The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, November 01, 1893, PART 1, Image 2

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    The Weekly Ghronicle.
Xuicrvd at th a."""" at The 1'sllcs, Orer.
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BY llilL. TOKT4uE rKtrilt. IN Z)Vj.C
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Purveyor . . . . .
dutvrinteudeut ot Public sehooU
.'miH;r N
Tri'y neiey
The latest advices froiu r.raz':! show
that the civil tear is simply a simple
between two rival leaders for p"er. and
there is probably no quest: in us to the
restoration of the empire involve.) iu it.
The empire is dea l bejoi: resurrection
in r.razll as in Mexico. Shcv.i-J Admiral
Custodio de Mello succeed in overtiitow
ir.g r.-eident IVxotu, it is not likely
that the admiral wouid invite any prince
ling of the house of to eciy
the prize he had so arduous! y'woc. As
for l'eixoto, be has proclaimed hin.self a
dictator, and Brazil wouid have r.o room
fur a dictator and an emperor at one and ;
the same time. Therefore if any princes ;
in France, Portugal or Gotha have been
building hopes of tb Brazilian crowc '.
cn the present outbreak, they may I
realized. j
The origin of the Brazilian trouble, j
says an exchange, appears to be the dis
approval by President Peixoto of a bill
passed by the congress rendering it ,
illeeal for any citizen who has fil.ed the
office of vice president of the republic to
bold the presidency. The bill was no
doubt aimed at some creature of Peix-,
oto. The latter bad himself ben rice
president before he took the presiJentia!
chair upon the forced retirement of
Fonseca, and Admiral de Mello and
Teixoto were active associates in com
pelling Fonseca to retire. In orJer to
get rid of the president the admiral has
bsen bombarding Kio Janeiro, and has
don some damage to building", besides
klinnir a few noncombatants. o far as
iitnird from the fighters on both sides
have escaped eri ns casualties, owing
largely to the bad aim of the eunners. '
It is announced that the Ci-inese will
Te-.'fater pfomii'ly nnder the McCreary
bill. This is lneky, says an exrliange.
It would puzzle the administrati jn to
know what to dj w ith them i: they '
Wedld'nt rj!c ,aiteo many pr.tatoe :
this year a last, but there are enough
to go arnnd. T"tai yield is aiioiit 14.
inisiiels. At t0 cents a I ujiicl
estiu.ated average price tuey are worth
Mayor Harrison was a man lieloved
by the common people, and merely a
word Jrom him a few weeks ago was
sufficient to dispense mobe of excitable
I-eople. It is greatly deplored that the
crank's bullet is more unerring than
that of an ordinarv wouid-be murderer.
It is thought the president will soon
transmit a mesage and correspondence
on the Hawaiian matter. It is not
known which of the three, solutions of
tiie trouble in Hawaii he will recom
mend the restoration of the old order of
things by placing the queen upon the
throne ; annexation or a protectorate.
The profits of the great iair are fully
up to expectations. The concession- '
aires w ill clear about 4 .OOO.OX). The ,
rreat fair is truir winding np in elory.
The paid attendance has been about ,
21,010.000. The Ferris w heel and old ,
Cairo street have paid big profits. The :
only thing to cast a pall over the expo-
eilior. is the tragedy of the violent death ,
of the mayor of Chicago, which occurred
just at its close.
In reading the account of the enter-. about. Now I offer myself to be byp
tainment of tbe visiting Russians in ; notized. I ara not afraid of truth. This
France one cannot but be moved by dis- j was tried not long ago in Han Francisco,
gust. At a grand ball in Paris ladies, i and in France acommission'recominend-
joved by patriotic ardor, came in order ; ed that hypnotism be made a part of the '
to let the Russian officers dance with j machinery of justice. Look at Judge (
and embrace them. The Russians, Ihily, of New York. Hid not he before i
wbiie being driven through Paris, had j
to kiss infants by the score. In Toulon,
wbere people universally smell of gariic, .
the kissing and embracing ordu&l
mi. eh more trying than in Paris.
