The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, July 07, 1893, Image 4

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The Weekly Chronicle, j
I Won than t.a,I the city council re
in a-ml at the a.i..rne at The Iallea, Otvfvw f,,,, their arduous and feuerally
. . thankW duties with the meeting ol'
The are the mayor. Hod.
The Twn enra Tm Coae far
tnan Ualf In ( aucU.
The city couucil held their
Uxt night- The are the mayor. Hod. Dlanth!v meeting last night, a little in
t Baa irontki raraiM in advahce. I Koh. May. Recorder Meneiee and advance of the nana! time, which should
On T,-ar It Councilmen Wood, Haight and Wil- i f.,ve i.n on the ltd of July, on account
TbiwuLutha Iiams. Perhape no term of municipal ! of the regular annual meeting, which ratee mu-abl. and mad known ; omoe lias oeen more irj inar late piace on mat uay. ,
on ai-iwirau.iu. ! men than the one j nst cloC1 lor tnesei There were present Hon. Konert
AdJrwa!lr.OTniuni-a:i.mtu."THE KKOS- 0i Shortlv after their installment , Vavs. tnavur. and Council men Kreft.
in office came the in September, I Jole, Ijiuer and William.
IS91, reducing half the city to ashe, d
K'Lt.," rhc 1muI.-, un.
IMeilaa;nlahe4 Catnellee.
Moneignore Satolll, papal ablegate and
1. 1 : i I t . i . i . .
I arvitiuaiKj ui iivanu), i rajietieu iu
1 arrive in Portland early this week, lie
j will be accompanied by Archbishop Ire
i land, of St. Paul ; Rev. Thomaa O'tior-
aA TK OttlfI 1 reuucmg i.a-.i me w n", uv- ine rtepicuAiiuu oi . uaa. xiaiiib.
necreiarv oi Stale
Tnwwvt I'hi:Up Mrtprhan
up, of Pubtic lnetrur-rn K h . ii.-nroy - anj nreckinc the fire engine to an
feanatnn - (j! "u. Murhall 1 tent that alLpether entailed anitnmedi- !
Conrreaameu -J K. i i expense of thousands of dollar. , liquor firm to tell liquor in lcs quan-
; Prtuter Fran Baker -Special notice dutv was required dur- ! titie than one ouart. fur the ensuing six
rmnnTn : stroving siue-waiE ana cro9-wa.K. we councilman from t.he erst ward, on ae-1 tie 01 wiiisny, wuuin iusduhiut..i
V, V. Vli'riruje : . . Af Lm, t- . .. 1 : 1 . UK1 - i t V. M,nmiM:.uinr TU nun n i li'i
ex! read and. on motion. accepted. Jo. Thi was only one fwr. Jn.ko
Lk-ense were granted to the various j Xieilinger aaid that only yetenly, 1 e.
brought before their ttention the prac
tice might be topped. The fact, be
aaid, tu intended to prevent crime, but i
it Krmi to be employed to perpetuate it.
Judge Bellinger might hav Hopped
at thi point had he not aked if there
DK9 Hill lllllll TIBV IW whiv u,s .-.,....
. . i . . !.. i : . i.- nian, V. P., and aeveral other dmtin
bill for approval, and the judge took oc
casion to ventilate the intercourse mat
ter a little more. A bill for pre
ented by J. C. Apple hite, V. S. coin
ruiesioner at Corvalli. Thi w tor a
case where a man gave an Indian a bot-
I ini? the rhantii' state of affairs follow ine ' mnntlu
rtr jnta M. r Ri.k,,. ! the conflagration to rid the tow n of bre Ordinance No. i.S w a passed, grant
Sfwr.rf. j-TAaKjj bng, thugs and thieve who flocked . ing to the Oregon Telephone and Tele-
Treiuiw '.. . "'"wm. aiH-neU hither like vulture to a field of carnage. graph company the right to place and
Comniiloa jKiKim'mTd 1 Recnpenitfon was extremely difficult, j mainUin its j-olee, wire and line in
Aawiwor j Fire had deetroyed in an hour what had i alone certain streets, alleys and
purrevor r.. r . c-iii p
Bmr.i,U'Udout oi 1'ublic schooia Try shriwr
Ciron S. M. kaajwouj !
taken years to accumulate, and a fire pubtic ways of Pallee City,
cvjuiquiei.t was demanded better than j The names of C. L. Schmidt and T. A.
the service whose very inferiority had Huds.m were presei.ted to 11 the va
tnade such wide spread disaster possible, j caucy caused by the resignation of Chas.
