The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, June 30, 1893, Image 8

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Mat from the uiyjm i-iM'rt of th
Marine llaiMaJ Mrrt !.
Ir. Walter Wynuu, the supervising
mrfrvou pt-iu-rul f thi' Murine hospital
aerviee, i tin- man who Ui'luirvvd with
perfecting the details of the national
quarantine law with respect to its ex
ecution. Kulek ami regulations have
been adopted unit transmitted to the
vurious quarantine stations uml mrts
of entry, us well as to foreign port.
lr. Wyninn. in r'sHinM' to an invitu
tiin from u liivston lleruht eorrespon
ileut, gives the following interest ing
Minimarv of hi.- plans uiul the scope of
the -Marine hospital service a bureau:
The law of February K. 1-'.:-. estab
lishes a new departure in tiu manner
of quarantine." saiii I'r. Vin;:n. "by
providing (;r.:iruiitiiic (H-tertii'ii of ves
sels. itr.niiL-rnr.ts. peroni.l etTeets or
cariro tit in fcetett 1orvl:-i: ports. Of
course, there i-- nodirect I'liU '.1 states
statute whieh eun Ik' enforced m a for
eign port. Iut the government mar say
V' ,M
s-A - J , -n'An :
Tba Makar. Iluatraaa and M harf Boat
Kaabarka fur rortlaati.
The I. S. Haker left thi morning, on
I her down-river trip, having iu tow the
j 1 1 tint rem and the wharf-boat. Ileren
( trance into the current aim the ignal
I for the ' various whistle of the city to
; blow a parting imliite, which they did
for the space of nearly a half hour.
! It 'M announced that she would go
over the falls next Sunday, but the
sources of information are so capricious
; that it cannot be accurately stated.
The impression now is that if the wind
is favorable it will shoot through the
i rapids tonight. The ttage of the river
. at this time id most favorable. The
'Baker w ill ln captained by Mi', bell
1 Morrilson, a will known half-breed, who
is one of the test-posted men in this
section on the river nnd its tributaries,
and who served the Vnion Pucitic in the
capacity of steamer captain years ago.
By ninny the trip is considered peril
ous, but those who have seen the steam
ers shooting the rapids of the St. l-av-renre
river, pronounce the Columbia
rapids to be tame in comparison. Tiuc
.itter have been the subject of iimnv a
painting, where the mammoth steamer
glides down the steep pitches with re
markable velocity, perhaps a lifth the
ug'.h of the l)at being entirely eleai
of the water. The return trip is made
through the Ijichiene canal and locks,
tiie down-trip being made on the river
to save time.
To Htretrh Hemp.
1 Win. Gallin is the name of a man sen
j tencetl to stretch hemp on the 24th of
next month. Jointly indicted with
Vina Shiim for the murder if Nina's
j husband, A. YV. Shaw, he has been J X. Y.; supreme
Supervisinp Surn lit-nonil United State:
Marine HospiuU Service.
o vessels on the other side that unles
eertain precautions are taken they can
not er-ter at u l":iited States port. That
they shall 1h- tined live thousand dollars
if they do not have a bill of health
signed by the consul or by the medical
ol'.ieer specially detailed bv the presi
dent for that purpose, before sailing for
"Medical officers are detailed for this
pn-nose only at ports which are con
sidered dangerous. The quarantine
regulations for fore i en ports provide
first for inspection. This inspection is ,
preliminary t.i the signing of tiw bill ' The woman in the case we saw sev
of health. An inspection is required eral times. In her maiden days she wa
also of a.I vessels carrying passensvrs ; known as Nina Harper, and the hatch
ot trouble in her neighborhood c
I trieil, convicted and sentenced to deatli
! on that day at Canyon City, Orant
i county.
! The editor knew Gal'in a few vears
ago in Grant county. He is a large,
surly man, with a face in which brutal
pa-sions seem to be running a joint o:
their own.
Tba rMitr Hal War.
St. Pai l, Minn., June '.W The tran"
continental rate war, begun by the
Great Northern a week ago, promise to
lie the bitterest in the history of rail
ways in the West. It is learned from
General Pasenger Agent Kerr that the
Canadian l'acilic is going to enter the
districts with a rate so soon as the "Soo"
extension is finished. The Connection
with the Canadian Pacific will 1 made
at F.stevan, 14 miles north of the Cana
dian line. Vpon the completion, the
Canadian Pacific train will run to St.
Paul, and thence to the main line at
Sau'.t Ste. Marie. It is rumored nirain
tonight that tlie Great Northern will
make u rate of :f-l) irom St. Paul to the
Mrs. l.rnitt ami M r. Havli Meet.