Judging from the following, taken
from a neighboring exchange, the writer
has au eye to business: "All persons
knowing themselves indebted to this
office are requested to call and settle ; all
those indebted at this office and not
knowing it are requested to call and
find out; all those knowing themselves !
indebted and not wishing to call are re
quested to stay in one place long enough
for ue to catch them ; all those not in
debted are requested to call and become
The ot'iect for which congrese was
specially convened, the second time
siiiee the dark cluu li of civil war hung
over us, was accomplished yesterday
w hen the repeal hill passed the senate
I;.; ,l'- Tli conntrv ha-a-rain
1,., ;.. -i'..,u .lwtre-s. ' Finances
l.v h..n roiK-ested. hanks cloeed.
factories stopped, and great transeonti-
nental line oi raiiroad gone into the
haraW of receivers. The cause has been
two-fold the depreciation of silver from
sn over coinage and the threut best
stated in M'. Cleveland's message just
lfore that document was signed:
"It was my purpose to summon con-
cress m social session early in the com-
. ,t' v ,-,n tl,- .,rk of the tariff re -
icrm.wl.i:-li tne true interests of the
country ciearly demanded, which so
. .ar,-e a majority 01 tne pe'pie, as
' bv their su.Trages. desire aud expect.
, . ...
At t ie tune tins sentence was written
there was peace on every hand, but
after it had been published broadcast,
trvuihies commenced and have continued
uiick ucd last to the present hour. But
cow that the ilson bill is passed ana
congress likely t-j adpurn without tarn
perm;; wi'.u the tann, conuitence will oe
at once restored. It has been restored,
for the news of the passing of the re -
pea. li;.. tias ten as it a great weigut lifted, and. evert true
American is this morning buoyant with i
hope, and sure t.t the future. Hopeful;
Leia-jse lie tnowstl.e silver uouar w i;i
not oe uepreciateu. i lie lorceu purcnase
of four and a half million dollars worth
monthly will be stopped. There must
sometime come a stop to this tremendous
burden, and it is better to stop it now,
when eilvyr is already in greater excess
to gold than any other country in the
world than to continue it for a single
Free silver coinage democrats and
populists profess that ruin will follow in
uie waae oi me passage oi tne nson
bill, and denounce it as a gold bug
measure, which is to continue the hard
times and prolong the panic. In the
name of common sense, who wants
the hard times continued, be he gold bug
or pauper? It is only in good times that
investment is profitable. Hundreds of
banking institutions have failed all over
the country and there has been business
calamities of ail descriptions and yet
these politicians ; 1; claim thst we bar
not yet had enough of it. These very
conditions are responsible for tying up
the money of the country, and keeping
it out of circulation. With confidence
again restored, tins idle money, which
is earning nothing, wouid again be
loaned and invested, and this the bank
ers are just as anxious todo as those who
ant the monev.
News of the murder of Carter Harri
son, Chicago's most prominent citizen,
i spread over the country like wildfire.
: He was killed by a crank for the most
petty of personal reasons. Prenuergast
could have attained fame in no other
way than by assassinating someone who
mas famous, and he will henceforth be
enrolled alongside of Guitean and Booth,
both of whom, however, were much the
superior intellectually to this adult
japer carrier. Carter Harrison was a
model mayor in ail respects except care
ful regard for his personal safety. Ilely
: ing too much upon his well known rep
utation for carrying out needed reforme
. he was assassinated not by a fanatic, but
' by a crank of a still lower order of in
' teliigence. No public man is safe from '
these assaults, and though it is pitiful to
i acknowiedite that in this land of the free
and home of the brave, lives of public
1 servinta are perpetually in danger of the
dagger r buiiet, it is none the less true,
and precautions should be taken similar '
to the czar of Eusaia. nay President :
Cleveland himself. It wouid even bediffi- '
cult for
a crazy man to kill oar pre-1
A new psychological problem has been
raised at Chicago, that of hypnotism as
an aid in convicting criminals. The
supreme court at Chicago baa affirmed
the death sentence of Jlr. George Painter,
the wife-murderer, and Painter wishes
Governor Altgeld to have him hypno- !
tized in the hope that bis innocence will
lie established and pardon obtained. "A i
man in hypnotic state must tell the
truth," he said, "and be must act just ,
, as he did on the day or night questioned !
one of the congresses at the art palace
here urge that a hypnotic college I es-
i , '
,, j
" i
tablisbed so that hypnotic experts mi
be trained to help officers of the law?
