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    A2   Weekend of February 29 - March 1, 2020
Prevention same
as common flu
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have ranged from mild illness
(similar to a common cold)
to severe pneumonia that re-
quires hospitalization. So far,
deaths have been reported
mainly in older adults who
had other health conditions.
What are the symptoms?
People who have been diag-
nosed with novel coronavirus
have reported symptoms that
may appear in as few as two
days or as long as 14 days
after exposure to the virus:
What should I do if I have
The Dalles Chronicle
symptoms? Call your health-
care provider to identify the
safest way to receive care.
Let them know if you have
traveled to an affected area
within the last 14 days.
Who is at risk for novel
coronavirus? Currently the
risk to the general public is
low. At this time, there are a
small number of individual
cases in the U.S. To minimize
the risk of spread, health offi-
cials are working with health-
care providers to promptly
identify and evaluate any
suspected cases.
Travelers to and from
certain areas of the world
may be at increased risk. See for the
latest travel guidance from
the CDC.
How can I prevent from
getting novel coronavirus?
joined the party later than
others, as committee work
Rep. Anna Williams
Residents feature for
(D-Hood River) and Sen.
Gorge offerings Lylnn Findley (R-Vale)
stretched into the evening.
Continued from page A1 But they arrived in time to
share in the task of drawing
names for donated prizes,
community center, pre-
ranging from backpacks to
sented by Mayor Arlene
Burns; a draft proposal for bottles of wine to tickets
to events with Sen. Chuck
a history museum com-
Thomsen (R-Hood River)
plex in Cascade Locks,
and Rep. Daniel Bonham
presented by Mayor
(R-The Dalles).
Tom Cramblett; and the
Findley, one of the
non-profit Performing Arts
newest members of the
Initiative, seeking to build
Senate, said, “It’s a great
an arts complex in Hood
honor to serve a district
River. Also present were
that makes up 36 percent of
local businesses includ-
the state, and I’m honored
ing Renewal Workshop of
to representing Wasco
Cascade Locks and agen-
County, some say the best
cies including Columbia
part of the Gorge.” Findley,
Area Transit.
“Transportation is a huge a retired firefighter and
former Vale city manager,
issue, how to get people
said he lived in The Dalles
in and out of the Gorge
effectively and efficiently,” and Umatilla growing up,
said Mark Johnson of Hood but spent most of his life in
River, government affairs
Formerly the Dist. 60
director for Cascade Locks.
representative, Findley was
Some elected officials
If you are traveling overseas
(to China but also to other
places) follow the CDC’s
Right now, the novel coro-
navirus has not been spread-
ing widely in the United
States so no additional travel
precautions are currently
Steps you can take to
prevent spread of flu and the
common cold will also help
prevent coronavirus:
• Wash hands often with
soap and water. If not avail-
able, use hand sanitizer.
• Avoid touching your eyes,
nose, or mouth with un-
washed hands.
• Avoid contact with peo-
ple who are sick.
• Stay home while you are
sick and avoid close contact
with others.
• Cover your mouth and
nose with a tissue or sleeve
when coughing or sneezing.
Currently, there are no
appointed in December to
succeed Cliff Bentz, who re-
signed to run for governor.
One Gorge teams up
businesses, non-profits and
government agencies to
help advocate in commu-
nities, and in Salem, over
topics including trans-
portation, land use, and
economic development.
“A big one is public
safety,” Johnson said. “We
love to have people come
visit but sometimes it takes
a lot of resources to make
sure people are safe, and
we need sustainable fund-
ing for our local Sheriff’s
departments and police
departments to help people
stay safe.
“We’re also concerned
with, ‘How can we create
more housing and business
opportunities?’ That’s what
One Gorge is all about,”
Johnson said.
Also on hand were rep-
resentatives of Columbia
River Gorge Commission
and the Port of Hood River
bridge replacement project.
“Gorge Us” has grown
from a dozen or so people
gathering in the Oregon
Association of Counties’
hospitality room, a 10th the
size of the Spinning Room,
to 100-plus people attend-
ing in the past two years,
noted Johnson, who with
Thomsen helped start the
event. Johnson had served
as state representative for
Hood River County.
“We’ve grown, and it’s in-
dicative of how the Gorge’s
stature in Salem has been
elevated over the years,”
Johnson said.
He pointed to the $2.5
million economic devel-
opment package approved
two years ago that is being
used in Cascade Locks in
the form of an expanding
Renewal Workshop and
the construction of Hood
River-based pFriem Family
Brewing’s new facility, both
in Cascade Locks.
