The Dalles weekly chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1947, February 17, 1893, Image 6

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The Weekly Chronicle;
MI'UH' HOUl.HI I. IK lieo 11
a;ing a air cf trotim-ts.
reformer can see lt w
taiion i leading.
Now the
uit their
CVnntv Ju.tcv...
Tw4urvr . . .
Co ui :u t vs : . ' n i-r
I'-urvHiet . .
cnlNTV (irHIIAI.
ttrtv t
W in M l'fi'".i
i.i:i.. Imrnieli.-
i r-'rmL K itn-.:tl K'wliU-
1 . Hmrv
.1 labia' is.h.U . f.'i-i.i
S M. t.a. .!
Tin iMwtuMu'' department ip smart.
After one tho.e iit-w Columbian J
Il .k-i.-v s stamp has W-eu affixed to some letter
T a wtt -mother staitu. has to It' Mit on for over '
The ftcna'ty for tin1 violatiou of tin- In ,
i from two to live veins' iniprit-oumetit.
It is m giant measure and should dup
licated i" Oregon. ,
sru.ixtii: ix:ii.i-
Tlic National Aw iatim of wool
uianuiaetuters arc alarmed lot tin- in
romiug administration will put lulo
I.rart'.cethcireiinnoiated principles t;pon
omew hat . al'.houjh thor lit eiiou. h tu
meet cm nwit demand.
Peal estate transaction iir nun
i nuliifuMi' Hum tli.'y hitc f-I r t tin
; ago, with a wtter hhjij. rv irom 01111.10.
The w market i stiil lifeless, and
ftviu appeal aiiivs tlic imlicali-'iis l"r a
future improvement if a remote ques
tion. Foreign mailcts are u flmtua
! ting u ever, v. uli n. .thing in iy;ht f.'r
encouragement to holder or seller.
I vki i: Tiir market in nearly lifeless
in hurley, prices tire dow n t. ?o and 7
cents hit 1;K) lbs.
I lut they showed yeste'dav t !iKt they are' Oath The out market is t-tili end of-
watchim. the nroivo.litnrs cl-.iselv. iiikI ferini:. are light at tl i-fiiis per lt'O
are prepared t resii-t nil attempts to
bene til t!ic people ot tlifir cxpfiic.
Tin- Siiii'in frrconi!i'iit ot I ho lVrt
lnnl Tclccraui voii-c th 'i.tiniiiit of
l'!S!,t- I ,,,t" !'',pl,,of thin m-ctkm i" ili' fv..!l. '.ng
, , ..i.i . i , cxi-iTM . I'ji till now tl crc hn hi't n
Jmli.'v trvsliain cxi'.ains tliut he voted
r-L....-...i . I ,.r, .:..! nothiiis toe...: out tl.e e-p.'.ml aiita-.-oii-
.... ,v... . , , ,
Hut there urt1 n.anv ho w ill sti'.l Ih-i
liovr that he ili.l m as matter of j.rvju
ilii'' irt'iuiliee niinst I'rvsMcnt llar
Blakeley & Houehtoi
Tho Dalles. 0reg
175 Second Street,
A IV.! I !in. ..f
' .v ii..i.'U' nf tti. fu !r.ui.l r.kttitmltii's.
.;. live ..i eenn er imimic-i.
M n t mi nn I : u ri ami .!i.irl lf
'...... I t Oil t..t. 1.
A man who rewelie the uj;e of tI huf j This , us (!i-''1ojk il when SmitU'is hi!!, : tj!iinfi .' to .H (V) jn-r ton. Ko.lolj
been ailmittinl to the har Ht York, l'a. ! i.rovi, line tor tho carriace of freight hurley, $.1 W lo I "i imt Mieil-
the tariff and a! their I'XTr.t unTting in jie va? (,i vear old w hoc ho hocamo a I twoen The P.iUes anvl IVlilo and fiiiinf i tli ror" l .:' l""r 8 " . .
New York u4..,.leJ reflation. rct,-tli:p student. If he cn live for rt) ver J iie m'e -'r, catuo uj. Panor-.f: . UprJl,"li'i nuX hrnnd "! !
the attitude of the asH-iatiou tiiKin the. m0rv l,e liA? acliniKtto l eivnie on. incut n..,,,,.. ii.n m. h.n it, tl.P bill n:id ' t't ihi .t,i .-.r t.,"u.l tl ihi . r 1.1,1 !
