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The Weekly Ghronlele.
TBI DALIES, -'-... - - OBltOOK
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FRIDAY - - MAY 13, 1892
' V ' '
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in 'the
; From the Daily Chronicle, Friday.
J. VV. Ashby, of Antelopej is
' city.
Wool is beginning to arrive quite free
ly, and business in the East End is look
- ing up in consequence.
J. S. Cooper of Independence, brother
'; of D. S. Cooper of this city, is registered
at the Umatilla house.
P. P. Underwood of Boyd, has been
placed on the democratic ticket for sur
veyor : vice. F. S. Gordon of Tygh re
Mavs & Crowe received yesterday, a
car load of refrigerators for family use,
They are opening them today and they
are beauties.
George S. Chandler of Bake Oven, re
... turned last night from an extended visit
to Eneland. Mr. Chandler has come
back with , the intention of remaining
here. . .
It is to the credit of the Dalles', press
that only one paper manifests any de
sire to introduce mud-slinging into the
presentcampalgn. - The gentleman
from Vireinia, sah, is aching sah, to
turn his sheet into a mud sewer, sah.
John Leaby, traveling freight agent ol
the Northern Pacific, and well known in
this city, has resigned and has accepted
the Dosition of manager of the Briola
hotel at Pnrdv. Warm Springs, in
eastern Oregon.
Dr. Logan received a call last evening
at 7:10 to come by the first train to
Grafts to attend a Mr. Morey, a very
sick man. He expected to go by the 12
o'clock train, but at 8 ;50 received an-
other dispatch, from N. W. Thompson,
saying that Mr. Morey was dead
Jay Gould's mother-in-law is said to
be living in a poverty-stricken district of
Portland, Or. Her house is a humble
rented tenament one, occupied by two
families. She is poor in all that the
word implies, but is too proud to ask aid
from her son-in-law. She came from
Missouri with the early immigration to
Oregon and has ever since resided here.
Governor Pennoyer says he does not
see how he can go out and make speeches
this vear for the democrats without
either stultifying himself or attacking
' the platform. He says he would like to
. see Veatch elected to congress but does
not see how, as a free silver man, he can
consistently remain a candidate. The
governor thinks he will have to sit still.
Fifteen Turn Water Indians were pas
sengers on the Regulator this morning
for Vancouver. . They go- down to lodge
a complaint with the. "Tyee man" at
that place about their fishing rights on
the Washington side of the river. One
of" them had amply fortified himself
with a hide full of the white man's fire
sfty, have returned to this city from Bal
timore. ' ;'. -.
Hon. J." T. Eshelman, of Iforth
Yakima, and his mother, arrived in the
city today and are the guests of Dr,
Eshelman. . "
Mrs. Dr. Simons, a former resident of
this city, now of Vancouver, came up on
the Regulator last night and is visiting
Mrs. Donnell. "
. A mass 'meeting was held in Hood
River this afternoon for the purpose of
making arrangements for a Fourth of
July celebration. ' -
The state board of railroad commis
sioners were in the city today, on their
annnal inspection of the Union Pacific,
It is understood that one bridge between
Portland and. The Dalles is to be con
demned. .
Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Brooks, Mrs. E.
Wingate, Miss Katie Craig and Miss Ida
Brooks, are off by the Regulator Monday
for a weeks' vacation. They go to Asto
ria, and will participate in the Columbia
centennial celebration.
Dr. Siddall is going to Astoria to take
in the centennial. He expects to be ab
sent for abont a week: It is 31 years
since the Dr. crossed the Columbia river
bar, and he is naturally anxious to
what it looks like now. .
Arrangements are being . made for
organizing an agricultural society at
Hood River and providing grounds for
an exhibit. It is proposed to lay off a
half mile track for speeding purposes
The scheme will be engineered bv a
joint stock company. ,
Mrs. W. S. Myers favored the Chron
icle office today with a singular freak of
nature in the form of an apple blossom
as large as a good sized rose. - It was
plucked this morning from a tree of the
Gravenstein species from which all the
blossoms had fallen some time ago. It
is perfectly white and came alone. It is
easily four or five times larger than an
ordinary blossom..
