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Badly Wounded and Will Probably Ik
Captured Sontng Shot in the
Vwalia. Cul.. J"" 12. United Mate
Marshal Gard and his deputies; Hi.
Kapelie, deputy sheriff of Fresno
4-ountv; Freil Jackson, an officer from
Kevada; and Tom Burns, who was with
lila.-k at Camp ltaditer when he was
shot ten days ao, did effective work
last night 17 miles east of here. Sontag
va shot in the right shoulder and the
shot nossiblv entered the breast.
t.- , .toi-tnt for the hills and the
around is hloodv where he stopped
He left his two cutis lying there, and
hi hut nil covered with blood. Sontag
lav behind a small stack of hay all
w,m itnd the nosse who went out this
f.imul him tliere. Hard and
party were camped on a side hill, wait
iug ior davlight, to see if the despera
does made anv move, or if gone to fol
I.-iw their tracks. Marshal Card thinks
he iired the shot that hit Sontag. Son
ta;4 s.iys he spit blood all niiiht. There
is a glancing wound along his forehead,
tud -one on each side of his nose. It is
claimed he idiot himself in these three
places, though this is denied. F. vans'
tracks showed he started toward Visalla,
jmd his house will be watched day and
nUtht. Keing without arms or ammuni
tion snd undoubtedly wounded, and his
partner in crime captured, he must give
up pretty soon. Sontaj talks freely,
giving the j:;; is up and he eari-s noth
ing lor the future. It is possible Son-t.-vg
may recover from his wounds, the
ciix.'tur thinks, though ho expresses no
decided opinion.
IMtANK KltOW Tlilll'llLE.
Arc Safe
Bath the
Train Eohhcrs
in Jail.
Graphic Story of the FlRht
the Posse Sontag Is
Very Low.
duction of rates from the West by tne
Great Northern. They Induced the lat
ter road to withhold Its reduction tor
few davs, but the new today that it
had declared a $23 rate from Seattle to
St. Paul was unpleasant, and knocked
the wind out of the proposed proceed
ings In the interest of harmony, u
believed the Northern Pacific will meet
the cut bv bringing down the through
rate to Chicago. This will involve the
other lines.
Another llara.y Trial.
Montreal, Quo., June 13. Another
ltrigg case in the Presbyterian church
has .loomed up in Montreal. Rev. Ir.
Campbell, professor of church history in
the Montreal Presbyterian college, is on
trial today before the local presbytery
on the charge of heresy, based on an ad
dress delivered by him last February in
Queen's college, Kingston. In that ad
dress Ir. Campbell declared that he
could not believe in the typical Old
Testament of God. The meeting is
being held with closed doors. Dr.
Campbell is at present away on a vaca
tion. lylnc l7 ThonaaiuU.
Constaxtinoi'lk, June 13.-Thechotera
has appeared in many districts of Asi
atic Turkey, and is spreading rapidly.
Along the lower Tigris and the Shat-el-Arab
Iiiver people are dying by thous
ands. Villa-res have been deserted
by those fleeing from the pest. T'10 1 himself up. Deputy Sheriff Hall and
panic has become so great that few fami- j j,gg,, then entered the room, and Hall
lies wait to bury their dead or even to , gauj "(jhris, I have come to arrest you ;"
nurse their sick, but llee to the land Kvmid repliecl, "All rigid. Pally."'
VisAi.t v. Cal., June 13.--l.lje Perkins,
-i... tiva in Willi) canvon iust east of
where Sunday night's fight took place,
arrived in town last night with the in-
that F.vanB was at his house
badly wounded and could be taken. A
posse was immediately organized and
left about midnight and hurried through
the darkness and over rough roads and
arrived at Perkins' houseabout 2 o'clock
this morning. A llttlo boy ot tne
Perkins family went upstairs and in
formed Evans that the officer had ar
rived. Mr. Perkins then went up while
the pesso remained below and told
Chris that the officers were beloT and
ndvised him to give up the light and
surrender before he was killed. Chris,
despondent and Biek at heart, replied,
"All right," and repuested that the of
ficers come up stairs and he would give
to shut the well In failed, and tubing
. Mown Ideher than the dentin.
This well outrivals the famous Karg,
and the roar of the escaping gas can I'
heard fur live miles.
