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    Wednesday, March 3, 2021 The Nugget Newspaper, Sisters, Oregon
Notice is hereby given that the
City of Sisters Planning
Commission will conduct a
public hearing regarding the
applications listed below. The
hearing will be held according to
SDC Chapter 4.1 and the rules of
procedure adopted by the Council
and available at City Hall. Prior
to the public hearing, written
comments may be provided to
Sisters City Hall at 520 E.
Cascade Avenue, Sisters (mailing
address PO Box 39, Sisters, OR
97759) or emailed to
Comments should be directed
toward the criteria that apply to
this request and must reference
the file number. For additional
information, please contact
Nicole Mardell, Principal Planner
at (541) 323-5208 or The
staff report and recommendation
to the hearings body will be
available for review at least seven
days before the hearing. All
submitted evidence and materials
related to the application are
available for inspection at City
Hall. Copies of all such materials
will be available on request at a
reasonable cost. TTY services are
available at the Sisters City Hall.
Please contact Kerry Prosser,
City Recorder, at (541) 323-5213
for arrangements. The Sisters
City Hall building is a fully
handicapped-accessible facility.
Due to COVID-19 and required
social distancing measures,
the City will make
accommodations for remote
participation and strongly
encourages all interested
parties to participate remotely.
Meeting access information will
be posted on the Planning
Commission Agenda on March
11, 2021 and can be found on
tings. Written comments will be
accepted via drop off to the
utility payment box at City
Hall, 502 E Cascade Avenue,
Sisters prior to March 18
at 3 p.m.
March 18, 2021 at 5:30 p.m.
FILE #: MP 20-01/SUB 20-02
Kevin Spencer,
Jeriko Develoment Inc.
LOCATION: 800 W Barclay
Pine Street, Sisters OR 97759,
Taxlot: 151005D000100
REQUEST: The applicant is
requesting approval of a Master
Plan and Subdivision application
to allow for a 14-lot Light
Industrial subdivision.
Sisters Development Code:
Chapter 4.1 3 Types of
Applications and Review
Procedures; Chapter 2.6 3 Light
Industrial District; Chapter 2.15 3
Special Provisions, Chapter 3 3
Design Standards, Chapter, 4.3 3
Land Divisions, and Chapter 4.5
3 Master Planned Developments.
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HORSE: Community
rallied to find and
rescue runaway horse
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and helpers immediately
set out to find him. It was
getting dark, but there was
snow on the ground, which
readily showed tracks.
<We were able to follow
tracks to the north end of our
property,= Brewer said.
But the clear tracks dis-
appeared in a spot where the
snow had melted away, and
darkness was descending.
Brewer made the tough call
to halt the search.
<It9s one of the hardest
decisions you have to make,=
she said.
Brewer sent texts to all
her neighbors to be on the
lookout, and contacted Kate
Beardsley of Mustangs to the
Rescue for advice on how to
conduct an effective search.
<She took 20 minutes to
walk me through setting up
search teams 4 how to orga-
nize my volunteers, basi-
cally,= Brewer said.
The next day, numerous
neighbors started hunting
for sign of Mister. Vernon
Stubbs cut tracks in the
Stevens Canyon area.
<I was off the crest off the
windward slope in the woods
4 and I found horse tracks,=
he told The Nugget.
The tracks had been
dusted with a skiff of snow,
so they weren9t fresh.
<When I cleared the snow
on top, I saw a little bit of
blood,= Stubbs said.
Stubbs made contact with
the Brewers and, with his
dog, set out on foot to follow
the tracks, which crossed a
big meadow. Ann and Jon
Brewer, and their ranch
helper Carrie Coe, linked
up with Stubbs and they fol-
lowed Mister9s trail, know-
ing from the snow on top
of his tracks that they were
miles and hours behind him.
<Every time he came
to a fence, you could see
where he paced the fence
until he found a place to get
through,= Ann Brewer said.
Mister hit dirt roads
and stuck to them into the
Crooked River Grasslands.
The trackers didn9t find any
sign that he9d paused to eat
or even to poop. He was just
Though they knew Mister
was far ahead, the search-
ers did not lose heart. Jon
Brewer, who has mountain
biked all through the area,
observed that Mister was
headed directly toward the
canyon where Whychus
Creek flows. If Mister
stopped at the creek, they
had a chance to catch up to
When the search party
hit the creek, there was a
moment of joyful relief.
<Sure enough,= Ann
recalled, <in the middle of
river is Mister, just standing
there looking at us.=
The adventure wasn9t
over, yet, by any means.
They still had to catch Mister
and get him out of the creek,
back to a road, and into a
Coe went into the swift,
knee-deep water of the
creek, went down, and got
soaked, and then was able
to approach Mister. Ann
approached the horse from
downstream and was able
to get two halters on him 4
a spare in case one broke.
She threw a line to Jon,
who began to try to get the
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1,500-pound Mister moving
out of the frigid water.
The horse had a hard time
moving. He was injured 4
to what extent wasn9t imme-
diately apparent 4 and was
clearly at least verging on
<At that point, he was
shivering severely and he
couldn9t move,= Brewer
Finally, with tugging and
coaxing, Mister gave a cou-
ple of lunges and got up and
out of the water.
Then, the searchers could
see that <he had a very good
laceration on his right front
leg,= Brewer said.
Injured and cold, Mister
still had a ways to go to get
to safety.
<Our only option was to
hike him up the canyon to
Wilt Road, which was a two-
mile hike,= Brewer said.
When they hit Wilt Road,
Ann and Jon ran for the
trailer. A Camp Sherman
Hasty Team member, Laurie
Adams, had shown up to
help. With experience in
horse rescue, Adams triaged
Mister9s injuries, got the leg
wrapped, and massaged him
to mitigate the effects of
Mister trailered up and
blanketed without inci-
dent, and Adams helped the
Brewers get their rig turned
around on the dirt road.
<I think we did a 12-point
turn on Wilt,= Ann said.
The couple drove Mister
to Bend Equine Medical
Center, where he spent a
day-and-a-half in their inten-
sive-care unit. In addition
to the laceration on his leg,
he had some trauma to his
hooves from his unaccus-
tomed 15-mile wilderness
jaunt, and some swelling on
his chest where he appar-
ently hit the gate post in his
Mister remained on
stall rest last week, and is
expected to make a full
recovery. He doesn9t seem to
have any urge to head out for
more adventures outside the
<He9ll be hanging out by
the barn for a while,= Brewer
said with a chuckle.
Above and beyond the
relief over the happy end-
ing to a frightening ordeal,
the Brewers are grateful for
the community support they
received. The couple moved
to Sisters Country from
Bend three years ago, seek-
ing a deeper sense of com-
munity connection 4 and
they found it when it really
<Jon and I were blown
away by all the help,=
Ann said. <The selfless-
ness and community spirit
4 that9s why we moved to
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