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    Wednesday, January 28, 2015 The Nugget Newspaper, Sisters, Oregon
‘American Sniper’
in the crosshairs
“American Sniper” has
become a surprise box office
smash, breaking records for
a mid-winter release. Less
surprisingly, it has become a
flashpoint in the culture wars.
For many folks, it’s
a depiction of the skill,
dedication and sacrifice of
American warfighters as rep-
resented by one of the elite:
Navy SEAL sniper Chris
Kyle. For others, the movie
is a glorification of war and
killing that evades taking
responsibility for a bad war.
Clint Eastwood says his
movie is an “anti-war state-
ment,” because it shows the
vast civilian population that
had no personal skin in the
game “what [war] does to the
family and the people who
have to go back to into civil-
ian life like Chris Kyle did.”
Chris Kyle was one of
a long line of country-boy
sharpshooters who made
their mark on American
military history. Some exalt
that heritage and his burly
Texas cowboy persona; oth-
ers find it hard to take. Some
see him as a hero, others as
a remorseless killer who
dehumanized the people in
his crosshairs, calling them
Some scoff at Kyle’s
By Jim Cornelius
insistence that his job was where Eastwood is coming
about saving lives — but from.
that’s what sniper overwatch
The movie elides some
does. Snipers protect sol- aspects of Chris Kyle’s char-
diers or Marines as they go acter that would have made
about the dangerous work for a more complete picture. death, Jesse Ventura won He sure ain’t the first Texas
of patrol or raid in an urban He seems to have made up a defamation suit against cowboy to tell a stretcher or
environment. That said, if some whoppers after return- his estate over a claim that two in a barroom.
you’ve read Kyle’s memoir, ing from war. He claimed Kyle decked Ventura in a
Kyle’s larger-than-life
upon which the movie was to have killed two men who Coronado bar after Ventura persona surely had its por-
based, it’s clear that he rel- tried to carjack him in Texas, allegedly disparaged the war tion of bravado, but he was
ished his work and his skill deploying some kind of get- and Navy SEALs. Ventura also a generous and compas-
with a rifle. He felt competi- out-of-jail-free card from the said it never happened, and sionate man. The irony of
tive with other snipers and Department of Defense to a jury sided with him.
his death is bitter: slain by
he did, indeed, regard those deter law enforcement heat.
Why Kyle felt the need a troubled veteran he had
in his crosshairs as savages. And he allegedly told stories to tell tall tales when he had reached out to and was try-
Why that should shock about traveling in secret to a verified record of excep- ing to help.
anyone is a perplexing ques- New Orleans during Katrina tional combat prowess and
Whether you see Chris
tion. No matter how it’s san- and shooting looters.
fortitude is an open ques- Kyle as a hero or not depends
itized for public consump-
None of that is verifi- tion. The answer may be mostly on the lens you are
tion, no matter how anti- able, and knowledgeable psychologically complicated looking through. But cer-
septic it is rendered by the folks are pretty certain noth- — some need to hold onto tainly he was a man whose
distance afforded by missile ing like these incidents ever to a sense of identity (“The story was worth the telling,
strike or drone, war is still happened. After Kyle’s Legend”) — or maybe not. and Eastwood told it well.
about killing enemies.
And the brutality of the
insurgents and outright
terrorists Kyle and his
comrades fought in Iraq
certainly earned the des-
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