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The Weekly Ghronicle.
i.ocai. am rniNJ"
Fnim the Dally Chronicle, Krllajr
Hon. F. P. Maya. V. Pistriet At
torney, I In tlie city tody.
A now case of diphtheria is repotted
up In lite military Mddltion today.
Be curly t tlx pHrioiife sodul to
morrow evening at trc M. K. Church to
7 .....n.ii a fr.iwl Boat., t
Tlmrei are si-voriil tUM' of m iirlotina
of a wild form rortcd in the city by
our physicians.
The Col'imbla river at this jKjint this
forenoon registers thro fet and 6-10tlm
above low water, and U verr muddy.
Mr. E. Heck receivod bin long looked
for pai-kago from Han Fruticisco today,
and In now tlie happiest man altout The
. A I'icoiums to wed wan granted today,
by Col. Crosstm, county tuork, to Mr.
Hugh O. Jordan and Miss Funny Hum
but of this county.
Monday will be obwtrved an the new
year holiday, and the imHinos houses
will 1)0 closed, to give ull an opportunity
of the new year attraction.
J. D. Flenner, spoken of In the dis
patches today in connection with the of
fice of chief clerk of the Idaho senate,
waa a former resident of The Dallea.
A band of cuttle brought In from the
orrounding country, awaiting shipment,
waa transferred to Lochhead' feed
yards from the Kultumrsh yards today.
The merchants and business men of
The Dullea have agreed to close their
atorea and placoa of business at 7 p. m.
during the mouths of January ami Feb
ruary. Wasco county is to lose one of its en
terprising citiiiena, Mr. C. 1'. Hoald of
Hood Uiver, who goes to California this
week in the hojwj of restoring the health
of Mrs. Ileald, who la an invalid.
"The Young Discoverers" ia a toauU
ful chromo presented by Snipea A Kln
erly, with a weekly calendar attached
for the twelve montha liegianlugon Hun
day next. Thanks.
The Ciihonh i.r will bo glad to pub
lish the uamoa of all the ladiea in the
city who intond to receive New Year
calls, If they will be kind enough to
favor ua with them for tomorrow' pa
pen The Mississippi river is frown over
olid opposite Ht. Louis, and all business
long the levee is at a stand stilt. The
Columbia ia etill oan from a way up
into the ltritish possessions to Astoria
Oregon's sea-port.
Frank McKarland, of ileppner, known
to every rancher and stockman in the
Inland Empire, being a member of the
firm of Coftin & McFarland, has moved
tLo Angolea, California, where he will
inuku hia future home.
There will lie services of the German
Lutheran church at the Chapel on Ninth
street, Dec. 31 st at 7 :30 p. in., and on
New Years day at 10 :30 a. m., and the
following Sunday at the usual time.
Sunday school at 2 :'M p. ui.
On the aide hills the ground ia so soft
that in places a horse will go up to the
hock every step, wagon go Into the
mud up to the axle in the public road in
some planes, and teaming everywhere is
bad. Give us a luw for better roads.
Several young ladiea have joined lu a
request to the city teamsters that they
keep ofT Washington street as much as
possible for tho present with thoir vehi
cles, aa the fair petitioner wiHh to pre
serve the snow aa long as they can for
the purposes of coasting.
Tho fioldondale Kuntinul yesterday
states that W. 11. Dtinbur has sent to
Vancouver and Walla Walla land offices
since Nov. 1st, 18i)2 for entry of hind
$10,000: estimated for January mid first
two days of February, from proofs ad
vertised to lm umdo heforo him fJS.-IOO.
Tub CnnoMi sanctum whs most
happily surprised this afternoon by a
brief call from dipt. John W. Lewis,
register of tho United Htatus land office
in this city, who has been closely con
fined at his house fur sevon weeks past
by a serious Illness. He is now improv
ing rapidly.
Lovers of choice furs would Ih de
lighted with the exhibition of pelts from
our Inland Empire fur bearing animals,
to bo aeeu at 1?. Wolf'a place today.
Ho has nearly every kind on hand, from
tho bear to tho skunk, including silver
gray fox, etc., in all about $2,000 worth,
for shipment.
