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The Weekly Chronicle.
Entered at the raMtofilre t The Iiallra, Oregon,
aa neeoud-eleea wail matter.
by mail (tohtag rairiu) m advancc
One year II SO
hix montie . .
Tlirv woiitha
Ariverttnliig ratee reiuonable. and made known
OQ dpulleaUoU.
Addrww all rommmiieatioua lu"TBK CRUON
IC'LK," The Lwllea, urvKiiu.
County Judge...
Go.C. Blakelcy
T. A Man!
Olwk J. B. Oroeaen
Treasurer Wni. Michell
Cummiaeiouere i'"."""".
I Frank klueald
Aaaaeaor Jial w. Knout
Bum-Tor K. F. Sharp
oupen-uiufiMieiHoi ruoiic scnuoia . . iToy siieiiev
Coroner N. II. iaalwoud
The site for the great Mormon temple,
dedicated yesterday, was selected July
2Sth, 1S47, the fifth day after the Mor
mons entered the great Salt Lake valley.
Brighani Young, viewing the then bar
ren site, struck his rane in the ground
in the presence of the apostles and said :
"Here will be the temple of our God.
Four years later, in ISol, at the confer
ence it was decided to build the temple
"of the best materials that can be ob
tained in North America." The mate
rial for the foundation was fireetone
from a canyon four miles distant. The
granite for the walls was cut from Little
Cottonwood canyon, and prior to the
advent of a railway, in 1870, was hauled
by ox teams. February 6th, 1853,
ground was broken, and April Cth the
corner-stone was laid, 16 feet below the
surface. In 1858, when Johnston's
army came through, the foundations
were covered with earth. Four years
later work was resumed, and with the
exceptiou of 1808 and 1869, when the
workmen of the territory were mostly
employed constructing the Union Pacific
road, routinued without serious inter
ruption. The capstone was laid April
6th, 1892, and the date of dedication yes
terday, the 63d anniversary of the
organization of the Mormon church and
the 40th anniversary of the laying of the
temple's corner-stone. The building is
lSGg'x99 feet in dimensions, and the
walls taper from 16 feet thick at the
foundation to 6 feet at the top. There
are six towers, three on each side, rang
ing from 19-4 to 222 feet ;high. The east
, part of the temple is for the Melchisedec
priesthood.rfrjweeenting spiritual affairs ;
the west for the Aaron ic priesthood,
dealing with temporal affairs. There
ore in the building many stones svni
bolic of the different conditions of mnn-
kind. At the base are earthstones, above
these moonstones, then sunstones, star
stones, cloudatonee, etc. The architec
ture is without a known parallel in an
cient or modern times. There are four
doors, two on the east and two on the
west corners. The cost of the structure
was about 5,000,000. The building is
provided with all the modern appli
ances for lighting, heating, ventilating
ana sanitation. It is looked upon as the
one described in the first two verses of
the fourth chapter of Micah. The ser
vices in the temple were as secret as a
Masonic lodge. The morning services
lasted till noon. In the meantime no
one came ont, and no one except high
dignitaries of the church were admitted
after the services began.
A gentleman said yesterday that he
believed the asylum eorumisaiou had
already made their determination as to
the location for the asylum, but did not
know which place was selected. The
Chuonicls believes that, while it is
quite likely they have chosen one place
as the best from the field they have al
ready seen, thev am too honorable to
definitely decide while there are yet
claimants in the field whose merits have
not been investigated.
That the Irvine place would be a loon
to insane patients is not a matter of
doubt to all who are informed. This
place is rarely gifted by nature. It is
beautiful beyond all competition. It
remains to show whether or not it is
best for health, and whether good sani
tation is possible. The Irvine place is
120 feet above sea level. Is a low alti
tude preferable to a high one for suffer
ers of this peculiar affliction? Then, our
climate is shown by meteorological sta
tistics to be dryer and better suited to
those suffering from lung trouble, who
constitute so large a per cent, of human
ity. A breeie blows on an average 180
days in the year. Is not a slight wind
calculated to dispose of malaria and all
forms of malignant and contagions
lne asyiura is in one sense a vast
prison house, wherein some of the in
mates never see beyond the confines of
their limited horizon. Would it not be
merciful to show them as great a diver
sity of scenery as possible? We have
the grand mountains, both in the near
and far background, fields of grain
acres on acres of waving grass, all the
varied native trees on the grounds ; three
miles away is the picturesaue citv of
The Dalles, and nearer yet is the mighty
river, bearing on its bosom all manner
of boats and river craft, that the open
ing of the locks will bring.