Of the improvements made to the east
approached to the Hood River bridge,
under contract let : to J. L. Harper of
this city, the Glacier says : "Two turn
outs have been made, the grade widened,
and a substantial railing placed the en
tire length of the grade. It is a good
piece of work, and Mr. Harper is enti
tied to every cent the contract called for,
because he earned it." '
The citizens of Wasco precinct in Sher
man county have determined to build a
court house for the county at their own
expense and give it to the county free of
charge. They will file a $6,000 bond as
a guarantee that the work will be carried
out according to contract.. The money
for completing the work has already
been subscribed. So says the Wasco
Xate Rec. U. 8. Land Office. . Notary Public
Over Sixteen Years Experience
picnic grounds at Mosies have , been
nicely fixed up for- the occasion and
they are said to be a veritable bed
of flowers. The Germans are famous,
the world over, for being able to enjoy
themselves in a auiet. orderly manner
and those who will take the trouble to
steal awav from the dust and smoke of
the city to spend a day in the fields, and
woods with these children ot tne
"Vaterland" will be amply repaid for
their pains. ' ' . .
A cloudburst in Kansas vesterday cre-
ataJ 1 !M 1 nmvm-A T"T-r. atAn.
. uuw m .uu ..uuuu .u1h ""f niW i ITU rmmrmnir- nr.. .,
ping railway traffic and doing other dam- n a I K K K KA . KS A K
acroa . -. ..".u
Saved from Death by Onions.
There has no doubt been more lives of
children saver from death in croup or
whooping cough by the use of onions
than any other known remedy, our
mothers used to make poultices of them.
or a syrup, which was always effectual
in breaking up a couzh or cold. Dr.
Gunn's Onion Syrup is madeby combin-
Snipes StvKiNERSLYf
600,000 ACRES
UnifflproTea FABH Property
Send for Pamphlet describing this land.
mi a
ing a few simple remedies with it which. "llfliriTISnTl 5 A llflltinTI tfl Who Hal DP
mike it more effective as a medicineand uumlluulB iuuuu W UU UUUUO.
mm and Retail Droit
destroys the taste and odor of the onion.
5Uc. bold' by Blakeley & Houghton.
Judges Bradshaw and Watkins and
W. H. Wilson returned yesterday tven-
ing irom attending court at iTinevine.
The best spring medicine is a dose or
two of St. Patrick's Pills. . They not
only physic but cleanse the whole svs-
tem and purify the blood. For sale by
Blakeley & Houghton, druggists, d&w
Economist Holman has got so used to i
kicking against appropriations except)
wnen maae ior ms own -state ot Indiana.
that he is even now kicking at those
recommended by democratic committees.
. j : Handled by Three Registered Druggists. . .
Patent ffledicines and Druggists Sundries,
Thopnbapy fit Hudson, Agents for Murphy's Fine Varnishes and the only agents in
the dalles . orfoo- - Mw v"j 1UA xiic uiiciwiu, nuittui vo. s rainis.
1 UlH addition iff Inlrl nff-fntn rmAutra Into an
is destined to be the principal residence partol
the city. Onlv twentv -minntiiM viiir fmm tho
uuurt House. -
SS afraid to consult or write us, we jrfv
advice or information In all branches oi our
mess iree oi cnarge.
Dealer in "...
Staple and Fancy
John Meddler and
Wasco, are in town.
Frank Pike of
water, in other words he was drunk as a
Mr. A. Howes and party, tourists from
Rockland, Me"., came up by the Regula
tor yesterday, returning homeward after
a tour of California, the Sound, etc.
. They say the best railway attentions
they have received on the trip was by
the S. P. R. R. Co., and the greatest of
all was the trip to The Dalles by the D,
P. and A. Nav. Co., which could not be
beat in any respect.