Mr. L. Rice of Endersby, In tho city
tmluy, says the roads are much tho best
if? tho city now. There is plenty of
snow for sleighing, but It is soft, and the
ground Is soaked with water under the
enow. At Ward's mill he says there
was a fall of throe fiot. On tho creek,
in tho vicinity of Davidson's, it was
twenty-two Inches deep.
F)oya whose lnc.k of better natures,
and generous Instinct, precludes tlie pos
sibility of charity for the beautiful feath
ered Bongsters in tho city, and leads
them to acts of cruelty by wanton kill
ing of the birds; should be roughly
handled, and taught lessons of mercy in
ome salutary manner j if not by their
parents, then by aomobody. else. The
worst complaint come from tho East
Discussing tho jiito suck linni iichm, ami
works at the Sulem ponitentkiry where
the convicts may he given useful em
ployment without detriment to the fioe
tailoring chiHNCs; it is suggested that the
Inland Empire, being the home of the
Hhx plant, where It is Indigenous to the
soil, if un an etfort was niBdo might fur
nish the factory with nn excellent qual
ity of stock forsscks. Tiiie
would he pleased to hnve some migge.
tions on this topic.
Ueports eome in to ns that tlie Jack
rubhit is very numerous hi this county
south of this city, and that they are do
ing a great deal of damago to tho young
fruit trees. Tho ground being covered
with snow, mid the moonlight nights
gives them a tine opportunity for for
aging. One onon who has sudered
from tho ravages of the rabbit having
lost six acres of prune trees, suggests a
war of extermination on the basis of a
bounty for rabbit aealpa. It ht a matter
worthy of the attention of our legislators.
A Washington dispatch yesterday
says: "Paul F. M.ihr, of Tacoma, is
again in Washington. Molir is the man
who has opposed, with a great deal of
vigor, tho project for a boat railway at
The Dalles on the Columbia river. Ho
doe liot anticipate that he will have to
make any effort during the present
session of congress to prevent a bill going
through which will interfere with his
railroad scheme, because nothing will be
done in the matter of rivers and harbor
at this session."
About midnight last night, as Officer
Chris, l'.ills was passing op Second
street, be discovered that the lights had
boen extinguished in The Dalle Mer
cantile company's store. lie soon found
that a glass in one of the front doors
bad beeu broken in. Ho secured assist
ance to watch developments, and went
for Officer Gilions. The store was then
entered, when it was found that an In
dian boy, abo'it lit years old, wus in the
tore. He had unlocked the store-room
door, and appeared to be waiting for a
pal. The gnpposition i that the safe
might have beeu broken open, but for
the timely apearance of Mr. Bills. The
boy had been iu town duriug the day,
with other Indians of the Warm Springs
agency. He had gone to camp with the
older member of the tribe, and return
ed to town after nightfall. He was dis
covered by hia white sombrero, as he
skulked behind some sacks in the ctoro
room. He had taken nothing but a
plentiful supply of candy. Tlie officers
took hiiu to jail, and he will tie given an
opportunity to explain the purpose of
hia nocturnal explorations.
There wus quite a rush at the stage
office last night of packages to be sent
out this morning. Aa the roads are very
bad the stage company ia perplexed how
to accommodate evory body and not
overload the coaches. Iu order to pre
vent this it waa decided to take only
such articles aa were indispensably
necessary. Then the appeal was made
in each case. One man brought lu a
package for W. Bolton & Co., Antelojtt.
"I don't know whether this can go or
not," eaya the affable agent, and the
circumstances are related. "Well,"
ays the would be shipper, "it is very
important that that package should go,
because it is boots, and the "leople they
are intended for are bure-footed, in the
snow." "The package is marked O. K.,
that goes," said the agent, aa he turned
to another shipper, with a package for
Oaka A Wilson, Mitchell. The same
explanations follow, when the Buip'ier
repliod that the contents were medi
cine for the sick, and of course they
had to go. Then comes a package for
Tom Burgess, Bake Oven and that had
to go, because Tom's horses would aulTbr
if he failed to get It. These incidents
will serve to show drivers and others
how difficult it is to accommodate and
not stall the stages, in times like the
We have beard of absent-minded
people, but do not remember having met
one, face to face, until quite recently.
A gentleman at t he U. 1'. K. ticket office
in Tho I'mittilla house, applied for a
ticket to Portland. lie appeared to be
thinking about something else when
tho ticket was handed to him by Mr.