What point offers the best sewerage?
No point can compete with the Colum
but river. The sewerage caused by 100,-
000 people is not sufficient to contamin
ate the tremendous volume of the Col
umbia after flowing three miles. A
running brook purifies itself with
twenty-five miles of flow. A natural
and easy grade exists from the site to
the river.
The Dalles is not in the geographical
center of the region affected, but doea
this make a difference? For example,
eay three commitments are made, one
from Baker, one from Pendleton and
one from The Dalles. If located at
Baker the fare would be $16.48, if at
Pendleton $10.76, and if at The Dalles,
$16.48. But it must be considered that
The Dalles is the outlet for the whole of
Crook and a portion ot Grant county.
As we said before, The Dalles does not
want the asylum unless it will be for the
very beat interests of the patients, and
to assure these interests the claims of
this point should be considered fairlv.
along with ail the others.
Kena Mildly Crlltelaed-OreTer'a I'ollcj
a AOeellag Mnaler, a.a., t-'la.
It is refreshing to see tho young or
chards that are being started here.
This is no doubt a choice fruit country,
and upon this industry we must largely
depend for succeos.
The old timers (niosxbocks) have gone
to work in earnest digging fish bait, ami
something will be done to benefit man
kind if they don't tire out, or if the
spring fever does not strike them.
The new comers (which includes us)
are plowing and planting, grubbing and
preaching, and otherwise tickling the
earth and the inhabitants thereof in a
way to obtain the smiles of Providence
in a bountiful harvest, etc.
I congratulate you upon the improved
condition of The Cukonici.k. Kditori
lly and typographically it is hard to
beat. You are giving good satisfaction
and, with slight effort, a large list of
subscribers could be secured at this
Keno's items on candidate attending
the cock fight in a barn near the town
that is to "get a move on itself" and
that is to be "strictly in it," and Btating
that as a liar he is not "in it," would be
witty if the alaug could be expunged
from the otherwise pungent article.
Slang, like bad spelling, will spoil the
keenest wit. These particular expres
sions are too old for further use ; they
are like ticks on a horse out of tick sea
son, really no ornament in thoir time.
The second reign of Grover the first is
not giving entire satisfaction among the
faithful here. He gives his party less
satisfaction than any president who has
ever ruled over this nation. This dis
like does not spring from his veto of the
widow's pension bill, nor from his doff
ing his hat to a rebel flag, for these
things were known before his election,
but it springs from the fact that the
democratic king proposes to appoint to
office men who are qualified for the
office, according to Grover's own indi
vidual ideas.
Fuse must must have ris' under this
free trade administration. A. Single
ton, a poor, but highly respected home
steader near here, improvised a fuse
with a honeysuckle filled with black
powder, which he connected with the
main charge, and after properly tamp
ing it, he ignited the fuse with a match
and retreated, but not in cood order.
Not being quite as quick as lightning he
did not reach a safe distance before the
explosion. When consciousness re
turned he was pleased to find neither
eye out. This is one instance w here
ignorance was bliss-tered.
Cholerine is the latest fashionable
epidemic spoken of here for the coming
summer, and if we have anything in the
line of internal bacteria this summer it
is cholerine; it is ultra fushionuble
If a a t ...
icur. lanure ana utoou poisoning are
Mosier, April 10th.
Dog fennel.
The very common and much despised'
but odoriferous dog-fennel l.i not indigi
nous to Oregon soil. The Guard ac
counts for its presence in the Yamhill
valley by the fact of a farmer receiving a
package of seed from a friend in the
Fast, who insisted that It would produce
"beautiful flowers." The seed was
s)ariiigly divided around tho neighbor
hood, and a grand crop of dog fennel
was the result, much to the disgust of
the ladies.
iaud J ii h rrluttng-.
If you have your job printing il ;
Tin CiiHONii'LB you will have' id
vantage of having il done with ti.u ...ort
modern and approved type, with which
we keep continually supplied. All i.ilw
under the direct supervision of one of
the most successful and artistic prin -in
the Northwest.