After nearly two years as we look and I Haijrht. The vote resulted in a tic, and
comjmre w hat we now have w ith w hat ! will be concluded next njeetiug.
OI P- Tne following bills were then
temlier the. retroenect is uleasant. . . i .. i i.
m -, . v x- . . . i . t ' 1 a'liitM auu EiIuk ru .
" lw S'"'.t. Three new hose houses have been bui t. r- ....
- - - i r .ucnriir, rerinjrr
including an engine house better in all i Ian Maloney, marshal
resneets than the former one: the en- J r tanle;s, street coaniiissioDe
An interestinjr and important con-
press win meet at is Ange.e-, I a:tor- ; we ,md on the o the nj
cia, on ietoier ii':n. to s;i i.r nveaays. ,,, ,,. .rii..
the last sr.-iou of which was l.ildst
Salt Lake City in September, 11'1,
"! 'w i-e.ngpres.-tu. n have t,Q ,1 , p-W as '
'"i' "' new at a cost of hundreds of dollars;
grew will nuu.erou.iy atteude 1. uoth(m Wt o w ho have been pur
only from all parts of the I n.ted sfuUf. j cbad ,nJ the thonMBa and one iaci.
but from Jre.?n cvuntr.e, as well. The ; j. w, , hJt.u ... t!ie to,a, have mM
lu;.:eof theCni:eJ S-..,tes have only ; a,iJt itcm bv ite:D . twentv.five
just !n-p;;n to rea:ue the i:iii.rtar.ce of :
irrliion to this ta::try. Tl.e availa-
b'e pjvernt..iT.t iund in the fcitial
States, cuts: .ie of the arid revi:is, is al- exi.atiste-J. I!ie time is near.y j m hen I m;e ei.Q:d give every v&cienvv o( thu c)1QcU
Eian a tarn:. v u-n is Jeft is mostly ;c
the so-called "desert" regions th'wedry
guieheil prelate of the Koman Catholic
church. When Archbiahop (irtwe, of
the Oregon see, was in New York attend
ing the council of an hhishop last fall,
he met Moiisigii.-rn Sato'li, and having
been told that he intended to visit Cal
ifornia thi summer, invited him to viait
Portland and the north est. The Invi
tation was cheerfully accepted, and o
cvrdingiy the ablegate will he the arch-
t 4 l : i:-
... . . , . I 4ople should i:T.r thet.uMv the plea
plewhite a coiuuiissiouer, and he is ' ' 1
i,. Ai.l . .h.t l. .a. V"- r,f "I' 'lumhia to The
. .. . ia;ira an.ltlm tishvn.s. ll.ev would
the man who put in the bill, lie ti cn ; .i,,,,!,,,,.,,, ,.,,. it ,uy jf ti,0 InviU
began cutting down the bills. Iistrii t j ti"ii was extendi d.
Attorney Mays agreeu ttiat Ine Ut s, I.ATtu. I I.e i attixi.c i'tit.r-ujeu ar
w ere too large. This is notii that the . ied in Portland at 7 o'cl k this morn-
ITnited State court i hereafter to he j i;.g and wi'ih-avr I hi rvi uii.k for San
run for something lside fat fee for 1 r'rauciscu.
officer, nhemer and laiy Indians. j wool,. tH.i.w7.oi..
! Ktt LratiHl of oak. fir. and alti CHird
woikI, at lowest market rates at Jo. T.
1'eters A Co. I :Iii-e Second and Jeffer
a Wf
J The Oregonian has done pome excel
lent setvice in the way of educating the
masses on the silver e.uestion and to it
we are indebted for a very simple illus
tration of the results that would follow
the adoption of free and unlimited coin-
1K) (X) I iii'li-il i'ur, rii i Ultr jiiui liai,
r To ."m that one ounce of g ild will buy twenty-
I new hydrants and their piaoment and
j the connecting pipes have all c :st. The
resu.t:s!iat wehavea fire service wh;c!i
l any city might well !? proud of. and
chich wi.i stand as a monmuent to tl.e
The expense
i has run far up into the thousands, but
- it was demanded, and w ith the recent
experience of the ravages of the fire t!e
i uion, none will deprecate it. Tne re-
.selves and the tiianks if the
! comtnanitv for their eingle-hearttd ef-
Every time congres takes a lorjr va-
L Korden, treasurer
iyvo J l'.rown, erg lire dept
! J S Fish, tire warden
' I'alies Water Works, nater rent
; tieo lluch, judjfe (f election
j E Ja.i!si-n.
