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The Weekly Chronicle.
The Oregoniau o( November tth con-
Tiit KHDAY, June W. The depreraion
; in l.iluliitwH circles inai cnrwirn
taiued the following prophetic utter-, tll .. ... 0f the eeaiiou and the
, ! liieles condition of trtule, apparently
oil , i-i.l .
mice :
The country hns uecreeu a c-nange 01 , ,eaure, vanished
6scal nd industrial polivy in the uuwt , f h Wn encolln,sig
prosperous time it has ever known. .,.Ur. MIi i1Bies eenerallv.
If the fence law was This is largely the result of the immense , . j eHgitr RI)d th voiuuie
foreiCn vote in the great cities. Chicago . o( hw ill0reasej in all i)rtuiche in
carries Ilimois tor l ieveianu as me cuj
of New ork carries ew ors swue ior ,,-iv maintained. The
him. The hiW vote, largely foreign, j
ignorant of the extent of its prosperity,
has lieen misled by demagogues, and
1ms revolted agninst the In-st conditions
it lias ever known. The populist craze,
bued on tlte same errors tliat have I
moved the labor vote, has contributed
That railroad accident, says the Tele
cram, is another that could have
been prevented.
properly enforced no cows would be on
the track, and no disasters from such
causes would result. The proposition
to build the fence seems to demonstrate
itself when it is considered that the cost
entailed by this accident, wot to men
tion the -death of oneorTnore passen
gers and injuries inflicted, would more
than psy for a good fence from here to
The Dalies. In the first place, for their
own protection the I'niou Pacific should
iave this work dono, beouuse these
.mishaps make a big hole in the profits
and dividends of stockholders ; and in
the -second piace, the state law should
not lie allowed to remain nnolserved.
It is not put on tlif statute ltooks as an
ornament, or to lie a dead letter. In a
measure, therefore, the blame rest on
tlie officials whose duty it is to see that
tSe laws are eutorced. From this affair
they can take warning. Their responsi
bility, however, is nothing like that of! voted for it, and the present
"the railway authorities. Oliedienee to
law comes before enforcement. Let
them remember that they have in charge
the safety of thousands of passengers,
nd that these accidents may come at
any time unless precautious are taken.
con sequence.
IVices are generally maintained.
grocery and provision market continues
steady w ithout any apparent change in
quotations. j
in produce mere is no c, .. gr . .m- , K,.(i!,0(VKl (retlh eBM ,,,11
turn further than tlie trade is wen sup- . jr(C
plied with all kinds, including the; 1'oh.tky Chickens are quoted at :i
smaller fruits. 1 to .' iwr dozen.
k-i-Ibv. t-Kl 00 to i.M 00 ner ton. Shell
ed corn 1 25 per 100 B.s.
Fi.ot'K Salem mills Hour is quoted at
(4 ..' er barrel. Diamond brand at
fit fx) per bhl. per ton and $:t 75 cr bbl.
IIav Tiniothv hay range in price
from f 12 00 to lift 00 per ton, according
to quality and condition. Wheat hay is
in full alia-k on a limited demand at
10 00to12 00 per ton. There is no
inquiry for oat hay, and prices are oil".
Altulfa hav is not much called for, and
is quoted at 1 10 00 to 1'.' 00 per ton.
These quotations are for hailed hay exclusively.
Ih-TTEK Fresh roll butter at 40 to ftO
cents per roll, in brine or dry salt we
quote :0 to 40 cents per roll.
at 12 and
Blakeley & HoughtorJ
The Dalles, Ore
175 Second Street,
A full lino of all
the Standard Patent
v. nenncais, jU'.
Country and Mail Orders w ill receive prompt attention.