Batty, and he proceeded to fold tho
ticket double until it was iu tho shape
of a atrip about of an inch wide,
lie next seated himself In a chair
unobserved, and tore ofV bit after
bit of tho paper, until the ticket was
consumed, und lay scattered about bis
feet on tho floor. When his presence of
mind returned to him he aroso, and ap
proaching Batty inquired for tho ticket.
"I gave it to you," was Batty's reply.
"I don't think jou did," was tho res
ponse. Batty was certain he did, and a
bystander corroborated tho fact. This
lead to an investigation ; tho fragments
were found ; but as it aoemed impossible.,
to restore the parts to a shape which
would make the ticket presentable, the
travoler concluded to pocket the loss,
and purchase another ticket. This cir
cumstance makes it possible for ua to
believe the story from McMinnville, in
which it is stated that W. E. Martin
wont out to his stable a few evenings
since with a lantern and a milk pail, to
milk his cow; and while in a tit of ab
straction placed the pail on the lamp
cord and milked the lantern full of tho
lacteal fluid. It is said that Martin'
wife discovered tho mistake, when ho
returned to tho kitchen with an empty
pail, and tho lantern in a fix for tho
I'min tlie Dully rh.roi.icle taiurdny .
No more Adieu old year.
"Happy New Year," tomorrow.
Mr. 4 i ran t Mays of Antelope, is in
today at The Dalles.
Jno. Wenlierg and A. Pearson of
Mosier, are In tho city.
Mr. nud Mrs. B. P. Langlilin returned
from Portland today.
Snow is all oil" at Ileppner. But they
had a white Christmas.
Walking under some of tho awnings
today is damp without an umbrella.
The dancing club will hold its Domino
party Monday evening at the armory.
Thermometer at Tho Dalles today
registers 52 deg. alxive xcro, in the
One w ho knows says Gov. Pennoyer'a
mesHHge on the 9th will be "short and
Professors G. C. T. French and G. W.
Shaw, of the State agricultural college,
are in the city.
The Moore sale of city residence prop
erty was again postponed today, until
Saturday next.
The little busy bee ia out today in The
Dalles, airing himself, a if bidding the
Old Year good bye.
The Chinook wa a high flyer last
night but the barren places show the
marks of lower flights today.
On account of some much-needed re
pair upon tho operator the W. U. Tel.
office will be closed between the hours
of 10 and 4 Monday.
The common council meeting this
evening, to wind up 1892, may evolve
into watching the New Year in, if it
calandar is lengthy.
Mr. O. K. Butler i in the city today.
His father Hon. Polk Butler, is now
batching at Nansene, the family having
moved in to Dufur..
Mr. J. A. Keely of Dry Hollow, re
porta the farm and orchards in hi
vicinity in tine condition for the advent
end season course in 1893.
Mr. Seufert report that considerable
ice ha formed iu one of hia ponds,
nearly ready to store away in hi ice
bouse. He expects a large crop next
It 1 reported that it rained very lively
for a short time this a. m. on 15-Mile
and upper 15-Mile. There wa only a
trace of rain here. Tli'.t confirms fore
casts for today.
Skating is reported delightfully de
lightful on the elough at East Ead. "If
it will only hold till Monday," says Tub
Cuko.vici.x lady force, what a splendid
holiday we will have.
The merchants and business men of
the city having decided to keep Monday
as a New Year holiday, Tub Chbosicli
coincides hence no paper will be issued
from this office on that day.
The Sandy river is again flooded and
the central piers of the bridge are again
under water. The contractor were just
getting ready to hoist the piers again
into position, when the enow came.
They must wait now till the rise sub
sides. Tlie Bill of Fare at The Umatilla New
Year dinner tomorrow, is very inviting
to families. It is quite the idea in cities
for families to dine out on Sundays.
Here, tomorrow they can combine a
Sunday and a New Year dinner at The
The steamer Regulator waa success
fully hauled out on the ways this fore
noon, before o'clock. Three teams of
horses were employed, at three capstans,
and the circus driving was kept up con
tinuously for about 5 hours.
A Happy Now Year to all our old
friends and patrons for tiieir liberal
patronage of the old j-ear and inviting a
continuance of tho same for the new
year wilh best wishes to all, Yours
Thaukfully, Printz & Nitschke.