Jill tlic S!rui(l.inl l';il,.t
Dnis. eiu ituc.ils, lr.
Jf"Voiintry tin t Mail Order will receive i t utT r: t in. ' "
in hi 'roies'mn.
tan;!-. Theysay: It haleen the jhiIicv
of the National Ass tciatinn .if wool nuin-
nfacturer bince it i pan i gallon ill 1S", , Kit-King Milan of Sorvia and bis Ui
belioving in tho irincijiie cf pruteetlun ! vorced w iic. Natalie, have lieconie ree
nniform'.v applied, to a.-ceit the jmlg- ' onciled, and a dispatch from Ilei;rade
went of rongres in deterniinin; rates of j intoruis ns that, in coliseiiuonro, there is
duty du wool, provided they were ac-! great opu!ar rejoicing thnuihoiit tiiat
mmpanied by the uHCfary coinpctis'a- ; country. It is difficult to understand
tory duties u: woiilen goiKU; and since ' w hat cauje for congratulation could he
it is now proposed to reeal the woolen found by ihe eolo of Servia in the fact
were aided hv Haves, A'.lcv and ('
I well. The latter explainrd that lie did
' not want to vote blindly for rates that
the courts might declare iimva.oi:b!e.
1 Smith ably defended bis bill, and
charged that railroad lobbyists werv
bore to influence legislators. It is
strange that Portland, which is s deeply
Hav Tiinothv bnv tauge in price
from jli' Oi'tojl"' '; ixt ton, affording i
to qnaiity and condition. Wheat Lay is !
in lull stock on a limited demand ill ,
$10 !Hl o t2 tH Mr ton. There is no '
i n . I ii try for oat hay , and pricen are off.!
Allatl'a hav is not much called for, and'IIO Ctartn1 3f
is quoted at (10 00 lo U' im ptr ton. ! J"L3 &eCOna
These (tiotalliins are for bailtsi hay ex-'
Fine Millinery!
interested in an open river, should for- i clusivelv.
: i. i ..),-.. tl. 1-1,. .t ..f Jtt TTku Fresh roll butter at 40 to M
f4iirio w, nevertlieles .h-t,ire to u?ain tlmt h tt-nrnHn u-lnuw mitul i.n.i.tir hint ., . . .m i j ceuiM IH'r roll, lu brine or itry
, -, - r - ine 1 nion rm i.ip u:iunmu """I""? ! niiof llln Jn
,.i , tt. k.n..i tt,.t t). ... ; t t i ; f..f.. . . . , qmna ail to ctnU arr ro.l.
...v v. ,,-. .luiTi..:.. fa. .a.,, u i A 0H. r,v,,r llU(, is-netit I ori.aiiw a t:tjj The egg market is short
I'lutfu .' j, av a , .1 vtll. (l alic UiailllinillllTllkS m
the wool grower, the wool iiianutacturer torious blackguard.
and the consumer of woolen goods. The I ..-,. .j .,. it l.ns ' I'oi'I.tky There is a fair
unloosed eitmoiwic- chanire is not in re-i The western Oregou legislators w ho
PjHnse to unr demand from the industry j anxious to kill and did
we renreent'. S4) iht rent, of the! lley bill, have now a taste
ow n ttieuiciue
ery of the country having j lined in pro
testing against the passage of the tree
wool now endiiig in rongres, which
protest is hereby affirmed. The wool
manufacture, organized and conducted
for more than thirty years ou the bais
of a dutv on its raw material, canuot
salt we
In ;
n- I thniKHiwI'uxa u here tlie lxMiehts it , stlMilv and chkI fresh emu II ml read v I
! obtains from the railroad in consequence ; HI0 " "'" l''r ,1"' cash
amount to as manv cents; vet it has
! alwavs seemed to 1 the cae that the
railroad is the chief rare of 1
, I in. Dual I,,., ir,uf l.-Tl wo), M I il
, . , i . .!. i. i .... ,;..;t Mutton is mioiod at 50 and 4 ftO
im'gxill fCHttirru iiuiiuu , uimn ...... ; jj,. Jnnd I'ork
right uow u ! Bnj
kill the
of their
iy the legislature refn- I
ing to appropriate J.K,tHi0 to pun'hase j
the U illami'tie livks. 1 liev tnav now
tri-eive, notwithstanding their donsitv
of intellect, thai
arv line is not defined bv the Cascade ! ege of voting, and then lay
range; but too late to taste further in the dust la-fore her dressmaker, 1hw-
W , 1 i: 1.. L ..! ..1.4 4.1 ....... 0 .