The democrats are badiy split np,
w ith little hope of harmony until the
next national convention. The Asso
ciated Press will then gravely inform us
of an affection among the delegates that
. ... , ,, , !
is intense, and with a whoop and hurrah ,
another high sounding platlorm will 1 ,
. . . a . 1 . !t,l.
voieu inai wiu later aavor oi a siaie ,
egg accidental broken.
The announcement that the demo-'
cratic ways and mean committee if go-1
ing to put wool on the free list doesn't ,
j have that tonic effect promised from
the .tump last year. "There not
much spirit in the market," reportt the
democratic Boston Herald. "The fact
that wool i extremely low doe not
teem to hare much bearing on the
minds of manufacturers." Why that
i Strang. Pidn't Hie Herald and other authorities, includius Grover !
1 ri.!in.l m that all that was needed
' to make the factories hum was cheap
' raw products?
The Herald says in
market reports that wool values are
' already so low that they can't go lower ;
that being the ca, the democratic
' theory ought to be bearing better fruit,
, Investigation may prove that the
( hastv diic!.arge of Admiral Manton is
n ";ttKi There is considerable
i ympathy aroused in his
behalf, and it
is highly probable that Argentina, I'ro
' guar, Chili and Paraguay will recognize ,
lUie provisional government set up by
!,,-,,,, . Tv,
; Admiral Mello at Peeterro.
; The bill will lie niorted back
: t) t)C noue again. Cloture being a
future of that body it w ill not lie an-
j irwiably delayed anil the president will
dout,tless take more pleasure in signing
I it iiian auj uw umcui mi i"'
. . . 1 .1 . ru
; aemej Q him.
j . . .
BuaiavM Hilll lark. but IWlUr Trie
f'anfldrnlljr Kxpeettfd.
Tl-ESDJVi Oct. 31t l'.usi.i-a not
, illcreasj ju Vll!allie, but locally there
Wn a UlT tra(!e or the ..a month
; Iteaiers have been constrained to sort up
i in stock and fee! their way until the
movement of the crops, began. Since that
evet.t, with the extreme low price of
wheat, transactions have been limited.
Prices of dry goods and groceries con
tinoe unchanged, and traffic is confined
! n"nu lo mouln orucr- lrouuLebonds of the I'rineville Irrigation com- j
; movements are quite free on rather flue-I p.ny .nd not weetiBg with iucces,
' tnatillg ni,rkt.t
x.ggs are very scarce
.,i j ,, j.. ,,i
Fruit, that is good for keeping purposes,
is in fair demand for shipment.
The wheat market is steaiW with a
firmer tendency abroad. The repeal
of the Sherman law is expected to in
fluence the grain markets as well as all
others, and as a result, better prices will
prevail in all lines of business throughont
the length and breadth of America. The
teiesraphic report of a collapse is merely
". , . , .
on the surface and
a reaction is sure to
nf Interval C-aaearnlDC'
Ilea Lleetrle Light ( aiur.
The fir wheel weighs 12.CM. pounds.
C. E. Cushing is the engineer, nd j
very proud of his new engine. j
Incandescent bts come in 4, 8. 1C j
ana j.-canuie power. An arc iignt nas a
2.CXi-candie power.
J. A. MeArtbur is the tallest electri
cian in the state, standing 6 feet 4 in.
in his stocking feet.