There it goes again. The Hood Kiv. -Glacier
is the latest to kick overth-
traces. The Glacier says in its lust le
sue: "We have received a clipping from
the Oregouiuii that would about fill one
ol our columns, with a note of two
words: 'Please publish.' The clipping
was headed 'World's Fair,' but does
not mention anything except 'Mr.
Myers.' It is passing wirnnpe that the
legislature cannot provide for c-eating a
coin in lesion so that it i.i not lie at
once headed by a dnmphool. This lump
of concentrated gall, Myers. ks us to
give him a column in w hich to remark
that 'Mr. Myers haa been to Chicwifo.
Mr. Myers has returned from Chicaso.
and Mr. Myers expects to go buck to
Chicago.' It don't go. Mr. M vers can
go to IK'l-ena."
Secretaries Gresham and Carlisle are
looking into the reason for so great an
exoenee in connection with the Behring
sea arbitration commission, and we hope
if there hiu been anv leuksge they will
find it. It is beginning to look, says the
Regieter, as though the ex pene of set
tling this long drawn out question will
in the end amount to more than the
value of all the seals that will be left in
the sea after the dispute shall have been
Au AUetuug hurl kt uiH la I'urataad la
Mr. Kirk Muuroe describe In the
Cosmopolitan a c&nne trip In company
with two young Somlnolo Indians, Mu and KowiUo, who were enguifed
In thoir reinilar occupation of hunting
alllirator fr their hides. The canoe
was a dugout, made by Mlcoochee him
self out of a huge cyprus log. Tho trio
made camp late in the afternoon, and
after awhile Mr. Munroe discovered
what he had not before suspected that
the hunting wax to U doue at night.
Darknetw hud hardly fallen before
the hollowing of alligators was heard
n sound much like the rour of an angry
' ull. Miccuchce batoned with evident
itisfaotion. "Allupatta plenty. Me
I cr toll "em, I'noah!"
We hail killed five of the monsters
when we turned our prow up stream.
, Mioooehoe wielded hi rush pole from
tho stern, KowiUa Rut in t!i 1 middle f
' the ennoe, while I. with jack light on
my hend ami ritlc in hum!, oci'upiod the
. xMtiouof honor in the low.
' The alligator hud ceased I heir tnut-
turiugs and I had begun bn think that
i we had killed or frighU'in1 I Jiom all.
! Jtmt then I wuh Martlet! I n alight
motion on the l n:ik but ;: . v.- yards
away. At the tame instant two coals
of fire gleamed through the blackness.
What could they be? I was aliout to
snouk, when a sharp "hint" from be
hind told inc that the moment for
action had come. Taking a haMy aim
at one of the lurid coala, I fired.
The report of the rille was followed
by such a wild rush into the water, such
whirling and splashing1, such showers
of spray nnd bloody foam thut it was
as if a small cyclone had been dropped
from the heavens into thut quiet nHt. '
Little Kowika screamed in bin oxoite-
ment. but Miecncheo only expressed his
displeasure at my bud shot by mutter
ing: -llo-le-wo-gus! Heap bad:"
Xatar thonM b
assisted to tkrw
blood. !Utklar
4oa It well, t
proaiptlr, or
safely aa Swlft'i
) or thros years X was troubled with mala.
. .ol poison, which caused my apnetita to fait,
and I was greatly reduced in flesh, and U,
lost all its charms. I triad mercurial and
potash remedies, but to bo affect I could
gat no relief. 1 then decided lo try I 1
A few bolt as of this wonderful 1
medicine tnada a comnlats and DemuuMni
cura, and I now onio; betiar health than aver,
J. A. Kics, Ottawa, Juu.
Oar book on Blood and Slda Disease
mailed free.
Bwirr Bncmo Ocx, Atlanta, Ot.
Congressmen are mortified by the
slowness with which their applications
for appointments have been granted and
the lightness of what they bad supposed
to be tiieir heavy-weight influence, but
they are reluctantly disposed to grant
President Cleveland the credit of run
ning a strictly business administration.