Hsupnor's fourth.
ti..i.ubu Or.. June HI. Five hun
dred dollars have been subscribed lor a
grand celebration here the 4th ol July,
which will consist of horse racing, tire-
works, a balloon ascension, etc.
A !Wulc-tl-
Kalkm. Ind.. June 12. Mrs. Matia
Holmes has set a precedent for wivn. .If.
serted by their husbands thrxngh li e
influence of mothers-in-law. .Mm sued
her mother-in-law for $10,000 daman, s
for alienating tho affections of her hus
band, and the court gave her $1,00".
Hot Waalher and No Italn., June 12. The heut w i
intense in the northwest today. In
parts of Minnesota, the Dakota ami
Iowa the thermometer ranged from 112
in the shade to 100. At Milbaiik. S. !.,
the crops are slightly damaged. Pain Is
badly needed.
East ijd, Seoogd St.,
Kiiat a! Wimt'itv Hall, Hint
Tailor Klitr. The Halloa, Or,
OHl"t lllull tllO CnllltlV C lirt'i-I iu!P?fn',tfl
If T"r KM.. !. .11111 V. Illiii, ,, II,,,. """I
No.' It.',i.', Ill I l.i- i. nu..r , .J"')
A. II. M."ir, HiTm-ril, I will, ..I, ti. . '
Mm . iwi, l tl'- hair ui 2 nVdck v u
.i... .n ui im.i.i ,. .
ill 111 l-"lltl Iii Iim. in 1 lie i. II . u " 1 1 ii)
Mitf .ii. Ilm IiiIIowIiiii l''liiml i,.ai".
la-limullll! I" ll - rMlll.- l.i A. II 11.. ... r'w
.. I: I..t-7.K 1 1 1 hi I I, ... . 'Ovm
iiir.wll.. ,. i, ll 11. all In li:, i. V. '.
I...'- III..H A, 1.1 II.. I.. I,.. I. ii:
Firct-CHcs Phot03.
All W .ik l.imrmilfnl.
! ..,1. .. ... ...I.I I., II,., hi,. , . ' . .'v"'i I.
.... . , ....... iiuui,.,.
Ill It m"
ll A. Ml.l.liK, , -h,.,.
Iwtwll In- Hall. , u , .'...v li,, .vji "
. Ill, I ,i .,
NDTIl'I'. I i: l'I !U U'.VTION.
towns to escape the infection.
! When asked if lie had any arms, he re-
The fugitives from stricken towns nre . t,;eit j. lunl rt ,,;td tinder his pillow,
spreading the epidemic with appalling
rapidity. Letters from lSaseora city say
that "0,000 people have fled from Cassora
province, alone.
Lo or :ir tit I III anil Fortune Drove
Iter Crasy.
Tolkim), June 12. One of the saddest
cases of a woman broken down with sor
row has developed in this city. The
unfortunate woman is Mrs. John Her
zog, once a well-known belle in society,
Some two years ago she and her husband
ouarreled. and a suit for divorce fol
lowed. They soon adjusted their differ
-e?, however, and lived happily to
. r again. A few months later she
was-'? r,'? ,,J 't'iirn "iat "er husband
; j.a(j etly obtained a divorce, which
. ,ae flaiir wa8 witllout ,ier knowledge.
r her husband ilieu, ieav-
property ; but she was
the settlement of the
the attornev who
' Somd time i
ing i-onsirlerabo
'astoni8hel tipor.
flatf.'ff. 1,1 Imiii ' "f Mi
pointed administrator,
iruutrrous claims through
' The matter dragged along tot
' leaving her nearly destitute. To
I her troubles. short tipie ago her (.
ind had filed
the courts.
add to
(rrgou VVooUii i;rcgiarl. I
Aliiany, Or., June 1:. The Albany j
Woolen Mills Company, which was re- j
cently nuarded the contract for furnish-1
ing clothing' for the Oregon National i
liuard, today received a telegram from j
the Indian department announcing that !
it was the successful bidder for the con- j
tract for furnishing the I'nited
Indian department with blankets
sey and cadet coats. Having competed
siiccessfullv with the largest woolen
manufacturing establishments of the
country, this speaks volumes for this
industry in Oreiron.
Keileral Appointments.