The link belting weighs 12 pounds to j
the square foot, and the total weight of I
the Wge belt is I.Ohi ounds.
The engine is a Corns having a j
larger horse-power than liny in town.
The only other Corliss in the city is the
entitle of the I)iamond Flouring Mill.
Twelve hundred lte-can lie jejwer lights ,
burn in The Iaiies. The estimate is
made up from the various candle powers,
the sum named being a total. There
are also forty-two arc lights which shed
their radiance nightly.
La-tsanator fcvarta fiuiia ilia farm ta Ver
mont a Coatly Toy.
'"It costs considerably more to run a
farm than people imagine." remarked
a man to a lioston Herald contributor
a few days ajro. "A man may nupport
a yacht, go off on long cruise, enter-
tfain lilueeui.e uri team ,.0 rnniit'ilii.n
f lug a "hail fellow w ell met; but
oftentimes, it ha i been asserted, the
running of a farm is still more costly.
People as a rule labor under the im
pression that the returns more than
offset the outlay. They figure that the
owner raises enough of vegetables and
fruit to lust him from year to vear, and
the fact that he can enjoy home-made
butter is something not to he disre-
frarded in summing up the profit and
loss. Nowr that idea is entirely erro
neous, w hich I think I can prove to
your satisfaction." Then, settling him
self in his scat, the speaker went on
to tell of the agricultural experience
of William M. LvarUs. the famous New
York lawyer, who has just celebrated
his froldcn weddintr on hia farm. He
realized at one time, it bus Wen said,
an income of over 8.10.000 yearly from
his practice. He was also the owner
of the place at Windsor. Yt.. on which
a gang of men was constantly em
ployed, f n one occasion a lady, hear
ing of Mr. Hearts' largv income from
his profession, exclaimed in the pres
ence of the uttornev's wife: "How rich
t!''y must be!" to which the latter re- '
r'i'-'l 'lict manner: "You forget.
miMiam. that we ow-:i a farm." It is !
also related of the distiiignished law-
yer thut. wliile entertaining a number
of friends tt ids home one evening, he
produced several bottlesof chumpugne
and a quantity of milk. Turning to
1.1. ...... . 1. ...:.l a li..
t",. .
of humor: "Gentlemen, here is some
milk frm my farrn mu1 hvrt , Mnif
ine. You can take your choice, they i
. . ..
imhu cosi ii name. . ;
j Karl's Clover Root, tne new blood i
purifier, gives freshness and clearness to
the complexion and cures constipation. '
25c., Mc. and 1.00. rnild
by Snipes ic
Kinersly, druggists.
Kim Fung, a Chinese woman, died
from opium poisoning lu I'ortland,
Malheur's Utal taxable property
amouuu to l,102,:vx; Columbia's
76M..481, and Benton's tf.SOa.
! Rev. U.K. Wworth of Astoria has
; heen compelled to sever
his relations
its. with the i irst l'miDylerian cnurcn,
Dr. J. J. Kelly has quit Antelope f-r
his former home near Portland, and
leaves the Wasco county tow n without a
Mrs. T. M. Cross, a sister !' late
Lieutenant Schwatka, l!.e rrnoa ned
Arctic explorer, died at her residence in
i Portland Saturday night id r.nghl
I ine .-aivaiioii arm; i j" -
resist the citv ordinance which i.irn.l
j them from holding open-air iietiiig.
land will spare no expense in ti.-iitiiig
j out in the courts,
, I'rineville a ill have a 111 game Nov.
! 10th. A parse of 7i ill lie hung f.r a
j two-in-three contest between the I'rine-
vilies and Anteloes. A purse ol f.'a
I.a . .T... I I .r u l.uiF T r, li iT n
. . .,
m vu
except professionals.