Ample evidence of his disposition to lop
off all superfluities and bring the cost of
operating tiie government machinery to
as low a total as is consistent with ef
fectiveness is furnished by various re
movals in the several departments made
unuer ins Instructions. The trouble to
the congressmen is that these removals
do not mean vacancies. The places are
simply wiped outof existence, and noth
ing is left for the democrat who stands
and gazes blankly at the spot where
something was but a moment before and
now nothing is. Some of them go as far
as to call it a penny-wise-and-ponnd-foolish
policy, but that does not help
matters any, and does not meet with
much approval from people who are not
seeking office.
Tl. t 1 T ; . .
auc ciuo xieview nas received, a
number of letters censuring Rev. Nelson
Clark for his course in advising hi
daughter to discontinue tlie attentions of
X" T C . .
i.. hum oomn. i ne review very sen
sibly coincides witli the father of the
murdered girl adding that the frightful
deed of the murderer and suicide was
"demonstration of the correctness of the
father s estimate of the character of the
young man suing for his daughter's
hand in marriage." If the romantically
disposed youth had survived by five
years this particular period of his
adolescence there is little chance that
he would have been the author of a
tragedy. Bat that does not alter the
conclusion that since he did so he was
afflicted with mania, differing only in its
greater intensity from that common to
10 to zu-year-oldings.
In 1788 Messrs. Phelps A Gorham se
cured 6,000,000 acres of land, including
all of Western New York, at about four
cents an acre. A few years later the
Holland Land company purchased the
land between the Geneesee and Niagara
rivers, and Joseph Ellicott selected the
site for the present city of Buffalo.
100 years it has grown from a vast wil
dernees, with but one white man, to one
oi tne nnest cities in the world, with
population oi 3UU.U00. A pretty good
sampie oi American progress, this.
and Goaalp for
Meaty Morula of Kewa
me numerous late mining finds In
various sections give promise that Ore
gon may be the leading mining stale.
It is probable that less attention Las
been given to Oregon by miners than
any other Western state, and if the
number of prospect holes with which
California and Nevada are punctured
were a feature of Oregon, it is probable
that the output would closely approxi-
mate that of either of these famous gold-producers.
The Khan of Khelat, suspecting five of
us wives of infidelity, has put them to
icatn. The British agent of India a
3ooibay has knocked off part of bis 100,
00 rupees a year salary as a pnniah-
nent, charging him 8,000 rupees a head
or the sues killed. He can kill six
uoro and then have 12,000 rupees left,
reat is a protectorate.
lne national meeting of state boards
ot health at New York resulted in a di
vision of the different districts, as being
inr ior nanuiing the cholera question
since the same rules will not apply for
me uesi methods In all alike. The sur.
geon-general of the marine service will
maae a tliorougb investigation into the
present condition of affairs in Russia
which is now to artfully covered np by
wio czar ana nig olticiuls.
The reason given by Mr. Cleveland
lor not appointing the office holders wli
served under his first administration is
mat he does not wish to establish or per
potuate an office-holding dynasty in the
United Ktates. His reason for keening
repuuiican otnce-nolders in until their
term expires is, that it stays the mad
rush lor office at the beginning of each
administration and allows the places to
oe unei decently and in order.
According to the Washington state
nistorian, Uiehaliscounty has the great
est number of feet of standing timber of
any county in the state, it being esti
mated at not lees than 30.000.0ti0.000
Ollie Barrett is on the sick list.
Engine 546 is laid in for a few re
Joe Reedy is running the 560 durinir
.Barrett s illness.
engineer fcrhart is running the 380
instead of 546. Joe says the 380 is a
noble machine.
Jim Nickle and Joe Wilson came in
with the 520 off of the work train at
Viento to have some work done on Sat
urday eve, and returned this mornin.
The roadbed between this place and
Portland will soon be the most substan
tial in the state. The company have
two work trains filling in tnitl
will nat take them off nntil all trestles
are filled.
ine tys on the work trains at Viento
are very fortunate in securing such an
excellent cook as they have. 6he serves
np a dish fordessertthe boys call "opidil
doc" that cannot be beaten for its ex
cellent flavor.
Fireman Brown is back on his run
again after an extensive lay-off. He
says there is no place like home, and
that he shall be contented to remain at
The Dalles and not roam again in south
ern latitudes, j And Rmokey says "I am
with you."
The following verses were written for
Brakemajii J. F. Bhannon at Viento,
whose dog was killed by No. 8 on April
1st, 1803. The boys all feel very sad
and try to console Mr. Shannon in his
hours and days of distress.
