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    A10   Wednesday, January 15, 2020
The Dalles Chronicle
‘Would you like a straw?’
New Oregon
law restricting
plastic straws
in full effect
as of Jan. 1
■ By The Emily
Hood River News
Food establishments
in Oregon are no longer
allowed to automatically
provide single-use plastic
straws; customers have to
ask for them.
Senate Bill 90, which be-
came effective on June 13,
2019, and fully operative
on Jan. 1 of this year, pro-
hibits food and beverage
providers, such as restau-
rants and convenience
stores, from providing
single-use plastic straws
unless the consumer spe-
cifically requests one.
The restrictions don’t
apply to healthcare facili-
ties or residential facilities
that provide straws to
Under the law,
convenience stores can
still make plastic straws
available in an unattend-
ed location, such as a bin
or a straw-dispenser, and
plastic straws can be sold
in bulk or separate from a
food/drink item; a plas-
tic straw just cannot be
automatically included in
the purchase of a food or
Single-use straws made
of a non-plastic material,
such as paper, pasta, sugar
cane, wood or bamboo,
aren’t subject to the law.
The State Department of
Agriculture is responsible
for inspecting food estab-
lishments and enforcing
the new law. After the
second violation, business-
es will be fined $25 per
day that the prohibition is
violated, with a cap at $300
per calendar year.
The bill officially
declared an emergency,
citing the necessity of the
act for “the immediate
preservation of the public
peace, health and safety.”
While many cities,
including Portland, have
passed local “plastic straw
bans” since Seattle enacted
and women on the ‘B’ relays
really helped carry the day for
points. Without those relays,
Girls relay wins
we wouldn’t have ended up
two straight
where we did. Those kids on
the ‘B’ relays really need a
Continued from page A9 shout-out for their contribu-
tion to the team score.”
Coburn finished sixth
“This was a great meet for
in the 200-yard individual
us to compete in,” assistant
medley (2:44.95), then added
coach Shortt said. “We were
a seventh in the 100-yard
able to see how we stacked
breaststroke (1:23.03), and
up against a lot of the teams
we will be swimming against Kirby claimed seventh in the
200-yard individual med-
at districts.”
On the boys side, Will
ley (2:45.72) and reeled off
Evans continued his solid
seventh place in the 100-yard
senior-year performance by
butterfly (1:15.90).
placing second in the 50-yard
Cole wound up as a sixth-
freestyle with a time of 24.52, place finisher in the 100-yard
just missing a first-place fin- butterfly (1:14.43) and was
ish by 2/100ths of a second to ninth in the 50-yard freestyle
Redmond sophomore Caden (26.58), while Loughmiller
was fifth in the 500-yard free-
Bolic (24.50).
Evans placed third place
style (7:40.23) and 11th in the
in the 200-yard freestyle
200-yard freestyle (3:02.54),
(2:05.75). Bryce Harris, a se-
and Comini landed seventh
nior, put in work for fourth in in the 100-yard backstroke
(1:20.01) and topped out in
the 50-yard freestyle (25.04)
17th place for his efforts in the
and garnered fifth place in
the 100-yard freestyle (54.29) 100-yard freestyle (1:05.48).
Harris, Skyler Coburn,
Michael Cole and Will Evans TD boys and girls net 15
churned out a 1:40.59 to
secure third place in the 200- firsts at Thursday dual
yard freestyle relay, and Jacob
Ahead of Saturday’s lights-
Comini, Coburn, Xander
out performance, The Dalles
Kirby and Drew Evans
girls tallied 11 wins to earn
matched forces for fifth place a 101-64 dual meet triumph
in the 200-yard medley relay against St. Helens High
School, and the boys secured
The 400-yard freestyle
four firsts, but narrowly
relay squad of Harris, Kirby,
missed out on a dual victory
Michael Cole and Will Evans with an 84-77 loss.
carved out a 3:58.24 to grab
Helping propel the
another third-place rush, and Lady Riverhawks were top
in the same race, the ‘B’ relay finishers Lydia DiGennaro,
group of Grant Loughmiller, Kennedy Abbas, Kendall
Jose Reyes, Drew Evans
Webber, Maisie Bandel-
and Comini scored 18 team
Ramirez and Hannah Haight.
points following their sixth-
DiGennaro did her dam-
place time of 5:11.67.
age in the 50-yard freestyle
“We tell the athletes that
(26.78) and 100-yard butterfly
swimming is a team sport,”
(1:09.92), Abbas dominated
assistant coach Shortt said.
in the 200-yard individual
“I was really impressed at
medley (2:47.91) and the 100-
how well they came together yard backstroke (1:15.11),
and swam as a team. We had Kendall Webber set her
kids step up into events they victory march in the 200-yard
didn’t ask to swim, but that
freestyle (2:17.25) and the
we needed them in. The men 500-yard freestyle (6:05.60),
a ban in July 2018, Oregon
is the second state to pass
legislation restricting
single-use plastic straws
statewide — California
was the first, with a law
that went into effect
January 2019.