; J Io!:erty. " "
J lav;:., ciet k i f elec.ii-n
E P Fitziierald, cierk t election
! (.ieo A I.iehe. judge of ele-tio:i
; J K l age.
J V .-ueiiaker
llenrv u;it!:, i lerk of election
E 11 Merrill,
J B Crossen, tauTasiirg election
return ....
L s lUvis, canvasi:;; flection
L L I,ranaer, n:ea: for judges
and clerks
sinnott v Eiah, meals for judge
and clerks
J il i;lakeney, team to Johns
and forbidding stretches of s.ige-brch
and cactus jovered land, which were
1 1 -: J . . i .. . . . . i ,
"f4 t'"J lu l -- won.uess t t;rine ,)5trr, e.sve witU tb4. i; M ishes
Oat wcit-ti water, UireeteU ty science, j f(T t.Jt
has :a mam- eaes traus:ornied u to ver- ',
itable Edens. It is to these re
that those f the riiine teneralioa who !
desire to follow Elurace Greeley's sdvice '
and "go west" mu-t look for their inde- i
x-eniii-ni, w ijere ituv liter- ... , . .. , ,, , n-ruA- k'inr.r 4o
.... . . . . , t nuttees pian what is commonlr called a , ; "i,"- t'ners.y, n.ase
a..y tit under the sha,ie of their own ...... . . ' Paul Kre:t & to, uxlse .
"5 tkjjfour ounce of silver in any market in
S (K the world. But the ratio of o:tr coinage
! is sixteen ounce of silver to one ounce
tui of gold. Can anyone possihly fail to
. IK j see, therefore, that, if free coinage of
jjOiij-iwr were allowed, he who has an
',' i ounce of gold cottld and would exchange
; ,nijlt for taenty-four ounce of silver, get
;, j sixteen ounces of the sliver coined, pass
jjjit into circulation at parity with gold
his profit in the transaction? The
j 00 J money-broker would do this as cer
n I t.iitily a he were allowed the op port a-
' 1 city, and the process would continue
5 (loitill no gild could 1-e had; and, with
! dlsanjiearance of g ld the
sou streets.
5 00
Chronicle Pub Co, printing
I'alies Electric Co. lights office
i cation one or more of the senate com- Joles Ero, uide.
4 00
"5 t)o
3 CO
streets . 6
tire dept 6 4 1
4 TO
Miliar .V Ittiton. mH.u'
his place toward the closing hour of the . Mavs A Crowe, mdse
busy short session and presents a formal j t.eo J flrow n, cast, advanced .
resolution granting permission to , j I'ajles Lr.n.l-nng Co, lamher
committee to pursue an mven.gat.on j w iikenvhauiir
during the reces. The resolution is Maier A Letiibn. mdse
Tine and fg tree. If tl.e man who two blade of grass to spring np
where one grew before is worthy of
honor, w hat shall le said of the man or
xoea, who build nourishing cities, 6ur-
, . , - , passed, and when congress adjourns half . -"-nitie 4 Kinerslv. mdse
varus, in spots w here a few yean, ago a , djlen their wires Ir K.neh.rt, medical attendance
jack rmUt wonid have starved to death? ; M . . . , . ,K Titjone, Biiit watchman
I into the west at public expense. No Times-Mountaineer, printing. .
I matter what the subject of their investi- ' I niatilla House prisoner' meal
gation is, thev almost invariably get j f'rnett, special police
c r" : .1 " m Cummings, ;;ial police .
ul .v '"'"KU uu re Tom Slalonev. ittstulan.- on
' 1 chance that they will take side trip diphtheria case 14 23
tion of Alderman Jole a vote
vaj tendered the retiring offi-
hi sarcastic speeches. lor which 1 was . Cera. These im lnde the mavor ami r-
"77 ". " 4 . famous, suggested that the senate ought j eorder and half the rouncilm'en, Meser.
