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ed that the apparition I bad sesn was
A Witch In Fancy, but Not
In Fact
« v r w * ■ * • * ■ » * ■ * ■ * * * ■ * * * « « '* * '* '* '* '• '• *
that o f some crazed person. Neverthe­
less there was an air o f mystery about
the whole matter, and the village gos-
sip concerning the so called witch de­
The following comprise the list
termined me to stroii around there late Curious Play of the Winds In the
of consular and vice consular o f­
In the evening. I did so near mid­
night and was rewarded by a strange
Yosemite Valley,
fices represented in Portland:
Consular Offices.
Iit^ u hous'e.‘ w h ^ T ? ¿ “u i f ^ . t e V n * E BB AND FLOW WITH T H E SUN
Chile —A. R. Vejar.
by a glint of light from one curtained
window, I heard the trampling o f
T h e se A i r C u rr e n t s e r A i r F a lls A re Se
China— Moy Back Hin, 233 Sec­
horses' hoofs and there broke from the
R e g u la r T h a t T h e y M a y A lm o st Be ond street.
tangled growth in front o f the bouse
T im e d — M ir r o r L a k e and the S p ra y
a dim white shape that I knew to be
Costa Rica— 6 . C. Ames, 732
C om be at B rid a l V a il Falla.
a horse and a suggestion of dim white
Marquam building.
above that I was convinced must be
Did you know there are air falls in
the face and hair o f the witch of Dahl- the atmosphere Just as real and ap­
Germany— 0 . Lohan, 31 Hamil
gren. Beside her rode a black bulk parent as are the waterfalls you have
that must have been another rider on to often viewed with admiration and ton building.
a black horse, and for the Instant 1 delight because of their natural beau­
Great Britain— James Laidlaw,
thought the witch must be riding with ty? In the famed Yosemite valley the
Ainsworth building.
her master, the devil himself.
most Interesting feature Is, to the sci­
'I had to fall back in the bushes to entist perhaps, Its winds.
Japan— M. Ida,
219 Henry
save myself from^ielng trampled upon,
The winds there are seldom more building.
so furious was their dash into the road.
i than light zephyrs, moody and caprl-
They turned away from the vl lage clous
th# ordlnar tourlst, but when
Mexico— F. A. Spencer, 46 Front
toward the open country and disap- rlght|j, understood one of the wonders
street North.
peared Gentlemen I was curious f h va],
Thege ,t r e a t in g facta
enough to remain there until heir re- are ,d „ Profe88or F. E. Matthes of
Peru— Barrette Carlos, care C.
turn an hour later when a pale moon , tb„ Un|ted S(ateg geolo(flcal 8urvey In H. Rasmussen.
peeped from the drifting clouds.
the slerra club BulletIn.
Ib ey were riding slowly now. and
ln n0 otber lace ta tbe entlre world
Switzerland— A. C. Bigger.
the woman was pleading with the
, perhaps are the air currents more sys­
other rider, a man. I could see her
tematic and regular than in the Yosem
wringing her white hands, and her
Vice Consuls.
Ite vallev. be says. In the first place,
voice, a low, sweet contralto, did not
the sun naturally heats the ground
sound like that o f a deranged person.
more rapidly than It does the air.
Belgium— C. Henri Labbe, Lab-
Her accents were cultivated, but the
Thus every hillside basking I d the sun be building.
man spoke roughly in reply, and I
becomes a heat radiator and gradually
heard her break Into sobs as he hus­
Chile—John Reid, 514 Lumber
i warms the air above It, so that the air,
tled her toward the bouse and they
becoming lighter, begins to rise.
disappeared beyond It. Later I heard
But under these conditions the air
the crashing of branches as If the
Great Britain— J. Ernest Laid­
[ does not rise vertically because the air
horses were being led off through the
directly over It Is still cool and Is press law, Ainsworth building.
woods back of the hut, and, now that
Ing downward. Therefore up the sides
I think o f it, it must have been In the
France— C. Henri Labbe, Labbe
of the warm slope the heated air makes
direction o f this hotel."
Its way. That Is why the tourist mak building (consular agent).
Benton frowned as ho opened the
I Ing his way np the mountain slope
stove door and tossed In the end of
Netherlands — John
with the sun on his back finds bis own
his cigar. “ I’ve often felt that I’d
dust traveling upward with him In a Mathes, 213 Wells-Fargo building.
like to Investigate the matter. You
i choking cloud.
see, I had to leave early the next
Nicaragua and Honduras— R.