K. S. Applcgate, an old pioneer who'
had been lost in the mountains for three '
days, was found dead about eight miles (
fr-mi I'rain, in the mountains. He was'
returning home when he met his death. '
Three days alter he left llltou his horse :
returned to the place he started from. '
aud parties went at once in search of
him. They found him dead. The cause -is
not as yet known. He was a son of
Jesse AppiegAte. one of the first settlers
iu the Umpqua valley. j
P. G. Carmicle had rather a tough ex-:
iwriMnM in Wnhfiiiit r.pntlr TIm r.t
j , fof th(f purpoe'ol 1
. lher0 fae tf)uk trm fof. EuDei in.
vesting about all the money be had in
railroad fare. At ilugene be found the
bond market paralyzed, and concluded
that he had better get back to Crook
county at once, so he footed it from F.o
gene to Scio, where he had left his team,
aud lost no time in getting back across
the mountain. Ochoco Keview.
John O'Neill, a Walla Walla boy,
aged 2S years, committed suicide Satur-
; i .. . .. i . : i-
i , ' . . . ... I
a number of years be has been a habit-
nal drunkard. Friday night be went j
into saloon, took a bottle of morphine ;
from his pocket and drunk a large qnan- j
tity. Karly next morning he went into ,
another saloon, took several drinks and
fell on the floor. Medical assistance
aave 0.Nei;I lmt it at initle., ,,. llB !
jjj noon raturdav. It is supposed ,
despondencv while intoxicated caused,
the Ueed.-Heppner Becord.
A reeent ducmry hf aa 4
i i. i A I j.a'n .if nnonnrtijled tir- trH W i
! offer Inferior uetllrlnca la p!r at Ihia. X Ijt ;
, Cook Cotlon Hool Compound tain M !
IvM. or taelcsa (1 and C eeius .n iir la letter '
J)artlritrl pUln fc, , u.i out,-, tl
aami. Adoma Paa4 Lu v Cmaav. j
. 3 ruber iliucx. !.cb
ttuid lu The iMliea by VlaKeley V iloufrwia.
; ;r5Tj.rnEi", I am mbjeet to-Tiliral attttek
j of ai-a hen'lnehe of the worst ieniliie lyi.
I eimintaiii-vfl taatns kraitmr a Hvaila'iie (.ufMiiitr
f last ummer. Tlieyeure It In every iDnlalH,
1 and siuee that tirna I am etijt.viiix iMTilti
l laaalttt and have irnllied ten miiiuUh in weialit.
Vours very truly,
j f. XI .AS'.ru.
Cihw th. Iowa
s . t .t : 11 t . riiii-ri) .
W i ni a m fc1 W
$S'f4 P"A B II J '-2
flJX) par BotUa.
Cnres Conrha. jT2oaraii-s,JMr Sliruat.
Croup rirornpUe; reii'-vi-j Uothik Couii
and Aatiiiuu. f"i
f. r Cooauiiii tloa n basV.r.
tliouaanda w Ktenll oUier.
l i.oH's fi.Asli-H. xicto.
rival; baaeurod
faisd: will eras
by inrusfftirui on
or Coast, uae M
'C f7k P11TAB3U
5 UATAnn r5
itmi ym, itUai-rii 'rhtar-TOnly la rui-vn.
toed to cure rem. rrk hai. injector (rv
Tor aala by Halpoa Klnaraly.
The Dalles
f a , L .
I , I fTl 7 H H R III aU Vf
VlM 4.L UUlvl I
pTrj. A T)U of the Ist Brandi
VVJ VJ iV J lO nianufaclarel an
orders from ail parts of the country filled
.ii . . .
on ine snonem notice.
n. r,nniti,nl thv mi rft rt '
OAK has become firmly established, and
the demand for tbe home manufactured
mL V
rticie it increasitig every Oay.
I Maal.Bkla.wawo. IHhmwM jr Uvta- I v
Maahaklaatbwa. I't ar4 hf IJvlaf
atuM, MtUI Nahal mm Warllka.