iuerqwnui toe s.ciiiu.cui """ ti furnish a map for Mr. Hoar select
of engineers upon the practicability of a committee on Relations with Canada,
boat railway at the dalles has been com- because w hen it had been last heard
p.eiea ai.o suumiiieu. iu mis ii ie ;
Lt'i itself is a good proof of the
-value of irrigation, fjr it lia9 grown
within a few years from a sleepy semi
3f exican pcebio of 12,000 .'people to a
live and beautiful American metropolis
. I tir ruui -I i ; .. : :
... , , . i to Alaska before returning east. The On a n.otin
due to t!. development of the surround- , c ... t,i v t r- '
r .... late Senator Plumb of Kansas in one of j 0f thanks w a;
2 ;k)
3 T ".
6 2:
"2 (HI
T5 00
W 00
2 U)
IT 10
7 50
2 50
stated that a canal wot: Id not cost much
more than H.OOO.OOO. It will be re
membered that in Senator Dolph's
speech here nearly two years ago be
stated as Lis belief that a canal would
cost $10,000,000 and that be favored a
boat railway as being vastly more likely
to receive governmental aid. The peo
ple of the Inland Empire would gladly
accept a portage real, built with refer
ence to a future boat railway. It is a
matter of fact that Oregon has received
vast sums of money and probably more
than her share in river and harbor ap
propriations, and the task of securing
enough to construct a canal triple the
cost of the one at the Cascade is obvi
ously impossible for several year to
come. At the same time the govern
ment has a decided repugnance to ex
pend money on a temporary improve
ment such as a portage road. So that
either a boat railway or a canal and locks
would stand little chance of attainment
in the near future without a combined
and well sustained appeal from the
whole region to be benefitted. In short
the congressmen of Oregon, Washington
und Idaho must be a unit for the de
mand. The price of the Cosmopolitan has been
reduced one-half and will henceforth be
delivered by newsdealers at 12'j cents
Ir copy. It i a matter for congratula
tion that the high priced magazine are
waving on rates. What has been a
lnxary too expensive tor the toiling
i Wood, Haight and Williams.
The mayor before final adjournment
! made a few remarks in a valedictory
was looking for the northern strain, touching upon the uniform har-
oounoary ot tiie l nitea States in the j ni0I1v which ha prevailed at all meet
southern part of California. There was : ints daring the last two vears, and the
satisfactory discharge of all duties im
posed by committee and general work of
good deal of fun over Mr. Plumb's
speech and the newspaper comments on
it; but it was never explained that the
committee went south on a special train
furniebed by Senator Stanford, who
died a few days ago, to visit his ranch at
Palo Alto.
j the entire council.
Secretary Morton says, in a letter to
J. F. Lee of Kansas, which has just been keen poniard through the vicious system
Selling- Whisky to Indiana Kroacht l
With a Jerk Hj Jod(a Kvlllnger.
Purt.and lunfati h.
Judge Bellinger this morning threw a
made public: "The continued purchase
of 4,500,000 ounce of silver per mor.tb
is very debilitating to the gold reserve
in the treasury of the United States.
Pla:nly stated, in a wild Western way,
the question now is, which will bold out
the longer, the gold of the United States
or the silver of the whole world. It
would be a good object lesson in money
that has been in vogue with deputy
United States marshals in the matter of
the violation of the intercourse law, and
it is very probable thbt there will be lea
cases of whisky to Indian now than
there ha been for many years.
John Heart, who has been among the
Umatilla Indians for a long time, wa
fined tio for selling them liquor. New
Silver coin.
dropping to the value of silver bullion,
would liecome the basis of prices.
i ne i acme coast states are warm ri
vals at the Chicago fair. (Tegonisin the
thick of it, with pears like pumpkins
and prunes almost as large as foot-halls.
Here are some, of the sign over the
Oregon department : "Oregon the land
of the big red apple." '-peache 17',.' in
ches in Oregon," "Kose bloom every
month in Oregon,' "No cyclones, or
blizzards in Oregon," "Oregon i the
home of the prnne." "Two bite to a
cherry in Oregon." The visitor must
not linger for any time within Round of
the Oregon man' voice or he will In
come convinced that ail other state are
barren deserts compared with the
balmy and prolific grove of Oregon.
' Washington and Idaho rather caught
the crowd until we got opened up in
good shape.,' saiJ he recently, "but peo
ple admit now that they never saw any
cherries like those. If you didn't know
you would eay they were plums,
wouldn't you, now? See those apple,
three t) a jar."
Weather bur,-an. d-Twrtment of acrlmltun'.
statimi. The la U-. ununu, tiir Um muntb of
JUDi-, 1-J.t.