The California Winehous
aa I .J ttiklt' nimti (lltil if bl l.lilkt'liiiiM mi-Ill ..,,tl I.! . 1 I
not a htt!e to this result A majority oi , . . p , t)roiu.r Mt nvv T'Ccf cattle are in " V u'-' 1 V, , " , t
the voters have for the time put exper- M $1 ao.ou. n.i'fcrate dimand at .r 100 k; l'n.dtKvd 1I1C at JiTlt'CS ill tl.f IVUch of ncrvl.(,(lv
ience aside., rejected the policy under oiJ fott ls lirt quoU.a ,u to jru) pel ' weight gross to tor extra gmid. . Also, l.t'St l't'UIUlts to lt( found. (icmmIh L'Uarailt('("(l I
which employment was abundant and ; Jtajmij quoted .l2W and 2 M j i j j, , Firstnass j,, (vory r,.slH.(.t H
wages better than ever liefore in our ,.,,. ,rt.., ls ,i.;,il v weak 1 , ,e' 1 1 rk . "'l,t J 1 I
, . . . .-ii ,i, , ia heat market is itetiueil.j " , ami priiva are nominal gross j I
luston, and have decided, . M' ! on Uw tw,,u foreign advices, w bile in ' weight and Ii'.. cents .lresaed. Cured , -v. ' T w
without knowing it, to put their lahor rects, have an : hog meats are quoted at I-"... cents hog 1 nOrnDSOH S AddltlOn. C . K H l I I "T
(l. 1.1,1. i BM' HSH M Ml
. ruuiiu. - m. i
A striking case of youthful depravity
Las come t light in a 14-year-old girl ol
Taconia, who is pungently desrrilied by
her mother as "a holy terror." Id ap
plying for an order committing the girl
to the state reform school at Chehalis
the mother told the court that her
daughter had been sent to the Home of
the tiood Shepherd at Seattle, to a con
ent in Portland, to a boarding schuol in
Chehalis and from all these places she
bad run away. Just 1 if fore taking her
eat after a serious talk from the judge,
the girl astounded his honor by exclaim
ing in a saucy manner: "I will be just
on an euttalitv with that ot the c
lalior countries of the Old World.
There w iil le a rude awakening,
shall now have a free trade policy,
oucht to have it. The country
should learn from experience w hat I
it means. Naturally and inevitably j
there will le timidity in making invest-1
ments, particularly in industrial enter- i
prises. Labor generally will find the de- !
mand for it checked, since new etal- j
lishments will not lie founded, nor old
ones enlarged under existing uncertain-;
ties. The election of Cleveland will ,
carry with it a democratic majority both
in the senate and the house, and there
will be no obstacle to legislation on the
basis of the democratic platform. It
will 1 more than one year till the new
policy can be formulated into law and
encouraging outlook.
: T!i ,-.,, nxutrta i Hi i iriif. a CChcra
'shortage and a nrosnective demand for
an additional supply of
STAPLE :iiim'i:uiks.
-t!osta Kirn, is quoted at '.'!!c
wr lb., bv the sack. Salvadore, -'c.
Arbiickles,' ".".
Spoab tiohlcn C, in bhls or sack ,
! K"; F.xtra C, t : Prv granulated
(i HS In boxes. 1. U.. in :"So lb boxes,
7.'. Fx C, t- t'C -'IH).
Uicic Japan rico, 45 t Tc ; Island,
rice, 7 cts.
brvadstuil's for
lSii:-4. Our I'uitcd States crop bulle
tin fur the week ending June li'tli con
tains the statement that the average l'r
cent will not i N-ved 78 per cent of acre
age and pro-prctive yield, loiter ad
vices wiil ileteriiiine the product, but
'enougli is knou n to base the culcula
'i tion tiiat the vivid fur w ill approxi
, mate near 4;,"i ,100.000 bushels, and w ith
the hold-over, as estimated, of 78 mil- k. $1
' lions, will lie ri:t,(XK),000 against nearly f 13 oO ier ton.
, (K),tHK),o0O for 1S9J. ; Ikiki Fkpith Italian prunes, 12c per
. The live stock market is fairlv active. , ' . r-vuporaieu apples. iui i.'..
' Iieef cattle are quoted at 2'4 to 2'a ,
gorss. Mutton sheep are in fair request
; for export to Chicago at $2.25 to $2.75 per j
; head with a looked for decline on account
! Bkanh Small whites,
! I'iuk, tier loo lbs.