But on coming down the same trail,
morning, and this Is the first time I’ve
Chilcott, a06 McKay building.
struck tills town since then, but my
shadow, the dust ever descends with
Sweden— Valdemar Liddell, 26
first question when I met a man I
knew wus, ‘ Is your witch still here?’ the traveler ln the same Irritating North Sixth street.
And he said she was. There's a mys- . . . ..
. , ..
, ,
The three traveling men drew closer
around the hot stove In the parlor of
the little hotel at Dablgren, Pa. Ben­
ton, tl., cigar salesman, was contin­
uing a conversation that bad begun at
the supper tuble a short while before.
•‘Gentlemen,” he said Impressively,
“ 1 know It sounds mighty fishy, but I
actually did see what they call ‘The
Witch of Uahlgren!’ ”
"W hen?” asked Cooper, the clothing
"On my Inst trip to this forlorn
hole,” was Benton’s caustic reply.
"And that was?"—
“ I.nst April. It's a short story. Want
to hear about It?”
"Yes, go ahead.” urged the third
member of the group, Joel Gifford,
who represented a great wholesale
grocery house. He was a tall, good
looking, quiet sort of man, well liked
everywhere. There had been a trag­
edy in his life which many had guess­
ed at, but few knew the real facts in
the case.
Benton passed the cigars around and
lighted one for himself.
“ Now, gentlemen," he began, "please
understand that I shall not feel in the
least offended If you do not believe
what I am about to tell you, but It
really happened to me In this town
Last April I arrived here In the regu
lar course of my travels and put up at
this same hotel. I was the only guest
that night, and after supper I got to
talking with our host, whom you may
have sized up to be Just what he is—
a narrow minded country bumpkin."
“ You’re
tery in the matter, becau se"- Benton !®„lD.„th!
the face o f the slope and Is pressing
paused and stared thoughtfully at the j
Joel Gifford smiled and shook his
Its way down Into the valley.
toe o f his polished hoot.
head. “ I onn't express an opinion,
Just as soon as the sun leaves the
“ Because"— suggested Cooper impa­
Benton, because I haven't seen the
slope of the mountain the earth be-
chap. This Is the first time I’ ve cov­
I gins to lose Its heat by radiation and
ered this territory.”
M,'1»0 i !?. ' o f e.
® J nf^ I in a very short time is really cooler
| than tbe Qlr Tbe ,ayer of alr nert
“ You haven't missed much 1n not
Lin- i ... _
, ..
making his acquaintance," growled the voice o f mine host here, ’ B
| the face o f the hillside chills by con­
Benton, continuing his narrative. “ As den," returned Benton In a low tone.
tact with the earth and. becoming
Joel Gifford aroused himself from
I said. I fell Into conversation with
heavier ns It condenses, begins to press
Linden and asked him a question that the half lounging position he had as­ down along the slope. Thus there are
hud been on the tip of my tongue for
normally the warm up draft on the
several hours—In fact, ever since I had live, and. although he hnd been a j sunny slope and the cold down draft
close listener to the story, bis own
heard a woman threatening her chil­
on the side In the shadow. In a wind
dren with the wrath of the old witch thoughts must have made a sad run­ less region like the Yosemite this rule
on the crossronds.
‘You certainly
may be depended upon at almost anv
haven't got a witch In this common­ his eyes were full o f troubled reminis­ time.
place town?' I asked him Jokingly.
But ln the Yosemite, with Its bold
He lifted Ills eyes to the mantel­
'T o r a moment he was silent, and
cliff topography, these upward and
piece, where an old fashioned mirror
then he strokisl his long black beard
downward air currents are somewhat
hung In such a position that It reflect­
and muttered: ‘ We certainly have, Mr,
ed the door Into the hall. Joel G if­ Interrupted. On every sunny slope
Benton. The crossroads is u good place
ford saw a picture framed In that bold cliffs create shadows, and conse­
to keep away from.'
doorway, and he half rose from his quently there are downward air cur
“ 'Why?' I demanded.
chair nml pointed with a shaking fin­ rents or local breezes dally at regular
'“ Because there is an old woman
hours as tbe shadows come and go.
ger at the face he saw In the glnss.
there who can work a charm or cast
Glacier Point Is one place In partlcu
It was the face of a tall, black
an evil spell over anybody. Man, 1
hoarded man. with a narrow head and lar In which Professor Matthes says
know It!' And the old fellow got quite little black eyes gleaming wickedly be this shadowy effect on the air cur
Death bushy brows. He was staring rents may readily be tested by casting
“ 'You're Joking. Bill Linden,' I nt Joel Gifford ns If fascinated by the small bits of paper Into the air. As
younger man’s face. There was fe­ the afternoon wears on and the shad
“ He scowled like the villain that he rocity In his gaze, as well as surprise ows In tbe vnlley gather the cold draft
must be from his looks. 'Mr. Benton, nml fenr.