Latitude. 4.V ' t:t". tniit.tule lit" ? l" mnmt
Altitude IMi fvrl above level.
at . at
w . a
bati. e: 5,
: ! : 1 1 1 1
ra ir a
3 -1
fallacies if the government coold legally ton Barnhill, colored, and I'eter Peter
tender 412', -grains silver dollars in pay- on, a Swede, were fined $1 each for giv-
mnt ffre ailvAe l.tllir.n w- V . .1. it ....... ! t: . T . l . . . . ..
....... nu.u . iuj,iBj iiuor 10 xnuians at ine la;iet
each month under the compulsory pro
visions of the Sherman act. The giving
of an ounce of silver bullion, which con
tain 4 -(0 grains of silver, for a dollar,
which contains only 4I21,' grain of sil
ver, would soon teach it advocate that
money with the stamp of the govern
ment is merely a certificate of weight
and fineness of coin, and not an en
hancement of the metal it contains. If
the government can by coinage create
n artificial value of 45 cents to an ounce
of silver, why can not the government
create a 100-cents value in any kind of
metal that it may coin and stamp 'one
i;ir es may now be enjoyed by all. The
cheaper proce of making high-toned dollar."
illustrations of lata year instead of the , T
former expensive ensrravinin baa mark! Chicago elected Gov. Altgeld because
it rj-s'hie to place a magazine at a
alightly increased coet over an ordinary
of hi well-known socialistic tendencies,
.nd he lias paid the debt to the bomb-
... - fkf.-Av. ... . 1 . 1 . T T . , .
newspaper. Jhe greatly increased cir- i f"""ul"uJ i iiayiuaraei
t-uh.Uon will compensate the publishers 1 nnr'3e"r' A vigorous howl Las been
for the Wittering of the price. i "nt P from-the !Ut. nJ 't poseiMe
the governor will 1 impeached. The
About once in twentv vears a financial of 'imiuinlf and igno-
has trock tl.e"United States. rant ffre!fnP"' to citixenship finds no
c-i n.av ascribe all the causes vou wish ,"ore 1U'i,J "' tl'a" the action
i.. n.rl.,.. ),.. l,i. f- .,.rr. l:"B 'oreign-oorn governor, jt a le-
'" .er "-ke its level, a
i 'i era of la. in res is a pu
i in order to settle matters
y. 'ig years now will be bright and
j n emu one. Kep cool and con-
iie fact appear, i .
nd it seems that i n tanBl,t l'"-ljy '' port will 1
part of the ,)ro. ! t'''!.t'' f,"-ther arrivals of this highly
A .... ' : 1 , ,., . . . ,
The! via oi peiipie unfy wi.l
never citizen it will le chenpiy
that fact. Albany IXmiocrat.
SuVcril f-.r the CuuoMfi.E.
These cases called out the censure of the
court, which indicated future purpose.
A few minute after they Lad arrived at
The Dalles they were importuned by In
dians to get some whisky for them, for
which they were paid about 23 cents for
their trouble. Five minute afterwards
Deputy United States Marshal Jameson
pounced upon them and put them under
arrest. The two ofTenses were com
mitted on separate days, but close to
gether. Judge Bellinger saw at one
that the defendant were the victim of
collusion between the w ily marshal and
l . . . si - o ti ny
j m : f v" iv i
a M 77 7" V is SK ..
4 j r,i si- .1 a'i .
a .. ..! m 41 ll
1 as 77 b i. on
7 . . ! l.l M 7" t.l .'i 17 .Mi:
a 1 r-i 71 71 ft !
9 j M 77 7i i ift .'j 21 .p.'
in .i m 7"i .Virr i ii ui:
il i ,v. 6.1 ft" ., w ifj; .
12 '- W 41 ? l'
u ' :. t 47 : I .
U .v. m 47 in u '! Tr
1.-, f,. 71 M f.l (" VI (Hi
In .' fc'r 7.' M J 11
it . . ' .i ' O1 is mi
l- i u t; r.r 44 v, u z .
it i v ti n' 4j i i an at
At . . v 7n 7 ri rtt ri
jr.-' pv M, 47.:. ' r .
1 i V. '-J .', 1.1 .-.
ZS i ft tf '.A : III 14 ll
n 1 ni 4" i.i ft ;tt in
v. . i i or, -i- :, r. ..pi
..' .l' 7-1 71- 47 M 51 Z7! ,li
7 Hi' f, 7!" S.''M r. lr Ml
I r.l 71' 4V f.l t. "Jl li
r r,.' 7'i 7- 47 m r, n at
l I W SI tu? . 5 V .