The ever welcome cbinook breezes
paid this region an official visit last
night, mid kept the mercury in the
thermometer bobbing up and down like
a jumping jack all night long by its fit
ful pud's. The barometer registered
30.48 this morning.
Mr. Hugh Glenn, one of the "Best
People On Earth," has received an in
vitation from his lodge to be present at
tho dedication of the Elks new hall in
Marquaru building, Portland, January
3d. After the dedication a grand ball
willbogiven. The iuvitation 1 a very
elaborate one.
Pleasant ridgo has had 2t feet of
enow. Mayor McCortnick of tlie Ridge,
is in tho city today. He says the snow
has packed down to twelve or fourteen
inches depth, with plenty of water under
it, soaking into the ground. Everybody
is well, and stock in good condition.
M rs. Isaac Joles is eeriooly ill, and
her condition was such last evening that
tho noise of gay parties coasting on
Washington street was liable to produce
a reaction in tho caso with dangerous
results. Mr. Joles endeavored to pre
vail on the coasters to go to some other
street for their amusements, and iu do
ing so hia motive was improperly con
strued mid he was grossly insulted. It
is hoped there will bo no further coasting
on Washington street, at least while
Mrs. Joles is sick. The ladles who
made tho request to the teamsters yes
terday were not aware of the existing
I i .1. . .i - ... . i
in mo programme ui me 3W1 annual
session of the state Horticultural society,
t lie held on the 10th and 1 1th In Port
land there appears the name of but one
Inland Empire man to lake part in the
proceedings. On the morning of tho
11th, Mr. T. A. Seufert of The Dalles is to
discuss the subject of the need of legisla
An excursion was made by steamer
Wenatchee on the Columbia river to
the mouth of the Okonogan on Christ
mas day. Hew does that sound to St
Paul, Chicago, Buffalo and St. Louis
ears? Ough ! When we think of It, no
amount of money could induce an ac
climated Inland Empire person to make
tlie exchange.
There is a prospect of a lively meat
war in San Francisco, as the result of
tho establishment of Philin D. Armour's
big stockyards and slaughter-house
plunt at Baden. The South San Fran
Cisco slaughter-house men, who have
controlled the San Francisco meat trade
for so many years, do not like the idea
of competition. Phil will make it lively
tor tnem.
As none of the charge against Rev.
Dr. Briggs have been sustained it may
be considered afe to deny that
Moea was the author of the Pentateuch ;
that Isaiah did not write all the chapters
of the book bearing his name, and that
sanctification is progressive after death ;
at least until after the bearing by the
general assembly, on the appeal from
yesterday' vote In New York.
Mr. J. B. Pietrie of Lake county, who
waa called to Lincton lately on account
of the foul murder of hia brother, says
great injustice was dene him by the re
port from Walla Walla about hia "beg
ging a meal." He had no money with
him at the time, but be did have plenty
of collateral securities for anything he
might need, and paid his way.
On the last trip to Mount Hood of the
Alpine club climber, Mr. W. G. Steel, he
reported a place near the summit so hot
from internal fires that when a hole was
cut into the surface with a snow hatchet,
only a few inches deep, the men could
not bear the heat upon their hands.
Today the crest of the hoary monarch is
black and barren of snow, covering a
large scope of the highest altitudes, an
appearance never before noted at this
season of the year. Perhaps this is ow
ing to the Internal fire indicated by the
observations of Mr. Steel and those who
accompanied him, as reported early in
this month, along about the 4th.
Those who were fortunate enough iast
night to witnesa tlie beautifully tinted
colors surrounding the moon, about
10:30 o'clock; say it was one of the
finest exhibition of heavenly phe
nomena ever seen. One who saw it
says: "In the center the moon was
shining with a pale yellow light, in a
sea of pale blue-white, around which
waa a ring of brown, deep on the outer
edge and beautifully blended in with
the blue-white. Joining the brown was
a rinsr of peacock blue, which shaded
into almost imperceptible tinge of green,
while around the whole 'was a very dim
ring of brown. The whole corona oc
cupied a space of perhaps not more
than one degree in the heavens."
