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Wednesday, February 22, 2017 The Nugget Newspaper, Sisters, Oregon
Airport has many
economic benefits
By Jack Addison
Guest Columnist
Letters to the Editor…
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To the Editor:
This is in response to the February 15 letter
to the editor by Paula Surmann. I don’t know
about the rest of you out there who voted for
our new President, Donald Trump, but …
actually I do. All the people I know DID vote
for him and are really weary and bothered
by all this destructive rhetoric, the rioting in
the streets, and the lies being said to halt his
appointees’ nominations.
All of you who think you need to get
together and have meetings on how you feel
so “appalled,” “depressed,” and “terrified”
should stop your whining, boohooing, and
feeling sorry for yourselves. Put your big girl
pants on and grow up, stop the childish pout-
ing and temper tantrums. All that malaise is
not in the best interest of your physical well-
being. You would do yourselves a great deal
of benefit if you would look on the bright side
of the morning sunrise and realize that he was
voted for by the majority of our nation and IS
our new President!
He will do great things for our country,
and you sitting around in sorrow groups is not
going to change that or help you feel better
about yourselves. No matter what you think,
Trump will do an amazing job of getting this
country off this reckless downhill train-ride
into oblivion of trillions of dollars of debt.
He will secure our borders to protect us from
the hate-filled terrorists who think nothing of
driving a huge delivery truck full-speed into a
group of tourists vacationing and enjoying an
evening of celebration, or blow up buildings
with thousands of people into destruction to
make a statement of misguided hatred for the
American people.
See LETTERS on page 22
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Regarding the recent
public meeting held by
the Oregon Department
of Aviation at the Sisters
High School: I expressed
support for the move to
be listed in “Appendix M”
because the location and
the potential benefit for the
community support that
listing. I still support that
listing after attending the
The primary attraction I
have to the airport is not the
fact that I have an airplane
(which I keep at Prineville),
but it is the important com-
plement it offers to the 44
or so business park lots
available for good-paying
jobs, much like Benny and
Julie Benson’s engineer-
ing company. If one looks
up Chapter 8 listed in the
Oregon Department of
Aviation document, one
sees economic benefits
in the millions of dollars,
for communities having
airports similar in size to
Sisters Airport. An even
more detailed study spon-
sored by the City of Sisters
and the airport administra-
tion would suggest eco-
nomic avenues to aid the
attraction of appropriate
business for the business
park and nearby light-
industrial area for the
development of clean, sub-
stantial, year-round, fam-
ily-wage businesses.
Businesses are often in
need of a close-by airport
to reach out to their cus-
tomers and clients, or even
their headquarters say in
Portland, Boise, or the Bay
Area. A typical business
aircraft, even propeller-
driven, can economically
reach the western states
in a few hours with no
delays for parking, “check-
ing in,” or very unpredict-
able security lines. Denver
or Phoenix in four to
five hours is very doable,
which is the time it takes
to check in at Redmond,
fly to Portland, and then
connect in a regional car-
rier. But the IMPACT! No,
actually this type of busi-
ness flying is quite low-
profile and typically would
entail only a few departures
a month. Fewer in the
The other issue of inter-
est stated by ODA was
“essential safety of emer-
gency services.”
To that, witness the
recent State concerns in the
form of public meetings
concerning the Cascadia
Event or similar emergency
affecting power and trans-
portation issues. Sisters is
strategically located as the
first town on this side of
the mountains that would
greet a mass exodus from
Portland to Eugene. The
choke of traffic entering
Sisters would be in need
of services including fuel
and food despite the grid
being down. Persons need-
ing medical attention could
be flown by helicopter or
fixed-wing to cities still
receiving power from the
electric grid. Sisters is
easily a first-demand stop
for road traffic coming
from the Valley during an
evacuation, and provides
the first outpost for law
enforcement through the
Sisters Sheriff’s Substation.
Additionally, aircraft under
FAA Seattle Center con-
trol will be diverted to
Redmond, Bend, Madres,
Sun River and, yes, Sisters,
too, if we are listed in
Appendix M.
The DOA meeting
included lots of support,
and there was a repeated
significant community con-
cern regarding the noise, in
particular from the skydive
aircraft. I have concern for
the noise from all aircraft.
The issue of noise is impor-
tant. I strongly encourage
the principals to seriously
engage the issue, and I have
items that can and should
be included in such a dis-
cussion. I’ll include these
in a future letter to address
the justifiable concerns of
all the Sisters residents,
whether under the flight
path or not.
Listing the Sisters
Airport under Appendix M
would benefit the commu-
nity for emergency services
and provide enhancement
opportunities for the busi-
ness park and unrelated to
the important but separate
issue of noise control and
Opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the writer and
are not necessarily shared by the Editor or The Nugget Newspaper.