-i . j i i . i ' ni
Sump .7 i iM ln.,7 ... 1 .Wi
Mi-alai I 7.1 7 fcl I
nsr .csr
.i .'. A.-nvca tl l.i r. In-tMrla II V) V m
- . I Kii. - I r.
T aut'Sb
o. I. ArnroaS (tt 4 a. .fc rt 9 : 4. .
- r. a. 4 .7 t. sr.
Two Uira frviKhU t.t c-ur-r Jtp-p-t-r -r l.a.l-
jue te m! pt ; u a h'.puU i.ue i-r 1:h
m! a; lj a. X.
F P-lnartUa, via. liaAe (veu. !mw d&ilr
at a. m.
Fur AuuUie, Mitchell, i'myon City, leave
Ifj .r at 4 a a
For lutur. kniSTPit-T, Wainlr, Vj ::;:ia. M inn
st.nnc aud 'i.irt., .ca.e Opi.v .rac.-t't
una i at 4 a. W.
F,r ooalentlivle. Waph.. leave every diy 'f
e-K eio-.-t euu:UT ut 7 a. a
ul'.ia t aU liuea at Uiv I uiatlila Houp.
1! I.HiI M.I. m t lw 3-.
C.ourl M.e-1, f tie i.a.,,-, Ur.-r"li.
. .r three vears I was trrmSli
, ..! noitoo, which caused mvaem..r H
:.d I was grwatly reduced U ftaai .
ioat aU it charm. 1 tried arcjjj
potaaa remedies, but to bo effect
get bo iwlief. I then decided to rrr w
A few bottle of this wonderful L
medicine snad a complete and tw-
Pnr. mnA 1 n:i e.lo Ytmttmr k..l.L .1
. J t Wa..
Onr book on Blood and Skin&J
iin imi a iw
BwitT SrrciriO Co, Atlaaa.,
your Ucalcr
i Ai
Hand Made
t :ma. linnwi.ii
I j'.'KLK, .MENKf FE Arr,ati at
! LA a Kimit::p 4J a::J 4... .'vi-r f'-l
.-e r:.!.iU.:c. t.utTi.uce uu W au.l.ztou
I:.e I'airt-P. .m-irou.
.- i'.t.NKTT. ATlo'.-.NFV AT t.AW.
O'-e in .la.iui. a buiiiiiuf. lip ata.ra.
r r unmncr'S a. i. wTxaoK.
IAi-. Hl'NTIN.jTuS A W !IM.iN ATToa
I - oi!ioi-, Ktvii.-t. bl-aa var
r irt .SpUiimI ttliA. . I'allea. t.rario.
V roa
mwX M aW jH. Itai.i
4r r uictit, ritv oreiuutxT.
K. O 1. I1 A S E raratciA ao ara-
eioM. oth.-e. rooma a aud i'ltavixiao
p-k. i.eldvu-e : H. h. C"rier ''urt atd
F"ti rtii atnaiu. a ti-l tl-Kir fn.u. tiie enmr.
IKm hnura to 13 a. at.. iWl ai 1 7 lu t f. M.
A'0 V'ltr IS. A. F. a: A. M.-Mrvt
I y ftrat and Uilrd Xouduy uf ttacb i&uiilb at 7
mppU in Wpp.i1 Hall Ibe Uilrd MaUueaUar
uf earfe DiuuU. a; 7 P. M.
VI L il-md ( anili.Nn. M. Mwta 1 ueprtpreven-
lunf eai'ta week lu f raU-ruiiy Hail, at 7 JU p. m.
COLrMBfA U.tKiE, NO. II, I O O. P.-Merta
eyveev Friday evetilna at 7 o'rUw-k. In K.
of F. ball. e truer rkn,tid and Cuurt alreeta.
ij.mrmii brithera are wvlrima.
u. i Luiiba. mk r. n. a. u.
A aeery al'mrlar eeentiia- ai
K of P. Marts
' v rlip-4. la
t'-banuu buiidiric, mnin uf i.:ourt and nw-oiid
vtnerta. taujourulliX meaibera are eirn.ailT in-
piled w.e. Caaa.
l. W.VirM. Z. rf R. and R. C. C.
BeEMBI.T SO. 4JC7, K. OP L. Maeta in E.
of p. ball tlie anmil and lnurta M adnea-
4aya of eacn niuutn at 7 ..a. p. m.