West Point, June -4. Mrs. .letters n
Davis arrived here thn afternoon and
was taken to Cranston's hotel, where
she assigned to rooms nearly oppo
site those occupied by M.-s. I". S. lirant.
Immediately upon learning ol .Mrs.
Iavis pre-ence in the hotel. Mr-. Grunt
left her room and stepping on: into the
lull:, met Mrs. P.ivis as the latter u-
leaving tue elevator. Mrs. (iraiit
grasped her hand an 1 siid with much
feeling: "I am very glad to see ynu."
The two ladies then went into Mrs.
Davis" apa-. monts uml had a long talk,
t ultfii W urkmeu l:if'l llllli'CM.
Toliowo. Iliac -4. The supreme lodge
of the Ancient Order I'uilcd Workmen
selected sail Fram-ico as the place to
hold theSiext convention. The follow
ing officer were elected :
Supreme master workman, l'r. V. F.
Siiields, Hannibal, Mo.; supreme fore
man. Lew is Troy, Chicago; supreme re
corder, M. W. Saekett. Meadvilie, Pa.;
supreme receiver. J.J. Acker, Aiiuiuv,
overseer. Joseph liiggs.
Wis. I
Smith and his wife have every luxury
that money can buy, but there Is one
thing l.icl.iiig to their happiness. Until
are tond of children, but no i::le voiced
i prattle, no little feet patter ill their
j beautiiul home. 1 would give ten
vears of mv life If I could h ive one
healthy, living, child of mv own," Smith
I often says to hiin-elC No woman can
lie the mother ot healthy oCTqirmg - 1 1
Ics she. herself U in g.tod n ;.lllu If !io
nu'.Tersi trom female weakness, fpneral
debility, benriug-down pain" and f.inis
tioiial ileruMgemeiits, her physical con
dltiou Is such that she caimol boH' to
have healtby eiiildrcn. Ir. Tierce's
l avorlte T: rscriiition i-i a soverlgn and
guaranteed remeily for nil these ailment.
Worn-out, Yun-ilown." feeble women,
need Dr. Tierce's I'avorito I'rescriptlon.
It builds them up. It's a powerful, re
storative tonic, or strengtli-glver free
from alcohol nnd injurious drugs. The
entire system U reneweil and invigora
ted. It improves digestion, enriches the
blond, dispels ache and pains, gives re
freshing bleep, and restores flesh and
It's tlifc only miarant'fil medicine for
women, sold by'druggUta.
I'nini' anil i
1 K'mUh a,iMr ,
l..tW' Price. 'M i.r I I ... ,..."
- w
Ihoia, or wrllo. All let lent nnwensl.
'There is a tide in the affairs 0 men u-hiei, taken at ,
leads on fortune."
The poet unquestionably had reference to the
Hi Sale il p
cupied ad the
snatch frmn tiie
sleeping. Nina
spare lime she i
duties of fisediii:
was a very cold
sailing from Luropean. Asiatic. Af
rican. South American. Central Amer
ican. Mexican and West Indian ports.
Freight vessels, unless from infected
ports, will not require inspection,
though the consul or officer must be
satisfied that everything is in a sani
tary condition. On the North American
coast cud inland waters vessels are ex
empt from inspection so Ioiil' us u nort
is free from contagious infection. An
infected port, to be within the meaning
of the law . is a port where a contagious
or infectious disease has lieen commu
nicated to one or more persons through j ie tried to place the on Mrs.
u i-! m.ecuii person, in Shaw's sliouhlers, but faile-i. Ti
n-i-ieo iauare or inuem ise. i port
is not infected where one rr n m'. 1 1
nnmlH-r of cases has been imported, j
Kansas: supreme guide, John Milne.
K-sex, Ontario ; supreme watchmaii. 11.
J. Geimer, iH'troit;. supreme medical
examiner, William C. Kichardson, St.
t iut 4it Itilllartl liall.
The cost of a billiard ball is curiously
estimated by a Cairo author. In the
judgment of honest American travelers
the tusiis of (taziiuir whiteness are an
severable f r the following: b'u deaths
that must li-countei! as murder or mau-
Fnmiinre & Can
Who are selling these roocIs out at greatly-reduced rjJ
& CO.,
And the Most Complete and the Ijitest Patterns and Iesigns in
sunlieaiii on the hearts of the buccaroo
of Long creik valley, and the quenching
of her :n prison gloom w ill caue not a
; tear of regret. Siie conspired w ith Gal-
lin to kill her husband, and pretty soor.