-I.iverpmil, 501l sk, ft"c : 1001b
00; 2001b sk, $2 00. Stock salt,
senu operauuu , ntnr, . , , nirI.:.,K. lat n..K)rt
10,800 have been shipped from this
market. Stock horses are down, and
the market quotations from other points
that tht rtf uli of the eltction of tetenlay
will bf the btoinniitij of a period of iitdut-
trial stagnation, rttulting from the liii
i','; i)cnpiti and uncertainty of Imtinett,
and that the coutequeneet triil rei'oil ui!h
terrihle force vpon the labor clafsct.
at the reform school as I can, through v hose tote chief.; the result
as tneaa
and when I come out I will be ten times
meaner.'" Reform in such a case is a
very difficult matter and wonld have
been better commenced before the girl
was beoc.
One of the treasures of the Edison
Photmpraph works at Orange is a cylin
der that was impressed with the Toice of
the late John MeCulIoogh, the actor,
who died in a madhouse. The impres
sion wae taken while he was in confine
ment. Rambling passages from the
plays in which he acted were recited in
a voice of wouderiul power aad pathos,
but at the end of each passage the actor
would -etop and say, iu a voice to chill
the lMxi, "But now I'm mad ha, ha,
ha, ha, ha, ha sb-h-h-h." The end
of the laugh was all but indescribable,
for he drew in his breath with a sound
tnat wae partly a snriefc and partly a
gasp, if there is ever a voice heard
from tbe tomb it is when tine cylinder
is put is the phonograph.
It ie rumored that a tall baikling is to
be ereoteti in Chicago in which there
shall sot be a stone, brick or pieee of
timber. It is to be constructed of an al
loy of aluminum and copper ninety per
cent of the former and ten per cent of
the latter in the form of sheets over a
wall of etael frame fireproofing. To a
larger extent than is nsual in such struc
tures giaec will be used, the windows
being twenty -two feet wide. Tlieetruc
ture composed entirely of plate glass
and ehiaiug pieces of aluminum, will, it
is asserted, be as striking in appearance
as it wiil be novel. The cost is esti
mated at seven hundred thousand -dollars.
The Cauii: for more than a oooth,
and without a second, has held that tlse
-care on the wool market had no founda
tion in fact. It i agreeable therefore, to
r- tee such paper? a the Portland Telegram
, swinging into fine. Its last issue says-.
"The wool li vers have rafsed each a
how I about the low prices of wool retak
ing from the aw8ion to power of the
democratic party, that they have actu
ally f joied many organs of the prodneere
arnleaused tlwui tu ad' ocate like hlea.
It is enfortunate that this game shonld,
have been so eao-eeeiul. The buyers are
.able to wait, and tliev even enjov the
-effects of their diplouiay, but the pro
ducers have not the same reserve
strength and therefore may not hold out
.until tr? folly of the scare is demon'
trated." '
Our idea of pension reform is that it
hould commence with the "total disa
bility" fellows who draw big salaries as
public ofE&alg. There are many of
these, some of them very rieh, who draw
472 to $100 a month of tlie people's
money when tueir private incomes run
ap into the tliousands. One advioe to
Commiasioner Loihren is: Be lenient
to the $12 men, but scrutinize the lag;
ones very closely, Review, (rood ad
vice and a sound view of the seeded
Ien brnnijlt! afout. Tiiey who know
these things have but to wait regretfully
for results to come about which lliey so
plainly foresee.
F.seepl two small concerns, one at
Corvaiiis. Oregon, and one in Michigan,
every bank that has failed so tar w iil
pay depositors in full. Banks cannot
afford to keep deposits in their vaults at
all times, because there would be no
profit in it, and timid depxwiMrs called .
for their cash, without notice, at
a time when the funds weiv l jai:e !
on good security. The Wnks were,
therefore, com! leu to surjieiiu I t h
short time, but w hen the ioutisare called
in will pay in full. There was no more
sense in runs Uon the banks of late
than there would be in attempting tu
stay a northwest blizzard with a pair of
blacksmith's bellows. Still, the money
sharks have made their millions out of
the flurry. They it was who started
the wave, and their money went out at
fabulous rates of interest. Welcome.
jer lb. Dried gras, 7' Sc per pound
Potatoes $2.25 per 100 His.