W'ovr.s-n rHRiTiAS tfmperescp
v I'NKJ.V wtil n..iet eerr Indai afternoon
at t o'cluek at the reading rpitn. Aiiai-v In Itad.
Harmon Ludn No. Gill. t. O. .
weealr meethira Frldpy at (fall. All ar luriu-d.
U C. CHaiPaaa, C. T. K. C.
r. ., a'
presh PaintI
W V. i.ripriTT hrrr! T a--.Ml-Hi
rni fiilin-Tiiti l rrry ttira4
A ri.4-m n ), im am
bm tbry lew ur be lb-y mmDf.
Tb tlm ir iHtft tlr-fjf D"t bm romf,
And evrry nnr dtntrt ti iRip
That lK4.-i (rtwh rij r)-N and nw.
Ai iioitc but a gtd pttJaitrr ran do.
ill rnrnkv f.'ttr h'- i- k tfuitr m-.
I;e wiil uir 'Mif wo. ciUtif vjr,
iiy tbf jvt uf by Ur dy.
If T'o hT (rfc w',f hfm cn.l,
11 11 t4ue yuur irrtirni, lurt of ftUitUl.
P. O. Bii No. a,
The Snug.
W. H. BUTTS, Prop.
Ho. 90 Eeocsd Ereet, The Dallei Ot.
Tlii well known stand, kept byth
well known W. If. BctU, lonjr a reai
dent of Wasco county, bat an extraordi
nary fine stork of
Shwp Hcrdtr'i Dtfiriil and Irish Distarbaf
To fact, all the leading brand of
Wine. Li'jaor and Ciirars. Give th
old man a call and yon will come agai
TEMPLE U.tKJE KO. t, A. O. T. W. Meet,
lu FraternltT HalL ovr KeiWra. ma baouud
treat, Thuradar ereuluci at 7 in.
ral'L tun,
'. atTiaa. Plnanrler. Jf. W.
'Ineludlnir rni... I.atl. meet, and melted pnciw.
th rum maxiiuun. and uiluirouin rcadlnm.
Nfean ten.jieri.tiire. Ai o.
Mi-mi nins. temiK-riiture, 75 7: ti.ean Biln. tern-Ip-rnttire.
lt I..
Mnxiinnm ten.iemturi. tyt, dat- fih.
Minimum ti-niiP-rnti.ri'. l" daUr, ijiu.
Jf ii.awt.tive
T'ttrtl reriptt.itiin, ..Pi Inrliea.
Irri'MteMt iiri-fi til.Hi I. m l ....
.1. t T J- . . . , . V ' 3
iue ioxj inu.ans, ana ne aekeu District i wn.
. ,, vf , I Number of clear da , partly clm.dr
Attorney May if there was no way toUv..;: l.mde d).o. ou a-hirh m ur n.ri
cut off this man Jameaon ; that the WZttL ..f w.,.d. umy.
practice had become abominable. 'Mr. ,"lt"" '""
w ... ti . , , I Time 'i"l tn tiu Inr-:.. I'rteif'r,
ilays said he believed that there Was f'l-tnnt tlm. der ai.J li.rl lM-r In a-mlh on tlie
jobbery in the matter, and that Officer p C. tZi ' '
Jameson functions would be cut rifTon I t'rh. iu. at y m. ..n jr.f:i.
the 1st of the Bionth.
It transpired that when Peterson was
put in jail in th's county, he had a small
amount of money and w hen l.e appeared
in court he did not have a cent.
Mr. Mays called the attention of the
court to the system of kunKsirooinir a new
tiPl PiTi OP in ll.A I . . i . .
......... j... cms, and all skin er-.,
U finf liirvnav I. a I. or? r,m n C n - 1. '
' j ..v m m ..lie IU a I.I(a:k
i . , . i ll, n:iu iiik.""wieu iiiai e.nie lneann
ouifht to W employed to put a stoji to ii.
Ju-!jr Kt!iinj.'er intiu.ated that if the
p fii
On p-ti. !
LiKbt fnart In l-pll'i-p n. n.l
nliri.ta ( ;. -i. u. iu. j . i. . and ;-.
xni.-p ati-l (ffatn lf,urel im-re ttr V
f vw: ft. 1. Il;i-M,i.hi
Volumarj ' iiti-p iiuperver.
tAS. NP.CM1TH P-Owt, So. Si. O A K. Meet
ererj baturdar at 7.3U r. a.. In thm K.. of P.