! Gallin was flying around with the news
I that Shaw lay iu tiie barn ki-k-d t.
I death bv a vicious horse. At ti.e tri.t!
the j iir:iey
cicnts c:uri:i:.
t-. th;s
i deaths incurred
from the interior to the
iths by law." nnd li aei i
the elephant hunt. "Add
'. ts. an v
amount of eheut-
ing, dri::;Ucinicss and ads of brutality
and cruelty." A medium-sized, fault
less tus'. yieliis two or occasionally
three billiard balis, and even- ball
means, it is stated, ut lcaht one mur
der or one great crime.
bnt where the disease has not been
communicated to others.
"Passengers are divideil into two
classes.cabin and steerage. The term im
migrant we do not recognize. If a vessel
sails from an infected port each cabin
passenger must produce evidence as to
his exact place of alxide durimr the
four days just preceding embarkation.
and if he or his baggarre has lieen ex
posed to contagion he shall be
seemed brave until all hope h.t.:
but blubliered like a child v lie:,
sentenced to death. He was ieri'ee:lv
willing to kill Shaw, but didn't want to
lie killed himself. Klamath Star.
A Kutte I tirk t.rixilj.
George Farlow, who is in town this
week from the ranch of Farlow Bros, on
upwr Butte creek, tells ns of some fun
the ranchers in that neighborhood are
de. j having with bears this spring and sum-
tained at the pleasure of the medical nier. A big grizzly whose tracks in the
officer in euarge. I snow measured twelve inches in diameter
.sieera-.-e passengers irom any in- n livinc on f.J, -h!l i..
fected port must be detained five "days
under medical observation iu specially
designated barracks or houses dnrinir
their stay, subject to the usual sani
tary precautions of bathing, fumiga
tion, etc. If cholera should break out
no steeracre passenger will be allowed
to embark until seven days or longer
after the conclusion of the last case."
It la ftappoaed n Ue th Oldxt Rmldenc
In thr United HtatM.
In Santa Fe. N. M.. stands what in
irr-pied to be the oldest house in the
United States- linilt before 1.V4U. of
a-lolw and framentsof stone, it stand
Uwlay in more habitable condition than
ing for the berries to ripen. He bus
kilied at least five head of cattle in that
neighborhood three of them three-year-old
steers and one a big cow with a bell
on her. He was almost as nearly domes
ticated as the panthers that made their
home in Ashland during the spring.
Messrs. George and Perry Farlow , W.
H. Iiradshaw, Hank Wright and others
have Bent a good part of several weeks
trying to capture this grizzly, but could
not do it. They set a big eteel trap
which the grizzly would w alk all around,
' Lr,.U.k.;rt r, a.wl ,1 .,....,.. .1 1. ..
logs which had been piled aronnd It.
Tea Culture lu f'lorltla.
Mrs. Sumner, of Florida, raises her
own tea. and treats her guest to cup
of the home-grown article, which is
pronounced much superior to the tea of
commerce. It is said that the finest
varieties w ill not stand a sea voyage,
and never get further than Kus.sia,
while Mrs. Sumner's plant, furnish it
for her cutting at a fraction of the price
set for the eastern product, f !"a pound.
So rapid is the growth of the bushes
here that they are cut every four years,
while in China this is done only once in
seven years.
lnveu lu !,M?rMtlou.
It i said that in a western theater
recently a man suddenly rose iu his
seat and complained to the audieuee
that, on account of the thing worn on
the head of the woman in front of him,
he was unable to witn-sys the perform
ance. A nd. as t he sb ry gi t he man s
daring was rew arded. The woman rose
in all her majesty, looked ut the man
with an expression that seemed to say:
I wish I were Corbett," and swcDt
out of the house in great anger.
I as) . "As.
sic3r-.-;r.?v t.
Seed Wht-at,
" Oats,
" Corn,
" live,
" I'otatcK's,
Garden 'etls,
eeds in JUilk.
Hay, Grain and Feed store.
Unpractical Painters and Pan'r Hancers. None but tl
Sberwin-Williains and J. W. Miisury's Paints timtl in all ur work
me mom stiiiieu workmen employed. Agents lor M usury l.i(
.... .....,,.....,..,.,,, , mlu), miniirr. a nrsi ciass article in
mien promptly atieiuiej to. . y
s't brands i
irk, and non-l
lid 'Hints. I
all rojiira. 1
Paint Shoo corner Tbirdind Washincton Eu.. Th Dalles, 0r4
many of New York city's structures , The trap was sprung by him four di tfer
which are crammed with human life. cut times, bnt failed to catch him,
j though it caught a big brown bear, which
the men killed. Dogs would trail the
; grizzly but couldn't bring him to a stand.