Doe Shannon now (admit,
Of CfMirae Ihl. yon all linnir.
And thin in what makm my mt Uit
Aa we to work do go.
Kow, poeey Hlmnnim nhe did to
A-wiilkiria on lint traf,
ben Oirtiii and M. 'Jinn cam br
And broke bur little back.
Whwi J ark first dlnenverrd her
Mie wax lylnir on the ran ;
Her huj wan urnatrateon Hit bank
And on th (rack her tall.
Xow, Jack went tn thp atction boaa
And unto him did any '
"Won t rim be kind enouxh. dear air,
To bury her today." '
Tobaoeo and (laid an a 1-mr on Ibe t'pper
inaou Klvsr, Alaaka.
R. D. Miles, a recent visitor in Kan
Francisco, gives the Call a graphic ac
count of the prices current for ordinary
commodities on the upper Yukon river.
He has. according to the Call, just re
turned from that country, where, he
states, there were over one hundred
men at work during the lant summer
washing mild from the river bars and
rifts. The majority of them will winter
in that country. .
n ell, 1 11 tell you, I am triad to iret
back to civilization arroln ." he said.
"Gold is plentiful; in fact it in an ordi
nary trick for a man to wash out from
twenty to sixty dollars a day, but a
mon needs all that to live any woy com
fortable in that eouutry, and he has but
little to show after a season of hard
"When I left that country a trader
with a small stock of goods was making
his way up the river from some of the
const tmling points in a canoe. In
fact he had several of them loaded with
provisions. He was awtistod In his jour
ney by half a dozen Indians.
"Well, when he left, after aelling out
his cargoes, he had about all the irold
dust the miners had washed out in four
or five months of steady work.
e ran short of provisUins, and had
subsisted on bear meat and other game
so long that we willingly parted with
nearly all we hod to get some civilized
"Well, this trader his name was Em
mons sold the several sacks of spuds
ne had with htm at the rate of from
thirty to fifty ccnta per potato.
"His Dour sold for twent v dollars
sack, and we were just glad enough to
pay nve dollars a pound for tho very
poorest finality of tea he had with him,
lie hail several sides of bacon in his
stock, which he disposed of at about
one dollar a slice. A few sacks of the
despised bean brought one dollar
"We hail been. out of tobacco fur near
ly two months, and had drawn but lit
tle solace out of pipefuls of dried leaves
and mose. W hen this fellow appeared
on the scene we took him to our hearts
an a benefactor and gave him ounces of
gold for plugs of tobacco. An ounce of
gold brings sixtiwn dollars in Alaska
ana nineteen dollars at the mint here.
we bought a hundredweight of on
,un we were awtcssed six
ounces oi (fold.
I tell you what, we nnunwl
dust upon that follow Emmons, and he
na so much of it I don't think t ,t.i
like to take the contract to pack it from
here to the city hall.
iou must not think from thi.
palling price list that we were starving
to death. We had plenty of game and
fish, but that kind of grub Dalls on the
The "lxys," however, appear to have
made money on the Yukon river bars.
Mr. Miles states that all of them have
"stakes," and he came down to Victoria
with several of them who had "cleaned
up" from twelve thousand dollars to
twenty-eight thousand dollars opiece
The Hook on Whlrh J'raalUant Cleveland
Took the Oath of OITloe.
Among the relies stored away in the
clerk's office of tho supreme court of the
I nited States, writctta Washington cor
respondent of the Philadelphia Times,
is a handsome nionx-co-covered Bible of
large octavo size. It is the Bible that
was purchased eight years ago to ad
minister the ooth of office to President
Cleveland at his inauguration on Murch
4. It had tiecn the invariable rustom
In-fore the inauguration of Mr. Cleve
land to purchuse a Bible for use at the
inauguration ceremony and to present
this interesting memento afterward to
some tuoiuWr of the president's family.
Following this custom, the clerk pur
chased a Bible to use in the inougura
tion of I'resiileut Cleveland, but Mr.
