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Wednesday, March 4, 2015 The Nugget Newspaper, Sisters, Oregon
Time to set
your clocks
an hour
ahead this
March 8.
Remember to
Letters to the Editor…
The Nugget welcomes contributions from its readers, which must include the writer’s name, address and phone
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To the Editor:
The wonderful Science Fair on Saturday
was made possible by contributions of time
and effort of many people in the community.
I would like to thank everyone who volun-
teered, worked an exhibit, or came to the
Fair to see what terrific science programs are
being taught in the Sisters Schools.
I especially want to thank the teaching
staff and students at the schools who spent so
much time and imagination in bringing their
exhibits to share with the community. We had
a record number of students who took the
time and made the effort to show individual
The fair was greatly enhanced by partici-
pation of business and nonprofit organizations
supporting science and education. I appreciate
their willingness to be a part of the fair.
Over 100 volunteers from the community
were indispensable in developing some of the
experiments, setting up and taking down the
fair, and in running the events. My thanks to
all of you.
Finally, you cannot have a great event
without having a great audience.
We had counted about 650 visitors when
the fire alarm sounded, but lost count after
that brief intermission. We look forward to
seeing all of you next year.
Cal Allen
To the Editor:
Brad Boyd and Chuck Humphreys are
two of the nicest men I know. They both care
deeply for this community.
I am dismayed to read the derogatory state-
ments about these men in your newspaper. I
have done business with Brad for over twenty
years and had wonderful experiences in his
shop and on group rides. What I see in Brad
is a man devoted to his community. When
See leTTerS on page 25
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City Council provides
comic melodrama
By Bob Norman
Guest Columnist
The latest Keystone
“Breakfast at Boyd’s,”
closed Thursday night at the
City Hall Playhouse before
a packed audience.
Based upon an actual
event of a controversial
outgoing mayor given what
appeared to be favorable
attention to place food carts
on his bike shop property,
the drama involved upset
community members who
believed that a city official
should be given significant
review when requesting a
controversial decision, but
was given only minimum
This comedy, one in a
series, features the usual
cast of characters. Boyd’s
long-standing troupe
McKibben Womack and
Wendy Holzman who
played with Boyd in such
memorable previous per-
formances as “Back-In
Parking,” “Pave Someone
Else’s Property And Then
Remove It,” and of course
the famous “Outdoor
Amphitheater,” played their
previous roles.
McKibben failed to see
why the community should
question this decision. After
all, they had done the same
thing other times with peo-
ple that also didn’t receive
full review. The fact that
it was an acting city offi-
cial with power and influ-
ence shouldn’t require extra
scrutiny. No, McKibben
exclaims, this is really about
a hidden agenda. You guys
just don’t like Brad Boyd.
Holzman joined with a
chorus of “Nothing Wrong
Here” and added her rendi-
tion of “He Will Sue.”
Starring as best support-
ing actor was the City attor-
ney, Steve Bryant, who pro-
vided a public letter opining
that if anything was done to
correct this, Mr. Boyd could
sue. He also added he would
probably win. Not only pro-
viding stimulus for a lawsuit
but also testimony against
the city should it occur.
The hero and hero-
ine, David Asson (via let-
ter in absentia) and Nancy
Connolly, tried to offer
some common sense to the
issue. After all there were
over 130 people who signed
a petition requesting public
review as well as a letter
from an experienced land-
use attorney citing case law
in how this process was
flawed and how it could be
remedied. Perhaps a review
by a qualified, independent,
third-party attorney would
be a reasonable approach.
Mr. Boyd’s attorney
presented a letter that said
that if reviewed they would
file suit for damages in the
reasonable amount of $3.5
million. It’s nice to see that
Mr. Boyd has maintained
his community spirit even
though no longer in office.
The best line of the night
belongs to Chris Frye, star-
ring as the well-meaning,
fumbling new mayor, he
brought the house down
with his line stating that a
third letter would be a good
idea and he was going to
accept the one from Mr.
Boyd’s attorney, threatening
a lawsuit, as that letter.
Like many good stories
this one also has a moral:
If you have a desire to get
something done in Sisters,
run for council. If you don’t
have enough friends to get
you elected, just threaten to
file a lawsuit. But beware
that might take longer, as
there are several in front of
If you missed this per-
formance, don’t fret. There
will undoubtedly be more
comedic relief playing for
you at the City Hall shortly.
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