IIidkh Are quoted as follows: Iry,
3.c lb; green, 1 '..(u 21....
Siikkp Pixth 25 to 50 ea. Deerskins,
20c lb for w inter ami 110c for summer.
Dressed. light $1 III, heavy 75c lb. llear
tkins, $h.u$l2 ea; beaver, $1150 lb;
otter, $.; fisher, 5i $5 5li: silver gray
fox, $ 10i $25; red fox, $1 25; grev fox,
$2 50$3: iimrtin. $lc$l 25: 'mink,
, 5oV(" 55c ; coon, 50c; coyote, 50cin 75c ;
badger, 25c; polecat, 25cw45e; com
mon house cat, 10c(25c ea.
Wool Th market is rcjiorted H to 11!
Wtx hags, 35 rents.
Jamri L.ititn Klrml.
Wacuinctos-, June 2H. The president
; this morning summarily removed from
, ottice James Oitan, collector of customs
i at Portland, Or. This unusual action
; was taken on receipt this morning of a
indicate quotations to range from $12 to
$20 per head for bands through. Draft
and roadsters are iu limited deniaud,
and the market is otr on offerings.
The woo! situation is unchanged with
one exception, and that is a weaker
market in the east. Huston quotations
of the 21 Id for Oregon wools show a de
cline of 2 cents jier n;iid on ail grades.
The following from Philadelphia of the
24th inst says of wool :
The situation continues unsatisiac
tory. Values of coarse and medium un
washed wools have readied a point at
wnicn unyers are snow .ng more .merest, teWgrtm frolu ,,w,.ittI ui,utn (lf lUe tmM
but on all grades of washed wools prices . (Wl,artuient) H ho lluve vueng,
are to a great extent nominal. The sup- (or (R)Uie time inv,.HtiputiI)K tlie (ra,u.
ply of the latter is not yet large enough j k.nt ,ra,.tice, ,ireVailing in the I'uget
... fairly establish a market. A few lots ; mid Prtiani, dirtrirts. The tele
ire seiling at 2728 for hue Ohio de- ' p.,,,, stated thev bad information of the
laine and there are reports of some j intemiw, iun(Ul)g at Portland of a large
no-mess in line couiing ueeces at num,.r of Chinese coolies. lx)tau
.iu .n uinuum ai o.u u.e irnnsar- iuuinmrilv dismissed and his d
tions at these rates are small and bnv-
I. C. Niclvelten,
The Dal less, - - - Oregon.
Tli. oldest, Dirntjis.t, unci liet-it 1 1 i t i.jt;e(l
lioiiHe in tc-loil li(HiKts, hiiiJ Di Nkw
Mimical IiistmnioiitN, Wtitol it-es,
Jewelry mul Spurting GoihJh,
Agt. Hiitilurn-1 irv tneti Sttnnithl) Co's
Tk'kt u(ul Kump.
Pbomit Attkntios. Low Pkh ks, Vp to tiik Timkk.