; and from the direction of his last trail
j followed, he seemed to be making for tiie
Lteiid Indian country. He is a monster
j and is one of the very few griiziies left
. to roam the section of Cascade and Sis-
j kiyou mountains which thirty years ago
r i. , .s.,... .,r m,,t7i nllU
' It I? : fier-et of the numerous varieties of ber
' in America. Ashland Tiding.
AdvrrtlMd i.ettr.
Following is the list of letters remain
ing in the postomee at The Dalles nn
ealied for, Friday. June 2-P.h. IS!'::.
Close to this building stands the old Persons calling for same w ill give date
chnrch of San Mijniet. erected first in , on which tiiev were advertised
the sixteenth century but destroyed ; ,;akr Ww " ,w j
daring the I'ueblo revolution of Hi--', p,urke Mr Carlisle W II
and rebuilt in 'IT 10. Tradition relates (.oyach MarinoM 2. onwel! B
that the house we illustrate was oecu- j lelore Mrs :sie IxlwaHs Jas J
pied by the Spanish explorer Francisco i French K 3 riidewell
Vasifjues de oronalo. sometime 1- j raliam Miss Bessie Img Charlie
tween I4 and 1.V4J. The nmiains of IJiwrenceMi" Mary Mihs C K
many interesting buildings erecteil by ! Mendenhall F. J 2 Patterson Mrs I. A
the Spanish con'inenirs exist in this I MclKinaid John Lipupson MisI.izie
ancient town. Of these, the adobe K" w alter VanWinkie Tom
r-eeis r- i. ismitti l ave
Smith Mrs Marv Uagel Cal
W 5
VZ-kT-F Si
1, '
!.: iiii:iT -iK tiik
All Watch Work Warranted
Jewelry Made to Order
S Hend Ht.. Tha UalUa, Or.
-TV Si!
' . i.. . - L' V .
s. ta.,
5UX) per Cot
- r--'i tit'..
ve asctcxt iiorsE.
palace, nittiahxl on the plaza opposite
thj lu'M,T.ifiil rm, v a ,.4 ... . , . ... 1
has h,-en ns-d as the executive mansion i n"th Mrfl K'Jr"
aince the first (royernor and captain !
jrenerl, Juan de nermon. occupied it j Cat rl... tnT
in li-sv.
i " i I have all styles of wires, including
M. T. Solas, I. M.
"s"'1 -
nnl Attain., y r Com.uriifr,n tt hip no
r vui; ha curH iltouir-Dit Jk ichII othrri
J.ii.l: ill crttB -i IT t il; in holrl
,tTf )u i nr.-h i Thrr'tntfiT k- ir'ianin.
Uu lo cure vou. 1'rxje iocia. iuis:i.,r trm
r.r al hf hnls Klnernlr.
wJ r
Letters of Credit issued available in he
Eastern States.
riight Exchange and Telegraphic
I ransiers Million rew i ork, (Jlncago, St
Inis, Sau Francisco, Portland Oregtm,
Seattle Wash., and vnrions points in tr-
egon and vi ashington.
Collections made at all points on fay.
orable terms.
H. M. Kliu
First Rational Bank.
A General Banking Business transacted
iHfposits re-eived, subject to Sight
Draft or Check.
Collections made and proceeds promptly
remitted on day of collection.
Sight and Telegraphic Exchange sold on
Sew York, San Francisco and Portland.
D. T. Thompson. Jno. K Schemi .
tD. M. IU.IAMS, Gio. A. LlKRK.
I H. M. P'KAI.L.
Lumbago, Sciatica,
Kidney Complaints,
Lame Back, olc
r sV
Wrth r
trT4A 11- , .rf trin tc-
T-M n hyn Ar-.- 1.m
Candies and Nuts
It. A KM A Nl : i
the Dalles
J.D. PARISH, Prop.
l.cHm Th tlnll at 6 s. m. pvi-ty iinv, anil r
nmit I'rlltL'vilic III tlilrty-mx fitiiim. U-mv-v
rriiirvllf ! ft m m. evfrv i:av, mul nrme hi
TIi Imllw in tlnrty-.n huura.