easilv or qtiicklv adjust itself to so radi- f'.v representatives ol tlteir iieopie. j i"K oeiore wie sogne.i ..eeree o. ...a.
cal a change of ' condition, and the t- i front ltenocfortr. they will be shelved, j olent aut.Hrrat. -Wiiir a pull -buck."
trot care should I taken, if such a ' ' ; say. the mol..-te and straightw ay every
measure is to be enacted, to so adjust its ' Wi'at BaJ on the holt- j woman, knockkneed or bow-legged. t'e
- i .4t . . t - . .j . .:ii! c niiu uuuurtii v.Mncuiiiaui'. 11 nuuiniir i tirrrti iu in rikiii-iiuiib . i. uu ir-
. i . i . ...i i . :. 4 . 4...,
a tjotitioc inii?liUt.ln.H, under the oM ' car ru!'i. ""Hi.i nUtv4 are wt.rn," 19
f.iiiiim't inaiulnte. tuul i?liort iu-tk or
No. ;7 Washi.vuton Stukkt. . . Tjik
VlioUtiale and llclail I dealers and Maiiufuctun-rii t.f
Buildia? iloltrial and Dimeniioii TbLcr, Doors, V intltms. Muldiiin, B-n-r Fumi-ti
tky there is a fair demand tor
fow Is for home market and for uliip
llltttlt to lNirtland. I'liiekioiM are rinoted i
tltllld'S ! at t'l (X) UliA hi) IMir .l,.,.. tnrkva k!
I to hi cents fer it. ; geese 7 to iter dox, j Special Attention Riven to the Manufacture of Fruit nm
.ii.l I- I . ...... ! , . . . 0,10 I
I.Ktr MiTTO Iteef cattle is in I
JIow perfectly absurd for women to ; moderate demand at $'2 W er VH) ' rActory aud
I'.. and : eiL'Iit gros to L' .it) tor extra ttosi
ork ofTering are light :
price are nominal to R cross I
weight and C4 to 7lj rents dressed I
DRY Pine, Fir, Oak and Slab WOOD Delivered'
any part of the city.
not be suddenly and violently forced iuto
a mMitiou that will rarrv L'eneral disas-
ter to engagevt in it, and to everv ; 'ent law , in order to esca, taxa
merchant and shopkeer handling their 1 ti,,n "n ln of th,,"'r Pl"y.
poods. We trust that no congre- Ti'e I'--n will Uoubt!e. ttnd
hr ti, nnl,. n,l resm.tlhle to "' l5'' e iaw l'.v '"' h ll,t'
them, will hastilv or carelessly enact a
STAI'Ll: uuocr.uixn.
CK-it Coeta liica, is quoted ut ":!'.. .c !
er it.-.. ty ttie sack, r-alvadore, L'-'e.
Arhucklos, 2.V.
Ht'tiAH Oiuldcn C in iihls or sack .
it1, on. L'v. i 4-. in . i . . :
I uit iu . 1 L .".. i, . ! W W .1 i.
ll z: r-xV.ii ii. ;;cii 7 ,HJX,i nara ware, i inware, Etc..
5 cfe
J'.niu.iis ami iiMAii.i ks t'l'
law imperiliing the T.KMXf'.0,0ii of capi
tal invested in the wool manufacture.
long every feminine sink her bead
tween mountainous puflY "Crinoline"
is the latest utterance of the oracle, who
appears to la- seconded by. the Examiner.
Cun it I that the monarch, not satishej
with its real-estate, help-wanted and
pension attachments, is m.w ahout to
spring a hoop manufactory upon n?