In the course of a recent ad. 1 reus in i
Oreat Itrltain on Africa. K. ('. Selous. !
the famotia trarelcr and hunter, purc
manr int4reting particulaniretranliiik
I the country artnind the Zatutiezl. and
I ei.H'eially of Matahlcland aud Mas
i hunaland. in the latter of w hich he
' hud lived and traveled and hunted )
j twecn aud the African
I News.
lie drew an Interesting irtrait of
; the MetuU-le chief UdM-ntrula a.s he
: Uuew hi:u iu 1TJ. und al.t men tinned
: a chief, by name Mriuc, whom he met
! in the Mashiikluuihwe country, who
remembered lr. Liriniratolie; and.
though, that was atHHit thirty-live year
U!?n. the old chief MMike of it as if it
had happened m.!y a few mor.tha be
! fore. These MashuUlitmbwe. he auid.
' were re;irt-M-tited bv Ir. I.lvinprstone
a- lw ini.' reputed to -c the most aavetre :
jHople in that Jwirl of Africa, and that
; eh::racteri:.tic Mr. h-lots hhowed they
still retained. They went nuked, un
: les. they could cull a porcupine's uill
i thmngh the ear a garmt rt: they trained
their hair until it be !riie conical in
Khnpe. ol n two feet iri heifht. and
they a!wuyearried buuiiles of barbed
i j .1. .1 . .
.... ... ......
1 (1 one hi inc:r vuiuiren, lliai OI
chief named Maneiifa. Mr. Sh Iiius
ciimp vuh attacked at
ni."ht, from which he barely rhesped
w ith his life. Twelve of his men were
killed und fire wounded, lie himHolf
fled into the Ion? FTOhs, and the record
of hia hurTerinjra f. .r the next fourteen
ilavs in emleaeoriuir to reach his
wn'oiis kiii of a thrilling description.
The climate he aaid was very wntable
fur IlurocBiis. and of the future proti-jH-cts
of thin, the tnoxt recent of Itritish
Iivsi'siiiiiv he KjMike in the mot hoiie
ful strain
1 1 mineral and amenllural rescmrees
are r-Nirted to le abundant, and
await development.
Afrfcraa Villa r Aaakrawl at Mldalfht by
M urttorona Haiovra.
Some evening you look around the
rilluire aud see the people at their
usual occupations, and later on retire '
to rest, writes lr. Laws, in the Zenana .
Ilecord. Suddenly the midnight still
ness is bniketi by a distant call, and.
alert, you raise yourself to listen. The
call comes neurer, and is taken up and
passed by other voice, and aoon you
are convinced it is the cry of alarm
war! war! A few niinuteR more and
the village is ui-tir. the people rosiiing
hither and thither, seeking to f.nd
safety in the thickest bush & niollu r
calling for her children, or child for
mother, but unable to find each other
lieeause of the alarm and acure w hieb
have separated them.
You spend a wakeful and watchful
niht. not knowinir w here the enemy
mav lie. nor w here his attack muv take
ir. the east. A danrertma hour jiusses
by and the enrmj' w ho ha lieen ex-jKM-led
is not seen; but later on you
m c smoke rising from a illa.'c miles
away, and In the course of a few hours
you may see men. women and children
w i:.n ' r r-stri ken faces, torn limbi
nnil bleeding feet hurrying pict. or, it
muv l . c'Hii'iii.' to you to ('et tneir
w-otimls dressed- A you s-k lo re
lieve their pain you bear of bow one
child is missnif. another hau l-n car
ried awuy captive and a third finr
tlered. anil the boiiur of all. w ith their
stores of grain, have Im-cu burned to
Ua la Plata. VI bow llanks Are
1.3 .Mllea A ru
Were it not for a decided difference
iu the eol'irof the water you woubl
never know when the Atlantic is left
and the Kio de la Plata entered, says a
writer to the Philir U lpliia Ilecord.