Hon. J. T. Crook, of Goldendale, form
erly of Miller's station, Linn county
passed through town this morning on a
.' visit to his old home. Mr. Crooks is the
father of B. W. Crooks and grandfather
of Mrs. John Filloon of this city. Mr,
Crooks was a member of the Oregon
constitutional convention and several
'. times represented Linn county in the
Oregon legislature.
. A warrant has been sworn out by
Joseph Folco for the arrest of Jack Law
' ler, both of this city. Lawler is charged
. with the double crime of assault and
larceny.. The alleged crimes were com
mitted yesterday at Folco 's cigar and
candy store in the east end. Folco says
he suspected Lawler of stealing tobacco
and determined to watch' him. Yester
day the -opportunity came and while
Folco was busy ia another part of the
. store, he says Lawler went behind the
counter and stole a plug of tobacco and a
cocoa nut. When detected, Lawler re
turned the property but took out his re
venge by stricking Folco a violent blow
on tne nose, which broke that member
. and involved a doctor's bill of $20 for
repairs. Lawler is reported to have left
. town and has not yet been arrested. -
From the Daily Chronicle, Saturday.
C4 F. Bayard is in the city. .'
. F-H. Kemp, of Hood River, is in the
city." .. ; ' ;. , . ' .' '
- C. W. Magill, of Wapinitia, is at the
Umatilla house.
G. W. Smith, of Rockland, returned
this morning from a business trip to
Chicago. . . , L;y '
Hon. A. L. Lytle of Crook county is
in the city on his return from a "trip to
the Willamette valley. - '
A' moonlight excursion, by steamer
Regulator, May 13th, is to be the attrac
tion next week. All good people. will
want to go.
Mrs. E. M. Wilson, and her son Fred,
who has been attending Hopkins TJniver-
Billy Marder and Nick Cornish of the
Umatilla house went on a fishing trip to
the J) loyd place, yesterday. .Mick suc
ceeded in capturing a salmon trout that
must have weighed close tn four pounds.
It was a beauty, and Nick vows he
caught it himself with his Itttle fish
pole. Both were so . well pleased with
their catch that they had their pictures
taken when they came back, bv Photo
grapher Hunt.
Harry Maheur of Eight-mile, informs
us that no fruits have been injured on
Eight-mile by the late frosts. The trees
peach trees and all are loaded down
with young fruit. On Five-mile and
Fifteen-mile, however, peaches suffered
quite severely. Mr. ' Maheur reports
having a pear tree - in his orchard
that was set out this spring, a two year
old from the bud, that has 23 pears on
it. What country on earth can beat
The prospect for a tne grain crop
still continues exceedingly bright.
Abundance of rain has fallen at oppor
tune intervals and another fine shower
fell last night, while today, we had fre
quent light showers and at this writing
the clouds threaten another down-pour.
A. W. Branner of Nansene, today in
formed a Chronicle represntative that
fall grain, in his neighborhood, is now
taller than it was at haying time last
yejV - f
. ' ' WUtt Party. '
A traveling man who chanced to be i
in the store of E. V. Wood, at McKees
Rocks, Pa., says while he was waiting
toseemr. wood, a mile girl came in
with an empty bottle labeled Chamber
lain's Pain Balm and said : "Mamma
wants another bottle of that medicine :
she says it is the best medicine for
rhenmatism she ever used." 50 cent
bottles for sale bv Blakelev & Houghton.
druggists. a&w
Mr. and Mrs. Klindt, and Judge Liebe,
loin the Astoria excursionists todav.
aving left on the Regulator this morn
Mr. J. P. Blaize. an extensive real
estate dealer in Des Moines, Iowa, nar
rowly escaped one of the severest at
tacks of pneumonia while in the north
ern part of that state during a recent
blizzard, says the Saturday Review. Mr.
Blaize had occasion to drive several
miles during the stormand was so thor
oughly chilled that he was unable to
et warm, and inside of an hour after
is return he was threatened with a
severe case of pneumonia or lung fever.