Again We Greet You
Garland Stoves and Ranges'
ulaeed in charge, who w ill continue to
ers evince no disposition to ojrate ,ct ntil I51ack( Um? now cUector. qual
freeiy, except at further material con- ' jg
cessions, which receivers are not yet iu ;
position to offer. Fair sales of quarter
If President Cleveland hits accom
plished anything so far it has not yet
appeared on the surface. As an exam
ple of a do-nothing policy commend n
to this administration. The president
so far has succeeded merely in catching
a few trout, besides the fatiguing work
of turning some thousands of rascals out '
and nuttine sundry thousands of sconn- ,-eraldisoiiion to realize,
dreis in. His attitude on the tariff is all
conjecture; he has stated nothing tan
gible upon the silver questiou ; we are
all in the dark almut what he proposes
to do about Hawaii, and his ambaewa
dor is of the same stripe in that le is
afraid to even participate in a foorth of vxanl to part with their clij at still
Joly celebration for fear he will show a i lorti,,r concessions, but the attitude of
partiality to the United States. The bu; how no change from the deter
country will await with interest tins ! n,inatio" beretofore expressed to buy
coming session of congress to see if he tl' nBW W001" onl-v ttt P on a fritJ
will actually formulate plans upon any ; Kn f(,reii-'n costs w ithout duty,
subject which he is willing to have ' Ti,Wre n,1I,'h difference of opinion as
made (mbtic. i to wnat eally is the "free trade" value
iof many grades of wool, but buyers are
While in China Adolph Spreckels, I WOTe Iikel!r to rr jn the side of nndue
a son of Claus, saw a brother of Miss Ah ! depreseion than they are by iiaying
Fung, the Chinese lady who is engaged 1 nj"re tl,an the competing foreign cost.
a iurn r,.n,nun,l..r VI,oui- f , l.o I The ODtlook is for B Continued meiik anil I
Tnited ritates eteamer Alliance. The unsettled market for some time to come, I "'II'"'1: ' .
I ...J .i..: . ,. ! Tike bad
wronier saia ne ana ins latner were ran-1 l"c rllu" ruesis mat reauza-
Surwir an4 Hwrvdn.
Owing to dissatisfaction existing on
account of its union with Sweden, Nor
way is likely to break away entirely from
its allegiance to King Oscar II. Norway
claims the right to
and medium unwashed have lieen made j
at 19'-..((i2uc and here and there buyers ,
have made offers for considerable lines !
at 10c. llelief consequently gains j
ground in some qnarters that these 1
wools are Hearing the bed-rock of value,
but many manufacturers are still un- i
willing to operate, even on the present'
twsis. . .
Western advices indicate a more gen-'
but there is !
much irregularity iu the views of inter- I
; ior holders and the movement of sup- j
plies to the seaboard is comparatively
slow. Considering the decline that has
I already taken place, it is not surpns- ; nnt ot i(r,.tcnantiieral in the armr.
mg that estern growers should I re- i, 1BrriH(i .i, .ri,,. Klo ,f
Nassau, of 1H57. King Oscar possesses
lu If
a separate consular
service, and this is
refused by the King,
lie is a brother of
Charles XV, his
predecessor, and
was born in 1821).
Prior to his acces
sion to the throne in
1X72 be held the
Sanitary Plumbing, Tinning and
Metal Roofirg a Specialty.
Groceries, Provisions, and CordWi
No. 07 Washington .Stkkkt. . . The Dallb
Wholesale and Hetall Dealers and Manufacturers ul
Building Material and Dimeosioa Timber, Duors, Wiuduws, Muldisp, Douse Furtaal
Special Attention Riven to the Manufacture of Fruit antT
Boxes and Packing Cases.
Factory awsxcl XjumUer Yard at Old It. Urf
DRY Pine, Fir, Oak and Slab WOOD Delivered
any part of the city,
( Successors to I.,
considerable literary ability, and among
i his works is a sietical translation of
; (ioetl.e's "Kaust" in Swedish, in recog-
nition of which he was elected corres-
pomling memlwr of the Frankfort Acad
emy of Sciences.
Mot That Way.
I Tlie good man (sadly) Ah, my son,
! you have been to the circus; it pains
j me greatly to think that owe so young
should have crossed the threshold of
The Oregon democracy has had many
serious afflictions, but tlie worst has be
fallen it with Dan Murphy at one end
and Starr on the other. By this means,
the republican party wiil get all the
party secrets. Dispatch.
aaei i.iT f !hinn i,r anitntila f.. ' t'lOIIS as DrOllintly BS thev Innv f nimla
at ruling prices, will in the long run j
yield better results than to hold for a i
small boy I didn't cross
any threshold. I crawled in under the
ties Wide and would send the com
mander a gorgeous mandarin's dress. :.