Washington, June 1.5. The
dent today made the following appoint
meuts :
Holmes Conrad, of Virginia, to be as
sistant attorney -general.
Henry C. Grady, I'nited States
marshal for the district of Oregon.
Daniel 11. Murphy, United States at
torney for the district of Oregon.
Thomas J. Black, collector of customs
for the district of the Willamette, Or
tliasppeareu. Vighed.dowtl wifl.
Jier sorrows, she has followed the step's
jf Judge Millard all over the tity, be
seeching him to assist her in the restor
ation of her child and property. Today
she was thought to be an unsafe person
to be at large, and was locked np. Ar
riving at the jail, she became violently
insane. She is a beautiful woman, and
highly intelligent.
The CorrallU Factory Preel to the
Wall hj an Overatock.
Coiivallih, June 1;5. The Corvallis
I Carriage & Wagon company filed a deed
' assignment last evening. Walter T.
assistant cashier of the First Xa
bauk of this citv, is named as
Stenographic Ileport of the
Trial Excluded.
Xkw Bedkoud, Mass., June 12. At
the opening of the second week of the
Lizzie Birden trial this morning over
half the spectators were women. After
the court formally opened the jury were
directed to retire, and what promises to
be a protracted argument over the ad
missibility of the stenographic notes of
Miss Borden's testimony at the inquest
After the arguments were concluded,
the court retired for consultation. Pe
turing, thev stated that they had de
cided to exclude the testimony. Dr.
I led rick was then placed on the stand.
He testified that from an examination
of the bodies he believed Mrs. Borden
died first. Policeman Hyde testified
that he saw Miss Borden and her friend,
Miss Russell, go down into the cellar
shortly before 1 o'clock on the night
after the murder with a pail to the
closet and sink. The prisoner made
another descent later alone. They had a
lisht. but Miss Russell looked nervous.
Ex-President llarrleun at the Fair,
Chicaoo. June 12. ExPresident
Benjamin Harrison arrived at the
world's fair grounds shortly before noon.
After a drive about the grounds he was
entertained at luncheon in the adminis
tration building by the world's fair
officials. When his presence on the
prounds was known there was a vigorous
clapping of hands and waving of hand
kerchiefs wherever he went.
The Infanta F.nlalie also appeared on
the grounds and breakfasted at the re
production of the famou Txmdon White
Horse inn, afterward going on a sight
seeing tour through the grounds.
raaaenjrer Kate Also.
CmrAi.o, June 12. The lines in the
Western Pa-sener Association are tin
?a?v on account l the threatened re-
total assets",
praised at $.'iO,0fK
liabilities $57,572. a.
signee's bond is flt'ptYr.
m-iTl 1. pwinnt-il anfl alt
n . I i ,
on hand made up into finish-.
Several reasons are assigned for th
cent turn in affairs, the principal onn .
being the unusual lateness of the sea-
son, which has caused work to move off;
very slowly, and as a result some $20,-
000 worth of finished jobs have accumu
lated in their storeroom on which there
are no returns.
In. 1..mii! in bed. Sontas is very lov.
The doctors say the bullet in the lungs
is very dangerous. About midnight ids
friends, the 1'yrds, were iiltuuioued to
his bedside, as he thought l.e was living-
Crop-Wrmlx-r ISullelln.
Weather The week has leen cooler
than the preceding week. Thure has
been less sunshine, and since Friday
there have been frequent showers.
Crops The weather has been most
tates i iavoraoie 10 wic gruwui oi un i-:iiliuii.
ker-jBnth fall and spring wheat are much
better than they were last year. Re
ports indicate an unusually heavy hay
crop. Pastures are luxuriant, and as a
result stock is in prime condition.
Strawberries are becoming very plenli
j fill and they are a good crop. Reports
I do not show that the peach and cherry
presi- I cr0j, w;i i,0 OVl,r one-half a crop, except
in Douglas. Josephine and Jackson
counties, where the prospects are good
for an average crop. The prune crop
will bo unusually heavy. The onion
crop bids fair to be one of the largest on
Weather During the fore part of the
week warm easterly winds prevailed for
two days, changing to cooler and cloudy
weather, with occasional light sprinkles
during the latter few davs. esneciallv on
j the 10th. The mean temperature varied
j from 48 to t4 degrees, as against oO to
62 degrees of the preceding week.