”When the legislature
invests in the Gorge,
a shoplifter in custody. A male
subject was cited and released
for third-degree theft.
Juan Martin Perez Hammond,
29, The Dalles, was arrested
Feb. 25 in the 400 block of East
7th Street and is accused of
post-prison violations.
A sex crimes report was taken
Feb. 25 in The Dalles. No further
information was released.
Anthony Wray Berry, 36,
Wapato, Wash., was arrested
Feb. 26 near The Dalles bridge
and is accused of two counts of
post-prison violations.
Police responded to the 1700
block of West 13th Street Feb.
26 after a caller was complaining
that a neighbor was shaking her
apartment. An informational
report was taken.
A male driver was cited and
released for driving while sus-
pended during a traffic stop Feb.
26 in the 700 block of West 9th
Street. A report was taken.
Police responded to the 200
block of West 8th Street Feb. 26
on a report of a prowler. Caller re-
ported her husband confronted a
male subject who was attempting
to steal cans from their property.
Subject fled on foot and was not
located. A report was taken.
Katlyn Diane Frank Makua,
32, The Dalles, was arrested
Feb. 26 in the 600 block of West
2nd Street and is accused of two
counts of probation violation.
Keenan Marquil Woods, 25,
The Dalles, was arrested Feb.
26 in the 600 block of West 2nd
Street and is accused of unlawful
possession of methamphetmine
and second-degree disorderly
Erica Jo Parkin, 28,
Goldendale, Wash., was arrested
Feb. 26 near East 9th and
Clark streets and is accused of
probation violation. She was also
arrested on two out of state war-
rants. Russell Charles Barker, 39,
Portland, was also arrested and is
accused of unlawful possession
of methamphetamine. John
Robert Walker, 23, Goldendale,
Wash., was also arrested on a
warrant for first-degree failure
to appear and an out of state
An agency assist report was
taken Feb. 26 from the 300 block
of West 20th Street after assist-
ing the fire department with a
structure fire.
A stolen vehicle report was
taken Feb. 26 from the 200 block
of West 11th Street. The vehicle
was located the following morn-
ing and released to the owner.
vaccines available to prevent
novel coronavirus infections.
How is novel coronavirus
There are currently no
medications specifically
approved for coronavirus.
Most people with mild coro-
navirus illness will recover on
their own by drinking plenty of
fluids, resting and taking pain
and fever medications.
However, some cases
develop pneumonia and
require medical care or
Mosier Mayor Arlene Burns talks with an attendee about the city’s
plans to develop a community center facility. Kirby Neumann-Rea
good things happen,” said
Thomsen added, “I want
to thank the legislators who
have supported dollars
throughout the years, and
I’m sure there will be more
EDITOR’S NOTE: All indi-
viduals arrested are presumed
innocent until proven guilty.
The Dalles City
Feb. 24, 8:18 a.m. - Two vehi-
cle, non-injury crash, East 11th
and Washington Streets. Officer
assisted with the exchange of
Wasco County
Feb. 26, 5:56 p.m. - Single
vehicle, injury crash, 5500 block
of Cherry Heights Road. Rollover
crash, driver was taken to the
hospital and subsequently life-
flighted to Portland. He was cited
for driving under the influence of
intoxicants, careless driving, and
failure to maintain lane. A report
was taken.
Oregon State Police
Feb. 25, 8:34 a.m. - Single
Vehicle, injury crash, Interstate
84 eastbound, milepost 82.
Driver lost control of vehicle after
vehicle failed to shift properly
while increasing speed. Both
the driver and passenger were
injured and taken to the hospital.
A report was taken.
Fire & Rescue
Feb. 24, 5:19 p.m. - Crew
responded to the 900 block of F
Street on a report of a electrical
Feb. 26, 3:00 p.m. - Crew
responded to the 300 block of
West 20th Street on a structure
Feb. 26, 3:56 p.m. - Crew
responded to the 1100 block
of Sunflower Street on a burn
The agency also responded to
seven calls for emergency medi-
cal services on Feb. 24, seven on
Feb. 25, and two on Feb. 26.
The Dalles City
A found property report was
taken Feb. 24 from the 600 block
of West 11th Street after a caller
found what appeared to be two
ATM cash boxes left in the area.
A theft report was taken Feb.
24 from the 400 block of Mt.
Hood Street after staff report-
ed a subject fled with unpaid
Police responded to the 3600
block of West 10th Street Feb.
24 after a caller reported her
boyfriend struck her and threw
her phone out the window during
an argument. She got out of the
car and the subject fled the area.