It this lie ru urges, Town Talk, with one
" , accord, let iho fema'e att Franciscan
We are led again to imjuire, w ill gird on Iter armor of eonibaliven ., in
Cleveland smash the democratic party? trench herself in her native grace, and
W 1
his i 1
was t
on t
ing .
till v
of t;
can evade full payment of their taxes. '
I'niortunatelv no law can compel meii
to be honeat from principle. It is coii
suiing to believe, however, that the ma- '
jority if a-ople are not so bad as they
have iTii pictured, says the I'is;ati.'h. ',
Kaley'a Bnonib Haby.
Salem, Cr., Feb. 1j.
Kditob Ciihomclx The following is
the full text of Senate Resolution Xo. Zi :
"frtohrd. That a committee of three j His acU and words since the election go
be appointed by the president of the to show that he has designs in this !i
aenate consisting of euators whose term j ruction, and iii latest move, u,e ;tp
of office will not expire until after the ' pointmeut of iiresham as chief a.lvi,er,
regular session of the legislative assein- j 'f true, w ill go to strengthen lliw l'i. t.
bly of ISi5 Le appointed for the purpose ! Uresham, w hen he upf.orted Cleveland
of investigating tne feasibility and ad- ! last la!!, said lie was not a donna-rat but
viaabilitT of constructin; a portage J simply an independent voter. .'! he
railroad around the falls of The Dalles : g'"" into the cabinet as twretarv of
from a ljoint at or Bear the tow u of ' state ou that, platform, il looks as if the
Celilo to the city of The Dailee in j Cleveland administration was going to ;
eountv, Oregon; and for that purpose be run on a very liberal plan, and moss- i
they are hereby empowered to secure the buckiam must take a rear seat. Next
erf ices of a competent engineer, and to j e "halt probably hear of Major J. K
procure such other assistance a may lie ! Clarkaoti s appointment as secretary of
fcTitce $l (HiufL 7.r. pr keg.
IUcu Japan rice, ti'-u'c
rice, 7 rt.
l'.K Ks Sinnll w hite. 4w
4 '...( "c jer liM) ll.
Halt Liverpool.
EV cut
uc; link,
olllb sk, (LV; ItHlib1
L' 00. Mak salt, '
flcorn and Charter Otak
k. l 10; L'tKho sk
lltt tWiH-rtou. , . ,
lKi:i.FKtMT-IUlianrune-, 1LV ,s-r I IjUilS. AlIillllliUllHD HDIl mfM hWi
resist to the utmont tiie utonstrotis
Th Mararl Itrf..rt4.
TiU'KHbAT, Feb. lti. The weather has
Iwotne more nettled and warmer, and
m, i iKix, i.vnporaiea spplea, tc per
lb. Pried gra-, Vm 10c per (muiid.
vn.rTAiu r.i. aw fui'trs.
PorATota Peerless. Putbilo white,
8nowflake atid liurtaink stl:ings quoted
at II L'-'i per UNI lbs.
(.Nionm The market quotations for
A I onions is $1 'M ft 1 40 ia-r Iihi II.
Ottrrs 1 m ith tioKl spplea sell for
$1 L'.'xe l "." per Im. Fall and eariy
llioX, COAL,
I'LCMiusfi sriTLiix
winter pears rre iitoleu at iMli'i.oc mr ,
uinrs am fri an.
i llii.KH Are o noted as follows: t)rv.
outness has revived somewhat, ulthough (M. wreen 2 r"'., : culls 4c lb.
! it is quiet yet. The great fail of anow, j hiirt e Pki.ts ai...G.'i ea. I-erskina.
'with a iie'tter average of precipilati.-n, j '!ir i",,,f ,Bm' :4Kl f r suiiimer.
i, . V-i 1 Iireseed. light II Hi, beaev ,: lh. lUar-
; has given irrettterconlid.iice among our Kkin)ri elt . ,PnvVri t M ih;
utisino men for a very active year in ! utter. 1 1 : l.sher. l."i.. i ,' .' : silver
Wagons and Carnf.
n , . a
neduers ana ivour
Mitchell, Lewis 4 Stayer C:
Acricnltunl ImpleEccts and JLs
Cove i.
in t (
Jioth '
lois I
ntv I i
Ittaii: .
necessary to make a complete iuvestiga
tion at to the probable cost of such a
road: the benefiui to accrue therefrom
to the people of the state of Oregon,
and the etlects that such a road may
Prices have been well maintained f"X. Ihli'M-i; red fox, II 2' :
' " .".J .. . I .. !
