of Reviews. The s-opo not i
only cheered ns llritisli crowds ure j
wont to cheer. They indulged in ;
sounds which are to us expressive of j
strong derision. Tin y literally cater- ;
wauled. I was almost rut surprised us !
Milton uialii-s out his fiailen hero to be i
w hen. instead of the applause he an-1 ;,, 'i',,,.,,,,,',.'.! (!.. umi
licipaieii, tie wus greeted with one vast
hiss. I Bitppo.M- every nation develops
its own style of plaudit. The Ger
mans have their short staccato "Ins-h,"
the Ifritish their sonorous "hurruh,"
while the Americans have selected the
shrill feline yell. Asking a fuir Chi
cngoan the rcuson of this strange pref
erence, I got for answer; "I guess they
wunt to inn We as much noise as they
can; and they II ml they make most
noise thnt wnv."
Making allowance fortius peculiarity
in cheering, no royal (sTsonuge could
have Is-on more rapturously received
than was the plain citizen, Grover
Cleveland. In the simple morning
dress of the ordinary citizen, without
rlhlxms, r medul, or other decoration
on his breast, with nothing in his garb
to distinguish him from other men,
this ruler of more than three score mil
lion men stood out in instructive con
trast to the brilliantly-uniformed rep
resentatives of huropeun royalty l
hind him. It wus an object lesson
which could hardly Is- lost on the hun
dreds present from monarchical states.
A .NTS are provided with a poison bug,
which discharges a fluid having a
strong sulphurous smell, sufUcieut to
drive awuy most insect enemies.
Camphor is the result of evnsirating
an essential oil found In two different
trees, the cinnnmoiiium enmphoru,
which grows in ( hinu and Japan, and
the dipteroenrpus cumphoru of Suma
tra and Borneo.
A l.KTTi;it from Prof. Garner, dated
from his steel cage, which he has
named Fort Gorilla, has ben received
in Liigl.itid from Fernandez Vitrz, Af
rica. The professor claims to liuvo
made greut progress hi his study of the
monkey luiigunge.
I'.NCI.E K.i furnishes forty-one per
cent, of the world's silver.
l.f Kliropc there lire rls,4()0 llisiinc; in
the 1 niled states, HIM.Miill.
Thiihe hundred and sixty niouiitiiins
in the I'nited States are iver ten thou
sand feet high.
At. I. the glaciers in the Alps would
not einul one of the largest in our ter
ritory of A he, Ua.
r.Mi.E Sam makes more piiHir than
any other country in the world. The
largest pii-r mill is at Wcstbrook, Me.
In Great Britain the annual sick rate
for each inhabitant is ten days to the
year; in the I'nited States eight days.
Uonaflla to Bo trarlvad Inna ,
Tho rxsuM'Ssion of the niurvu
intricate faoulty of artioUttte
siiyn a writer in Godt.yH
more miraculous to the unthi
than do the eternal varieties fe
drinking and sleeping. Yet th'
mer Is arbitrary and eon venting.
Invention of man Mrhupi, ut
lined ti him, if Prof. Garner of m,.
sM-ech fame is to be bclli.,H,
the latter ure natural, absnlut,.
111011, and the sinecpia nonnfexj,t
The ollleo of speech the er-Li.
to s'.vliii rrrnun uipioinui to me t'ontrnr,
the Mil-i wlthMtiiuilinr-lH to convey u
L 1- . . .1 ' 1
now lmiMirinui men. inut thin yt
of thought transference, tliUojj,
currier f ideus, this earring j,
with the most delicate untidy
burdens, nothing less than therert
sence of tho soul pnrlshubti (",
Indeed should be carefully
and developed to its highest
The comparative ease wlthwhic'
average Individual may I
express the thoughts of hhni.f ,
era in an Intelligent, intelligible,
pleusing fashion, mukes Itatn'mii
criminal to neglect nucha vastpa
uddltlon to the general good.
In none of the arts f,,r rvl;
not only an art, but the nnkfe
them all -does general iufonm,,
education and Intelligence eouctii
A MAX In Wisconsin is tbepnatri
of a curiosity in tin-shape of a h,,
It Is estimated that last yesrlj
ihxi.imhi bauauus wore coiisuainl
t'nlted Mates alone.
Thk t'nlted State has thmtr p,
eeutage of blind jsiople tliaimirot4
country in the world.