Carlics the C. S. Mail, rasstDftrs and Exprr ss ! T0HII5T SI CXViS
;From TERfT.INflL or IRTtRlOR Pc:
l the llur 141 Ufc
ii m trm oiiiiiik rr l.,.i,ir It rum M
tnllliuhsj i rulu cvgr; tity la l ru 1
pt. paul and to!
ISO t llASC.r oriARHl
( nni"t ill I'lnliir ( an smiinwHHl. P J
man lirswlns hiaim nl,)-ra'if lalntniutjuibJ
'oiinru at PrliM Ills wltli
Stagea from Eastern and Soothers Or
egon, Northern California and
all Interior Point.
Alw ma rliw imi"tltn at The IinUi. with
triiia tmiu rtirtiuiul mid Kanttrrii oiuu.
: CasrHCM irmrj.
.' (i'X. acciic.duoaj iicoz lit read.
. First-class Cc:!is nl lima ltd.
: Ir.iz sr.l'j turn w;;i fecial care.
TAUt lirrilCK;
. Hlrhrl a I'o.'l Hluro,
I'rlof olllo.
I natllla Houh,
i ht Iallta.
The St. Charles Hotel.
TL:b old, popular and rulialili- Iiohhb
lian la--!! titirfl y rcfiirniNlutd, and nwt
room liua Imh rviiK-red and rria.ii, In.
and newly rarp.'trd throinrliont. The
lioiine conUin 17H rooin and in mi pp iet'
with cytry modern t'oiivriiii-inf . liatM
reuHoualilr. A K'hmI rmtaiirant tln, l,.H-
to the hoiiM. Krer lum to and from all
C. W. KNOWLES. Prop.
i IW-at tht run bf rffiiHniMt, and tita
witi!niiMliitliMiii hi- tth rrw aiui (mtf
I lr hoi'lrriitif Mrnt nit nvvtHid HaTlt
A miitlnmitia ltn. ronnwtinr withiv'.a
flnnltng dirwt nnd uuinterruill mnm
PuMnian HltwiiY rwrvnttnn mb fer wi4
TUOnilOU TirirTP Tn an4 trm
nnuuun nunri i-inum
KiikimikI mini Kuril)" l tt 4
ut utri tinnf til ihr cininy.
Full litfornmtlon rciMrrtilnr r 071
trniim, rttiitr nnd otttr drUil lurniiM
Ajtwt.t !. P. A. Nf. l.o., lUinilcJi
i'MllM( in., tvr
Am'L CrturrnJ 1'mm Krr A t., Frtiwd.
BiacRsmiiit & wagon shod
The Dalles
Cigar : Faetorj
nin 4 of the
WIVJTV I0 ma:nifii.mri '
orders from all part of the conntry-
od the Hhorteiit notii.
(jeneral I.lai kinithinn and Work done iAK haa la-mie Hrinly etahlil"1n
tiroiiiriflv nti.l M . ...k. I .1 . .i .1 m .1 - 1 uitiifartt
!-.- .1 h iiie oi'inanu ior toe iiomr iu-
Gnarantoed. j artii-.le is incr:anuiir every day.
ULRICH & sun
Horse Shoeing a Speciality
Tbiri Street, opp. Lielae's old Stantt.
Flnast Peanut Roaatar In Th Dallas
Notional Bonk,
"Xhih parrot I can recommend.
n ! Wd Fellow. If. of Y.. and ,1... I :'- UZTlZJLJi'.
ha. only one fault; he make, a terrible ' .ln-. F.yervthing for Bora! .lm-rr-2"'""""''?'W'
row if he does not Itet his tlinnor I .- , 'j , ' m-"LJ'7i i'''i ir.Mr tK-
.1,.. iimow i Miiii uxe mm. : . i ur.r ,jr. tl,
2 Street
At nirht mdr
H" uliorra
;1e will remind me of my late hu
cnd.'" FJiepeodc Ii'attt-r.
M. A. C. rri!.iin.
Cor. Kiuhth anu I.iiiertv,
Art Teachkk
.'XTl S, lir'tingm Iiuill,g,
I Will flT w,m M..i.1v ai d Thii-rtv 4
I ' a, ..flm-r i( il.s,irM)
I'reaident -Vire-rVedident,
Z. F. Mood Hilton
hi. A. Moodt
General Banking Buttiness Transacted.
night Kxchangi 8old on
Collertiona uiad on favoreble ternit
f oil ai-eoiblo pointc.
Ii oalled to the fact that
Hugh Glenn
and Buildinjf iMaterial of all ""
C'arrlaa tha riaaat !.!
Picture Moulding
To be toond Id the City
72 mnsHinnton Stf,i