M m" i-i . uiaiiiii. .iiufi
An..,.; .
biiiutiuiiu. .lie mMmm. in B.apm ro-
ccriei. an advance has taken place in
j in the
principal liues of merchandine
y I.rbrnln( I'cnctl.
. i tiie more leading articles.
It is pitiful to think of old Feruinaud ' hadetl a half a cent higher.
IleLessepti being arraigned before a court ; s,:;n,r also is np a shade or two. Staf
of bis country and sentenced to a fine j of ever.v br,l,,J re 10 to 25 cents jwr box
i 1 . I : .t t.: . ati.i fi r vpura in. nr iui in m-ril f If r. m ru (I'Urtr .
tate and to report the earn-1 the legis- i if tbe aeutence shouli Ins carried out j I"s Dne up on the market 4
Uture at this or the next session there- j ' would die in prison ; he would tlie an j cent Iwuml, and will tat dearer as
..t..;,t. i...i ..-... ;... o.,.i isnominious death, notwitbstantlinir the t Reason auvances.
4,., ...... , - , . " All l 1 1.1 t .!. .i. tn ,l i. t..
thereon. That taid j '' ttiat perUaps he has conferred morel ..miwifwn nae uu. a ..................... . .... ...
, sliarn advance, ow imr to the wmwd ."' '"' V"
trrr t"X,
martin, (lill "o ; mink,
eiKin, Hie; rovote, fi'V iriiic;
ttadnr, '.'." ; jsileeat. L-'sorV ; 'itn
mon house rat, l)cn2"ic ea.
Wish The market is rejsirted off.
l Snrejrs Ui L
is to.
the ii
Farmers and stovkraisera universally
a tree that dehorning cattle is a great ad
vantage. The cattle become more docile
and can be handled irfbch easier, and
are easier cared for than those with j FECONb f-TREKT
horns. All farmers and stockmen also
. . . .
committee, if in their opinion it would , B'T P" r ranee man any man, ex- - - e - - . - .... un-bv ovoidina the troublesome and
iss advisable, are hereby authorized to Pt perhajsj three of bis generation. , ' t"e east lor tiregon and U.U- ,mif:ii .ration of using tbe raw .
consult with the IT S En 'inevre or an v ' France remembem Thiers, liamljetta j '""' product and the limit.! lt:k in lfean'a !ehoriiing iiencil has Utm
departmentof the federal government J and - I- other, as politic gh iries ; , first hand, rco OTJ.
for the purpot of obUining information -ctor Hugo wa. a great intellectual ales. advance in price, owmg ; t)..tifv , to tj,,. ivantiiife of UNing ti.e
.....i-:.. ,,f r. .......t ciant. but I)el?ssett was one man stroii? , "hort year a product and prices wi.l re-1 ,..,,. .,..,, .,ri, h .k... i,..,.-1
VI ,.., II .vvuvc.q w. . i f'- . " , w . 1 r. ( ... I ' - - - -- ....
. inaiii tor vih; year wutt a proiwijiiiiy atitl causes no pain, l.y one application '
the born w i.l ur p ut! in a lew iuv. It I
1 is puaraiiteeu to give "at i . in -t ,-in il aj.
piled lis tlirteied. Pest of referent
and that an v memorial prot-ed bv : great ships throngli the shilling sand of i . i- euuI1ZvB , in.-,, u. i (,,,,.,;. t.f.ful wanted. Ad!r
aid conimiltee may, at their reiie.l. lie
I. Frank, d.-ceasod.'i
A (.etierul Line i tini
tfeii .
II Oil!
WuOlss'dlB and Retail Dculcrs in Barness, Erifilcs, Wtijjs, EorseBltHkB!' jvK,,r(
Full Assortment of Meiican SadiUcry Hula or Stampci ;wi
THE VMll'i.'