Cleveland notified the committee of ar
rangement of the senate that he wished
to tuke the oath on the Bible given to
mm njr nis mouior wticn, as a yonng
uinn, ne niurcea out in the world to
muke his fortune. The eomialttw nat
urally respected thia sentiment of the
president-elect and so Mr. C leveland
took the oath on his mother's Bible, It
was a small book, morocco bound and
gilt-edged. So far as is known here,
Mr. l leveland stlU has the book, and in
the belief that it will be used at tho
coming ceremony the clerk of the su-
lrciuc cuurv lias noi purctioaed a
Ilible to lie used on that occasion. It
was planned four yonrs ago to use the
liible purchased in 1HHS nt the ceremony
ox ionw; nut alter cousidonug the mat
ter the clerk determined to purchase
anotner uiuic lor air. Harrison.
Hand Made
Fesh Paint I
W. c, (in.nRirr hereby aendu
lila ermitulmt'iitii to every friend
Ami enemy If be lia any
lie ihejr trw nr be they many.
The time fnr nilntln( now haa come,
And every mie dcalnai a home
That Inula freh and elean ami new
Aa untie but a ixl naluiur can do.
rnliitlnr. paperlni and elaalnc, inh
h III make y.xir old tuiuae look iiuia new
He will take yniir work eltliar way,
lly the job or by the day.
If rim have work stv him s rail,
He'll lake your onlera, large or amall
P. O. Box No. S,
The day waa very utormv.
The nii(r and wordi Were few
A'XZ""'k d"' Jf''"tly bury her '
Without rnoeli ado.
Now. Jaelc I know you won t be mad.
It would not do, von know,
on anw the piece f wrote for Boot
About a year ago.
Von i lniielied at me about the bird
Thut vouMii'tro toehurrb.
And little did I then et. '
To get you tn the lurch.
That la, If vim an chooaa, 1 '
I mean thin tor a in aim. rial
lum lik I wrote for Boot.
c. r. w.
Kate for Hatching.
c cv
'vsBT.-' 'v--k
i at r i.- '!
Undertatnff Establishment!
Furniture and Carpets
tlOO per BottlaTAKV
flI1"ia Cotlflr. tint- . . L a. . .
Cmil tl n.a. a. I ,1 ..... V I . 7
and Amino,,. ,r ftuiannipilon H hna no
rival: bnaenrort liio'i.imili wiietrall otliera
.....p... .uircnn Touurakuu In time, hold
ly I'riieHUIA on a poarnnt.-n. r I nine Ilai k
or Cheat, use but l,ot; i lamilZt b?. J1
Have you , 1 1 lilarernedv la ii.,u .
We have added to nnr hliainnaa a
omplete Undertadinir Establishment,
and as we are in no way oonnected with
the I ndertakers' Trust, our prices will
be low accordingly.
... . '' ""r euarau-
-.., luiuouir (ran
For aale l.y Bnlpea A Kloeraly.
Rheumatism, -
Lumbasro. Sciatica.
Kidney Complaints.
IIBfl Wei
nn Slectro wtnanetlo SUoPAMI
...7."!': an rwuiiinir froa,
?'",r"""" brain n.r.. ..
7r.-." T""ilr. a-nU
L.n ..J"V."'V"' sou
nr Initi
win'inr crimpui
r c
r i in twain.-; i i Jir;, U-Ti
Cr Z ' 2 .PETE'S '- "....,.: ku!uj!!
, , . . ... .- . . .,, 1Pf ,
Er,-.u,t iKhV 5 THH: 'm-"01T. the
lhgh grade Kose Comb Brown Ua
horn eujrs from Kt idod lioae Comb hens
and pure bred mules, i'rice 50 rents
per setting- of thirteen. Address E. M.
flarrnuan, Endersby, Or.
Look Over lour County Warrants.
All county warrants registered prior
to June 1. lxhl). will ha tin ii ii'Ll
tented at my office, corner Third and"
and after this date.
The Dalles, March 31, 1R03.
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7 -in Treasurer VV asco County, Or.
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The St. Charles Hotel,
has been entirely refurnished, and every
room bus been n.r-....i ' .
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C. W. KNOWLES, Prop.
Is th line to Inks
It la the bliilns Car Route. It runs Through
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Full Information roneernlne ratea, time of
trali.a, route and other details lurnlahed on
spiilloaUou to
a . - w- c- ALLAWAV,
Affejit n. P. A A. Nav. to., Regulator offlos, Th.
bailee, Or., or
Asa 1 Oensral taaaaLfar Agt., Portland. Jgn.