In tbe hills pours dowuward. forming
when I tell you that that woman has
"W ho Is that man?" cried Joel Gif­ the vnlley like a great river and How
Ing on to the plains below Every side
ruined my life you'll understand that 1
ford excitedly as he whirled nround
know what I'm tnlklng about. She toward tho doorway.
canyon and valley sends its re-enforce­
ought to have been hanged years ago—
It's Bill Linden. our landlord!” ments. like the tributaries of a great
that's the way they did with the cried Benton. And then he pulled river, to this general air current flow­
witches in the olden days. If 1 had Gifford violently aside, for there was ing onward to the plain.
my way she'd liang high now!' And the deafening report o f a pistol, and
With the return of the morning sun
he fell to muttering to himself and the bullet that luul been Intended for the earth at the tops of tbe bills is
Gifford found another mark and shat­ warmed nnd the downward current ln
“ ‘Guess I'll go and have a look at tered the mirror. There was another | the air is suspended. The updraft soon
her,' I said half Jokingly.
report, anil the landlord o f the Dahl- begins as the sun sbjnes Into the val­
“ ‘ You better not.' I was warm'd. greu hotel dropped dead upon the floor, leys. The air currents are so regular
that they may almost be limed
'She keeps a gun and winged Mason killed by Ills own « Irked hand.
Smith when he got drunk one day and
Few realize, says the author of the
Gifford reached him first and turned
attacked her house. Just opened her him over and looked closely at the paper, that It Is ou these reversing air
window and took aim. and Mason dead man's fare, "lie Is dead." be currents that one of the chief attrac­
went around with his arm in a sling said briefly, and (lieu, rising, he eon- tions of the Yosemite depends. Mir­
for three months after that.'
tinned to the little crowd of people ror lake, to he viewed at its best, must
“ 'Is she an old woman?' 1 asked.
that had gathered at the sound o f the he seen In the early dawn, when the
'•'Must ho, was the reply 'Hair as pistol shots: "Gentlemen, lids man Is reflections are most perfect.
white as snow.
The lake is stillest aud Its surface
not Bill Linden. That must tie an as-
"'W h ere did she com« from?’ I In sullied name, for lie has hern well most mlrror llke when the cold night
known to the world ns Chnfleld Chap­ currents have ceased and the uprising
“ 'Nobody knows. Suddenly appear­ man. a well known banker who disap­ day currents o f air have not yet be­
ed In that little deserted house on the peared five years ago and who was gun
Yet unless one Is punctual he
crossroads about five years ago Nev­ supposed to tie dead. At the same will miss the chief beauty o f tbe place,
er comes out In daytime, but I've seeu time he disappeared my young wife. for this perfect stillness Is ns brief as
her face at the window, ami some say who «-as Ids only daughter, nlso dis* j (6e turn o f the tide,
that she rides at night on a snow white appeared from my house, and from a
1 ba evening nnd during the night,
horse. I don't know whether to be­ note that reached me a few days later when the down draft of nir from the
lieve that or n ot'
I could only Judge Hint both of them ‘oouutaln sides Is strong, the stream
“ 'You might as well believe the were dead The note was signed by " f ,',K’ 1 " lr Pl»""lng down the slope
whole thing while you're about It, my my father In law. and he said that ns I'lungea over cllfis. Just ns water la
friend,' 1 gtlimed at him. and I Im he lull) fulled In business he would end s«*en to faM fro111 similar heights On
tnedlately went down to the crossroads till and ___
_ ___
________ I
that ___ lie would
lake Gertrude
‘ be Yosemite falls or the Neva-
and took n siroll along the lonely way with him. My search for them both ,la fal|s ,ral1» this air fall curiosity la
that cut through dense woods Why. fins covered live years, and It must j rei>dlly encountered iu the evening,
they must be back of this hotel!"
end tonight, for I believe 1 linve found
During the daytime, on the other
Benton paused to ¡ellglit his cigar the solution to the mystery.
hand, the air rises vertically along tbe
and to marvel for a moment on the
“ Clinfield Chapman was passionately i °6ffs nnd UP Into the hanging valleys,
Idea that had Just taken possession of fond of Ids only child and always taking part of the spray from tho falls
him Then lie restions! : "About u mile hated me because I loved and married along with It. A pretty example of
down the noni I sa«- a lonely little her. It Is my belief that he lured her the air carrying tbe spray from the
house—more o f a cabin than n house- away and lias kept her prisoner tu this fall upward may oe seen at Bridal
set bnek In the woods and overgrown hut In the woods tan k here, allowing Veil falls, «-here two little combs of
to the very door with underbrush. tier to ride forth only nt night for air spray, one on each side o f tbe stream,
Smoke curbs! from the chimney, and nnd exercise Gentlemen, the wlteh of steadily curve upward over the brink
As soon ns the sun Is off the cliff
1 was staring nl the windows when all | I'alilgren Is my wife!"
at once n face appeared at one o f them.