I With
.( plea
Horse Furnishing Goods.
rnn,pnt fn- suiiitini iii ascertain i iil ' enouirii to lay ins hand n pon tne ocean i
the proUbie cost of the road, or in ! and beat back its wuves; strong enough j aiio.n.rr auvauce.
building and maintaining the same; ' t the ..line time to hew a water-way for ! The provision market is .frtite steady,
bv ! great ships through the shifting sand of w'1" ' rnanges io met.uon.
the I.thmtis. Had be ili.l at the com-1 rresn eggs are scari-e and .!o to 40 cents
New - Umatilla- ous(
aent to the congresi of tiie Cuited Mates
by tiie secretary of the state of Oregon
undr the seal of the state as being the
herehv re ferret! to the committee created iv-a. The unfortunate part of
I it for him is, the attempt failed, oral
ple'.ion of that work, bis statue would Pr ,1,jzen qnotetl. A decline is ex
have been in every city in the republic j Iect.-d w itbiu a week,
now. As it is, carried nwny by bis own r'resh butter is more freely ollered,
egotism, he probablv brought bis mind j a",J "imitation aredow n in conserjiience,
tiro uiarhtjt
was invincible against nature's forces. justify nl pn-sent.
and second, that suecess would silence! Potatoes, are in good iiJ1y and fjn
(res as to the metliods emnlovcd to I tatioiis are tiie snine. Onions an dull
act of the iieoiie of :l:e etate of Oregon.
'..,( nl tuttlter. That any bills now the itroove to consider, first, that lie ; M to r, c,-fft'' Vr !'
before ti.e serial in reference to the
eoustruciion of a portege railroad be-
tseen eaid points be and the same are
V. P. Johnson, La irande, Ori oii. P.
. lex l!'''.. general western n.-ent fur
Eaterii treirmi. 1. Low It
i Ticket and i;.iggn Oflice of Ihr I'. P. L. I;. Coiiipany, arid oHice of tlif '
Cnion Teletrrrph Of!it:e aiv in the Hotel.
on .nothing remain, for b.m except ,Ue, ; better snppty nouiirml. offl.r(.,l i ,. blk wor,J. We propose
in the foregoing res ilution."
Mr. Ua'.ey caliel up his pet
27 of Januarv and tent u;
aeuate r 'lutiorr So. 23 and had it read
and iipon his motion it was adopted, i
. '1 t.,t it ..rovhl.. f.,r the em- Tl,c wal,!T ""I'l'lv of
..t..v ,.t ..l ,..,;,.w.r ,.r.d n heavily drawn upon during
tance. which requires expenditure of ' rnwt cold spell, as also has the im:E
on the market at fl.,'10 to fl.lo for KtO
ins. wwier minis hi veaetati e lire in
flrmarltahlr. IihImiI.
We published recen'ly the remarkable
j literary announcement of na edition of
the Encyclopedia Pritannica, for 20.00,
the genuine, Illustrated, largw type,
cloth bound work. A sample volume
can now lie seen ut thia cflice; it ia cer-
, Intro
like i
. acoii'
i H",lu
r cript
r: cnr . .11 iri ki
nitJTIUUI OdlB IUI UltJ OdlKiy UI till VdlUdF... ti.o i
the ftin-going ' puni-nmenl ns is meted out to cummon j "e:ng governeu by condition and quality.
cnminais. f-alt L:tKe Trihtin. i Meats are dearer. nl il itexpei bsl
' that quotation, w ill be marked np in
Ellensburg has ! the near future. fSido bacon is quoted
during the at 14t; to 17c. (-boulders from P! to 15c. i
and bams Kilo 18c. Hog round. 14'.,t:
uionev-this cannot be authorized onlv j " " """l!" "i""" rH""B P"'
by joi'nt res.tU.tion of both houm. and f im of that Ellcabnrg to wholeoale. The .lock of hog meat, is
tu flif "It1"1" n"iiiiuic iitr ii,b loiiowmg : niiur., mm mn ouiice will follow tlie
xiK world. e pro)
t' order a , and if any of our friends
want to join w they can d i so, und save
a little in trouble and t xpense. See the
, ailverli-einerit oisewhere mid cou.e in
! and see tiie book. There is un iiistall
j ment plan for set uring t'ne wotk on puy
tuetit of only flvccetit a day, or fl.00
every twenty days.