Word come from many sections of the
Inland Empire, that the "soft toned re
monstrance of the tax payer is being
spread abroad" for signature against
the proposition of the assembly to do
something in a financial way for the
dalle portage. People should be on
guard everywhere, and while positively
reusing to lend their names to the
scheme, spot the man who asks them to
sign the death knell to all further effort
in their behalf for an open Columbia
river. Tue Chuonici.e fully endorses
the sentiment of the East Oregonian in
this matter: "The people of the Inland
Empire deserve an open river at the
hands of the legislature. It is nothing
more than right. It is due them. It
would show that Oregon is able to help
herself. It would relieve us of the em
barrassment of kneeling before our pol
iticians every year, beseeching for an
appropriation to be wasted by a horde of
band-box engineers."
The Glacier tells a pitiful tale of suf
fering in the family of Knut Knutson,
living in the White Salmon region. Mr.
K. was taken sick with typhoid fever
about two months ago. Since that time
every memlier of the family, except the
mother, twelve in all, have taken ihe
disease, two of the girls dying. At pres
ent six of the family are in )xd and
those convalescent are physiclally unable
to care for the sick. The good people of
White Salmon are willing to do what
they can for them, but fear of taking the
disease into their own families prevents
their giving that care that they should
have. It is a case that strongly appeals
to the sympathy and charity of the pub
lic for assistance. The family have but
one room in their house, which ia dis
tant several miles from any neighbors.
A collection was taken up in Hood River
on Christmas eve for tho Itenefit of this
family, amounting to about six dollars,
and Wednesday Cush Luckey collected
f 21.50 more, which betook over Thurs
day, to be used in caring for them.
What they need most Is under-clothing,
sheets and pillow-cases, that they may
bo kept clean, and any of our people
who have articles of this kind, no mat
ter how badly worn, will contribute to a
worthy ranee by giving f' tlwse suffer
ing and deserving people.
As an indic ation of the growth of The
Dalles, our resrter today notes the ar
rival at the depot of tix pianos, and two
organs. 'e are Informed they are all
for Dalles people except one organ,
which goes to Bake Oven. There is also
a choice lot of furniture at tho depot,
a siting new houses for intending resi
de!! ts.
A New Mecbaale Art.
Down in the valley, according to our
exchanges, a new art of bridge building
has been discovered. It is said that the
bridge contractors have discovered the
secret of erecting bridges which stand
without a foundation. At least they
stand while they are being built, and
until a warrant can, be drawn from the
public treasury to pay the contractor.
The bridge is no sooner paid for than a
cry h raised that the foundations are in
danger of being washed away unless a
new contract Is let at once to protect
them. A new bridge built in Marion
county is said to be losing its piers. It
has just been paid for, and it is time its
piers were being protected from falling
over. There was formerly a belief that
the foundation of a bridge waa built to
hold up the bridge. But this is a mis
take. It always seems to require some
thing to hold up a foundation. This
building a bridge without a foundation
for the piers that will last longer than
the warrant is being drawn Is a new art
peculiar to this age.
Pioneer llakery.
Having again reopened this popular
oakery ana employed the services ot a
first class baker, l am prepared to furn
ish the public with the very best of
bread, pie and cakes on short notice.
Next door to Chrisman 4 Corson, Cor.
Washington and Second streets, The
Dalles, Or. Geo. Kuch.
Columbla, Alliance.
Will meet at the usual place (Eight
Mile school house) onjthe second Satur
day in January 1893 at 11 o'clock, sharp.
It is particularly requested that all mem
bers be present a there are matter of
vast importance to come liefore the
meeting. Also election of officers will
take place at that time. By order of
county secretary.
American Cholera.
From the Dailt Rtiiixi, Whateom, Wuh.
"T. C. Burnett, the democratic candi
date for sheriff, waa taken violently ill
at Clearbrook. He had all the symp
toms of Asiatic cholera, and for an hour
or two it was feared he wonld die. They
finally gave him a dose of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy,
which revived him until a physlcianjuk
rived." That ia precisely what the
manufacturers of that medicine recom
mend for cholera. Send for a physician
but give their medicine until the physi
cian arrive. If cholera become preval
ent in this country next summer this
preparation will be in great demand be
cause it can always be depended upon.
For sale bv Blakeley & Houghton, drug
Dr. HTUra Co., t.!lhn,-i, jir.i.