Nohtiiaui-ton (Lnglandiaemi
shier it an omen of misfortaatUtan
butterllies are seen together.
Female spiders are much Urjrj i
more feris-ious than the main.
generally devour their husbunik
The Ijicrynue C'hristl is a 1'ortui
wine made from the Julue whtej
flows without pressure from thtf
TitriiR Is a haunted tree at
fseorsport. Me., which shelters 11
where a murder had lHen comca
oflleiul 1 M01 bas formed the initial "1 r
on the bark.
Xotiee is hereby giveu l lint tli
signed hii Is-en dill v aiiiMiiiilnl n
Countv Court of the Stole ill (rtvcsii
claims M-uin-t nunl e'liile t brrrliT i
ipiired to present them f m wi
pror Viiuctiers at the Ihm fffirnlC
don A I umi i ti in i'ulles Cut, (I'm
within six mouths from the dat'ot tt
not ire.
XovemWr 11. lsli.1.
Cl.Ml.l ',. TMKHnil. '
F.xeentrix of tiie K1ate of Jmuf Itf
bill, deceased.
Executor's Notice to Creditors.
Ni.tlv I- hfp'hy fflii-l
, tki I! riinnivfiMi
M VI i i.uiiti U
-ol-.'nl IW rrtlle
1bi lll mill Iml . m-lil "I l.n 1.1X-1 All I'Si'Ik l;lll illn T f
IlK" -.MI I'l mill ll. i'r.i-ol bwliy try i
,i (.rwlil tlii-m. ttl'li 111 f"
oil. nil lx n.elilli" (ruin tl.nUlfi'l tt'l"
I. . .ilil .-ii!..t st hi" l.ini' "I !!"
Iinlli.. i rn.ln ilil at IU J
II, 11. tVILull, III lil l"l.i-I II'. J
.in II. I.I. ImA ..F. I;"
Patitl till ll On) "I N.ei liiKT. '
In the Cininty
nirl of tlii- j'lutrafii!"1'
aii I i.iiati.
In th Mallfriil tli K1il-l 1
William llniiilil.m w llwiii, lMiia
Nulla l liwhi lvn that ".
l.v an itnlnr ut tiie Cimitv "', (ur Wawn Cmmlv. ni"
m-,l..i.liw 7, imi, a aiiiHiinli'tr"" .
I.t will ami tMlim-iu s " ,
llamllliill Wlliill, lliti-awl .
Plallfm HKilhiat Mill lnli w B"?
iirnxnt ll.o Min.n Willi .""p,, 1
ilien-lur u nn-at III nrtiixi i.l Jlf.'''
At WIImiii. 11m I Mill-. Orcl. -'j
uiniiili Iriim th ol tin M.Hir. I
liaUil The lallo, tr.. .;; '''.V,-'
M. s IU ti" .
r.swutor ot Will W m. I!.
V-SH.H 1
Two Matrimonial
.rillemn! Two lln !""'"! !!?,!! ;
IhiIIh. m-rllenl rv.iiUli"ii. L,. '
ill. I liiiliiilir. awa Is anil '
meh, lHirnl ilirulswalit ti
won if Ilka In .rrwiiiiil " "ili,,
milli-mil tinilif 41). hiT,:.'B!!,iri't
Imniiia. (iiitli-iiin, If vmi ' uiiff"' mm. it II Mil III l,""""n.ini
tiai, llaiuea ulnl aililreaw" "".'j, (V
Pennsrlf di
Hi l.lwlm
Estray Taken Up
on hlnek ixniy. braiuM l'.h',',BJ''i
hlpainl led Jw. dwiier can M t
Iiik .mri sua (siyniK ! ,V. , j ; J' .
JD-UaHm Co.l,.lli..T
( i
A NT F.I) - Pimlihiir " ,""uil'', i
r mr". l.linini litt1' ui
klV. IVfHIMHttllt IM'-Hl"'1, 1
f..rf iMItM. in- I
I )U whst III '"" I
If yen wmh Ui rsh all tn n 'j
lM,?h..l you rairt l I;" Z.i '
,1,,, in., ui u" 1 .' .mi.ii
ntliur i(r, ami lvarlll
Taken Up-
braiiuedtha. '
can hava W j.v
AuiiI 1 IsiW. tf