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Wednesday, January 7, 2015 The Nugget Newspaper, Sisters, Oregon
Dave Lindley to play The Belfry
Radio show explores
nature of humor
Radio host Kelsey Collins
will plunge into the ques-
tion of what makes us laugh
in her KZSO radio show this
“Contrary to what
Aristotle opined way back
when, humans aren’t the only
creatures that laugh,” Collins
says. “Baby chimps will
laugh if tickled in the right
way, too. And, I swear that
I’ve seen my horse snicker,
his nostrils waving sweetly
back and forth, when I place
my hand in just the right
place behind his ear… As a
good friend shared with me,
we do share an experience
of pure joy with our animal
buddies, and that, alone, can
make us smile and laugh.”
People have been theo-
rizing about what makes us
laugh for centuries — what
is considered to be funny to
some and abhorrent to others,
contemplating humor’s dark
side, or those stories from our
distant past that still make us
laugh passionately decades
after the event.
Is humor always at some-
one else’s expense? Think of
the proverbial stage pratfalls
by Buster Keaton or Charlie
Chaplin as they provoked
paroxysms of laughter from
their audience back in the
silent film days. Do you laugh
when you watch someone do
something silly or what you
label as stupid?
Perhaps the varied reasons
for human laughter are akin
to a giant soup kettle filled
with possibilities: release,
relief, or as Kierkegaard pos-
tulated: “Something funny
revolves around derailed
position is vacant. That is not
The seat has been occupied
since October when Sisters
resident Bill Rainey was
appointed to fill the vacancy
created by Dave Clemens’
death in July. Rainey is stand-
ing for reelection.
The headline of The
Nugget’s December 31 story
about the upcoming elec-
tion for the Sisters District
#1 position for Central
Electric Cooperative board
of directors indicated the
Contrary to what
aristotle opined way back
when, humans aren’t the
only creatures that laugh.
— kelsey Collins
On next week’s Kelsey
Collins Show, the host will
banter the possibilities around
even further, including a few
jokes. Tune in on Saturday
at 9 a.m. at KZSO, 94.9. A
rebroadcast will be available
on Sunday morning, same
time, or at kelseycollins. later Saturday
morning. Send along your
favorite jokes. She’ll share a
few on the air.
Dr. Thomas R. Rheuben
The Belfry will welcome
legendary multi-instrumen-
talist David Lindley on
Sunday, January 11, at 7 p.m.
Tickets are available at www.
Lindley performs music
that redefines the word
“eclectic.” Lindley, well-
known for his many years as
the featured accompanist with
Jackson Browne, and leader
of his own band El Rayo-X,
has long championed the
concept of world music.
The David Lindley electro-
acoustic performance effort-
lessly combines American
folk, blues, and bluegrass
traditions with elements from
African, Arabic, Asian, Celtic,
Malagasy and Turkish musical
304 W. Adams Ave.
Oregon hunters are hoping
for an agency chief at Oregon
Department of Fish and
Wildlife (ODFW) that shares
their vision of conservation.
The ODFW is in the
midst of a nationwide
search for a new director
for the agency. The Oregon
Hunters Association (OHA),
along with the Mule Deer
Foundation, National Wild
Turkey Foundation, Oregon
Foundation for North
American Wild Sheep and
the Rocky Mountain Elk
Foundation, have sent a let-
ter to the Oregon Fish and
Wildlife Commission stating
the need for a director who
embraces a sportsman’s vision
of wildlife conservation, has
a familiarity with Oregon’s
wildlife and habitat issues,
management and budgetary
skills and a strong knowledge
of the different user groups
served by the agency such as
hunters, farmers, ranchers and
Of particular concern to
hunters are the decline in deer
and elk populations around the
state over the past 20 years and
the dramatic increase in pred-
ator populations. Another con-
cern is the significant decline
in revenues to the agency due
to fewer Oregonians partici-
pating in hunting and fishing.
It is critical that the new direc-
tor understands the reasons
for this decline and acts to
develop a solution, the groups
“We have heard some anti-
hunting groups state their
desire for a director who is
‘less hunter-friendly’ and
more ‘conservation-minded,’”
said OHA State Coordinator
Duane Dungannon, “but
that’s an absurd contradiction.
Hunters started the conserva-
tion movement when conser-
vation wasn’t cool, and today
hunter dollars still pick up the
tab for wildlife conservation
and management.”
The five Oregon hunting
and wildlife organizations
signatory to the letter are
comprised of 25,000 mem-
bers who in 2014 provided
$640,491 in funding for 90
wildlife habitat projects along
with 43,687 volunteer hours.
Finalists for the position
will be interviewed at the
Oregon Fish and Wildlife
Commission meeting in
Salem on February 13.
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and 1971 Lindley founded and
led what must now be seen
as the first world music rock
band, the Kaleidoscope. In
1971, Mr. Dave joined forces
with Jackson Browne, serving
as his most significant musi-
cal co-conspirator until 1981.
In 1979, Lindley had begun
working with old friend Ry
Cooder, a musical collabora-
tion that lasts to this day, and
has spawned many recording
projects and several world
tours as an acoustic duo.
At his expansive and
eclectic live performances
David Lindley consistently
gives one of the most unique
concert experiences avail-
able to adventuresome music
Hunters seek like-minded vision
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Lindley incorporates an
incredible array of stringed
instruments including but
not limited to Kona and
Weissenborn Hawaiian lap
steel guitar, Turkish saz and
chumbus, Middle Eastern oud,
and Irish bouzouki. The eye-
poppingly clad “Mr. Dave’s”
uncanny vocal mimicry and
demented sense of humor
make his onstage banter a
highlight of the show.
David Lindley grew up in
southern California, first tak-
ing up the banjo as a teenager,
and subsequently winning the
annual Topanga canyon banjo
and fiddle contest five times as
he explored the American folk
music tradition. Between 1967
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