Dir fills: Kr -y) wr I v t- ".! i'?:
bean diacaue. Woui-I '.n-- ..iu
Rn;lli au l!h;rii n- i.ili.i i.' i.,' r
g.'t out of bfd tii l,reuile. iliut po a In my mi
:c!o and bui li inontof tlm (ip.ii; m ! lH 1 Waiuu
dnitviral. I vaa very nervous ".: nearly uit:
out. Iho lofcl exaleiaai.1 vouiu ti'iw hh'
)m tuui ti
r o n b I e it
with fliittertnit Kor the last fifteen ycani I rmilil
ootl'(J on my leftside or bark until W-nii latin
Tour Arw Jl.un Vur. t l.mi imi iHken u very
fouft until I felt much better, ami I i-hii now ilwp
on either side or hack without the lean dltwoiu
fort. I have uo pain, smi.tlierlnx. dmy, no a iint
on itomach or other diMmreealilo symptoms. I am
able to do all my own housework without any
trouble and consider myself rureil.
Eikhart, Ind.. IS. Mrs. Hi sir IUtch.
It ia dow four yearn since I hava taken an
medicine. Am in better health than I have beeu
In 40 years. I honestly be- n
lieve that lr. M iW n CURED
Umart Cwra saved my Ufa . w 1 "
and made me a well woman. I am now fli year
of age, and am able to do a good day's work.
May Wlh, IS J. Ml tl-Mia lUtCH.
I oiler for sale all or a p:irt of my
farm of 4.S0 arres in Sec. 1M, Tp. 1 south,
ranuv 14 east, 15 mile southeast of The
Ihtlles; good improvements, good young
five-arre orchard now bearinu, plenty of
good water fur house use itml stock ; 175
acres in cultivation, good outlet north,
rust, south or west via county roads.
I aUo oiler for sale 1 10 acres in section
I'll, township 1 south, rantre 14 eat;
also live head horse, one double set of
harness and a few lui iii implements, etc.
l'rices reasonable, terms easy and title
good. For particulars come and see me
at The Dnllc or J. II. Trout at the farm.
janjy-tf 10. W. Tkout.
t&d v
JfiBIf Vi want title to lloiirtaiilM
Mtnt I.aiiaU rail un
f. X. TltultNHrnv. T. A. iiriwo.,
l-iitr Ki. L'. X. Un.l Office. Notary J'uiiUe.
II. S. Lund Attorneys.
Over Sixteen Years Experience.
600,000 ACRES
UuimproTed FARM Property
Fori saxju.
Hvnd foraPumpliletdeiHTlbliia; this land.
itioD to The Dalles.
Thin addition Is hild olTinto one-acre lota, and
l dintincd to lie the principal renldenee partot
the city. Only twenty iiiinutuea walk from the
court bonne.
ln not he afraid to commit or write us, we aire
advice or information In all branches of our bus
iness free of charire.
Settlers Located on Government Land.
Offlce in f. 8. Iind Office Muilding.
Pork and Beef.
Fine Lard and Sausages.
Curers of BRAND
Dried Beef, Etc.
Masonic Building, The Dalles. Or.
A. H. CURTIS, Prop.
Flour of the Best Qual
ity Always on Hand.
3 .
S3 u
.2 S
od SB
3 g
8 J
Wasco Wareipse Co.,
Receives Goods on Stor
age, and Forwards same to
their destination.
Receives Consignments
For Sale on Commission.
Plates feasonble.
W. "W. Oo.
U.iU.and OfFit s, The Dalle. Or., Auif. 6, 1K91.
'omiilnitit having been entered at this ottic
by V valt A. Htark Hiniiust the heirs of (.corire E.
IjHigillo. for nhttiiiloninir lionicntt'Hd Kntrv No.
:i.h J, dutiil July -'nth, ls'.rj, upon the W half of
qr and 8 half of qr, section 2.', towiiHhip.
J north, riiuire 11 eaat, In Vasco county, Oregon,
with a view to tlie cancellation of naid entry, the
miid parties are hereby summoned to arnicar afc
the I . H. laud olliee, The Dalles, Or., on the Htb
day of October, ln'Jj, at 10 o'clock a. m to res
pond and furiiUh testimony concerning said
alleged abandonment.
Art ca a new principle.
reiinlata the lirer, stomach,
and bcwela through (At
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iprftitlu curt biliousness,
torpid liver and coniip
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8old by BLAK ELK Y U01GUT0N.
25 ct. J