The agitating question of the honr is j
will Mrs. Whitney cultivate the use of I
the knife and fork, or will Mr. Whitney j
wrestle with the chop sticks.
later market.
Eastern, fine.
do heavy iine
do medium
Valley, No. 1
o. 2 21 r23
No. 3 17 rl
Our Dalies market is weak, and it is
impossible to quote prices other than to
say offerinrs range from 8 to 10'2.
CRteaa-o Hnrss Market.
J. S. Cooper says :
1 rade opened dull and lifeless. To-
No law ever upon tbe statute books of
tbe United 8tates has been more gen
erally abased than the Fherman silver
law, and licne ever deserved more
If the telegraphic seport of Carter
Harrison's speech at Clnicago was correct,
the mayor of Ute ex position city declared
that the world svould not siave lost much
if the lligriios bad been lost at sea. i
Such a remark, if it was wiade by the !
mayor at the dinner to the Bay State
delegation, as repwrted, was la very poor !
taste. Massachusetts has more reason ! ward the end (A tl, -.v it iii.,,i
to be proud of tlie Pilgrims than Chicago j up perceptibly, drivers and chunks lie- I
nas ior priue in ner preweni mayor. mg in espial demand. The week clos-
, I ri rr r,nairtr i .... a J - . . 1 I ..
Not long ago when a young ninn was i. ., , , .wv
i . I 11 " ,, , " ity augurs well for the com ng week.
graduated at college, lie usually began I 8
in bis profession at the lowest round and ! Wheat 45 to (ic per tm.
at a very small salary. If the graduate I Prices are op to 85 to $1.00
is base ball pitcher of a crack college i cent8 fr 100
team, nowadays, he lias a bright pros- AT"-T,' oat market is stiff and of-
peci before him. Rase ball pays better Zluvn light " 11 50 t0 11 80 cnt
. . ... per us tt)S.
than teaching a country school. I . r, .
' ' Miu.sTi rrs Bran and shoru are I
inoiea at i uu pPr ton. mid
1 dllngi $22 60 to $23 00 per ton. Rolled 1
Hprlns Mmllclna.
i Dr. Gunn's Improved Liver I'ills on
: account of their mild action are esj:i-
13 fit 15 " - "UB,MMl 'or correcr.inif spring elisor.
12 (i 14 B" '"'pow bhsid, tired brain
iu ( jj and aching and worn out ImmIv. They
'. 22 ("4 ' ot Proml'tly on the Liver and kidnevs";
drive out all impurities from the bloixl,
and malaria from the system. Only
one pill for a dose. Try them this
spring. Sold at 25 cts. a Ixix by I'.lakely
A Houghton, Druggists, The Ilalles, Or.,
I). Frank, deceased.)
A cn(.ral Line of
Horse Furnishing Goods.
WuOlcsals and Retail Dealers in Harness, Eriillcs, Wtips, Horse Elantcts,3
Full Assortment of Mexican Saddlery Plain or Stamped.
New - Umatilla- House
Ti!ket and Bairimiro Office of tl. t P t) t i' ...A n-,.. f ths V;
L'nion Telegraph Oirn are in the Hotel,
Fire-Proof Safe for the Safety of all Valuables
15 rrTi, (r7 f,i IS
i jfJ Vstil I L aft-VJi
H'M !(. TiUL MT i"n I
The Dalles Mercantile Co.,
6ulscribe for tl) Chbomcle.
Anaisal)l( Uxntire atxl N KH V fc I D.v l(j.
. . .7.J. ' ir mail. Kc.suo..
ind $I.OUper psckaso. baiopHw fra
ir o Hn.Tiji!.,wiie toct wwtii
UW il WfrtheTrttainlUrwwth,2io.
For Ml bj snipes Klnr.l.
General Merchandise
Dry Goods, Clothing, Gents Furnishing Goods, I'00"
Shoes, llatu, Cajis, Groceries, Hardware,
Crockery, Hay, Grain, Feed, Etc.
3G0 to 394 Second St.,
The Dalles, Q'