BOP I I. Meetperorrhundar afternoon to
. tbt K. of P. ilall.
GF.rASO VEREtS Mwta erery
eieniuf in lb K. of P. ifatl.
r OP I., f. WVIHIOl. No. Ifff-Meetp In
J. K. of P. Ilall tlie Brat and third Wednes
day of eaf h month, at I U r. a.
TffC CHIKfHr.1
(JT. PPTEM HrRf:n -Rev. Father Raosa
O oaaar Haator. Lrw Mapi every Hnndpy at
4 a. Uigu Maaa at 1u::aia. a Vepperi at
CT. PA CI OirRr H -rnlon treet,ot-poalte
Plfth. hv. p. 11 Li p.iiu-;irle KM-tor. h.-rrn-ee
oeery s.ii 1u a- IJ 4. m and 7 :.. r. a.mday
it. hio, 9 ti A. u. tvculn f rayer on Friday at
L-'Ir HT BAPTIHT flfrp.r-H-hev. O. I. Tar
I aa-, Haator. Murnlm aerv.o-a every Kab
Ipitlt at the a-ad.-ruy at II 4. M.
lmm.iliPl.-lT after m.. rub e aervl-e
Ir-.-rn. -tini: triday evetilm at 1''a rwil-'I-
.'-k. Luiou ec-rriowi iu U. court l.ouae at
1'. M.
' KKGATIONAI. f ItrRf'H Rev. W. C.
i itri., -pi.t.,r. MTvl....,.rT,indpy t 11 , r Minder e h.p.l afuir ninnilnir
b'.rai.Keraeordlallp ltn-lUKl. tteau Inn.
i'unriit.teed t.
'r ntiev n-f 1
f.-e f...e T..P
county authorities had the matter tri- y.
BneVleu'a A rnl a Pil re.
The best pal ve iii tin; world for ruts,
Lrniae. tt'ittf, ulir. rt, mlt rheum, fev.-r
-.res. U tter, chupj-! hand, chilhtuir.a.
ns, and jujHi-
r-.ire pi.'", or no imv re;'iin-'l.
Ii l runriit.teed t. .-iv,. ,,..rf.
f K K ( Ri'll -Key. J.,
.! f-r ,.-e . .. ryhniidiiT mn,lnKat I
1 1 a in
day f ..! at U ai 11 lip k r m. Kwipth
e at I. .Hi r . praver iii.i-tiinr every
pl.y evi.inr lit 7 i tn-'up-k. A eorllal In
u la U-iid-d hj both imator and -ipl
I '-rfer-t 'i
I 1 -i-ti! a
A Kin-
pHI I-TlAN r-frRr-H-.Rrr. J. W.Jrii.
' i pptor. fr.-iirlilnr In ll,,. ( nmrrefriitlniinl
1 imrih e,i. h liuU lr at a T. M. All are
; trd.R.tT invited
F.vai.c. f.nther-xn rl nreh, Slr'h ptn-irt, t'.ev. A.
: ;'orn. ,., ..rr.-..p at II . a. 111. Plilndpy
x-hiHil al '..a) p. m. A cutcllni aelcon.e to every
' J. F. FORD, ETannBlist
Of Iea Moinea. Inwa. wrttee under daW
Manb 23, 1-UJ:
S. B. Mid. Mm. Co..
Iufur, Oretrun.
Otntlrmen :
On arriving home lnt week, I footW
all well and amiouly awaitin(. 0
little srirl. eiht and one-half years M
who had wanted away to 38 pounU
now well, strong and vigorou, and ti
fleshed up. K h. Cousrh Cure has H
iu work well, lloth of the children li
it. Your 8. H. (louph Cure ha curei
and kept away ail hoarweneas from m
Ko give it to every one, with jrreetinP
for all. Wishing you proajierity, we af
Your, Mb. A Mas. J. K f oao.
Ifym ar!h tofewl frwh andeherfu!.ndi1i
fur the p-tniK a work, ek-anae ymr pyptern a"11
the lli-ndw-he and l iver ur, by lulnf I"1" d Pea ear ti week.
Hold under a prwltly ;narantae.
Ki rente per bottle by all druaf it
Undertakoff Establish
m. W Vast a-4T I -pwaB -aj , m m
Furniture and Carpels
We have a i led to or t.tiHine"
sompl.-te Undertadinir fUblishiii 1.
and a we are in no wav oonnr-cte'l ' .
the Undertakers' Tru-t, oar prnfi
below accorJinalT.