Mr. Blaize sent to the nearest drug store
and got a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy, of which he had. often heard,
and took a number of large doses. He
says the effect was wonderful and that
in a short time he was breathing auite
easily. He kept on taking the medicine
and tne next dav was able to come to
Des Moines. Mr. Blaize regards his
cure as simply . wonderful. 50 cent
bottles for sale by Blakeley & Houghton,
druggists. d&w
Don't forget the moonlight excursion
"Owing to peculiar circumstances over
which he has no control'' John P. Wager
of the Portland Telegram, cannot locate
in Condon, to practice his profession of
law, as he had intended to do.
I U U If I I U U Q 129 Second Street,
Special Prices to Cash Buyers. -
Highest Prices paid for Produce.
Opposite Skibbe's Hotel. . S-18wtf
oner ior saie an or a part of mv
farm of 480 acres in Sec. 24, Tp. 1 south,
range 14 east, 15 miles southeast of The
Dalles : good improvements, good vonnir
five-acre orchard now bearing, plenty of
good water for house use and stock ; 175
acres in cultivation, good outlet north,
easc,soutn .or west via county roads.
I also offer for sale 160 acres in section
26, township 1 south, range 14. east:
also five head horse, one double set of
harness and a few farm implements, etc.
Prices reasonable, terms easy and title
good. For particular? come and see me
at xne JJaiies or J. a. Trout at the farm,
jan29-tf .. E. W. Trout.
The Largest Dealers in Wall Paper. :
Finest Line of Imported Kev West and' Domestir; f!iars
. Agent for Tansill's Punch. -
The Dalles, Oregon
Hew boot ad ' shoe stoe !
We have just received a large assortment of C, D and E
widths of Ladies fine shoes and a full stock of lawn
tennis shoes with perforeald inner soles.
' Leather and findings for sale.
Repairing Neatly and . Expeditiously Done.
will stand for tbe season of 1892 at m v ranch
on Juniper Flat. He is loU bands hich. and
weighs 1
1 60 pounds.
T 33 :
Fifteen Dollars for the seflsnn. nsmihlf. Bftor
harv est, with the privilege of breeding back next
season, u a more aoea not prove in toai.
Pasture at reasonable rates.
3-11 w8t - Tveh Vallev.
(Successors to L. D. Frank, deceased.)
- A General Line of "
Horse Furnishing Goods.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Harness, Briclles, WMps, Horse BlanietSj Etc.
. Full Assortment of Mexican Saalcry Plain or Stamped.
. A Great Liver Medicine.
Dr. Gunn's Improved Liver Pills are a
sure cure for sick headache, bilious com
plaints; dvspepsia," indigestion, costive
ness, torpid liver, etc. These pills in
sure perfect digestion, correct the liver
ana stomach, reeulate the bowels, punfv
and enrich the blood and make the skin
clear. Thejr also produce a good appe
tite and invigorate and strengthen the
enure pyaieiu uv uicir ionic action.
They only require" one pill for a dose and
never gripe or sicken. Sold at 25 cents
a dox by Blakeley & Houghton.
An enormous wildcat was killed with
in TacomaB city limits the other dav.
Many bear have in the past been slain i
on Tacoma's streets, but this is the first
wildcat which has ventured to walk her
A Sdre Care for Files.
Itchintr Piles are known bv moisture
line perspiration, causing intense itch
ing when warm. This form as well as
Blind, Bleeding or Protruding, yield at
once to Dr. Bosanko's ale Remedy,
which acts directly on . parts affected.
aosorDs tumors, allays ltcinng ana ef
fects a permanent cure. 50 cents. Drue-
gists or mail. Circulars free. Dr. Bo-
sanko, 329 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Sold by Blakeley & Houghton.
TlieGBlDiWaPacHiigCoJG ROC E R I H S;
Flour, Grain, Fruit and Mill Feed.
Popk and Beef.
Fine Lard and Sausages.
Curers of
A fu
Uomp Qiifl Dnnnn ...