Just months after
Oregon passed SB 90, the
State of Vermont adopted
a law restricting plastic
bags, straws and expand-
ed polystyrene (EPS),
to go into effect in July
Following the House
vote on SB 90, Gov. Kate
Brown told Associated
Press reporters that the
decision to ban plastic
straws is about raising
public consciousness
of plastic’s effect on the
environment and to en-
courage comprehensive
lifestyle changes.
“Every action makes
a difference,” Brown is
quoted in a May 30, 2019,
Associated Press article.
“When we start thinking
of a path to a plastic-free
life, it’s really challenging,
and I think we all have
to start moving to that
Hannah Haight won the 100-
yard breaststroke (1:24.89)
and Bandel-Ramirez
launched to a 1:04.75 in the
100-yard freestyle.
The girls 200-yard med-
ley relay group of Webber,
Haight, Bandel-Ramirez and
DiGennaro grabbed first
(2:09.17), and Webber, Abbas,
Bree Webber and DiGennaro
landed on top with a 1:56.32
in the 200-yard freestyle
“This season is getting
more and more exciting,”
Kendall Webber said. “We
have girls getting PRs at every
meet and everyone is having
fun and has an awesome
attitude. We look out for each
other and take care of each
other. The 200-yard freestyle
relay is the most exciting
thing for me right now. I
think we have a real chance
at state.”
Two groups participated
in the 400-yard freestyle
relay, as Bree Webber, Paige
Compton, Haight and Abbas
scored first place (4:37.63),
and the quartet of Izabella
Montesanti, Addison Little,
Allyson Stewart and Frances
Fuller ended up second
The 200-yard freestyle
‘B’ relay foursome of Lydia
Evans, Maddie Troutt, Hanna
Rodriguez and Compton
turned out in fourth place
In the 500-yard freestyle,
Haight took second with
a personal-record time of
6:44.67 and Paige Compton
wrapped up a third-place
finish in 7:08.47, with
Kendall Webber, Haight and
Compton breaking their pre-
vious personal records.
Bandel-Ramirez (29.69)
and Bree Webber (30.86)
were second and third,
respectively, in the 50-yard
freestyle, Compton was
third in the 200-yard free-
style (2:29.25), and Hanna
Rodriguez hit for third in the
100-yard freestyle (1:20.37)
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The Dalles’ 200-yard freestyle relay team picked up first-place honors at St. Helens Thursday and at the
White Buffalo Classic Saturday. In the photo are, from left to right, Kennedy Abbas, Lydia DiGennaro,
Kendall Webber and Bree Webber.
Pat Shortt/Contributed photo
and fifth in the 200-yard
freestyle (2:58.94).
Lydia Evans ended up with
a fourth-place finish in the
100-yard backstroke (1:32.89)
and sixth in the 200-yard free-
style (2:59.16), Montesanti
chalked up fifth place in the
100-yard freestyle (1:26.69)
and sixth in the 50-yard free-
style (37.10), Little tallied fifth
in the 100-yard backstroke
(1:43.63), and Stewart placed
sixth in the 100-yard freestyle
Racking up points for the
boys were first-place rallies
from Bryce Harris in the
50-yard freestyle (24.29) and
100-yard freestyle (55.39),
Jacob Comini in the 100-yard
backstroke (1:20.45), and the
400-yard freestyle relay squad
of Harris, Xander Kirby,
Michael Cole and Will Evans
After dealing with sickness
and the holiday break, Will
Evans sees the boys rounding
into form.
“I think a great example
of how well we recovered
was our first-place victory in
the 400-yard freestyle relay,”
the senior said. “I’m really
proud of how they held their
ground throughout the race,
and I feel like the relay was
a testament to how great the
work ethic and motivation is
on our boys team. I’m excited
to see where we will go from
Comini, Skyler Coburn,
Kirby and Jonathan
Snodgrass were second-best
in the 200-yard medley relay
(2:13.25), and the 200-yard
freestyle relay quartet of
Harris, Coburn, Cole and Will
Evans combined for a 1:43.17
to take second place.
Will Evans was runner-up
in the 200-yard freestyle
(2:01.47) and 50-yard free-
style (24.74), Coburn placed
second in the 200-yard
individual medley (2:44.61)
and in the 200-yard freestyle
There were several other
third-place roundups on
the slate, led by Kirby in the
200-yard individual med-
ley (2:47.30) and 100-yard
butterfly (1:15.56), Cole in
the 50-yard freestyle (26.60),
Comini in the 100-yard free-
style (1:06.66), and William
Hoover in the 100-yard
breaststroke (1:30.89) and
Johnathan Snodgrass cut 18
seconds off of his personal
best in the 500-yard freestyle
Grant Loughmiller, Drew
Evans, Jose Reyes and Hoover
timed out in 5:18.96 to
take third place, Snodgrass
secured fourth place in the
200-yard freestyle (2:46.34),
Cole tacked on fourth in the
100-yard butterfly (1:17.47),
and Hoover grabbed fifth
place in the 100-yard free-
style (1:13.10).
Up next, the Riverhawks
will be heading to the
Philomath Invitational
on Friday, and travels to
Gresham on Thursday,
Jan. 30 for the Sam Barlow
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