Crops Strawberries are ripening
rapidly, and are very large and fine.
The peach crop is not full, except in the
Snake river orchards. The fruit pros
pects are on the whole not the nioHt en
couraging, except berries, mid they will
The inventory shows the
including the plant ap- ,)e IU"V on average crop. .More rain
to be $00,50(3, and the j would prove K-nehcial to the cereal
i ... i . i . . . ,
soon as the as- crop, uui us aosence, wnn a coniinua-
d, the factory j on of cool, partly cloudy weather will
aterial now wrk no serious injury.
work, j Bivers The Columbia, Snake and
' ,:t.... ! .. .
re. inuuiary rivers are grauuauy rising and
the prospects are for a continuous rise,
jnsiderable danger yet exists and
whll water is yet to be expected,
yet it is no"
The Kiwi In Portlaad.
It was about 1 o'clock p. ru. when the
wired news of the appointment of Mur
phy, Black and Grady was received in
this city. F'itteen minutes later every
active democratic politician and many
inactive ones were in possession of it
and congregated in groups to talk it
over. Kach of the patriots tried hard to
convince himself and others that it
meant a pronounced victory for his par
ticular faction, but not one of them suc
ceeded in doing so. It left them all in
increased doubt as to whether Murphy
ism or Tammanyism is on top in
Washington. While the leader of
the former clan got the district attor
neyship, the collectorship of customs
went to a full sympathizer with Tam
many's constitution and purpose, and
the marshalship was won by a man who
does not know enough about Western
Oregon politics to enable him to distin
guish a tomahawk from a shillalah.
Last night the
t : probable that they will at
tain a higher n tney nave in
1880, 1882, or 1887, When in each of
these years the river was from 20 to 28
feet at Portland.
Mouii.k, Ala., June H. Twenty-four
vears ago George Morris was shot and
killed at Wholervillo, this county, by
his friend, Rohert Hudson, The slayer
lied the country, but ventured to return
last month. He was known to no one,
having greatly changed; but his voice
was recognized by nn aged blind woman,
Amelia Chatham, and the sons of the
man swore out a warrant for him. To
day Hudson was indicted by the
grand jury. The BheritV has gone to
Scranton, Miss., where Hudson now is.
mid will bring bin: to Mobile, Morris
and Hudson quarreled whi'.e on tm-lv
way home from a visit to Mobile, and
Slorris hit Hudson with a bottle. Tin'
two apH'tired later at Morris' house,
when Hudson's injury was attended t"
by Morris. Hudson went home, bill
shortly after returned with a gun. Mor
ris went out to meet him. carrying an
unloaded gun, ami saying that he didn't
care to load it as he didn't want to hurt
Hudson. As Morris crossed the fence
and turned to replace a rail which had
fallen down, Hudson shot him in tin
back, killing him. Amelia Chatham
and two sons of Morris, aged 11 mid II,
Btw the deed. Mrs. Morris refused to
prosecute, and would not let the sons do
so. -She died about a year ago. Upon
Hudson's return ho visited Wholerville,
and was recognized by none until the
blind woman cried out, "That is Bob
Hudson." Hudioi t'iriied and walked
away quickly, but his movements were
noted, and ho was located at Scranton.
Amelia Chatham is over 70 years of age,
and the boys are stalwart men of middle
age. The three have vivid recollections
of all the incidents of the killing.
f H l.jiNr. ovrii r.. 'I 'M-ball.--. r . Mnv :il. Wtl.
N,.th i-I. In-lvl.. uln ii tV.l ll'e l.illi.wlliK
llillii.-l .-ttl--r tm Ml . I ii 'll. - M lllli-illl"li
i.. ,l... mini i.i... i ii. -n t ' ' el Mini, mill
Unit ilil ir...-t v '1. i..' - i " !
ami iit.-Iht i.f I'i-' w
l,ilU-, oi., i-u .'utj 1 1, I i
riii.ii. i
,,r wmiiti- ii-. i ii
the M- 'i M ' , " I'
1I--H i"l 1" 1 i ."I ' i
i-, U . M
II, iinim-a li- li.M.mi'l
r.-minii'-u- ii'-iil "- "
.Mil laml. v.4 . . 1
nr.. II- V. hi. rtl " " " ' '",
,, ... - W. I.t:u:-,.