Accompanied by n crowd of Interest- ****** gl,raY combs cease to exist.
I could not see whether she was young ed villagers, the three traveling men
or old. but the face was white as a Hastened to the house In the «-»aids
A n Attraction.
"I hear your new minister is very
sheet and on either side o f It hung j ami broke open Its barred lb Mir There,
two heavy braids of snow white hair, j facing them with beautiful white face efficient.”
“ Oh. yes."
The great dark eyes were turned to- j frozen Into fenr and her grief whlteu-
ward me, nml two arms were lifted »si locks hanging In heavy braids over
"How about his wife? Is she doing
either In supplication or malediction.
her shoulders, «-as Gertrude Gifford, anything to bring people to church?"
"For an Instant I was rooted to the Joel's lost bride.
“ Indeed she Is! Wears a different
spot, nnd then I nibbed my eyes In
At tier scream of Joyful recognition gown every Sunday “ -Washington
wonderment, for suddenly she Jerked ns her husband took her In tits arms Hern Id
backward, almost as If some one was once more the people out of
behind her compelling her sway from the house and left the fkunlted couple
Gossip Is a beast of prey that doua
the window
She disappeared from alone with their happiness,
not wait for the death of the creatura
view, and ! walked on. qnlts convlne-
Thus passed the witch of Pahlgrso.
It devours -O eore* Meredith.
Ed Lewis, who rejoices under the misnomer of “ orator” for the
I. W. W., with a voice like a foghorn, stood on the streets the other
night and spewed forth anathemas against Portland clergymen, not
one of whom has ever harmed, or attempted to. He heaped ridicule
upon the Christian religion. He even spoke of Christ as “ the first
Baltimore’s police chief would punish pickpockets by amputating
their fingers, one at a time for each offense. Such a plan will never
become popular with the light-fingered gentry, anyway.
B a g g a g e & O m n ib u s
T r a n s fe r C o .
General Transfering and Storage
Main Office and Warehouse
Telephones: Main 6980, A 3322
Phone or Write
Government Standard
Powders Company
In the C ircu it Court o f the State o f O regon,
F or M ultnom ah County.— The F oott-T itu s
M achinery H ouse, a C orporation, plaintiff,
vs. A. K. Carlson, defendan t.
A. K. Carlson,
an t:
the above-nam ed defend-
In the nam e o f the State o f O regon : Y ou
are hereby sum m oned and required to appear
and answ er the com pla int filed against you
in the above entitled action , on or b efore the
expiration o f six w eeks from the date o f the
first p u b lication o f this sum m ons, to -w it: on
or b e fo r e F eb ru ary 10th, A. D. 1912, and, if
you fa il to so appear and answ er, fo r want
th ereof the plaintiff w ill take
judgm ent
against you fo r the sum o f Eleven H undred
and F orty -S ix and 22 -1 0 0 D ollars and for
the fu rth er sum of One H undred and F ifty
la in tiff' s
also for
the sale o f certain attached p rop erty belon g
ing to you, to -w it:
34 shares o f the capital
stock o f the F oott-T itu s M achinery H ouse, an
O regon C orporation, w hich p rop erty has been
du ly attached in this action .
And Have an Expert Explain Our
Money Maker
T h is sum m ons is pu b lish ed pursuant to an
ord er o f the H on. W . N. Oatens, Judge of
the above entitled court, w hich order is dated
D ecem ber 27th, A. D. 1911. T he date o f the
first p u b lication hereof is D ecem ber 30th. A.
D. 1911, and the date o f the last pu b lication
hereof is F eb ru ary 10th, A. D. 1912.
Main 6383
J. M . H A D D O C K ,
A ttorn ey fo r P laintiff.
90 First Street
D ate o f first publication, D ecem ber 30th,
A. D. 1911.
D ate o f last pub lication , Febru ary 10th,
D. 1912.
New Models 10 and 11
Rem i ngton
do more than supply every demand;
o f the writing machine.
Single Dog Escapement
Column Selector (Model 10)
Built-in Decimal Tabulator (Model 11)
Two-Color Dial
Back Space Key
Variable Line Spacing Lock
Shift Lock
Paper Feed
Remington Typewriter Company
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o f every