The high-rolliug. white-napped billows
are the same aud no larld is visible,
for the great river w hich James Iliaz
de Solii. discovered is otic hundred and
twenty-five miles wide at its mouth,
though with an uveritye depth of only
fifty feet. Sebastian (alsit, who ar
rived in the year l.Vjn, ion after the
natives had murdered ssir I ion So! is.
dublMrd it River of Silver, not on ac
count of its color, which niiht have
won for it the more appropriate name
of Golden river or River of (."hocolute
but Ix-cause he had w-reste
of silver from the India
ns w
lly lm
" anunoance oi pre
, mained in the vicinit
cious metal re- 1
mained in the vicinity. In point of ;
,a't lt"" trrm Argentina a
Plata "both meaning the
nd Kio de la
Mime thing
are misno-
I mem. for no metals of anv sort, tire- !
cious or otherwise, are found along the '
i banks of the mighty stream or any- , t J
' where near it. and the ncantv argentif- . n,f fl.. rJnPi'
i d-"ita ln hi!,-;, tl- r all C U bOO up, Fui
' rior have never lieen wnrkel. The In- i D t '
banks of the mighty stream or any-
dians aforesaid probably obtained the
silver w hich so excited Spanish cupid
ity from Pern and Rolivia. by some
primitive system f internal commerce
known only to themselves. To this
day metals do not figure in the exports
of the adjacent countries T'ruiruav.
Paraguay and Argentina, but
prosaic articles aa hides and tul
noma, wooos. pr-servei ana refng
rated meat, etc. for their wealth lies i
solely in grazing facilities and fertile j
j 1'koi'i.e w ith false U-eth should grin :
I in private. j are tuine things a woman is;
more graceful at thuu ridiny a bi-f
i cycle. I
Tur. man who tells you be is sorry ;
j be can't help you would not do ao If be
j U'urs you stop to argue with a worn-
an tinm must hung heavy on youri
I lian" a,"r,'''1 probably obtained the rt. Etc.
i silver w hich s) e.cit'd Spanish eupid- '
S'ZZ !?Z1Z Second St., The W
M,r men forgive and pity ' W. 'g
thief w ith more a than they can . . ,V, - mre n W '
liar.-Arkant.,v Traveler. ?BJrf Tru-t:
JV) n
tntirt tysttm. ,,..'
maUrtal oritki,
ratio Ant n,, 9ur
M 0 .
mhJ mflm imh. - i
Z 'Bi-.
J. F. FORD, tefe
jH-t Moitm, Iiia,
wrll ant.
Vru Vrci. Co..
I'ufur, Oregon,
rit.tUmf1 ;
On arriving hum Ihui
all well and Miixmnsiv swaiff,
Utile girl, fight and one-half
a bo iiad wuted awar to 3i 'J
io- aell, strong and'vi.riioii '
Meshed up. . it. '4,iit.(, Cnrs'iu,
its work well. Jtoth of the chi cm
it. Your 11. Cough t ur '
and kept aaayall hoarsen., f,.
cive it ti every one, with
f..r all. Wishing ynu proi.rit' J
Yours. M a. A M K. j. r f
II you w!b to el fr-h anil cbanfi: aw J
".' it mire r4
tbnw dw aarta week.
Sold onder a x-lui (iiaraiia,
eenta per battle by all
"The Regulator li
Tie Dalles, Maui and i'
Navigation Co
Through dailv aervi-e (.euMo
ceptexi) Wtween The Iiallea stA
land. Meamer tiegnkator liaik
Ihthes at 7 a. m. connecting at U
Ijxks with steamer IWlrs
Mi-iiiirr Ihnlies Citv leaves fur.a
Yamhill street d-k) at i t. m.
nesting with steamer Rsgn.'ator for '.
f AS" t.
fine way ... .
Bound trip.
Freight Rates Greaf F.tlr
Miipuienta for Portland ret
any ime day or night. Hiipc
aay Undines must t deliver.'
J p". m. Live stock shipnienu
Call on or address.
B. F.
Oaoeral tfaaagar.
Boom, Kboaa. Haw. '
i 1 w 1
- mm I
Curn.turo and CSi
to our rJ
war o"nn y
oar r
1-8 low ccoHini.'-