Ik t.ltl-
illl.- '
l..iNi.(irnrit, Th- bmik
.Mnv Iti tiL,
Nnllre l Ih'tvIi) rlvi-li that Hit
Itain! ai-tller hit lilttl liitllrt- nf In. tut,.,.''1
rniiiiiiiiti- mill iiihLi-hiuil i-riMif In mih,,h4,j
t-liiliii. Mini Hint tttlil -riHf will M, (,1H(, .
the,T mill rt-it-ivi-r nt 'lin. i J
Mtliinlit'. , Jinn- , tv,l, vi,: ,u
I'reatitn Kednian,
lltilllt-ati-Mil Ali)illl-Htliin N). 41'.M, for tile V
ee .!. S N.. II. II K. W. M,
h K 1J j "' tuuH''1 tlt" ("Uitwlittr wltii-4ea tnpfm.
1 .1.1. ""HUH.
. iti-i.v,- lilt -'. -
Ilv-Hllull i-l
Hit- tiKl-li-r
I're nt 'lite
.. .;.' I (or
NN iT aif
!.,-.iU" llltlili-u, AtiilrewJ. 1. Iiil, hi, John
r-Hllllti-i ""n!"" " riniiTH-fc it n-Klllitu, all at j
JOHN w. 1.I W1S,
Europe and America's Consolidated Jcnted Ttaj
Positively the Most intensely; Exhibitions on the m
mmmk m, LLiS !
Grand international Aiiictl Shows
.t -iM t . - a iv i.t k.-ii.r-.--t v.- t ..i ii in ii i .
C f-Tt? RPS53 a
W'lt.L K.N I II HIT AT 1
The HrlBKH IiacUlon Wan Too Mnh for
l'aiitor and 1'aopla.
The sensation ot yenterday, nays an
eastern paer, was the stand taken by
Iiev. J. II. Kcob, I). D., pastor of the
Second Prenhyteriun church in this
city. It was known that he sympa
thized with Dr. Brigg in his recent
treatment by the general asuembly, but
it was not not thought he would go so
far as to withdraw from the Presbyter
ian church. He took that step, and bis
church will probably be with him and
act independently hereafter, leaving
open the question of connection with
some other denomination.
In Dr. Ecob's opinion now is the time
for lilw.-ral Christians of all churches to
come together. His sermon outlined
the steps that led up to the final action
of the assembly.
"There is no hope," be said, "of do-
boys bad decided to call ; (- anything by staying inside of the
the day's appointments a prolongation ; Presbyterian church after that act.
of the great and exasperating mystery, j rie minority was not treated even do
and to hope for solution from the distri-1 t.UI,tly nd the majority is loo lurge to
bution of the few remaining plums. j be overcome within the tanks. Urge
Altall or Illinois I lira a
BrntNcriF.i.D, 111., June 14 The follow
ing proclamation was issued yesterday
by tiovernor Altgeld:
K.vki.ttivk Or-ru'E, i
Si'itiNoriKi.ii, 111., June 13, lS'.Kl.f
To Am, Orrii'KiiH or Tint Law:
Being reliably advised that a long
distance horse race, from Chadron,
Neb., to Chicago, 111., a distance of over
700 miles, is about to take place, and
that a similar race in Kurope a year ago
for only half this distance resulted in
the death of the horses used, and was
productive of such barbaric cruelty to
animals as to shock humanity, and hav
ing reason to believe that this proposed
race will be accompanied by equal or
even greater cruelty and barbarity,
which will lie in violation of the laws of
this state for the prevention of cruelty
to animals, I hereby call upon all offi
cers upon whom devolves the execution
of law, as well as upon all good citizens,
to see to it tiiat no violation of the law
takes place, and that any one guilty of
it shall be promptly brought to justice.
We will welcome the so-called cow lioys
into our state and bid them come in all
their glory and have a thoroughly en
joyable time with us, but we cannot per
mit the laws of Illinois to lie trampled
under foot simply as a matter of sport.
John P. Ai.tiiki.d.
Tha :hlna faro.
as it was, it did not represent the great
! majority of the Presbyterians outside
! who have no nee for a confession of
faith made over 'J00 years ago."