A report was taken.
A theft report was taken Feb.
24 from the 1200 block of West
10th Street after staff reported
some money was stolen from two
residents. Two separate reports
were taken.
A hit and run report was taken
Feb. 24 from the 500 block of
Lone Pine Drive.
A theft report was taken Feb.
24 from the 700 block of Court
Street after staff reported ob-
serving a subject steal a scooter.
A found property report was
taken Feb. 24 from the 500 block
of Liberty Street after a caller
reported an abandoned bicycle
in his driveway. The bike was
Albert Fredrick Vonslomski,
28, The Dalles, was arrested Feb.
25 near Highway 197 and Lone
Pine Boulevard and is accused of
violation of a restraining order,
unlawful possession of heroin,
and probation violation.
Jaime Iceal Gonzalez, 18, The
Dalles, was arrested Feb. 25 in
the 400 block of Court Street
and is accused of fourth-degree
Police responded to the 1200
block of West 6th Street Feb.
25 after staff reported they had
The Creator is using a number pattern to reveal “the truth” to
mankind. He uses it in His Two Witnesses, The Scriptures and
Creation. The Written Word and the Spoken Word. The
pattern is 6-8-3. These 3 numbers actually reveal the exact
manner in which He has chosen to “save” mankind from him-
self. Why a number pattern? Math is impossible to argue with.
There is absolutely no room for diverse “interpretations.” This
three number pattern is repeated many times throughout The
Scriptures in order to convince the reader that there is just “one
truth.” The pattern perfectly fits with our respected science
world and The Books. Life on earth is clearly carbon based.
Carbon has 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons so it may be
number stamped 666. The element carbon is associated with
death. There is a man noted in The Scriptures who is number
stamped with 666 too. He is referred to as a man of unright-
eousness who leads others to death. All life that contains
carbon will die. What gives life on earth? Oxygen. Oxygen has 8
protons, 8 electrons and 8 neutrons. It is number stamped 888.
There is a man who gives life and he is number stamped 888.
The numerical value of the 6 letters in Yahshua’s Greek name
(Iesous) totals 888. 3 8’s. Thus this numerical pattern 6-8-3
may be seen in 3 Arks. One of wood, one of gold and one of
flesh. Next time the pattern on a mountain.
g.d. fischer
Danny Eugene Doyle, 46,
Jacksonville, was transported
and jailed Feb. 26 after being
arrested on a local warrant for
probation violation.
Audrey Josephine
Muehlhausen, 30, Hood River,
was jailed Feb. 26 on a court
commitment for driving while
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XL Phi l l y
Pi zza
Onl y
Wasco County
An identity theft report was
taken Feb. 24 from Mosier
after a victim reported someone
attempted to open a credit card
in her name and using her social
security number.
Aaron Mitchell Alford, 18,
Dufur, was arrested Feb. 24
in Dufur and is accused of
fourth-degree assault.
Deputy responded to Wamic
Feb. 25 after a caller reported
his neighbor’s dogs kept coming
onto his property and roughing
up his dogs. It was determined
the caller’s dogs were the prob-
lem and the subject was warned
to keep his dogs on his property.
Deputy responded to Dufur
Feb. 25 after a caller reported
she had not heard from her
brother. Contact was made with
the brother who advised his
phone was not working which
is why he couldn’t call out. The
information was passed back to
the sister.
Oregon State Police
Norman Xiong, 38, Portland,
was arrested Feb. 26 at the
regional jail on a warrant for four
counts of wildlife offenses.
Regional Jail
Oscar Garcia, 41, The Dalles,
was jailed Feb. 24 on a local war-
rant for post-prison violations.
20 9 9
Must present coupon.
Not valid with any
other off ers.
Expires 4/30/20.
5 41-29 6 -0 0 9 9
Clinically dead
1 hour 45 minutes
Dean says “it’s not about if I died, the
doctors proved that, it’s about where I
went when I died”. In May 2006 Dean
died. Since that time he has traveled
extensively, been on TV and radio
programs sharing his experience. He has
also written 3 books; In Heaven, Deep
Worship in Heaven and his newest What
It’s Like to Die. He will be teaching, shar-
ing his experience and on Saturday night
answering questions.
If you’ve ever had questions about life
after death or what heaven is like, don’t
miss this opportunity.
Saturday & Sunday
February 29th
at 10 AM
at 6:30 PM (Q&A)
March 1st
at 10 AM
114 W Jefferson
Bingen, WA 98605
Pavlik Zavadsky
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