UQlllfl QMUfllilJll,
& Houghton,
175 Second Street, - The Dalles. Oreeron
11 line of all the Standard Patent Medicines,
Drugs, Chemicals, Etc. . - '.--ARTISTS
Country and Mail Orders will receive prompt attention.
A whist party was . held last night at
the residence of F. J. Clark. There were
present Mr. and Mrs. Kinersly, Mrand
Mrs. S. L.; Young, Mr. and Mrs. C. F.
Stephens, Mrs. Barrett, Misses Clara B.
Story, Grace Marden, Aubory' Story,
Etta Story, Messrs. ' Max Vogt, jr., M.
Donnell, Chas." Clark," Fred. W. Clark
and Victor Marden, Mr. and Mrs. F. J.
Clark. Mr. Max Vogt was awarded the
gentlemans first ' prize.- - Mrs. C, F.
Stephens the ladies first prize. .Mr. M.
Donnell received the gentleman's booby
prize and Miss Clara Story the ladies
booby prize,.. , ' - - -
Teutonic Cnteness. -
Anion? tne many unverified rumors
from Venezuela, is one that Dr. Casanas,
Palacio's ehief, has been killed in his
camp at Calaboz..
Dried Beef, Etc D I DT YOU KNOW IT
Masonic Building.
The Dalles. Or.
A man who'' thinks a Teuton is not as
cute as anybody else is away off. - Today
John Schenck in company with Capt.
Lewis while in . front of Snipes & Kin
ersly 's drug store, saluted Andrew Kel
ler on the opposite side of the' street
with the remark, ''It's going to be a
fine day tomorrow." . Theodore Prinz
overheard the salutation and quick as a
flash shouted, across, "Don't you, want
tickets for the picnic?" It is needless
to add that two tickets were sold in less
time than you could wink From en
quiries at headquarters it is learned that
the picnic will come off tomorrow, unless
it actually rains dogs and cats. v The
VKERVI8L -- Splnl':
no of nerrona v
f ollowtnff (uKgesta
asmpfllnc. ol Butler.
n Amartean paopto ar rsptdly beoominy
i wrecKs, ana toe roi
ri AlphoDflOHempl
iremn that wnen nts Aon was I
St. Vitus Dance. Dr. Mllsa' Great Reatoral
Nervln.curedblin. lira. J. R. Miller. ol Vainer-
auo,ina., J. u. -lay lor, or ixxiansport, ina., eaco
(mined 20 pounds from taking It. airs. H. A. GaroV
the best retnedTt Alnhonao
I tnat wnen nis son was spsecniess irom
hw,m mini ami., wm cum M w w w wuiur
tons a day, and much headaohe. diaslneaa, back
acne, and nervous prostration, by one bottle.
Daniel Mrers, Brooklyn. Mlctu, ears bis daughter
was cured of insanity of ten years' standing. Trial
bottles and fine book of marvelous eures, FRB8
at druggists This remedy eontslns no opiates. .
Dr.M lies' Medical 6onEkhart.lnd.
mmmm Argand Stoves arid Ranges, Garland Stoves and
Act ea anew principle O
Ranges, Jemell's Stoves and flanges, Universal Stoves and Ranges. .
We are also ageljts fop the Celebrated Boyoton parnaee.
- - flmmaniHon and Loaded Shells, Etc.
sanitary piiumeific a speciality.
reeniate toe liver, stomacn
and bowele through tAt
turret. Du. Mn-ss PnxM
$ptedil curt biliousness,
torpid lirer and congtips.
tion. Smallest, mildest
enrentt fJOdoaoa.afJ" '.
nples tree at druggist?
lies ImL o . EUUrt 'at
A. H. CURTIS," Prop.
Flour of the Best Qual- 3
ity Always on Hand.
' 1
3- '
1-, . - H .
-a . -;
S" 'W". Xj. SKXBBB, Fropr.
o' T . 1 "
S'i ' - -4t i ' 1 ,.'5!8!- g
a ft Hi -fg-l K
s, ; . iP"iHri&..i