A Kow at tha llnrracka.
Oiikoon City, June 12. At the fcaiva
tion Armv linrracks lat night tome
young rowdies were creating a disturb-, stipplj Ntrark.
ancc. Mayor r-ullivan, while assisting Fimji.ay, O., June 13,-The city drilled
Policeman Kelly to put out the toughs, '. in a i'O.OOn.iM.'O foot g.i well on the
received a severe blow ltehind the ear. Creighton f.irm, five mile e:ist of the
The reu!t of the fracas was the arrent of city today. When the gan us struck
one Kiley, an 1 warrants are out f.,r the flow was so strong Unit the tools
three othere. I were blown out of the well. An effort
Portland is manifesting a decided
affinity for Chinese immigrants. The
Danube is a case In point. That steamer
arrived at Portland May 18th witli oOl
Chinese. The happy thought occurred
to the health officer that there whs small
pox on board, so ho ordered the Danube,
with itsover-crowdeil, siiirocntiiig human
cargo into quarantine. When, as might
have been expected, no case of smallpox
appeared on board, the Danube was
turned over to Collector Itan and his
deputies, who are supposed to have de
voted twenty-five days to dcterminhig
how many of the Chinese are entitled to
admimion. How long will the farce con
tinue? How long will the Portland pre
maintain criminal silence? The whole
all'air in tainted with stupidit yarn! fraud.
I Pal'led lit San Pram isco and in the
Sound, too Chinc-i- smugitiers have
j found, in the heart, (f (in-gon, a place
' where the law i prm:' p ally nullilieil and
j the doors are throun w ide open. Mr.
: I.otan should ri e up anil explain how
' (filch thing tire po-edhie. Aslorian.
The Dalles, Thurs. June 2fl
UEflirallelefl in Crip?.. Couccpiion of PieeBl MmMst
Double flton.-tc? Roman Oceenia fi Congreis
Circuo, fflenagerie, Hippodrome, fiqtidrium, of Gioi'ld s
All Nations'! ircat'.'st .tciiic lirpivst-ntativrs Scl'ctf.l tuiai
f viiil r
Rarest Wild Bsast Gallicraz lliat Evsr Invited Public AD
The Only Great Show of Marine Wonder
even rLnrLbicu run I nwvLL.
Grand Convocation of Cunmi C'reatiou collecled at no eiiormotiN exHnv.
An lU'ceptithle innovation in niiium-in'-nt n-volntioiiixiug the flt.irt.-4 oi otlr
I'.vcry where aekuon ledged Great Keuture SIhiwh and Specially I-'.xbiliilioni.
The very l't Artiitai of America, Japan, Kurope niid Arabia put topi
A umptiiouit Wonderland f estival ! A rich, rare and Moral entertainment.
A Century in advance of all Coiitemp trar I'.xhihitioim.
Don't Forget the Thrilling Free Balloon Ascensic
lie On Hand to See the Gram, Free, Spectacular Papr
One hour given In whlrli tn Imia-et tli- M-iiM-rl.- ami lli Mam Wunilrr pravlmia w l
tnlit ui tie- l.lreiia mid II li" aln Miie M?rluriiuilM-e
Two Grand Exhibitions and Performances Daily. - Doori Open at 1 and 71
ii.. -it i.i ji
Chrisman & Corson,
Flour, Grain, Fruit and Mill Feed.
Cor. Washington and iS!:oml 8t., Tin Dalles, Or.
U. 8. CummlHBlonwr.
C. B. M'KINSm.
Huntington & McKinstry.
hiii -.-"i.ra t-i J. M. lliiulliiKtiiii Co.
Real Estate, Loan and Insurance Ag't
Iiuid 'aM'rs i f till Iviie l.i pp'piired.
n . .....I I . ...:. t... :.!......
nm i iiiii i I.' -i iiun iu.--fi i.ii.i n nun ii ni'ii.iiia. . .i
Alist.ra' t of Titl' M fuiiii.shcd at almrt notice, ua wir luive the on J
altttruct laxiks in 'n.-o County.
1'nrt.ii-s liain U'-al I'.il ite for aale or rent urn ritiint'''
our oil...... NO. i:w SECOND ST- THE DALLES. OS-