fieri m itlxt a. tittle .in.vritv
- i . .-1 ' . ii i l n rwii tuirt 11 - . i . .. i .. . . i ,
redutin ao far as the author ia con- ' i""rmr'' K" o, , j.... .....t. u. season Htivam.-et.
eerned.s there wa. it. the original bill. WB1tor P1 f city within j lieef cattle and mutton for the block
v..,.,. .r-r..." .., 1 12 hour. Thursday night. Both reer- are in good sopply, and the market is
Kin sioaitur neon, o er the remain. ol were exhausted and it wa. found ; unchanged a. to quotations. Iaist week t.
tiiis'"-weet William" it dieda-born-in 1 1""1? w torn Inwitor from W Ilson , one fine lot of .tall fed brevet were told
and now sleeps in the grave of oblivion! j entk 11,0 min"- T,"', I al 10 TW lr .mlrl pound,
and i-.v. I,. i:,ti. n.nJ r,,.. l- -,;t. "'! onnU for there being flab in the . gro., in this market. Mutton ha.
The name of Linkvillo has been
changed to Klamath Falls.
ten tlie ent:ipn "Hat.-red to the
of Palev's p.uiicorniie Italtv
memory niains. Yesterday morning our motor ; drrtnfMrd in quotation to 11.50 for best.
j wa. completely choked off by a calinon J Live fat hoir.are quoted at five cent, on
The big comet, which frightened no
many people into fit. last fall, and then
didn't show tip to any great extent, is
aid to l '-'iiiiiig our way ntr.tin w ith
It. head toward the earth and tail in
the air. A ie astronomer figures Ml?
that Ihere will b" a i'jlIiion b-tswii
the fid tr'oU' a d Ut fi"y tiil,
fitiKit, H's.'ft tiie 4'h of July.
trout that measured fully nine inchea in . f'stt and H to cent, dressed, and
length." J but few comii.g to market on these
i figure.
Assemblyman Taylor, of Marin, has
iiitrodii-ed a bill into the California a.
seinhly making it a felony to conduct
premium note concerns, or any titlntr
lottery .'.-heme, to lotterv
Fkku Hay is in kmkI supply at
fortter prices. Oat. and barley have
maintained a steady price throughout
the season. All kinds of mill feed
in large stock n'. old rules.
tU i tickets, or to publish lottery drawings .Money is not as close as was maniiesi
j or lotiury bdt, cr;imcnt. of any nature, i a few week, mro, but n stringency is felt yta
An.erlran i l.olera.
From tliti Daily Kr.vru.i., W Imu-nui, W Ii J
"T. (J. P.iirnett, the demis'ratic iitndi
date f( r sheriff, was taken violently ill
at ClunrbriKik. Me iiad all the ay tup
torn, of Asiatic cholera, and for an hour
or two it w n. feared he wouM die, 'I hev
finally gave him a tloe of Chnmls-rlain'it
Colic, Cholera and Piarrlns-a Iteniml v,
which revived him until a physician ar
rived." That is precisely what the
manufacturers of that im-dieinc recom
mend for choif-M. nd f,,r a physician
but give their medicine in, til t,e physi
cian iiriie. If cholera iKXMitim Dreval-
nr i cut in this cei-iiry next suiutner this
i pn piiiniioii w,!l i. in great ib-nimul U.
eaut' I- -.n nl w :x s he deiii-nded
For sale by lilai .lev .V Iiiiinhton. tirinr-
Hew Qolumbia Jlob
Best Dollar a Day House on the Co
First-CIass Meals, 25 Cents.
First Clas Hotel in Evi-ry JUKixxa.
Nofin Imt the JWt of Wliite Ilolji Kinj
T. T. Hicholos, Prop,1
a di-hIiou
, 01.
The Dalles Mercantile Co.,
Monnr.ns AM fiKAI.KH. IN-
i IS,:'
Jjocii I
r., i'
General Merchandise
Dry Goo-Ih, ClothiiiL', (Jt-nts' EmnihhinK (Joodfl,0'0
Shoc.q, IlulH, Capy, (Ifici-rifB, Hardware,
Crtrt lvory, Hay, Grain, Fwd, Etc.
nd I
iry :
90 to 804 Beeond St.,
Tke Dalles.,